Ethan when someone defames him vs Ethan when he defames someone else - H3TV #47 - H3TV #47 Ethan accuses Jideon of defamation when he uploaded a video on his second channel that showed Ethan with a speech bubble saying “look at him act like an orangutan”. It was a clickbait thumbnail and he didn’t actually say those words, so Ethan is very indignant and visibly mad about it. - After Dark #82 Andrew Tate sucks but there is no proof at all that he is a human trafficker, rapist, or abuser, but Ethan insists on using those labels to describe him. Ethan goes to Google to back up his claims and only sees links that use words like “allegations” and “investigations”. After reading the headlines of four articles, his conclusion is “I’m not making this shit up, it’s all over the internet”. Thanks Ethan, for your insatiable appetite to find the facts, and for your unwavering integrity. I guess defamation is a concept that only exists when the target is Ethan, but when it is against people he dislikes then “they’re a public figure”. So according to Ethan, a clickbait thumbnail with a speech bubble (and anyone who watched the video itself would know that you never said that – something you never do before making wild accusations) is worse than literally calling someone a rapist and human trafficker on a podcast with 1 million viewers, PLUS the viral tweets he had that millions more people saw. *Rules for thee and not for me.*