[12:05 PM]Steel: 9/10 who say they better than me [12:05 PM]Steel: More fucking talent leaves my body in my morning dump than most of these people have acquired in 20 years of this game [12:06 PM]Steel: Fuck you korp [12:06 PM]Steel: And tell David I said fuck him too [12:06 PM]Steel: But that one I really mean [12:06 PM]Steel: Dumb fucking cuck [12:06 PM]Steel: Wish.com politician [12:08 PM]Steel: WHEN DO WE DUMP STEALTH AND MANA KORP [12:08 PM]Steel: WHEN WE HAVE A SAPPHIRE ON US [12:08 PM]Steel: BUT WE DONT SLAY [12:08 PM]Steel: WHY SLAY THE DRAGON [12:09 PM]Steel: fucking dumb fucking cunts [12:09 PM]Steel: useless fucking pieces of shit [12:10 PM]Steel: nobody sent anything to dragon in 2 hours [12:11 PM]Steel: IT IS A -4GMT KINGDOM [12:11 PM]Steel: IT IS NOON [12:11 PM]Steel: IN WAR [12:11 PM]Steel: ON SATURDAY [12:11 PM]Steel: Im gonna abandon at im gonna make me a nice little elf shepard and disband a ghetto [12:11 PM]Steel: and next age ill do another ghetto or two [12:12 PM]Korp: i thought you were pretty mild mannered. [12:12 PM]Steel: until about 2am my time i would say i was an angel [12:12 PM]Steel: spastic and disorganized because its not my kd at all [12:12 PM]Steel: i dont want these people [12:12 PM]Steel: but an angel [12:13 PM]Steel: Now i can not be civil with them [12:14 PM]Steel: I said if i dont rejoin server then youll know my decision by whether i raze turt or not at wave time [12:14 PM]Steel: but if i rejoin server [12:14 PM]Steel: I raze for sure [12:14 PM]Steel: probably raze with the prov im sitting too [12:15 PM]Steel: Dumb as fucking nails good for fucking nothing wont update his fucking spreadsheet retarded mouth breathing faggot [12:23 PM]Steel: i can not think of, imagine, hallucinate, or force into existence any semblance of an idea as to why i should stay or even finish war [12:23 PM]Steel: except that i do like some of the retards there [12:23 PM]Steel: but frankly cant lower to that fucking level of ineptitude and inactivity and sheer stupidity [12:24 PM]Steel: HYBRIDS [12:24 PM]Steel: The gnomes work by happy accident and they all hate them [12:24 PM]Steel: but we want ELF MYSTIC HYBRIDS [12:24 PM]Steel: they dont need hosps btw [12:24 PM]Steel: 5% sci [12:24 PM]Steel: and youre OK [12:25 PM]Steel: i guess you cant lose much off when you have 70 opa [12:25 PM]Steel: maybe thats the logic [12:26 PM]Steel: if youre gonna do something you should at least try to do it right [12:26 PM]Steel: why join a kd thats 25 if you arent gonna play [12:26 PM]Steel: and zauper saying he wont stay if we crown [12:26 PM]Steel: started the whole mess [12:27 PM]Steel: fucking cunts couldnt just let me have my micro kd we all had to pile on to watch steel rage at us [12:27 PM]Steel: fuck you. [12:32 PM]Bishop: Image [12:33 PM]Steel: Rely my Fuck you to David [12:34 PM]Steel: fucking dipshits [12:34 PM]Bishop: My name is david [12:34 PM]Bishop: Do you mean me? [12:35 PM]Bishop: Because I already know! [12:35 PM]Steel: Fuck you [12:35 PM]Steel: I havent slept in 3 weeks [12:43 PM]Korp: Bishop just happy he won the betting. [12:47 PM]Steel: I might go back [12:47 PM]Steel: You know how I change my mind [12:47 PM]Steel: But for now I am [12:47 PM]Steel: Imagine mad [12:48 PM]Steel: K now throw that out the window because I mean fucking nuclear [12:49 PM]Steel: Even bry says I shouldn't intra raze them 😂 [12:49 PM]Steel: Man I am so sad bry wouldn't join [12:50 PM]Steel: Magic about to join [12:50 PM]Steel: But me +Magic in that kd probably bad combo for kd health [12:50 PM]Steel: They're so soft there [12:50 PM]Steel: I hate it. [12:58 PM]Korp: Your taunt banner is pretty damn funny though [12:59 PM]Steel: Ty I worked hard on those! [1:01 PM]Korp: In ironic way cause it's seems it's the opposite [1:01 PM]Steel: Irrelevant [1:01 PM]Steel: Shit talk hit hard and walk tall [1:01 PM]Steel: But don't do it with a bunch of inactives. Ditch that [1:02 PM]Steel: I shall rejoin. [1:02 PM]Steel: Because you made fun of the taunts [1:16 PM]Korp: :) [1:16 PM]Korp: They were good looking though!