A very simple FAQ to help you know the project more -What is Pokemon Patched Crystal? Pokemon Patched Crystal is a romhack of Pokemon Crystal which doesnt drastically alter the game's content and gameplay but instead it improves upon it with bugfixes and Quality of Life features that fit today's standarts and personal preference. -Personal preference?! Dont be alarmed, this isnt a romhack full of fakemon and Original Characters (with a single exception explained in detail below) that dont fit the game at all. This is still the Pokemon Crystal you love but even better, in my opinion at least. -So what's in it then? Here's the highlights: The game's original bugs and glitches have been fixed, most notable fixes are all pokeballs working as intented, item fixes, no Arbitrary Code Execution, no battle glitches/bugs and many more. You can obtain all 251 without the need to do trades with other people, version exclusives can now be found in the wild and certain evolution methods have been altered to assist with that. Time "works differently" now, meaning that the time where the sun rises and sets has been tweaked in logical ranges so that players can take advantage out of all 3 parts of the day in the game easier. TMs are now infinite use just like in later games. There's a Move Reminder NPC at Move Deleter's home now to teach your pokemon forgotten moves. Catching pokemon yields EXP to your pokemon that took part in the battle like in later games. Berry and apricorn trees now drop between 1 to 5 berries/apricorns. Kurt will now immediately make balls so you dont need to wait an entire day for them. The Lucky Number Show now occurs daily instead of weekly. You can challenge all Gym Leaders to a rematch as many times as you want after you gain access to MT. Silver. The trainer card now includes an extra page for Kanto badges and all 16 badges are now shown in full color. You can now see the shiny variant of a pokemon in the pokedex by pressing SELECT if a shiny is caught. Easily change the time by pressing DOWN + B on the main menu. Weather conditions in battle are now shown (if active) via an appropriate icon in the move selection window. Ghost type attacks are now taking advantage of Special Attack instead of Attack and Dark type attacks take advantage of Attack instead of Special Attack. -Woah hold on there! You said no major changes, why change the types attacking stats?! Allow me to explain. Before the Physical and Special split of Gen 4, moves were Physical or Special depending on their type, for example Fire attacks are Special and Normal attacks are Physical. For whatever reason, Ghost type attacks are Physical, meaning that they take advantage of the Attack stat. It is simply unfit for it to work this way, so i took the chance to correct that, and at the same time did the same thing with the Dark type because it had a similar issue. I hope you understand my descision on this. -You said i can capture all 251 pokemon, what about Celebi and the Kanto legendaries? Celebi's event has been restored, meaning that it will occur normally through gameplay so you can finally have a legit Celebi. Kanto legendaries have been placed onto the overworld much like in later games, except Mew. Mew is now acquired after battling an original trainer after getting access to MT.Silver. You can have rematches with her once you defeat her. -What about fossil pokemon? Sadly no special event (for now) You can rarely find them in the wild. -You said altered evolutions, what about that? Certain pokemon now evolve thanks to the item "Link Cord" which acts like an evolutionary stone. More info on "Encounters and Evolutions.txt" -Can you Trade/Battle in this? Absolutely, in fact i've implemented fixes for bugs/mishaps that occur during link battles. Needless to say, you should Trade/Battle between two copies of Patched Crystal, not the original game. -What else you got in store for us? Right now, i consider this romhack "complete" The initial goal of this project was to create "my dream version of Crystal" and it reached that status for me but new vanilla-friendly stuff or maintenance updates are not off the table. -Why updates roll in such irregular rate? Its not on purpose for sure. Life gets in the way and im not a fully fledged programmer, all my work is based on very helpful guides and individuals and whenever something cool comes up i take the safe approach and try it out internaly until im certain its fit for a release. -Any way i can help? For sure, you can always report back any bugs, throw your suggestions, etc. You can reach out to me through uberarchive.net via the contact form or the forums.