QUANTUM PUBLIC Supported systems: Windows 10 + 11 (SOMETIMES) Intel + amd Features: AIM Enable (Aimbot) PSilent (10x Better Prediction) Recoil Comp Smoothing Prediction Bone Override (Always hit head) WeakSpotOverride (For Patrol Heli) Visuals Player Chams (Glow ESP) (Rainbow) Team Scientists Skeleton VisCheck (Changes color when visible) Sleeper Wounded SafezoneCorpse Backpack Radar Extra Visuals HOTBAR (See players inventory) Team and enemy key esp (Mark Team/enemy) World Esp Just about anything you can think of Animals Weapon Esp Stash Crates ect. Weapon Recoil Control Full auto No spread Projectile Speed (Bullets go faster) Shoot in air (Canshoot) Weapon Spammer No Bolt Cycle Unlock Angles (360 degree turn in horses ect. Aim in mountable No melee Slowdown 2x Melee distance No aimcone Fast Bow instant charge No movement penalty Movement Admin Mode Flyhack Interactive Noclip On Ladder Omni Sprint Spiderman Infinite Jump Walk on Water SPINBOT Autorun Viewoffsets Fakelag Instant Loot Instant Revive Nofall No Slowdown No Collision No Aimblock Misc Dayhack Sky Color Changer Ambient Bright Stars No Rain No Fog No Wind No Water Blur Auto Farm Ore Auto Farm Tree Auto Melee Player/Animals Auto Collect Auto Clone Auto Knock (Troll misc) Auto Lock Code Auto Auth Code Auto Upgrade Auto Suicide (Respawn while on f1 kill timer) Auto Open Auto Free Crates Config Save Cheat Load Cheat Unload Cheat