OPNSense: Interfaces: [LAN]: IPv4 address: - Services: DHCPv4: LAN: - # pihole Unbound DNS: General: Listen Port: 53 DHCP Registration: Register DHCP leases: - check DHCP Static Mappings: Register DHCP static mappings: - check Overrides: Host Overrides: Host: plex.direct Domain: private-domain Type: A (IPv4 address) Value: Advanced: Private Domains: - plex.direct System: Settings: General: DNS Servers: - # external dns 1 - # external dns 2 DNS server options: Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN: - unchecked Do not use the local DNS service as a nameserver for this system: - unchecked PiHole: Settings: DNS: Upstream DNS Servers: Custom 1 (IPv4): - # router