menu Status #christiandebateX freskoX #atheismX DidacheX [02:39] this is Na4ked & this is his record[source]=GOOGSRCH&utm_medium=search&t... and this is him full reports, [02:40] can you give me his accurate nickname so I can pm him with the doxx he will leave IRC for ever I already reported him to his company, on linkedin I gave them his name and told them he is a registered *** offender and he threatened to kill me while he was using the company IP address so I wil sue you as well [02:41] it doesnt show anything [02:41] it says error 404 [02:41] his name is Eric Stark [02:41] he lives in Coshocton, Ohio [02:41] [02:41] yes [02:41] his name is eric allen stark [02:41] ohio [02:41] *** offender [02:42] the girl is 13 [02:42] also his picture mugshot [02:42] i dont see his picture [02:42] was he convicted [02:43] or just charged [02:43] [02:43] yes he was [02:43] he spent 12 months I think [02:44] also I was able to find his company on linkedin [02:44] haha [02:44] what did he do to the girl [02:44] how do you know she was 13 [02:45] assualt [02:45] read the dates [02:45] I think there are some missing data from your side [02:46] [02:46] This site can’t be reached [02:46] never mind man [02:46] that is his mugshot [02:47] [02:47] can you see it? [02:47] yeah so he is a registered *** offender [02:48] yes [02:48] and i have his address [02:49] and his house photos [02:49] yeah I know all about him [02:49] and i have his networth which is his house value since he doesnt have anything else [02:49] he lives in a mud hut [02:49] then when i asked you about it why did you deny it [02:49] he's a fat bum with no money [02:49] fucker [02:49] deny what [02:49] that you know about him [02:49] I never did [02:49] do you know more doxx about him? [02:49] scroll up [02:50] true you just said you never read the report [02:50] I told you his name before you told me [02:50] yes you are right [02:50] and where he lived [02:50] I didnt know about his criminal record though [02:50] that is hilarious [02:50] he is a pedo [02:50] yes [02:50] like [e] [02:50] LOL [02:50] and he come and say i am a drug addict [02:50] of course, ilshaman doesnt op normal people, you must be a freak to be an op [02:51] do you know any shit about na4ked or maxxi? [02:51] Il_Shaman ops people who he thinks arent as smart as him [02:51] Il shaman is insecure [02:51] so he bans smart ppl [02:52] this is today earlier [02:52] when i was doxxing pineapplepizza and na4ked [02:52] [7:13:03 AM] fuck you [02:52] [7:13:10 AM] as long as maxxi is an oo [02:52] [7:13:13 AM] op [02:52] [7:13:17 AM] I will do this [02:52] [7:13:25 AM] and as long as n3aked is attacking me [02:52] [7:13:29 AM] I will do that [02:52] [7:13:34 AM] you are a hypocrite [02:52] [7:13:38 AM] then the next time.... you will be KLINED off dalnet [02:52] [7:13:54 AM] now you are threatening me with kline? [02:52] [7:13:58 AM] are you stupid man? [02:52] [7:14:06 AM] how many times you witnesses me being klined [02:52] he banned me [02:52] and yesterday maxxi has been banning me to protect his friend na4ked and also to protect himsefl [02:52] so I need anyshit about maxxi [02:53] na4ked will go to prison or to the streets, i reported him to his company and i am working on him so much so that his best scenario that he end up a hobo [02:53] but I need maxxix [02:53] what do you know? [02:55] 888.729.4500 [02:55] [02:55] Contact Info [02:55] 925 Glaser Parkway [02:55] Akron, Ohio 44306 [02:55] Toll Free: 888.729.4500 [02:55] Phone: 330.945.4500 [02:55] Fax: 888.945.6440 [02:55] Office Hours: [02:55] Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm EST [02:55] I reported him [02:55] [02:56] Well Il Shaman is Bill Burman [02:56] yea i kno [02:56] but I need maxxi [02:56] why are you avoiding to answer man [02:56] are you afraid of him? [02:56] i will not tell anyone [02:56] I dont know anything about maxxi, I always thought he was too stupid and uninfluential to care about [02:57] nothing at all? [02:57] zero? [02:57] nothing [02:57] he claims to live in Austria [02:57] that's all I know [02:58] and that he is a HUGE liar [02:58] especially about what he eats [02:58] and that he is poor [02:58] and works in a factory [02:58] i need real name or real details [02:58] he is a liar [02:58] i think he is american [02:59] he is addict to irc annd he doesnt work and he is into this troll for decades [02:59] he probably uses a vpn [02:59] people who don't show their pics after years are hiding something [02:59] dark secrets [03:00] im just a drunk alcoholic with money [03:00] 100% [03:00] WORSE [03:00] and I say it freely [03:00] but other people hide their secrets [03:00] we are drunk and stoned and we show our real faces names and videos [03:00] but him [03:00] i think its much more darker [03:00] yepp [03:00] agreed [03:00] brb pee and smoke [03:00] I post my video in main i dont care nothing to hide [03:00] ok [03:00] me too brb [03:07] [03:08] give me his correct nickname pls [03:09] thats not him [03:10] n4ked1 is his nickname [03:10] no [03:10] this nick is not valid [03:10] hes not online? [03:11] no he's probably asleep rn [03:11] brb [03:11] his nick is not correct you given me [03:12] -NickServ- Info for n4ked1: [03:12] -NickServ- (Currently on IRC) For extra info: /whois n4ked1 [03:12] -NickServ- Last seen address : [03:12] -NickServ- Last seen time : Sat 01-Jul-2023 00:50:25 GMT [03:12] -NickServ- Time registered : Mon 27-Apr-2009 04:54:03 GMT [03:12] -NickServ- Time now : Sat 01-Jul-2023 07:12:38 GMT [03:12] -NickServ- *** End of Info *** [03:12] [03:12] -NickServ- Info for n4ked1: [03:12] -NickServ- (Currently on IRC) For extra info: /whois n4ked1 [03:12] -NickServ- Last seen address : [03:12] -NickServ- Last seen time : Sat 01-Jul-2023 00:50:25 GMT [03:12] -NickServ- Time registered : Mon 27-Apr-2009 04:54:03 GMT [03:12] -NickServ- Time now : Sat 01-Jul-2023 07:12:38 GMT [03:12] -NickServ- *** End of Info *** [03:12] that's his regged nick [03:13] but he changes it all the time [03:13] ok [03:13] [03:12] -NickServ- Time registered : Mon 27-Apr-2009 04:54:03 GMT <----------- he's had it since 2009 [03:13] brb