1) Adolf Hitler 2) No I just wanna be rich 3) Usually yes but depends on the call 4) Chatpate for breakfast, call with fish, cuddle with fish, pani puri for lunch, cuddle with fish, pizza for dinner, cuddle with fish 5) sang to myself an hour ago, to someone else when i was a kid maybe 6) mind of a 30 year bold because plastic surgery works wonders 7) yes painfully 8) we're both stubborn asf, like kisses and cuddles, love each other 9) the ability to think and feel 10) have people to talk to 11) 12) time travel set 2 2) who i marry 3) being rich cause life 4) meeting you 5) how well we get along 6) grade 5, scoring 90+ on maths and being honored for it 7) grandma dying 8)