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Stop sending available tags in the provided channel stopvanities [channel] - Stop sending available vanities in the provided channel stopusernames [channel] - Stop sending available usernames in the provided channel # Antinuke antinuke enable - Enable all the antinuke settings antinuke settings - View the current antinuke settings antinuke admin (user) - Add or remove an antinuke admin antinuke adminlist - View all antinuke admins antinuke ban (option) [threshold] - Set the anti ban setting antinuke bot (option) -Set the anti bot setting antinuke prune (option) - Set the anti prune setting antinuke channel (option) [threshold] - Set the anti channel setting antinuke emoji (option) - Set the anti emoji setting antinuke invite (option) - Set the anti invite setting antinuke kick (option) [threshold] - Set the anti kick setting antinuke mention (option) - Set the anti mention setting antinuke role (option) - Set the anti role setting antinuke server (option) - Set the anti server setting antinuke sticker (option) - 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View a guild's prefix prefix set - Set a guild's prefix banned - View the banned users ban (user) [reason] - Ban a user from the server sneaky [channel] - Set or unset a channel as nsfw mute (member) [time] [reason] - Mute a member unmute (member) [reason] - Unmute a member unmute all - Unmute all members in the server muted - View all muted members in the server imagemute (member) [reason] - Image mute a member imageunmute (member) [reason] - Image unmute a member reactionmute (member) [reason] - Reaction mute a member reactionunmute (member) [reason] - Reaction unmute a member unban (user) [reason] - Unban a user from the server softban (user) [reason] - Ban a user then instantly unban them hardban (user) [reason] - Ban a user and ban them again when unbanned unhardban (user) [reason] - Unban a user and remove their hardban kick (member) [reason] - Kick a member from the server unbanall - Unbans all users in your guild rolelist - View all the roles roleall (role) - Gives a role to all members inrole (role) - View all the members in a role roleinfo (role) - View information about a role role (member) (role) - Add or remove a role from a member roleicon (role) (emoji) - Change a roles icon boosterrole setup - Enable the booster role setting boosterrole disable - Disable the booster role setting boosterrole base (role)- Set the base booster role boosterrole create - Create your booster role boosterrole delete - Delete your booster role boosterrole color (color)- Edit your booster roles color boosterrole hoist - Toggle hoist for your booster role boosterrole icon (emoji) - Edit your booster roles icon boosterrole name (emoji) - Edit your booster roles name disablecommand (command) - Disable a command enablecommand (command) - Enable a command joindm enable - Enable the join dm setting joindm disable - Disable the join dm setting joindm message (message) - Set the join dm message joindm test - View the join dm message welcome add (channel) (message) - Creat a new welcome message welcome delete (channel) - Delete a welcome message welcome test - View all your welcome messages leave add (channel) (message) - Creat a new leave message leave delete (channel) - Delete a leave message leave test - View all your leave messages boost add (channel) (message) - Creat a new boost message boost delete (channel) - Delete a boost message boost test - View all your boost messages setname (name) - Set the server's name seticon (image) - Set the server's icon setsplash (image) - Set the server's splash setbanner (image) - Set the server's banner setdescription (description) - Set the server's description autorole add (role) - Add an autorole autorole delete (role) - Remove an autorole createrole (role name) - Create a role deleterole (role name) - Delete a role createchannel (channel name) - Create a channel deletechannel (channel name) - Delete a channel createcategory (category name) - Create a category deletecategory (category name) Delete a category chatfilter add (word) - Add a filtered word chatfilter delete (word) - Remove a filtered word chatfilter list - View all filtered words autoreact add (word) (emoji) - Create an autoreaction autoreact delete (word) (emoji) - Remove an autoreaction imageonly enable [channel] - Add an image only channel imageonly disable [channel] - Remove an image only channel autoresponse add (word) (response) - Add an autoresponse autoresponse remove (word) - Remove an autoresponse reactionrole add (message) (emoji) (role) - Add a reaction role reactionrole remove (message) (emoji) (role) - Remove a reaction role lock [channel] - Locks a channel unlock [channel] - Unlocks a channel hide [channel] - Make the channel private unhide [channel] - Make the channel non-private lockall - Locks all channels hideall - Makes all channels private unlockall - Unlocks all channels unhideall - Makes all channels non-private purge (amount) - Delete the provided amount of messages botpurge (amount) - Delete the provided amount of messages sent by bots imagepurge (amount) - Delete the provided amount of messages that contain files nickname (member) (nickname) - Update a member's nickname forcenickname (member) (nickname) - Force a nickname onto a member drag (member) (channel) - Move a member to a different voice channel # Premium selfprefix - View your self prefix selfprefix set (prefix) - Set your self prefix selfprefix remove - Remove your self prefix lookup - View recently available usernames lookup vanity - View recently available vanities uwulock (member) - Lock a members message as uwufied forcemarry (member) - Force a member to marry you forceadopt (member) - Force a member to be your kid silence (member) - Delete each new message sent by the provided member selfpurge (amount) Delete messages sent by yourself without the manage messages permission