#[doc = "English"] pub const LANGUAGE_NAME: &'static str = "language.name"; #[doc = "United States"] pub const LANGUAGE_REGION: &'static str = "language.region"; #[doc = "en_us"] pub const LANGUAGE_CODE: &'static str = "language.code"; #[doc = "Accessibility"] pub const NARRATOR_BUTTON_ACCESSIBILITY: &'static str = "narrator.button.accessibility"; #[doc = "Language"] pub const NARRATOR_BUTTON_LANGUAGE: &'static str = "narrator.button.language"; #[doc = "Difficulty lock"] pub const NARRATOR_BUTTON_DIFFICULTY_LOCK: &'static str = "narrator.button.difficulty_lock"; #[doc = "Unlocked"] pub const NARRATOR_BUTTON_DIFFICULTY_LOCK_UNLOCKED: &'static str = "narrator.button.difficulty_lock.unlocked"; #[doc = "Locked"] pub const NARRATOR_BUTTON_DIFFICULTY_LOCK_LOCKED: &'static str = "narrator.button.difficulty_lock.locked"; #[doc = "Title Screen"] pub const NARRATOR_SCREEN_TITLE: &'static str = "narrator.screen.title"; #[doc = "Reset %s button"] pub const NARRATOR_CONTROLS_RESET: &'static str = "narrator.controls.reset"; #[doc = "%s is bound to %s"] pub const NARRATOR_CONTROLS_BOUND: &'static str = "narrator.controls.bound"; #[doc = "%s is not bound"] pub const NARRATOR_CONTROLS_UNBOUND: &'static str = "narrator.controls.unbound"; #[doc = "Selected: %s"] pub const NARRATOR_SELECT: &'static str = "narrator.select"; #[doc = "Selected %s, last played: %s, %s, %s, version: %s"] pub const NARRATOR_SELECT_WORLD: &'static str = "narrator.select.world"; #[doc = "Loading: %s"] pub const NARRATOR_LOADING: &'static str = "narrator.loading"; #[doc = "Done"] pub const NARRATOR_LOADING_DONE: &'static str = "narrator.loading.done"; #[doc = "Joining"] pub const NARRATOR_JOINING: &'static str = "narrator.joining"; #[doc = "Screen element %s out of %s"] pub const NARRATOR_POSITION_SCREEN: &'static str = "narrator.position.screen"; #[doc = "Use mouse cursor or Tab button to select element"] pub const NARRATOR_SCREEN_USAGE: &'static str = "narrator.screen.usage"; #[doc = "Selected list row %s out of %s"] pub const NARRATOR_POSITION_LIST: &'static str = "narrator.position.list"; #[doc = "Selected row element %s out of %s"] pub const NARRATOR_POSITION_OBJECT_LIST: &'static str = "narrator.position.object_list"; #[doc = "Selected suggestion %s out of %s: %s (%s)"] pub const NARRATION_SUGGESTION_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "narration.suggestion.tooltip"; #[doc = "Selected suggestion %s out of %s: %s"] pub const NARRATION_SUGGESTION: &'static str = "narration.suggestion"; #[doc = "Button: %s"] pub const NARRATION_BUTTON: &'static str = "narration.button"; #[doc = "Press Enter to activate"] pub const NARRATION_BUTTON_USAGE_FOCUSED: &'static str = "narration.button.usage.focused"; #[doc = "Left click to activate"] pub const NARRATION_BUTTON_USAGE_HOVERED: &'static str = "narration.button.usage.hovered"; #[doc = "Press Enter to switch to %s"] pub const NARRATION_CYCLE_BUTTON_USAGE_FOCUSED: &'static str = "narration.cycle_button.usage.focused"; #[doc = "Left click to switch to %s"] pub const NARRATION_CYCLE_BUTTON_USAGE_HOVERED: &'static str = "narration.cycle_button.usage.hovered"; #[doc = "Checkbox: %s"] pub const NARRATION_CHECKBOX: &'static str = "narration.checkbox"; #[doc = "Press Enter to toggle"] pub const NARRATION_CHECKBOX_USAGE_FOCUSED: &'static str = "narration.checkbox.usage.focused"; #[doc = "Left click to toggle"] pub const NARRATION_CHECKBOX_USAGE_HOVERED: &'static str = "narration.checkbox.usage.hovered"; #[doc = "Recipe for %s"] pub const NARRATION_RECIPE: &'static str = "narration.recipe"; #[doc = "Left click to select"] pub const NARRATION_RECIPE_USAGE: &'static str = "narration.recipe.usage"; #[doc = "Right click to show more recipes"] pub const NARRATION_RECIPE_USAGE_MORE: &'static str = "narration.recipe.usage.more"; #[doc = "Press up and down buttons to move to another entry"] pub const NARRATION_SELECTION_USAGE: &'static str = "narration.selection.usage"; #[doc = "Press Tab to navigate to next element"] pub const NARRATION_COMPONENT_LIST_USAGE: &'static str = "narration.component_list.usage"; #[doc = "Press left or right keyboard buttons to change value"] pub const NARRATION_SLIDER_USAGE_FOCUSED: &'static str = "narration.slider.usage.focused"; #[doc = "Drag slider to change value"] pub const NARRATION_SLIDER_USAGE_HOVERED: &'static str = "narration.slider.usage.hovered"; #[doc = "Edit box: %s"] pub const NARRATION_EDIT_BOX: &'static str = "narration.edit_box"; #[doc = "Chat screen"] pub const CHAT_SCREEN_TITLE: &'static str = "chat_screen.title"; #[doc = "Input message and press Enter to send"] pub const CHAT_SCREEN_USAGE: &'static str = "chat_screen.usage"; #[doc = "Message to send: %s"] pub const CHAT_SCREEN_MESSAGE: &'static str = "chat_screen.message"; #[doc = "Done"] pub const GUI_DONE: &'static str = "gui.done"; #[doc = "Cancel"] pub const GUI_CANCEL: &'static str = "gui.cancel"; #[doc = "Back"] pub const GUI_BACK: &'static str = "gui.back"; #[doc = "Back to Title Screen"] pub const GUI_TO_TITLE: &'static str = "gui.toTitle"; #[doc = "Back to Server List"] pub const GUI_TO_MENU: &'static str = "gui.toMenu"; #[doc = "Up"] pub const GUI_UP: &'static str = "gui.up"; #[doc = "Down"] pub const GUI_DOWN: &'static str = "gui.down"; #[doc = "Yes"] pub const GUI_YES: &'static str = "gui.yes"; #[doc = "No"] pub const GUI_NO: &'static str = "gui.no"; #[doc = "None"] pub const GUI_NONE: &'static str = "gui.none"; #[doc = "All"] pub const GUI_ALL: &'static str = "gui.all"; #[doc = "Ok"] pub const GUI_OK: &'static str = "gui.ok"; #[doc = "Proceed"] pub const GUI_PROCEED: &'static str = "gui.proceed"; #[doc = "Acknowledge"] pub const GUI_ACKNOWLEDGE: &'static str = "gui.acknowledge"; #[doc = "Right Click for More"] pub const GUI_RECIPEBOOK_MORE_RECIPES: &'static str = "gui.recipebook.moreRecipes"; #[doc = "Search..."] pub const GUI_RECIPEBOOK_SEARCH_HINT: &'static str = "gui.recipebook.search_hint"; #[doc = "Showing All"] pub const GUI_RECIPEBOOK_TOGGLE_RECIPES_ALL: &'static str = "gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.all"; #[doc = "Showing Craftable"] pub const GUI_RECIPEBOOK_TOGGLE_RECIPES_CRAFTABLE: &'static str = "gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.craftable"; #[doc = "Showing Smeltable"] pub const GUI_RECIPEBOOK_TOGGLE_RECIPES_SMELTABLE: &'static str = "gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.smeltable"; #[doc = "Showing Blastable"] pub const GUI_RECIPEBOOK_TOGGLE_RECIPES_BLASTABLE: &'static str = "gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.blastable"; #[doc = "Showing Smokable"] pub const GUI_RECIPEBOOK_TOGGLE_RECIPES_SMOKABLE: &'static str = "gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.smokable"; #[doc = "Social Interactions"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_TITLE: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.title"; #[doc = "All"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_TAB_ALL: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.tab_all"; #[doc = "Hidden"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_TAB_HIDDEN: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.tab_hidden"; #[doc = "Blocked"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_TAB_BLOCKED: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.tab_blocked"; #[doc = "Manage with Microsoft account"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_BLOCKING_HINT: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.blocking_hint"; #[doc = "Hidden"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_STATUS_HIDDEN: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.status_hidden"; #[doc = "Blocked"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_STATUS_BLOCKED: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.status_blocked"; #[doc = "Offline"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_STATUS_OFFLINE: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.status_offline"; #[doc = "Hidden - Offline"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_STATUS_HIDDEN_OFFLINE: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.status_hidden_offline"; #[doc = "Blocked - Offline"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_STATUS_BLOCKED_OFFLINE: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.status_blocked_offline"; #[doc = "%s - %s player"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_SERVER_LABEL_SINGLE: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.server_label.single"; #[doc = "%s - %s players"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_SERVER_LABEL_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.server_label.multiple"; #[doc = "Search..."] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_SEARCH_HINT: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.search_hint"; #[doc = "Couldn't find any players with that name"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_SEARCH_EMPTY: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.search_empty"; #[doc = "No players hidden in chat"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_EMPTY_HIDDEN: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.empty_hidden"; #[doc = "No blocked players in chat"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_EMPTY_BLOCKED: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.empty_blocked"; #[doc = "Hide in Chat"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_HIDE: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.hide"; #[doc = "Show in Chat"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_SHOW: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.show"; #[doc = "Report"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_REPORT: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.report"; #[doc = "Chat messages from %s will be hidden"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_HIDDEN_IN_CHAT: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.hidden_in_chat"; #[doc = "Chat messages from %s will be shown"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_SHOWN_IN_CHAT: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.shown_in_chat"; #[doc = "Hide messages"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_TOOLTIP_HIDE: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.hide"; #[doc = "Show messages"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_TOOLTIP_SHOW: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.show"; #[doc = "Report player"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_TOOLTIP_REPORT: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.report"; #[doc = "The reporting service is unavailable"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_TOOLTIP_REPORT_DISABLED: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.report.disabled"; #[doc = "No reportable messages from player %s"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_TOOLTIP_REPORT_NO_MESSAGES: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.report.no_messages"; #[doc = "This player can't be reported, because their chat messages can't be verified on this server"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_TOOLTIP_REPORT_NOT_REPORTABLE: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.report.not_reportable"; #[doc = "Hide messages from %s"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_NARRATION_HIDE: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.narration.hide"; #[doc = "Show messages from %s"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_NARRATION_SHOW: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.narration.show"; #[doc = "Report player %s"] pub const GUI_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_NARRATION_REPORT: &'static str = "gui.socialInteractions.narration.report"; #[doc = "%s button"] pub const GUI_NARRATE_BUTTON: &'static str = "gui.narrate.button"; #[doc = "%s slider"] pub const GUI_NARRATE_SLIDER: &'static str = "gui.narrate.slider"; #[doc = "%s edit box: %s"] pub const GUI_NARRATE_EDIT_BOX: &'static str = "gui.narrate.editBox"; #[doc = "Report Player"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_TITLE: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.title"; #[doc = "Send Report"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_SEND: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.send"; #[doc = "Please shorten the comment"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_SEND_COMMENTS_TOO_LONG: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.send.comments_too_long"; #[doc = "Please select a report category"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_SEND_NO_REASON: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.send.no_reason"; #[doc = "Please select at least one chat message to report"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_SEND_NO_REPORTED_MESSAGES: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.send.no_reported_messages"; #[doc = "Trying to include too many messages in the report"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_SEND_TOO_MANY_MESSAGES: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.send.too_many_messages"; #[doc = "Why are you reporting this?"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_OBSERVED_WHAT: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.observed_what"; #[doc = "Select Report Category"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_SELECT_REASON: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.select_reason"; #[doc = "Please describe what happened:"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_MORE_COMMENTS: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.more_comments"; #[doc = "Sharing details will help us make a well-informed decision."] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_DESCRIBE: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.describe"; #[doc = "Comments edit box"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_COMMENTS: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.comments"; #[doc = "Learn About Reporting"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_READ_INFO: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.read_info"; #[doc = "Select Chat Messages to Report"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_SELECT_CHAT: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.select_chat"; #[doc = "%s Chat Message(s) Selected to Report"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_SELECTED_CHAT: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.selected_chat"; #[doc = "We’ve successfully received your report. Thank you!\n\nOur team will review it as soon as possible."] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_REPORT_SENT_MSG: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.report_sent_msg"; #[doc = "Discard report and comments?"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_DISCARD_TITLE: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.discard.title"; #[doc = "If you leave, you'll lose this report and your comments.\nAre you sure you want to leave?"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_DISCARD_CONTENT: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.discard.content"; #[doc = "Leave and Discard Report"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_DISCARD_DISCARD: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.discard.discard"; #[doc = "Continue Editing"] pub const GUI_CHAT_REPORT_DISCARD_RETURN: &'static str = "gui.chatReport.discard.return"; #[doc = "Select Report Category"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_TITLE: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.title"; #[doc = "Description:"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.description"; #[doc = "%s: %s"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_NARRATION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.narration"; #[doc = "False Reporting"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_FALSE_REPORTING: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.false_reporting"; #[doc = "Child sexual exploitation or abuse"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_CHILD_SEXUAL_EXPLOITATION_OR_ABUSE: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.child_sexual_exploitation_or_abuse"; #[doc = "Someone is talking about or otherwise promoting indecent behavior involving children."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_CHILD_SEXUAL_EXPLOITATION_OR_ABUSE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.child_sexual_exploitation_or_abuse.description"; #[doc = "Terrorism or violent extremism"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_TERRORISM_OR_VIOLENT_EXTREMISM: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.terrorism_or_violent_extremism"; #[doc = "Someone is talking about, promoting, or threatening to commit acts of terrorism or violent extremism for political, religious, ideological, or other reasons."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_TERRORISM_OR_VIOLENT_EXTREMISM_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.terrorism_or_violent_extremism.description"; #[doc = "Hate speech"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_HATE_SPEECH: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.hate_speech"; #[doc = "Someone is attacking you or another player based on characteristics of their identity, like religion, race, or sexuality."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_HATE_SPEECH_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.hate_speech.description"; #[doc = "Harassment or bullying"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_HARASSMENT_OR_BULLYING: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.harassment_or_bullying"; #[doc = "Someone is shaming, attacking, or bullying you or someone else. This includes when someone is repeatedly trying to contact you or someone else without consent or posting private personal information about you or someone else without consent (\"doxing\")."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_HARASSMENT_OR_BULLYING_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.harassment_or_bullying.description"; #[doc = "Imminent harm - Threat to harm others"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_IMMINENT_HARM: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.imminent_harm"; #[doc = "Someone is threatening to harm you or someone else in real life."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_IMMINENT_HARM_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.imminent_harm.description"; #[doc = "Defamation, impersonation, or false information"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_DEFAMATION_IMPERSONATION_FALSE_INFORMATION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.defamation_impersonation_false_information"; #[doc = "Someone is damaging someone else's reputation, pretending to be someone they're not, or sharing false information with the aim to exploit or mislead others."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_DEFAMATION_IMPERSONATION_FALSE_INFORMATION_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.defamation_impersonation_false_information.description"; #[doc = "Imminent harm - Self-harm or suicide"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_SELF_HARM_OR_SUICIDE: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.self_harm_or_suicide"; #[doc = "Someone is threatening to harm themselves in real life or talking about harming themselves in real life."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_SELF_HARM_OR_SUICIDE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.self_harm_or_suicide.description"; #[doc = "Drugs or alcohol"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_ALCOHOL_TOBACCO_DRUGS: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.alcohol_tobacco_drugs"; #[doc = "Someone is encouraging others to partake in illegal drug related activities or encouraging underage drinking."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_ALCOHOL_TOBACCO_DRUGS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.alcohol_tobacco_drugs.description"; #[doc = "Non-consensual intimate imagery"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_NON_CONSENSUAL_INTIMATE_IMAGERY: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.non_consensual_intimate_imagery"; #[doc = "Someone is talking about, sharing, or otherwise promoting private and intimate images."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_REASON_NON_CONSENSUAL_INTIMATE_IMAGERY_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.reason.non_consensual_intimate_imagery.description"; #[doc = "Sending your report..."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_SENDING_TITLE: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.sending.title"; #[doc = "Report sent"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_SENT_TITLE: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.sent.title"; #[doc = "Problem sending your report"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_ERROR_TITLE: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.error.title"; #[doc = "Encountered an unexpected error while sending your report."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_SEND_GENERIC_ERROR: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.send.generic_error"; #[doc = "An error was returned while sending your report:\n'%s'"] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_SEND_ERROR_MESSAGE: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.send.error_message"; #[doc = "Unable to reach the Abuse Reporting service. Please make sure you are connected to the internet and try again."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_SEND_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.send.service_unavailable"; #[doc = "An unexpected HTTP error occurred while sending your report."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_SEND_HTTP_ERROR: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.send.http_error"; #[doc = "Encountered malformed payload while sending your report."] pub const GUI_ABUSE_REPORT_SEND_JSON_ERROR: &'static str = "gui.abuseReport.send.json_error"; #[doc = "Select Chat Messages to Report"] pub const GUI_CHAT_SELECTION_TITLE: &'static str = "gui.chatSelection.title"; #[doc = "Messages surrounding this selection will be included to provide additional context"] pub const GUI_CHAT_SELECTION_CONTEXT: &'static str = "gui.chatSelection.context"; #[doc = "%s/%s message(s) selected"] pub const GUI_CHAT_SELECTION_SELECTED: &'static str = "gui.chatSelection.selected"; #[doc = "%s %s"] pub const GUI_CHAT_SELECTION_HEADING: &'static str = "gui.chatSelection.heading"; #[doc = "%s said: %s at %s"] pub const GUI_CHAT_SELECTION_MESSAGE_NARRATE: &'static str = "gui.chatSelection.message.narrate"; #[doc = "%s unrelated messages hidden"] pub const GUI_CHAT_SELECTION_FOLD: &'static str = "gui.chatSelection.fold"; #[doc = "%s/%s"] pub const GUI_MULTI_LINE_EDIT_BOX_CHARACTER_LIMIT: &'static str = "gui.multiLineEditBox.character_limit"; #[doc = "Account temporarily suspended"] pub const GUI_BANNED_TITLE_TEMPORARY: &'static str = "gui.banned.title.temporary"; #[doc = "Account permanently banned"] pub const GUI_BANNED_TITLE_PERMANENT: &'static str = "gui.banned.title.permanent"; #[doc = "%s\n\n%s\n\nLearn more at the following link: %s"] pub const GUI_BANNED_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gui.banned.description"; #[doc = "We recently received a report for bad behavior by your account. Our moderators have now reviewed your case and identified it as %s, which goes against the Minecraft Community Standards."] pub const GUI_BANNED_DESCRIPTION_REASON: &'static str = "gui.banned.description.reason"; #[doc = "Code: %s"] pub const GUI_BANNED_DESCRIPTION_REASON_ID: &'static str = "gui.banned.description.reason_id"; #[doc = "Code: %s - %s"] pub const GUI_BANNED_DESCRIPTION_REASON_ID_MESSAGE: &'static str = "gui.banned.description.reason_id_message"; #[doc = "We recently received a report for bad behavior by your account. Our moderators have now reviewed your case and identified that it goes against the Minecraft Community Standards."] pub const GUI_BANNED_DESCRIPTION_UNKNOWNREASON: &'static str = "gui.banned.description.unknownreason"; #[doc = "Your account is temporarily suspended and will be reactivated in %s."] pub const GUI_BANNED_DESCRIPTION_TEMPORARY_DURATION: &'static str = "gui.banned.description.temporary.duration"; #[doc = "%s Until then, you can’t play online or join Realms."] pub const GUI_BANNED_DESCRIPTION_TEMPORARY: &'static str = "gui.banned.description.temporary"; #[doc = "Your account is permanently banned, which means you can’t play online or join Realms."] pub const GUI_BANNED_DESCRIPTION_PERMANENT: &'static str = "gui.banned.description.permanent"; #[doc = "Hello, world!"] pub const TRANSLATION_TEST_NONE: &'static str = "translation.test.none"; #[doc = "Prefix, %s%2$s again %s and %1$s lastly %s and also %1$s again!"] pub const TRANSLATION_TEST_COMPLEX: &'static str = "translation.test.complex"; #[doc = "%%s %%%s %%%%s %%%%%s"] pub const TRANSLATION_TEST_ESCAPE: &'static str = "translation.test.escape"; #[doc = "hi %"] pub const TRANSLATION_TEST_INVALID: &'static str = "translation.test.invalid"; #[doc = "hi % s"] pub const TRANSLATION_TEST_INVALID2: &'static str = "translation.test.invalid2"; #[doc = "%s %s"] pub const TRANSLATION_TEST_ARGS: &'static str = "translation.test.args"; #[doc = "world"] pub const TRANSLATION_TEST_WORLD: &'static str = "translation.test.world"; #[doc = "Game Menu"] pub const MENU_GAME: &'static str = "menu.game"; #[doc = "Singleplayer"] pub const MENU_SINGLEPLAYER: &'static str = "menu.singleplayer"; #[doc = "Multiplayer"] pub const MENU_MULTIPLAYER: &'static str = "menu.multiplayer"; #[doc = "Minecraft Realms"] pub const MENU_ONLINE: &'static str = "menu.online"; #[doc = "Options..."] pub const MENU_OPTIONS: &'static str = "menu.options"; #[doc = "Quit Game"] pub const MENU_QUIT: &'static str = "menu.quit"; #[doc = "Save and Quit to Title"] pub const MENU_RETURN_TO_MENU: &'static str = "menu.returnToMenu"; #[doc = "Disconnect"] pub const MENU_DISCONNECT: &'static str = "menu.disconnect"; #[doc = "Back to Game"] pub const MENU_RETURN_TO_GAME: &'static str = "menu.returnToGame"; #[doc = "Generating world"] pub const MENU_GENERATING_LEVEL: &'static str = "menu.generatingLevel"; #[doc = "Loading world"] pub const MENU_LOADING_LEVEL: &'static str = "menu.loadingLevel"; #[doc = "Saving world"] pub const MENU_SAVING_LEVEL: &'static str = "menu.savingLevel"; #[doc = "Working..."] pub const MENU_WORKING: &'static str = "menu.working"; #[doc = "Saving chunks"] pub const MENU_SAVING_CHUNKS: &'static str = "menu.savingChunks"; #[doc = "Preparing spawn area: %s%%"] pub const MENU_PREPARING_SPAWN: &'static str = "menu.preparingSpawn"; #[doc = "Loading forced chunks for dimension %s"] pub const MENU_LOADING_FORCED_CHUNKS: &'static str = "menu.loadingForcedChunks"; #[doc = "Building terrain"] pub const MENU_GENERATING_TERRAIN: &'static str = "menu.generatingTerrain"; #[doc = "Converting world"] pub const MENU_CONVERTING_LEVEL: &'static str = "menu.convertingLevel"; #[doc = "Respawning"] pub const MENU_RESPAWNING: &'static str = "menu.respawning"; #[doc = "Open to LAN"] pub const MENU_SHARE_TO_LAN: &'static str = "menu.shareToLan"; #[doc = "Give Feedback"] pub const MENU_SEND_FEEDBACK: &'static str = "menu.sendFeedback"; #[doc = "Report Bugs"] pub const MENU_REPORT_BUGS: &'static str = "menu.reportBugs"; #[doc = "Player Reporting"] pub const MENU_PLAYER_REPORTING: &'static str = "menu.playerReporting"; #[doc = "Game Paused"] pub const MENU_PAUSED: &'static str = "menu.paused"; #[doc = " (Modded)"] pub const MENU_MODDED: &'static str = "menu.modded"; #[doc = "Optimize World"] pub const OPTIMIZE_WORLD_CONFIRM_TITLE: &'static str = "optimizeWorld.confirm.title"; #[doc = "This will attempt to optimize your world by making sure all data is stored in the most recent game format. This can take a very long time, depending on your world. Once done, your world may play faster but will no longer be compatible with older versions of the game. Are you sure you wish to proceed?"] pub const OPTIMIZE_WORLD_CONFIRM_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "optimizeWorld.confirm.description"; #[doc = "Optimizing World '%s'"] pub const OPTIMIZE_WORLD_TITLE: &'static str = "optimizeWorld.title"; #[doc = "Counting chunks..."] pub const OPTIMIZE_WORLD_STAGE_COUNTING: &'static str = "optimizeWorld.stage.counting"; #[doc = "Upgrading all chunks..."] pub const OPTIMIZE_WORLD_STAGE_UPGRADING: &'static str = "optimizeWorld.stage.upgrading"; #[doc = "Finishing up..."] pub const OPTIMIZE_WORLD_STAGE_FINISHED: &'static str = "optimizeWorld.stage.finished"; #[doc = "Failed! :("] pub const OPTIMIZE_WORLD_STAGE_FAILED: &'static str = "optimizeWorld.stage.failed"; #[doc = "Upgraded chunks: %s"] pub const OPTIMIZE_WORLD_INFO_CONVERTED: &'static str = "optimizeWorld.info.converted"; #[doc = "Skipped chunks: %s"] pub const OPTIMIZE_WORLD_INFO_SKIPPED: &'static str = "optimizeWorld.info.skipped"; #[doc = "Total chunks: %s"] pub const OPTIMIZE_WORLD_INFO_TOTAL: &'static str = "optimizeWorld.info.total"; #[doc = "Select World"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_TITLE: &'static str = "selectWorld.title"; #[doc = "search for worlds"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_SEARCH: &'static str = "selectWorld.search"; #[doc = "World"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_WORLD: &'static str = "selectWorld.world"; #[doc = "Play Selected World"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_SELECT: &'static str = "selectWorld.select"; #[doc = "Create New World"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_CREATE: &'static str = "selectWorld.create"; #[doc = "Re-Create"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_RECREATE: &'static str = "selectWorld.recreate"; #[doc = "Play New Demo World"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_CREATE_DEMO: &'static str = "selectWorld.createDemo"; #[doc = "Delete"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_DELETE: &'static str = "selectWorld.delete"; #[doc = "Edit"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit"; #[doc = "Edit World"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_TITLE: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.title"; #[doc = "Reset Icon"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_RESET_ICON: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.resetIcon"; #[doc = "Open World Folder"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_OPEN_FOLDER: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.openFolder"; #[doc = "Save"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_SAVE: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.save"; #[doc = "Make Backup"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_BACKUP: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.backup"; #[doc = "Open Backups Folder"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_BACKUP_FOLDER: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.backupFolder"; #[doc = "Backup failed"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_BACKUP_FAILED: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.backupFailed"; #[doc = "Backed up: %s"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_BACKUP_CREATED: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.backupCreated"; #[doc = "size: %s MB"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_BACKUP_SIZE: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.backupSize"; #[doc = "Optimize World"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_OPTIMIZE: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.optimize"; #[doc = "Export World Generation Settings"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_EXPORT_WORLDGEN_SETTINGS: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.export_worldgen_settings"; #[doc = "Exported"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_EXPORT_WORLDGEN_SETTINGS_SUCCESS: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.export_worldgen_settings.success"; #[doc = "Export failed"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_EDIT_EXPORT_WORLDGEN_SETTINGS_FAILURE: &'static str = "selectWorld.edit.export_worldgen_settings.failure"; #[doc = "Are you sure you want to delete this world?"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_DELETE_QUESTION: &'static str = "selectWorld.deleteQuestion"; #[doc = "'%s' will be lost forever! (A long time!)"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_DELETE_WARNING: &'static str = "selectWorld.deleteWarning"; #[doc = "Delete"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_DELETE_BUTTON: &'static str = "selectWorld.deleteButton"; #[doc = "Must be converted!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_CONVERSION: &'static str = "selectWorld.conversion"; #[doc = "This world must be opened in an older version (like 1.6.4) to be safely converted"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_CONVERSION_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "selectWorld.conversion.tooltip"; #[doc = "Locked by another running instance of Minecraft"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_LOCKED: &'static str = "selectWorld.locked"; #[doc = "Created by an incompatible version"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_INCOMPATIBLE_SERIES: &'static str = "selectWorld.incompatible_series"; #[doc = "New World"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_NEW_WORLD: &'static str = "selectWorld.newWorld"; #[doc = "World Name"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_ENTER_NAME: &'static str = "selectWorld.enterName"; #[doc = "Will be saved in:"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_RESULT_FOLDER: &'static str = "selectWorld.resultFolder"; #[doc = "Seed for the world generator"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_ENTER_SEED: &'static str = "selectWorld.enterSeed"; #[doc = "Leave blank for a random seed"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_SEED_INFO: &'static str = "selectWorld.seedInfo"; #[doc = "Cheats"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_CHEATS: &'static str = "selectWorld.cheats"; #[doc = "Customize"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_TYPE: &'static str = "selectWorld.customizeType"; #[doc = "Version:"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_VERSION: &'static str = "selectWorld.version"; #[doc = "unknown"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_VERSION_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "selectWorld.versionUnknown"; #[doc = "Do you really want to load this world?"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_VERSION_QUESTION: &'static str = "selectWorld.versionQuestion"; #[doc = "This world was last played in version %s and loading it in this version could cause corruption!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_VERSION_WARNING: &'static str = "selectWorld.versionWarning"; #[doc = "Load Anyway"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_VERSION_JOIN_BUTTON: &'static str = "selectWorld.versionJoinButton"; #[doc = "Do you really want to load this world?"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BACKUP_QUESTION_SNAPSHOT: &'static str = "selectWorld.backupQuestion.snapshot"; #[doc = "This world was last played in version %s; you are on version %s. Please make a backup in case you experience world corruptions!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BACKUP_WARNING_SNAPSHOT: &'static str = "selectWorld.backupWarning.snapshot"; #[doc = "Downgrading a world is not supported"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BACKUP_QUESTION_DOWNGRADE: &'static str = "selectWorld.backupQuestion.downgrade"; #[doc = "This world was last played in version %s; you are on version %s. Downgrading a world could cause corruption - we cannot guarantee that it will load or work. If you still want to continue, please make a backup!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BACKUP_WARNING_DOWNGRADE: &'static str = "selectWorld.backupWarning.downgrade"; #[doc = "Customized worlds are no longer supported"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BACKUP_QUESTION_CUSTOMIZED: &'static str = "selectWorld.backupQuestion.customized"; #[doc = "Unfortunately, we do not support customized worlds in this version of Minecraft. We can still load this world and keep everything the way it was, but any newly generated terrain will no longer be customized. We're sorry for the inconvenience!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BACKUP_WARNING_CUSTOMIZED: &'static str = "selectWorld.backupWarning.customized"; #[doc = "Worlds using Experimental Settings are not supported"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BACKUP_QUESTION_EXPERIMENTAL: &'static str = "selectWorld.backupQuestion.experimental"; #[doc = "This world uses experimental settings that could stop working at any time. We cannot guarantee it will load or work. Here be dragons!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BACKUP_WARNING_EXPERIMENTAL: &'static str = "selectWorld.backupWarning.experimental"; #[doc = "Erase cached data"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BACKUP_ERASE_CACHE: &'static str = "selectWorld.backupEraseCache"; #[doc = "Create Backup and Load"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BACKUP_JOIN_CONFIRM_BUTTON: &'static str = "selectWorld.backupJoinConfirmButton"; #[doc = "I know what I'm doing!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BACKUP_JOIN_SKIP_BUTTON: &'static str = "selectWorld.backupJoinSkipButton"; #[doc = "World was saved in a newer version,"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_TOOLTIP_FROM_NEWER_VERSION1: &'static str = "selectWorld.tooltip.fromNewerVersion1"; #[doc = "loading this world could cause problems!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_TOOLTIP_FROM_NEWER_VERSION2: &'static str = "selectWorld.tooltip.fromNewerVersion2"; #[doc = "Don't forget to back up this world"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_TOOLTIP_SNAPSHOT1: &'static str = "selectWorld.tooltip.snapshot1"; #[doc = "before you load it in this snapshot."] pub const SELECT_WORLD_TOOLTIP_SNAPSHOT2: &'static str = "selectWorld.tooltip.snapshot2"; #[doc = "Unable to load worlds"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_UNABLE_TO_LOAD: &'static str = "selectWorld.unable_to_load"; #[doc = "An error occurred!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_FUTUREWORLD_ERROR_TITLE: &'static str = "selectWorld.futureworld.error.title"; #[doc = "Something went wrong while trying to load a world from a future version. This was a risky operation to begin with; sorry it didn't work."] pub const SELECT_WORLD_FUTUREWORLD_ERROR_TEXT: &'static str = "selectWorld.futureworld.error.text"; #[doc = "An error occurred!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_RECREATE_ERROR_TITLE: &'static str = "selectWorld.recreate.error.title"; #[doc = "Something went wrong while trying to recreate a world."] pub const SELECT_WORLD_RECREATE_ERROR_TEXT: &'static str = "selectWorld.recreate.error.text"; #[doc = "Customized worlds are no longer supported"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_RECREATE_CUSTOMIZED_TITLE: &'static str = "selectWorld.recreate.customized.title"; #[doc = "Customized worlds are no longer supported in this version of Minecraft. We can try to recreate it with the same seed and properties, but any terrain customizations will be lost. We're sorry for the inconvenience!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_RECREATE_CUSTOMIZED_TEXT: &'static str = "selectWorld.recreate.customized.text"; #[doc = "Unable to read or access folder where game worlds are saved!"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_LOAD_FOLDER_ACCESS: &'static str = "selectWorld.load_folder_access"; #[doc = "Failed to access world"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_ACCESS_FAILURE: &'static str = "selectWorld.access_failure"; #[doc = "Failed to delete world"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_DELETE_FAILURE: &'static str = "selectWorld.delete_failure"; #[doc = "Reading world data..."] pub const SELECT_WORLD_DATA_READ: &'static str = "selectWorld.data_read"; #[doc = "Loading world list"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_LOADING_LIST: &'static str = "selectWorld.loading_list"; #[doc = "Presets"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_PRESETS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.presets"; #[doc = "Select a Preset"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_PRESETS_TITLE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.presets.title"; #[doc = "Use Preset"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_PRESETS_SELECT: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.presets.select"; #[doc = "Want to share your preset with someone? Use the box below!"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_PRESETS_SHARE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.presets.share"; #[doc = "Alternatively, here's some we made earlier!"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_PRESETS_LIST: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.presets.list"; #[doc = "Superflat Customization"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_FLAT_TITLE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.flat.title"; #[doc = "Layer Material"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_FLAT_TILE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.flat.tile"; #[doc = "Height"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_FLAT_HEIGHT: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.flat.height"; #[doc = "Remove Layer"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_FLAT_REMOVE_LAYER: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.flat.removeLayer"; #[doc = "Top - %s"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_FLAT_LAYER_TOP: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.flat.layer.top"; #[doc = "%s"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_FLAT_LAYER: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.flat.layer"; #[doc = "Bottom - %s"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_FLAT_LAYER_BOTTOM: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.flat.layer.bottom"; #[doc = "Buffet world customization"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_BUFFET_TITLE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.buffet.title"; #[doc = "Please select a biome"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_BUFFET_BIOME: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.buffet.biome"; #[doc = "???"] pub const FLAT_WORLD_PRESET_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "flat_world_preset.unknown"; #[doc = "Classic Flat"] pub const FLAT_WORLD_PRESET_MINECRAFT_CLASSIC_FLAT: &'static str = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.classic_flat"; #[doc = "Tunnelers' Dream"] pub const FLAT_WORLD_PRESET_MINECRAFT_TUNNELERS_DREAM: &'static str = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.tunnelers_dream"; #[doc = "Water World"] pub const FLAT_WORLD_PRESET_MINECRAFT_WATER_WORLD: &'static str = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.water_world"; #[doc = "Overworld"] pub const FLAT_WORLD_PRESET_MINECRAFT_OVERWORLD: &'static str = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.overworld"; #[doc = "Snowy Kingdom"] pub const FLAT_WORLD_PRESET_MINECRAFT_SNOWY_KINGDOM: &'static str = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.snowy_kingdom"; #[doc = "Bottomless Pit"] pub const FLAT_WORLD_PRESET_MINECRAFT_BOTTOMLESS_PIT: &'static str = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.bottomless_pit"; #[doc = "Desert"] pub const FLAT_WORLD_PRESET_MINECRAFT_DESERT: &'static str = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.desert"; #[doc = "Redstone Ready"] pub const FLAT_WORLD_PRESET_MINECRAFT_REDSTONE_READY: &'static str = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.redstone_ready"; #[doc = "The Void"] pub const FLAT_WORLD_PRESET_MINECRAFT_THE_VOID: &'static str = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.the_void"; #[doc = "Basic Settings"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PAGE0: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.page0"; #[doc = "Ore Settings"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PAGE1: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.page1"; #[doc = "Advanced Settings (Expert Users Only!)"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PAGE2: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.page2"; #[doc = "Extra Advanced Settings (Expert Users Only!)"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PAGE3: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.page3"; #[doc = "Randomize"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_RANDOMIZE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.randomize"; #[doc = "Previous Page"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PREV: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.prev"; #[doc = "Next Page"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_NEXT: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.next"; #[doc = "Defaults"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_DEFAULTS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.defaults"; #[doc = "This will overwrite your current"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_CONFIRM1: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.confirm1"; #[doc = "settings and cannot be undone."] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_CONFIRM2: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.confirm2"; #[doc = "Warning!"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_CONFIRM_TITLE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.confirmTitle"; #[doc = "Main Noise Scale X"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_MAIN_NOISE_SCALE_X: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.mainNoiseScaleX"; #[doc = "Main Noise Scale Y"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_MAIN_NOISE_SCALE_Y: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.mainNoiseScaleY"; #[doc = "Main Noise Scale Z"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_MAIN_NOISE_SCALE_Z: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.mainNoiseScaleZ"; #[doc = "Depth Noise Scale X"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_DEPTH_NOISE_SCALE_X: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.depthNoiseScaleX"; #[doc = "Depth Noise Scale Z"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_DEPTH_NOISE_SCALE_Z: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.depthNoiseScaleZ"; #[doc = "Depth Noise Exponent"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_DEPTH_NOISE_SCALE_EXPONENT: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.depthNoiseScaleExponent"; #[doc = "Depth Base Size"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_BASE_SIZE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.baseSize"; #[doc = "Coordinate Scale"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_COORDINATE_SCALE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.coordinateScale"; #[doc = "Height Scale"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_HEIGHT_SCALE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.heightScale"; #[doc = "Height Stretch"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_STRETCH_Y: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.stretchY"; #[doc = "Upper Limit Scale"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_UPPER_LIMIT_SCALE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.upperLimitScale"; #[doc = "Lower Limit Scale"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_LOWER_LIMIT_SCALE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.lowerLimitScale"; #[doc = "Biome Depth Weight"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_BIOME_DEPTH_WEIGHT: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.biomeDepthWeight"; #[doc = "Biome Depth Offset"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_BIOME_DEPTH_OFFSET: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.biomeDepthOffset"; #[doc = "Biome Scale Weight"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_BIOME_SCALE_WEIGHT: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.biomeScaleWeight"; #[doc = "Biome Scale Offset"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_BIOME_SCALE_OFFSET: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.biomeScaleOffset"; #[doc = "Sea Level"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_SEA_LEVEL: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.seaLevel"; #[doc = "Caves"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_CAVES: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useCaves"; #[doc = "Strongholds"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_STRONGHOLDS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useStrongholds"; #[doc = "Villages"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_VILLAGES: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useVillages"; #[doc = "Mineshafts"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_MINE_SHAFTS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useMineShafts"; #[doc = "Temples"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_TEMPLES: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useTemples"; #[doc = "Ocean Ruins"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_OCEAN_RUINS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useOceanRuins"; #[doc = "Ocean Monuments"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_MONUMENTS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useMonuments"; #[doc = "Woodland Mansions"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_MANSIONS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useMansions"; #[doc = "Ravines"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_RAVINES: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useRavines"; #[doc = "Dungeons"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_DUNGEONS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useDungeons"; #[doc = "Dungeon Count"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_DUNGEON_CHANCE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.dungeonChance"; #[doc = "Water Lakes"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_WATER_LAKES: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useWaterLakes"; #[doc = "Water Lake Rarity"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_WATER_LAKE_CHANCE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.waterLakeChance"; #[doc = "Lava Lakes"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_LAVA_LAKES: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useLavaLakes"; #[doc = "Lava Lake Rarity"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_LAVA_LAKE_CHANCE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.lavaLakeChance"; #[doc = "Lava Oceans"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_USE_LAVA_OCEANS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.useLavaOceans"; #[doc = "Biome"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_FIXED_BIOME: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.fixedBiome"; #[doc = "Biome Size"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_BIOME_SIZE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.biomeSize"; #[doc = "River Size"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_RIVER_SIZE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.riverSize"; #[doc = "Spawn Size"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_SIZE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.size"; #[doc = "Spawn Tries"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_COUNT: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.count"; #[doc = "Min. Height"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_MIN_HEIGHT: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.minHeight"; #[doc = "Max. Height"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_MAX_HEIGHT: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.maxHeight"; #[doc = "Center Height"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_CENTER: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.center"; #[doc = "Spread Height"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_SPREAD: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.spread"; #[doc = "Customize World Presets"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PRESETS_TITLE: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.presets.title"; #[doc = "Presets"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PRESETS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.presets"; #[doc = "Water World"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PRESET_WATER_WORLD: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.waterWorld"; #[doc = "Isle Land"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PRESET_ISLE_LAND: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.isleLand"; #[doc = "Caver's Delight"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PRESET_CAVE_DELIGHT: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.caveDelight"; #[doc = "Mountain Madness"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PRESET_MOUNTAINS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.mountains"; #[doc = "Drought"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PRESET_DROUGHT: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.drought"; #[doc = "Caves of Chaos"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PRESET_CAVE_CHAOS: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.caveChaos"; #[doc = "Good Luck"] pub const CREATE_WORLD_CUSTOMIZE_CUSTOM_PRESET_GOOD_LUCK: &'static str = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.goodLuck"; #[doc = "Preparing for world creation..."] pub const CREATE_WORLD_PREPARING: &'static str = "createWorld.preparing"; #[doc = "Errors in currently selected datapacks prevented the world from loading.\nYou can either try to load it with only the vanilla data pack (\"safe mode\"), or go back to the title screen and fix it manually."] pub const DATAPACK_FAILURE_TITLE: &'static str = "datapackFailure.title"; #[doc = "Safe Mode"] pub const DATAPACK_FAILURE_SAFE_MODE: &'static str = "datapackFailure.safeMode"; #[doc = "Edit Game Rules"] pub const EDIT_GAMERULE_TITLE: &'static str = "editGamerule.title"; #[doc = "Default: %s"] pub const EDIT_GAMERULE_DEFAULT: &'static str = "editGamerule.default"; #[doc = "Survival Mode"] pub const GAME_MODE_SURVIVAL: &'static str = "gameMode.survival"; #[doc = "Creative Mode"] pub const GAME_MODE_CREATIVE: &'static str = "gameMode.creative"; #[doc = "Adventure Mode"] pub const GAME_MODE_ADVENTURE: &'static str = "gameMode.adventure"; #[doc = "Spectator Mode"] pub const GAME_MODE_SPECTATOR: &'static str = "gameMode.spectator"; #[doc = "Hardcore Mode!"] pub const GAME_MODE_HARDCORE: &'static str = "gameMode.hardcore"; #[doc = "Your game mode has been updated to %s"] pub const GAME_MODE_CHANGED: &'static str = "gameMode.changed"; #[doc = "Previous Page"] pub const SPECTATOR_MENU_PREVIOUS_PAGE: &'static str = "spectatorMenu.previous_page"; #[doc = "Next Page"] pub const SPECTATOR_MENU_NEXT_PAGE: &'static str = "spectatorMenu.next_page"; #[doc = "Close Menu"] pub const SPECTATOR_MENU_CLOSE: &'static str = "spectatorMenu.close"; #[doc = "Teleport to Player"] pub const SPECTATOR_MENU_TELEPORT: &'static str = "spectatorMenu.teleport"; #[doc = "Select a player to teleport to"] pub const SPECTATOR_MENU_TELEPORT_PROMPT: &'static str = "spectatorMenu.teleport.prompt"; #[doc = "Teleport to Team Member"] pub const SPECTATOR_MENU_TEAM_TELEPORT: &'static str = "spectatorMenu.team_teleport"; #[doc = "Select a team to teleport to"] pub const SPECTATOR_MENU_TEAM_TELEPORT_PROMPT: &'static str = "spectatorMenu.team_teleport.prompt"; #[doc = "Press a key to select a command, and again to use it."] pub const SPECTATOR_MENU_ROOT_PROMPT: &'static str = "spectatorMenu.root.prompt"; #[doc = "Game Mode"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode"; #[doc = "Survival"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_SURVIVAL: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.survival"; #[doc = "Search for resources, craft, gain"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_SURVIVAL_LINE1: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.survival.line1"; #[doc = "levels, health and hunger"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_SURVIVAL_LINE2: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.survival.line2"; #[doc = "Creative"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_CREATIVE: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.creative"; #[doc = "Unlimited resources, free flying and"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_CREATIVE_LINE1: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.creative.line1"; #[doc = "destroy blocks instantly"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_CREATIVE_LINE2: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.creative.line2"; #[doc = "Spectator"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_SPECTATOR: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.spectator"; #[doc = "You can look but don't touch"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_SPECTATOR_LINE1: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.spectator.line1"; #[doc = ""] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_SPECTATOR_LINE2: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.spectator.line2"; #[doc = "Hardcore"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_HARDCORE: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.hardcore"; #[doc = "Same as Survival Mode, locked at hardest"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_HARDCORE_LINE1: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.hardcore.line1"; #[doc = "difficulty, and one life only"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_HARDCORE_LINE2: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.hardcore.line2"; #[doc = "Adventure"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_ADVENTURE: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.adventure"; #[doc = "Same as Survival Mode, but blocks can't"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_ADVENTURE_LINE1: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.adventure.line1"; #[doc = "be added or removed"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_MODE_ADVENTURE_LINE2: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameMode.adventure.line2"; #[doc = "More World Options..."] pub const SELECT_WORLD_MORE_WORLD_OPTIONS: &'static str = "selectWorld.moreWorldOptions"; #[doc = "Game Rules"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_GAME_RULES: &'static str = "selectWorld.gameRules"; #[doc = "Generate Structures"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_MAP_FEATURES: &'static str = "selectWorld.mapFeatures"; #[doc = "Villages, dungeons etc."] pub const SELECT_WORLD_MAP_FEATURES_INFO: &'static str = "selectWorld.mapFeatures.info"; #[doc = "World Type"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_MAP_TYPE: &'static str = "selectWorld.mapType"; #[doc = "Normal"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_MAP_TYPE_NORMAL: &'static str = "selectWorld.mapType.normal"; #[doc = "Allow Cheats"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_ALLOW_COMMANDS: &'static str = "selectWorld.allowCommands"; #[doc = "Commands like /gamemode, /experience"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_ALLOW_COMMANDS_INFO: &'static str = "selectWorld.allowCommands.info"; #[doc = "Data Packs"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_DATA_PACKS: &'static str = "selectWorld.dataPacks"; #[doc = "Bonus Chest"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_BONUS_ITEMS: &'static str = "selectWorld.bonusItems"; #[doc = "Import Settings"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_IMPORT_WORLDGEN_SETTINGS: &'static str = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings"; #[doc = "Select settings file (.json)"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_IMPORT_WORLDGEN_SETTINGS_SELECT_FILE: &'static str = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.select_file"; #[doc = "Error importing settings"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_IMPORT_WORLDGEN_SETTINGS_FAILURE: &'static str = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.failure"; #[doc = "Warning! These settings are using experimental features"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_IMPORT_WORLDGEN_SETTINGS_EXPERIMENTAL_TITLE: &'static str = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.experimental.title"; #[doc = "These settings are experimental and could one day stop working. Do you wish to proceed?"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_IMPORT_WORLDGEN_SETTINGS_EXPERIMENTAL_QUESTION: &'static str = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.experimental.question"; #[doc = "Warning! These settings are using deprecated features"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_IMPORT_WORLDGEN_SETTINGS_DEPRECATED_TITLE: &'static str = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.deprecated.title"; #[doc = "Some features used are deprecated and will stop working in the future. Do you wish to proceed?"] pub const SELECT_WORLD_IMPORT_WORLDGEN_SETTINGS_DEPRECATED_QUESTION: &'static str = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.deprecated.question"; #[doc = "Custom"] pub const GENERATOR_CUSTOM: &'static str = "generator.custom"; #[doc = "Default"] pub const GENERATOR_MINECRAFT_NORMAL: &'static str = "generator.minecraft.normal"; #[doc = "Superflat"] pub const GENERATOR_MINECRAFT_FLAT: &'static str = "generator.minecraft.flat"; #[doc = "Large Biomes"] pub const GENERATOR_MINECRAFT_LARGE_BIOMES: &'static str = "generator.minecraft.large_biomes"; #[doc = "AMPLIFIED"] pub const GENERATOR_MINECRAFT_AMPLIFIED: &'static str = "generator.minecraft.amplified"; #[doc = "Notice: Just for fun! Requires a beefy computer."] pub const GENERATOR_MINECRAFT_AMPLIFIED_INFO: &'static str = "generator.minecraft.amplified.info"; #[doc = "Debug Mode"] pub const GENERATOR_MINECRAFT_DEBUG_ALL_BLOCK_STATES: &'static str = "generator.minecraft.debug_all_block_states"; #[doc = "Single Biome"] pub const GENERATOR_MINECRAFT_SINGLE_BIOME_SURFACE: &'static str = "generator.minecraft.single_biome_surface"; #[doc = "Old Customized"] pub const GENERATOR_CUSTOMIZED: &'static str = "generator.customized"; #[doc = "Caves"] pub const GENERATOR_SINGLE_BIOME_CAVES: &'static str = "generator.single_biome_caves"; #[doc = "Floating Islands"] pub const GENERATOR_SINGLE_BIOME_FLOATING_ISLANDS: &'static str = "generator.single_biome_floating_islands"; #[doc = "Select Server"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_TITLE: &'static str = "selectServer.title"; #[doc = "Join Server"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_SELECT: &'static str = "selectServer.select"; #[doc = "Direct Connection"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_DIRECT: &'static str = "selectServer.direct"; #[doc = "Edit"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_EDIT: &'static str = "selectServer.edit"; #[doc = "Delete"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_DELETE: &'static str = "selectServer.delete"; #[doc = "Add Server"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_ADD: &'static str = "selectServer.add"; #[doc = "Minecraft Server"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_DEFAULT_NAME: &'static str = "selectServer.defaultName"; #[doc = "Are you sure you want to remove this server?"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_DELETE_QUESTION: &'static str = "selectServer.deleteQuestion"; #[doc = "'%s' will be lost forever! (A long time!)"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_DELETE_WARNING: &'static str = "selectServer.deleteWarning"; #[doc = "Delete"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_DELETE_BUTTON: &'static str = "selectServer.deleteButton"; #[doc = "Refresh"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_REFRESH: &'static str = "selectServer.refresh"; #[doc = "(Hidden)"] pub const SELECT_SERVER_HIDDEN_ADDRESS: &'static str = "selectServer.hiddenAddress"; #[doc = "Edit Server Info"] pub const ADD_SERVER_TITLE: &'static str = "addServer.title"; #[doc = "Server Name"] pub const ADD_SERVER_ENTER_NAME: &'static str = "addServer.enterName"; #[doc = "Server Address"] pub const ADD_SERVER_ENTER_IP: &'static str = "addServer.enterIp"; #[doc = "Done"] pub const ADD_SERVER_ADD: &'static str = "addServer.add"; #[doc = "Hide Address"] pub const ADD_SERVER_HIDE_ADDRESS: &'static str = "addServer.hideAddress"; #[doc = "Server Resource Packs"] pub const ADD_SERVER_RESOURCE_PACK: &'static str = "addServer.resourcePack"; #[doc = "Enabled"] pub const ADD_SERVER_RESOURCE_PACK_ENABLED: &'static str = "addServer.resourcePack.enabled"; #[doc = "Disabled"] pub const ADD_SERVER_RESOURCE_PACK_DISABLED: &'static str = "addServer.resourcePack.disabled"; #[doc = "Prompt"] pub const ADD_SERVER_RESOURCE_PACK_PROMPT: &'static str = "addServer.resourcePack.prompt"; #[doc = "LAN World"] pub const LAN_SERVER_TITLE: &'static str = "lanServer.title"; #[doc = "Scanning for games on your local network"] pub const LAN_SERVER_SCANNING: &'static str = "lanServer.scanning"; #[doc = "Start LAN World"] pub const LAN_SERVER_START: &'static str = "lanServer.start"; #[doc = "Settings for Other Players"] pub const LAN_SERVER_OTHER_PLAYERS: &'static str = "lanServer.otherPlayers"; #[doc = "Caution: Third-Party Online Play"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_WARNING_HEADER: &'static str = "multiplayerWarning.header"; #[doc = "Caution: Online play is offered by third-party servers that are not owned, operated, or supervised by Mojang Studios or Microsoft. During online play, you may be exposed to unmoderated chat messages or other types of user-generated content that may not be suitable for everyone."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_WARNING_MESSAGE: &'static str = "multiplayerWarning.message"; #[doc = "Do not show this screen again"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_WARNING_CHECK: &'static str = "multiplayerWarning.check"; #[doc = "Play Multiplayer"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_TITLE: &'static str = "multiplayer.title"; #[doc = "This server recommends the use of a custom resource pack."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_TEXTURE_PROMPT_LINE1: &'static str = "multiplayer.texturePrompt.line1"; #[doc = "Would you like to download and install it automagically?"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_TEXTURE_PROMPT_LINE2: &'static str = "multiplayer.texturePrompt.line2"; #[doc = "This server requires the use of a custom resource pack."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_REQUIRED_TEXTURE_PROMPT_LINE1: &'static str = "multiplayer.requiredTexturePrompt.line1"; #[doc = "Rejecting this custom resource pack will disconnect you from this server."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_REQUIRED_TEXTURE_PROMPT_LINE2: &'static str = "multiplayer.requiredTexturePrompt.line2"; #[doc = "Server requires a custom resource pack"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_REQUIRED_TEXTURE_PROMPT_DISCONNECT: &'static str = "multiplayer.requiredTexturePrompt.disconnect"; #[doc = "Server resource pack couldn't be applied"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_TEXTURE_PROMPT_FAILURE_LINE1: &'static str = "multiplayer.texturePrompt.failure.line1"; #[doc = "Any functionality that requires custom resources might not work as expected"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_TEXTURE_PROMPT_FAILURE_LINE2: &'static str = "multiplayer.texturePrompt.failure.line2"; #[doc = "%s\n\nMessage from server:\n%s"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_TEXTURE_PROMPT_SERVER_PROMPT: &'static str = "multiplayer.texturePrompt.serverPrompt"; #[doc = "Applying resource pack"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_APPLYING_PACK: &'static str = "multiplayer.applyingPack"; #[doc = "Loading terrain..."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DOWNLOADING_TERRAIN: &'static str = "multiplayer.downloadingTerrain"; #[doc = "Retrieving statistics..."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DOWNLOADING_STATS: &'static str = "multiplayer.downloadingStats"; #[doc = "Leave Bed"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STOP_SLEEPING: &'static str = "multiplayer.stopSleeping"; #[doc = "Can't deliver chat message, check server logs: %s"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_MESSAGE_NOT_DELIVERED: &'static str = "multiplayer.message_not_delivered"; #[doc = "%s joined the game"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_PLAYER_JOINED: &'static str = "multiplayer.player.joined"; #[doc = "%s (formerly known as %s) joined the game"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_PLAYER_JOINED_RENAMED: &'static str = "multiplayer.player.joined.renamed"; #[doc = "%s left the game"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_PLAYER_LEFT: &'static str = "multiplayer.player.left"; #[doc = "... and %s more ..."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_AND_MORE: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.and_more"; #[doc = "Cancelled"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_CANCELLED: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.cancelled"; #[doc = "Can't connect to server"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_CANNOT_CONNECT: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.cannot_connect"; #[doc = "Can't resolve hostname"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_CANNOT_RESOLVE: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.cannot_resolve"; #[doc = "Finished"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_FINISHED: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.finished"; #[doc = "Incompatible version!"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_INCOMPATIBLE: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.incompatible"; #[doc = "(no connection)"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_NO_CONNECTION: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.no_connection"; #[doc = "%s ms"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_PING: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.ping"; #[doc = "Old"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_OLD: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.old"; #[doc = "Pinging..."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_PINGING: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.pinging"; #[doc = "Quitting"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_QUITTING: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.quitting"; #[doc = "???"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.unknown"; #[doc = "Received unrequested status"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_UNREQUESTED: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.unrequested"; #[doc = "Status request has been handled"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_STATUS_REQUEST_HANDLED: &'static str = "multiplayer.status.request_handled"; #[doc = "Authentication servers are down. Please try again later, sorry!"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_AUTHSERVERS_DOWN: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.authservers_down"; #[doc = "You are banned from this server"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_BANNED: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.banned"; #[doc = "You are banned from this server.\nReason: %s"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_BANNED_REASON: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.banned.reason"; #[doc = "\nYour ban will be removed on %s"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_BANNED_EXPIRATION: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.banned.expiration"; #[doc = "Your IP address is banned from this server.\nReason: %s"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_BANNED_IP_REASON: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.banned_ip.reason"; #[doc = "\nYour ban will be removed on %s"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_BANNED_IP_EXPIRATION: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.banned_ip.expiration"; #[doc = "You logged in from another location"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_DUPLICATE_LOGIN: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.duplicate_login"; #[doc = "Flying is not enabled on this server"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_FLYING: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.flying"; #[doc = "Disconnected"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_GENERIC: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.generic"; #[doc = "You have been idle for too long!"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_IDLING: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.idling"; #[doc = "Illegal characters in chat"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_ILLEGAL_CHARACTERS: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.illegal_characters"; #[doc = "Attempting to attack an invalid entity"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_INVALID_ENTITY_ATTACKED: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_entity_attacked"; #[doc = "Server sent an invalid packet"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_INVALID_PACKET: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_packet"; #[doc = "Invalid player data"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_INVALID_PLAYER_DATA: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_player_data"; #[doc = "Invalid move player packet received"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_INVALID_PLAYER_MOVEMENT: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_player_movement"; #[doc = "Invalid move vehicle packet received"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_INVALID_VEHICLE_MOVEMENT: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_vehicle_movement"; #[doc = "You have been IP banned from this server"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_IP_BANNED: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.ip_banned"; #[doc = "Kicked by an operator"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_KICKED: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.kicked"; #[doc = "Incompatible client! Please use %s"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_INCOMPATIBLE: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.incompatible"; #[doc = "Incompatible client! Please use %s"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_OUTDATED_CLIENT: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.outdated_client"; #[doc = "Incompatible client! Please use %s"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_OUTDATED_SERVER: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.outdated_server"; #[doc = "Server closed"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_SERVER_SHUTDOWN: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.server_shutdown"; #[doc = "Took too long to log in"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_SLOW_LOGIN: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.slow_login"; #[doc = "Failed to verify username!"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_UNVERIFIED_USERNAME: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.unverified_username"; #[doc = "You are not white-listed on this server!"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_NOT_WHITELISTED: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.not_whitelisted"; #[doc = "The server is full!"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_SERVER_FULL: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.server_full"; #[doc = "That name is already taken"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_NAME_TAKEN: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.name_taken"; #[doc = "Unexpected custom data from client"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_UNEXPECTED_QUERY_RESPONSE: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.unexpected_query_response"; #[doc = "Incomplete set of tags received from server.\nPlease contact server operator."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_MISSING_TAGS: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.missing_tags"; #[doc = "Missing profile public key.\nThis server requires secure profiles."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_MISSING_PUBLIC_KEY: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.missing_public_key"; #[doc = "Expired profile public key. Check that your system time is synchronized, and try restarting your game."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_EXPIRED_PUBLIC_KEY: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.expired_public_key"; #[doc = "Invalid signature for profile public key.\nTry restarting your game."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_INVALID_PUBLIC_KEY_SIGNATURE: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_public_key_signature"; #[doc = "Out-of-order chat packet received. Did your system time change?"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_OUT_OF_ORDER_CHAT: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.out_of_order_chat"; #[doc = "Received chat packet with missing or invalid signature."] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_UNSIGNED_CHAT: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.unsigned_chat"; #[doc = "Too many unacknowledged chat messages"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_TOO_MANY_PENDING_CHATS: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.too_many_pending_chats"; #[doc = "Chat message validation failure"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_DISCONNECT_CHAT_VALIDATION_FAILED: &'static str = "multiplayer.disconnect.chat_validation_failed"; #[doc = "Social Interactions are only available in Multiplayer worlds"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_NOT_AVAILABLE: &'static str = "multiplayer.socialInteractions.not_available"; #[doc = "Chat messages can't be verified"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_UNSECURESERVER_TOAST_TITLE: &'static str = "multiplayer.unsecureserver.toast.title"; #[doc = "Messages sent on this server may be modified and might not reflect the original message"] pub const MULTIPLAYER_UNSECURESERVER_TOAST: &'static str = "multiplayer.unsecureserver.toast"; #[doc = "This server uses Chat Preview"] pub const CHAT_PREVIEW_WARNING_TITLE: &'static str = "chatPreview.warning.title"; #[doc = "Chat Preview allows the server to see your messages before they are sent to other players. This allows a server to send you a preview of your chat messages with custom modifications and styling applied.\n\nThe Chat Preview behavior can be changed in your Chat Settings. Current setting is: [%s]"] pub const CHAT_PREVIEW_WARNING_CONTENT: &'static str = "chatPreview.warning.content"; #[doc = "Do not notify again for this server"] pub const CHAT_PREVIEW_WARNING_CHECK: &'static str = "chatPreview.warning.check"; #[doc = "Chat Preview is enabled"] pub const CHAT_PREVIEW_WARNING_TOAST_TITLE: &'static str = "chatPreview.warning.toast.title"; #[doc = "This server uses Chat Preview and can see your messages before they are sent to other players. You can turn this off in Chat Settings."] pub const CHAT_PREVIEW_WARNING_TOAST: &'static str = "chatPreview.warning.toast"; #[doc = "chat"] pub const CHAT_EDIT_BOX: &'static str = "chat.editBox"; #[doc = "Cannot send chat message"] pub const CHAT_CANNOT_SEND: &'static str = "chat.cannotSend"; #[doc = "Chat disabled in client options"] pub const CHAT_DISABLED_OPTIONS: &'static str = "chat.disabled.options"; #[doc = "Chat disabled by launcher option. Cannot send message"] pub const CHAT_DISABLED_LAUNCHER: &'static str = "chat.disabled.launcher"; #[doc = "Chat not allowed by account settings. Press '%s' again for more information"] pub const CHAT_DISABLED_PROFILE: &'static str = "chat.disabled.profile"; #[doc = "Chat not allowed by account settings. Cannot send or view messages."] pub const CHAT_DISABLED_PROFILE_MORE_INFO: &'static str = "chat.disabled.profile.moreInfo"; #[doc = "Chat disabled due to expired profile public key. Please try reconnecting."] pub const CHAT_DISABLED_EXPIRED_PROFILE_KEY: &'static str = "chat.disabled.expiredProfileKey"; #[doc = "Press [%s] to preview"] pub const CHAT_PREVIEW_INPUT: &'static str = "chat.previewInput"; #[doc = "<%s> %s"] pub const CHAT_TYPE_TEXT: &'static str = "chat.type.text"; #[doc = "%s says %s"] pub const CHAT_TYPE_TEXT_NARRATE: &'static str = "chat.type.text.narrate"; #[doc = "* %s %s"] pub const CHAT_TYPE_EMOTE: &'static str = "chat.type.emote"; #[doc = "[%s] %s"] pub const CHAT_TYPE_ANNOUNCEMENT: &'static str = "chat.type.announcement"; #[doc = "[%s: %s]"] pub const CHAT_TYPE_ADMIN: &'static str = "chat.type.admin"; #[doc = "%s has made the advancement %s"] pub const CHAT_TYPE_ADVANCEMENT_TASK: &'static str = "chat.type.advancement.task"; #[doc = "%s has completed the challenge %s"] pub const CHAT_TYPE_ADVANCEMENT_CHALLENGE: &'static str = "chat.type.advancement.challenge"; #[doc = "%s has reached the goal %s"] pub const CHAT_TYPE_ADVANCEMENT_GOAL: &'static str = "chat.type.advancement.goal"; #[doc = "%s <%s> %s"] pub const CHAT_TYPE_TEAM_TEXT: &'static str = "chat.type.team.text"; #[doc = "-> %s <%s> %s"] pub const CHAT_TYPE_TEAM_SENT: &'static str = "chat.type.team.sent"; #[doc = "Message Team"] pub const CHAT_TYPE_TEAM_HOVER: &'static str = "chat.type.team.hover"; #[doc = "Are you sure you want to open the following website?"] pub const CHAT_LINK_CONFIRM: &'static str = "chat.link.confirm"; #[doc = "Never open links from people that you don't trust!"] pub const CHAT_LINK_WARNING: &'static str = "chat.link.warning"; #[doc = "Copy to Clipboard"] pub const CHAT_COPY: &'static str = "chat.copy"; #[doc = "Click to Copy to Clipboard"] pub const CHAT_COPY_CLICK: &'static str = "chat.copy.click"; #[doc = "Do you want to open this link or copy it to your clipboard?"] pub const CHAT_LINK_CONFIRM_TRUSTED: &'static str = "chat.link.confirmTrusted"; #[doc = "Open in Browser"] pub const CHAT_LINK_OPEN: &'static str = "chat.link.open"; #[doc = "%s, %s, %s"] pub const CHAT_COORDINATES: &'static str = "chat.coordinates"; #[doc = "Click to teleport"] pub const CHAT_COORDINATES_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "chat.coordinates.tooltip"; #[doc = "[+%s pending lines]"] pub const CHAT_QUEUE: &'static str = "chat.queue"; #[doc = "[%s]"] pub const CHAT_SQUARE_BRACKETS: &'static str = "chat.square_brackets"; #[doc = "This message is not secure, which means that it might have been modified by the server"] pub const CHAT_TAG_NOT_SECURE: &'static str = "chat.tag.not_secure"; #[doc = "This message has been modified by the server."] pub const CHAT_TAG_MODIFIED: &'static str = "chat.tag.modified"; #[doc = "Original text: %s"] pub const CHAT_TAG_MODIFIED_ORIGINAL: &'static str = "chat.tag.modified.original"; #[doc = "This message has been filtered by the server."] pub const CHAT_TAG_FILTERED: &'static str = "chat.tag.filtered"; #[doc = "The server has hidden your message for some players."] pub const CHAT_FILTERED_FULL: &'static str = "chat.filtered_full"; #[doc = "Play Demo World"] pub const MENU_PLAYDEMO: &'static str = "menu.playdemo"; #[doc = "Reset Demo World"] pub const MENU_RESETDEMO: &'static str = "menu.resetdemo"; #[doc = "This demo will last five game days. Do your best!"] pub const DEMO_DAY_1: &'static str = "demo.day.1"; #[doc = "Day Two"] pub const DEMO_DAY_2: &'static str = "demo.day.2"; #[doc = "Day Three"] pub const DEMO_DAY_3: &'static str = "demo.day.3"; #[doc = "Day Four"] pub const DEMO_DAY_4: &'static str = "demo.day.4"; #[doc = "This is your last day!"] pub const DEMO_DAY_5: &'static str = "demo.day.5"; #[doc = "Your time is almost up!"] pub const DEMO_DAY_WARNING: &'static str = "demo.day.warning"; #[doc = "You have passed your fifth day. Use %s to save a screenshot of your creation."] pub const DEMO_DAY_6: &'static str = "demo.day.6"; #[doc = "The demo time has expired. Buy the game to continue or start a new world!"] pub const DEMO_REMINDER: &'static str = "demo.reminder"; #[doc = "Remaining time: %s"] pub const DEMO_REMAINING_TIME: &'static str = "demo.remainingTime"; #[doc = "Demo time's up!"] pub const DEMO_DEMO_EXPIRED: &'static str = "demo.demoExpired"; #[doc = "Use the %1$s, %2$s, %3$s, %4$s keys and the mouse to move around"] pub const DEMO_HELP_MOVEMENT: &'static str = "demo.help.movement"; #[doc = "Move by pressing the %1$s, %2$s, %3$s, %4$s keys"] pub const DEMO_HELP_MOVEMENT_SHORT: &'static str = "demo.help.movementShort"; #[doc = "Look around using the mouse"] pub const DEMO_HELP_MOVEMENT_MOUSE: &'static str = "demo.help.movementMouse"; #[doc = "Jump by pressing the %1$s key"] pub const DEMO_HELP_JUMP: &'static str = "demo.help.jump"; #[doc = "Use the %1$s key to open your inventory"] pub const DEMO_HELP_INVENTORY: &'static str = "demo.help.inventory"; #[doc = "Minecraft Demo Mode"] pub const DEMO_HELP_TITLE: &'static str = "demo.help.title"; #[doc = "This demo will last 5 in-game days (about 1 hour and 40 minutes of real time). Check the advancements for hints! Have fun!"] pub const DEMO_HELP_FULL_WRAPPED: &'static str = "demo.help.fullWrapped"; #[doc = "Purchase Now!"] pub const DEMO_HELP_BUY: &'static str = "demo.help.buy"; #[doc = "Continue Playing!"] pub const DEMO_HELP_LATER: &'static str = "demo.help.later"; #[doc = "Connecting to the server..."] pub const CONNECT_CONNECTING: &'static str = "connect.connecting"; #[doc = "Aborted"] pub const CONNECT_ABORTED: &'static str = "connect.aborted"; #[doc = "Logging in..."] pub const CONNECT_AUTHORIZING: &'static str = "connect.authorizing"; #[doc = "Negotiating..."] pub const CONNECT_NEGOTIATING: &'static str = "connect.negotiating"; #[doc = "Encrypting..."] pub const CONNECT_ENCRYPTING: &'static str = "connect.encrypting"; #[doc = "Joining world..."] pub const CONNECT_JOINING: &'static str = "connect.joining"; #[doc = "Failed to connect to the server"] pub const CONNECT_FAILED: &'static str = "connect.failed"; #[doc = "%s"] pub const DISCONNECT_GENERIC_REASON: &'static str = "disconnect.genericReason"; #[doc = "Unknown host"] pub const DISCONNECT_UNKNOWN_HOST: &'static str = "disconnect.unknownHost"; #[doc = "Disconnected by Server"] pub const DISCONNECT_DISCONNECTED: &'static str = "disconnect.disconnected"; #[doc = "Connection Lost"] pub const DISCONNECT_LOST: &'static str = "disconnect.lost"; #[doc = "Was kicked from the game"] pub const DISCONNECT_KICKED: &'static str = "disconnect.kicked"; #[doc = "Timed out"] pub const DISCONNECT_TIMEOUT: &'static str = "disconnect.timeout"; #[doc = "Connection closed"] pub const DISCONNECT_CLOSED: &'static str = "disconnect.closed"; #[doc = "Failed to log in"] pub const DISCONNECT_LOGIN_FAILED: &'static str = "disconnect.loginFailed"; #[doc = "Failed to log in: %s"] pub const DISCONNECT_LOGIN_FAILED_INFO: &'static str = "disconnect.loginFailedInfo"; #[doc = "The authentication servers are currently not reachable. Please try again."] pub const DISCONNECT_LOGIN_FAILED_INFO_SERVERS_UNAVAILABLE: &'static str = "disconnect.loginFailedInfo.serversUnavailable"; #[doc = "Invalid session (Try restarting your game and the launcher)"] pub const DISCONNECT_LOGIN_FAILED_INFO_INVALID_SESSION: &'static str = "disconnect.loginFailedInfo.invalidSession"; #[doc = "Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings."] pub const DISCONNECT_LOGIN_FAILED_INFO_INSUFFICIENT_PRIVILEGES: &'static str = "disconnect.loginFailedInfo.insufficientPrivileges"; #[doc = "You are banned from playing online"] pub const DISCONNECT_LOGIN_FAILED_INFO_USER_BANNED: &'static str = "disconnect.loginFailedInfo.userBanned"; #[doc = "Quitting"] pub const DISCONNECT_QUITTING: &'static str = "disconnect.quitting"; #[doc = "End of stream"] pub const DISCONNECT_END_OF_STREAM: &'static str = "disconnect.endOfStream"; #[doc = "Buffer overflow"] pub const DISCONNECT_OVERFLOW: &'static str = "disconnect.overflow"; #[doc = "Kicked for spamming"] pub const DISCONNECT_SPAM: &'static str = "disconnect.spam"; #[doc = "Kicked for exceeding packet rate limit"] pub const DISCONNECT_EXCEEDED_PACKET_RATE: &'static str = "disconnect.exceeded_packet_rate"; #[doc = "Master Volume"] pub const SOUND_CATEGORY_MASTER: &'static str = "soundCategory.master"; #[doc = "Music"] pub const SOUND_CATEGORY_MUSIC: &'static str = "soundCategory.music"; #[doc = "Jukebox/Note Blocks"] pub const SOUND_CATEGORY_RECORD: &'static str = "soundCategory.record"; #[doc = "Weather"] pub const SOUND_CATEGORY_WEATHER: &'static str = "soundCategory.weather"; #[doc = "Hostile Creatures"] pub const SOUND_CATEGORY_HOSTILE: &'static str = "soundCategory.hostile"; #[doc = "Friendly Creatures"] pub const SOUND_CATEGORY_NEUTRAL: &'static str = "soundCategory.neutral"; #[doc = "Players"] pub const SOUND_CATEGORY_PLAYER: &'static str = "soundCategory.player"; #[doc = "Blocks"] pub const SOUND_CATEGORY_BLOCK: &'static str = "soundCategory.block"; #[doc = "Ambient/Environment"] pub const SOUND_CATEGORY_AMBIENT: &'static str = "soundCategory.ambient"; #[doc = "Voice/Speech"] pub const SOUND_CATEGORY_VOICE: &'static str = "soundCategory.voice"; #[doc = "Now Playing: %s"] pub const RECORD_NOW_PLAYING: &'static str = "record.nowPlaying"; #[doc = "OFF"] pub const OPTIONS_OFF: &'static str = "options.off"; #[doc = "ON"] pub const OPTIONS_ON: &'static str = "options.on"; #[doc = "%s: OFF"] pub const OPTIONS_OFF_COMPOSED: &'static str = "options.off.composed"; #[doc = "%s: ON"] pub const OPTIONS_ON_COMPOSED: &'static str = "options.on.composed"; #[doc = "%s: %s"] pub const OPTIONS_GENERIC_VALUE: &'static str = "options.generic_value"; #[doc = "%s: %spx"] pub const OPTIONS_PIXEL_VALUE: &'static str = "options.pixel_value"; #[doc = "%s: %s%%"] pub const OPTIONS_PERCENT_VALUE: &'static str = "options.percent_value"; #[doc = "%s: +%s%%"] pub const OPTIONS_PERCENT_ADD_VALUE: &'static str = "options.percent_add_value"; #[doc = "Shown"] pub const OPTIONS_VISIBLE: &'static str = "options.visible"; #[doc = "Hidden"] pub const OPTIONS_HIDDEN: &'static str = "options.hidden"; #[doc = "Options"] pub const OPTIONS_TITLE: &'static str = "options.title"; #[doc = "Controls..."] pub const OPTIONS_CONTROLS: &'static str = "options.controls"; #[doc = "Video Settings..."] pub const OPTIONS_VIDEO: &'static str = "options.video"; #[doc = "Language..."] pub const OPTIONS_LANGUAGE: &'static str = "options.language"; #[doc = "Music & Sounds..."] pub const OPTIONS_SOUNDS: &'static str = "options.sounds"; #[doc = "Music & Sound Options"] pub const OPTIONS_SOUNDS_TITLE: &'static str = "options.sounds.title"; #[doc = "Language translations may not be 100%% accurate"] pub const OPTIONS_LANGUAGE_WARNING: &'static str = "options.languageWarning"; #[doc = "Video Settings"] pub const OPTIONS_VIDEO_TITLE: &'static str = "options.videoTitle"; #[doc = "Mouse Settings..."] pub const OPTIONS_MOUSE_SETTINGS: &'static str = "options.mouse_settings"; #[doc = "Mouse Settings"] pub const OPTIONS_MOUSE_SETTINGS_TITLE: &'static str = "options.mouse_settings.title"; #[doc = "Customize World Settings"] pub const OPTIONS_CUSTOMIZE_TITLE: &'static str = "options.customizeTitle"; #[doc = "Invert Mouse"] pub const OPTIONS_INVERT_MOUSE: &'static str = "options.invertMouse"; #[doc = "FOV"] pub const OPTIONS_FOV: &'static str = "options.fov"; #[doc = "Normal"] pub const OPTIONS_FOV_MIN: &'static str = "options.fov.min"; #[doc = "Quake Pro"] pub const OPTIONS_FOV_MAX: &'static str = "options.fov.max"; #[doc = "Distortion Effects"] pub const OPTIONS_SCREEN_EFFECT_SCALE: &'static str = "options.screenEffectScale"; #[doc = "Strength of nausea and Nether portal screen distortion effects.\nAt lower values, the nausea effect is replaced with a green overlay."] pub const OPTIONS_SCREEN_EFFECT_SCALE_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.screenEffectScale.tooltip"; #[doc = "FOV Effects"] pub const OPTIONS_FOV_EFFECT_SCALE: &'static str = "options.fovEffectScale"; #[doc = "Controls how much the field of view can change with gameplay effects."] pub const OPTIONS_FOV_EFFECT_SCALE_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.fovEffectScale.tooltip"; #[doc = "Darkness Pulsing"] pub const OPTIONS_DARKNESS_EFFECT_SCALE: &'static str = "options.darknessEffectScale"; #[doc = "Controls how much the Darkness effect pulses when a Warden or Sculk Shrieker gives it to you."] pub const OPTIONS_DARKNESS_EFFECT_SCALE_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.darknessEffectScale.tooltip"; #[doc = "Biome Blend"] pub const OPTIONS_BIOME_BLEND_RADIUS: &'static str = "options.biomeBlendRadius"; #[doc = "OFF (Fastest)"] pub const OPTIONS_BIOME_BLEND_RADIUS_1: &'static str = "options.biomeBlendRadius.1"; #[doc = "3x3 (Fast)"] pub const OPTIONS_BIOME_BLEND_RADIUS_3: &'static str = "options.biomeBlendRadius.3"; #[doc = "5x5 (Normal)"] pub const OPTIONS_BIOME_BLEND_RADIUS_5: &'static str = "options.biomeBlendRadius.5"; #[doc = "7x7 (High)"] pub const OPTIONS_BIOME_BLEND_RADIUS_7: &'static str = "options.biomeBlendRadius.7"; #[doc = "9x9 (Very High)"] pub const OPTIONS_BIOME_BLEND_RADIUS_9: &'static str = "options.biomeBlendRadius.9"; #[doc = "11x11 (Extreme)"] pub const OPTIONS_BIOME_BLEND_RADIUS_11: &'static str = "options.biomeBlendRadius.11"; #[doc = "13x13 (Showoff)"] pub const OPTIONS_BIOME_BLEND_RADIUS_13: &'static str = "options.biomeBlendRadius.13"; #[doc = "15x15 (Maximum)"] pub const OPTIONS_BIOME_BLEND_RADIUS_15: &'static str = "options.biomeBlendRadius.15"; #[doc = "Brightness"] pub const OPTIONS_GAMMA: &'static str = "options.gamma"; #[doc = "Moody"] pub const OPTIONS_GAMMA_MIN: &'static str = "options.gamma.min"; #[doc = "Default"] pub const OPTIONS_GAMMA_DEFAULT: &'static str = "options.gamma.default"; #[doc = "Bright"] pub const OPTIONS_GAMMA_MAX: &'static str = "options.gamma.max"; #[doc = "Sensitivity"] pub const OPTIONS_SENSITIVITY: &'static str = "options.sensitivity"; #[doc = "*yawn*"] pub const OPTIONS_SENSITIVITY_MIN: &'static str = "options.sensitivity.min"; #[doc = "HYPERSPEED!!!"] pub const OPTIONS_SENSITIVITY_MAX: &'static str = "options.sensitivity.max"; #[doc = "Render Distance"] pub const OPTIONS_RENDER_DISTANCE: &'static str = "options.renderDistance"; #[doc = "Simulation Distance"] pub const OPTIONS_SIMULATION_DISTANCE: &'static str = "options.simulationDistance"; #[doc = "Entity Distance"] pub const OPTIONS_ENTITY_DISTANCE_SCALING: &'static str = "options.entityDistanceScaling"; #[doc = "View Bobbing"] pub const OPTIONS_VIEW_BOBBING: &'static str = "options.viewBobbing"; #[doc = "Smooth Lighting"] pub const OPTIONS_AO: &'static str = "options.ao"; #[doc = "OFF"] pub const OPTIONS_AO_OFF: &'static str = "options.ao.off"; #[doc = "Minimum"] pub const OPTIONS_AO_MIN: &'static str = "options.ao.min"; #[doc = "Maximum"] pub const OPTIONS_AO_MAX: &'static str = "options.ao.max"; #[doc = "Chunk Builder"] pub const OPTIONS_PRIORITIZE_CHUNK_UPDATES: &'static str = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates"; #[doc = "Threaded"] pub const OPTIONS_PRIORITIZE_CHUNK_UPDATES_NONE: &'static str = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.none"; #[doc = "Semi Blocking"] pub const OPTIONS_PRIORITIZE_CHUNK_UPDATES_BY_PLAYER: &'static str = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.byPlayer"; #[doc = "Fully Blocking"] pub const OPTIONS_PRIORITIZE_CHUNK_UPDATES_NEARBY: &'static str = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.nearby"; #[doc = "Nearby chunks are compiled in parallel threads. This may result in brief visual holes when blocks are destroyed."] pub const OPTIONS_PRIORITIZE_CHUNK_UPDATES_NONE_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.none.tooltip"; #[doc = "Some actions within a chunk will recompile the chunk immediately. This includes block placing & destroying."] pub const OPTIONS_PRIORITIZE_CHUNK_UPDATES_BY_PLAYER_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.byPlayer.tooltip"; #[doc = "Nearby chunks are always compiled immediately. This may impact game performance when blocks are placed or destroyed."] pub const OPTIONS_PRIORITIZE_CHUNK_UPDATES_NEARBY_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.nearby.tooltip"; #[doc = "%s chunks"] pub const OPTIONS_CHUNKS: &'static str = "options.chunks"; #[doc = "%s fps"] pub const OPTIONS_FRAMERATE: &'static str = "options.framerate"; #[doc = "Max Framerate"] pub const OPTIONS_FRAMERATE_LIMIT: &'static str = "options.framerateLimit"; #[doc = "Unlimited"] pub const OPTIONS_FRAMERATE_LIMIT_MAX: &'static str = "options.framerateLimit.max"; #[doc = "Difficulty"] pub const OPTIONS_DIFFICULTY: &'static str = "options.difficulty"; #[doc = "Server Difficulty"] pub const OPTIONS_DIFFICULTY_ONLINE: &'static str = "options.difficulty.online"; #[doc = "Peaceful"] pub const OPTIONS_DIFFICULTY_PEACEFUL: &'static str = "options.difficulty.peaceful"; #[doc = "Easy"] pub const OPTIONS_DIFFICULTY_EASY: &'static str = "options.difficulty.easy"; #[doc = "Normal"] pub const OPTIONS_DIFFICULTY_NORMAL: &'static str = "options.difficulty.normal"; #[doc = "Hard"] pub const OPTIONS_DIFFICULTY_HARD: &'static str = "options.difficulty.hard"; #[doc = "Hardcore"] pub const OPTIONS_DIFFICULTY_HARDCORE: &'static str = "options.difficulty.hardcore"; #[doc = "Graphics"] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS: &'static str = "options.graphics"; #[doc = "%s graphics uses screen shaders for drawing weather, clouds, and particles behind translucent blocks and water.\nThis may severely impact performance for portable devices and 4K displays."] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_FABULOUS_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.graphics.fabulous.tooltip"; #[doc = "Fabulous!"] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_FABULOUS: &'static str = "options.graphics.fabulous"; #[doc = "Fancy graphics balances performance and quality for the majority of machines.\nWeather, clouds, and particles may not appear behind translucent blocks or water."] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_FANCY_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.graphics.fancy.tooltip"; #[doc = "Fancy"] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_FANCY: &'static str = "options.graphics.fancy"; #[doc = "Fast graphics reduces the amount of visible rain and snow.\nTransparency effects are disabled for various blocks such as leaves."] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_FAST_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.graphics.fast.tooltip"; #[doc = "Fast"] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_FAST: &'static str = "options.graphics.fast"; #[doc = "Graphics Device Unsupported"] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_WARNING_TITLE: &'static str = "options.graphics.warning.title"; #[doc = "Your graphics device is detected as unsupported for the %s graphics option.\n\nYou may ignore this and continue, however support will not be provided for your device if you choose to use %s graphics."] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_WARNING_MESSAGE: &'static str = "options.graphics.warning.message"; #[doc = "Renderer detected: [%s]"] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_WARNING_RENDERER: &'static str = "options.graphics.warning.renderer"; #[doc = "Vendor detected: [%s]"] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_WARNING_VENDOR: &'static str = "options.graphics.warning.vendor"; #[doc = "OpenGL Version detected: [%s]"] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_WARNING_VERSION: &'static str = "options.graphics.warning.version"; #[doc = "Continue without Support"] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_WARNING_ACCEPT: &'static str = "options.graphics.warning.accept"; #[doc = "Take me Back"] pub const OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_WARNING_CANCEL: &'static str = "options.graphics.warning.cancel"; #[doc = "Fancy"] pub const OPTIONS_CLOUDS_FANCY: &'static str = "options.clouds.fancy"; #[doc = "Fast"] pub const OPTIONS_CLOUDS_FAST: &'static str = "options.clouds.fast"; #[doc = "GUI Scale"] pub const OPTIONS_GUI_SCALE: &'static str = "options.guiScale"; #[doc = "Auto"] pub const OPTIONS_GUI_SCALE_AUTO: &'static str = "options.guiScale.auto"; #[doc = "Clouds"] pub const OPTIONS_RENDER_CLOUDS: &'static str = "options.renderClouds"; #[doc = "Particles"] pub const OPTIONS_PARTICLES: &'static str = "options.particles"; #[doc = "All"] pub const OPTIONS_PARTICLES_ALL: &'static str = "options.particles.all"; #[doc = "Decreased"] pub const OPTIONS_PARTICLES_DECREASED: &'static str = "options.particles.decreased"; #[doc = "Minimal"] pub const OPTIONS_PARTICLES_MINIMAL: &'static str = "options.particles.minimal"; #[doc = "Multiplayer Settings..."] pub const OPTIONS_MULTIPLAYER_TITLE: &'static str = "options.multiplayer.title"; #[doc = "Chat Settings..."] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_TITLE: &'static str = "options.chat.title"; #[doc = "Chat"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_VISIBILITY: &'static str = "options.chat.visibility"; #[doc = "Shown"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_VISIBILITY_FULL: &'static str = "options.chat.visibility.full"; #[doc = "Commands Only"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_VISIBILITY_SYSTEM: &'static str = "options.chat.visibility.system"; #[doc = "Hidden"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_VISIBILITY_HIDDEN: &'static str = "options.chat.visibility.hidden"; #[doc = "Colors"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_COLOR: &'static str = "options.chat.color"; #[doc = "Chat Text Opacity"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_OPACITY: &'static str = "options.chat.opacity"; #[doc = "Line Spacing"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_LINE_SPACING: &'static str = "options.chat.line_spacing"; #[doc = "Web Links"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_LINKS: &'static str = "options.chat.links"; #[doc = "Prompt on Links"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_LINKS_PROMPT: &'static str = "options.chat.links.prompt"; #[doc = "Chat Delay: None"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_DELAY_NONE: &'static str = "options.chat.delay_none"; #[doc = "Chat Delay: %s seconds"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_DELAY: &'static str = "options.chat.delay"; #[doc = "Chat Text Size"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_SCALE: &'static str = "options.chat.scale"; #[doc = "Width"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_WIDTH: &'static str = "options.chat.width"; #[doc = "Focused Height"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_HEIGHT_FOCUSED: &'static str = "options.chat.height.focused"; #[doc = "Unfocused Height"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_HEIGHT_UNFOCUSED: &'static str = "options.chat.height.unfocused"; #[doc = "Chat Preview"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_PREVIEW: &'static str = "options.chatPreview"; #[doc = "While Typing"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_PREVIEW_LIVE: &'static str = "options.chatPreview.live"; #[doc = "When Sending"] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_PREVIEW_CONFIRM: &'static str = "options.chatPreview.confirm"; #[doc = "Any modifications applied to your chat messages by a server will not be previewed and will be treated as insecure."] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_PREVIEW_TOOLTIP_OFF: &'static str = "options.chatPreview.tooltip.off"; #[doc = "If a server uses Chat Previews: Any modifications applied to your chat messages by a server will be dynamically sent for previewing as the chat message is typed."] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_PREVIEW_TOOLTIP_LIVE: &'static str = "options.chatPreview.tooltip.live"; #[doc = "If a server uses Chat Previews: A chat preview is only generated when attempting to send a message that does not have a preview or is waiting for a preview.\nSending the message requires confirmation."] pub const OPTIONS_CHAT_PREVIEW_TOOLTIP_CONFIRM: &'static str = "options.chatPreview.tooltip.confirm"; #[doc = "Only Show Secure Chat"] pub const OPTIONS_ONLY_SHOW_SECURE_CHAT: &'static str = "options.onlyShowSecureChat"; #[doc = "Only display messages from other players that can be verified to have been sent by that player, and have not been modified."] pub const OPTIONS_ONLY_SHOW_SECURE_CHAT_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.onlyShowSecureChat.tooltip"; #[doc = "Accessibility Settings..."] pub const OPTIONS_ACCESSIBILITY_TITLE: &'static str = "options.accessibility.title"; #[doc = "Text Background"] pub const OPTIONS_ACCESSIBILITY_TEXT_BACKGROUND: &'static str = "options.accessibility.text_background"; #[doc = "Chat"] pub const OPTIONS_ACCESSIBILITY_TEXT_BACKGROUND_CHAT: &'static str = "options.accessibility.text_background.chat"; #[doc = "Everywhere"] pub const OPTIONS_ACCESSIBILITY_TEXT_BACKGROUND_EVERYWHERE: &'static str = "options.accessibility.text_background.everywhere"; #[doc = "Text Background Opacity"] pub const OPTIONS_ACCESSIBILITY_TEXT_BACKGROUND_OPACITY: &'static str = "options.accessibility.text_background_opacity"; #[doc = "Accessibility Guide"] pub const OPTIONS_ACCESSIBILITY_LINK: &'static str = "options.accessibility.link"; #[doc = "Device"] pub const OPTIONS_AUDIO_DEVICE: &'static str = "options.audioDevice"; #[doc = "System Default"] pub const OPTIONS_AUDIO_DEVICE_DEFAULT: &'static str = "options.audioDevice.default"; #[doc = "Toggle"] pub const OPTIONS_KEY_TOGGLE: &'static str = "options.key.toggle"; #[doc = "Hold"] pub const OPTIONS_KEY_HOLD: &'static str = "options.key.hold"; #[doc = "Skin Customization..."] pub const OPTIONS_SKIN_CUSTOMISATION: &'static str = "options.skinCustomisation"; #[doc = "Skin Customization"] pub const OPTIONS_SKIN_CUSTOMISATION_TITLE: &'static str = "options.skinCustomisation.title"; #[doc = "Cape"] pub const OPTIONS_MODEL_PART_CAPE: &'static str = "options.modelPart.cape"; #[doc = "Hat"] pub const OPTIONS_MODEL_PART_HAT: &'static str = "options.modelPart.hat"; #[doc = "Jacket"] pub const OPTIONS_MODEL_PART_JACKET: &'static str = "options.modelPart.jacket"; #[doc = "Left Sleeve"] pub const OPTIONS_MODEL_PART_LEFT_SLEEVE: &'static str = "options.modelPart.left_sleeve"; #[doc = "Right Sleeve"] pub const OPTIONS_MODEL_PART_RIGHT_SLEEVE: &'static str = "options.modelPart.right_sleeve"; #[doc = "Left Pants Leg"] pub const OPTIONS_MODEL_PART_LEFT_PANTS_LEG: &'static str = "options.modelPart.left_pants_leg"; #[doc = "Right Pants Leg"] pub const OPTIONS_MODEL_PART_RIGHT_PANTS_LEG: &'static str = "options.modelPart.right_pants_leg"; #[doc = "Resource Packs..."] pub const OPTIONS_RESOURCEPACK: &'static str = "options.resourcepack"; #[doc = "Fullscreen"] pub const OPTIONS_FULLSCREEN: &'static str = "options.fullscreen"; #[doc = "VSync"] pub const OPTIONS_VSYNC: &'static str = "options.vsync"; #[doc = "Touchscreen Mode"] pub const OPTIONS_TOUCHSCREEN: &'static str = "options.touchscreen"; #[doc = "Reduced Debug Info"] pub const OPTIONS_REDUCED_DEBUG_INFO: &'static str = "options.reducedDebugInfo"; #[doc = "Entity Shadows"] pub const OPTIONS_ENTITY_SHADOWS: &'static str = "options.entityShadows"; #[doc = "Main Hand"] pub const OPTIONS_MAIN_HAND: &'static str = "options.mainHand"; #[doc = "Left"] pub const OPTIONS_MAIN_HAND_LEFT: &'static str = "options.mainHand.left"; #[doc = "Right"] pub const OPTIONS_MAIN_HAND_RIGHT: &'static str = "options.mainHand.right"; #[doc = "Attack Indicator"] pub const OPTIONS_ATTACK_INDICATOR: &'static str = "options.attackIndicator"; #[doc = "Crosshair"] pub const OPTIONS_ATTACK_CROSSHAIR: &'static str = "options.attack.crosshair"; #[doc = "Hotbar"] pub const OPTIONS_ATTACK_HOTBAR: &'static str = "options.attack.hotbar"; #[doc = "Show Subtitles"] pub const OPTIONS_SHOW_SUBTITLES: &'static str = "options.showSubtitles"; #[doc = "Directional Audio"] pub const OPTIONS_DIRECTIONAL_AUDIO: &'static str = "options.directionalAudio"; #[doc = "Uses HRTF-based directional audio to improve the simulation of 3D sound. Requires HRTF compatible audio hardware, and is best experienced with headphones."] pub const OPTIONS_DIRECTIONAL_AUDIO_ON_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.directionalAudio.on.tooltip"; #[doc = "Classic Stereo sound"] pub const OPTIONS_DIRECTIONAL_AUDIO_OFF_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.directionalAudio.off.tooltip"; #[doc = "Online..."] pub const OPTIONS_ONLINE: &'static str = "options.online"; #[doc = "Online Options"] pub const OPTIONS_ONLINE_TITLE: &'static str = "options.online.title"; #[doc = "Allow Server Listings"] pub const OPTIONS_ALLOW_SERVER_LISTING: &'static str = "options.allowServerListing"; #[doc = "Servers may list online players as part of their public status.\nWith this option off your name will not show up in such lists."] pub const OPTIONS_ALLOW_SERVER_LISTING_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.allowServerListing.tooltip"; #[doc = "Realms Notifications"] pub const OPTIONS_REALMS_NOTIFICATIONS: &'static str = "options.realmsNotifications"; #[doc = "Auto-Jump"] pub const OPTIONS_AUTO_JUMP: &'static str = "options.autoJump"; #[doc = "Command Suggestions"] pub const OPTIONS_AUTO_SUGGEST_COMMANDS: &'static str = "options.autoSuggestCommands"; #[doc = "Autosave Indicator"] pub const OPTIONS_AUTOSAVE_INDICATOR: &'static str = "options.autosaveIndicator"; #[doc = "Discrete Scrolling"] pub const OPTIONS_DISCRETE_MOUSE_SCROLL: &'static str = "options.discrete_mouse_scroll"; #[doc = "Scroll Sensitivity"] pub const OPTIONS_MOUSE_WHEEL_SENSITIVITY: &'static str = "options.mouseWheelSensitivity"; #[doc = "Raw Input"] pub const OPTIONS_RAW_MOUSE_INPUT: &'static str = "options.rawMouseInput"; #[doc = "Narrator"] pub const OPTIONS_NARRATOR: &'static str = "options.narrator"; #[doc = "OFF"] pub const OPTIONS_NARRATOR_OFF: &'static str = "options.narrator.off"; #[doc = "Narrates All"] pub const OPTIONS_NARRATOR_ALL: &'static str = "options.narrator.all"; #[doc = "Narrates Chat"] pub const OPTIONS_NARRATOR_CHAT: &'static str = "options.narrator.chat"; #[doc = "Narrates System"] pub const OPTIONS_NARRATOR_SYSTEM: &'static str = "options.narrator.system"; #[doc = "Not Available"] pub const OPTIONS_NARRATOR_NOTAVAILABLE: &'static str = "options.narrator.notavailable"; #[doc = "Fullscreen Resolution"] pub const OPTIONS_FULLSCREEN_RESOLUTION: &'static str = "options.fullscreen.resolution"; #[doc = "Setting unavailable"] pub const OPTIONS_FULLSCREEN_UNAVAILABLE: &'static str = "options.fullscreen.unavailable"; #[doc = "Current"] pub const OPTIONS_FULLSCREEN_CURRENT: &'static str = "options.fullscreen.current"; #[doc = "Mipmap Levels"] pub const OPTIONS_MIPMAP_LEVELS: &'static str = "options.mipmapLevels"; #[doc = "Force Unicode Font"] pub const OPTIONS_FORCE_UNICODE_FONT: &'static str = "options.forceUnicodeFont"; #[doc = "Hide Matched Names"] pub const OPTIONS_HIDE_MATCHED_NAMES: &'static str = "options.hideMatchedNames"; #[doc = "3rd-party Servers may send chat messages in non-standard formats.\nWith this option on: hidden players will be matched based on chat sender names."] pub const OPTIONS_HIDE_MATCHED_NAMES_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.hideMatchedNames.tooltip"; #[doc = "Monochrome Logo"] pub const OPTIONS_DARK_MOJANG_STUDIOS_BACKGROUND_COLOR: &'static str = "options.darkMojangStudiosBackgroundColor"; #[doc = "Changes the Mojang Studios loading screen background color to black."] pub const OPTIONS_DARK_MOJANG_STUDIOS_BACKGROUND_COLOR_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.darkMojangStudiosBackgroundColor.tooltip"; #[doc = "Hide Lightning Flashes"] pub const OPTIONS_HIDE_LIGHTNING_FLASHES: &'static str = "options.hideLightningFlashes"; #[doc = "Prevents lightning bolts from making the sky flash. The bolts themselves will still be visible."] pub const OPTIONS_HIDE_LIGHTNING_FLASHES_TOOLTIP: &'static str = "options.hideLightningFlashes.tooltip"; #[doc = "Narrator Disabled"] pub const NARRATOR_TOAST_DISABLED: &'static str = "narrator.toast.disabled"; #[doc = "Narrator Enabled"] pub const NARRATOR_TOAST_ENABLED: &'static str = "narrator.toast.enabled"; #[doc = "Lock World Difficulty"] pub const DIFFICULTY_LOCK_TITLE: &'static str = "difficulty.lock.title"; #[doc = "Are you sure you want to lock the difficulty of this world? This will set this world to always be %1$s, and you will never be able to change that again."] pub const DIFFICULTY_LOCK_QUESTION: &'static str = "difficulty.lock.question"; #[doc = "32-bit system detected: this may prevent you from playing in the future as a 64-bit system will be required!"] pub const TITLE_32BIT_DEPRECATION: &'static str = "title.32bit.deprecation"; #[doc = "32-bit system detected"] pub const TITLE_32BIT_DEPRECATION_REALMS_HEADER: &'static str = "title.32bit.deprecation.realms.header"; #[doc = "Minecraft will soon require a 64-bit system, which will prevent you from playing or using Realms on this device. You will need to manually cancel any Realms subscription."] pub const TITLE_32BIT_DEPRECATION_REALMS: &'static str = "title.32bit.deprecation.realms"; #[doc = "Do not show this screen again"] pub const TITLE_32BIT_DEPRECATION_REALMS_CHECK: &'static str = "title.32bit.deprecation.realms.check"; #[doc = "Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings."] pub const TITLE_MULTIPLAYER_DISABLED: &'static str = "title.multiplayer.disabled"; #[doc = "Your account is temporarily suspended from online play"] pub const TITLE_MULTIPLAYER_DISABLED_BANNED_TEMPORARY: &'static str = "title.multiplayer.disabled.banned.temporary"; #[doc = "Your account is permanently suspended from online play"] pub const TITLE_MULTIPLAYER_DISABLED_BANNED_PERMANENT: &'static str = "title.multiplayer.disabled.banned.permanent"; #[doc = "Controls"] pub const CONTROLS_TITLE: &'static str = "controls.title"; #[doc = "Reset"] pub const CONTROLS_RESET: &'static str = "controls.reset"; #[doc = "Reset Keys"] pub const CONTROLS_RESET_ALL: &'static str = "controls.resetAll"; #[doc = "Key Binds..."] pub const CONTROLS_KEYBINDS: &'static str = "controls.keybinds"; #[doc = "Key Binds"] pub const CONTROLS_KEYBINDS_TITLE: &'static str = "controls.keybinds.title"; #[doc = "Sprint"] pub const KEY_SPRINT: &'static str = "key.sprint"; #[doc = "Walk Forwards"] pub const KEY_FORWARD: &'static str = "key.forward"; #[doc = "Strafe Left"] pub const KEY_LEFT: &'static str = "key.left"; #[doc = "Walk Backwards"] pub const KEY_BACK: &'static str = "key.back"; #[doc = "Strafe Right"] pub const KEY_RIGHT: &'static str = "key.right"; #[doc = "Jump"] pub const KEY_JUMP: &'static str = "key.jump"; #[doc = "Open/Close Inventory"] pub const KEY_INVENTORY: &'static str = "key.inventory"; #[doc = "Drop Selected Item"] pub const KEY_DROP: &'static str = "key.drop"; #[doc = "Swap Item With Offhand"] pub const KEY_SWAP_OFFHAND: &'static str = "key.swapOffhand"; #[doc = "Open Chat"] pub const KEY_CHAT: &'static str = "key.chat"; #[doc = "Sneak"] pub const KEY_SNEAK: &'static str = "key.sneak"; #[doc = "List Players"] pub const KEY_PLAYERLIST: &'static str = "key.playerlist"; #[doc = "Attack/Destroy"] pub const KEY_ATTACK: &'static str = "key.attack"; #[doc = "Use Item/Place Block"] pub const KEY_USE: &'static str = "key.use"; #[doc = "Pick Block"] pub const KEY_PICK_ITEM: &'static str = "key.pickItem"; #[doc = "Open Command"] pub const KEY_COMMAND: &'static str = "key.command"; #[doc = "Social Interactions Screen"] pub const KEY_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS: &'static str = "key.socialInteractions"; #[doc = "Take Screenshot"] pub const KEY_SCREENSHOT: &'static str = "key.screenshot"; #[doc = "Toggle Perspective"] pub const KEY_TOGGLE_PERSPECTIVE: &'static str = "key.togglePerspective"; #[doc = "Toggle Cinematic Camera"] pub const KEY_SMOOTH_CAMERA: &'static str = "key.smoothCamera"; #[doc = "Toggle Fullscreen"] pub const KEY_FULLSCREEN: &'static str = "key.fullscreen"; #[doc = "Highlight Players (Spectators)"] pub const KEY_SPECTATOR_OUTLINES: &'static str = "key.spectatorOutlines"; #[doc = "Hotbar Slot 1"] pub const KEY_HOTBAR_1: &'static str = "key.hotbar.1"; #[doc = "Hotbar Slot 2"] pub const KEY_HOTBAR_2: &'static str = "key.hotbar.2"; #[doc = "Hotbar Slot 3"] pub const KEY_HOTBAR_3: &'static str = "key.hotbar.3"; #[doc = "Hotbar Slot 4"] pub const KEY_HOTBAR_4: &'static str = "key.hotbar.4"; #[doc = "Hotbar Slot 5"] pub const KEY_HOTBAR_5: &'static str = "key.hotbar.5"; #[doc = "Hotbar Slot 6"] pub const KEY_HOTBAR_6: &'static str = "key.hotbar.6"; #[doc = "Hotbar Slot 7"] pub const KEY_HOTBAR_7: &'static str = "key.hotbar.7"; #[doc = "Hotbar Slot 8"] pub const KEY_HOTBAR_8: &'static str = "key.hotbar.8"; #[doc = "Hotbar Slot 9"] pub const KEY_HOTBAR_9: &'static str = "key.hotbar.9"; #[doc = "Save Hotbar Activator"] pub const KEY_SAVE_TOOLBAR_ACTIVATOR: &'static str = "key.saveToolbarActivator"; #[doc = "Load Hotbar Activator"] pub const KEY_LOAD_TOOLBAR_ACTIVATOR: &'static str = "key.loadToolbarActivator"; #[doc = "Advancements"] pub const KEY_ADVANCEMENTS: &'static str = "key.advancements"; #[doc = "Movement"] pub const KEY_CATEGORIES_MOVEMENT: &'static str = "key.categories.movement"; #[doc = "Miscellaneous"] pub const KEY_CATEGORIES_MISC: &'static str = "key.categories.misc"; #[doc = "Multiplayer"] pub const KEY_CATEGORIES_MULTIPLAYER: &'static str = "key.categories.multiplayer"; #[doc = "Gameplay"] pub const KEY_CATEGORIES_GAMEPLAY: &'static str = "key.categories.gameplay"; #[doc = "Game Interface"] pub const KEY_CATEGORIES_UI: &'static str = "key.categories.ui"; #[doc = "Inventory"] pub const KEY_CATEGORIES_INVENTORY: &'static str = "key.categories.inventory"; #[doc = "Creative Mode"] pub const KEY_CATEGORIES_CREATIVE: &'static str = "key.categories.creative"; #[doc = "Left Button"] pub const KEY_MOUSE_LEFT: &'static str = "key.mouse.left"; #[doc = "Right Button"] pub const KEY_MOUSE_RIGHT: &'static str = "key.mouse.right"; #[doc = "Middle Button"] pub const KEY_MOUSE_MIDDLE: &'static str = "key.mouse.middle"; #[doc = "Button %1$s"] pub const KEY_MOUSE: &'static str = "key.mouse"; #[doc = "Not bound"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "key.keyboard.unknown"; #[doc = "'"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_APOSTROPHE: &'static str = "key.keyboard.apostrophe"; #[doc = "\\"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_BACKSLASH: &'static str = "key.keyboard.backslash"; #[doc = "Backspace"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_BACKSPACE: &'static str = "key.keyboard.backspace"; #[doc = ","] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_COMMA: &'static str = "key.keyboard.comma"; #[doc = "Delete"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_DELETE: &'static str = "key.keyboard.delete"; #[doc = "End"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_END: &'static str = "key.keyboard.end"; #[doc = "Enter"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_ENTER: &'static str = "key.keyboard.enter"; #[doc = "="] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_EQUAL: &'static str = "key.keyboard.equal"; #[doc = "Escape"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_ESCAPE: &'static str = "key.keyboard.escape"; #[doc = "F1"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F1: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f1"; #[doc = "F2"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F2: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f2"; #[doc = "F3"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F3: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f3"; #[doc = "F4"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F4: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f4"; #[doc = "F5"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F5: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f5"; #[doc = "F6"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F6: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f6"; #[doc = "F7"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F7: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f7"; #[doc = "F8"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F8: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f8"; #[doc = "F9"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F9: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f9"; #[doc = "F10"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F10: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f10"; #[doc = "F11"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F11: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f11"; #[doc = "F12"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F12: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f12"; #[doc = "F13"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F13: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f13"; #[doc = "F14"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F14: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f14"; #[doc = "F15"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F15: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f15"; #[doc = "F16"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F16: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f16"; #[doc = "F17"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F17: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f17"; #[doc = "F18"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F18: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f18"; #[doc = "F19"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F19: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f19"; #[doc = "F20"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F20: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f20"; #[doc = "F21"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F21: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f21"; #[doc = "F22"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F22: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f22"; #[doc = "F23"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F23: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f23"; #[doc = "F24"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F24: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f24"; #[doc = "F25"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_F25: &'static str = "key.keyboard.f25"; #[doc = "`"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_GRAVE_ACCENT: &'static str = "key.keyboard.grave.accent"; #[doc = "Home"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_HOME: &'static str = "key.keyboard.home"; #[doc = "Insert"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_INSERT: &'static str = "key.keyboard.insert"; #[doc = "Keypad 0"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_0: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.0"; #[doc = "Keypad 1"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_1: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.1"; #[doc = "Keypad 2"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_2: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.2"; #[doc = "Keypad 3"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_3: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.3"; #[doc = "Keypad 4"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_4: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.4"; #[doc = "Keypad 5"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_5: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.5"; #[doc = "Keypad 6"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_6: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.6"; #[doc = "Keypad 7"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_7: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.7"; #[doc = "Keypad 8"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_8: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.8"; #[doc = "Keypad 9"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_9: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.9"; #[doc = "Keypad +"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_ADD: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.add"; #[doc = "Keypad Decimal"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_DECIMAL: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.decimal"; #[doc = "Keypad Enter"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_ENTER: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.enter"; #[doc = "Keypad ="] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_EQUAL: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.equal"; #[doc = "Keypad *"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_MULTIPLY: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.multiply"; #[doc = "Keypad /"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_DIVIDE: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.divide"; #[doc = "Keypad -"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD_SUBTRACT: &'static str = "key.keyboard.keypad.subtract"; #[doc = "["] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_LEFT_BRACKET: &'static str = "key.keyboard.left.bracket"; #[doc = "]"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_RIGHT_BRACKET: &'static str = "key.keyboard.right.bracket"; #[doc = "-"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_MINUS: &'static str = "key.keyboard.minus"; #[doc = "Num Lock"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_NUM_LOCK: &'static str = "key.keyboard.num.lock"; #[doc = "Caps Lock"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_CAPS_LOCK: &'static str = "key.keyboard.caps.lock"; #[doc = "Scroll Lock"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_SCROLL_LOCK: &'static str = "key.keyboard.scroll.lock"; #[doc = "Page Down"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_PAGE_DOWN: &'static str = "key.keyboard.page.down"; #[doc = "Page Up"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_PAGE_UP: &'static str = "key.keyboard.page.up"; #[doc = "Pause"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_PAUSE: &'static str = "key.keyboard.pause"; #[doc = "."] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_PERIOD: &'static str = "key.keyboard.period"; #[doc = "Left Control"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_LEFT_CONTROL: &'static str = "key.keyboard.left.control"; #[doc = "Right Control"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_RIGHT_CONTROL: &'static str = "key.keyboard.right.control"; #[doc = "Left Alt"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_LEFT_ALT: &'static str = "key.keyboard.left.alt"; #[doc = "Right Alt"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_RIGHT_ALT: &'static str = "key.keyboard.right.alt"; #[doc = "Left Shift"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_LEFT_SHIFT: &'static str = "key.keyboard.left.shift"; #[doc = "Right Shift"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_RIGHT_SHIFT: &'static str = "key.keyboard.right.shift"; #[doc = "Left Win"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_LEFT_WIN: &'static str = "key.keyboard.left.win"; #[doc = "Right Win"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_RIGHT_WIN: &'static str = "key.keyboard.right.win"; #[doc = ";"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_SEMICOLON: &'static str = "key.keyboard.semicolon"; #[doc = "/"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_SLASH: &'static str = "key.keyboard.slash"; #[doc = "Space"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_SPACE: &'static str = "key.keyboard.space"; #[doc = "Tab"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_TAB: &'static str = "key.keyboard.tab"; #[doc = "Up Arrow"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_UP: &'static str = "key.keyboard.up"; #[doc = "Down Arrow"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_DOWN: &'static str = "key.keyboard.down"; #[doc = "Left Arrow"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_LEFT: &'static str = "key.keyboard.left"; #[doc = "Right Arrow"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_RIGHT: &'static str = "key.keyboard.right"; #[doc = "Menu"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_MENU: &'static str = "key.keyboard.menu"; #[doc = "Print Screen"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_PRINT_SCREEN: &'static str = "key.keyboard.print.screen"; #[doc = "World 1"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_WORLD_1: &'static str = "key.keyboard.world.1"; #[doc = "World 2"] pub const KEY_KEYBOARD_WORLD_2: &'static str = "key.keyboard.world.2"; #[doc = "Available"] pub const PACK_AVAILABLE_TITLE: &'static str = "pack.available.title"; #[doc = "Selected"] pub const PACK_SELECTED_TITLE: &'static str = "pack.selected.title"; #[doc = "Incompatible"] pub const PACK_INCOMPATIBLE: &'static str = "pack.incompatible"; #[doc = "(Made for an older version of Minecraft)"] pub const PACK_INCOMPATIBLE_OLD: &'static str = "pack.incompatible.old"; #[doc = "(Made for a newer version of Minecraft)"] pub const PACK_INCOMPATIBLE_NEW: &'static str = "pack.incompatible.new"; #[doc = "Are you sure you want to load this pack?"] pub const PACK_INCOMPATIBLE_CONFIRM_TITLE: &'static str = "pack.incompatible.confirm.title"; #[doc = "This pack was made for an older version of Minecraft and may no longer work correctly."] pub const PACK_INCOMPATIBLE_CONFIRM_OLD: &'static str = "pack.incompatible.confirm.old"; #[doc = "This pack was made for a newer version of Minecraft and may not work correctly."] pub const PACK_INCOMPATIBLE_CONFIRM_NEW: &'static str = "pack.incompatible.confirm.new"; #[doc = "Drag and drop files into this window to add packs"] pub const PACK_DROP_INFO: &'static str = "pack.dropInfo"; #[doc = "Do you want to add the following packs to Minecraft?"] pub const PACK_DROP_CONFIRM: &'static str = "pack.dropConfirm"; #[doc = "Failed to copy packs"] pub const PACK_COPY_FAILURE: &'static str = "pack.copyFailure"; #[doc = "%s (%s)"] pub const PACK_NAME_AND_SOURCE: &'static str = "pack.nameAndSource"; #[doc = "Open Pack Folder"] pub const PACK_OPEN_FOLDER: &'static str = "pack.openFolder"; #[doc = "(Place pack files here)"] pub const PACK_FOLDER_INFO: &'static str = "pack.folderInfo"; #[doc = "Select Resource Packs"] pub const RESOURCE_PACK_TITLE: &'static str = "resourcePack.title"; #[doc = "World Specific Resources"] pub const RESOURCE_PACK_SERVER_NAME: &'static str = "resourcePack.server.name"; #[doc = "BROKEN ASSETS DETECTED"] pub const RESOURCE_PACK_BROKEN_ASSETS: &'static str = "resourcePack.broken_assets"; #[doc = "The default resources for Minecraft"] pub const RESOURCE_PACK_VANILLA_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "resourcePack.vanilla.description"; #[doc = "Resource reload failed"] pub const RESOURCE_PACK_LOAD_FAIL: &'static str = "resourcePack.load_fail"; #[doc = "Select Data Packs"] pub const DATA_PACK_TITLE: &'static str = "dataPack.title"; #[doc = "Validating selected data packs..."] pub const DATA_PACK_VALIDATION_WORKING: &'static str = "dataPack.validation.working"; #[doc = "Data pack validation failed!"] pub const DATA_PACK_VALIDATION_FAILED: &'static str = "dataPack.validation.failed"; #[doc = "Go Back"] pub const DATA_PACK_VALIDATION_BACK: &'static str = "dataPack.validation.back"; #[doc = "Reset to Default"] pub const DATA_PACK_VALIDATION_RESET: &'static str = "dataPack.validation.reset"; #[doc = "The default data for Minecraft"] pub const DATA_PACK_VANILLA_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "dataPack.vanilla.description"; #[doc = "Edit Sign Message"] pub const SIGN_EDIT: &'static str = "sign.edit"; #[doc = "Page %1$s of %2$s"] pub const BOOK_PAGE_INDICATOR: &'static str = "book.pageIndicator"; #[doc = "by %1$s"] pub const BOOK_BY_AUTHOR: &'static str = "book.byAuthor"; #[doc = "Sign"] pub const BOOK_SIGN_BUTTON: &'static str = "book.signButton"; #[doc = "Enter Book Title:"] pub const BOOK_EDIT_TITLE: &'static str = "book.editTitle"; #[doc = "Sign and Close"] pub const BOOK_FINALIZE_BUTTON: &'static str = "book.finalizeButton"; #[doc = "Note! When you sign the book, it will no longer be editable."] pub const BOOK_FINALIZE_WARNING: &'static str = "book.finalizeWarning"; #[doc = "Original"] pub const BOOK_GENERATION_0: &'static str = "book.generation.0"; #[doc = "Copy of original"] pub const BOOK_GENERATION_1: &'static str = "book.generation.1"; #[doc = "Copy of a copy"] pub const BOOK_GENERATION_2: &'static str = "book.generation.2"; #[doc = "Tattered"] pub const BOOK_GENERATION_3: &'static str = "book.generation.3"; #[doc = "* Invalid book tag *"] pub const BOOK_INVALID_TAG: &'static str = "book.invalid.tag"; #[doc = "Villagers restock up to two times per day."] pub const MERCHANT_DEPRECATED: &'static str = "merchant.deprecated"; #[doc = "Trader's current level"] pub const MERCHANT_CURRENT_LEVEL: &'static str = "merchant.current_level"; #[doc = "Trader's next level"] pub const MERCHANT_NEXT_LEVEL: &'static str = "merchant.next_level"; #[doc = "Novice"] pub const MERCHANT_LEVEL_1: &'static str = "merchant.level.1"; #[doc = "Apprentice"] pub const MERCHANT_LEVEL_2: &'static str = "merchant.level.2"; #[doc = "Journeyman"] pub const MERCHANT_LEVEL_3: &'static str = "merchant.level.3"; #[doc = "Expert"] pub const MERCHANT_LEVEL_4: &'static str = "merchant.level.4"; #[doc = "Master"] pub const MERCHANT_LEVEL_5: &'static str = "merchant.level.5"; #[doc = "Trades"] pub const MERCHANT_TRADES: &'static str = "merchant.trades"; #[doc = "Air"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_AIR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.air"; #[doc = "Barrier"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BARRIER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.barrier"; #[doc = "Light"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light"; #[doc = "Stone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stone"; #[doc = "Granite"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRANITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.granite"; #[doc = "Polished Granite"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_GRANITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_granite"; #[doc = "Diorite"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DIORITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.diorite"; #[doc = "Polished Diorite"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_DIORITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_diorite"; #[doc = "Andesite"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ANDESITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.andesite"; #[doc = "Polished Andesite"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_ANDESITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_andesite"; #[doc = "Hay Bale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_HAY_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.hay_block"; #[doc = "Grass Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRASS_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.grass_block"; #[doc = "Dirt"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DIRT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dirt"; #[doc = "Coarse Dirt"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COARSE_DIRT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.coarse_dirt"; #[doc = "Podzol"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PODZOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.podzol"; #[doc = "Cobblestone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COBBLESTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cobblestone"; #[doc = "Oak Planks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_PLANKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_planks"; #[doc = "Spruce Planks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_PLANKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_planks"; #[doc = "Birch Planks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_PLANKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_planks"; #[doc = "Jungle Planks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_PLANKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_planks"; #[doc = "Acacia Planks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_PLANKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_planks"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Planks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_PLANKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_planks"; #[doc = "Mangrove Planks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_PLANKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_planks"; #[doc = "Oak Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_sapling"; #[doc = "Spruce Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_sapling"; #[doc = "Birch Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_sapling"; #[doc = "Jungle Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_sapling"; #[doc = "Acacia Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_sapling"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_sapling"; #[doc = "Mangrove Propagule"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_PROPAGULE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_propagule"; #[doc = "Oak Door"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_DOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_door"; #[doc = "Spruce Door"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_DOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_door"; #[doc = "Birch Door"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_DOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_door"; #[doc = "Jungle Door"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_DOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_door"; #[doc = "Acacia Door"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_DOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_door"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Door"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_DOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_door"; #[doc = "Mangrove Door"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_DOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_door"; #[doc = "Bedrock"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BEDROCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bedrock"; #[doc = "Water"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WATER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.water"; #[doc = "Lava"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LAVA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lava"; #[doc = "Sand"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SAND: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sand"; #[doc = "Red Sand"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_SAND: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_sand"; #[doc = "Sandstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SANDSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sandstone"; #[doc = "Chiseled Sandstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHISELED_SANDSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chiseled_sandstone"; #[doc = "Cut Sandstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CUT_SANDSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cut_sandstone"; #[doc = "Red Sandstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_SANDSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_sandstone"; #[doc = "Chiseled Red Sandstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHISELED_RED_SANDSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chiseled_red_sandstone"; #[doc = "Cut Red Sandstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CUT_RED_SANDSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cut_red_sandstone"; #[doc = "Gravel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAVEL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gravel"; #[doc = "Gold Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GOLD_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gold_ore"; #[doc = "Deepslate Gold Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_GOLD_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_gold_ore"; #[doc = "Nether Gold Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHER_GOLD_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.nether_gold_ore"; #[doc = "Iron Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_IRON_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.iron_ore"; #[doc = "Deepslate Iron Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_IRON_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_iron_ore"; #[doc = "Coal Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COAL_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.coal_ore"; #[doc = "Deepslate Coal Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_COAL_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_coal_ore"; #[doc = "Oak Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_wood"; #[doc = "Spruce Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_wood"; #[doc = "Birch Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_wood"; #[doc = "Jungle Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_wood"; #[doc = "Acacia Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_wood"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_wood"; #[doc = "Mangrove Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_wood"; #[doc = "Oak Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_log"; #[doc = "Spruce Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_log"; #[doc = "Birch Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_log"; #[doc = "Jungle Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_log"; #[doc = "Acacia Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_log"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_log"; #[doc = "Mangrove Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_log"; #[doc = "Mangrove Roots"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_ROOTS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_roots"; #[doc = "Muddy Mangrove Roots"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MUDDY_MANGROVE_ROOTS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.muddy_mangrove_roots"; #[doc = "Stripped Oak Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_OAK_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_oak_log"; #[doc = "Stripped Spruce Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_SPRUCE_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_spruce_log"; #[doc = "Stripped Birch Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_BIRCH_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_birch_log"; #[doc = "Stripped Jungle Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_JUNGLE_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_jungle_log"; #[doc = "Stripped Acacia Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_ACACIA_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_acacia_log"; #[doc = "Stripped Dark Oak Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_DARK_OAK_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_dark_oak_log"; #[doc = "Stripped Mangrove Log"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_MANGROVE_LOG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_mangrove_log"; #[doc = "Stripped Oak Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_OAK_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_oak_wood"; #[doc = "Stripped Spruce Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_SPRUCE_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_spruce_wood"; #[doc = "Stripped Birch Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_BIRCH_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_birch_wood"; #[doc = "Stripped Jungle Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_JUNGLE_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_jungle_wood"; #[doc = "Stripped Acacia Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_ACACIA_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_acacia_wood"; #[doc = "Stripped Dark Oak Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_DARK_OAK_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_dark_oak_wood"; #[doc = "Stripped Mangrove Wood"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_MANGROVE_WOOD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_mangrove_wood"; #[doc = "Oak Leaves"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_LEAVES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_leaves"; #[doc = "Spruce Leaves"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_LEAVES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_leaves"; #[doc = "Birch Leaves"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_LEAVES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_leaves"; #[doc = "Jungle Leaves"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_LEAVES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_leaves"; #[doc = "Acacia Leaves"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_LEAVES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_leaves"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Leaves"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_LEAVES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_leaves"; #[doc = "Mangrove Leaves"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_LEAVES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_leaves"; #[doc = "Dead Bush"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_BUSH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_bush"; #[doc = "Grass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.grass"; #[doc = "Fern"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FERN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.fern"; #[doc = "Sponge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPONGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sponge"; #[doc = "Wet Sponge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WET_SPONGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.wet_sponge"; #[doc = "Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.glass"; #[doc = "Kelp Plant"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_KELP_PLANT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.kelp_plant"; #[doc = "Kelp"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_KELP: &'static str = "block.minecraft.kelp"; #[doc = "Dried Kelp Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DRIED_KELP_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dried_kelp_block"; #[doc = "White Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Orange Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Magenta Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Light Blue Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Yellow Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Lime Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Pink Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Gray Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Light Gray Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Cyan Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Purple Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Blue Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Brown Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Green Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Red Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_stained_glass"; #[doc = "Black Stained Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_STAINED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_stained_glass"; #[doc = "White Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Orange Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Magenta Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Light Blue Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Yellow Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Lime Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Pink Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Gray Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Light Gray Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Cyan Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Purple Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Blue Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Brown Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Green Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Red Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Black Stained Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_STAINED_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_stained_glass_pane"; #[doc = "Glass Pane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GLASS_PANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.glass_pane"; #[doc = "Dandelion"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DANDELION: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dandelion"; #[doc = "Poppy"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POPPY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.poppy"; #[doc = "Blue Orchid"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_ORCHID: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_orchid"; #[doc = "Allium"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ALLIUM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.allium"; #[doc = "Azure Bluet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_AZURE_BLUET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.azure_bluet"; #[doc = "Red Tulip"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_TULIP: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_tulip"; #[doc = "Orange Tulip"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_TULIP: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_tulip"; #[doc = "White Tulip"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_TULIP: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_tulip"; #[doc = "Pink Tulip"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_TULIP: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_tulip"; #[doc = "Oxeye Daisy"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OXEYE_DAISY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oxeye_daisy"; #[doc = "Cornflower"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CORNFLOWER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cornflower"; #[doc = "Lily of the Valley"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LILY_OF_THE_VALLEY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lily_of_the_valley"; #[doc = "Wither Rose"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WITHER_ROSE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.wither_rose"; #[doc = "Sunflower"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SUNFLOWER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sunflower"; #[doc = "Lilac"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LILAC: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lilac"; #[doc = "Tall Grass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TALL_GRASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.tall_grass"; #[doc = "Tall Seagrass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TALL_SEAGRASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.tall_seagrass"; #[doc = "Large Fern"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LARGE_FERN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.large_fern"; #[doc = "Rose Bush"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ROSE_BUSH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.rose_bush"; #[doc = "Peony"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PEONY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.peony"; #[doc = "Seagrass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SEAGRASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.seagrass"; #[doc = "Sea Pickle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SEA_PICKLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sea_pickle"; #[doc = "Brown Mushroom"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_MUSHROOM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_mushroom"; #[doc = "Red Mushroom Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_MUSHROOM_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_mushroom_block"; #[doc = "Brown Mushroom Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_MUSHROOM_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_mushroom_block"; #[doc = "Mushroom Stem"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MUSHROOM_STEM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mushroom_stem"; #[doc = "Block of Gold"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GOLD_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gold_block"; #[doc = "Block of Iron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_IRON_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.iron_block"; #[doc = "Smooth Stone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_STONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_stone"; #[doc = "Smooth Sandstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_SANDSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_sandstone"; #[doc = "Smooth Red Sandstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_RED_SANDSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_red_sandstone"; #[doc = "Smooth Quartz Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_QUARTZ: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_quartz"; #[doc = "Stone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stone_slab"; #[doc = "Smooth Stone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_STONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_stone_slab"; #[doc = "Sandstone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SANDSTONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sandstone_slab"; #[doc = "Red Sandstone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_SANDSTONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_sandstone_slab"; #[doc = "Cut Sandstone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CUT_SANDSTONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cut_sandstone_slab"; #[doc = "Cut Red Sandstone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CUT_RED_SANDSTONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cut_red_sandstone_slab"; #[doc = "Petrified Oak Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PETRIFIED_OAK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.petrified_oak_slab"; #[doc = "Cobblestone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COBBLESTONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cobblestone_slab"; #[doc = "Brick Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BRICK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brick_slab"; #[doc = "Stone Brick Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STONE_BRICK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stone_brick_slab"; #[doc = "Mud Brick Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MUD_BRICK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mud_brick_slab"; #[doc = "Nether Brick Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHER_BRICK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.nether_brick_slab"; #[doc = "Quartz Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_QUARTZ_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.quartz_slab"; #[doc = "Oak Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_slab"; #[doc = "Spruce Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_slab"; #[doc = "Birch Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_slab"; #[doc = "Jungle Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_slab"; #[doc = "Acacia Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_slab"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_slab"; #[doc = "Mangrove Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_slab"; #[doc = "Dark Prismarine Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_PRISMARINE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_prismarine_slab"; #[doc = "Prismarine Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PRISMARINE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.prismarine_slab"; #[doc = "Prismarine Brick Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PRISMARINE_BRICK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.prismarine_brick_slab"; #[doc = "Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bricks"; #[doc = "TNT"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TNT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.tnt"; #[doc = "Bookshelf"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BOOKSHELF: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bookshelf"; #[doc = "Mossy Cobblestone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MOSSY_COBBLESTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mossy_cobblestone"; #[doc = "Obsidian"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OBSIDIAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.obsidian"; #[doc = "Torch"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TORCH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.torch"; #[doc = "Wall Torch"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WALL_TORCH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.wall_torch"; #[doc = "Soul Torch"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SOUL_TORCH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.soul_torch"; #[doc = "Soul Wall Torch"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SOUL_WALL_TORCH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.soul_wall_torch"; #[doc = "Fire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FIRE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.fire"; #[doc = "Spawner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPAWNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spawner"; #[doc = "Respawn Anchor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RESPAWN_ANCHOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.respawn_anchor"; #[doc = "Oak Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_stairs"; #[doc = "Spruce Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_stairs"; #[doc = "Birch Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_stairs"; #[doc = "Jungle Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_stairs"; #[doc = "Acacia Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_stairs"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_stairs"; #[doc = "Mangrove Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_stairs"; #[doc = "Dark Prismarine Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_PRISMARINE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_prismarine_stairs"; #[doc = "Prismarine Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PRISMARINE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.prismarine_stairs"; #[doc = "Prismarine Brick Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PRISMARINE_BRICK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.prismarine_brick_stairs"; #[doc = "Chest"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHEST: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chest"; #[doc = "Trapped Chest"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TRAPPED_CHEST: &'static str = "block.minecraft.trapped_chest"; #[doc = "Redstone Wire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_REDSTONE_WIRE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.redstone_wire"; #[doc = "Diamond Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.diamond_ore"; #[doc = "Deepslate Diamond Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_DIAMOND_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_diamond_ore"; #[doc = "Block of Coal"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COAL_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.coal_block"; #[doc = "Block of Diamond"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.diamond_block"; #[doc = "Crafting Table"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRAFTING_TABLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crafting_table"; #[doc = "Wheat Crops"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHEAT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.wheat"; #[doc = "Farmland"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FARMLAND: &'static str = "block.minecraft.farmland"; #[doc = "Furnace"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FURNACE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.furnace"; #[doc = "Oak Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_sign"; #[doc = "Spruce Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_sign"; #[doc = "Birch Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_sign"; #[doc = "Acacia Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_sign"; #[doc = "Jungle Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_sign"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_sign"; #[doc = "Mangrove Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_sign"; #[doc = "Oak Wall Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_WALL_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_wall_sign"; #[doc = "Spruce Wall Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_WALL_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_wall_sign"; #[doc = "Birch Wall Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_WALL_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_wall_sign"; #[doc = "Acacia Wall Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_WALL_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_wall_sign"; #[doc = "Jungle Wall Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_WALL_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_wall_sign"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Wall Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_WALL_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_wall_sign"; #[doc = "Mangrove Wall Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_WALL_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_wall_sign"; #[doc = "Ladder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LADDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.ladder"; #[doc = "Scaffolding"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SCAFFOLDING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.scaffolding"; #[doc = "Rail"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RAIL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.rail"; #[doc = "Powered Rail"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POWERED_RAIL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.powered_rail"; #[doc = "Activator Rail"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACTIVATOR_RAIL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.activator_rail"; #[doc = "Detector Rail"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DETECTOR_RAIL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.detector_rail"; #[doc = "Cobblestone Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COBBLESTONE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cobblestone_stairs"; #[doc = "Sandstone Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SANDSTONE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sandstone_stairs"; #[doc = "Red Sandstone Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_SANDSTONE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_sandstone_stairs"; #[doc = "Lever"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LEVER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lever"; #[doc = "Stone Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STONE_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stone_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Oak Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Spruce Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Birch Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Jungle Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Acacia Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Mangrove Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Light Weighted Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_WEIGHTED_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_weighted_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_HEAVY_WEIGHTED_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.heavy_weighted_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Iron Door"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_IRON_DOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.iron_door"; #[doc = "Redstone Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_REDSTONE_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.redstone_ore"; #[doc = "Deepslate Redstone Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_REDSTONE_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_redstone_ore"; #[doc = "Redstone Torch"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_REDSTONE_TORCH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.redstone_torch"; #[doc = "Redstone Wall Torch"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_REDSTONE_WALL_TORCH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.redstone_wall_torch"; #[doc = "Stone Button"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STONE_BUTTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stone_button"; #[doc = "Oak Button"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_BUTTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_button"; #[doc = "Spruce Button"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_BUTTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_button"; #[doc = "Birch Button"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_BUTTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_button"; #[doc = "Jungle Button"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_BUTTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_button"; #[doc = "Acacia Button"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_BUTTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_button"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Button"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_BUTTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_button"; #[doc = "Mangrove Button"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_BUTTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_button"; #[doc = "Snow"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SNOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.snow"; #[doc = "White Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_carpet"; #[doc = "Orange Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_carpet"; #[doc = "Magenta Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_carpet"; #[doc = "Light Blue Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_carpet"; #[doc = "Yellow Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_carpet"; #[doc = "Lime Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_carpet"; #[doc = "Pink Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_carpet"; #[doc = "Gray Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_carpet"; #[doc = "Light Gray Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_carpet"; #[doc = "Cyan Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_carpet"; #[doc = "Purple Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_carpet"; #[doc = "Blue Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_carpet"; #[doc = "Brown Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_carpet"; #[doc = "Green Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_carpet"; #[doc = "Red Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_carpet"; #[doc = "Black Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_carpet"; #[doc = "Ice"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ICE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.ice"; #[doc = "Frosted Ice"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FROSTED_ICE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.frosted_ice"; #[doc = "Packed Ice"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PACKED_ICE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.packed_ice"; #[doc = "Blue Ice"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_ICE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_ice"; #[doc = "Cactus"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CACTUS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cactus"; #[doc = "Clay"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CLAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.clay"; #[doc = "White Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_terracotta"; #[doc = "Orange Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_terracotta"; #[doc = "Magenta Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_terracotta"; #[doc = "Light Blue Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_terracotta"; #[doc = "Yellow Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_terracotta"; #[doc = "Lime Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_terracotta"; #[doc = "Pink Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_terracotta"; #[doc = "Gray Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_terracotta"; #[doc = "Light Gray Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_terracotta"; #[doc = "Cyan Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_terracotta"; #[doc = "Purple Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_terracotta"; #[doc = "Blue Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_terracotta"; #[doc = "Brown Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_terracotta"; #[doc = "Green Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_terracotta"; #[doc = "Red Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_terracotta"; #[doc = "Black Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_terracotta"; #[doc = "Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.terracotta"; #[doc = "Sugar Cane"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SUGAR_CANE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sugar_cane"; #[doc = "Jukebox"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUKEBOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jukebox"; #[doc = "Oak Fence"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_FENCE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_fence"; #[doc = "Spruce Fence"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_FENCE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_fence"; #[doc = "Birch Fence"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_FENCE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_fence"; #[doc = "Jungle Fence"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_FENCE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_fence"; #[doc = "Acacia Fence"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_FENCE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_fence"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Fence"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_FENCE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_fence"; #[doc = "Mangrove Fence"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_FENCE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_fence"; #[doc = "Oak Fence Gate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_FENCE_GATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_fence_gate"; #[doc = "Spruce Fence Gate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_FENCE_GATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_fence_gate"; #[doc = "Birch Fence Gate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_FENCE_GATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_fence_gate"; #[doc = "Jungle Fence Gate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_FENCE_GATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_fence_gate"; #[doc = "Acacia Fence Gate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_FENCE_GATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_fence_gate"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Fence Gate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_FENCE_GATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_fence_gate"; #[doc = "Mangrove Fence Gate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_FENCE_GATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_fence_gate"; #[doc = "Pumpkin Stem"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PUMPKIN_STEM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pumpkin_stem"; #[doc = "Attached Pumpkin Stem"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ATTACHED_PUMPKIN_STEM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.attached_pumpkin_stem"; #[doc = "Pumpkin"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PUMPKIN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pumpkin"; #[doc = "Carved Pumpkin"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CARVED_PUMPKIN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.carved_pumpkin"; #[doc = "Jack o'Lantern"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JACK_O_LANTERN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jack_o_lantern"; #[doc = "Netherrack"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHERRACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.netherrack"; #[doc = "Soul Sand"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SOUL_SAND: &'static str = "block.minecraft.soul_sand"; #[doc = "Glowstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GLOWSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.glowstone"; #[doc = "Nether Portal"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHER_PORTAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.nether_portal"; #[doc = "White Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_wool"; #[doc = "Orange Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_wool"; #[doc = "Magenta Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_wool"; #[doc = "Light Blue Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_wool"; #[doc = "Yellow Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_wool"; #[doc = "Lime Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_wool"; #[doc = "Pink Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_wool"; #[doc = "Gray Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_wool"; #[doc = "Light Gray Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_wool"; #[doc = "Cyan Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_wool"; #[doc = "Purple Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_wool"; #[doc = "Blue Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_wool"; #[doc = "Brown Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_wool"; #[doc = "Green Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_wool"; #[doc = "Red Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_wool"; #[doc = "Black Wool"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_WOOL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_wool"; #[doc = "Lapis Lazuli Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LAPIS_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lapis_ore"; #[doc = "Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_LAPIS_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_lapis_ore"; #[doc = "Block of Lapis Lazuli"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LAPIS_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lapis_block"; #[doc = "Dispenser"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DISPENSER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dispenser"; #[doc = "Dropper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DROPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dropper"; #[doc = "Note Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NOTE_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.note_block"; #[doc = "Cake"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cake"; #[doc = "This bed is occupied"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BED_OCCUPIED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bed.occupied"; #[doc = "This bed is obstructed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BED_OBSTRUCTED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bed.obstructed"; #[doc = "You can sleep only at night or during thunderstorms"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BED_NO_SLEEP: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bed.no_sleep"; #[doc = "You may not rest now; the bed is too far away"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BED_TOO_FAR_AWAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bed.too_far_away"; #[doc = "You may not rest now; there are monsters nearby"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BED_NOT_SAFE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bed.not_safe"; #[doc = "You have no home bed or charged respawn anchor, or it was obstructed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPAWN_NOT_VALID: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spawn.not_valid"; #[doc = "Respawn point set"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SET_SPAWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.set_spawn"; #[doc = "Oak Trapdoor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OAK_TRAPDOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oak_trapdoor"; #[doc = "Spruce Trapdoor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_TRAPDOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spruce_trapdoor"; #[doc = "Birch Trapdoor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_TRAPDOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.birch_trapdoor"; #[doc = "Jungle Trapdoor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_TRAPDOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jungle_trapdoor"; #[doc = "Acacia Trapdoor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_TRAPDOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.acacia_trapdoor"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Trapdoor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_TRAPDOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_trapdoor"; #[doc = "Mangrove Trapdoor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_TRAPDOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mangrove_trapdoor"; #[doc = "Iron Trapdoor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_IRON_TRAPDOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.iron_trapdoor"; #[doc = "Cobweb"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COBWEB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cobweb"; #[doc = "Stone Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STONE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stone_bricks"; #[doc = "Mossy Stone Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MOSSY_STONE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mossy_stone_bricks"; #[doc = "Cracked Stone Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRACKED_STONE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cracked_stone_bricks"; #[doc = "Chiseled Stone Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHISELED_STONE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chiseled_stone_bricks"; #[doc = "Packed Mud"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PACKED_MUD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.packed_mud"; #[doc = "Mud Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MUD_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mud_bricks"; #[doc = "Infested Stone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_INFESTED_STONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.infested_stone"; #[doc = "Infested Cobblestone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_INFESTED_COBBLESTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.infested_cobblestone"; #[doc = "Infested Stone Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_INFESTED_STONE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.infested_stone_bricks"; #[doc = "Infested Mossy Stone Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_INFESTED_MOSSY_STONE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.infested_mossy_stone_bricks"; #[doc = "Infested Cracked Stone Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_INFESTED_CRACKED_STONE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.infested_cracked_stone_bricks"; #[doc = "Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_INFESTED_CHISELED_STONE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.infested_chiseled_stone_bricks"; #[doc = "Piston"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PISTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.piston"; #[doc = "Sticky Piston"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STICKY_PISTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sticky_piston"; #[doc = "Iron Bars"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_IRON_BARS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.iron_bars"; #[doc = "Melon"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MELON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.melon"; #[doc = "Brick Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BRICK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brick_stairs"; #[doc = "Stone Brick Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STONE_BRICK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stone_brick_stairs"; #[doc = "Mud Brick Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MUD_BRICK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mud_brick_stairs"; #[doc = "Vines"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_VINE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.vine"; #[doc = "Nether Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHER_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.nether_bricks"; #[doc = "Nether Brick Fence"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHER_BRICK_FENCE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.nether_brick_fence"; #[doc = "Nether Brick Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHER_BRICK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.nether_brick_stairs"; #[doc = "Nether Wart"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHER_WART: &'static str = "block.minecraft.nether_wart"; #[doc = "Warped Wart Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_WART_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_wart_block"; #[doc = "Warped Stem"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_STEM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_stem"; #[doc = "Stripped Warped Stem"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_WARPED_STEM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_warped_stem"; #[doc = "Warped Hyphae"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_HYPHAE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_hyphae"; #[doc = "Stripped Warped Hyphae"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_WARPED_HYPHAE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_warped_hyphae"; #[doc = "Crimson Stem"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_STEM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_stem"; #[doc = "Stripped Crimson Stem"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_CRIMSON_STEM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_crimson_stem"; #[doc = "Crimson Hyphae"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_HYPHAE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_hyphae"; #[doc = "Stripped Crimson Hyphae"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRIPPED_CRIMSON_HYPHAE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stripped_crimson_hyphae"; #[doc = "Warped Nylium"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_NYLIUM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_nylium"; #[doc = "Crimson Nylium"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_NYLIUM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_nylium"; #[doc = "Warped Fungus"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_FUNGUS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_fungus"; #[doc = "Crimson Fungus"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_FUNGUS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_fungus"; #[doc = "Crimson Roots"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_ROOTS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_roots"; #[doc = "Warped Roots"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_ROOTS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_roots"; #[doc = "Nether Sprouts"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHER_SPROUTS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.nether_sprouts"; #[doc = "Shroomlight"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SHROOMLIGHT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.shroomlight"; #[doc = "Weeping Vines"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WEEPING_VINES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.weeping_vines"; #[doc = "Weeping Vines Plant"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WEEPING_VINES_PLANT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.weeping_vines_plant"; #[doc = "Twisting Vines"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TWISTING_VINES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.twisting_vines"; #[doc = "Twisting Vines Plant"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TWISTING_VINES_PLANT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.twisting_vines_plant"; #[doc = "Soul Soil"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SOUL_SOIL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.soul_soil"; #[doc = "Basalt"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BASALT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.basalt"; #[doc = "Polished Basalt"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_BASALT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_basalt"; #[doc = "Warped Planks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_PLANKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_planks"; #[doc = "Warped Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_slab"; #[doc = "Warped Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Warped Fence"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_FENCE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_fence"; #[doc = "Warped Trapdoor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_TRAPDOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_trapdoor"; #[doc = "Warped Fence Gate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_FENCE_GATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_fence_gate"; #[doc = "Warped Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_stairs"; #[doc = "Warped Button"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_BUTTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_button"; #[doc = "Warped Door"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_DOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_door"; #[doc = "Warped Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_sign"; #[doc = "Warped Wall Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WARPED_WALL_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.warped_wall_sign"; #[doc = "Crimson Planks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_PLANKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_planks"; #[doc = "Crimson Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_slab"; #[doc = "Crimson Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Crimson Fence"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_FENCE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_fence"; #[doc = "Crimson Trapdoor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_TRAPDOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_trapdoor"; #[doc = "Crimson Fence Gate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_FENCE_GATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_fence_gate"; #[doc = "Crimson Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_stairs"; #[doc = "Crimson Button"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_BUTTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_button"; #[doc = "Crimson Door"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_DOOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_door"; #[doc = "Crimson Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_sign"; #[doc = "Crimson Wall Sign"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_WALL_SIGN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crimson_wall_sign"; #[doc = "Soul Fire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SOUL_FIRE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.soul_fire"; #[doc = "Cauldron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CAULDRON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cauldron"; #[doc = "Water Cauldron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WATER_CAULDRON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.water_cauldron"; #[doc = "Lava Cauldron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LAVA_CAULDRON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lava_cauldron"; #[doc = "Powder Snow Cauldron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POWDER_SNOW_CAULDRON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.powder_snow_cauldron"; #[doc = "Enchanting Table"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ENCHANTING_TABLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.enchanting_table"; #[doc = "Anvil"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ANVIL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.anvil"; #[doc = "Chipped Anvil"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHIPPED_ANVIL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chipped_anvil"; #[doc = "Damaged Anvil"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DAMAGED_ANVIL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.damaged_anvil"; #[doc = "End Stone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_END_STONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.end_stone"; #[doc = "End Portal Frame"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_END_PORTAL_FRAME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.end_portal_frame"; #[doc = "Mycelium"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MYCELIUM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mycelium"; #[doc = "Lily Pad"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LILY_PAD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lily_pad"; #[doc = "Dragon Egg"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DRAGON_EGG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dragon_egg"; #[doc = "Redstone Lamp"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_REDSTONE_LAMP: &'static str = "block.minecraft.redstone_lamp"; #[doc = "Cocoa"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COCOA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cocoa"; #[doc = "Ender Chest"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ENDER_CHEST: &'static str = "block.minecraft.ender_chest"; #[doc = "Emerald Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_EMERALD_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.emerald_ore"; #[doc = "Deepslate Emerald Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_EMERALD_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_emerald_ore"; #[doc = "Block of Emerald"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_EMERALD_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.emerald_block"; #[doc = "Block of Redstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_REDSTONE_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.redstone_block"; #[doc = "Tripwire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TRIPWIRE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.tripwire"; #[doc = "Tripwire Hook"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TRIPWIRE_HOOK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.tripwire_hook"; #[doc = "Command Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COMMAND_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.command_block"; #[doc = "Repeating Command Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_REPEATING_COMMAND_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.repeating_command_block"; #[doc = "Chain Command Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHAIN_COMMAND_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chain_command_block"; #[doc = "Beacon"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BEACON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.beacon"; #[doc = "Primary Power"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BEACON_PRIMARY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.beacon.primary"; #[doc = "Secondary Power"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BEACON_SECONDARY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.beacon.secondary"; #[doc = "Cobblestone Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COBBLESTONE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cobblestone_wall"; #[doc = "Mossy Cobblestone Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MOSSY_COBBLESTONE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mossy_cobblestone_wall"; #[doc = "Carrots"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CARROTS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.carrots"; #[doc = "Potatoes"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTATOES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potatoes"; #[doc = "Daylight Detector"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DAYLIGHT_DETECTOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.daylight_detector"; #[doc = "Nether Quartz Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHER_QUARTZ_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.nether_quartz_ore"; #[doc = "Hopper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_HOPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.hopper"; #[doc = "Block of Quartz"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_QUARTZ_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.quartz_block"; #[doc = "Chiseled Quartz Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHISELED_QUARTZ_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chiseled_quartz_block"; #[doc = "Quartz Pillar"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_QUARTZ_PILLAR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.quartz_pillar"; #[doc = "Quartz Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_QUARTZ_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.quartz_stairs"; #[doc = "Slime Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SLIME_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.slime_block"; #[doc = "Prismarine"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PRISMARINE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.prismarine"; #[doc = "Prismarine Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PRISMARINE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.prismarine_bricks"; #[doc = "Dark Prismarine"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DARK_PRISMARINE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dark_prismarine"; #[doc = "Sea Lantern"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SEA_LANTERN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sea_lantern"; #[doc = "End Rod"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_END_ROD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.end_rod"; #[doc = "Chorus Plant"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHORUS_PLANT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chorus_plant"; #[doc = "Chorus Flower"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHORUS_FLOWER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chorus_flower"; #[doc = "Purpur Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPUR_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purpur_block"; #[doc = "Purpur Pillar"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPUR_PILLAR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purpur_pillar"; #[doc = "Purpur Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPUR_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purpur_stairs"; #[doc = "Purpur Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPUR_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purpur_slab"; #[doc = "End Stone Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_END_STONE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.end_stone_bricks"; #[doc = "Beetroots"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BEETROOTS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.beetroots"; #[doc = "Dirt Path"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DIRT_PATH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dirt_path"; #[doc = "Magma Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGMA_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magma_block"; #[doc = "Nether Wart Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHER_WART_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.nether_wart_block"; #[doc = "Red Nether Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_NETHER_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_nether_bricks"; #[doc = "Bone Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BONE_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bone_block"; #[doc = "Observer"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OBSERVER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.observer"; #[doc = "Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.shulker_box"; #[doc = "White Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Orange Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Magenta Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Light Blue Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Yellow Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Lime Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Pink Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Gray Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Light Gray Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Cyan Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Purple Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Blue Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Brown Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Green Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Red Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Black Shulker Box"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_shulker_box"; #[doc = "White Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Orange Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Magenta Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Light Blue Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Yellow Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Lime Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Pink Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Gray Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Light Gray Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Cyan Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Purple Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Blue Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Brown Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Green Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Red Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Black Glazed Terracotta"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_glazed_terracotta"; #[doc = "Black Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_concrete"; #[doc = "Red Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_concrete"; #[doc = "Green Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_concrete"; #[doc = "Brown Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_concrete"; #[doc = "Blue Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_concrete"; #[doc = "Purple Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_concrete"; #[doc = "Cyan Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_concrete"; #[doc = "Light Gray Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_concrete"; #[doc = "Gray Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_concrete"; #[doc = "Pink Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_concrete"; #[doc = "Lime Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_concrete"; #[doc = "Yellow Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_concrete"; #[doc = "Light Blue Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_concrete"; #[doc = "Magenta Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_concrete"; #[doc = "Orange Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_concrete"; #[doc = "White Concrete"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_CONCRETE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_concrete"; #[doc = "Black Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Red Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Green Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Brown Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Blue Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Purple Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Cyan Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Light Gray Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Gray Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Pink Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Lime Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Yellow Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Light Blue Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Magenta Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Orange Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "White Concrete Powder"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_CONCRETE_POWDER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_concrete_powder"; #[doc = "Turtle Egg"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TURTLE_EGG: &'static str = "block.minecraft.turtle_egg"; #[doc = "Piston Head"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PISTON_HEAD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.piston_head"; #[doc = "Moving Piston"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MOVING_PISTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.moving_piston"; #[doc = "Red Mushroom"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_MUSHROOM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_mushroom"; #[doc = "Snow Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SNOW_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.snow_block"; #[doc = "Attached Melon Stem"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ATTACHED_MELON_STEM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.attached_melon_stem"; #[doc = "Melon Stem"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MELON_STEM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.melon_stem"; #[doc = "Brewing Stand"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BREWING_STAND: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brewing_stand"; #[doc = "End Portal"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_END_PORTAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.end_portal"; #[doc = "Flower Pot"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FLOWER_POT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.flower_pot"; #[doc = "Potted Oak Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_OAK_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_oak_sapling"; #[doc = "Potted Spruce Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_SPRUCE_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_spruce_sapling"; #[doc = "Potted Birch Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_BIRCH_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_birch_sapling"; #[doc = "Potted Jungle Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_JUNGLE_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_jungle_sapling"; #[doc = "Potted Acacia Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_ACACIA_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_acacia_sapling"; #[doc = "Potted Dark Oak Sapling"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_DARK_OAK_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_dark_oak_sapling"; #[doc = "Potted Mangrove Propagule"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_MANGROVE_PROPAGULE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_mangrove_propagule"; #[doc = "Potted Fern"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_FERN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_fern"; #[doc = "Potted Dandelion"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_DANDELION: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_dandelion"; #[doc = "Potted Poppy"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_POPPY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_poppy"; #[doc = "Potted Blue Orchid"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_BLUE_ORCHID: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_blue_orchid"; #[doc = "Potted Allium"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_ALLIUM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_allium"; #[doc = "Potted Azure Bluet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_AZURE_BLUET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_azure_bluet"; #[doc = "Potted Red Tulip"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_RED_TULIP: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_red_tulip"; #[doc = "Potted Orange Tulip"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_ORANGE_TULIP: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_orange_tulip"; #[doc = "Potted White Tulip"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_WHITE_TULIP: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_white_tulip"; #[doc = "Potted Pink Tulip"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_PINK_TULIP: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_pink_tulip"; #[doc = "Potted Oxeye Daisy"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_OXEYE_DAISY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_oxeye_daisy"; #[doc = "Potted Cornflower"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_CORNFLOWER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_cornflower"; #[doc = "Potted Lily of the Valley"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_LILY_OF_THE_VALLEY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_lily_of_the_valley"; #[doc = "Potted Wither Rose"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_WITHER_ROSE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_wither_rose"; #[doc = "Potted Red Mushroom"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_RED_MUSHROOM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_red_mushroom"; #[doc = "Potted Brown Mushroom"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_BROWN_MUSHROOM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_brown_mushroom"; #[doc = "Potted Dead Bush"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_DEAD_BUSH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_dead_bush"; #[doc = "Potted Cactus"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_CACTUS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_cactus"; #[doc = "Potted Bamboo"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_BAMBOO: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_bamboo"; #[doc = "Potted Crimson Fungus"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_CRIMSON_FUNGUS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_crimson_fungus"; #[doc = "Potted Warped Fungus"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_WARPED_FUNGUS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_warped_fungus"; #[doc = "Potted Crimson Roots"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_CRIMSON_ROOTS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_crimson_roots"; #[doc = "Potted Warped Roots"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_WARPED_ROOTS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_warped_roots"; #[doc = "Potted Azalea"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_AZALEA_BUSH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_azalea_bush"; #[doc = "Potted Flowering Azalea"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POTTED_FLOWERING_AZALEA_BUSH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.potted_flowering_azalea_bush"; #[doc = "Skeleton Wall Skull"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SKELETON_WALL_SKULL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.skeleton_wall_skull"; #[doc = "Skeleton Skull"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SKELETON_SKULL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.skeleton_skull"; #[doc = "Wither Skeleton Wall Skull"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WITHER_SKELETON_WALL_SKULL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.wither_skeleton_wall_skull"; #[doc = "Wither Skeleton Skull"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WITHER_SKELETON_SKULL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.wither_skeleton_skull"; #[doc = "Zombie Wall Head"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ZOMBIE_WALL_HEAD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.zombie_wall_head"; #[doc = "Zombie Head"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ZOMBIE_HEAD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.zombie_head"; #[doc = "Player Wall Head"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PLAYER_WALL_HEAD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.player_wall_head"; #[doc = "Player Head"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PLAYER_HEAD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.player_head"; #[doc = "%s's Head"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PLAYER_HEAD_NAMED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.player_head.named"; #[doc = "Creeper Wall Head"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CREEPER_WALL_HEAD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.creeper_wall_head"; #[doc = "Creeper Head"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CREEPER_HEAD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.creeper_head"; #[doc = "Dragon Wall Head"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DRAGON_WALL_HEAD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dragon_wall_head"; #[doc = "Dragon Head"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DRAGON_HEAD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dragon_head"; #[doc = "End Gateway"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_END_GATEWAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.end_gateway"; #[doc = "Structure Void"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRUCTURE_VOID: &'static str = "block.minecraft.structure_void"; #[doc = "Structure Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STRUCTURE_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.structure_block"; #[doc = "Void Air"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_VOID_AIR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.void_air"; #[doc = "Cave Air"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CAVE_AIR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cave_air"; #[doc = "Bubble Column"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BUBBLE_COLUMN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bubble_column"; #[doc = "Dead Tube Coral Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_TUBE_CORAL_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_tube_coral_block"; #[doc = "Dead Brain Coral Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_BRAIN_CORAL_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_brain_coral_block"; #[doc = "Dead Bubble Coral Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_BUBBLE_CORAL_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_bubble_coral_block"; #[doc = "Dead Fire Coral Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_FIRE_CORAL_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_fire_coral_block"; #[doc = "Dead Horn Coral Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_HORN_CORAL_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_horn_coral_block"; #[doc = "Tube Coral Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TUBE_CORAL_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.tube_coral_block"; #[doc = "Brain Coral Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BRAIN_CORAL_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brain_coral_block"; #[doc = "Bubble Coral Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BUBBLE_CORAL_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bubble_coral_block"; #[doc = "Fire Coral Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FIRE_CORAL_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.fire_coral_block"; #[doc = "Horn Coral Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_HORN_CORAL_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.horn_coral_block"; #[doc = "Tube Coral"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TUBE_CORAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.tube_coral"; #[doc = "Brain Coral"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BRAIN_CORAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brain_coral"; #[doc = "Bubble Coral"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BUBBLE_CORAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bubble_coral"; #[doc = "Fire Coral"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FIRE_CORAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.fire_coral"; #[doc = "Horn Coral"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_HORN_CORAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.horn_coral"; #[doc = "Dead Tube Coral"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_TUBE_CORAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_tube_coral"; #[doc = "Dead Brain Coral"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_BRAIN_CORAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_brain_coral"; #[doc = "Dead Bubble Coral"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_BUBBLE_CORAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_bubble_coral"; #[doc = "Dead Fire Coral"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_FIRE_CORAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_fire_coral"; #[doc = "Dead Horn Coral"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_HORN_CORAL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_horn_coral"; #[doc = "Tube Coral Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TUBE_CORAL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.tube_coral_fan"; #[doc = "Brain Coral Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BRAIN_CORAL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brain_coral_fan"; #[doc = "Bubble Coral Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BUBBLE_CORAL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bubble_coral_fan"; #[doc = "Fire Coral Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FIRE_CORAL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.fire_coral_fan"; #[doc = "Horn Coral Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_HORN_CORAL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.horn_coral_fan"; #[doc = "Dead Tube Coral Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_TUBE_CORAL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_tube_coral_fan"; #[doc = "Dead Brain Coral Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_BRAIN_CORAL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_brain_coral_fan"; #[doc = "Dead Bubble Coral Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_BUBBLE_CORAL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_bubble_coral_fan"; #[doc = "Dead Fire Coral Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_FIRE_CORAL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_fire_coral_fan"; #[doc = "Dead Horn Coral Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_HORN_CORAL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_horn_coral_fan"; #[doc = "Tube Coral Wall Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TUBE_CORAL_WALL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.tube_coral_wall_fan"; #[doc = "Brain Coral Wall Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BRAIN_CORAL_WALL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brain_coral_wall_fan"; #[doc = "Bubble Coral Wall Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BUBBLE_CORAL_WALL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bubble_coral_wall_fan"; #[doc = "Fire Coral Wall Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FIRE_CORAL_WALL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.fire_coral_wall_fan"; #[doc = "Horn Coral Wall Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_HORN_CORAL_WALL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.horn_coral_wall_fan"; #[doc = "Dead Tube Coral Wall Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_TUBE_CORAL_WALL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_tube_coral_wall_fan"; #[doc = "Dead Brain Coral Wall Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_BRAIN_CORAL_WALL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_brain_coral_wall_fan"; #[doc = "Dead Bubble Coral Wall Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_BUBBLE_CORAL_WALL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_bubble_coral_wall_fan"; #[doc = "Dead Fire Coral Wall Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_FIRE_CORAL_WALL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_fire_coral_wall_fan"; #[doc = "Dead Horn Coral Wall Fan"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEAD_HORN_CORAL_WALL_FAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dead_horn_coral_wall_fan"; #[doc = "Loom"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LOOM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.loom"; #[doc = "Conduit"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CONDUIT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.conduit"; #[doc = "Bamboo"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BAMBOO: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bamboo"; #[doc = "Bamboo Shoot"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BAMBOO_SAPLING: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bamboo_sapling"; #[doc = "Jigsaw Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_JIGSAW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.jigsaw"; #[doc = "Composter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COMPOSTER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.composter"; #[doc = "Target"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TARGET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.target"; #[doc = "Polished Granite Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_GRANITE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_granite_stairs"; #[doc = "Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_RED_SANDSTONE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_red_sandstone_stairs"; #[doc = "Mossy Stone Brick Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MOSSY_STONE_BRICK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mossy_stone_brick_stairs"; #[doc = "Polished Diorite Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_DIORITE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_diorite_stairs"; #[doc = "Mossy Cobblestone Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MOSSY_COBBLESTONE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mossy_cobblestone_stairs"; #[doc = "End Stone Brick Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_END_STONE_BRICK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.end_stone_brick_stairs"; #[doc = "Stone Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STONE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stone_stairs"; #[doc = "Smooth Sandstone Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_SANDSTONE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_sandstone_stairs"; #[doc = "Smooth Quartz Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_QUARTZ_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_quartz_stairs"; #[doc = "Granite Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRANITE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.granite_stairs"; #[doc = "Andesite Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ANDESITE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.andesite_stairs"; #[doc = "Red Nether Brick Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_NETHER_BRICK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_nether_brick_stairs"; #[doc = "Polished Andesite Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_ANDESITE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_andesite_stairs"; #[doc = "Diorite Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DIORITE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.diorite_stairs"; #[doc = "Polished Granite Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_GRANITE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_granite_slab"; #[doc = "Smooth Red Sandstone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_RED_SANDSTONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_red_sandstone_slab"; #[doc = "Mossy Stone Brick Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MOSSY_STONE_BRICK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mossy_stone_brick_slab"; #[doc = "Polished Diorite Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_DIORITE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_diorite_slab"; #[doc = "Mossy Cobblestone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MOSSY_COBBLESTONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mossy_cobblestone_slab"; #[doc = "End Stone Brick Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_END_STONE_BRICK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.end_stone_brick_slab"; #[doc = "Smooth Sandstone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_SANDSTONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_sandstone_slab"; #[doc = "Smooth Quartz Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_QUARTZ_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_quartz_slab"; #[doc = "Granite Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRANITE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.granite_slab"; #[doc = "Andesite Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ANDESITE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.andesite_slab"; #[doc = "Red Nether Brick Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_NETHER_BRICK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_nether_brick_slab"; #[doc = "Polished Andesite Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_ANDESITE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_andesite_slab"; #[doc = "Diorite Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DIORITE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.diorite_slab"; #[doc = "Brick Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BRICK_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brick_wall"; #[doc = "Prismarine Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PRISMARINE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.prismarine_wall"; #[doc = "Red Sandstone Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_SANDSTONE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_sandstone_wall"; #[doc = "Mossy Stone Brick Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MOSSY_STONE_BRICK_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mossy_stone_brick_wall"; #[doc = "Granite Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRANITE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.granite_wall"; #[doc = "Stone Brick Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STONE_BRICK_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stone_brick_wall"; #[doc = "Mud Brick Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MUD_BRICK_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mud_brick_wall"; #[doc = "Nether Brick Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHER_BRICK_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.nether_brick_wall"; #[doc = "Andesite Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ANDESITE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.andesite_wall"; #[doc = "Red Nether Brick Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_NETHER_BRICK_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_nether_brick_wall"; #[doc = "Sandstone Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SANDSTONE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sandstone_wall"; #[doc = "End Stone Brick Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_END_STONE_BRICK_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.end_stone_brick_wall"; #[doc = "Diorite Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DIORITE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.diorite_wall"; #[doc = "Barrel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BARREL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.barrel"; #[doc = "Smoker"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOKER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smoker"; #[doc = "Blast Furnace"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLAST_FURNACE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blast_furnace"; #[doc = "Cartography Table"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CARTOGRAPHY_TABLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cartography_table"; #[doc = "Fletching Table"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FLETCHING_TABLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.fletching_table"; #[doc = "Smithing Table"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMITHING_TABLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smithing_table"; #[doc = "Grindstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRINDSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.grindstone"; #[doc = "Lectern"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LECTERN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lectern"; #[doc = "Stonecutter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_STONECUTTER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.stonecutter"; #[doc = "Bell"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BELL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bell"; #[doc = "Ominous Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OMINOUS_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.ominous_banner"; #[doc = "Lantern"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LANTERN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lantern"; #[doc = "Soul Lantern"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SOUL_LANTERN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.soul_lantern"; #[doc = "Sweet Berry Bush"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SWEET_BERRY_BUSH: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sweet_berry_bush"; #[doc = "Campfire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CAMPFIRE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.campfire"; #[doc = "Soul Campfire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SOUL_CAMPFIRE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.soul_campfire"; #[doc = "Beehive"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BEEHIVE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.beehive"; #[doc = "Bee Nest"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BEE_NEST: &'static str = "block.minecraft.bee_nest"; #[doc = "Honey Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_HONEY_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.honey_block"; #[doc = "Honeycomb Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_HONEYCOMB_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.honeycomb_block"; #[doc = "Lodestone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LODESTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lodestone"; #[doc = "Block of Netherite"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.netherite_block"; #[doc = "Ancient Debris"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ANCIENT_DEBRIS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.ancient_debris"; #[doc = "Crying Obsidian"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRYING_OBSIDIAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.crying_obsidian"; #[doc = "Blackstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACKSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blackstone"; #[doc = "Blackstone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACKSTONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blackstone_slab"; #[doc = "Blackstone Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACKSTONE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blackstone_stairs"; #[doc = "Blackstone Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACKSTONE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blackstone_wall"; #[doc = "Polished Blackstone Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_bricks"; #[doc = "Polished Blackstone Brick Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BRICK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_brick_slab"; #[doc = "Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BRICK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_brick_stairs"; #[doc = "Polished Blackstone Brick Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BRICK_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_brick_wall"; #[doc = "Chiseled Polished Blackstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHISELED_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chiseled_polished_blackstone"; #[doc = "Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRACKED_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cracked_polished_blackstone_bricks"; #[doc = "Gilded Blackstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GILDED_BLACKSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gilded_blackstone"; #[doc = "Polished Blackstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone"; #[doc = "Polished Blackstone Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_wall"; #[doc = "Polished Blackstone Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_slab"; #[doc = "Polished Blackstone Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_stairs"; #[doc = "Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_PRESSURE_PLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_pressure_plate"; #[doc = "Polished Blackstone Button"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BUTTON: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_button"; #[doc = "Cracked Nether Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRACKED_NETHER_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cracked_nether_bricks"; #[doc = "Chiseled Nether Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHISELED_NETHER_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chiseled_nether_bricks"; #[doc = "Quartz Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_QUARTZ_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.quartz_bricks"; #[doc = "Chain"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHAIN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chain"; #[doc = "Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.candle"; #[doc = "White Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_candle"; #[doc = "Orange Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_candle"; #[doc = "Magenta Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_candle"; #[doc = "Light Blue Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_candle"; #[doc = "Yellow Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_candle"; #[doc = "Lime Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_candle"; #[doc = "Pink Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_candle"; #[doc = "Gray Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_candle"; #[doc = "Light Gray Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_candle"; #[doc = "Cyan Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_candle"; #[doc = "Purple Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_candle"; #[doc = "Blue Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_candle"; #[doc = "Brown Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_candle"; #[doc = "Green Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_candle"; #[doc = "Red Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_candle"; #[doc = "Black Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_CANDLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_candle"; #[doc = "Cake with Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with White Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Orange Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Magenta Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Light Blue Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Yellow Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Lime Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Pink Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Gray Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Light Gray Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Cyan Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Purple Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Blue Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Brown Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Green Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Red Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Cake with Black Candle"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_CANDLE_CAKE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_candle_cake"; #[doc = "Block of Amethyst"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_AMETHYST_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.amethyst_block"; #[doc = "Small Amethyst Bud"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMALL_AMETHYST_BUD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.small_amethyst_bud"; #[doc = "Medium Amethyst Bud"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MEDIUM_AMETHYST_BUD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.medium_amethyst_bud"; #[doc = "Large Amethyst Bud"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LARGE_AMETHYST_BUD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.large_amethyst_bud"; #[doc = "Amethyst Cluster"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_AMETHYST_CLUSTER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.amethyst_cluster"; #[doc = "Budding Amethyst"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BUDDING_AMETHYST: &'static str = "block.minecraft.budding_amethyst"; #[doc = "Calcite"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CALCITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.calcite"; #[doc = "Tuff"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TUFF: &'static str = "block.minecraft.tuff"; #[doc = "Tinted Glass"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_TINTED_GLASS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.tinted_glass"; #[doc = "Dripstone Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DRIPSTONE_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.dripstone_block"; #[doc = "Pointed Dripstone"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POINTED_DRIPSTONE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pointed_dripstone"; #[doc = "Copper Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COPPER_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.copper_ore"; #[doc = "Deepslate Copper Ore"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_COPPER_ORE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_copper_ore"; #[doc = "Block of Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COPPER_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.copper_block"; #[doc = "Exposed Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_EXPOSED_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.exposed_copper"; #[doc = "Weathered Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WEATHERED_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.weathered_copper"; #[doc = "Oxidized Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OXIDIZED_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oxidized_copper"; #[doc = "Cut Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CUT_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cut_copper"; #[doc = "Exposed Cut Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_EXPOSED_CUT_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.exposed_cut_copper"; #[doc = "Weathered Cut Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WEATHERED_CUT_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.weathered_cut_copper"; #[doc = "Oxidized Cut Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OXIDIZED_CUT_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oxidized_cut_copper"; #[doc = "Cut Copper Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CUT_COPPER_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cut_copper_stairs"; #[doc = "Exposed Cut Copper Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_EXPOSED_CUT_COPPER_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.exposed_cut_copper_stairs"; #[doc = "Weathered Cut Copper Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WEATHERED_CUT_COPPER_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.weathered_cut_copper_stairs"; #[doc = "Oxidized Cut Copper Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OXIDIZED_CUT_COPPER_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oxidized_cut_copper_stairs"; #[doc = "Cut Copper Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CUT_COPPER_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cut_copper_slab"; #[doc = "Exposed Cut Copper Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_EXPOSED_CUT_COPPER_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.exposed_cut_copper_slab"; #[doc = "Weathered Cut Copper Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WEATHERED_CUT_COPPER_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.weathered_cut_copper_slab"; #[doc = "Oxidized Cut Copper Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OXIDIZED_CUT_COPPER_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.oxidized_cut_copper_slab"; #[doc = "Waxed Block of Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_COPPER_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_copper_block"; #[doc = "Waxed Exposed Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_EXPOSED_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_exposed_copper"; #[doc = "Waxed Weathered Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_WEATHERED_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_weathered_copper"; #[doc = "Waxed Oxidized Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_OXIDIZED_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_oxidized_copper"; #[doc = "Waxed Cut Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_CUT_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_cut_copper"; #[doc = "Waxed Exposed Cut Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_EXPOSED_CUT_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_exposed_cut_copper"; #[doc = "Waxed Weathered Cut Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_WEATHERED_CUT_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_weathered_cut_copper"; #[doc = "Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_OXIDIZED_CUT_COPPER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_oxidized_cut_copper"; #[doc = "Waxed Cut Copper Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_CUT_COPPER_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_cut_copper_stairs"; #[doc = "Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_EXPOSED_CUT_COPPER_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_exposed_cut_copper_stairs"; #[doc = "Waxed Weathered Cut Copper Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_WEATHERED_CUT_COPPER_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_weathered_cut_copper_stairs"; #[doc = "Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_OXIDIZED_CUT_COPPER_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_oxidized_cut_copper_stairs"; #[doc = "Waxed Cut Copper Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_CUT_COPPER_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_cut_copper_slab"; #[doc = "Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_EXPOSED_CUT_COPPER_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_exposed_cut_copper_slab"; #[doc = "Waxed Weathered Cut Copper Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_WEATHERED_CUT_COPPER_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_weathered_cut_copper_slab"; #[doc = "Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WAXED_OXIDIZED_CUT_COPPER_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.waxed_oxidized_cut_copper_slab"; #[doc = "Lightning Rod"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHTNING_ROD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lightning_rod"; #[doc = "Cave Vines"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CAVE_VINES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cave_vines"; #[doc = "Cave Vines Plant"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CAVE_VINES_PLANT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cave_vines_plant"; #[doc = "Spore Blossom"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SPORE_BLOSSOM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.spore_blossom"; #[doc = "Azalea"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_AZALEA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.azalea"; #[doc = "Flowering Azalea"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FLOWERING_AZALEA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.flowering_azalea"; #[doc = "Azalea Leaves"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_AZALEA_LEAVES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.azalea_leaves"; #[doc = "Flowering Azalea Leaves"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FLOWERING_AZALEA_LEAVES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.flowering_azalea_leaves"; #[doc = "Moss Carpet"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MOSS_CARPET: &'static str = "block.minecraft.moss_carpet"; #[doc = "Moss Block"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MOSS_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.moss_block"; #[doc = "Big Dripleaf"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIG_DRIPLEAF: &'static str = "block.minecraft.big_dripleaf"; #[doc = "Big Dripleaf Stem"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BIG_DRIPLEAF_STEM: &'static str = "block.minecraft.big_dripleaf_stem"; #[doc = "Small Dripleaf"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMALL_DRIPLEAF: &'static str = "block.minecraft.small_dripleaf"; #[doc = "Rooted Dirt"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ROOTED_DIRT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.rooted_dirt"; #[doc = "Mud"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MUD: &'static str = "block.minecraft.mud"; #[doc = "Hanging Roots"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_HANGING_ROOTS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.hanging_roots"; #[doc = "Powder Snow"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POWDER_SNOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.powder_snow"; #[doc = "Glow Lichen"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GLOW_LICHEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.glow_lichen"; #[doc = "Sculk Sensor"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SCULK_SENSOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sculk_sensor"; #[doc = "Deepslate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate"; #[doc = "Cobbled Deepslate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COBBLED_DEEPSLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cobbled_deepslate"; #[doc = "Cobbled Deepslate Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COBBLED_DEEPSLATE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cobbled_deepslate_slab"; #[doc = "Cobbled Deepslate Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COBBLED_DEEPSLATE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cobbled_deepslate_stairs"; #[doc = "Cobbled Deepslate Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COBBLED_DEEPSLATE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cobbled_deepslate_wall"; #[doc = "Chiseled Deepslate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CHISELED_DEEPSLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.chiseled_deepslate"; #[doc = "Polished Deepslate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_DEEPSLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_deepslate"; #[doc = "Polished Deepslate Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_DEEPSLATE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_deepslate_slab"; #[doc = "Polished Deepslate Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_DEEPSLATE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_deepslate_stairs"; #[doc = "Polished Deepslate Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_POLISHED_DEEPSLATE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.polished_deepslate_wall"; #[doc = "Deepslate Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_bricks"; #[doc = "Deepslate Brick Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_BRICK_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_brick_slab"; #[doc = "Deepslate Brick Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_BRICK_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_brick_stairs"; #[doc = "Deepslate Brick Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_BRICK_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_brick_wall"; #[doc = "Deepslate Tiles"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_TILES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_tiles"; #[doc = "Deepslate Tile Slab"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_TILE_SLAB: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_tile_slab"; #[doc = "Deepslate Tile Stairs"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_TILE_STAIRS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_tile_stairs"; #[doc = "Deepslate Tile Wall"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_DEEPSLATE_TILE_WALL: &'static str = "block.minecraft.deepslate_tile_wall"; #[doc = "Cracked Deepslate Bricks"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRACKED_DEEPSLATE_BRICKS: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cracked_deepslate_bricks"; #[doc = "Cracked Deepslate Tiles"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CRACKED_DEEPSLATE_TILES: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cracked_deepslate_tiles"; #[doc = "Infested Deepslate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_INFESTED_DEEPSLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.infested_deepslate"; #[doc = "Smooth Basalt"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SMOOTH_BASALT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.smooth_basalt"; #[doc = "Block of Raw Iron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RAW_IRON_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.raw_iron_block"; #[doc = "Block of Raw Copper"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RAW_COPPER_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.raw_copper_block"; #[doc = "Block of Raw Gold"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RAW_GOLD_BLOCK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.raw_gold_block"; #[doc = "Sculk"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SCULK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sculk"; #[doc = "Sculk Catalyst"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SCULK_CATALYST: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sculk_catalyst"; #[doc = "Sculk Shrieker"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SCULK_SHRIEKER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sculk_shrieker"; #[doc = "Sculk Vein"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_SCULK_VEIN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.sculk_vein"; #[doc = "Ochre Froglight"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_OCHRE_FROGLIGHT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.ochre_froglight"; #[doc = "Verdant Froglight"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_VERDANT_FROGLIGHT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.verdant_froglight"; #[doc = "Pearlescent Froglight"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PEARLESCENT_FROGLIGHT: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pearlescent_froglight"; #[doc = "Frogspawn"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_FROGSPAWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.frogspawn"; #[doc = "Reinforced Deepslate"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_REINFORCED_DEEPSLATE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.reinforced_deepslate"; #[doc = "Name Tag"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NAME_TAG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.name_tag"; #[doc = "Lead"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LEAD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lead"; #[doc = "Iron Shovel"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_SHOVEL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_shovel"; #[doc = "Iron Pickaxe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_PICKAXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_pickaxe"; #[doc = "Iron Axe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_AXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_axe"; #[doc = "Flint and Steel"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FLINT_AND_STEEL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.flint_and_steel"; #[doc = "Apple"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_APPLE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.apple"; #[doc = "Cookie"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COOKIE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cookie"; #[doc = "Bow"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BOW: &'static str = "item.minecraft.bow"; #[doc = "Bundle"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BUNDLE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.bundle"; #[doc = "%s/%s"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BUNDLE_FULLNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.bundle.fullness"; #[doc = "Arrow"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ARROW: &'static str = "item.minecraft.arrow"; #[doc = "Spectral Arrow"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPECTRAL_ARROW: &'static str = "item.minecraft.spectral_arrow"; #[doc = "Tipped Arrow"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow"; #[doc = "Dried Kelp"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DRIED_KELP: &'static str = "item.minecraft.dried_kelp"; #[doc = "Coal"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COAL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.coal"; #[doc = "Charcoal"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CHARCOAL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.charcoal"; #[doc = "Raw Copper"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_RAW_COPPER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.raw_copper"; #[doc = "Raw Iron"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_RAW_IRON: &'static str = "item.minecraft.raw_iron"; #[doc = "Raw Gold"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_RAW_GOLD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.raw_gold"; #[doc = "Diamond"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND: &'static str = "item.minecraft.diamond"; #[doc = "Emerald"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_EMERALD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.emerald"; #[doc = "Iron Ingot"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_INGOT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_ingot"; #[doc = "Copper Ingot"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COPPER_INGOT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.copper_ingot"; #[doc = "Gold Ingot"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLD_INGOT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.gold_ingot"; #[doc = "Iron Sword"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_SWORD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_sword"; #[doc = "Wooden Sword"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WOODEN_SWORD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.wooden_sword"; #[doc = "Wooden Shovel"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WOODEN_SHOVEL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.wooden_shovel"; #[doc = "Wooden Pickaxe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WOODEN_PICKAXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.wooden_pickaxe"; #[doc = "Wooden Axe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WOODEN_AXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.wooden_axe"; #[doc = "Stone Sword"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_STONE_SWORD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.stone_sword"; #[doc = "Stone Shovel"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_STONE_SHOVEL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.stone_shovel"; #[doc = "Stone Pickaxe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_STONE_PICKAXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.stone_pickaxe"; #[doc = "Stone Axe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_STONE_AXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.stone_axe"; #[doc = "Diamond Sword"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_SWORD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.diamond_sword"; #[doc = "Diamond Shovel"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_SHOVEL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.diamond_shovel"; #[doc = "Diamond Pickaxe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_PICKAXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.diamond_pickaxe"; #[doc = "Diamond Axe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_AXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.diamond_axe"; #[doc = "Stick"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_STICK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.stick"; #[doc = "Bowl"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BOWL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.bowl"; #[doc = "Mushroom Stew"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSHROOM_STEW: &'static str = "item.minecraft.mushroom_stew"; #[doc = "Golden Sword"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_SWORD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_sword"; #[doc = "Golden Shovel"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_SHOVEL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_shovel"; #[doc = "Golden Pickaxe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_PICKAXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_pickaxe"; #[doc = "Golden Axe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_AXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_axe"; #[doc = "String"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_STRING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.string"; #[doc = "Feather"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FEATHER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.feather"; #[doc = "Gunpowder"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GUNPOWDER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.gunpowder"; #[doc = "Wooden Hoe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WOODEN_HOE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.wooden_hoe"; #[doc = "Stone Hoe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_STONE_HOE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.stone_hoe"; #[doc = "Iron Hoe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_HOE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_hoe"; #[doc = "Diamond Hoe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_HOE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.diamond_hoe"; #[doc = "Golden Hoe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_HOE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_hoe"; #[doc = "Wheat Seeds"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WHEAT_SEEDS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.wheat_seeds"; #[doc = "Pumpkin Seeds"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PUMPKIN_SEEDS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.pumpkin_seeds"; #[doc = "Melon Seeds"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MELON_SEEDS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.melon_seeds"; #[doc = "Melon Slice"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MELON_SLICE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.melon_slice"; #[doc = "Wheat"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WHEAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.wheat"; #[doc = "Bread"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BREAD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.bread"; #[doc = "Leather Cap"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LEATHER_HELMET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.leather_helmet"; #[doc = "Leather Tunic"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LEATHER_CHESTPLATE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.leather_chestplate"; #[doc = "Leather Pants"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LEATHER_LEGGINGS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.leather_leggings"; #[doc = "Leather Boots"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LEATHER_BOOTS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.leather_boots"; #[doc = "Chainmail Helmet"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CHAINMAIL_HELMET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.chainmail_helmet"; #[doc = "Chainmail Chestplate"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CHAINMAIL_CHESTPLATE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.chainmail_chestplate"; #[doc = "Chainmail Leggings"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CHAINMAIL_LEGGINGS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.chainmail_leggings"; #[doc = "Chainmail Boots"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CHAINMAIL_BOOTS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.chainmail_boots"; #[doc = "Iron Helmet"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_HELMET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_helmet"; #[doc = "Iron Chestplate"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_CHESTPLATE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_chestplate"; #[doc = "Iron Leggings"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_LEGGINGS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_leggings"; #[doc = "Iron Boots"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_BOOTS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_boots"; #[doc = "Diamond Helmet"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_HELMET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.diamond_helmet"; #[doc = "Diamond Chestplate"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.diamond_chestplate"; #[doc = "Diamond Leggings"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_LEGGINGS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.diamond_leggings"; #[doc = "Diamond Boots"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_BOOTS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.diamond_boots"; #[doc = "Golden Helmet"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_HELMET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_helmet"; #[doc = "Golden Chestplate"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_CHESTPLATE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_chestplate"; #[doc = "Golden Leggings"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_LEGGINGS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_leggings"; #[doc = "Golden Boots"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_BOOTS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_boots"; #[doc = "Flint"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FLINT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.flint"; #[doc = "Raw Porkchop"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PORKCHOP: &'static str = "item.minecraft.porkchop"; #[doc = "Cooked Porkchop"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COOKED_PORKCHOP: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cooked_porkchop"; #[doc = "Raw Chicken"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CHICKEN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.chicken"; #[doc = "Cooked Chicken"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COOKED_CHICKEN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cooked_chicken"; #[doc = "Raw Mutton"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUTTON: &'static str = "item.minecraft.mutton"; #[doc = "Cooked Mutton"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COOKED_MUTTON: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cooked_mutton"; #[doc = "Raw Rabbit"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_RABBIT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.rabbit"; #[doc = "Cooked Rabbit"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COOKED_RABBIT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cooked_rabbit"; #[doc = "Rabbit Stew"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_RABBIT_STEW: &'static str = "item.minecraft.rabbit_stew"; #[doc = "Rabbit's Foot"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_RABBIT_FOOT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.rabbit_foot"; #[doc = "Rabbit Hide"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_RABBIT_HIDE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.rabbit_hide"; #[doc = "Raw Beef"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BEEF: &'static str = "item.minecraft.beef"; #[doc = "Steak"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COOKED_BEEF: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cooked_beef"; #[doc = "Painting"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PAINTING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.painting"; #[doc = "Item Frame"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ITEM_FRAME: &'static str = "item.minecraft.item_frame"; #[doc = "Golden Apple"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_APPLE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_apple"; #[doc = "Enchanted Golden Apple"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ENCHANTED_GOLDEN_APPLE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.enchanted_golden_apple"; #[doc = "Sign"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SIGN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.sign"; #[doc = "Bucket"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BUCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.bucket"; #[doc = "Water Bucket"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WATER_BUCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.water_bucket"; #[doc = "Lava Bucket"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LAVA_BUCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lava_bucket"; #[doc = "Bucket of Pufferfish"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PUFFERFISH_BUCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.pufferfish_bucket"; #[doc = "Bucket of Salmon"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SALMON_BUCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.salmon_bucket"; #[doc = "Bucket of Cod"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COD_BUCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cod_bucket"; #[doc = "Bucket of Tropical Fish"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_BUCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tropical_fish_bucket"; #[doc = "Powder Snow Bucket"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POWDER_SNOW_BUCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.powder_snow_bucket"; #[doc = "Bucket of Axolotl"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_AXOLOTL_BUCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.axolotl_bucket"; #[doc = "Bucket of Tadpole"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TADPOLE_BUCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tadpole_bucket"; #[doc = "Minecart"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MINECART: &'static str = "item.minecraft.minecart"; #[doc = "Saddle"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SADDLE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.saddle"; #[doc = "Redstone Dust"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_REDSTONE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.redstone"; #[doc = "Snowball"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SNOWBALL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.snowball"; #[doc = "Oak Boat"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_OAK_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.oak_boat"; #[doc = "Oak Boat with Chest"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_OAK_CHEST_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.oak_chest_boat"; #[doc = "Spruce Boat"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.spruce_boat"; #[doc = "Spruce Boat with Chest"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPRUCE_CHEST_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.spruce_chest_boat"; #[doc = "Birch Boat"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.birch_boat"; #[doc = "Birch Boat with Chest"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_CHEST_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.birch_chest_boat"; #[doc = "Jungle Boat"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.jungle_boat"; #[doc = "Jungle Boat with Chest"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE_CHEST_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.jungle_chest_boat"; #[doc = "Acacia Boat"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.acacia_boat"; #[doc = "Acacia Boat with Chest"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ACACIA_CHEST_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.acacia_chest_boat"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Boat"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.dark_oak_boat"; #[doc = "Dark Oak Boat with Chest"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DARK_OAK_CHEST_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.dark_oak_chest_boat"; #[doc = "Mangrove Boat"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.mangrove_boat"; #[doc = "Mangrove Boat with Chest"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_CHEST_BOAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.mangrove_chest_boat"; #[doc = "Leather"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LEATHER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.leather"; #[doc = "Milk Bucket"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MILK_BUCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.milk_bucket"; #[doc = "Brick"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BRICK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.brick"; #[doc = "Clay Ball"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CLAY_BALL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.clay_ball"; #[doc = "Paper"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PAPER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.paper"; #[doc = "Book"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BOOK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.book"; #[doc = "Slimeball"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SLIME_BALL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.slime_ball"; #[doc = "Minecart with Chest"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CHEST_MINECART: &'static str = "item.minecraft.chest_minecart"; #[doc = "Minecart with Furnace"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FURNACE_MINECART: &'static str = "item.minecraft.furnace_minecart"; #[doc = "Minecart with TNT"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TNT_MINECART: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tnt_minecart"; #[doc = "Minecart with Hopper"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_HOPPER_MINECART: &'static str = "item.minecraft.hopper_minecart"; #[doc = "Minecart with Command Block"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COMMAND_BLOCK_MINECART: &'static str = "item.minecraft.command_block_minecart"; #[doc = "Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.egg"; #[doc = "Compass"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COMPASS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.compass"; #[doc = "Recovery Compass"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_RECOVERY_COMPASS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.recovery_compass"; #[doc = "Fishing Rod"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FISHING_ROD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.fishing_rod"; #[doc = "Clock"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CLOCK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.clock"; #[doc = "Glowstone Dust"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GLOWSTONE_DUST: &'static str = "item.minecraft.glowstone_dust"; #[doc = "Raw Cod"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cod"; #[doc = "Raw Salmon"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SALMON: &'static str = "item.minecraft.salmon"; #[doc = "Pufferfish"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PUFFERFISH: &'static str = "item.minecraft.pufferfish"; #[doc = "Tropical Fish"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tropical_fish"; #[doc = "Cooked Cod"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COOKED_COD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cooked_cod"; #[doc = "Cooked Salmon"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COOKED_SALMON: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cooked_salmon"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_13: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_13"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_CAT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_cat"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_BLOCKS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_blocks"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_CHIRP: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_chirp"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_FAR: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_far"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_MALL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_mall"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_MELLOHI: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_mellohi"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_STAL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_stal"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_STRAD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_strad"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_WARD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_ward"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_11: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_11"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_WAIT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_wait"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_PIGSTEP: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_pigstep"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_OTHERSIDE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_otherside"; #[doc = "Music Disc"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_5: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_5"; #[doc = "C418 - 13"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_13_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_13.desc"; #[doc = "C418 - cat"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_CAT_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_cat.desc"; #[doc = "C418 - blocks"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_BLOCKS_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_blocks.desc"; #[doc = "C418 - chirp"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_CHIRP_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_chirp.desc"; #[doc = "C418 - far"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_FAR_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_far.desc"; #[doc = "C418 - mall"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_MALL_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_mall.desc"; #[doc = "C418 - mellohi"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_MELLOHI_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_mellohi.desc"; #[doc = "C418 - stal"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_STAL_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_stal.desc"; #[doc = "C418 - strad"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_STRAD_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_strad.desc"; #[doc = "C418 - ward"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_WARD_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_ward.desc"; #[doc = "C418 - 11"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_11_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_11.desc"; #[doc = "C418 - wait"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_WAIT_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_wait.desc"; #[doc = "Lena Raine - Pigstep"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_PIGSTEP_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_pigstep.desc"; #[doc = "Lena Raine - otherside"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_OTHERSIDE_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_otherside.desc"; #[doc = "Samuel Åberg - 5"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MUSIC_DISC_5_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.music_disc_5.desc"; #[doc = "Bone"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BONE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.bone"; #[doc = "Ink Sac"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_INK_SAC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.ink_sac"; #[doc = "Red Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_RED_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.red_dye"; #[doc = "Green Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GREEN_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.green_dye"; #[doc = "Cocoa Beans"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COCOA_BEANS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cocoa_beans"; #[doc = "Lapis Lazuli"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LAPIS_LAZULI: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lapis_lazuli"; #[doc = "Purple Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.purple_dye"; #[doc = "Cyan Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CYAN_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cyan_dye"; #[doc = "Light Gray Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.light_gray_dye"; #[doc = "Gray Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GRAY_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.gray_dye"; #[doc = "Pink Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PINK_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.pink_dye"; #[doc = "Lime Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LIME_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lime_dye"; #[doc = "Yellow Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.yellow_dye"; #[doc = "Light Blue Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.light_blue_dye"; #[doc = "Magenta Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.magenta_dye"; #[doc = "Orange Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.orange_dye"; #[doc = "Bone Meal"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BONE_MEAL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.bone_meal"; #[doc = "Blue Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BLUE_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.blue_dye"; #[doc = "Black Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BLACK_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.black_dye"; #[doc = "Brown Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BROWN_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.brown_dye"; #[doc = "White Dye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WHITE_DYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.white_dye"; #[doc = "Sugar"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SUGAR: &'static str = "item.minecraft.sugar"; #[doc = "Amethyst Shard"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_AMETHYST_SHARD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.amethyst_shard"; #[doc = "Spyglass"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPYGLASS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.spyglass"; #[doc = "Glow Berries"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GLOW_BERRIES: &'static str = "item.minecraft.glow_berries"; #[doc = "Disc Fragment"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DISC_FRAGMENT_5: &'static str = "item.minecraft.disc_fragment_5"; #[doc = "Music Disc - 5"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DISC_FRAGMENT_5_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.disc_fragment_5.desc"; #[doc = "Black Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_bed"; #[doc = "Red Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_bed"; #[doc = "Green Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_bed"; #[doc = "Brown Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_bed"; #[doc = "Blue Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_bed"; #[doc = "Purple Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_bed"; #[doc = "Cyan Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_bed"; #[doc = "Light Gray Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_bed"; #[doc = "Gray Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_bed"; #[doc = "Pink Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_bed"; #[doc = "Lime Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_bed"; #[doc = "Yellow Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_bed"; #[doc = "Light Blue Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_bed"; #[doc = "Magenta Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_bed"; #[doc = "Orange Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_bed"; #[doc = "White Bed"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_BED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_bed"; #[doc = "Redstone Repeater"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_REPEATER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.repeater"; #[doc = "Redstone Comparator"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_COMPARATOR: &'static str = "block.minecraft.comparator"; #[doc = "Map"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FILLED_MAP: &'static str = "item.minecraft.filled_map"; #[doc = "Shears"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHEARS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shears"; #[doc = "Rotten Flesh"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ROTTEN_FLESH: &'static str = "item.minecraft.rotten_flesh"; #[doc = "Ender Pearl"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ENDER_PEARL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.ender_pearl"; #[doc = "Blaze Rod"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BLAZE_ROD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.blaze_rod"; #[doc = "Ghast Tear"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GHAST_TEAR: &'static str = "item.minecraft.ghast_tear"; #[doc = "Nether Wart"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHER_WART: &'static str = "item.minecraft.nether_wart"; #[doc = "Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion"; #[doc = "Splash Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion"; #[doc = "End Crystal"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_END_CRYSTAL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.end_crystal"; #[doc = "Gold Nugget"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLD_NUGGET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.gold_nugget"; #[doc = "Glass Bottle"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GLASS_BOTTLE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.glass_bottle"; #[doc = "Spider Eye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPIDER_EYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.spider_eye"; #[doc = "Fermented Spider Eye"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FERMENTED_SPIDER_EYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.fermented_spider_eye"; #[doc = "Blaze Powder"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BLAZE_POWDER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.blaze_powder"; #[doc = "Magma Cream"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MAGMA_CREAM: &'static str = "item.minecraft.magma_cream"; #[doc = "Cauldron"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CAULDRON: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cauldron"; #[doc = "Brewing Stand"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BREWING_STAND: &'static str = "item.minecraft.brewing_stand"; #[doc = "Eye of Ender"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ENDER_EYE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.ender_eye"; #[doc = "Glistering Melon Slice"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GLISTERING_MELON_SLICE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.glistering_melon_slice"; #[doc = "Allay Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ALLAY_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.allay_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Axolotl Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_AXOLOTL_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.axolotl_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Bat Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BAT_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.bat_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Bee Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BEE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.bee_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Blaze Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BLAZE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.blaze_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Cat Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CAT_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cat_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Cave Spider Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CAVE_SPIDER_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cave_spider_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Chicken Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CHICKEN_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.chicken_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Cod Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COD_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cod_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Cow Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_COW_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.cow_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Creeper Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CREEPER_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.creeper_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Dolphin Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DOLPHIN_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.dolphin_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Donkey Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DONKEY_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.donkey_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Drowned Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DROWNED_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.drowned_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Elder Guardian Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ELDER_GUARDIAN_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.elder_guardian_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Enderman Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ENDERMAN_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.enderman_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Endermite Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ENDERMITE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.endermite_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Evoker Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_EVOKER_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.evoker_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Ghast Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GHAST_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.ghast_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Glow Squid Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GLOW_SQUID_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.glow_squid_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Guardian Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GUARDIAN_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.guardian_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Hoglin Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_HOGLIN_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.hoglin_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Horse Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_HORSE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.horse_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Husk Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_HUSK_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.husk_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Ravager Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_RAVAGER_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.ravager_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Llama Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LLAMA_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.llama_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Magma Cube Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MAGMA_CUBE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.magma_cube_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Mooshroom Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MOOSHROOM_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.mooshroom_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Mule Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MULE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.mule_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Ocelot Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_OCELOT_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.ocelot_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Panda Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PANDA_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.panda_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Parrot Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PARROT_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.parrot_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Pig Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PIG_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.pig_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Piglin Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PIGLIN_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.piglin_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Piglin Brute Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PIGLIN_BRUTE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.piglin_brute_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Pillager Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PILLAGER_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.pillager_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Phantom Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PHANTOM_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.phantom_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Polar Bear Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POLAR_BEAR_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.polar_bear_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Pufferfish Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PUFFERFISH_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.pufferfish_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Rabbit Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_RABBIT_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.rabbit_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Fox Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FOX_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.fox_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Frog Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FROG_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.frog_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Salmon Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SALMON_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.salmon_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Sheep Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHEEP_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.sheep_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Shulker Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHULKER_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shulker_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Silverfish Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SILVERFISH_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.silverfish_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Skeleton Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SKELETON_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.skeleton_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SKELETON_HORSE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.skeleton_horse_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Slime Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SLIME_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.slime_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Spider Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPIDER_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.spider_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Squid Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SQUID_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.squid_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Stray Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_STRAY_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.stray_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Strider Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_STRIDER_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.strider_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Tadpole Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TADPOLE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tadpole_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Trader Llama Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TRADER_LLAMA_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.trader_llama_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Tropical Fish Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tropical_fish_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Turtle Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TURTLE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.turtle_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Vex Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_VEX_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.vex_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Villager Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.villager_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WANDERING_TRADER_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.wandering_trader_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Vindicator Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_VINDICATOR_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.vindicator_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Warden Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WARDEN_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.warden_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Witch Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WITCH_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.witch_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WITHER_SKELETON_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.wither_skeleton_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Wolf Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WOLF_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.wolf_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Zoglin Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ZOGLIN_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.zoglin_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Zombie Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ZOMBIE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.zombie_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Zombie Horse Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ZOMBIE_HORSE_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.zombie_horse_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Zombified Piglin Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ZOMBIFIED_PIGLIN_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.zombified_piglin_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Zombie Villager Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ZOMBIE_VILLAGER_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.zombie_villager_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Goat Spawn Egg"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOAT_SPAWN_EGG: &'static str = "item.minecraft.goat_spawn_egg"; #[doc = "Bottle o' Enchanting"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_EXPERIENCE_BOTTLE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.experience_bottle"; #[doc = "Fire Charge"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIRE_CHARGE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.fire_charge"; #[doc = "Book and Quill"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WRITABLE_BOOK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.writable_book"; #[doc = "Written Book"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WRITTEN_BOOK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.written_book"; #[doc = "Flower Pot"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FLOWER_POT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.flower_pot"; #[doc = "Empty Map"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MAP: &'static str = "item.minecraft.map"; #[doc = "Carrot"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CARROT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.carrot"; #[doc = "Golden Carrot"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_CARROT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_carrot"; #[doc = "Potato"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTATO: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potato"; #[doc = "Baked Potato"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BAKED_POTATO: &'static str = "item.minecraft.baked_potato"; #[doc = "Poisonous Potato"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POISONOUS_POTATO: &'static str = "item.minecraft.poisonous_potato"; #[doc = "Carrot on a Stick"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CARROT_ON_A_STICK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.carrot_on_a_stick"; #[doc = "Nether Star"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHER_STAR: &'static str = "item.minecraft.nether_star"; #[doc = "Pumpkin Pie"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PUMPKIN_PIE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.pumpkin_pie"; #[doc = "Enchanted Book"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ENCHANTED_BOOK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.enchanted_book"; #[doc = "Firework Rocket"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_ROCKET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_rocket"; #[doc = "Flight Duration:"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_ROCKET_FLIGHT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_rocket.flight"; #[doc = "Firework Star"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star"; #[doc = "Black"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_BLACK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.black"; #[doc = "Red"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_RED: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.red"; #[doc = "Green"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_GREEN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.green"; #[doc = "Brown"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_BROWN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.brown"; #[doc = "Blue"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_BLUE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.blue"; #[doc = "Purple"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_PURPLE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_CYAN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_GRAY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.gray"; #[doc = "Pink"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_PINK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.pink"; #[doc = "Lime"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_LIME: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_YELLOW: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_MAGENTA: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_ORANGE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.orange"; #[doc = "White"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_WHITE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.white"; #[doc = "Custom"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_CUSTOM_COLOR: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.custom_color"; #[doc = "Fade to"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_FADE_TO: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.fade_to"; #[doc = "Twinkle"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_FLICKER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.flicker"; #[doc = "Trail"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_TRAIL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.trail"; #[doc = "Small Ball"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_SHAPE_SMALL_BALL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.shape.small_ball"; #[doc = "Large Ball"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_SHAPE_LARGE_BALL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.shape.large_ball"; #[doc = "Star-shaped"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_SHAPE_STAR: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.shape.star"; #[doc = "Creeper-shaped"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_SHAPE_CREEPER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.shape.creeper"; #[doc = "Burst"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_SHAPE_BURST: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.shape.burst"; #[doc = "Unknown Shape"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_STAR_SHAPE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.firework_star.shape"; #[doc = "Nether Brick"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHER_BRICK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.nether_brick"; #[doc = "Nether Quartz"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_QUARTZ: &'static str = "item.minecraft.quartz"; #[doc = "Armor Stand"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ARMOR_STAND: &'static str = "item.minecraft.armor_stand"; #[doc = "Iron Horse Armor"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_HORSE_ARMOR: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_horse_armor"; #[doc = "Golden Horse Armor"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOLDEN_HORSE_ARMOR: &'static str = "item.minecraft.golden_horse_armor"; #[doc = "Diamond Horse Armor"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DIAMOND_HORSE_ARMOR: &'static str = "item.minecraft.diamond_horse_armor"; #[doc = "Leather Horse Armor"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LEATHER_HORSE_ARMOR: &'static str = "item.minecraft.leather_horse_armor"; #[doc = "Prismarine Shard"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PRISMARINE_SHARD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.prismarine_shard"; #[doc = "Prismarine Crystals"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PRISMARINE_CRYSTALS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.prismarine_crystals"; #[doc = "Chorus Fruit"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CHORUS_FRUIT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.chorus_fruit"; #[doc = "Popped Chorus Fruit"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POPPED_CHORUS_FRUIT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.popped_chorus_fruit"; #[doc = "Beetroot"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BEETROOT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.beetroot"; #[doc = "Beetroot Seeds"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BEETROOT_SEEDS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.beetroot_seeds"; #[doc = "Beetroot Soup"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_BEETROOT_SOUP: &'static str = "item.minecraft.beetroot_soup"; #[doc = "Dragon's Breath"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DRAGON_BREATH: &'static str = "item.minecraft.dragon_breath"; #[doc = "Elytra"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ELYTRA: &'static str = "item.minecraft.elytra"; #[doc = "Totem of Undying"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TOTEM_OF_UNDYING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.totem_of_undying"; #[doc = "Shulker Shell"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHULKER_SHELL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shulker_shell"; #[doc = "Iron Nugget"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_IRON_NUGGET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.iron_nugget"; #[doc = "Knowledge Book"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_KNOWLEDGE_BOOK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.knowledge_book"; #[doc = "Debug Stick"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DEBUG_STICK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.debug_stick"; #[doc = "%s has no properties"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DEBUG_STICK_EMPTY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.debug_stick.empty"; #[doc = "\"%s\" to %s"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DEBUG_STICK_UPDATE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.debug_stick.update"; #[doc = "selected \"%s\" (%s)"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_DEBUG_STICK_SELECT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.debug_stick.select"; #[doc = "Trident"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TRIDENT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.trident"; #[doc = "Scute"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SCUTE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.scute"; #[doc = "Turtle Shell"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TURTLE_HELMET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.turtle_helmet"; #[doc = "Phantom Membrane"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PHANTOM_MEMBRANE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.phantom_membrane"; #[doc = "Nautilus Shell"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NAUTILUS_SHELL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.nautilus_shell"; #[doc = "Heart of the Sea"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_HEART_OF_THE_SEA: &'static str = "item.minecraft.heart_of_the_sea"; #[doc = "Crossbow"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CROSSBOW: &'static str = "item.minecraft.crossbow"; #[doc = "Projectile:"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CROSSBOW_PROJECTILE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.crossbow.projectile"; #[doc = "Suspicious Stew"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SUSPICIOUS_STEW: &'static str = "item.minecraft.suspicious_stew"; #[doc = "Banner Pattern"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CREEPER_BANNER_PATTERN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.creeper_banner_pattern"; #[doc = "Banner Pattern"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SKULL_BANNER_PATTERN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.skull_banner_pattern"; #[doc = "Banner Pattern"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FLOWER_BANNER_PATTERN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.flower_banner_pattern"; #[doc = "Banner Pattern"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MOJANG_BANNER_PATTERN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.mojang_banner_pattern"; #[doc = "Banner Pattern"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GLOBE_BANNER_PATTERN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.globe_banner_pattern"; #[doc = "Creeper Charge"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_CREEPER_BANNER_PATTERN_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.creeper_banner_pattern.desc"; #[doc = "Skull Charge"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SKULL_BANNER_PATTERN_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.skull_banner_pattern.desc"; #[doc = "Flower Charge"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_FLOWER_BANNER_PATTERN_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.flower_banner_pattern.desc"; #[doc = "Thing"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_MOJANG_BANNER_PATTERN_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.mojang_banner_pattern.desc"; #[doc = "Globe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GLOBE_BANNER_PATTERN_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.globe_banner_pattern.desc"; #[doc = "Banner Pattern"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PIGLIN_BANNER_PATTERN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.piglin_banner_pattern"; #[doc = "Snout"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_PIGLIN_BANNER_PATTERN_DESC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.piglin_banner_pattern.desc"; #[doc = "Sweet Berries"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SWEET_BERRIES: &'static str = "item.minecraft.sweet_berries"; #[doc = "Honey Bottle"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_HONEY_BOTTLE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.honey_bottle"; #[doc = "Honeycomb"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_HONEYCOMB: &'static str = "item.minecraft.honeycomb"; #[doc = "Lodestone Compass"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LODESTONE_COMPASS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lodestone_compass"; #[doc = "Netherite Scrap"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_SCRAP: &'static str = "item.minecraft.netherite_scrap"; #[doc = "Netherite Ingot"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_INGOT: &'static str = "item.minecraft.netherite_ingot"; #[doc = "Netherite Helmet"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_HELMET: &'static str = "item.minecraft.netherite_helmet"; #[doc = "Netherite Chestplate"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_CHESTPLATE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.netherite_chestplate"; #[doc = "Netherite Leggings"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_LEGGINGS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.netherite_leggings"; #[doc = "Netherite Boots"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_BOOTS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.netherite_boots"; #[doc = "Netherite Axe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_AXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.netherite_axe"; #[doc = "Netherite Pickaxe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_PICKAXE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.netherite_pickaxe"; #[doc = "Netherite Hoe"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_HOE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.netherite_hoe"; #[doc = "Netherite Shovel"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_SHOVEL: &'static str = "item.minecraft.netherite_shovel"; #[doc = "Netherite Sword"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_NETHERITE_SWORD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.netherite_sword"; #[doc = "Warped Fungus on a Stick"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_WARPED_FUNGUS_ON_A_STICK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.warped_fungus_on_a_stick"; #[doc = "Glow Ink Sac"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GLOW_INK_SAC: &'static str = "item.minecraft.glow_ink_sac"; #[doc = "Glow Item Frame"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GLOW_ITEM_FRAME: &'static str = "item.minecraft.glow_item_frame"; #[doc = "Echo Shard"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_ECHO_SHARD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.echo_shard"; #[doc = "Goat Horn"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_GOAT_HORN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.goat_horn"; #[doc = "Ponder"] pub const INSTRUMENT_MINECRAFT_PONDER_GOAT_HORN: &'static str = "instrument.minecraft.ponder_goat_horn"; #[doc = "Sing"] pub const INSTRUMENT_MINECRAFT_SING_GOAT_HORN: &'static str = "instrument.minecraft.sing_goat_horn"; #[doc = "Seek"] pub const INSTRUMENT_MINECRAFT_SEEK_GOAT_HORN: &'static str = "instrument.minecraft.seek_goat_horn"; #[doc = "Feel"] pub const INSTRUMENT_MINECRAFT_FEEL_GOAT_HORN: &'static str = "instrument.minecraft.feel_goat_horn"; #[doc = "Admire"] pub const INSTRUMENT_MINECRAFT_ADMIRE_GOAT_HORN: &'static str = "instrument.minecraft.admire_goat_horn"; #[doc = "Call"] pub const INSTRUMENT_MINECRAFT_CALL_GOAT_HORN: &'static str = "instrument.minecraft.call_goat_horn"; #[doc = "Yearn"] pub const INSTRUMENT_MINECRAFT_YEARN_GOAT_HORN: &'static str = "instrument.minecraft.yearn_goat_horn"; #[doc = "Dream"] pub const INSTRUMENT_MINECRAFT_DREAM_GOAT_HORN: &'static str = "instrument.minecraft.dream_goat_horn"; #[doc = "Inventory"] pub const CONTAINER_INVENTORY: &'static str = "container.inventory"; #[doc = "Item Hopper"] pub const CONTAINER_HOPPER: &'static str = "container.hopper"; #[doc = "Crafting"] pub const CONTAINER_CRAFTING: &'static str = "container.crafting"; #[doc = "Dispenser"] pub const CONTAINER_DISPENSER: &'static str = "container.dispenser"; #[doc = "Dropper"] pub const CONTAINER_DROPPER: &'static str = "container.dropper"; #[doc = "Furnace"] pub const CONTAINER_FURNACE: &'static str = "container.furnace"; #[doc = "Enchant"] pub const CONTAINER_ENCHANT: &'static str = "container.enchant"; #[doc = "Smoker"] pub const CONTAINER_SMOKER: &'static str = "container.smoker"; #[doc = "Lectern"] pub const CONTAINER_LECTERN: &'static str = "container.lectern"; #[doc = "Blast Furnace"] pub const CONTAINER_BLAST_FURNACE: &'static str = "container.blast_furnace"; #[doc = "1 Lapis Lazuli"] pub const CONTAINER_ENCHANT_LAPIS_ONE: &'static str = "container.enchant.lapis.one"; #[doc = "%s Lapis Lazuli"] pub const CONTAINER_ENCHANT_LAPIS_MANY: &'static str = "container.enchant.lapis.many"; #[doc = "1 Enchantment Level"] pub const CONTAINER_ENCHANT_LEVEL_ONE: &'static str = "container.enchant.level.one"; #[doc = "%s Enchantment Levels"] pub const CONTAINER_ENCHANT_LEVEL_MANY: &'static str = "container.enchant.level.many"; #[doc = "Level Requirement: %s"] pub const CONTAINER_ENCHANT_LEVEL_REQUIREMENT: &'static str = "container.enchant.level.requirement"; #[doc = "%s . . . ?"] pub const CONTAINER_ENCHANT_CLUE: &'static str = "container.enchant.clue"; #[doc = "Repair & Name"] pub const CONTAINER_REPAIR: &'static str = "container.repair"; #[doc = "Enchantment Cost: %1$s"] pub const CONTAINER_REPAIR_COST: &'static str = "container.repair.cost"; #[doc = "Too Expensive!"] pub const CONTAINER_REPAIR_EXPENSIVE: &'static str = "container.repair.expensive"; #[doc = "Item Selection"] pub const CONTAINER_CREATIVE: &'static str = "container.creative"; #[doc = "Brewing Stand"] pub const CONTAINER_BREWING: &'static str = "container.brewing"; #[doc = "Chest"] pub const CONTAINER_CHEST: &'static str = "container.chest"; #[doc = "Large Chest"] pub const CONTAINER_CHEST_DOUBLE: &'static str = "container.chestDouble"; #[doc = "Ender Chest"] pub const CONTAINER_ENDERCHEST: &'static str = "container.enderchest"; #[doc = "Beacon"] pub const CONTAINER_BEACON: &'static str = "container.beacon"; #[doc = "Shulker Box"] pub const CONTAINER_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "container.shulkerBox"; #[doc = "and %s more..."] pub const CONTAINER_SHULKER_BOX_MORE: &'static str = "container.shulkerBox.more"; #[doc = "Barrel"] pub const CONTAINER_BARREL: &'static str = "container.barrel"; #[doc = "Unable to open. Loot not generated yet."] pub const CONTAINER_SPECTATOR_CANT_OPEN: &'static str = "container.spectatorCantOpen"; #[doc = "%s is locked!"] pub const CONTAINER_IS_LOCKED: &'static str = "container.isLocked"; #[doc = "Loom"] pub const CONTAINER_LOOM: &'static str = "container.loom"; #[doc = "Repair & Disenchant"] pub const CONTAINER_GRINDSTONE_TITLE: &'static str = "container.grindstone_title"; #[doc = "Cartography Table"] pub const CONTAINER_CARTOGRAPHY_TABLE: &'static str = "container.cartography_table"; #[doc = "Stonecutter"] pub const CONTAINER_STONECUTTER: &'static str = "container.stonecutter"; #[doc = "Upgrade Gear"] pub const CONTAINER_UPGRADE: &'static str = "container.upgrade"; #[doc = "Invalid structure name '%s'"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_INVALID_STRUCTURE_NAME: &'static str = "structure_block.invalid_structure_name"; #[doc = "Structure saved as '%s'"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_SAVE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "structure_block.save_success"; #[doc = "Unable to save structure '%s'"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_SAVE_FAILURE: &'static str = "structure_block.save_failure"; #[doc = "Structure loaded from '%s'"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_LOAD_SUCCESS: &'static str = "structure_block.load_success"; #[doc = "Structure '%s' position prepared"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_LOAD_PREPARE: &'static str = "structure_block.load_prepare"; #[doc = "Structure '%s' is not available"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_LOAD_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "structure_block.load_not_found"; #[doc = "Size successfully detected for '%s'"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_SIZE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "structure_block.size_success"; #[doc = "Unable to detect structure size. Add corners with matching structure names"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_SIZE_FAILURE: &'static str = "structure_block.size_failure"; #[doc = "Save"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_MODE_SAVE: &'static str = "structure_block.mode.save"; #[doc = "Load"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_MODE_LOAD: &'static str = "structure_block.mode.load"; #[doc = "Data"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_MODE_DATA: &'static str = "structure_block.mode.data"; #[doc = "Corner"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_MODE_CORNER: &'static str = "structure_block.mode.corner"; #[doc = "Save: %s"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_HOVER_SAVE: &'static str = "structure_block.hover.save"; #[doc = "Load: %s"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_HOVER_LOAD: &'static str = "structure_block.hover.load"; #[doc = "Data: %s"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_HOVER_DATA: &'static str = "structure_block.hover.data"; #[doc = "Corner: %s"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_HOVER_CORNER: &'static str = "structure_block.hover.corner"; #[doc = "Save Mode - Write to File"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_MODE_INFO_SAVE: &'static str = "structure_block.mode_info.save"; #[doc = "Load mode - Load from File"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_MODE_INFO_LOAD: &'static str = "structure_block.mode_info.load"; #[doc = "Data mode - Game Logic Marker"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_MODE_INFO_DATA: &'static str = "structure_block.mode_info.data"; #[doc = "Corner Mode - Placement and Size Marker"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_MODE_INFO_CORNER: &'static str = "structure_block.mode_info.corner"; #[doc = "Structure Name"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_STRUCTURE_NAME: &'static str = "structure_block.structure_name"; #[doc = "Custom Data Tag Name"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_CUSTOM_DATA: &'static str = "structure_block.custom_data"; #[doc = "Relative Position"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_POSITION: &'static str = "structure_block.position"; #[doc = "relative Position x"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_POSITION_X: &'static str = "structure_block.position.x"; #[doc = "relative position y"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_POSITION_Y: &'static str = "structure_block.position.y"; #[doc = "relative position z"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_POSITION_Z: &'static str = "structure_block.position.z"; #[doc = "Structure Size"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_SIZE: &'static str = "structure_block.size"; #[doc = "structure size x"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_SIZE_X: &'static str = "structure_block.size.x"; #[doc = "structure size y"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_SIZE_Y: &'static str = "structure_block.size.y"; #[doc = "structure size z"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_SIZE_Z: &'static str = "structure_block.size.z"; #[doc = "Structure Integrity and Seed"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_INTEGRITY: &'static str = "structure_block.integrity"; #[doc = "Structure Integrity"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_INTEGRITY_INTEGRITY: &'static str = "structure_block.integrity.integrity"; #[doc = "Structure Seed"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_INTEGRITY_SEED: &'static str = "structure_block.integrity.seed"; #[doc = "Include entities:"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_INCLUDE_ENTITIES: &'static str = "structure_block.include_entities"; #[doc = "Detect structure size and position:"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_DETECT_SIZE: &'static str = "structure_block.detect_size"; #[doc = "DETECT"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_BUTTON_DETECT_SIZE: &'static str = "structure_block.button.detect_size"; #[doc = "SAVE"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_BUTTON_SAVE: &'static str = "structure_block.button.save"; #[doc = "LOAD"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_BUTTON_LOAD: &'static str = "structure_block.button.load"; #[doc = "Show Invisible Blocks:"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_SHOW_AIR: &'static str = "structure_block.show_air"; #[doc = "Show Bounding Box:"] pub const STRUCTURE_BLOCK_SHOW_BOUNDINGBOX: &'static str = "structure_block.show_boundingbox"; #[doc = "Target Pool:"] pub const JIGSAW_BLOCK_POOL: &'static str = "jigsaw_block.pool"; #[doc = "Name:"] pub const JIGSAW_BLOCK_NAME: &'static str = "jigsaw_block.name"; #[doc = "Target Name:"] pub const JIGSAW_BLOCK_TARGET: &'static str = "jigsaw_block.target"; #[doc = "Turns into:"] pub const JIGSAW_BLOCK_FINAL_STATE: &'static str = "jigsaw_block.final_state"; #[doc = "Levels: %s"] pub const JIGSAW_BLOCK_LEVELS: &'static str = "jigsaw_block.levels"; #[doc = "Keep Jigsaws"] pub const JIGSAW_BLOCK_KEEP_JIGSAWS: &'static str = "jigsaw_block.keep_jigsaws"; #[doc = "Generate"] pub const JIGSAW_BLOCK_GENERATE: &'static str = "jigsaw_block.generate"; #[doc = "Joint Type:"] pub const JIGSAW_BLOCK_JOINT_LABEL: &'static str = "jigsaw_block.joint_label"; #[doc = "Rollable"] pub const JIGSAW_BLOCK_JOINT_ROLLABLE: &'static str = "jigsaw_block.joint.rollable"; #[doc = "Aligned"] pub const JIGSAW_BLOCK_JOINT_ALIGNED: &'static str = "jigsaw_block.joint.aligned"; #[doc = "Dyed"] pub const ITEM_DYED: &'static str = "item.dyed"; #[doc = "Unbreakable"] pub const ITEM_UNBREAKABLE: &'static str = "item.unbreakable"; #[doc = "Can break:"] pub const ITEM_CAN_BREAK: &'static str = "item.canBreak"; #[doc = "Can be placed on:"] pub const ITEM_CAN_PLACE: &'static str = "item.canPlace"; #[doc = "Color: %s"] pub const ITEM_COLOR: &'static str = "item.color"; #[doc = "NBT: %s tag(s)"] pub const ITEM_NBT_TAGS: &'static str = "item.nbt_tags"; #[doc = "Durability: %s / %s"] pub const ITEM_DURABILITY: &'static str = "item.durability"; #[doc = "Woodland Explorer Map"] pub const FILLED_MAP_MANSION: &'static str = "filled_map.mansion"; #[doc = "Ocean Explorer Map"] pub const FILLED_MAP_MONUMENT: &'static str = "filled_map.monument"; #[doc = "Buried Treasure Map"] pub const FILLED_MAP_BURIED_TREASURE: &'static str = "filled_map.buried_treasure"; #[doc = "Unknown Map"] pub const FILLED_MAP_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "filled_map.unknown"; #[doc = "Id #%s"] pub const FILLED_MAP_ID: &'static str = "filled_map.id"; #[doc = "(Level %s/%s)"] pub const FILLED_MAP_LEVEL: &'static str = "filled_map.level"; #[doc = "Scaling at 1:%s"] pub const FILLED_MAP_SCALE: &'static str = "filled_map.scale"; #[doc = "Locked"] pub const FILLED_MAP_LOCKED: &'static str = "filled_map.locked"; #[doc = "Allay"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ALLAY: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.allay"; #[doc = "Area Effect Cloud"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_AREA_EFFECT_CLOUD: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.area_effect_cloud"; #[doc = "Armor Stand"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ARMOR_STAND: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.armor_stand"; #[doc = "Arrow"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ARROW: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.arrow"; #[doc = "Axolotl"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_AXOLOTL: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.axolotl"; #[doc = "Bat"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_BAT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.bat"; #[doc = "Bee"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_BEE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.bee"; #[doc = "Blaze"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_BLAZE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.blaze"; #[doc = "Boat"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_BOAT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.boat"; #[doc = "Boat with Chest"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_CHEST_BOAT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.chest_boat"; #[doc = "Cat"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_CAT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.cat"; #[doc = "Cave Spider"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_CAVE_SPIDER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.cave_spider"; #[doc = "Minecart with Chest"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_CHEST_MINECART: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.chest_minecart"; #[doc = "Chicken"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_CHICKEN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.chicken"; #[doc = "Minecart with Command Block"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_COMMAND_BLOCK_MINECART: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.command_block_minecart"; #[doc = "Cod"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_COD: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.cod"; #[doc = "Cow"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_COW: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.cow"; #[doc = "Creeper"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_CREEPER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.creeper"; #[doc = "Dolphin"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_DOLPHIN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.dolphin"; #[doc = "Donkey"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_DONKEY: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.donkey"; #[doc = "Drowned"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_DROWNED: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.drowned"; #[doc = "Dragon Fireball"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_DRAGON_FIREBALL: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.dragon_fireball"; #[doc = "Thrown Egg"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_EGG: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.egg"; #[doc = "Elder Guardian"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ELDER_GUARDIAN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.elder_guardian"; #[doc = "End Crystal"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_END_CRYSTAL: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.end_crystal"; #[doc = "Ender Dragon"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ENDER_DRAGON: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.ender_dragon"; #[doc = "Thrown Ender Pearl"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ENDER_PEARL: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.ender_pearl"; #[doc = "Enderman"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ENDERMAN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.enderman"; #[doc = "Endermite"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ENDERMITE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.endermite"; #[doc = "Evoker Fangs"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_EVOKER_FANGS: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.evoker_fangs"; #[doc = "Evoker"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_EVOKER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.evoker"; #[doc = "Eye of Ender"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_EYE_OF_ENDER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.eye_of_ender"; #[doc = "Falling Block"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_FALLING_BLOCK: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.falling_block"; #[doc = "Fireball"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_FIREBALL: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.fireball"; #[doc = "Firework Rocket"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_FIREWORK_ROCKET: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.firework_rocket"; #[doc = "Fishing Bobber"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_FISHING_BOBBER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.fishing_bobber"; #[doc = "Fox"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_FOX: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.fox"; #[doc = "Frog"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_FROG: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.frog"; #[doc = "Minecart with Furnace"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_FURNACE_MINECART: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.furnace_minecart"; #[doc = "Ghast"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_GHAST: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.ghast"; #[doc = "Giant"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_GIANT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.giant"; #[doc = "Glow Item Frame"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_GLOW_ITEM_FRAME: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.glow_item_frame"; #[doc = "Glow Squid"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_GLOW_SQUID: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.glow_squid"; #[doc = "Goat"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_GOAT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.goat"; #[doc = "Guardian"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_GUARDIAN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.guardian"; #[doc = "Hoglin"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_HOGLIN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.hoglin"; #[doc = "Minecart with Hopper"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_HOPPER_MINECART: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.hopper_minecart"; #[doc = "Horse"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_HORSE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.horse"; #[doc = "Husk"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_HUSK: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.husk"; #[doc = "Ravager"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_RAVAGER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.ravager"; #[doc = "Illusioner"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ILLUSIONER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.illusioner"; #[doc = "Item"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ITEM: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.item"; #[doc = "Item Frame"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ITEM_FRAME: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.item_frame"; #[doc = "The Killer Bunny"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_KILLER_BUNNY: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.killer_bunny"; #[doc = "Leash Knot"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_LEASH_KNOT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.leash_knot"; #[doc = "Lightning Bolt"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_LIGHTNING_BOLT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.lightning_bolt"; #[doc = "Llama"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_LLAMA: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.llama"; #[doc = "Llama Spit"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_LLAMA_SPIT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.llama_spit"; #[doc = "Magma Cube"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_MAGMA_CUBE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.magma_cube"; #[doc = "Marker"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_MARKER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.marker"; #[doc = "Minecart"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_MINECART: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.minecart"; #[doc = "Mooshroom"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_MOOSHROOM: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.mooshroom"; #[doc = "Mule"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_MULE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.mule"; #[doc = "Ocelot"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_OCELOT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.ocelot"; #[doc = "Painting"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_PAINTING: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.painting"; #[doc = "Panda"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_PANDA: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.panda"; #[doc = "Parrot"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_PARROT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.parrot"; #[doc = "Phantom"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_PHANTOM: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.phantom"; #[doc = "Pig"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_PIG: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.pig"; #[doc = "Piglin"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_PIGLIN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.piglin"; #[doc = "Piglin Brute"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_PIGLIN_BRUTE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.piglin_brute"; #[doc = "Pillager"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_PILLAGER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.pillager"; #[doc = "Player"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_PLAYER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.player"; #[doc = "Polar Bear"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_POLAR_BEAR: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.polar_bear"; #[doc = "Potion"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_POTION: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.potion"; #[doc = "Pufferfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_PUFFERFISH: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.pufferfish"; #[doc = "Rabbit"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_RABBIT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.rabbit"; #[doc = "Salmon"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SALMON: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.salmon"; #[doc = "Sheep"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SHEEP: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.sheep"; #[doc = "Shulker"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SHULKER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.shulker"; #[doc = "Shulker Bullet"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SHULKER_BULLET: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.shulker_bullet"; #[doc = "Silverfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SILVERFISH: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.silverfish"; #[doc = "Skeleton"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SKELETON: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.skeleton"; #[doc = "Skeleton Horse"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SKELETON_HORSE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.skeleton_horse"; #[doc = "Slime"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SLIME: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.slime"; #[doc = "Small Fireball"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SMALL_FIREBALL: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.small_fireball"; #[doc = "Snowball"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SNOWBALL: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.snowball"; #[doc = "Snow Golem"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SNOW_GOLEM: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.snow_golem"; #[doc = "Minecart with Spawner"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SPAWNER_MINECART: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.spawner_minecart"; #[doc = "Spectral Arrow"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SPECTRAL_ARROW: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.spectral_arrow"; #[doc = "Spider"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SPIDER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.spider"; #[doc = "Squid"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_SQUID: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.squid"; #[doc = "Stray"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_STRAY: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.stray"; #[doc = "Strider"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_STRIDER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.strider"; #[doc = "Tadpole"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TADPOLE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tadpole"; #[doc = "Primed TNT"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TNT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tnt"; #[doc = "Minecart with TNT"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TNT_MINECART: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tnt_minecart"; #[doc = "Trader Llama"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TRADER_LLAMA: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.trader_llama"; #[doc = "Trident"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TRIDENT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.trident"; #[doc = "Tropical Fish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish"; #[doc = "Anemone"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_0: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.0"; #[doc = "Black Tang"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_1: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.1"; #[doc = "Blue Tang"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_2: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.2"; #[doc = "Butterflyfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_3: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.3"; #[doc = "Cichlid"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_4: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.4"; #[doc = "Clownfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_5: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.5"; #[doc = "Cotton Candy Betta"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_6: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.6"; #[doc = "Dottyback"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_7: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.7"; #[doc = "Emperor Red Snapper"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_8: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.8"; #[doc = "Goatfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_9: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.9"; #[doc = "Moorish Idol"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_10: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.10"; #[doc = "Ornate Butterflyfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_11: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.11"; #[doc = "Parrotfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_12: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.12"; #[doc = "Queen Angelfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_13: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.13"; #[doc = "Red Cichlid"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_14: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.14"; #[doc = "Red Lipped Blenny"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_15: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.15"; #[doc = "Red Snapper"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_16: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.16"; #[doc = "Threadfin"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_17: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.17"; #[doc = "Tomato Clownfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_18: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.18"; #[doc = "Triggerfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_19: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.19"; #[doc = "Yellowtail Parrotfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_20: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.20"; #[doc = "Yellow Tang"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_PREDEFINED_21: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.predefined.21"; #[doc = "Flopper"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_FLOPPER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.flopper"; #[doc = "Stripey"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_STRIPEY: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.stripey"; #[doc = "Glitter"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_GLITTER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.glitter"; #[doc = "Blockfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_BLOCKFISH: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.blockfish"; #[doc = "Betty"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_BETTY: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.betty"; #[doc = "Clayfish"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_CLAYFISH: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.clayfish"; #[doc = "Kob"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_KOB: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.kob"; #[doc = "Sunstreak"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_SUNSTREAK: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.sunstreak"; #[doc = "Snooper"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_SNOOPER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.snooper"; #[doc = "Dasher"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_DASHER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.dasher"; #[doc = "Brinely"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_BRINELY: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.brinely"; #[doc = "Spotty"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TROPICAL_FISH_TYPE_SPOTTY: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.spotty"; #[doc = "Turtle"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_TURTLE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.turtle"; #[doc = "Vex"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VEX: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.vex"; #[doc = "Armorer"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_ARMORER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.armorer"; #[doc = "Butcher"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_BUTCHER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.butcher"; #[doc = "Cartographer"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_CARTOGRAPHER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.cartographer"; #[doc = "Cleric"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_CLERIC: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.cleric"; #[doc = "Farmer"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_FARMER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.farmer"; #[doc = "Fisherman"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_FISHERMAN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.fisherman"; #[doc = "Fletcher"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_FLETCHER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.fletcher"; #[doc = "Leatherworker"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_LEATHERWORKER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.leatherworker"; #[doc = "Librarian"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_LIBRARIAN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.librarian"; #[doc = "Mason"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_MASON: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.mason"; #[doc = "Villager"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_NONE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.none"; #[doc = "Nitwit"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_NITWIT: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.nitwit"; #[doc = "Shepherd"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_SHEPHERD: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.shepherd"; #[doc = "Toolsmith"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_TOOLSMITH: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.toolsmith"; #[doc = "Weaponsmith"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER_WEAPONSMITH: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager.weaponsmith"; #[doc = "Villager"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VILLAGER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.villager"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_WANDERING_TRADER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.wandering_trader"; #[doc = "Iron Golem"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_IRON_GOLEM: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.iron_golem"; #[doc = "Vindicator"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_VINDICATOR: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.vindicator"; #[doc = "Warden"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_WARDEN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.warden"; #[doc = "Witch"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_WITCH: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.witch"; #[doc = "Wither"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_WITHER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.wither"; #[doc = "Wither Skeleton"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_WITHER_SKELETON: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.wither_skeleton"; #[doc = "Wither Skull"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_WITHER_SKULL: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.wither_skull"; #[doc = "Wolf"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_WOLF: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.wolf"; #[doc = "Thrown Bottle o' Enchanting"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_EXPERIENCE_BOTTLE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.experience_bottle"; #[doc = "Experience Orb"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_EXPERIENCE_ORB: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.experience_orb"; #[doc = "Zoglin"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ZOGLIN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.zoglin"; #[doc = "Zombie"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ZOMBIE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.zombie"; #[doc = "Zombie Horse"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ZOMBIE_HORSE: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.zombie_horse"; #[doc = "Zombified Piglin"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ZOMBIFIED_PIGLIN: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.zombified_piglin"; #[doc = "Zombie Villager"] pub const ENTITY_MINECRAFT_ZOMBIE_VILLAGER: &'static str = "entity.minecraft.zombie_villager"; #[doc = "%1$s fell off a ladder"] pub const DEATH_FELL_ACCIDENT_LADDER: &'static str = "death.fell.accident.ladder"; #[doc = "%1$s fell off some vines"] pub const DEATH_FELL_ACCIDENT_VINES: &'static str = "death.fell.accident.vines"; #[doc = "%1$s fell off some weeping vines"] pub const DEATH_FELL_ACCIDENT_WEEPING_VINES: &'static str = "death.fell.accident.weeping_vines"; #[doc = "%1$s fell off some twisting vines"] pub const DEATH_FELL_ACCIDENT_TWISTING_VINES: &'static str = "death.fell.accident.twisting_vines"; #[doc = "%1$s fell off scaffolding"] pub const DEATH_FELL_ACCIDENT_SCAFFOLDING: &'static str = "death.fell.accident.scaffolding"; #[doc = "%1$s fell while climbing"] pub const DEATH_FELL_ACCIDENT_OTHER_CLIMBABLE: &'static str = "death.fell.accident.other_climbable"; #[doc = "%1$s fell from a high place"] pub const DEATH_FELL_ACCIDENT_GENERIC: &'static str = "death.fell.accident.generic"; #[doc = "%1$s was doomed to fall"] pub const DEATH_FELL_KILLER: &'static str = "death.fell.killer"; #[doc = "%1$s was doomed to fall by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_FELL_ASSIST: &'static str = "death.fell.assist"; #[doc = "%1$s was doomed to fall by %2$s using %3$s"] pub const DEATH_FELL_ASSIST_ITEM: &'static str = "death.fell.assist.item"; #[doc = "%1$s fell too far and was finished by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_FELL_FINISH: &'static str = "death.fell.finish"; #[doc = "%1$s fell too far and was finished by %2$s using %3$s"] pub const DEATH_FELL_FINISH_ITEM: &'static str = "death.fell.finish.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was struck by lightning"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_LIGHTNING_BOLT: &'static str = "death.attack.lightningBolt"; #[doc = "%1$s was struck by lightning whilst fighting %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_LIGHTNING_BOLT_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.lightningBolt.player"; #[doc = "%1$s went up in flames"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_IN_FIRE: &'static str = "death.attack.inFire"; #[doc = "%1$s walked into fire whilst fighting %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_IN_FIRE_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.inFire.player"; #[doc = "%1$s burned to death"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_ON_FIRE: &'static str = "death.attack.onFire"; #[doc = "%1$s was burnt to a crisp whilst fighting %2$s wielding %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_ON_FIRE_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.onFire.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was burnt to a crisp whilst fighting %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_ON_FIRE_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.onFire.player"; #[doc = "%1$s tried to swim in lava"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_LAVA: &'static str = "death.attack.lava"; #[doc = "%1$s tried to swim in lava to escape %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_LAVA_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.lava.player"; #[doc = "%1$s discovered the floor was lava"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_HOT_FLOOR: &'static str = "death.attack.hotFloor"; #[doc = "%1$s walked into danger zone due to %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_HOT_FLOOR_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.hotFloor.player"; #[doc = "%1$s suffocated in a wall"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_IN_WALL: &'static str = "death.attack.inWall"; #[doc = "%1$s suffocated in a wall whilst fighting %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_IN_WALL_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.inWall.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was squished too much"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_CRAMMING: &'static str = "death.attack.cramming"; #[doc = "%1$s was squashed by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_CRAMMING_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.cramming.player"; #[doc = "%1$s drowned"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_DROWN: &'static str = "death.attack.drown"; #[doc = "%1$s drowned whilst trying to escape %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_DROWN_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.drown.player"; #[doc = "%1$s died from dehydration"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_DRYOUT: &'static str = "death.attack.dryout"; #[doc = "%1$s died from dehydration whilst trying to escape %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_DRYOUT_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.dryout.player"; #[doc = "%1$s starved to death"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_STARVE: &'static str = "death.attack.starve"; #[doc = "%1$s starved to death whilst fighting %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_STARVE_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.starve.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was pricked to death"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_CACTUS: &'static str = "death.attack.cactus"; #[doc = "%1$s walked into a cactus whilst trying to escape %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_CACTUS_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.cactus.player"; #[doc = "%1$s died"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_GENERIC: &'static str = "death.attack.generic"; #[doc = "%1$s died because of %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_GENERIC_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.generic.player"; #[doc = "%1$s blew up"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_EXPLOSION: &'static str = "death.attack.explosion"; #[doc = "%1$s was blown up by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_EXPLOSION_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.explosion.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was blown up by %2$s using %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_EXPLOSION_PLAYER_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.explosion.player.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was killed by magic"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_MAGIC: &'static str = "death.attack.magic"; #[doc = "%1$s was killed by magic whilst trying to escape %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_MAGIC_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.magic.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was killed by even more magic"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_EVEN_MORE_MAGIC: &'static str = "death.attack.even_more_magic"; #[doc = "Actually, message was too long to deliver fully. Sorry! Here's stripped version: %s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_MESSAGE_TOO_LONG: &'static str = "death.attack.message_too_long"; #[doc = "%1$s withered away"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_WITHER: &'static str = "death.attack.wither"; #[doc = "%1$s withered away whilst fighting %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_WITHER_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.wither.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was shot by a skull from %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_WITHER_SKULL: &'static str = "death.attack.witherSkull"; #[doc = "%1$s was shot by a skull from %2$s using %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_WITHER_SKULL_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.witherSkull.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was squashed by a falling anvil"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_ANVIL: &'static str = "death.attack.anvil"; #[doc = "%1$s was squashed by a falling anvil whilst fighting %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_ANVIL_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.anvil.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was squashed by a falling block"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FALLING_BLOCK: &'static str = "death.attack.fallingBlock"; #[doc = "%1$s was squashed by a falling block whilst fighting %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FALLING_BLOCK_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.fallingBlock.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was impaled on a stalagmite"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_STALAGMITE: &'static str = "death.attack.stalagmite"; #[doc = "%1$s was impaled on a stalagmite whilst fighting %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_STALAGMITE_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.stalagmite.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was skewered by a falling stalactite"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FALLING_STALACTITE: &'static str = "death.attack.fallingStalactite"; #[doc = "%1$s was skewered by a falling stalactite whilst fighting %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FALLING_STALACTITE_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.fallingStalactite.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was obliterated by a sonically-charged shriek"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_SONIC_BOOM: &'static str = "death.attack.sonic_boom"; #[doc = "%1$s was obliterated by a sonically-charged shriek whilst trying to escape %2$s wielding %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_SONIC_BOOM_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.sonic_boom.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was obliterated by a sonically-charged shriek whilst trying to escape %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_SONIC_BOOM_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.sonic_boom.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was slain by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_MOB: &'static str = "death.attack.mob"; #[doc = "%1$s was slain by %2$s using %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_MOB_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.mob.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was slain by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was slain by %2$s using %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_PLAYER_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.player.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was shot by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_ARROW: &'static str = "death.attack.arrow"; #[doc = "%1$s was shot by %2$s using %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_ARROW_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.arrow.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was fireballed by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FIREBALL: &'static str = "death.attack.fireball"; #[doc = "%1$s was fireballed by %2$s using %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FIREBALL_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.fireball.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was pummeled by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_THROWN: &'static str = "death.attack.thrown"; #[doc = "%1$s was pummeled by %2$s using %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_THROWN_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.thrown.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was killed by %2$s using magic"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_INDIRECT_MAGIC: &'static str = "death.attack.indirectMagic"; #[doc = "%1$s was killed by %2$s using %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_INDIRECT_MAGIC_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.indirectMagic.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was killed trying to hurt %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_THORNS: &'static str = "death.attack.thorns"; #[doc = "%1$s was killed by %3$s trying to hurt %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_THORNS_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.thorns.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was impaled by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_TRIDENT: &'static str = "death.attack.trident"; #[doc = "%1$s was impaled by %2$s with %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_TRIDENT_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.trident.item"; #[doc = "%1$s hit the ground too hard"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FALL: &'static str = "death.attack.fall"; #[doc = "%1$s hit the ground too hard whilst trying to escape %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FALL_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.fall.player"; #[doc = "%1$s fell out of the world"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_OUT_OF_WORLD: &'static str = "death.attack.outOfWorld"; #[doc = "%1$s didn't want to live in the same world as %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_OUT_OF_WORLD_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.outOfWorld.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was roasted in dragon breath"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_DRAGON_BREATH: &'static str = "death.attack.dragonBreath"; #[doc = "%1$s was roasted in dragon breath by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_DRAGON_BREATH_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.dragonBreath.player"; #[doc = "%1$s experienced kinetic energy"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FLY_INTO_WALL: &'static str = "death.attack.flyIntoWall"; #[doc = "%1$s experienced kinetic energy whilst trying to escape %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FLY_INTO_WALL_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.flyIntoWall.player"; #[doc = "%1$s went off with a bang"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FIREWORKS: &'static str = "death.attack.fireworks"; #[doc = "%1$s went off with a bang whilst fighting %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FIREWORKS_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.fireworks.player"; #[doc = "%1$s went off with a bang due to a firework fired from %3$s by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FIREWORKS_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.fireworks.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was killed by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_BAD_RESPAWN_POINT_MESSAGE: &'static str = "death.attack.badRespawnPoint.message"; #[doc = "Intentional Game Design"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_BAD_RESPAWN_POINT_LINK: &'static str = "death.attack.badRespawnPoint.link"; #[doc = "%1$s was poked to death by a sweet berry bush"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_SWEET_BERRY_BUSH: &'static str = "death.attack.sweetBerryBush"; #[doc = "%1$s was poked to death by a sweet berry bush whilst trying to escape %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_SWEET_BERRY_BUSH_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.sweetBerryBush.player"; #[doc = "%1$s was stung to death"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_STING: &'static str = "death.attack.sting"; #[doc = "%1$s was stung to death by %2$s using %3$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_STING_ITEM: &'static str = "death.attack.sting.item"; #[doc = "%1$s was stung to death by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_STING_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.sting.player"; #[doc = "%1$s froze to death"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FREEZE: &'static str = "death.attack.freeze"; #[doc = "%1$s was frozen to death by %2$s"] pub const DEATH_ATTACK_FREEZE_PLAYER: &'static str = "death.attack.freeze.player"; #[doc = "Respawn"] pub const DEATH_SCREEN_RESPAWN: &'static str = "deathScreen.respawn"; #[doc = "Spectate World"] pub const DEATH_SCREEN_SPECTATE: &'static str = "deathScreen.spectate"; #[doc = "Title Screen"] pub const DEATH_SCREEN_TITLE_SCREEN: &'static str = "deathScreen.titleScreen"; #[doc = "Score"] pub const DEATH_SCREEN_SCORE: &'static str = "deathScreen.score"; #[doc = "Game Over!"] pub const DEATH_SCREEN_TITLE_HARDCORE: &'static str = "deathScreen.title.hardcore"; #[doc = "You Died!"] pub const DEATH_SCREEN_TITLE: &'static str = "deathScreen.title"; #[doc = "Are you sure you want to quit?"] pub const DEATH_SCREEN_QUIT_CONFIRM: &'static str = "deathScreen.quit.confirm"; #[doc = "No Effects"] pub const EFFECT_NONE: &'static str = "effect.none"; #[doc = "Speed"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_SPEED: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.speed"; #[doc = "Slowness"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_SLOWNESS: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.slowness"; #[doc = "Haste"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_HASTE: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.haste"; #[doc = "Mining Fatigue"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_MINING_FATIGUE: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.mining_fatigue"; #[doc = "Strength"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_STRENGTH: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.strength"; #[doc = "Instant Health"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_INSTANT_HEALTH: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.instant_health"; #[doc = "Instant Damage"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_INSTANT_DAMAGE: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.instant_damage"; #[doc = "Jump Boost"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_JUMP_BOOST: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.jump_boost"; #[doc = "Nausea"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_NAUSEA: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.nausea"; #[doc = "Regeneration"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_REGENERATION: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.regeneration"; #[doc = "Resistance"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_RESISTANCE: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.resistance"; #[doc = "Fire Resistance"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_FIRE_RESISTANCE: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.fire_resistance"; #[doc = "Water Breathing"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_WATER_BREATHING: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.water_breathing"; #[doc = "Invisibility"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_INVISIBILITY: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.invisibility"; #[doc = "Blindness"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_BLINDNESS: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.blindness"; #[doc = "Night Vision"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_NIGHT_VISION: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.night_vision"; #[doc = "Hunger"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_HUNGER: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.hunger"; #[doc = "Weakness"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_WEAKNESS: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.weakness"; #[doc = "Poison"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_POISON: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.poison"; #[doc = "Wither"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_WITHER: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.wither"; #[doc = "Health Boost"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_HEALTH_BOOST: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.health_boost"; #[doc = "Absorption"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_ABSORPTION: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.absorption"; #[doc = "Saturation"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_SATURATION: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.saturation"; #[doc = "Glowing"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_GLOWING: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.glowing"; #[doc = "Luck"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_LUCK: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.luck"; #[doc = "Bad Luck"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_UNLUCK: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.unluck"; #[doc = "Levitation"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_LEVITATION: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.levitation"; #[doc = "Slow Falling"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_SLOW_FALLING: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.slow_falling"; #[doc = "Conduit Power"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_CONDUIT_POWER: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.conduit_power"; #[doc = "Dolphin's Grace"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_DOLPHINS_GRACE: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.dolphins_grace"; #[doc = "Bad Omen"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_BAD_OMEN: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.bad_omen"; #[doc = "Hero of the Village"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_HERO_OF_THE_VILLAGE: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.hero_of_the_village"; #[doc = "Darkness"] pub const EFFECT_MINECRAFT_DARKNESS: &'static str = "effect.minecraft.darkness"; #[doc = "Raid"] pub const EVENT_MINECRAFT_RAID: &'static str = "event.minecraft.raid"; #[doc = "Raiders Remaining: %s"] pub const EVENT_MINECRAFT_RAID_RAIDERS_REMAINING: &'static str = "event.minecraft.raid.raiders_remaining"; #[doc = "Victory"] pub const EVENT_MINECRAFT_RAID_VICTORY: &'static str = "event.minecraft.raid.victory"; #[doc = "Defeat"] pub const EVENT_MINECRAFT_RAID_DEFEAT: &'static str = "event.minecraft.raid.defeat"; #[doc = "Uncraftable Tipped Arrow"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_EMPTY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.empty"; #[doc = "Arrow of Splashing"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_WATER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.water"; #[doc = "Tipped Arrow"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_MUNDANE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.mundane"; #[doc = "Tipped Arrow"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_THICK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.thick"; #[doc = "Tipped Arrow"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_AWKWARD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.awkward"; #[doc = "Arrow of Night Vision"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_NIGHT_VISION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.night_vision"; #[doc = "Arrow of Invisibility"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_INVISIBILITY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.invisibility"; #[doc = "Arrow of Leaping"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_LEAPING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.leaping"; #[doc = "Arrow of Fire Resistance"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_FIRE_RESISTANCE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.fire_resistance"; #[doc = "Arrow of Swiftness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_SWIFTNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.swiftness"; #[doc = "Arrow of Slowness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_SLOWNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.slowness"; #[doc = "Arrow of Water Breathing"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_WATER_BREATHING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.water_breathing"; #[doc = "Arrow of Healing"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_HEALING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.healing"; #[doc = "Arrow of Harming"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_HARMING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.harming"; #[doc = "Arrow of Poison"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_POISON: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.poison"; #[doc = "Arrow of Regeneration"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_REGENERATION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.regeneration"; #[doc = "Arrow of Strength"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_STRENGTH: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.strength"; #[doc = "Arrow of Weakness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_WEAKNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.weakness"; #[doc = "Arrow of Levitation"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_LEVITATION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.levitation"; #[doc = "Arrow of Luck"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_LUCK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.luck"; #[doc = "Arrow of the Turtle Master"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_TURTLE_MASTER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.turtle_master"; #[doc = "Arrow of Slow Falling"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_TIPPED_ARROW_EFFECT_SLOW_FALLING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow.effect.slow_falling"; #[doc = "When Applied:"] pub const POTION_WHEN_DRANK: &'static str = "potion.whenDrank"; #[doc = "%s %s"] pub const POTION_WITH_AMPLIFIER: &'static str = "potion.withAmplifier"; #[doc = "%s (%s)"] pub const POTION_WITH_DURATION: &'static str = "potion.withDuration"; #[doc = "Uncraftable Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_EMPTY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.empty"; #[doc = "Water Bottle"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_WATER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.water"; #[doc = "Mundane Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_MUNDANE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.mundane"; #[doc = "Thick Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_THICK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.thick"; #[doc = "Awkward Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_AWKWARD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.awkward"; #[doc = "Potion of Night Vision"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_NIGHT_VISION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.night_vision"; #[doc = "Potion of Invisibility"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_INVISIBILITY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.invisibility"; #[doc = "Potion of Leaping"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_LEAPING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.leaping"; #[doc = "Potion of Fire Resistance"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_FIRE_RESISTANCE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.fire_resistance"; #[doc = "Potion of Swiftness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_SWIFTNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.swiftness"; #[doc = "Potion of Slowness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_SLOWNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.slowness"; #[doc = "Potion of Water Breathing"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_WATER_BREATHING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.water_breathing"; #[doc = "Potion of Healing"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_HEALING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.healing"; #[doc = "Potion of Harming"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_HARMING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.harming"; #[doc = "Potion of Poison"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_POISON: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.poison"; #[doc = "Potion of Regeneration"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_REGENERATION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.regeneration"; #[doc = "Potion of Strength"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_STRENGTH: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.strength"; #[doc = "Potion of Weakness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_WEAKNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.weakness"; #[doc = "Potion of Levitation"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_LEVITATION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.levitation"; #[doc = "Potion of Luck"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_LUCK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.luck"; #[doc = "Potion of the Turtle Master"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_TURTLE_MASTER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.turtle_master"; #[doc = "Potion of Slow Falling"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_POTION_EFFECT_SLOW_FALLING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.potion.effect.slow_falling"; #[doc = "Splash Uncraftable Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_EMPTY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.empty"; #[doc = "Splash Water Bottle"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_WATER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.water"; #[doc = "Mundane Splash Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_MUNDANE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.mundane"; #[doc = "Thick Splash Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_THICK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.thick"; #[doc = "Awkward Splash Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_AWKWARD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.awkward"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Night Vision"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_NIGHT_VISION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.night_vision"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Invisibility"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_INVISIBILITY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.invisibility"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Leaping"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_LEAPING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.leaping"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Fire Resistance"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_FIRE_RESISTANCE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.fire_resistance"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Swiftness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_SWIFTNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.swiftness"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Slowness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_SLOWNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.slowness"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Water Breathing"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_WATER_BREATHING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.water_breathing"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Healing"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_HEALING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.healing"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Harming"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_HARMING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.harming"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Poison"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_POISON: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.poison"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Regeneration"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_REGENERATION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.regeneration"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Strength"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_STRENGTH: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.strength"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Weakness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_WEAKNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.weakness"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Levitation"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_LEVITATION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.levitation"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Luck"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_LUCK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.luck"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of the Turtle Master"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_TURTLE_MASTER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.turtle_master"; #[doc = "Splash Potion of Slow Falling"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SPLASH_POTION_EFFECT_SLOW_FALLING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.splash_potion.effect.slow_falling"; #[doc = "Lingering Uncraftable Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_EMPTY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.empty"; #[doc = "Lingering Water Bottle"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_WATER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.water"; #[doc = "Mundane Lingering Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_MUNDANE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.mundane"; #[doc = "Thick Lingering Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_THICK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.thick"; #[doc = "Awkward Lingering Potion"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_AWKWARD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.awkward"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Night Vision"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_NIGHT_VISION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.night_vision"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Invisibility"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_INVISIBILITY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.invisibility"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Leaping"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_LEAPING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.leaping"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Fire Resistance"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_FIRE_RESISTANCE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.fire_resistance"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Swiftness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_SWIFTNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.swiftness"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Slowness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_SLOWNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.slowness"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Water Breathing"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_WATER_BREATHING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.water_breathing"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Healing"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_HEALING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.healing"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Harming"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_HARMING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.harming"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Poison"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_POISON: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.poison"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Regeneration"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_REGENERATION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.regeneration"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Strength"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_STRENGTH: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.strength"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Weakness"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_WEAKNESS: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.weakness"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Levitation"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_LEVITATION: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.levitation"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Luck"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_LUCK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.luck"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of the Turtle Master"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_TURTLE_MASTER: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.turtle_master"; #[doc = "Lingering Potion of Slow Falling"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_LINGERING_POTION_EFFECT_SLOW_FALLING: &'static str = "item.minecraft.lingering_potion.effect.slow_falling"; #[doc = ""] pub const POTION_POTENCY_0: &'static str = "potion.potency.0"; #[doc = "II"] pub const POTION_POTENCY_1: &'static str = "potion.potency.1"; #[doc = "III"] pub const POTION_POTENCY_2: &'static str = "potion.potency.2"; #[doc = "IV"] pub const POTION_POTENCY_3: &'static str = "potion.potency.3"; #[doc = "V"] pub const POTION_POTENCY_4: &'static str = "potion.potency.4"; #[doc = "VI"] pub const POTION_POTENCY_5: &'static str = "potion.potency.5"; #[doc = "Sharpness"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_SHARPNESS: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.sharpness"; #[doc = "Smite"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_SMITE: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.smite"; #[doc = "Bane of Arthropods"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_BANE_OF_ARTHROPODS: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.bane_of_arthropods"; #[doc = "Knockback"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_KNOCKBACK: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.knockback"; #[doc = "Fire Aspect"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_FIRE_ASPECT: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.fire_aspect"; #[doc = "Sweeping Edge"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_SWEEPING: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.sweeping"; #[doc = "Protection"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_PROTECTION: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.protection"; #[doc = "Fire Protection"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_FIRE_PROTECTION: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.fire_protection"; #[doc = "Feather Falling"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_FEATHER_FALLING: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.feather_falling"; #[doc = "Blast Protection"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_BLAST_PROTECTION: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.blast_protection"; #[doc = "Projectile Protection"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_PROJECTILE_PROTECTION: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.projectile_protection"; #[doc = "Respiration"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_RESPIRATION: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.respiration"; #[doc = "Aqua Affinity"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_AQUA_AFFINITY: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.aqua_affinity"; #[doc = "Depth Strider"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_DEPTH_STRIDER: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.depth_strider"; #[doc = "Frost Walker"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_FROST_WALKER: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.frost_walker"; #[doc = "Soul Speed"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_SOUL_SPEED: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.soul_speed"; #[doc = "Swift Sneak"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_SWIFT_SNEAK: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.swift_sneak"; #[doc = "Efficiency"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_EFFICIENCY: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.efficiency"; #[doc = "Silk Touch"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_SILK_TOUCH: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.silk_touch"; #[doc = "Unbreaking"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_UNBREAKING: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.unbreaking"; #[doc = "Looting"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_LOOTING: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.looting"; #[doc = "Fortune"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_FORTUNE: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.fortune"; #[doc = "Luck of the Sea"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_LUCK_OF_THE_SEA: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.luck_of_the_sea"; #[doc = "Lure"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_LURE: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.lure"; #[doc = "Power"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_POWER: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.power"; #[doc = "Flame"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_FLAME: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.flame"; #[doc = "Punch"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_PUNCH: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.punch"; #[doc = "Infinity"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_INFINITY: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.infinity"; #[doc = "Thorns"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_THORNS: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.thorns"; #[doc = "Mending"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_MENDING: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.mending"; #[doc = "Curse of Binding"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_BINDING_CURSE: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.binding_curse"; #[doc = "Curse of Vanishing"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_VANISHING_CURSE: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.vanishing_curse"; #[doc = "Loyalty"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_LOYALTY: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.loyalty"; #[doc = "Impaling"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_IMPALING: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.impaling"; #[doc = "Riptide"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_RIPTIDE: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.riptide"; #[doc = "Channeling"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_CHANNELING: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.channeling"; #[doc = "Multishot"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_MULTISHOT: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.multishot"; #[doc = "Quick Charge"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_QUICK_CHARGE: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.quick_charge"; #[doc = "Piercing"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_MINECRAFT_PIERCING: &'static str = "enchantment.minecraft.piercing"; #[doc = "I"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_LEVEL_1: &'static str = "enchantment.level.1"; #[doc = "II"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_LEVEL_2: &'static str = "enchantment.level.2"; #[doc = "III"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_LEVEL_3: &'static str = "enchantment.level.3"; #[doc = "IV"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_LEVEL_4: &'static str = "enchantment.level.4"; #[doc = "V"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_LEVEL_5: &'static str = "enchantment.level.5"; #[doc = "VI"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_LEVEL_6: &'static str = "enchantment.level.6"; #[doc = "VII"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_LEVEL_7: &'static str = "enchantment.level.7"; #[doc = "VIII"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_LEVEL_8: &'static str = "enchantment.level.8"; #[doc = "IX"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_LEVEL_9: &'static str = "enchantment.level.9"; #[doc = "X"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_LEVEL_10: &'static str = "enchantment.level.10"; #[doc = "%s minute(s)"] pub const GUI_MINUTES: &'static str = "gui.minutes"; #[doc = "%s hour(s)"] pub const GUI_HOURS: &'static str = "gui.hours"; #[doc = "%s day(s)"] pub const GUI_DAYS: &'static str = "gui.days"; #[doc = "Advancements"] pub const GUI_ADVANCEMENTS: &'static str = "gui.advancements"; #[doc = "Statistics"] pub const GUI_STATS: &'static str = "gui.stats"; #[doc = "Type: %s"] pub const GUI_ENTITY_TOOLTIP_TYPE: &'static str = "gui.entity_tooltip.type"; #[doc = "There doesn't seem to be anything here..."] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_EMPTY: &'static str = "advancements.empty"; #[doc = ":("] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_SAD_LABEL: &'static str = "advancements.sad_label"; #[doc = "Advancement Made!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_TOAST_TASK: &'static str = "advancements.toast.task"; #[doc = "Challenge Complete!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_TOAST_CHALLENGE: &'static str = "advancements.toast.challenge"; #[doc = "Goal Reached!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_TOAST_GOAL: &'static str = "advancements.toast.goal"; #[doc = "Statistic"] pub const STATS_TOOLTIP_TYPE_STATISTIC: &'static str = "stats.tooltip.type.statistic"; #[doc = "General"] pub const STAT_GENERAL_BUTTON: &'static str = "stat.generalButton"; #[doc = "Items"] pub const STAT_ITEMS_BUTTON: &'static str = "stat.itemsButton"; #[doc = "Mobs"] pub const STAT_MOBS_BUTTON: &'static str = "stat.mobsButton"; #[doc = "Times Mined"] pub const STAT_TYPE_MINECRAFT_MINED: &'static str = "stat_type.minecraft.mined"; #[doc = "Times Crafted"] pub const STAT_TYPE_MINECRAFT_CRAFTED: &'static str = "stat_type.minecraft.crafted"; #[doc = "Times Used"] pub const STAT_TYPE_MINECRAFT_USED: &'static str = "stat_type.minecraft.used"; #[doc = "Times Broken"] pub const STAT_TYPE_MINECRAFT_BROKEN: &'static str = "stat_type.minecraft.broken"; #[doc = "Picked Up"] pub const STAT_TYPE_MINECRAFT_PICKED_UP: &'static str = "stat_type.minecraft.picked_up"; #[doc = "Dropped"] pub const STAT_TYPE_MINECRAFT_DROPPED: &'static str = "stat_type.minecraft.dropped"; #[doc = "You killed %s %s"] pub const STAT_TYPE_MINECRAFT_KILLED: &'static str = "stat_type.minecraft.killed"; #[doc = "You have never killed %s"] pub const STAT_TYPE_MINECRAFT_KILLED_NONE: &'static str = "stat_type.minecraft.killed.none"; #[doc = "%s killed you %s time(s)"] pub const STAT_TYPE_MINECRAFT_KILLED_BY: &'static str = "stat_type.minecraft.killed_by"; #[doc = "You have never been killed by %s"] pub const STAT_TYPE_MINECRAFT_KILLED_BY_NONE: &'static str = "stat_type.minecraft.killed_by.none"; #[doc = "Animals Bred"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_ANIMALS_BRED: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.animals_bred"; #[doc = "Distance by Elytra"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_AVIATE_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.aviate_one_cm"; #[doc = "Armor Pieces Cleaned"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_CLEAN_ARMOR: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.clean_armor"; #[doc = "Banners Cleaned"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_CLEAN_BANNER: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.clean_banner"; #[doc = "Shulker Boxes Cleaned"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_CLEAN_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.clean_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Distance Climbed"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_CLIMB_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.climb_one_cm"; #[doc = "Bells Rung"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_BELL_RING: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.bell_ring"; #[doc = "Targets Hit"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_TARGET_HIT: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.target_hit"; #[doc = "Distance by Boat"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_BOAT_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.boat_one_cm"; #[doc = "Distance Crouched"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_CROUCH_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.crouch_one_cm"; #[doc = "Damage Dealt"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_DAMAGE_DEALT: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.damage_dealt"; #[doc = "Damage Dealt (Absorbed)"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_DAMAGE_DEALT_ABSORBED: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.damage_dealt_absorbed"; #[doc = "Damage Dealt (Resisted)"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_DAMAGE_DEALT_RESISTED: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.damage_dealt_resisted"; #[doc = "Damage Taken"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_DAMAGE_TAKEN: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.damage_taken"; #[doc = "Damage Blocked by Shield"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_DAMAGE_BLOCKED_BY_SHIELD: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.damage_blocked_by_shield"; #[doc = "Damage Absorbed"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_DAMAGE_ABSORBED: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.damage_absorbed"; #[doc = "Damage Resisted"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_DAMAGE_RESISTED: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.damage_resisted"; #[doc = "Number of Deaths"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_DEATHS: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.deaths"; #[doc = "Distance Walked under Water"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_WALK_UNDER_WATER_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.walk_under_water_one_cm"; #[doc = "Items Dropped"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_DROP: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.drop"; #[doc = "Cake Slices Eaten"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_EAT_CAKE_SLICE: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.eat_cake_slice"; #[doc = "Items Enchanted"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_ENCHANT_ITEM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.enchant_item"; #[doc = "Distance Fallen"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_FALL_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.fall_one_cm"; #[doc = "Cauldrons Filled"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_FILL_CAULDRON: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.fill_cauldron"; #[doc = "Fish Caught"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_FISH_CAUGHT: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.fish_caught"; #[doc = "Distance Flown"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_FLY_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.fly_one_cm"; #[doc = "Distance by Horse"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_HORSE_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.horse_one_cm"; #[doc = "Dispensers Searched"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INSPECT_DISPENSER: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.inspect_dispenser"; #[doc = "Droppers Searched"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INSPECT_DROPPER: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.inspect_dropper"; #[doc = "Hoppers Searched"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INSPECT_HOPPER: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.inspect_hopper"; #[doc = "Interactions with Anvil"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_ANVIL: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_anvil"; #[doc = "Interactions with Beacon"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_BEACON: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_beacon"; #[doc = "Interactions with Brewing Stand"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_BREWINGSTAND: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_brewingstand"; #[doc = "Interactions with Campfire"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_CAMPFIRE: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_campfire"; #[doc = "Interactions with Cartography Table"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_CARTOGRAPHY_TABLE: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_cartography_table"; #[doc = "Interactions with Crafting Table"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_CRAFTING_TABLE: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_crafting_table"; #[doc = "Interactions with Furnace"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_FURNACE: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_furnace"; #[doc = "Interactions with Grindstone"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_GRINDSTONE: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_grindstone"; #[doc = "Interactions with Lectern"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_LECTERN: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_lectern"; #[doc = "Interactions with Loom"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_LOOM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_loom"; #[doc = "Interactions with Blast Furnace"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_BLAST_FURNACE: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_blast_furnace"; #[doc = "Interactions with Smithing Table"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_SMITHING_TABLE: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_smithing_table"; #[doc = "Interactions with Smoker"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_SMOKER: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_smoker"; #[doc = "Interactions with Stonecutter"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_INTERACT_WITH_STONECUTTER: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.interact_with_stonecutter"; #[doc = "Jumps"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_JUMP: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.jump"; #[doc = "Junk Fished"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_JUNK_FISHED: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.junk_fished"; #[doc = "Games Quit"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_LEAVE_GAME: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.leave_game"; #[doc = "Distance by Minecart"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_MINECART_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.minecart_one_cm"; #[doc = "Mob Kills"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_MOB_KILLS: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.mob_kills"; #[doc = "Barrels Opened"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_OPEN_BARREL: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.open_barrel"; #[doc = "Chests Opened"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_OPEN_CHEST: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.open_chest"; #[doc = "Ender Chests Opened"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_OPEN_ENDERCHEST: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.open_enderchest"; #[doc = "Shulker Boxes Opened"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_OPEN_SHULKER_BOX: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.open_shulker_box"; #[doc = "Distance by Pig"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_PIG_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.pig_one_cm"; #[doc = "Distance by Strider"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_STRIDER_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.strider_one_cm"; #[doc = "Player Kills"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_PLAYER_KILLS: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.player_kills"; #[doc = "Note Blocks Played"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_PLAY_NOTEBLOCK: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.play_noteblock"; #[doc = "Time Played"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_PLAY_TIME: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.play_time"; #[doc = "Music Discs Played"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_PLAY_RECORD: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.play_record"; #[doc = "Plants Potted"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_POT_FLOWER: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.pot_flower"; #[doc = "Raids Triggered"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_RAID_TRIGGER: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.raid_trigger"; #[doc = "Raids Won"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_RAID_WIN: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.raid_win"; #[doc = "Bells Rung"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_RING_BELL: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.ring_bell"; #[doc = "Times Slept in a Bed"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_SLEEP_IN_BED: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.sleep_in_bed"; #[doc = "Sneak Time"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_SNEAK_TIME: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.sneak_time"; #[doc = "Distance Sprinted"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_SPRINT_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.sprint_one_cm"; #[doc = "Distance Walked on Water"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_WALK_ON_WATER_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.walk_on_water_one_cm"; #[doc = "Distance Swum"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_SWIM_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.swim_one_cm"; #[doc = "Talked to Villagers"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_TALKED_TO_VILLAGER: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.talked_to_villager"; #[doc = "Time Since Last Rest"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_TIME_SINCE_REST: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.time_since_rest"; #[doc = "Time Since Last Death"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_TIME_SINCE_DEATH: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.time_since_death"; #[doc = "Time with World Open"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_TOTAL_WORLD_TIME: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.total_world_time"; #[doc = "Traded with Villagers"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_TRADED_WITH_VILLAGER: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.traded_with_villager"; #[doc = "Treasure Fished"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_TREASURE_FISHED: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.treasure_fished"; #[doc = "Trapped Chests Triggered"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_TRIGGER_TRAPPED_CHEST: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.trigger_trapped_chest"; #[doc = "Note Blocks Tuned"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_TUNE_NOTEBLOCK: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.tune_noteblock"; #[doc = "Water Taken from Cauldron"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_USE_CAULDRON: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.use_cauldron"; #[doc = "Distance Walked"] pub const STAT_MINECRAFT_WALK_ONE_CM: &'static str = "stat.minecraft.walk_one_cm"; #[doc = "New Recipes Unlocked!"] pub const RECIPE_TOAST_TITLE: &'static str = "recipe.toast.title"; #[doc = "Check your recipe book"] pub const RECIPE_TOAST_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "recipe.toast.description"; #[doc = "Building Blocks"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_BUILDING_BLOCKS: &'static str = "itemGroup.buildingBlocks"; #[doc = "Decoration Blocks"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_DECORATIONS: &'static str = "itemGroup.decorations"; #[doc = "Redstone"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_REDSTONE: &'static str = "itemGroup.redstone"; #[doc = "Transportation"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_TRANSPORTATION: &'static str = "itemGroup.transportation"; #[doc = "Miscellaneous"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_MISC: &'static str = "itemGroup.misc"; #[doc = "Search Items"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_SEARCH: &'static str = "itemGroup.search"; #[doc = "Foodstuffs"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_FOOD: &'static str = "itemGroup.food"; #[doc = "Tools"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_TOOLS: &'static str = "itemGroup.tools"; #[doc = "Combat"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_COMBAT: &'static str = "itemGroup.combat"; #[doc = "Brewing"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_BREWING: &'static str = "itemGroup.brewing"; #[doc = "Materials"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_MATERIALS: &'static str = "itemGroup.materials"; #[doc = "Survival Inventory"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_INVENTORY: &'static str = "itemGroup.inventory"; #[doc = "Saved Hotbars"] pub const ITEM_GROUP_HOTBAR: &'static str = "itemGroup.hotbar"; #[doc = "Destroy Item"] pub const INVENTORY_BIN_SLOT: &'static str = "inventory.binSlot"; #[doc = "Item hotbar saved (restore with %1$s+%2$s)"] pub const INVENTORY_HOTBAR_SAVED: &'static str = "inventory.hotbarSaved"; #[doc = "Save hotbar with %1$s+%2$s"] pub const INVENTORY_HOTBAR_INFO: &'static str = "inventory.hotbarInfo"; #[doc = "Set Console Command for Block"] pub const ADV_MODE_SET_COMMAND: &'static str = "advMode.setCommand"; #[doc = "Command set: %s"] pub const ADV_MODE_SET_COMMAND_SUCCESS: &'static str = "advMode.setCommand.success"; #[doc = "Console Command"] pub const ADV_MODE_COMMAND: &'static str = "advMode.command"; #[doc = "Use \"@p\" to target nearest player"] pub const ADV_MODE_NEAREST_PLAYER: &'static str = "advMode.nearestPlayer"; #[doc = "Use \"@r\" to target random player"] pub const ADV_MODE_RANDOM_PLAYER: &'static str = "advMode.randomPlayer"; #[doc = "Use \"@a\" to target all players"] pub const ADV_MODE_ALL_PLAYERS: &'static str = "advMode.allPlayers"; #[doc = "Use \"@e\" to target all entities"] pub const ADV_MODE_ALL_ENTITIES: &'static str = "advMode.allEntities"; #[doc = "Use \"@s\" to target the executing entity"] pub const ADV_MODE_SELF: &'static str = "advMode.self"; #[doc = "Previous Output"] pub const ADV_MODE_PREVIOUS_OUTPUT: &'static str = "advMode.previousOutput"; #[doc = "Mode"] pub const ADV_MODE_MODE: &'static str = "advMode.mode"; #[doc = "Chain"] pub const ADV_MODE_MODE_SEQUENCE: &'static str = "advMode.mode.sequence"; #[doc = "Repeat"] pub const ADV_MODE_MODE_AUTO: &'static str = "advMode.mode.auto"; #[doc = "Impulse"] pub const ADV_MODE_MODE_REDSTONE: &'static str = "advMode.mode.redstone"; #[doc = "Type"] pub const ADV_MODE_TYPE: &'static str = "advMode.type"; #[doc = "Conditional"] pub const ADV_MODE_MODE_CONDITIONAL: &'static str = "advMode.mode.conditional"; #[doc = "Unconditional"] pub const ADV_MODE_MODE_UNCONDITIONAL: &'static str = "advMode.mode.unconditional"; #[doc = "Triggering"] pub const ADV_MODE_TRIGGERING: &'static str = "advMode.triggering"; #[doc = "Needs Redstone"] pub const ADV_MODE_MODE_REDSTONE_TRIGGERED: &'static str = "advMode.mode.redstoneTriggered"; #[doc = "Always Active"] pub const ADV_MODE_MODE_AUTOEXEC_BAT: &'static str = "advMode.mode.autoexec.bat"; #[doc = "Command blocks are not enabled on this server"] pub const ADV_MODE_NOT_ENABLED: &'static str = "advMode.notEnabled"; #[doc = "Must be an opped player in creative mode"] pub const ADV_MODE_NOT_ALLOWED: &'static str = "advMode.notAllowed"; #[doc = "Track output"] pub const ADV_MODE_TRACK_OUTPUT: &'static str = "advMode.trackOutput"; #[doc = "Press %1$s to Dismount"] pub const MOUNT_ONBOARD: &'static str = "mount.onboard"; #[doc = "Height limit for building is %s"] pub const BUILD_TOO_HIGH: &'static str = "build.tooHigh"; #[doc = "When in Main Hand:"] pub const ITEM_MODIFIERS_MAINHAND: &'static str = "item.modifiers.mainhand"; #[doc = "When in Off Hand:"] pub const ITEM_MODIFIERS_OFFHAND: &'static str = "item.modifiers.offhand"; #[doc = "When on Feet:"] pub const ITEM_MODIFIERS_FEET: &'static str = "item.modifiers.feet"; #[doc = "When on Legs:"] pub const ITEM_MODIFIERS_LEGS: &'static str = "item.modifiers.legs"; #[doc = "When on Body:"] pub const ITEM_MODIFIERS_CHEST: &'static str = "item.modifiers.chest"; #[doc = "When on Head:"] pub const ITEM_MODIFIERS_HEAD: &'static str = "item.modifiers.head"; #[doc = "Unknown attribute"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "attribute.unknown"; #[doc = "+%s %s"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_PLUS_0: &'static str = "attribute.modifier.plus.0"; #[doc = "+%s%% %s"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_PLUS_1: &'static str = "attribute.modifier.plus.1"; #[doc = "+%s%% %s"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_PLUS_2: &'static str = "attribute.modifier.plus.2"; #[doc = "-%s %s"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_TAKE_0: &'static str = "attribute.modifier.take.0"; #[doc = "-%s%% %s"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_TAKE_1: &'static str = "attribute.modifier.take.1"; #[doc = "-%s%% %s"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_TAKE_2: &'static str = "attribute.modifier.take.2"; #[doc = "%s %s"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_EQUALS_0: &'static str = "attribute.modifier.equals.0"; #[doc = "%s%% %s"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_EQUALS_1: &'static str = "attribute.modifier.equals.1"; #[doc = "%s%% %s"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_EQUALS_2: &'static str = "attribute.modifier.equals.2"; #[doc = "Horse Jump Strength"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_HORSE_JUMP_STRENGTH: &'static str = "attribute.name.horse.jump_strength"; #[doc = "Zombie Reinforcements"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_ZOMBIE_SPAWN_REINFORCEMENTS: &'static str = "attribute.name.zombie.spawn_reinforcements"; #[doc = "Max Health"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_GENERIC_MAX_HEALTH: &'static str = "attribute.name.generic.max_health"; #[doc = "Mob Follow Range"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_GENERIC_FOLLOW_RANGE: &'static str = "attribute.name.generic.follow_range"; #[doc = "Knockback Resistance"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_GENERIC_KNOCKBACK_RESISTANCE: &'static str = "attribute.name.generic.knockback_resistance"; #[doc = "Speed"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_GENERIC_MOVEMENT_SPEED: &'static str = "attribute.name.generic.movement_speed"; #[doc = "Flying Speed"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_GENERIC_FLYING_SPEED: &'static str = "attribute.name.generic.flying_speed"; #[doc = "Attack Damage"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_GENERIC_ATTACK_DAMAGE: &'static str = "attribute.name.generic.attack_damage"; #[doc = "Attack Knockback"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_GENERIC_ATTACK_KNOCKBACK: &'static str = "attribute.name.generic.attack_knockback"; #[doc = "Attack Speed"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_GENERIC_ATTACK_SPEED: &'static str = "attribute.name.generic.attack_speed"; #[doc = "Luck"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_GENERIC_LUCK: &'static str = "attribute.name.generic.luck"; #[doc = "Armor"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_GENERIC_ARMOR: &'static str = "attribute.name.generic.armor"; #[doc = "Armor Toughness"] pub const ATTRIBUTE_NAME_GENERIC_ARMOR_TOUGHNESS: &'static str = "attribute.name.generic.armor_toughness"; #[doc = "Saved screenshot as %s"] pub const SCREENSHOT_SUCCESS: &'static str = "screenshot.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't save screenshot: %s"] pub const SCREENSHOT_FAILURE: &'static str = "screenshot.failure"; #[doc = "Black Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLACK_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.black_banner"; #[doc = "Red Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_RED_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.red_banner"; #[doc = "Green Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GREEN_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.green_banner"; #[doc = "Brown Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BROWN_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.brown_banner"; #[doc = "Blue Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BLUE_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.blue_banner"; #[doc = "Purple Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PURPLE_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.purple_banner"; #[doc = "Cyan Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_CYAN_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.cyan_banner"; #[doc = "Light Gray Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_gray_banner"; #[doc = "Gray Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_GRAY_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.gray_banner"; #[doc = "Pink Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_PINK_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.pink_banner"; #[doc = "Lime Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIME_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.lime_banner"; #[doc = "Yellow Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_YELLOW_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.yellow_banner"; #[doc = "Light Blue Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.light_blue_banner"; #[doc = "Magenta Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.magenta_banner"; #[doc = "Orange Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_ORANGE_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.orange_banner"; #[doc = "White Banner"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_WHITE_BANNER: &'static str = "block.minecraft.white_banner"; #[doc = "Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield"; #[doc = "Black Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_BLACK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.black"; #[doc = "Red Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_RED: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.red"; #[doc = "Green Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_GREEN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.green"; #[doc = "Brown Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_BROWN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_BLUE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_PURPLE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_CYAN: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_GRAY: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_PINK: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_LIME: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_YELLOW: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_MAGENTA: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_ORANGE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.orange"; #[doc = "White Shield"] pub const ITEM_MINECRAFT_SHIELD_WHITE: &'static str = "item.minecraft.shield.white"; #[doc = "Fully Black Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.black"; #[doc = "Fully Red Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.red"; #[doc = "Fully Green Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.green"; #[doc = "Fully Brown Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.brown"; #[doc = "Fully Blue Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.blue"; #[doc = "Fully Purple Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.purple"; #[doc = "Fully Cyan Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.cyan"; #[doc = "Fully Light Gray Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.light_gray"; #[doc = "Fully Gray Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.gray"; #[doc = "Fully Pink Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.pink"; #[doc = "Fully Lime Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.lime"; #[doc = "Fully Yellow Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.yellow"; #[doc = "Fully Light Blue Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.light_blue"; #[doc = "Fully Magenta Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.magenta"; #[doc = "Fully Orange Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.orange"; #[doc = "Fully White Field"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BASE_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.base.white"; #[doc = "Black Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.black"; #[doc = "Red Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.red"; #[doc = "Green Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.green"; #[doc = "Brown Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.orange"; #[doc = "White Base Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_LEFT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_left.white"; #[doc = "Black Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.black"; #[doc = "Red Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.red"; #[doc = "Green Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.green"; #[doc = "Brown Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.orange"; #[doc = "White Base Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_BOTTOM_RIGHT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_bottom_right.white"; #[doc = "Black Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.black"; #[doc = "Red Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.red"; #[doc = "Green Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.green"; #[doc = "Brown Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.orange"; #[doc = "White Chief Dexter Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_LEFT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_left.white"; #[doc = "Black Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.black"; #[doc = "Red Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.red"; #[doc = "Green Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.green"; #[doc = "Brown Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.orange"; #[doc = "White Chief Sinister Canton"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SQUARE_TOP_RIGHT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.square_top_right.white"; #[doc = "Black Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.black"; #[doc = "Red Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.red"; #[doc = "Green Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.green"; #[doc = "Brown Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.orange"; #[doc = "White Base"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_BOTTOM_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_bottom.white"; #[doc = "Black Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.black"; #[doc = "Red Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.red"; #[doc = "Green Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.green"; #[doc = "Brown Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.orange"; #[doc = "White Chief"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_TOP_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_top.white"; #[doc = "Black Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.black"; #[doc = "Red Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.red"; #[doc = "Green Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.green"; #[doc = "Brown Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.orange"; #[doc = "White Pale Dexter"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_LEFT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_left.white"; #[doc = "Black Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.black"; #[doc = "Red Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.red"; #[doc = "Green Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.green"; #[doc = "Brown Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.orange"; #[doc = "White Pale Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_RIGHT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_right.white"; #[doc = "Black Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.black"; #[doc = "Red Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.red"; #[doc = "Green Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.green"; #[doc = "Brown Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.orange"; #[doc = "White Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_CENTER_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_center.white"; #[doc = "Black Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.black"; #[doc = "Red Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.red"; #[doc = "Green Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.green"; #[doc = "Brown Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.orange"; #[doc = "White Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_MIDDLE_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_middle.white"; #[doc = "Black Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.black"; #[doc = "Red Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.red"; #[doc = "Green Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.green"; #[doc = "Brown Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.orange"; #[doc = "White Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNRIGHT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downright.white"; #[doc = "Black Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.black"; #[doc = "Red Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.red"; #[doc = "Green Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.green"; #[doc = "Brown Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.orange"; #[doc = "White Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRIPE_DOWNLEFT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.stripe_downleft.white"; #[doc = "Black Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.black"; #[doc = "Red Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.red"; #[doc = "Green Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.green"; #[doc = "Brown Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.orange"; #[doc = "White Paly"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SMALL_STRIPES_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.small_stripes.white"; #[doc = "Black Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.black"; #[doc = "Red Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.red"; #[doc = "Green Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.green"; #[doc = "Brown Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.orange"; #[doc = "White Saltire"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CROSS_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.cross.white"; #[doc = "Black Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.black"; #[doc = "Red Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.red"; #[doc = "Green Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.green"; #[doc = "Brown Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.orange"; #[doc = "White Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_BOTTOM_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_bottom.white"; #[doc = "Black Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.black"; #[doc = "Red Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.red"; #[doc = "Green Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.green"; #[doc = "Brown Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.orange"; #[doc = "White Inverted Chevron"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLE_TOP_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangle_top.white"; #[doc = "Black Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.black"; #[doc = "Red Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.red"; #[doc = "Green Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.green"; #[doc = "Brown Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.orange"; #[doc = "White Base Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_BOTTOM_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_bottom.white"; #[doc = "Black Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.black"; #[doc = "Red Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.red"; #[doc = "Green Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.green"; #[doc = "Brown Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.orange"; #[doc = "White Chief Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_TRIANGLES_TOP_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.triangles_top.white"; #[doc = "Black Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.black"; #[doc = "Red Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.red"; #[doc = "Green Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.green"; #[doc = "Brown Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.orange"; #[doc = "White Per Bend Sinister"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_LEFT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_left.white"; #[doc = "Black Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.black"; #[doc = "Red Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.red"; #[doc = "Green Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.green"; #[doc = "Brown Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.orange"; #[doc = "White Per Bend"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_RIGHT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_right.white"; #[doc = "Black Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.black"; #[doc = "Red Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.red"; #[doc = "Green Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.green"; #[doc = "Brown Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.orange"; #[doc = "White Per Bend Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_LEFT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_left.white"; #[doc = "Black Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.black"; #[doc = "Red Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.red"; #[doc = "Green Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.green"; #[doc = "Brown Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.orange"; #[doc = "White Per Bend Sinister Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_DIAGONAL_UP_RIGHT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.diagonal_up_right.white"; #[doc = "Black Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.black"; #[doc = "Red Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.red"; #[doc = "Green Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.green"; #[doc = "Brown Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.orange"; #[doc = "White Roundel"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CIRCLE_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.circle.white"; #[doc = "Black Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.black"; #[doc = "Red Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.red"; #[doc = "Green Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.green"; #[doc = "Brown Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.orange"; #[doc = "White Lozenge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_RHOMBUS_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.rhombus.white"; #[doc = "Black Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.black"; #[doc = "Red Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.red"; #[doc = "Green Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.green"; #[doc = "Brown Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.orange"; #[doc = "White Per Pale"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical.white"; #[doc = "Black Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.black"; #[doc = "Red Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.red"; #[doc = "Green Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.green"; #[doc = "Brown Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.orange"; #[doc = "White Per Fess"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal.white"; #[doc = "Black Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.black"; #[doc = "Red Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.red"; #[doc = "Green Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.green"; #[doc = "Brown Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.orange"; #[doc = "White Per Pale Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_VERTICAL_RIGHT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_vertical_right.white"; #[doc = "Black Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.black"; #[doc = "Red Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.red"; #[doc = "Green Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.green"; #[doc = "Brown Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.orange"; #[doc = "White Per Fess Inverted"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_HALF_HORIZONTAL_BOTTOM_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.white"; #[doc = "Black Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.black"; #[doc = "Red Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.red"; #[doc = "Green Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.green"; #[doc = "Brown Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.orange"; #[doc = "White Creeper Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CREEPER_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.creeper.white"; #[doc = "Black Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.black"; #[doc = "Red Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.red"; #[doc = "Green Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.green"; #[doc = "Brown Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.orange"; #[doc = "White Field Masoned"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BRICKS_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.bricks.white"; #[doc = "Black Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.black"; #[doc = "Red Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.red"; #[doc = "Green Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.green"; #[doc = "Brown Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.orange"; #[doc = "White Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient.white"; #[doc = "Black Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.black"; #[doc = "Red Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.red"; #[doc = "Green Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.green"; #[doc = "Brown Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.orange"; #[doc = "White Base Gradient"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GRADIENT_UP_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.gradient_up.white"; #[doc = "Black Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.black"; #[doc = "Red Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.red"; #[doc = "Green Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.green"; #[doc = "Brown Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.orange"; #[doc = "White Skull Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_SKULL_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.skull.white"; #[doc = "Black Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.black"; #[doc = "Red Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.red"; #[doc = "Green Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.green"; #[doc = "Brown Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.orange"; #[doc = "White Flower Charge"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_FLOWER_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.flower.white"; #[doc = "Black Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.black"; #[doc = "Red Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.red"; #[doc = "Green Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.green"; #[doc = "Brown Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.orange"; #[doc = "White Bordure"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_BORDER_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.border.white"; #[doc = "Black Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.black"; #[doc = "Red Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.red"; #[doc = "Green Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.green"; #[doc = "Brown Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.orange"; #[doc = "White Bordure Indented"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_CURLY_BORDER_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.curly_border.white"; #[doc = "Black Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.black"; #[doc = "Red Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.red"; #[doc = "Green Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.green"; #[doc = "Brown Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.orange"; #[doc = "White Thing"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_MOJANG_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.mojang.white"; #[doc = "Black Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.black"; #[doc = "Red Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.red"; #[doc = "Green Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.green"; #[doc = "Brown Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.orange"; #[doc = "White Cross"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_STRAIGHT_CROSS_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.straight_cross.white"; #[doc = "Black Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.black"; #[doc = "Red Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.red"; #[doc = "Green Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.green"; #[doc = "Brown Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.orange"; #[doc = "White Globe"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_GLOBE_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.globe.white"; #[doc = "Black Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_BLACK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.black"; #[doc = "Red Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_RED: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.red"; #[doc = "Green Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_GREEN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.green"; #[doc = "Brown Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_BROWN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.brown"; #[doc = "Blue Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.blue"; #[doc = "Purple Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_PURPLE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.purple"; #[doc = "Cyan Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_CYAN: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.cyan"; #[doc = "Light Gray Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.light_gray"; #[doc = "Gray Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_GRAY: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.gray"; #[doc = "Pink Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_PINK: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.pink"; #[doc = "Lime Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_LIME: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.lime"; #[doc = "Yellow Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_YELLOW: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.yellow"; #[doc = "Light Blue Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.light_blue"; #[doc = "Magenta Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_MAGENTA: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.magenta"; #[doc = "Orange Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_ORANGE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.orange"; #[doc = "White Snout"] pub const BLOCK_MINECRAFT_BANNER_PIGLIN_WHITE: &'static str = "block.minecraft.banner.piglin.white"; #[doc = "Eerie noise"] pub const SUBTITLES_AMBIENT_CAVE: &'static str = "subtitles.ambient.cave"; #[doc = "Amethyst chimes"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_AMETHYST_BLOCK_CHIME: &'static str = "subtitles.block.amethyst_block.chime"; #[doc = "Anvil destroyed"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_ANVIL_DESTROY: &'static str = "subtitles.block.anvil.destroy"; #[doc = "Anvil landed"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_ANVIL_LAND: &'static str = "subtitles.block.anvil.land"; #[doc = "Anvil used"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_ANVIL_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.anvil.use"; #[doc = "Barrel closes"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BARREL_CLOSE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.barrel.close"; #[doc = "Barrel opens"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BARREL_OPEN: &'static str = "subtitles.block.barrel.open"; #[doc = "Beacon activates"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BEACON_ACTIVATE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.beacon.activate"; #[doc = "Beacon hums"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BEACON_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.beacon.ambient"; #[doc = "Beacon deactivates"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BEACON_DEACTIVATE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.beacon.deactivate"; #[doc = "Beacon power selected"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BEACON_POWER_SELECT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.beacon.power_select"; #[doc = "Honey drips"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BEEHIVE_DRIP: &'static str = "subtitles.block.beehive.drip"; #[doc = "Bee enters hive"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BEEHIVE_ENTER: &'static str = "subtitles.block.beehive.enter"; #[doc = "Bee leaves hive"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BEEHIVE_EXIT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.beehive.exit"; #[doc = "Shears scrape"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BEEHIVE_SHEAR: &'static str = "subtitles.block.beehive.shear"; #[doc = "Bees work"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BEEHIVE_WORK: &'static str = "subtitles.block.beehive.work"; #[doc = "Bell resonates"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BELL_RESONATE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.bell.resonate"; #[doc = "Bell rings"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BELL_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.bell.use"; #[doc = "Dripleaf tilts down"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BIG_DRIPLEAF_TILT_DOWN: &'static str = "subtitles.block.big_dripleaf.tilt_down"; #[doc = "Dripleaf tilts up"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BIG_DRIPLEAF_TILT_UP: &'static str = "subtitles.block.big_dripleaf.tilt_up"; #[doc = "Blast Furnace crackles"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BLASTFURNACE_FIRE_CRACKLE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.blastfurnace.fire_crackle"; #[doc = "Brewing Stand bubbles"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BREWING_STAND_BREW: &'static str = "subtitles.block.brewing_stand.brew"; #[doc = "Bubbles pop"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BUBBLE_COLUMN_BUBBLE_POP: &'static str = "subtitles.block.bubble_column.bubble_pop"; #[doc = "Bubbles flow"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BUBBLE_COLUMN_UPWARDS_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.bubble_column.upwards_ambient"; #[doc = "Bubbles woosh"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BUBBLE_COLUMN_UPWARDS_INSIDE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.bubble_column.upwards_inside"; #[doc = "Bubbles whirl"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BUBBLE_COLUMN_WHIRLPOOL_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.bubble_column.whirlpool_ambient"; #[doc = "Bubbles zoom"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BUBBLE_COLUMN_WHIRLPOOL_INSIDE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.bubble_column.whirlpool_inside"; #[doc = "Button clicks"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_BUTTON_CLICK: &'static str = "subtitles.block.button.click"; #[doc = "Campfire crackles"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CAMPFIRE_CRACKLE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.campfire.crackle"; #[doc = "Candle crackles"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CANDLE_CRACKLE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.candle.crackle"; #[doc = "Cake squishes"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CAKE_ADD_CANDLE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.cake.add_candle"; #[doc = "Chest closes"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CHEST_CLOSE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.chest.close"; #[doc = "Chest locked"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CHEST_LOCKED: &'static str = "subtitles.block.chest.locked"; #[doc = "Chest opens"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CHEST_OPEN: &'static str = "subtitles.block.chest.open"; #[doc = "Chorus Flower withers"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CHORUS_FLOWER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.block.chorus_flower.death"; #[doc = "Chorus Flower grows"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CHORUS_FLOWER_GROW: &'static str = "subtitles.block.chorus_flower.grow"; #[doc = "Comparator clicks"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_COMPARATOR_CLICK: &'static str = "subtitles.block.comparator.click"; #[doc = "Composter emptied"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_COMPOSTER_EMPTY: &'static str = "subtitles.block.composter.empty"; #[doc = "Composter filled"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_COMPOSTER_FILL: &'static str = "subtitles.block.composter.fill"; #[doc = "Composter composts"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_COMPOSTER_READY: &'static str = "subtitles.block.composter.ready"; #[doc = "Conduit activates"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CONDUIT_ACTIVATE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.conduit.activate"; #[doc = "Conduit pulses"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CONDUIT_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.conduit.ambient"; #[doc = "Conduit attacks"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CONDUIT_ATTACK_TARGET: &'static str = "subtitles.block.conduit.attack.target"; #[doc = "Conduit deactivates"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_CONDUIT_DEACTIVATE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.conduit.deactivate"; #[doc = "Dispensed item"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_DISPENSER_DISPENSE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.dispenser.dispense"; #[doc = "Dispenser failed"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_DISPENSER_FAIL: &'static str = "subtitles.block.dispenser.fail"; #[doc = "Door creaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_DOOR_TOGGLE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.door.toggle"; #[doc = "Enchanting Table used"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_ENCHANTMENT_TABLE_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.enchantment_table.use"; #[doc = "End Portal opens"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_END_PORTAL_SPAWN: &'static str = "subtitles.block.end_portal.spawn"; #[doc = "Eye of Ender attaches"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_END_PORTAL_FRAME_FILL: &'static str = "subtitles.block.end_portal_frame.fill"; #[doc = "Fence Gate creaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_FENCE_GATE_TOGGLE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.fence_gate.toggle"; #[doc = "Fire crackles"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_FIRE_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.fire.ambient"; #[doc = "Fire extinguished"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_FIRE_EXTINGUISH: &'static str = "subtitles.block.fire.extinguish"; #[doc = "Tadpole hatches"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_FROGSPAWN_HATCH: &'static str = "subtitles.block.frogspawn.hatch"; #[doc = "Furnace crackles"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_FURNACE_FIRE_CRACKLE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.furnace.fire_crackle"; #[doc = "Block broken"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_GENERIC_BREAK: &'static str = "subtitles.block.generic.break"; #[doc = "Footsteps"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_GENERIC_FOOTSTEPS: &'static str = "subtitles.block.generic.footsteps"; #[doc = "Block breaking"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_GENERIC_HIT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.generic.hit"; #[doc = "Block placed"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_GENERIC_PLACE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.generic.place"; #[doc = "Grindstone used"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_GRINDSTONE_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.grindstone.use"; #[doc = "Plant cropped"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_GROWING_PLANT_CROP: &'static str = "subtitles.block.growing_plant.crop"; #[doc = "Sliding down a honey block"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_HONEY_BLOCK_SLIDE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.honey_block.slide"; #[doc = "Wax on"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_HONEYCOMB_WAX_ON: &'static str = "subtitles.item.honeycomb.wax_on"; #[doc = "Trapdoor closes"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_IRON_TRAPDOOR_CLOSE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.iron_trapdoor.close"; #[doc = "Trapdoor opens"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_IRON_TRAPDOOR_OPEN: &'static str = "subtitles.block.iron_trapdoor.open"; #[doc = "Lava pops"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_LAVA_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.lava.ambient"; #[doc = "Lava hisses"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_LAVA_EXTINGUISH: &'static str = "subtitles.block.lava.extinguish"; #[doc = "Lever clicks"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_LEVER_CLICK: &'static str = "subtitles.block.lever.click"; #[doc = "Note Block plays"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_NOTE_BLOCK_NOTE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.note_block.note"; #[doc = "Piston moves"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_PISTON_MOVE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.piston.move"; #[doc = "Stalactite crashes down"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_POINTED_DRIPSTONE_LAND: &'static str = "subtitles.block.pointed_dripstone.land"; #[doc = "Lava drips"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_POINTED_DRIPSTONE_DRIP_LAVA: &'static str = "subtitles.block.pointed_dripstone.drip_lava"; #[doc = "Water drips"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_POINTED_DRIPSTONE_DRIP_WATER: &'static str = "subtitles.block.pointed_dripstone.drip_water"; #[doc = "Lava drips into Cauldron"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_POINTED_DRIPSTONE_DRIP_LAVA_INTO_CAULDRON: &'static str = "subtitles.block.pointed_dripstone.drip_lava_into_cauldron"; #[doc = "Water drips into Cauldron"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_POINTED_DRIPSTONE_DRIP_WATER_INTO_CAULDRON: &'static str = "subtitles.block.pointed_dripstone.drip_water_into_cauldron"; #[doc = "Portal whooshes"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_PORTAL_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.portal.ambient"; #[doc = "Portal noise fades"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_PORTAL_TRAVEL: &'static str = "subtitles.block.portal.travel"; #[doc = "Portal noise intensifies"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_PORTAL_TRIGGER: &'static str = "subtitles.block.portal.trigger"; #[doc = "Pressure Plate clicks"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_PRESSURE_PLATE_CLICK: &'static str = "subtitles.block.pressure_plate.click"; #[doc = "Shears carve"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_PUMPKIN_CARVE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.pumpkin.carve"; #[doc = "Torch fizzes"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_REDSTONE_TORCH_BURNOUT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.redstone_torch.burnout"; #[doc = "Portal whooshes"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_RESPAWN_ANCHOR_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.respawn_anchor.ambient"; #[doc = "Respawn Anchor is charged"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_RESPAWN_ANCHOR_CHARGE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.respawn_anchor.charge"; #[doc = "Respawn Anchor depletes"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_RESPAWN_ANCHOR_DEPLETE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.respawn_anchor.deplete"; #[doc = "Respawn Anchor sets spawn"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_RESPAWN_ANCHOR_SET_SPAWN: &'static str = "subtitles.block.respawn_anchor.set_spawn"; #[doc = "Sculk bubbles"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_SCULK_CHARGE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.sculk.charge"; #[doc = "Sculk spreads"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_SCULK_SPREAD: &'static str = "subtitles.block.sculk.spread"; #[doc = "Sculk Catalyst blooms"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_SCULK_CATALYST_BLOOM: &'static str = "subtitles.block.sculk_catalyst.bloom"; #[doc = "Sculk Sensor starts clicking"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_SCULK_SENSOR_CLICKING: &'static str = "subtitles.block.sculk_sensor.clicking"; #[doc = "Sculk Sensor stops clicking"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_SCULK_SENSOR_CLICKING_STOP: &'static str = "subtitles.block.sculk_sensor.clicking_stop"; #[doc = "Sculk Shrieker shrieks"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_SCULK_SHRIEKER_SHRIEK: &'static str = "subtitles.block.sculk_shrieker.shriek"; #[doc = "Shulker closes"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_SHULKER_BOX_CLOSE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.shulker_box.close"; #[doc = "Shulker opens"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_SHULKER_BOX_OPEN: &'static str = "subtitles.block.shulker_box.open"; #[doc = "Smithing Table used"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_SMITHING_TABLE_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.smithing_table.use"; #[doc = "Smoker smokes"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_SMOKER_SMOKE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.smoker.smoke"; #[doc = "Berries pop"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_SWEET_BERRY_BUSH_PICK_BERRIES: &'static str = "subtitles.block.sweet_berry_bush.pick_berries"; #[doc = "Trapdoor creaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_TRAPDOOR_TOGGLE: &'static str = "subtitles.block.trapdoor.toggle"; #[doc = "Tripwire attaches"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_TRIPWIRE_ATTACH: &'static str = "subtitles.block.tripwire.attach"; #[doc = "Tripwire clicks"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_TRIPWIRE_CLICK: &'static str = "subtitles.block.tripwire.click"; #[doc = "Tripwire detaches"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_TRIPWIRE_DETACH: &'static str = "subtitles.block.tripwire.detach"; #[doc = "Water flows"] pub const SUBTITLES_BLOCK_WATER_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.block.water.ambient"; #[doc = "Thorns prick"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENCHANT_THORNS_HIT: &'static str = "subtitles.enchant.thorns.hit"; #[doc = "Allay dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ALLAY_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.allay.death"; #[doc = "Allay hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ALLAY_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.allay.hurt"; #[doc = "Allay seeks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ALLAY_AMBIENT_WITH_ITEM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.allay.ambient_with_item"; #[doc = "Allay yearns"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ALLAY_AMBIENT_WITHOUT_ITEM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.allay.ambient_without_item"; #[doc = "Allay chortles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ALLAY_ITEM_GIVEN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.allay.item_given"; #[doc = "Allay allays"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ALLAY_ITEM_TAKEN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.allay.item_taken"; #[doc = "Allay tosses"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ALLAY_ITEM_THROWN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.allay.item_thrown"; #[doc = "Something fell"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ARMOR_STAND_FALL: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.armor_stand.fall"; #[doc = "Arrow hits"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ARROW_HIT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.arrow.hit"; #[doc = "Player hit"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ARROW_HIT_PLAYER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.arrow.hit_player"; #[doc = "Arrow fired"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ARROW_SHOOT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.arrow.shoot"; #[doc = "Axolotl attacks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_AXOLOTL_ATTACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.axolotl.attack"; #[doc = "Axolotl dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_AXOLOTL_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.axolotl.death"; #[doc = "Axolotl hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_AXOLOTL_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.axolotl.hurt"; #[doc = "Axolotl chirps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_AXOLOTL_IDLE_AIR: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.axolotl.idle_air"; #[doc = "Axolotl chirps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_AXOLOTL_IDLE_WATER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.axolotl.idle_water"; #[doc = "Axolotl splashes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_AXOLOTL_SPLASH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.axolotl.splash"; #[doc = "Axolotl swims"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_AXOLOTL_SWIM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.axolotl.swim"; #[doc = "Bat screeches"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BAT_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.bat.ambient"; #[doc = "Bat dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BAT_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.bat.death"; #[doc = "Bat hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BAT_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.bat.hurt"; #[doc = "Bat takes off"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BAT_TAKEOFF: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.bat.takeoff"; #[doc = "Bee buzzes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BEE_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.bee.ambient"; #[doc = "Bee dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BEE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.bee.death"; #[doc = "Bee hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BEE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.bee.hurt"; #[doc = "Bee buzzes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BEE_LOOP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.bee.loop"; #[doc = "Bee buzzes angrily"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BEE_LOOP_AGGRESSIVE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.bee.loop_aggressive"; #[doc = "Bee buzzes happily"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BEE_POLLINATE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.bee.pollinate"; #[doc = "Bee stings"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BEE_STING: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.bee.sting"; #[doc = "Blaze breathes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BLAZE_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.blaze.ambient"; #[doc = "Blaze crackles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BLAZE_BURN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.blaze.burn"; #[doc = "Blaze dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BLAZE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.blaze.death"; #[doc = "Blaze hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BLAZE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.blaze.hurt"; #[doc = "Blaze shoots"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BLAZE_SHOOT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.blaze.shoot"; #[doc = "Rowing"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BOAT_PADDLE_LAND: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.boat.paddle_land"; #[doc = "Rowing"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_BOAT_PADDLE_WATER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.boat.paddle_water"; #[doc = "Cat meows"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CAT_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cat.ambient"; #[doc = "Cat begs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CAT_BEG_FOR_FOOD: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cat.beg_for_food"; #[doc = "Cat dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CAT_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cat.death"; #[doc = "Cat eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CAT_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cat.eat"; #[doc = "Cat hisses"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CAT_HISS: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cat.hiss"; #[doc = "Cat hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CAT_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cat.hurt"; #[doc = "Cat purrs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CAT_PURR: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cat.purr"; #[doc = "Chicken clucks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CHICKEN_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.chicken.ambient"; #[doc = "Chicken dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CHICKEN_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.chicken.death"; #[doc = "Chicken plops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CHICKEN_EGG: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.chicken.egg"; #[doc = "Chicken hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CHICKEN_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.chicken.hurt"; #[doc = "Cod dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_COD_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cod.death"; #[doc = "Cod flops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_COD_FLOP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cod.flop"; #[doc = "Cod hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_COD_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cod.hurt"; #[doc = "Cow moos"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_COW_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cow.ambient"; #[doc = "Cow dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_COW_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cow.death"; #[doc = "Cow hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_COW_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cow.hurt"; #[doc = "Cow gets milked"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_COW_MILK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.cow.milk"; #[doc = "Creeper dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CREEPER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.creeper.death"; #[doc = "Creeper hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CREEPER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.creeper.hurt"; #[doc = "Creeper hisses"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_CREEPER_PRIMED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.creeper.primed"; #[doc = "Dolphin chirps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DOLPHIN_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.dolphin.ambient"; #[doc = "Dolphin whistles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DOLPHIN_AMBIENT_WATER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.dolphin.ambient_water"; #[doc = "Dolphin attacks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DOLPHIN_ATTACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.dolphin.attack"; #[doc = "Dolphin dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DOLPHIN_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.dolphin.death"; #[doc = "Dolphin eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DOLPHIN_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.dolphin.eat"; #[doc = "Dolphin hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DOLPHIN_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.dolphin.hurt"; #[doc = "Dolphin jumps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DOLPHIN_JUMP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.dolphin.jump"; #[doc = "Dolphin plays"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DOLPHIN_PLAY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.dolphin.play"; #[doc = "Dolphin splashes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DOLPHIN_SPLASH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.dolphin.splash"; #[doc = "Dolphin swims"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DOLPHIN_SWIM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.dolphin.swim"; #[doc = "Donkey hee-haws"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DONKEY_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.donkey.ambient"; #[doc = "Donkey neighs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DONKEY_ANGRY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.donkey.angry"; #[doc = "Donkey Chest equips"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DONKEY_CHEST: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.donkey.chest"; #[doc = "Donkey dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DONKEY_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.donkey.death"; #[doc = "Donkey eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DONKEY_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.donkey.eat"; #[doc = "Donkey hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DONKEY_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.donkey.hurt"; #[doc = "Drowned gurgles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DROWNED_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.drowned.ambient"; #[doc = "Drowned gurgles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DROWNED_AMBIENT_WATER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.drowned.ambient_water"; #[doc = "Drowned dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DROWNED_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.drowned.death"; #[doc = "Drowned hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DROWNED_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.drowned.hurt"; #[doc = "Drowned throws Trident"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DROWNED_SHOOT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.drowned.shoot"; #[doc = "Drowned steps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DROWNED_STEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.drowned.step"; #[doc = "Drowned swims"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_DROWNED_SWIM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.drowned.swim"; #[doc = "Egg flies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_EGG_THROW: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.egg.throw"; #[doc = "Elder Guardian moans"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ELDER_GUARDIAN_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.ambient"; #[doc = "Elder Guardian flaps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ELDER_GUARDIAN_AMBIENT_LAND: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.ambient_land"; #[doc = "Elder Guardian curses"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ELDER_GUARDIAN_CURSE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.curse"; #[doc = "Elder Guardian dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ELDER_GUARDIAN_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.death"; #[doc = "Elder Guardian flops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ELDER_GUARDIAN_FLOP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.flop"; #[doc = "Elder Guardian hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ELDER_GUARDIAN_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.hurt"; #[doc = "Dragon roars"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDER_DRAGON_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.ambient"; #[doc = "Dragon dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDER_DRAGON_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.death"; #[doc = "Dragon flaps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDER_DRAGON_FLAP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.flap"; #[doc = "Dragon growls"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDER_DRAGON_GROWL: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.growl"; #[doc = "Dragon hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDER_DRAGON_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.hurt"; #[doc = "Dragon shoots"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDER_DRAGON_SHOOT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.shoot"; #[doc = "Eye of Ender falls"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDER_EYE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ender_eye.death"; #[doc = "Eye of Ender shoots"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDER_EYE_LAUNCH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ender_eye.launch"; #[doc = "Ender Pearl flies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDER_PEARL_THROW: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ender_pearl.throw"; #[doc = "Enderman vwoops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDERMAN_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.enderman.ambient"; #[doc = "Enderman dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDERMAN_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.enderman.death"; #[doc = "Enderman hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDERMAN_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.enderman.hurt"; #[doc = "Enderman cries out"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDERMAN_STARE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.enderman.stare"; #[doc = "Enderman teleports"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDERMAN_TELEPORT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.enderman.teleport"; #[doc = "Endermite scuttles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDERMITE_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.endermite.ambient"; #[doc = "Endermite dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDERMITE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.endermite.death"; #[doc = "Endermite hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ENDERMITE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.endermite.hurt"; #[doc = "Evoker murmurs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_EVOKER_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.evoker.ambient"; #[doc = "Evoker casts spell"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_EVOKER_CAST_SPELL: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.evoker.cast_spell"; #[doc = "Evoker cheers"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_EVOKER_CELEBRATE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.evoker.celebrate"; #[doc = "Evoker dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_EVOKER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.evoker.death"; #[doc = "Evoker hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_EVOKER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.evoker.hurt"; #[doc = "Evoker prepares attack"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_EVOKER_PREPARE_ATTACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.evoker.prepare_attack"; #[doc = "Evoker prepares summoning"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_EVOKER_PREPARE_SUMMON: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.evoker.prepare_summon"; #[doc = "Evoker prepares charming"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_EVOKER_PREPARE_WOLOLO: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.evoker.prepare_wololo"; #[doc = "Fangs snap"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_EVOKER_FANGS_ATTACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.evoker_fangs.attack"; #[doc = "Experience gained"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.experience_orb.pickup"; #[doc = "Firework blasts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FIREWORK_ROCKET_BLAST: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.firework_rocket.blast"; #[doc = "Firework launches"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FIREWORK_ROCKET_LAUNCH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.firework_rocket.launch"; #[doc = "Firework twinkles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FIREWORK_ROCKET_TWINKLE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.firework_rocket.twinkle"; #[doc = "Bobber retrieved"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FISHING_BOBBER_RETRIEVE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fishing_bobber.retrieve"; #[doc = "Fishing Bobber splashes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FISHING_BOBBER_SPLASH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fishing_bobber.splash"; #[doc = "Bobber thrown"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FISHING_BOBBER_THROW: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fishing_bobber.throw"; #[doc = "Fox angers"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FOX_AGGRO: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fox.aggro"; #[doc = "Fox squeaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FOX_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fox.ambient"; #[doc = "Fox bites"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FOX_BITE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fox.bite"; #[doc = "Fox dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FOX_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fox.death"; #[doc = "Fox eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FOX_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fox.eat"; #[doc = "Fox hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FOX_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fox.hurt"; #[doc = "Fox screeches"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FOX_SCREECH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fox.screech"; #[doc = "Fox snores"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FOX_SLEEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fox.sleep"; #[doc = "Fox sniffs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FOX_SNIFF: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fox.sniff"; #[doc = "Fox spits"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FOX_SPIT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fox.spit"; #[doc = "Fox teleports"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FOX_TELEPORT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.fox.teleport"; #[doc = "Frog croaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FROG_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.frog.ambient"; #[doc = "Frog dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FROG_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.frog.death"; #[doc = "Frog eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FROG_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.frog.eat"; #[doc = "Frog hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FROG_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.frog.hurt"; #[doc = "Frog lays spawn"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FROG_LAY_SPAWN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.frog.lay_spawn"; #[doc = "Frog jumps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_FROG_LONG_JUMP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.frog.long_jump"; #[doc = "Something fell"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GENERIC_BIG_FALL: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.generic.big_fall"; #[doc = "Burning"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GENERIC_BURN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.generic.burn"; #[doc = "Dying"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GENERIC_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.generic.death"; #[doc = "Sipping"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GENERIC_DRINK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.generic.drink"; #[doc = "Eating"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GENERIC_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.generic.eat"; #[doc = "Explosion"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GENERIC_EXPLODE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.generic.explode"; #[doc = "Fire extinguishes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GENERIC_EXTINGUISH_FIRE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.generic.extinguish_fire"; #[doc = "Something hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GENERIC_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.generic.hurt"; #[doc = "Something trips"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GENERIC_SMALL_FALL: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.generic.small_fall"; #[doc = "Splashing"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GENERIC_SPLASH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.generic.splash"; #[doc = "Swimming"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GENERIC_SWIM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.generic.swim"; #[doc = "Ghast cries"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GHAST_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ghast.ambient"; #[doc = "Ghast dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GHAST_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ghast.death"; #[doc = "Ghast hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GHAST_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ghast.hurt"; #[doc = "Ghast shoots"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GHAST_SHOOT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ghast.shoot"; #[doc = "Glow Item Frame fills"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GLOW_ITEM_FRAME_ADD_ITEM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.glow_item_frame.add_item"; #[doc = "Glow Item Frame breaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GLOW_ITEM_FRAME_BREAK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.glow_item_frame.break"; #[doc = "Glow Item Frame placed"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GLOW_ITEM_FRAME_PLACE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.glow_item_frame.place"; #[doc = "Glow Item Frame empties"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GLOW_ITEM_FRAME_REMOVE_ITEM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.glow_item_frame.remove_item"; #[doc = "Glow Item Frame clicks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GLOW_ITEM_FRAME_ROTATE_ITEM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.glow_item_frame.rotate_item"; #[doc = "Glow Squid swims"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GLOW_SQUID_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.glow_squid.ambient"; #[doc = "Glow Squid dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GLOW_SQUID_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.glow_squid.death"; #[doc = "Glow Squid hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GLOW_SQUID_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.glow_squid.hurt"; #[doc = "Glow Squid shoots ink"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GLOW_SQUID_SQUIRT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.glow_squid.squirt"; #[doc = "Goat bleats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GOAT_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.goat.ambient"; #[doc = "Goat bellows"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GOAT_SCREAMING_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.goat.screaming.ambient"; #[doc = "Goat dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GOAT_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.goat.death"; #[doc = "Goat eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GOAT_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.goat.eat"; #[doc = "Goat Horn breaks off"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GOAT_HORN_BREAK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.goat.horn_break"; #[doc = "Goat hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GOAT_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.goat.hurt"; #[doc = "Goat leaps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GOAT_LONG_JUMP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.goat.long_jump"; #[doc = "Goat gets milked"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GOAT_MILK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.goat.milk"; #[doc = "Goat stomps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GOAT_PREPARE_RAM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.goat.prepare_ram"; #[doc = "Goat rams"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GOAT_RAM_IMPACT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.goat.ram_impact"; #[doc = "Goat steps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GOAT_STEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.goat.step"; #[doc = "Guardian moans"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GUARDIAN_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.guardian.ambient"; #[doc = "Guardian flaps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GUARDIAN_AMBIENT_LAND: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.guardian.ambient_land"; #[doc = "Guardian shoots"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GUARDIAN_ATTACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.guardian.attack"; #[doc = "Guardian dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GUARDIAN_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.guardian.death"; #[doc = "Guardian flops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GUARDIAN_FLOP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.guardian.flop"; #[doc = "Guardian hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_GUARDIAN_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.guardian.hurt"; #[doc = "Hoglin growls"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HOGLIN_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.hoglin.ambient"; #[doc = "Hoglin growls angrily"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HOGLIN_ANGRY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.hoglin.angry"; #[doc = "Hoglin attacks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HOGLIN_ATTACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.hoglin.attack"; #[doc = "Hoglin converts to Zoglin"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HOGLIN_CONVERTED_TO_ZOMBIFIED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.hoglin.converted_to_zombified"; #[doc = "Hoglin dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HOGLIN_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.hoglin.death"; #[doc = "Hoglin hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HOGLIN_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.hoglin.hurt"; #[doc = "Hoglin retreats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HOGLIN_RETREAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.hoglin.retreat"; #[doc = "Hoglin steps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HOGLIN_STEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.hoglin.step"; #[doc = "Horse neighs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HORSE_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.horse.ambient"; #[doc = "Horse neighs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HORSE_ANGRY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.horse.angry"; #[doc = "Horse armor equips"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HORSE_ARMOR: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.horse.armor"; #[doc = "Horse breathes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HORSE_BREATHE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.horse.breathe"; #[doc = "Horse dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HORSE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.horse.death"; #[doc = "Horse eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HORSE_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.horse.eat"; #[doc = "Horse gallops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HORSE_GALLOP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.horse.gallop"; #[doc = "Horse hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HORSE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.horse.hurt"; #[doc = "Horse jumps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HORSE_JUMP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.horse.jump"; #[doc = "Saddle equips"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HORSE_SADDLE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.horse.saddle"; #[doc = "Husk groans"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HUSK_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.husk.ambient"; #[doc = "Husk converts to Zombie"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HUSK_CONVERTED_TO_ZOMBIE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.husk.converted_to_zombie"; #[doc = "Husk dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HUSK_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.husk.death"; #[doc = "Husk hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_HUSK_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.husk.hurt"; #[doc = "Illusioner murmurs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ILLUSIONER_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.illusioner.ambient"; #[doc = "Illusioner casts spell"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ILLUSIONER_CAST_SPELL: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.illusioner.cast_spell"; #[doc = "Illusioner dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ILLUSIONER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.illusioner.death"; #[doc = "Illusioner hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ILLUSIONER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.illusioner.hurt"; #[doc = "Illusioner displaces"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ILLUSIONER_MIRROR_MOVE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.illusioner.mirror_move"; #[doc = "Illusioner prepares blindness"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ILLUSIONER_PREPARE_BLINDNESS: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.illusioner.prepare_blindness"; #[doc = "Illusioner prepares mirror image"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ILLUSIONER_PREPARE_MIRROR: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.illusioner.prepare_mirror"; #[doc = "Iron Golem attacks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_IRON_GOLEM_ATTACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.iron_golem.attack"; #[doc = "Iron Golem breaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_IRON_GOLEM_DAMAGE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.iron_golem.damage"; #[doc = "Iron Golem dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_IRON_GOLEM_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.iron_golem.death"; #[doc = "Iron Golem hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_IRON_GOLEM_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.iron_golem.hurt"; #[doc = "Iron Golem repaired"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_IRON_GOLEM_REPAIR: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.iron_golem.repair"; #[doc = "Item breaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ITEM_BREAK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.item.break"; #[doc = "Item plops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ITEM_PICKUP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.item.pickup"; #[doc = "Item Frame fills"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ITEM_FRAME_ADD_ITEM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.item_frame.add_item"; #[doc = "Item Frame breaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ITEM_FRAME_BREAK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.item_frame.break"; #[doc = "Item Frame placed"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ITEM_FRAME_PLACE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.item_frame.place"; #[doc = "Item Frame empties"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ITEM_FRAME_REMOVE_ITEM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.item_frame.remove_item"; #[doc = "Item Frame clicks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ITEM_FRAME_ROTATE_ITEM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.item_frame.rotate_item"; #[doc = "Leash knot breaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LEASH_KNOT_BREAK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.leash_knot.break"; #[doc = "Leash knot tied"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LEASH_KNOT_PLACE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.leash_knot.place"; #[doc = "Lightning strikes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LIGHTNING_BOLT_IMPACT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.lightning_bolt.impact"; #[doc = "Thunder roars"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LIGHTNING_BOLT_THUNDER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.lightning_bolt.thunder"; #[doc = "Llama bleats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LLAMA_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.llama.ambient"; #[doc = "Llama bleats angrily"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LLAMA_ANGRY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.llama.angry"; #[doc = "Llama Chest equips"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LLAMA_CHEST: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.llama.chest"; #[doc = "Llama dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LLAMA_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.llama.death"; #[doc = "Llama eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LLAMA_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.llama.eat"; #[doc = "Llama hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LLAMA_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.llama.hurt"; #[doc = "Llama spits"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LLAMA_SPIT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.llama.spit"; #[doc = "Llama steps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LLAMA_STEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.llama.step"; #[doc = "Llama is decorated"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_LLAMA_SWAG: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.llama.swag"; #[doc = "Magma Cube dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MAGMA_CUBE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.magma_cube.death"; #[doc = "Magma Cube hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MAGMA_CUBE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.magma_cube.hurt"; #[doc = "Magma Cube squishes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MAGMA_CUBE_SQUISH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.magma_cube.squish"; #[doc = "Minecart rolls"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MINECART_RIDING: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.minecart.riding"; #[doc = "Mooshroom transforms"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MOOSHROOM_CONVERT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.mooshroom.convert"; #[doc = "Mooshroom eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MOOSHROOM_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.mooshroom.eat"; #[doc = "Mooshroom gets milked"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MOOSHROOM_MILK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.mooshroom.milk"; #[doc = "Mooshroom gets milked suspiciously"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MOOSHROOM_SUSPICIOUS_MILK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.mooshroom.suspicious_milk"; #[doc = "Mule hee-haws"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MULE_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.mule.ambient"; #[doc = "Mule neighs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MULE_ANGRY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.mule.angry"; #[doc = "Mule Chest equips"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MULE_CHEST: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.mule.chest"; #[doc = "Mule dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MULE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.mule.death"; #[doc = "Mule eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MULE_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.mule.eat"; #[doc = "Mule hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_MULE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.mule.hurt"; #[doc = "Painting breaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PAINTING_BREAK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.painting.break"; #[doc = "Painting placed"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PAINTING_PLACE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.painting.place"; #[doc = "Panda huffs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PANDA_AGGRESSIVE_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.panda.aggressive_ambient"; #[doc = "Panda pants"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PANDA_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.panda.ambient"; #[doc = "Panda bites"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PANDA_BITE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.panda.bite"; #[doc = "Panda bleats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PANDA_CANT_BREED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.panda.cant_breed"; #[doc = "Panda dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PANDA_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.panda.death"; #[doc = "Panda eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PANDA_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.panda.eat"; #[doc = "Panda hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PANDA_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.panda.hurt"; #[doc = "Panda's nose tickles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PANDA_PRE_SNEEZE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.panda.pre_sneeze"; #[doc = "Panda sneezes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PANDA_SNEEZE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.panda.sneeze"; #[doc = "Panda steps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PANDA_STEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.panda.step"; #[doc = "Panda whimpers"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PANDA_WORRIED_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.panda.worried_ambient"; #[doc = "Parrot talks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.ambient"; #[doc = "Parrot dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.death"; #[doc = "Parrot eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_EATS: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.eats"; #[doc = "Parrot flutters"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_FLY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.fly"; #[doc = "Parrot hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_HURTS: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.hurts"; #[doc = "Parrot breathes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_BLAZE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.blaze"; #[doc = "Parrot hisses"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_CREEPER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.creeper"; #[doc = "Parrot gurgles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_DROWNED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.drowned"; #[doc = "Parrot moans"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_ELDER_GUARDIAN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.elder_guardian"; #[doc = "Parrot roars"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_ENDER_DRAGON: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.ender_dragon"; #[doc = "Parrot scuttles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_ENDERMITE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.endermite"; #[doc = "Parrot murmurs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_EVOKER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.evoker"; #[doc = "Parrot cries"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_GHAST: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.ghast"; #[doc = "Parrot moans"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_GUARDIAN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.guardian"; #[doc = "Parrot growls"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_HOGLIN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.hoglin"; #[doc = "Parrot groans"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_HUSK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.husk"; #[doc = "Parrot murmurs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_ILLUSIONER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.illusioner"; #[doc = "Parrot squishes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_MAGMA_CUBE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.magma_cube"; #[doc = "Parrot screeches"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_PHANTOM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.phantom"; #[doc = "Parrot snorts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_PIGLIN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.piglin"; #[doc = "Parrot snorts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_PIGLIN_BRUTE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.piglin_brute"; #[doc = "Parrot murmurs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_PILLAGER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.pillager"; #[doc = "Parrot grunts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_RAVAGER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.ravager"; #[doc = "Parrot lurks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_SHULKER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.shulker"; #[doc = "Parrot hisses"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_SILVERFISH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.silverfish"; #[doc = "Parrot rattles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_SKELETON: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.skeleton"; #[doc = "Parrot squishes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_SLIME: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.slime"; #[doc = "Parrot hisses"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_SPIDER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.spider"; #[doc = "Parrot rattles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_STRAY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.stray"; #[doc = "Parrot vexes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_VEX: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.vex"; #[doc = "Parrot mutters"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_VINDICATOR: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.vindicator"; #[doc = "Parrot whines"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_WARDEN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.warden"; #[doc = "Parrot giggles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_WITCH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.witch"; #[doc = "Parrot angers"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_WITHER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.wither"; #[doc = "Parrot rattles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_WITHER_SKELETON: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.wither_skeleton"; #[doc = "Parrot growls"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_ZOGLIN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.zoglin"; #[doc = "Parrot groans"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_ZOMBIE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.zombie"; #[doc = "Parrot groans"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PARROT_IMITATE_ZOMBIE_VILLAGER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.zombie_villager"; #[doc = "Phantom screeches"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PHANTOM_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.phantom.ambient"; #[doc = "Phantom bites"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PHANTOM_BITE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.phantom.bite"; #[doc = "Phantom dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PHANTOM_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.phantom.death"; #[doc = "Phantom flaps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PHANTOM_FLAP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.phantom.flap"; #[doc = "Phantom hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PHANTOM_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.phantom.hurt"; #[doc = "Phantom swoops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PHANTOM_SWOOP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.phantom.swoop"; #[doc = "Pig oinks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIG_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.pig.ambient"; #[doc = "Pig dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIG_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.pig.death"; #[doc = "Pig hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIG_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.pig.hurt"; #[doc = "Saddle equips"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIG_SADDLE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.pig.saddle"; #[doc = "Piglin admires item"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_ADMIRING_ITEM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin.admiring_item"; #[doc = "Piglin snorts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin.ambient"; #[doc = "Piglin snorts angrily"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_ANGRY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin.angry"; #[doc = "Piglin celebrates"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_CELEBRATE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin.celebrate"; #[doc = "Piglin converts to Zombified Piglin"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_CONVERTED_TO_ZOMBIFIED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin.converted_to_zombified"; #[doc = "Piglin dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin.death"; #[doc = "Piglin hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin.hurt"; #[doc = "Piglin snorts enviously"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_JEALOUS: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin.jealous"; #[doc = "Piglin retreats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_RETREAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin.retreat"; #[doc = "Piglin steps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_STEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin.step"; #[doc = "Piglin Brute snorts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_BRUTE_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.ambient"; #[doc = "Piglin Brute snorts angrily"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_BRUTE_ANGRY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.angry"; #[doc = "Piglin Brute dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_BRUTE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.death"; #[doc = "Piglin Brute hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_BRUTE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.hurt"; #[doc = "Piglin Brute steps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_BRUTE_STEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.step"; #[doc = "Piglin Brute converts to Zombified Piglin"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PIGLIN_BRUTE_CONVERTED_TO_ZOMBIFIED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.converted_to_zombified"; #[doc = "Pillager murmurs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PILLAGER_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.pillager.ambient"; #[doc = "Pillager cheers"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PILLAGER_CELEBRATE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.pillager.celebrate"; #[doc = "Pillager dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PILLAGER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.pillager.death"; #[doc = "Pillager hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PILLAGER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.pillager.hurt"; #[doc = "Critical attack"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_ATTACK_CRIT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.attack.crit"; #[doc = "Knockback attack"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_ATTACK_KNOCKBACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.attack.knockback"; #[doc = "Strong attack"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_ATTACK_STRONG: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.attack.strong"; #[doc = "Sweeping attack"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_ATTACK_SWEEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.attack.sweep"; #[doc = "Weak attack"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_ATTACK_WEAK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.attack.weak"; #[doc = "Burp"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_BURP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.burp"; #[doc = "Player dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.death"; #[doc = "Player hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.hurt"; #[doc = "Player drowning"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_HURT_DROWN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.hurt_drown"; #[doc = "Player burns"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_HURT_ON_FIRE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.hurt_on_fire"; #[doc = "Player dings"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.levelup"; #[doc = "Player freezes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PLAYER_FREEZE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.player.freeze_hurt"; #[doc = "Polar Bear groans"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_POLAR_BEAR_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.polar_bear.ambient"; #[doc = "Polar Bear hums"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_POLAR_BEAR_AMBIENT_BABY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.polar_bear.ambient_baby"; #[doc = "Polar Bear dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_POLAR_BEAR_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.polar_bear.death"; #[doc = "Polar Bear hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_POLAR_BEAR_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.polar_bear.hurt"; #[doc = "Polar Bear roars"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_POLAR_BEAR_WARNING: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.polar_bear.warning"; #[doc = "Bottle smashes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_POTION_SPLASH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.potion.splash"; #[doc = "Bottle thrown"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_POTION_THROW: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.potion.throw"; #[doc = "Pufferfish deflates"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PUFFER_FISH_BLOW_OUT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.blow_out"; #[doc = "Pufferfish inflates"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PUFFER_FISH_BLOW_UP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.blow_up"; #[doc = "Pufferfish dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PUFFER_FISH_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.death"; #[doc = "Pufferfish flops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PUFFER_FISH_FLOP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.flop"; #[doc = "Pufferfish hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PUFFER_FISH_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.hurt"; #[doc = "Pufferfish stings"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_PUFFER_FISH_STING: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.sting"; #[doc = "Rabbit squeaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RABBIT_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.rabbit.ambient"; #[doc = "Rabbit attacks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RABBIT_ATTACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.rabbit.attack"; #[doc = "Rabbit dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RABBIT_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.rabbit.death"; #[doc = "Rabbit hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RABBIT_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.rabbit.hurt"; #[doc = "Rabbit hops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RABBIT_JUMP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.rabbit.jump"; #[doc = "Ravager grunts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RAVAGER_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ravager.ambient"; #[doc = "Ravager bites"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RAVAGER_ATTACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ravager.attack"; #[doc = "Ravager cheers"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RAVAGER_CELEBRATE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ravager.celebrate"; #[doc = "Ravager dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RAVAGER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ravager.death"; #[doc = "Ravager hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RAVAGER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ravager.hurt"; #[doc = "Ravager roars"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RAVAGER_ROAR: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ravager.roar"; #[doc = "Ravager steps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RAVAGER_STEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ravager.step"; #[doc = "Ravager stunned"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_RAVAGER_STUNNED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.ravager.stunned"; #[doc = "Salmon dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SALMON_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.salmon.death"; #[doc = "Salmon flops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SALMON_FLOP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.salmon.flop"; #[doc = "Salmon hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SALMON_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.salmon.hurt"; #[doc = "Sheep baahs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHEEP_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.sheep.ambient"; #[doc = "Sheep dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHEEP_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.sheep.death"; #[doc = "Sheep hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHEEP_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.sheep.hurt"; #[doc = "Shulker lurks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHULKER_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.shulker.ambient"; #[doc = "Shulker closes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHULKER_CLOSE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.shulker.close"; #[doc = "Shulker dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHULKER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.shulker.death"; #[doc = "Shulker hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHULKER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.shulker.hurt"; #[doc = "Shulker opens"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHULKER_OPEN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.shulker.open"; #[doc = "Shulker shoots"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHULKER_SHOOT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.shulker.shoot"; #[doc = "Shulker teleports"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHULKER_TELEPORT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.shulker.teleport"; #[doc = "Shulker Bullet explodes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHULKER_BULLET_HIT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.shulker_bullet.hit"; #[doc = "Shulker Bullet breaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SHULKER_BULLET_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.shulker_bullet.hurt"; #[doc = "Silverfish hisses"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SILVERFISH_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.silverfish.ambient"; #[doc = "Silverfish dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SILVERFISH_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.silverfish.death"; #[doc = "Silverfish hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SILVERFISH_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.silverfish.hurt"; #[doc = "Skeleton rattles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SKELETON_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.skeleton.ambient"; #[doc = "Skeleton converts to Stray"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SKELETON_CONVERTED_TO_STRAY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.skeleton.converted_to_stray"; #[doc = "Skeleton dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SKELETON_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.skeleton.death"; #[doc = "Skeleton hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SKELETON_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.skeleton.hurt"; #[doc = "Skeleton shoots"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SKELETON_SHOOT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.skeleton.shoot"; #[doc = "Skeleton Horse cries"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SKELETON_HORSE_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.ambient"; #[doc = "Skeleton Horse dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SKELETON_HORSE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.death"; #[doc = "Skeleton Horse hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SKELETON_HORSE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.hurt"; #[doc = "Skeleton Horse swims"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SKELETON_HORSE_SWIM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.swim"; #[doc = "Slime attacks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SLIME_ATTACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.slime.attack"; #[doc = "Slime dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SLIME_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.slime.death"; #[doc = "Slime hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SLIME_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.slime.hurt"; #[doc = "Slime squishes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SLIME_SQUISH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.slime.squish"; #[doc = "Snow Golem dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SNOW_GOLEM_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.snow_golem.death"; #[doc = "Snow Golem hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SNOW_GOLEM_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.snow_golem.hurt"; #[doc = "Snowball flies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SNOWBALL_THROW: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.snowball.throw"; #[doc = "Spider hisses"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SPIDER_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.spider.ambient"; #[doc = "Spider dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SPIDER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.spider.death"; #[doc = "Spider hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SPIDER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.spider.hurt"; #[doc = "Squid swims"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SQUID_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.squid.ambient"; #[doc = "Squid dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SQUID_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.squid.death"; #[doc = "Squid hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SQUID_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.squid.hurt"; #[doc = "Squid shoots ink"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_SQUID_SQUIRT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.squid.squirt"; #[doc = "Stray rattles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_STRAY_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.stray.ambient"; #[doc = "Stray dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_STRAY_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.stray.death"; #[doc = "Stray hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_STRAY_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.stray.hurt"; #[doc = "Strider dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_STRIDER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.strider.death"; #[doc = "Strider eats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_STRIDER_EAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.strider.eat"; #[doc = "Strider warbles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_STRIDER_HAPPY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.strider.happy"; #[doc = "Strider hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_STRIDER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.strider.hurt"; #[doc = "Strider chirps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_STRIDER_IDLE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.strider.idle"; #[doc = "Strider retreats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_STRIDER_RETREAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.strider.retreat"; #[doc = "Tadpole dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TADPOLE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.tadpole.death"; #[doc = "Tadpole flops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TADPOLE_FLOP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.tadpole.flop"; #[doc = "Tadpole hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TADPOLE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.tadpole.hurt"; #[doc = "TNT fizzes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TNT_PRIMED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.tnt.primed"; #[doc = "Tropical Fish dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TROPICAL_FISH_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.tropical_fish.death"; #[doc = "Tropical Fish flops"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TROPICAL_FISH_FLOP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.tropical_fish.flop"; #[doc = "Tropical Fish hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TROPICAL_FISH_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.tropical_fish.hurt"; #[doc = "Turtle chirps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_AMBIENT_LAND: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.ambient_land"; #[doc = "Turtle dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.death"; #[doc = "Turtle baby dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_DEATH_BABY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.death_baby"; #[doc = "Turtle Egg breaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_EGG_BREAK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.egg_break"; #[doc = "Turtle Egg cracks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_EGG_CRACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.egg_crack"; #[doc = "Turtle Egg hatches"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_EGG_HATCH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.egg_hatch"; #[doc = "Turtle hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.hurt"; #[doc = "Turtle baby hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_HURT_BABY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.hurt_baby"; #[doc = "Turtle lays egg"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_LAY_EGG: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.lay_egg"; #[doc = "Turtle shambles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_SHAMBLE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.shamble"; #[doc = "Turtle baby shambles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_SHAMBLE_BABY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.shamble_baby"; #[doc = "Turtle swims"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_TURTLE_SWIM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.turtle.swim"; #[doc = "Vex vexes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VEX_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.vex.ambient"; #[doc = "Vex shrieks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VEX_CHARGE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.vex.charge"; #[doc = "Vex dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VEX_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.vex.death"; #[doc = "Vex hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VEX_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.vex.hurt"; #[doc = "Villager mumbles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.ambient"; #[doc = "Villager cheers"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_CELEBRATE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.celebrate"; #[doc = "Villager dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.death"; #[doc = "Villager hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.hurt"; #[doc = "Villager disagrees"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_NO: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.no"; #[doc = "Villager trades"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_TRADE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.trade"; #[doc = "Armorer works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_ARMORER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_armorer"; #[doc = "Butcher works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_BUTCHER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_butcher"; #[doc = "Cartographer works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_CARTOGRAPHER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_cartographer"; #[doc = "Cleric works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_CLERIC: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_cleric"; #[doc = "Farmer works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_FARMER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_farmer"; #[doc = "Fisherman works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_FISHERMAN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_fisherman"; #[doc = "Fletcher works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_FLETCHER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_fletcher"; #[doc = "Leatherworker works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_LEATHERWORKER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_leatherworker"; #[doc = "Librarian works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_LIBRARIAN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_librarian"; #[doc = "Mason works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_MASON: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_mason"; #[doc = "Shepherd works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_SHEPHERD: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_shepherd"; #[doc = "Toolsmith works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_TOOLSMITH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_toolsmith"; #[doc = "Weaponsmith works"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_WORK_WEAPONSMITH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.work_weaponsmith"; #[doc = "Villager agrees"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VILLAGER_YES: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.villager.yes"; #[doc = "Vindicator mutters"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VINDICATOR_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.vindicator.ambient"; #[doc = "Vindicator cheers"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VINDICATOR_CELEBRATE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.vindicator.celebrate"; #[doc = "Vindicator dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VINDICATOR_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.vindicator.death"; #[doc = "Vindicator hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_VINDICATOR_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.vindicator.hurt"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader mumbles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WANDERING_TRADER_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.ambient"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WANDERING_TRADER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.death"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader disappears"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WANDERING_TRADER_DISAPPEARED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.disappeared"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader drinks milk"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WANDERING_TRADER_DRINK_MILK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.drink_milk"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader drinks potion"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WANDERING_TRADER_DRINK_POTION: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.drink_potion"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WANDERING_TRADER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.hurt"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader disagrees"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WANDERING_TRADER_NO: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.no"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader appears"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WANDERING_TRADER_REAPPEARED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.reappeared"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader trades"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WANDERING_TRADER_TRADE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.trade"; #[doc = "Wandering Trader agrees"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WANDERING_TRADER_YES: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.yes"; #[doc = "Warden roars"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_ROAR: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.roar"; #[doc = "Warden sniffs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_SNIFF: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.sniff"; #[doc = "Warden emerges"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_EMERGE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.emerge"; #[doc = "Warden digs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_DIG: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.dig"; #[doc = "Warden hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.hurt"; #[doc = "Warden dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.death"; #[doc = "Warden steps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_STEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.step"; #[doc = "Warden takes notice"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_LISTENING: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.listening"; #[doc = "Warden takes notice angrily"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_LISTENING_ANGRY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.listening_angry"; #[doc = "Warden's heart beats"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_HEARTBEAT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.heartbeat"; #[doc = "Warden lands hit"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_ATTACK_IMPACT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.attack_impact"; #[doc = "Warden's tendrils click"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_TENDRIL_CLICKS: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.tendril_clicks"; #[doc = "Warden rages"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_ANGRY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.angry"; #[doc = "Warden groans angrily"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_AGITATED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.agitated"; #[doc = "Warden whines"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.ambient"; #[doc = "Warden approaches"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_NEARBY_CLOSE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.nearby_close"; #[doc = "Warden advances"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_NEARBY_CLOSER: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.nearby_closer"; #[doc = "Warden draws close"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_NEARBY_CLOSEST: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.nearby_closest"; #[doc = "Warden charges"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_SONIC_CHARGE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.sonic_charge"; #[doc = "Warden booms"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WARDEN_SONIC_BOOM: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.warden.sonic_boom"; #[doc = "Witch giggles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITCH_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.witch.ambient"; #[doc = "Witch cheers"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITCH_CELEBRATE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.witch.celebrate"; #[doc = "Witch dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITCH_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.witch.death"; #[doc = "Witch drinks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITCH_DRINK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.witch.drink"; #[doc = "Witch hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITCH_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.witch.hurt"; #[doc = "Witch throws"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITCH_THROW: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.witch.throw"; #[doc = "Wither angers"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITHER_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wither.ambient"; #[doc = "Wither dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITHER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wither.death"; #[doc = "Wither hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITHER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wither.hurt"; #[doc = "Wither attacks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITHER_SHOOT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wither.shoot"; #[doc = "Wither released"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITHER_SPAWN: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wither.spawn"; #[doc = "Wither Skeleton rattles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITHER_SKELETON_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wither_skeleton.ambient"; #[doc = "Wither Skeleton dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITHER_SKELETON_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wither_skeleton.death"; #[doc = "Wither Skeleton hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WITHER_SKELETON_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wither_skeleton.hurt"; #[doc = "Wolf pants"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WOLF_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wolf.ambient"; #[doc = "Wolf dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WOLF_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wolf.death"; #[doc = "Wolf growls"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WOLF_GROWL: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wolf.growl"; #[doc = "Wolf hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WOLF_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wolf.hurt"; #[doc = "Wolf shakes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_WOLF_SHAKE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.wolf.shake"; #[doc = "Zoglin growls"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOGLIN_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zoglin.ambient"; #[doc = "Zoglin growls angrily"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOGLIN_ANGRY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zoglin.angry"; #[doc = "Zoglin attacks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOGLIN_ATTACK: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zoglin.attack"; #[doc = "Zoglin dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOGLIN_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zoglin.death"; #[doc = "Zoglin hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOGLIN_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zoglin.hurt"; #[doc = "Zoglin steps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOGLIN_STEP: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zoglin.step"; #[doc = "Zombie groans"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie.ambient"; #[doc = "Door shakes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_ATTACK_WOODEN_DOOR: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie.attack_wooden_door"; #[doc = "Zombie converts to Drowned"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_CONVERTED_TO_DROWNED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie.converted_to_drowned"; #[doc = "Door breaks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_BREAK_WOODEN_DOOR: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie.break_wooden_door"; #[doc = "Zombie dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie.death"; #[doc = "Turtle Egg stomped"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_DESTROY_EGG: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie.destroy_egg"; #[doc = "Zombie hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie.hurt"; #[doc = "Zombie infects"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_INFECT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie.infect"; #[doc = "Zombie Horse cries"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_HORSE_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie_horse.ambient"; #[doc = "Zombie Horse dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_HORSE_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie_horse.death"; #[doc = "Zombie Horse hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_HORSE_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie_horse.hurt"; #[doc = "Zombie Villager groans"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_VILLAGER_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.ambient"; #[doc = "Zombie Villager vociferates"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_VILLAGER_CONVERTED: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.converted"; #[doc = "Zombie Villager snuffles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_VILLAGER_CURE: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.cure"; #[doc = "Zombie Villager dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_VILLAGER_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.death"; #[doc = "Zombie Villager hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIE_VILLAGER_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.hurt"; #[doc = "Zombified Piglin grunts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIFIED_PIGLIN_AMBIENT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombified_piglin.ambient"; #[doc = "Zombified Piglin grunts angrily"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIFIED_PIGLIN_ANGRY: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombified_piglin.angry"; #[doc = "Zombified Piglin dies"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIFIED_PIGLIN_DEATH: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombified_piglin.death"; #[doc = "Zombified Piglin hurts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ENTITY_ZOMBIFIED_PIGLIN_HURT: &'static str = "subtitles.entity.zombified_piglin.hurt"; #[doc = "Ominous horn blares"] pub const SUBTITLES_EVENT_RAID_HORN: &'static str = "subtitles.event.raid.horn"; #[doc = "Gear equips"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP: &'static str = "subtitles.item.armor.equip"; #[doc = "Chain armor jingles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP_CHAIN: &'static str = "subtitles.item.armor.equip_chain"; #[doc = "Diamond armor clangs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP_DIAMOND: &'static str = "subtitles.item.armor.equip_diamond"; #[doc = "Elytra rustle"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP_ELYTRA: &'static str = "subtitles.item.armor.equip_elytra"; #[doc = "Gold armor clinks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP_GOLD: &'static str = "subtitles.item.armor.equip_gold"; #[doc = "Iron armor clanks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP_IRON: &'static str = "subtitles.item.armor.equip_iron"; #[doc = "Leather armor rustles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP_LEATHER: &'static str = "subtitles.item.armor.equip_leather"; #[doc = "Netherite armor clanks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP_NETHERITE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.armor.equip_netherite"; #[doc = "Turtle Shell thunks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP_TURTLE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.armor.equip_turtle"; #[doc = "Axe strips"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_AXE_STRIP: &'static str = "subtitles.item.axe.strip"; #[doc = "Axe scrapes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_AXE_SCRAPE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.axe.scrape"; #[doc = "Wax off"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_AXE_WAX_OFF: &'static str = "subtitles.item.axe.wax_off"; #[doc = "Bone Meal crinkles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BONE_MEAL_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.bone_meal.use"; #[doc = "Page rustles"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BOOK_PAGE_TURN: &'static str = "subtitles.item.book.page_turn"; #[doc = "Book thumps"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BOOK_PUT: &'static str = "subtitles.item.book.put"; #[doc = "Bottle empties"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BOTTLE_EMPTY: &'static str = "subtitles.item.bottle.empty"; #[doc = "Bottle fills"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BOTTLE_FILL: &'static str = "subtitles.item.bottle.fill"; #[doc = "Bucket empties"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BUCKET_EMPTY: &'static str = "subtitles.item.bucket.empty"; #[doc = "Bucket fills"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BUCKET_FILL: &'static str = "subtitles.item.bucket.fill"; #[doc = "Axolotl scooped"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BUCKET_FILL_AXOLOTL: &'static str = "subtitles.item.bucket.fill_axolotl"; #[doc = "Fish captured"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BUCKET_FILL_FISH: &'static str = "subtitles.item.bucket.fill_fish"; #[doc = "Tadpole captured"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BUCKET_FILL_TADPOLE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.bucket.fill_tadpole"; #[doc = "Bundle empties"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BUNDLE_DROP_CONTENTS: &'static str = "subtitles.item.bundle.drop_contents"; #[doc = "Item packed"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BUNDLE_INSERT: &'static str = "subtitles.item.bundle.insert"; #[doc = "Item unpacked"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_BUNDLE_REMOVE_ONE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.bundle.remove_one"; #[doc = "Player teleports"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_CHORUS_FRUIT_TELEPORT: &'static str = "subtitles.item.chorus_fruit.teleport"; #[doc = "Crop planted"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_CROP_PLANT: &'static str = "subtitles.item.crop.plant"; #[doc = "Crossbow charges up"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_CROSSBOW_CHARGE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.crossbow.charge"; #[doc = "Arrow hits"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_CROSSBOW_HIT: &'static str = "subtitles.item.crossbow.hit"; #[doc = "Crossbow loads"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_CROSSBOW_LOAD: &'static str = "subtitles.item.crossbow.load"; #[doc = "Crossbow fires"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_CROSSBOW_SHOOT: &'static str = "subtitles.item.crossbow.shoot"; #[doc = "Fireball whooshes"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_FIRECHARGE_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.firecharge.use"; #[doc = "Flint and Steel click"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_FLINTANDSTEEL_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.flintandsteel.use"; #[doc = "Goat Horn plays"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_GOAT_HORN_PLAY: &'static str = "subtitles.item.goat_horn.play"; #[doc = "Hoe tills"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_HOE_TILL: &'static str = "subtitles.item.hoe.till"; #[doc = "Gulping"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_HONEY_BOTTLE_DRINK: &'static str = "subtitles.item.honey_bottle.drink"; #[doc = "Lodestone Compass locks onto Lodestone"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_LODESTONE_COMPASS_LOCK: &'static str = "subtitles.item.lodestone_compass.lock"; #[doc = "Crop planted"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_NETHER_WART_PLANT: &'static str = "subtitles.item.nether_wart.plant"; #[doc = "Shears click"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_SHEARS_SHEAR: &'static str = "subtitles.item.shears.shear"; #[doc = "Shield blocks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_SHIELD_BLOCK: &'static str = "subtitles.item.shield.block"; #[doc = "Shovel flattens"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_SHOVEL_FLATTEN: &'static str = "subtitles.item.shovel.flatten"; #[doc = "Totem activates"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_TOTEM_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.totem.use"; #[doc = "Trident stabs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_TRIDENT_HIT: &'static str = "subtitles.item.trident.hit"; #[doc = "Trident vibrates"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_TRIDENT_HIT_GROUND: &'static str = "subtitles.item.trident.hit_ground"; #[doc = "Trident returns"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_TRIDENT_RETURN: &'static str = "subtitles.item.trident.return"; #[doc = "Trident zooms"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_TRIDENT_RIPTIDE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.trident.riptide"; #[doc = "Trident clangs"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_TRIDENT_THROW: &'static str = "subtitles.item.trident.throw"; #[doc = "Trident thunder cracks"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_TRIDENT_THUNDER: &'static str = "subtitles.item.trident.thunder"; #[doc = "Spyglass expands"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_SPYGLASS_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.spyglass.use"; #[doc = "Spyglass retracts"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_SPYGLASS_STOP_USING: &'static str = "subtitles.item.spyglass.stop_using"; #[doc = "Ink Sac splotches"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_INK_SAC_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.ink_sac.use"; #[doc = "Glow Ink Sac splotches"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_GLOW_INK_SAC_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.glow_ink_sac.use"; #[doc = "Dye stains"] pub const SUBTITLES_ITEM_DYE_USE: &'static str = "subtitles.item.dye.use"; #[doc = "Soul escapes"] pub const SUBTITLES_PARTICLE_SOUL_ESCAPE: &'static str = "subtitles.particle.soul_escape"; #[doc = "Map drawn"] pub const SUBTITLES_UI_CARTOGRAPHY_TABLE_TAKE_RESULT: &'static str = "subtitles.ui.cartography_table.take_result"; #[doc = "Loom used"] pub const SUBTITLES_UI_LOOM_TAKE_RESULT: &'static str = "subtitles.ui.loom.take_result"; #[doc = "Stonecutter used"] pub const SUBTITLES_UI_STONECUTTER_TAKE_RESULT: &'static str = "subtitles.ui.stonecutter.take_result"; #[doc = "Rain falls"] pub const SUBTITLES_WEATHER_RAIN: &'static str = "subtitles.weather.rain"; #[doc = "[Debug]:"] pub const DEBUG_PREFIX: &'static str = "debug.prefix"; #[doc = "F3 + A = Reload chunks"] pub const DEBUG_RELOAD_CHUNKS_HELP: &'static str = "debug.reload_chunks.help"; #[doc = "F3 + B = Show hitboxes"] pub const DEBUG_SHOW_HITBOXES_HELP: &'static str = "debug.show_hitboxes.help"; #[doc = "F3 + D = Clear chat"] pub const DEBUG_CLEAR_CHAT_HELP: &'static str = "debug.clear_chat.help"; #[doc = "F3 + G = Show chunk boundaries"] pub const DEBUG_CHUNK_BOUNDARIES_HELP: &'static str = "debug.chunk_boundaries.help"; #[doc = "F3 + H = Advanced tooltips"] pub const DEBUG_ADVANCED_TOOLTIPS_HELP: &'static str = "debug.advanced_tooltips.help"; #[doc = "F3 + N = Cycle previous gamemode <-> spectator"] pub const DEBUG_CREATIVE_SPECTATOR_HELP: &'static str = "debug.creative_spectator.help"; #[doc = "F3 + P = Pause on lost focus"] pub const DEBUG_PAUSE_FOCUS_HELP: &'static str = "debug.pause_focus.help"; #[doc = "F3 + Q = Show this list"] pub const DEBUG_HELP_HELP: &'static str = "debug.help.help"; #[doc = "F3 + T = Reload resource packs"] pub const DEBUG_RELOAD_RESOURCEPACKS_HELP: &'static str = "debug.reload_resourcepacks.help"; #[doc = "F3 + Esc = Pause without pause menu (if pausing is possible)"] pub const DEBUG_PAUSE_HELP: &'static str = "debug.pause.help"; #[doc = "F3 + C = Copy location as /tp command, hold F3 + C to crash the game"] pub const DEBUG_COPY_LOCATION_HELP: &'static str = "debug.copy_location.help"; #[doc = "F3 + I = Copy entity or block data to clipboard"] pub const DEBUG_INSPECT_HELP: &'static str = "debug.inspect.help"; #[doc = "F3 + F4 = Open game mode switcher"] pub const DEBUG_GAMEMODES_HELP: &'static str = "debug.gamemodes.help"; #[doc = "F3 + L = Start/stop profiling"] pub const DEBUG_PROFILING_HELP: &'static str = "debug.profiling.help"; #[doc = "Copied location to clipboard"] pub const DEBUG_COPY_LOCATION_MESSAGE: &'static str = "debug.copy_location.message"; #[doc = "Copied server-side block data to clipboard"] pub const DEBUG_INSPECT_SERVER_BLOCK: &'static str = "debug.inspect.server.block"; #[doc = "Copied server-side entity data to clipboard"] pub const DEBUG_INSPECT_SERVER_ENTITY: &'static str = "debug.inspect.server.entity"; #[doc = "Copied client-side block data to clipboard"] pub const DEBUG_INSPECT_CLIENT_BLOCK: &'static str = "debug.inspect.client.block"; #[doc = "Copied client-side entity data to clipboard"] pub const DEBUG_INSPECT_CLIENT_ENTITY: &'static str = "debug.inspect.client.entity"; #[doc = "Reloading all chunks"] pub const DEBUG_RELOAD_CHUNKS_MESSAGE: &'static str = "debug.reload_chunks.message"; #[doc = "Hitboxes: shown"] pub const DEBUG_SHOW_HITBOXES_ON: &'static str = "debug.show_hitboxes.on"; #[doc = "Hitboxes: hidden"] pub const DEBUG_SHOW_HITBOXES_OFF: &'static str = "debug.show_hitboxes.off"; #[doc = "Chunk borders: shown"] pub const DEBUG_CHUNK_BOUNDARIES_ON: &'static str = "debug.chunk_boundaries.on"; #[doc = "Chunk borders: hidden"] pub const DEBUG_CHUNK_BOUNDARIES_OFF: &'static str = "debug.chunk_boundaries.off"; #[doc = "Advanced tooltips: shown"] pub const DEBUG_ADVANCED_TOOLTIPS_ON: &'static str = "debug.advanced_tooltips.on"; #[doc = "Advanced tooltips: hidden"] pub const DEBUG_ADVANCED_TOOLTIPS_OFF: &'static str = "debug.advanced_tooltips.off"; #[doc = "Unable to switch gamemode; no permission"] pub const DEBUG_CREATIVE_SPECTATOR_ERROR: &'static str = "debug.creative_spectator.error"; #[doc = "Unable to open game mode switcher; no permission"] pub const DEBUG_GAMEMODES_ERROR: &'static str = "debug.gamemodes.error"; #[doc = "Pause on lost focus: enabled"] pub const DEBUG_PAUSE_FOCUS_ON: &'static str = "debug.pause_focus.on"; #[doc = "Pause on lost focus: disabled"] pub const DEBUG_PAUSE_FOCUS_OFF: &'static str = "debug.pause_focus.off"; #[doc = "Key bindings:"] pub const DEBUG_HELP_MESSAGE: &'static str = "debug.help.message"; #[doc = "Reloaded resource packs"] pub const DEBUG_RELOAD_RESOURCEPACKS_MESSAGE: &'static str = "debug.reload_resourcepacks.message"; #[doc = "F3 + C is held down. This will crash the game unless released."] pub const DEBUG_CRASH_MESSAGE: &'static str = "debug.crash.message"; #[doc = "Crashing in %s..."] pub const DEBUG_CRASH_WARNING: &'static str = "debug.crash.warning"; #[doc = "[ F4 ]"] pub const DEBUG_GAMEMODES_PRESS_F4: &'static str = "debug.gamemodes.press_f4"; #[doc = "%s Next"] pub const DEBUG_GAMEMODES_SELECT_NEXT: &'static str = "debug.gamemodes.select_next"; #[doc = "Profiling started for %s seconds. Use F3 + L to stop early"] pub const DEBUG_PROFILING_START: &'static str = "debug.profiling.start"; #[doc = "Profiling ended. Saved results to %s"] pub const DEBUG_PROFILING_STOP: &'static str = "debug.profiling.stop"; #[doc = "Downloading Resource Pack"] pub const RESOURCEPACK_DOWNLOADING: &'static str = "resourcepack.downloading"; #[doc = "Making Request..."] pub const RESOURCEPACK_REQUESTING: &'static str = "resourcepack.requesting"; #[doc = "Downloading file (%s MB)..."] pub const RESOURCEPACK_PROGRESS: &'static str = "resourcepack.progress"; #[doc = "Use a Bundle"] pub const TUTORIAL_BUNDLE_INSERT_TITLE: &'static str = "tutorial.bundleInsert.title"; #[doc = "Right Click to add items"] pub const TUTORIAL_BUNDLE_INSERT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "tutorial.bundleInsert.description"; #[doc = "Move with %s, %s, %s and %s"] pub const TUTORIAL_MOVE_TITLE: &'static str = "tutorial.move.title"; #[doc = "Jump with %s"] pub const TUTORIAL_MOVE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "tutorial.move.description"; #[doc = "Look around"] pub const TUTORIAL_LOOK_TITLE: &'static str = "tutorial.look.title"; #[doc = "Use your mouse to turn"] pub const TUTORIAL_LOOK_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "tutorial.look.description"; #[doc = "Find a tree"] pub const TUTORIAL_FIND_TREE_TITLE: &'static str = "tutorial.find_tree.title"; #[doc = "Punch it to collect wood"] pub const TUTORIAL_FIND_TREE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "tutorial.find_tree.description"; #[doc = "Destroy the tree"] pub const TUTORIAL_PUNCH_TREE_TITLE: &'static str = "tutorial.punch_tree.title"; #[doc = "Hold down %s"] pub const TUTORIAL_PUNCH_TREE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "tutorial.punch_tree.description"; #[doc = "Open your inventory"] pub const TUTORIAL_OPEN_INVENTORY_TITLE: &'static str = "tutorial.open_inventory.title"; #[doc = "Press %s"] pub const TUTORIAL_OPEN_INVENTORY_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "tutorial.open_inventory.description"; #[doc = "Craft wooden planks"] pub const TUTORIAL_CRAFT_PLANKS_TITLE: &'static str = "tutorial.craft_planks.title"; #[doc = "The recipe book can help"] pub const TUTORIAL_CRAFT_PLANKS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "tutorial.craft_planks.description"; #[doc = "Social Interactions"] pub const TUTORIAL_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_TITLE: &'static str = "tutorial.socialInteractions.title"; #[doc = "Press %s to open"] pub const TUTORIAL_SOCIAL_INTERACTIONS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "tutorial.socialInteractions.description"; #[doc = "Adventuring Time"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_ADVENTURING_TIME_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.adventuring_time.title"; #[doc = "Discover every biome"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_ADVENTURING_TIME_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.adventuring_time.description"; #[doc = "Arbalistic"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_ARBALISTIC_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.arbalistic.title"; #[doc = "Kill five unique mobs with one crossbow shot"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_ARBALISTIC_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.arbalistic.description"; #[doc = "Sneak 100"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_AVOID_VIBRATION_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.avoid_vibration.title"; #[doc = "Sneak near a Sculk Sensor or Warden to prevent it from detecting you"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_AVOID_VIBRATION_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.avoid_vibration.description"; #[doc = "Bullseye"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_BULLSEYE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.bullseye.title"; #[doc = "Hit the bullseye of a Target block from at least 30 meters away"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_BULLSEYE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.bullseye.description"; #[doc = "Caves & Cliffs"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_FALL_FROM_WORLD_HEIGHT_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.fall_from_world_height.title"; #[doc = "Free fall from the top of the world (build limit) to the bottom of the world and survive"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_FALL_FROM_WORLD_HEIGHT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.fall_from_world_height.description"; #[doc = "It Spreads"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_KILL_MOB_NEAR_SCULK_CATALYST_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.kill_mob_near_sculk_catalyst.title"; #[doc = "Kill a mob near a Sculk Catalyst"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_KILL_MOB_NEAR_SCULK_CATALYST_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.kill_mob_near_sculk_catalyst.description"; #[doc = "Light as a Rabbit"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_WALK_ON_POWDER_SNOW_WITH_LEATHER_BOOTS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.walk_on_powder_snow_with_leather_boots.title"; #[doc = "Walk on Powder Snow...without sinking in it"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_WALK_ON_POWDER_SNOW_WITH_LEATHER_BOOTS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.walk_on_powder_snow_with_leather_boots.description"; #[doc = "Surge Protector"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_LIGHTNING_ROD_WITH_VILLAGER_NO_FIRE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.lightning_rod_with_villager_no_fire.title"; #[doc = "Protect a Villager from an undesired shock without starting a fire"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_LIGHTNING_ROD_WITH_VILLAGER_NO_FIRE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.lightning_rod_with_villager_no_fire.description"; #[doc = "Is It a Bird?"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SPYGLASS_AT_PARROT_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.spyglass_at_parrot.title"; #[doc = "Look at a Parrot through a Spyglass"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SPYGLASS_AT_PARROT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.spyglass_at_parrot.description"; #[doc = "Is It a Balloon?"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SPYGLASS_AT_GHAST_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.spyglass_at_ghast.title"; #[doc = "Look at a Ghast through a Spyglass"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SPYGLASS_AT_GHAST_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.spyglass_at_ghast.description"; #[doc = "Is It a Plane?"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SPYGLASS_AT_DRAGON_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.spyglass_at_dragon.title"; #[doc = "Look at the Ender Dragon through a Spyglass"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SPYGLASS_AT_DRAGON_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.spyglass_at_dragon.description"; #[doc = "Hero of the Village"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_HERO_OF_THE_VILLAGE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.hero_of_the_village.title"; #[doc = "Successfully defend a village from a raid"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_HERO_OF_THE_VILLAGE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.hero_of_the_village.description"; #[doc = "Sticky Situation"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_HONEY_BLOCK_SLIDE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.honey_block_slide.title"; #[doc = "Jump into a Honey Block to break your fall"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_HONEY_BLOCK_SLIDE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.honey_block_slide.description"; #[doc = "Monsters Hunted"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_KILL_ALL_MOBS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.kill_all_mobs.title"; #[doc = "Kill one of every hostile monster"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_KILL_ALL_MOBS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.kill_all_mobs.description"; #[doc = "Monster Hunter"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_KILL_A_MOB_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.kill_a_mob.title"; #[doc = "Kill any hostile monster"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_KILL_A_MOB_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.kill_a_mob.description"; #[doc = "Ol' Betsy"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_OL_BETSY_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.ol_betsy.title"; #[doc = "Shoot a Crossbow"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_OL_BETSY_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.ol_betsy.description"; #[doc = "Sound of Music"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_PLAY_JUKEBOX_IN_MEADOWS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.play_jukebox_in_meadows.title"; #[doc = "Make the Meadows come alive with the sound of music from a Jukebox"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_PLAY_JUKEBOX_IN_MEADOWS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.play_jukebox_in_meadows.description"; #[doc = "Adventure"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_ROOT_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.root.title"; #[doc = "Adventure, exploration and combat"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_ROOT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.root.description"; #[doc = "Take Aim"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SHOOT_ARROW_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.shoot_arrow.title"; #[doc = "Shoot something with an Arrow"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SHOOT_ARROW_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.shoot_arrow.description"; #[doc = "Sweet Dreams"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SLEEP_IN_BED_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.sleep_in_bed.title"; #[doc = "Sleep in a Bed to change your respawn point"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SLEEP_IN_BED_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.sleep_in_bed.description"; #[doc = "Sniper Duel"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SNIPER_DUEL_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.sniper_duel.title"; #[doc = "Kill a Skeleton from at least 50 meters away"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SNIPER_DUEL_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.sniper_duel.description"; #[doc = "Hired Help"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SUMMON_IRON_GOLEM_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.summon_iron_golem.title"; #[doc = "Summon an Iron Golem to help defend a village"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_SUMMON_IRON_GOLEM_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.summon_iron_golem.description"; #[doc = "Postmortal"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_TOTEM_OF_UNDYING_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.totem_of_undying.title"; #[doc = "Use a Totem of Undying to cheat death"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_TOTEM_OF_UNDYING_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.totem_of_undying.description"; #[doc = "What a Deal!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_TRADE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.trade.title"; #[doc = "Successfully trade with a Villager"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_TRADE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.trade.description"; #[doc = "Star Trader"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_TRADE_AT_WORLD_HEIGHT_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.trade_at_world_height.title"; #[doc = "Trade with a Villager at the build height limit"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_TRADE_AT_WORLD_HEIGHT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.trade_at_world_height.description"; #[doc = "A Throwaway Joke"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_THROW_TRIDENT_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.throw_trident.title"; #[doc = "Throw a Trident at something.\nNote: Throwing away your only weapon is not a good idea."] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_THROW_TRIDENT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.throw_trident.description"; #[doc = "Two Birds, One Arrow"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_TWO_BIRDS_ONE_ARROW_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.two_birds_one_arrow.title"; #[doc = "Kill two Phantoms with a piercing Arrow"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_TWO_BIRDS_ONE_ARROW_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.two_birds_one_arrow.description"; #[doc = "Very Very Frightening"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_VERY_VERY_FRIGHTENING_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.very_very_frightening.title"; #[doc = "Strike a Villager with lightning"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_VERY_VERY_FRIGHTENING_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.very_very_frightening.description"; #[doc = "Voluntary Exile"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_VOLUNTARY_EXILE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.voluntary_exile.title"; #[doc = "Kill a raid captain.\nMaybe consider staying away from villages for the time being..."] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_VOLUNTARY_EXILE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.voluntary_exile.description"; #[doc = "Who's the Pillager Now?"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_WHOS_THE_PILLAGER_NOW_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.whos_the_pillager_now.title"; #[doc = "Give a Pillager a taste of their own medicine"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_ADVENTURE_WHOS_THE_PILLAGER_NOW_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.adventure.whos_the_pillager_now.description"; #[doc = "Husbandry"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_ROOT_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.root.title"; #[doc = "The world is full of friends and food"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_ROOT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.root.description"; #[doc = "The Parrots and the Bats"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_BREED_AN_ANIMAL_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.breed_an_animal.title"; #[doc = "Breed two animals together"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_BREED_AN_ANIMAL_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.breed_an_animal.description"; #[doc = "Fishy Business"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_FISHY_BUSINESS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.fishy_business.title"; #[doc = "Catch a fish"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_FISHY_BUSINESS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.fishy_business.description"; #[doc = "Glow and Behold!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_MAKE_A_SIGN_GLOW_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.make_a_sign_glow.title"; #[doc = "Make the text of a Sign glow"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_MAKE_A_SIGN_GLOW_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.make_a_sign_glow.description"; #[doc = "Whatever Floats Your Goat!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_RIDE_A_BOAT_WITH_A_GOAT_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.ride_a_boat_with_a_goat.title"; #[doc = "Get in a Boat and float with a Goat"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_RIDE_A_BOAT_WITH_A_GOAT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.ride_a_boat_with_a_goat.description"; #[doc = "Tactical Fishing"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_TACTICAL_FISHING_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.tactical_fishing.title"; #[doc = "Catch a Fish... without a Fishing Rod!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_TACTICAL_FISHING_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.tactical_fishing.description"; #[doc = "The Cutest Predator"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_AXOLOTL_IN_A_BUCKET_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.axolotl_in_a_bucket.title"; #[doc = "Catch an Axolotl in a Bucket"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_AXOLOTL_IN_A_BUCKET_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.axolotl_in_a_bucket.description"; #[doc = "With Our Powers Combined!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_FROGLIGHTS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.froglights.title"; #[doc = "Have all Froglights in your inventory"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_FROGLIGHTS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.froglights.description"; #[doc = "Bukkit Bukkit"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_TADPOLE_IN_A_BUCKET_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.tadpole_in_a_bucket.title"; #[doc = "Catch a Tadpole in a Bucket"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_TADPOLE_IN_A_BUCKET_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.tadpole_in_a_bucket.description"; #[doc = "When the Squad Hops into Town"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_LEASH_ALL_FROG_VARIANTS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.leash_all_frog_variants.title"; #[doc = "Get each Frog variant on a Lead"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_LEASH_ALL_FROG_VARIANTS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.leash_all_frog_variants.description"; #[doc = "The Healing Power of Friendship!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_KILL_AXOLOTL_TARGET_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.kill_axolotl_target.title"; #[doc = "Team up with an Axolotl and win a fight"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_KILL_AXOLOTL_TARGET_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.kill_axolotl_target.description"; #[doc = "Two by Two"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_BREED_ALL_ANIMALS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.breed_all_animals.title"; #[doc = "Breed all the animals!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_BREED_ALL_ANIMALS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.breed_all_animals.description"; #[doc = "Best Friends Forever"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_TAME_AN_ANIMAL_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.tame_an_animal.title"; #[doc = "Tame an animal"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_TAME_AN_ANIMAL_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.tame_an_animal.description"; #[doc = "A Seedy Place"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_PLANT_SEED_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.plant_seed.title"; #[doc = "Plant a seed and watch it grow"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_PLANT_SEED_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.plant_seed.description"; #[doc = "Serious Dedication"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_NETHERITE_HOE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.netherite_hoe.title"; #[doc = "Use a Netherite Ingot to upgrade a Hoe, and then reevaluate your life choices"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_NETHERITE_HOE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.netherite_hoe.description"; #[doc = "A Balanced Diet"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_BALANCED_DIET_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.balanced_diet.title"; #[doc = "Eat everything that is edible, even if it's not good for you"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_BALANCED_DIET_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.balanced_diet.description"; #[doc = "A Complete Catalogue"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_COMPLETE_CATALOGUE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.complete_catalogue.title"; #[doc = "Tame all Cat variants!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_COMPLETE_CATALOGUE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.complete_catalogue.description"; #[doc = "Bee Our Guest"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_SAFELY_HARVEST_HONEY_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.safely_harvest_honey.title"; #[doc = "Use a Campfire to collect Honey from a Beehive using a Bottle without aggravating the Bees"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_SAFELY_HARVEST_HONEY_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.safely_harvest_honey.description"; #[doc = "Total Beelocation"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_SILK_TOUCH_NEST_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.silk_touch_nest.title"; #[doc = "Move a Bee Nest, with 3 Bees inside, using Silk Touch"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_SILK_TOUCH_NEST_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.silk_touch_nest.description"; #[doc = "Wax On"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_WAX_ON_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.wax_on.title"; #[doc = "Apply Honeycomb to a Copper block!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_WAX_ON_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.wax_on.description"; #[doc = "Wax Off"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_WAX_OFF_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.wax_off.title"; #[doc = "Scrape Wax off of a Copper block!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_WAX_OFF_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.wax_off.description"; #[doc = "You've Got a Friend in Me"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_ALLAY_DELIVER_ITEM_TO_PLAYER_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.allay_deliver_item_to_player.title"; #[doc = "Have an Allay deliver items to you"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_ALLAY_DELIVER_ITEM_TO_PLAYER_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.allay_deliver_item_to_player.description"; #[doc = "Birthday Song"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_ALLAY_DELIVER_CAKE_TO_NOTE_BLOCK_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.allay_deliver_cake_to_note_block.title"; #[doc = "Have an Allay drop a Cake at a Note Block"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_HUSBANDRY_ALLAY_DELIVER_CAKE_TO_NOTE_BLOCK_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.husbandry.allay_deliver_cake_to_note_block.description"; #[doc = "You Need a Mint"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_DRAGON_BREATH_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.end.dragon_breath.title"; #[doc = "Collect Dragon's Breath in a Glass Bottle"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_DRAGON_BREATH_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.end.dragon_breath.description"; #[doc = "The Next Generation"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_DRAGON_EGG_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.end.dragon_egg.title"; #[doc = "Hold the Dragon Egg"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_DRAGON_EGG_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.end.dragon_egg.description"; #[doc = "Sky's the Limit"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_ELYTRA_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.end.elytra.title"; #[doc = "Find Elytra"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_ELYTRA_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.end.elytra.description"; #[doc = "Remote Getaway"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_ENTER_END_GATEWAY_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.end.enter_end_gateway.title"; #[doc = "Escape the island"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_ENTER_END_GATEWAY_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.end.enter_end_gateway.description"; #[doc = "The City at the End of the Game"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_FIND_END_CITY_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.end.find_end_city.title"; #[doc = "Go on in, what could happen?"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_FIND_END_CITY_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.end.find_end_city.description"; #[doc = "Free the End"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_KILL_DRAGON_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.end.kill_dragon.title"; #[doc = "Good luck"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_KILL_DRAGON_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.end.kill_dragon.description"; #[doc = "Great View From Up Here"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_LEVITATE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.end.levitate.title"; #[doc = "Levitate up 50 blocks from the attacks of a Shulker"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_LEVITATE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.end.levitate.description"; #[doc = "The End... Again..."] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_RESPAWN_DRAGON_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.end.respawn_dragon.title"; #[doc = "Respawn the Ender Dragon"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_RESPAWN_DRAGON_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.end.respawn_dragon.description"; #[doc = "The End"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_ROOT_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.end.root.title"; #[doc = "Or the beginning?"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_END_ROOT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.end.root.description"; #[doc = "Local Brewery"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_BREW_POTION_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.brew_potion.title"; #[doc = "Brew a Potion"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_BREW_POTION_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.brew_potion.description"; #[doc = "A Furious Cocktail"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_ALL_POTIONS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.all_potions.title"; #[doc = "Have every potion effect applied at the same time"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_ALL_POTIONS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.all_potions.description"; #[doc = "How Did We Get Here?"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_ALL_EFFECTS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.all_effects.title"; #[doc = "Have every effect applied at the same time"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_ALL_EFFECTS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.all_effects.description"; #[doc = "Bring Home the Beacon"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_CREATE_BEACON_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.create_beacon.title"; #[doc = "Construct and place a Beacon"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_CREATE_BEACON_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.create_beacon.description"; #[doc = "Beaconator"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_CREATE_FULL_BEACON_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.create_full_beacon.title"; #[doc = "Bring a Beacon to full power"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_CREATE_FULL_BEACON_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.create_full_beacon.description"; #[doc = "A Terrible Fortress"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_FIND_FORTRESS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.find_fortress.title"; #[doc = "Break your way into a Nether Fortress"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_FIND_FORTRESS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.find_fortress.description"; #[doc = "Spooky Scary Skeleton"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_GET_WITHER_SKULL_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.get_wither_skull.title"; #[doc = "Obtain a Wither Skeleton's skull"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_GET_WITHER_SKULL_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.get_wither_skull.description"; #[doc = "Into Fire"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_OBTAIN_BLAZE_ROD_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.obtain_blaze_rod.title"; #[doc = "Relieve a Blaze of its rod"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_OBTAIN_BLAZE_ROD_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.obtain_blaze_rod.description"; #[doc = "Return to Sender"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_RETURN_TO_SENDER_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.return_to_sender.title"; #[doc = "Destroy a Ghast with a fireball"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_RETURN_TO_SENDER_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.return_to_sender.description"; #[doc = "Nether"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_ROOT_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.root.title"; #[doc = "Bring summer clothes"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_ROOT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.root.description"; #[doc = "Withering Heights"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_SUMMON_WITHER_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.summon_wither.title"; #[doc = "Summon the Wither"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_SUMMON_WITHER_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.summon_wither.description"; #[doc = "Subspace Bubble"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_FAST_TRAVEL_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.fast_travel.title"; #[doc = "Use the Nether to travel 7 km in the Overworld"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_FAST_TRAVEL_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.fast_travel.description"; #[doc = "Uneasy Alliance"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_UNEASY_ALLIANCE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.uneasy_alliance.title"; #[doc = "Rescue a Ghast from the Nether, bring it safely home to the Overworld... and then kill it"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_UNEASY_ALLIANCE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.uneasy_alliance.description"; #[doc = "Hidden in the Depths"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_OBTAIN_ANCIENT_DEBRIS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.obtain_ancient_debris.title"; #[doc = "Obtain Ancient Debris"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_OBTAIN_ANCIENT_DEBRIS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.obtain_ancient_debris.description"; #[doc = "Cover Me in Debris"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_NETHERITE_ARMOR_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.netherite_armor.title"; #[doc = "Get a full suit of Netherite armor"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_NETHERITE_ARMOR_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.netherite_armor.description"; #[doc = "Country Lode, Take Me Home"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_USE_LODESTONE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.use_lodestone.title"; #[doc = "Use a Compass on a Lodestone"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_USE_LODESTONE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.use_lodestone.description"; #[doc = "Who is Cutting Onions?"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_OBTAIN_CRYING_OBSIDIAN_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.obtain_crying_obsidian.title"; #[doc = "Obtain Crying Obsidian"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_OBTAIN_CRYING_OBSIDIAN_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.obtain_crying_obsidian.description"; #[doc = "Not Quite \"Nine\" Lives"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_CHARGE_RESPAWN_ANCHOR_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.charge_respawn_anchor.title"; #[doc = "Charge a Respawn Anchor to the maximum"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_CHARGE_RESPAWN_ANCHOR_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.charge_respawn_anchor.description"; #[doc = "This Boat Has Legs"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_RIDE_STRIDER_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.ride_strider.title"; #[doc = "Ride a Strider with a Warped Fungus on a Stick"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_RIDE_STRIDER_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.ride_strider.description"; #[doc = "Feels Like Home"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_RIDE_STRIDER_IN_OVERWORLD_LAVA_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.ride_strider_in_overworld_lava.title"; #[doc = "Take a Strider for a loooong ride on a lava lake in the Overworld"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_RIDE_STRIDER_IN_OVERWORLD_LAVA_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.ride_strider_in_overworld_lava.description"; #[doc = "*** Tourist Destinations"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_EXPLORE_NETHER_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.explore_nether.title"; #[doc = "Explore all Nether biomes"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_EXPLORE_NETHER_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.explore_nether.description"; #[doc = "Those Were the Days"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_FIND_BASTION_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.find_bastion.title"; #[doc = "Enter a Bastion Remnant"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_FIND_BASTION_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.find_bastion.description"; #[doc = "War Pigs"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_LOOT_BASTION_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.loot_bastion.title"; #[doc = "Loot a Chest in a Bastion Remnant"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_LOOT_BASTION_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.loot_bastion.description"; #[doc = "Oh Shiny"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_DISTRACT_PIGLIN_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.nether.distract_piglin.title"; #[doc = "Distract Piglins with gold"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_NETHER_DISTRACT_PIGLIN_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.nether.distract_piglin.description"; #[doc = "Zombie Doctor"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_CURE_ZOMBIE_VILLAGER_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.cure_zombie_villager.title"; #[doc = "Weaken and then cure a Zombie Villager"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_CURE_ZOMBIE_VILLAGER_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.cure_zombie_villager.description"; #[doc = "Not Today, Thank You"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_DEFLECT_ARROW_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.deflect_arrow.title"; #[doc = "Deflect a projectile with a Shield"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_DEFLECT_ARROW_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.deflect_arrow.description"; #[doc = "Enchanter"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_ENCHANT_ITEM_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.enchant_item.title"; #[doc = "Enchant an item at an Enchanting Table"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_ENCHANT_ITEM_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.enchant_item.description"; #[doc = "The End?"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_ENTER_THE_END_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.enter_the_end.title"; #[doc = "Enter the End Portal"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_ENTER_THE_END_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.enter_the_end.description"; #[doc = "We Need to Go Deeper"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_ENTER_THE_NETHER_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.enter_the_nether.title"; #[doc = "Build, light and enter a Nether Portal"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_ENTER_THE_NETHER_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.enter_the_nether.description"; #[doc = "Eye Spy"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_FOLLOW_ENDER_EYE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.follow_ender_eye.title"; #[doc = "Follow an Eye of Ender"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_FOLLOW_ENDER_EYE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.follow_ender_eye.description"; #[doc = "Ice Bucket Challenge"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_FORM_OBSIDIAN_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.form_obsidian.title"; #[doc = "Obtain a block of Obsidian"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_FORM_OBSIDIAN_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.form_obsidian.description"; #[doc = "Isn't It Iron Pick"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_IRON_TOOLS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.iron_tools.title"; #[doc = "Upgrade your Pickaxe"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_IRON_TOOLS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.iron_tools.description"; #[doc = "*** Stuff"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_LAVA_BUCKET_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.lava_bucket.title"; #[doc = "Fill a Bucket with lava"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_LAVA_BUCKET_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.lava_bucket.description"; #[doc = "Diamonds!"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_MINE_DIAMOND_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.mine_diamond.title"; #[doc = "Acquire diamonds"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_MINE_DIAMOND_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.mine_diamond.description"; #[doc = "Stone Age"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_MINE_STONE_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.mine_stone.title"; #[doc = "Mine Stone with your new Pickaxe"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_MINE_STONE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.mine_stone.description"; #[doc = "Suit Up"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_OBTAIN_ARMOR_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.obtain_armor.title"; #[doc = "Protect yourself with a piece of iron armor"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_OBTAIN_ARMOR_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.obtain_armor.description"; #[doc = "Minecraft"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_ROOT_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.root.title"; #[doc = "The heart and story of the game"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_ROOT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.root.description"; #[doc = "Cover Me with Diamonds"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_SHINY_GEAR_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.shiny_gear.title"; #[doc = "Diamond armor saves lives"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_SHINY_GEAR_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.shiny_gear.description"; #[doc = "Acquire Hardware"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_SMELT_IRON_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.smelt_iron.title"; #[doc = "Smelt an Iron Ingot"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_SMELT_IRON_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.smelt_iron.description"; #[doc = "Getting an Upgrade"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_UPGRADE_TOOLS_TITLE: &'static str = "advancements.story.upgrade_tools.title"; #[doc = "Construct a better Pickaxe"] pub const ADVANCEMENTS_STORY_UPGRADE_TOOLS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "advancements.story.upgrade_tools.description"; #[doc = "Always"] pub const TEAM_VISIBILITY_ALWAYS: &'static str = "team.visibility.always"; #[doc = "Never"] pub const TEAM_VISIBILITY_NEVER: &'static str = "team.visibility.never"; #[doc = "Hide for other teams"] pub const TEAM_VISIBILITY_HIDE_FOR_OTHER_TEAMS: &'static str = "team.visibility.hideForOtherTeams"; #[doc = "Hide for own team"] pub const TEAM_VISIBILITY_HIDE_FOR_OWN_TEAM: &'static str = "team.visibility.hideForOwnTeam"; #[doc = "Always"] pub const TEAM_COLLISION_ALWAYS: &'static str = "team.collision.always"; #[doc = "Never"] pub const TEAM_COLLISION_NEVER: &'static str = "team.collision.never"; #[doc = "Push other teams"] pub const TEAM_COLLISION_PUSH_OTHER_TEAMS: &'static str = "team.collision.pushOtherTeams"; #[doc = "Push own team"] pub const TEAM_COLLISION_PUSH_OWN_TEAM: &'static str = "team.collision.pushOwnTeam"; #[doc = "Invalid UUID"] pub const ARGUMENT_UUID_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.uuid.invalid"; #[doc = "Nearest player"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_SELECTOR_NEAREST_PLAYER: &'static str = "argument.entity.selector.nearestPlayer"; #[doc = "Random player"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_SELECTOR_RANDOM_PLAYER: &'static str = "argument.entity.selector.randomPlayer"; #[doc = "All players"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_SELECTOR_ALL_PLAYERS: &'static str = "argument.entity.selector.allPlayers"; #[doc = "All entities"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_SELECTOR_ALL_ENTITIES: &'static str = "argument.entity.selector.allEntities"; #[doc = "Current entity"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_SELECTOR_SELF: &'static str = "argument.entity.selector.self"; #[doc = "Entity name"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_NAME_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.name.description"; #[doc = "Distance to entity"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_DISTANCE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.distance.description"; #[doc = "Experience level"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_LEVEL_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.level.description"; #[doc = "x position"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_X_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.x.description"; #[doc = "y position"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_Y_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.y.description"; #[doc = "z position"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_Z_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.z.description"; #[doc = "Entities between x and x + dx"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_DX_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.dx.description"; #[doc = "Entities between y and y + dy"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_DY_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.dy.description"; #[doc = "Entities between z and z + dz"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_DZ_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.dz.description"; #[doc = "Entity's x rotation"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_X_ROTATION_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.x_rotation.description"; #[doc = "Entity's y rotation"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_Y_ROTATION_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.y_rotation.description"; #[doc = "Maximum number of entities to return"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_LIMIT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.limit.description"; #[doc = "Sort the entities"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_SORT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.sort.description"; #[doc = "Players with gamemode"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.gamemode.description"; #[doc = "Entities on team"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_TEAM_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.team.description"; #[doc = "Entities of type"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_TYPE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.type.description"; #[doc = "Entities with tag"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_TAG_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.tag.description"; #[doc = "Entities with NBT"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_NBT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.nbt.description"; #[doc = "Entities with scores"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_SCORES_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.scores.description"; #[doc = "Players with advancements"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_ADVANCEMENTS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.advancements.description"; #[doc = "Custom predicate"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_PREDICATE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.predicate.description"; #[doc = "An unexpected error occurred trying to execute that command"] pub const COMMAND_FAILED: &'static str = "command.failed"; #[doc = "<--[HERE]"] pub const COMMAND_CONTEXT_HERE: &'static str = "command.context.here"; #[doc = "%s at position %s: %s"] pub const COMMAND_CONTEXT_PARSE_ERROR: &'static str = "command.context.parse_error"; #[doc = "Local game hosted on port %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PUBLISH_STARTED: &'static str = "commands.publish.started"; #[doc = "Unable to host local game"] pub const COMMANDS_PUBLISH_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.publish.failed"; #[doc = "No advancement was found by the name '%1$s'"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_ADVANCEMENT_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "commands.advancement.advancementNotFound"; #[doc = "The advancement %1$s does not contain the criterion '%2$s'"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_CRITERION_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "commands.advancement.criterionNotFound"; #[doc = "Granted the advancement %s to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_ONE_TO_ONE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.one.to.one.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't grant advancement %s to %s as they already have it"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_ONE_TO_ONE_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.one.to.one.failure"; #[doc = "Granted the advancement %s to %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_ONE_TO_MANY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.one.to.many.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't grant advancement %s to %s players as they already have it"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_ONE_TO_MANY_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.one.to.many.failure"; #[doc = "Granted %s advancements to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_MANY_TO_ONE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.many.to.one.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't grant %s advancements to %s as they already have them"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_MANY_TO_ONE_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.many.to.one.failure"; #[doc = "Granted %s advancements to %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_MANY_TO_MANY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.many.to.many.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't grant %s advancements to %s players as they already have them"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_MANY_TO_MANY_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.many.to.many.failure"; #[doc = "Granted criterion '%s' of advancement %s to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_CRITERION_TO_ONE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.criterion.to.one.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't grant criterion '%s' of advancement %s to %s as they already have it"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_CRITERION_TO_ONE_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.criterion.to.one.failure"; #[doc = "Granted criterion '%s' of advancement %s to %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_CRITERION_TO_MANY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.criterion.to.many.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't grant criterion '%s' of advancement %s to %s players as they already have it"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_GRANT_CRITERION_TO_MANY_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.grant.criterion.to.many.failure"; #[doc = "Revoked the advancement %s from %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_ONE_TO_ONE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.one.to.one.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't revoke advancement %s from %s as they don't have it"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_ONE_TO_ONE_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.one.to.one.failure"; #[doc = "Revoked the advancement %s from %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_ONE_TO_MANY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.one.to.many.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't revoke advancement %s from %s players as they don't have it"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_ONE_TO_MANY_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.one.to.many.failure"; #[doc = "Revoked %s advancements from %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_MANY_TO_ONE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.many.to.one.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't revoke %s advancements from %s as they don't have them"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_MANY_TO_ONE_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.many.to.one.failure"; #[doc = "Revoked %s advancements from %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_MANY_TO_MANY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.many.to.many.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't revoke %s advancements from %s players as they don't have them"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_MANY_TO_MANY_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.many.to.many.failure"; #[doc = "Revoked criterion '%s' of advancement %s from %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_CRITERION_TO_ONE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.criterion.to.one.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't revoke criterion '%s' of advancement %s from %s as they don't have it"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_CRITERION_TO_ONE_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.criterion.to.one.failure"; #[doc = "Revoked criterion '%s' of advancement %s from %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_CRITERION_TO_MANY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.criterion.to.many.success"; #[doc = "Couldn't revoke criterion '%s' of advancement %s from %s players as they don't have it"] pub const COMMANDS_ADVANCEMENT_REVOKE_CRITERION_TO_MANY_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.advancement.revoke.criterion.to.many.failure"; #[doc = "%s is not a valid entity for this command"] pub const COMMANDS_ATTRIBUTE_FAILED_ENTITY: &'static str = "commands.attribute.failed.entity"; #[doc = "Entity %s has no attribute %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ATTRIBUTE_FAILED_NO_ATTRIBUTE: &'static str = "commands.attribute.failed.no_attribute"; #[doc = "Attribute %s for entity %s has no modifier %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ATTRIBUTE_FAILED_NO_MODIFIER: &'static str = "commands.attribute.failed.no_modifier"; #[doc = "Modifier %s is already present on attribute %s for entity %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ATTRIBUTE_FAILED_MODIFIER_ALREADY_PRESENT: &'static str = "commands.attribute.failed.modifier_already_present"; #[doc = "Value of attribute %s for entity %s is %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE_GET_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.attribute.value.get.success"; #[doc = "Base value of attribute %s for entity %s is %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ATTRIBUTE_BASE_VALUE_GET_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.attribute.base_value.get.success"; #[doc = "Base value for attribute %s for entity %s set to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ATTRIBUTE_BASE_VALUE_SET_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.attribute.base_value.set.success"; #[doc = "Added modifier %s to attribute %s for entity %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_ADD_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.attribute.modifier.add.success"; #[doc = "Removed modifier %s from attribute %s for entity %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_REMOVE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.attribute.modifier.remove.success"; #[doc = "Value of modifier %s on attribute %s for entity %s is %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIER_VALUE_GET_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.attribute.modifier.value.get.success"; #[doc = "No chunks were marked for force loading"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_ADDED_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.forceload.added.failure"; #[doc = "Marked chunk %s in %s to be force loaded"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_ADDED_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.forceload.added.single"; #[doc = "Marked %s chunks in %s from %s to %s to be force loaded"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_ADDED_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.forceload.added.multiple"; #[doc = "Chunk at %s in %s is marked for force loading"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_QUERY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.forceload.query.success"; #[doc = "Chunk at %s in %s is not marked for force loading"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_QUERY_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.forceload.query.failure"; #[doc = "A force loaded chunk was found in %s at: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_LIST_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.forceload.list.single"; #[doc = "%s force loaded chunks were found in %s at: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_LIST_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.forceload.list.multiple"; #[doc = "No force loaded chunks were found in %s"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_ADDED_NONE: &'static str = "commands.forceload.added.none"; #[doc = "Unmarked all force loaded chunks in %s"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_REMOVED_ALL: &'static str = "commands.forceload.removed.all"; #[doc = "No chunks were removed from force loading"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_REMOVED_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.forceload.removed.failure"; #[doc = "Unmarked chunk %s in %s for force loading"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_REMOVED_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.forceload.removed.single"; #[doc = "Unmarked %s chunks in %s from %s to %s for force loading"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_REMOVED_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.forceload.removed.multiple"; #[doc = "Too many chunks in the specified area (maximum %s, specified %s)"] pub const COMMANDS_FORCELOAD_TOOBIG: &'static str = "commands.forceload.toobig"; #[doc = "Removed %s items from player %s"] pub const COMMANDS_CLEAR_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.clear.success.single"; #[doc = "Removed %s items from %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_CLEAR_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.clear.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Found %s matching items on player %s"] pub const COMMANDS_CLEAR_TEST_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.clear.test.single"; #[doc = "Found %s matching items on %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_CLEAR_TEST_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.clear.test.multiple"; #[doc = "Successfully cloned %s blocks"] pub const COMMANDS_CLONE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.clone.success"; #[doc = "Started tick profiling"] pub const COMMANDS_DEBUG_STARTED: &'static str = "commands.debug.started"; #[doc = "Stopped tick profiling after %s seconds and %s ticks (%s ticks per second)"] pub const COMMANDS_DEBUG_STOPPED: &'static str = "commands.debug.stopped"; #[doc = "The tick profiler hasn't started"] pub const COMMANDS_DEBUG_NOT_RUNNING: &'static str = "commands.debug.notRunning"; #[doc = "The tick profiler is already started"] pub const COMMANDS_DEBUG_ALREADY_RUNNING: &'static str = "commands.debug.alreadyRunning"; #[doc = "Traced %s commands from function '%s' to output file %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DEBUG_FUNCTION_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.debug.function.success.single"; #[doc = "Traced %s commands from %s functions to output file %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DEBUG_FUNCTION_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.debug.function.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Can't trace from inside of function"] pub const COMMANDS_DEBUG_FUNCTION_NO_RECURSION: &'static str = "commands.debug.function.noRecursion"; #[doc = "Failed to trace function"] pub const COMMANDS_DEBUG_FUNCTION_TRACE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.debug.function.traceFailed"; #[doc = "The default game mode is now %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DEFAULTGAMEMODE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.defaultgamemode.success"; #[doc = "The difficulty has been set to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DIFFICULTY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.difficulty.success"; #[doc = "The difficulty is %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DIFFICULTY_QUERY: &'static str = "commands.difficulty.query"; #[doc = "Entity can't hold any items"] pub const COMMANDS_DROP_NO_HELD_ITEMS: &'static str = "commands.drop.no_held_items"; #[doc = "Entity %s has no loot table"] pub const COMMANDS_DROP_NO_LOOT_TABLE: &'static str = "commands.drop.no_loot_table"; #[doc = "Dropped %s %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DROP_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.drop.success.single"; #[doc = "Dropped %s %s from loot table %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DROP_SUCCESS_SINGLE_WITH_TABLE: &'static str = "commands.drop.success.single_with_table"; #[doc = "Dropped %s items"] pub const COMMANDS_DROP_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.drop.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Dropped %s items from loot table %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DROP_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE_WITH_TABLE: &'static str = "commands.drop.success.multiple_with_table"; #[doc = "Applied effect %s to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_EFFECT_GIVE_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.effect.give.success.single"; #[doc = "Applied effect %s to %s targets"] pub const COMMANDS_EFFECT_GIVE_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.effect.give.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Removed every effect from %s"] pub const COMMANDS_EFFECT_CLEAR_EVERYTHING_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.effect.clear.everything.success.single"; #[doc = "Removed every effect from %s targets"] pub const COMMANDS_EFFECT_CLEAR_EVERYTHING_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.effect.clear.everything.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Removed effect %s from %s"] pub const COMMANDS_EFFECT_CLEAR_SPECIFIC_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.effect.clear.specific.success.single"; #[doc = "Removed effect %s from %s targets"] pub const COMMANDS_EFFECT_CLEAR_SPECIFIC_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.effect.clear.specific.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Applied enchantment %s to %s's item"] pub const COMMANDS_ENCHANT_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.enchant.success.single"; #[doc = "Applied enchantment %s to %s entities"] pub const COMMANDS_ENCHANT_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.enchant.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Gave %s experience points to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_EXPERIENCE_ADD_POINTS_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.experience.add.points.success.single"; #[doc = "Gave %s experience points to %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_EXPERIENCE_ADD_POINTS_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.experience.add.points.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Gave %s experience levels to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_EXPERIENCE_ADD_LEVELS_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.experience.add.levels.success.single"; #[doc = "Gave %s experience levels to %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_EXPERIENCE_ADD_LEVELS_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.experience.add.levels.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Set %s experience points on %s"] pub const COMMANDS_EXPERIENCE_SET_POINTS_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.experience.set.points.success.single"; #[doc = "Set %s experience points on %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_EXPERIENCE_SET_POINTS_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.experience.set.points.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Set %s experience levels on %s"] pub const COMMANDS_EXPERIENCE_SET_LEVELS_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.experience.set.levels.success.single"; #[doc = "Set %s experience levels on %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_EXPERIENCE_SET_LEVELS_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.experience.set.levels.success.multiple"; #[doc = "%s has %s experience points"] pub const COMMANDS_EXPERIENCE_QUERY_POINTS: &'static str = "commands.experience.query.points"; #[doc = "%s has %s experience levels"] pub const COMMANDS_EXPERIENCE_QUERY_LEVELS: &'static str = "commands.experience.query.levels"; #[doc = "Successfully filled %s blocks"] pub const COMMANDS_FILL_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.fill.success"; #[doc = "Executed %s commands from function '%s'"] pub const COMMANDS_FUNCTION_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.function.success.single"; #[doc = "Executed %s commands from %s functions"] pub const COMMANDS_FUNCTION_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.function.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Can't give more than %s of %s"] pub const COMMANDS_GIVE_FAILED_TOOMANYITEMS: &'static str = "commands.give.failed.toomanyitems"; #[doc = "Gave %s %s to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_GIVE_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.give.success.single"; #[doc = "Gave %s %s to %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_GIVE_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.give.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Played sound %s to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PLAYSOUND_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.playsound.success.single"; #[doc = "Played sound %s to %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_PLAYSOUND_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.playsound.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Multiplayer game is now hosted on port %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PUBLISH_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.publish.success"; #[doc = "There are %s of a max of %s players online: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_LIST_PLAYERS: &'static str = "commands.list.players"; #[doc = "%s (%s)"] pub const COMMANDS_LIST_NAME_AND_ID: &'static str = "commands.list.nameAndId"; #[doc = "Killed %s"] pub const COMMANDS_KILL_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.kill.success.single"; #[doc = "Killed %s entities"] pub const COMMANDS_KILL_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.kill.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Kicked %s: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_KICK_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.kick.success"; #[doc = "You whisper to %s: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_MESSAGE_DISPLAY_OUTGOING: &'static str = "commands.message.display.outgoing"; #[doc = "%s whispers to you: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_MESSAGE_DISPLAY_INCOMING: &'static str = "commands.message.display.incoming"; #[doc = "Made %s a server operator"] pub const COMMANDS_OP_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.op.success"; #[doc = "Made %s no longer a server operator"] pub const COMMANDS_DEOP_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.deop.success"; #[doc = "Banned %s: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BAN_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.ban.success"; #[doc = "Unbanned %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PARDON_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.pardon.success"; #[doc = "Displaying particle %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PARTICLE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.particle.success"; #[doc = "Started 10 second performance profiling run (use '/perf stop' to stop early)"] pub const COMMANDS_PERF_STARTED: &'static str = "commands.perf.started"; #[doc = "Stopped performance profiling after %s seconds and %s ticks (%s ticks per second)"] pub const COMMANDS_PERF_STOPPED: &'static str = "commands.perf.stopped"; #[doc = "Created debug report in %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PERF_REPORT_SAVED: &'static str = "commands.perf.reportSaved"; #[doc = "Failed to create debug report"] pub const COMMANDS_PERF_REPORT_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.perf.reportFailed"; #[doc = "The performance profiler hasn't started"] pub const COMMANDS_PERF_NOT_RUNNING: &'static str = "commands.perf.notRunning"; #[doc = "The performance profiler is already started"] pub const COMMANDS_PERF_ALREADY_RUNNING: &'static str = "commands.perf.alreadyRunning"; #[doc = "JFR profiling started"] pub const COMMANDS_JFR_STARTED: &'static str = "commands.jfr.started"; #[doc = "Failed to start JFR profiling"] pub const COMMANDS_JFR_START_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.jfr.start.failed"; #[doc = "JFR profiling stopped and dumped to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_JFR_STOPPED: &'static str = "commands.jfr.stopped"; #[doc = "Failed to dump JFR recording: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_JFR_DUMP_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.jfr.dump.failed"; #[doc = "Seed: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SEED_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.seed.success"; #[doc = "Stopping the server"] pub const COMMANDS_STOP_STOPPING: &'static str = "commands.stop.stopping"; #[doc = "The time is %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TIME_QUERY: &'static str = "commands.time.query"; #[doc = "Set the time to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TIME_SET: &'static str = "commands.time.set"; #[doc = "Scheduled function '%s' in %s ticks at gametime %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCHEDULE_CREATED_FUNCTION: &'static str = "commands.schedule.created.function"; #[doc = "Scheduled tag '%s' in %s ticks at gametime %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCHEDULE_CREATED_TAG: &'static str = "commands.schedule.created.tag"; #[doc = "Removed %s schedules with id %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCHEDULE_CLEARED_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.schedule.cleared.success"; #[doc = "No schedules with id %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCHEDULE_CLEARED_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.schedule.cleared.failure"; #[doc = "Can't schedule for current tick"] pub const COMMANDS_SCHEDULE_SAME_TICK: &'static str = "commands.schedule.same_tick"; #[doc = "Set own game mode to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_GAMEMODE_SUCCESS_SELF: &'static str = "commands.gamemode.success.self"; #[doc = "Set %s's game mode to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_GAMEMODE_SUCCESS_OTHER: &'static str = "commands.gamemode.success.other"; #[doc = "Gamerule %s is currently set to: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_GAMERULE_QUERY: &'static str = "commands.gamerule.query"; #[doc = "Gamerule %s is now set to: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_GAMERULE_SET: &'static str = "commands.gamerule.set"; #[doc = "Automatic saving is now disabled"] pub const COMMANDS_SAVE_DISABLED: &'static str = "commands.save.disabled"; #[doc = "Automatic saving is now enabled"] pub const COMMANDS_SAVE_ENABLED: &'static str = "commands.save.enabled"; #[doc = "Saving the game (this may take a moment!)"] pub const COMMANDS_SAVE_SAVING: &'static str = "commands.save.saving"; #[doc = "Saved the game"] pub const COMMANDS_SAVE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.save.success"; #[doc = "The player idle timeout is now %s minutes"] pub const COMMANDS_SETIDLETIMEOUT_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.setidletimeout.success"; #[doc = "There are no bans"] pub const COMMANDS_BANLIST_NONE: &'static str = "commands.banlist.none"; #[doc = "There are %s bans:"] pub const COMMANDS_BANLIST_LIST: &'static str = "commands.banlist.list"; #[doc = "%s was banned by %s: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BANLIST_ENTRY: &'static str = "commands.banlist.entry"; #[doc = "Created custom bossbar %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_CREATE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.create.success"; #[doc = "Removed custom bossbar %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_REMOVE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.remove.success"; #[doc = "There are no custom bossbars active"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_LIST_BARS_NONE: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.list.bars.none"; #[doc = "There are %s custom bossbars active: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_LIST_BARS_SOME: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.list.bars.some"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s no longer has any players"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_PLAYERS_SUCCESS_NONE: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.players.success.none"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s now has %s players: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_PLAYERS_SUCCESS_SOME: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.players.success.some"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s has been renamed"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_NAME_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.name.success"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s has changed color"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_COLOR_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.color.success"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s has changed style"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_STYLE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.style.success"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s has changed value to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_VALUE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.value.success"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s has changed maximum to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_MAX_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.max.success"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s is now visible"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_VISIBLE_SUCCESS_VISIBLE: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.visible.success.visible"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s is now hidden"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_VISIBLE_SUCCESS_HIDDEN: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.visible.success.hidden"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s has a value of %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_GET_VALUE: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.get.value"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s has a maximum of %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_GET_MAX: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.get.max"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s is currently shown"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_GET_VISIBLE_VISIBLE: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.get.visible.visible"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s is currently hidden"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_GET_VISIBLE_HIDDEN: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.get.visible.hidden"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s has no players currently online"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_GET_PLAYERS_NONE: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.get.players.none"; #[doc = "Custom bossbar %s has %s players currently online: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_GET_PLAYERS_SOME: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.get.players.some"; #[doc = "Unlocked %s recipes for %s"] pub const COMMANDS_RECIPE_GIVE_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.recipe.give.success.single"; #[doc = "Unlocked %s recipes for %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_RECIPE_GIVE_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.recipe.give.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Took %s recipes from %s"] pub const COMMANDS_RECIPE_TAKE_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.recipe.take.success.single"; #[doc = "Took %s recipes from %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_RECIPE_TAKE_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.recipe.take.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Summoned new %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SUMMON_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.summon.success"; #[doc = "Whitelist is now turned on"] pub const COMMANDS_WHITELIST_ENABLED: &'static str = "commands.whitelist.enabled"; #[doc = "Whitelist is now turned off"] pub const COMMANDS_WHITELIST_DISABLED: &'static str = "commands.whitelist.disabled"; #[doc = "There are no whitelisted players"] pub const COMMANDS_WHITELIST_NONE: &'static str = "commands.whitelist.none"; #[doc = "There are %s whitelisted players: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_WHITELIST_LIST: &'static str = "commands.whitelist.list"; #[doc = "Added %s to the whitelist"] pub const COMMANDS_WHITELIST_ADD_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.whitelist.add.success"; #[doc = "Removed %s from the whitelist"] pub const COMMANDS_WHITELIST_REMOVE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.whitelist.remove.success"; #[doc = "Reloaded the whitelist"] pub const COMMANDS_WHITELIST_RELOADED: &'static str = "commands.whitelist.reloaded"; #[doc = "Set the weather to clear"] pub const COMMANDS_WEATHER_SET_CLEAR: &'static str = "commands.weather.set.clear"; #[doc = "Set the weather to rain"] pub const COMMANDS_WEATHER_SET_RAIN: &'static str = "commands.weather.set.rain"; #[doc = "Set the weather to rain & thunder"] pub const COMMANDS_WEATHER_SET_THUNDER: &'static str = "commands.weather.set.thunder"; #[doc = "Set spawn point to %s, %s, %s [%s] in %s for %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SPAWNPOINT_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.spawnpoint.success.single"; #[doc = "Set spawn point to %s, %s, %s [%s] in %s for %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_SPAWNPOINT_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.spawnpoint.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Stopped sound '%s' on source '%s'"] pub const COMMANDS_STOPSOUND_SUCCESS_SOURCE_SOUND: &'static str = "commands.stopsound.success.source.sound"; #[doc = "Stopped all '%s' sounds"] pub const COMMANDS_STOPSOUND_SUCCESS_SOURCE_ANY: &'static str = "commands.stopsound.success.source.any"; #[doc = "Stopped sound '%s'"] pub const COMMANDS_STOPSOUND_SUCCESS_SOURCELESS_SOUND: &'static str = "commands.stopsound.success.sourceless.sound"; #[doc = "Stopped all sounds"] pub const COMMANDS_STOPSOUND_SUCCESS_SOURCELESS_ANY: &'static str = "commands.stopsound.success.sourceless.any"; #[doc = "Set the world spawn point to %s, %s, %s [%s]"] pub const COMMANDS_SETWORLDSPAWN_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.setworldspawn.success"; #[doc = "Spread %s teams around %s, %s with an average distance of %s blocks apart"] pub const COMMANDS_SPREADPLAYERS_SUCCESS_TEAMS: &'static str = "commands.spreadplayers.success.teams"; #[doc = "Spread %s players around %s, %s with an average distance of %s blocks apart"] pub const COMMANDS_SPREADPLAYERS_SUCCESS_ENTITIES: &'static str = "commands.spreadplayers.success.entities"; #[doc = "Changed the block at %s, %s, %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SETBLOCK_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.setblock.success"; #[doc = "Banned IP %s: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BANIP_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.banip.success"; #[doc = "This ban affects %s players: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_BANIP_INFO: &'static str = "commands.banip.info"; #[doc = "Unbanned IP %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PARDONIP_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.pardonip.success"; #[doc = "Teleported %s to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TELEPORT_SUCCESS_ENTITY_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.teleport.success.entity.single"; #[doc = "Teleported %s entities to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TELEPORT_SUCCESS_ENTITY_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.teleport.success.entity.multiple"; #[doc = "Teleported %s to %s, %s, %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TELEPORT_SUCCESS_LOCATION_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.teleport.success.location.single"; #[doc = "Teleported %s entities to %s, %s, %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TELEPORT_SUCCESS_LOCATION_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.teleport.success.location.multiple"; #[doc = "Invalid position for teleport"] pub const COMMANDS_TELEPORT_INVALID_POSITION: &'static str = "commands.teleport.invalidPosition"; #[doc = "Cleared titles for %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_CLEARED_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.title.cleared.single"; #[doc = "Cleared titles for %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_CLEARED_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.title.cleared.multiple"; #[doc = "Reset title options for %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_RESET_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.title.reset.single"; #[doc = "Reset title options for %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_RESET_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.title.reset.multiple"; #[doc = "Showing new title for %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_SHOW_TITLE_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.title.show.title.single"; #[doc = "Showing new title for %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_SHOW_TITLE_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.title.show.title.multiple"; #[doc = "Showing new subtitle for %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_SHOW_SUBTITLE_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.title.show.subtitle.single"; #[doc = "Showing new subtitle for %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_SHOW_SUBTITLE_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.title.show.subtitle.multiple"; #[doc = "Showing new actionbar title for %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_SHOW_ACTIONBAR_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.title.show.actionbar.single"; #[doc = "Showing new actionbar title for %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_SHOW_ACTIONBAR_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.title.show.actionbar.multiple"; #[doc = "Changed title display times for %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_TIMES_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.title.times.single"; #[doc = "Changed title display times for %s players"] pub const COMMANDS_TITLE_TIMES_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.title.times.multiple"; #[doc = "Growing the world border to %s blocks wide over %s seconds"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_SET_GROW: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.set.grow"; #[doc = "Shrinking the world border to %s blocks wide over %s seconds"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_SET_SHRINK: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.set.shrink"; #[doc = "Set the world border to %s blocks wide"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_SET_IMMEDIATE: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.set.immediate"; #[doc = "Set the center of the world border to %s, %s"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_CENTER_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.center.success"; #[doc = "The world border is currently %s blocks wide"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_GET: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.get"; #[doc = "Set the world border damage buffer to %s blocks"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_DAMAGE_BUFFER_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.damage.buffer.success"; #[doc = "Set the world border damage to %s per block each second"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_DAMAGE_AMOUNT_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.damage.amount.success"; #[doc = "Set the world border warning time to %s seconds"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_WARNING_TIME_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.warning.time.success"; #[doc = "Set the world border warning distance to %s blocks"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_WARNING_DISTANCE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.warning.distance.success"; #[doc = "Added tag '%s' to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TAG_ADD_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.tag.add.success.single"; #[doc = "Added tag '%s' to %s entities"] pub const COMMANDS_TAG_ADD_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.tag.add.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Removed tag '%s' from %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TAG_REMOVE_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.tag.remove.success.single"; #[doc = "Removed tag '%s' from %s entities"] pub const COMMANDS_TAG_REMOVE_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.tag.remove.success.multiple"; #[doc = "%s has no tags"] pub const COMMANDS_TAG_LIST_SINGLE_EMPTY: &'static str = "commands.tag.list.single.empty"; #[doc = "%s has %s tags: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TAG_LIST_SINGLE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.tag.list.single.success"; #[doc = "There are no tags on the %s entities"] pub const COMMANDS_TAG_LIST_MULTIPLE_EMPTY: &'static str = "commands.tag.list.multiple.empty"; #[doc = "The %s entities have %s total tags: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TAG_LIST_MULTIPLE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.tag.list.multiple.success"; #[doc = "There are no members on team %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_LIST_MEMBERS_EMPTY: &'static str = "commands.team.list.members.empty"; #[doc = "Team %s has %s members: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_LIST_MEMBERS_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.list.members.success"; #[doc = "There are no teams"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_LIST_TEAMS_EMPTY: &'static str = "commands.team.list.teams.empty"; #[doc = "There are %s teams: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_LIST_TEAMS_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.list.teams.success"; #[doc = "Created team %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_ADD_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.add.success"; #[doc = "Removed team %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_REMOVE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.remove.success"; #[doc = "Removed %s members from team %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_EMPTY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.empty.success"; #[doc = "Updated the color for team %s to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_COLOR_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.option.color.success"; #[doc = "Updated the name of team %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_NAME_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.option.name.success"; #[doc = "Enabled friendly fire for team %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_FRIENDLYFIRE_ENABLED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.friendlyfire.enabled"; #[doc = "Disabled friendly fire for team %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_FRIENDLYFIRE_DISABLED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.friendlyfire.disabled"; #[doc = "Team %s can now see invisible teammates"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_SEE_FRIENDLY_INVISIBLES_ENABLED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.seeFriendlyInvisibles.enabled"; #[doc = "Team %s can no longer see invisible teammates"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_SEE_FRIENDLY_INVISIBLES_DISABLED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.seeFriendlyInvisibles.disabled"; #[doc = "Nametag visibility for team %s is now \"%s\""] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_NAMETAG_VISIBILITY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.option.nametagVisibility.success"; #[doc = "Death message visibility for team %s is now \"%s\""] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_DEATH_MESSAGE_VISIBILITY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.option.deathMessageVisibility.success"; #[doc = "Collision rule for team %s is now \"%s\""] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_COLLISION_RULE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.option.collisionRule.success"; #[doc = "Team prefix set to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_PREFIX_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.option.prefix.success"; #[doc = "Team suffix set to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_SUFFIX_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.team.option.suffix.success"; #[doc = "Added %s to team %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_JOIN_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.team.join.success.single"; #[doc = "Added %s members to team %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_JOIN_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.team.join.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Removed %s from any team"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_LEAVE_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.team.leave.success.single"; #[doc = "Removed %s members from any team"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_LEAVE_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.team.leave.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Triggered %s"] pub const COMMANDS_TRIGGER_SIMPLE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.trigger.simple.success"; #[doc = "Triggered %s (added %s to value)"] pub const COMMANDS_TRIGGER_ADD_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.trigger.add.success"; #[doc = "Triggered %s (set value to %s)"] pub const COMMANDS_TRIGGER_SET_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.trigger.set.success"; #[doc = "There are no objectives"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_OBJECTIVES_LIST_EMPTY: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.objectives.list.empty"; #[doc = "There are %s objectives: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_OBJECTIVES_LIST_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.objectives.list.success"; #[doc = "Created new objective %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_OBJECTIVES_ADD_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.objectives.add.success"; #[doc = "Removed objective %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_OBJECTIVES_REMOVE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.objectives.remove.success"; #[doc = "Cleared any objectives in display slot %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_OBJECTIVES_DISPLAY_CLEARED: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.objectives.display.cleared"; #[doc = "Set display slot %s to show objective %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_OBJECTIVES_DISPLAY_SET: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.objectives.display.set"; #[doc = "Changed the display name of %s to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_OBJECTIVES_MODIFY_DISPLAYNAME: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.objectives.modify.displayname"; #[doc = "Changed the render type of objective %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_OBJECTIVES_MODIFY_RENDERTYPE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.objectives.modify.rendertype"; #[doc = "There are no tracked entities"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_LIST_EMPTY: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.list.empty"; #[doc = "There are %s tracked entities: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_LIST_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.list.success"; #[doc = "%s has no scores to show"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_LIST_ENTITY_EMPTY: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.list.entity.empty"; #[doc = "%s has %s scores:"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_LIST_ENTITY_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.list.entity.success"; #[doc = "%s: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_LIST_ENTITY_ENTRY: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.list.entity.entry"; #[doc = "Set %s for %s to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_SET_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.set.success.single"; #[doc = "Set %s for %s entities to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_SET_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.set.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Added %s to %s for %s (now %s)"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_ADD_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.add.success.single"; #[doc = "Added %s to %s for %s entities"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_ADD_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.add.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Removed %s from %s for %s (now %s)"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_REMOVE_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.remove.success.single"; #[doc = "Removed %s from %s for %s entities"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_REMOVE_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.remove.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Reset all scores for %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_RESET_ALL_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.reset.all.single"; #[doc = "Reset all scores for %s entities"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_RESET_ALL_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.reset.all.multiple"; #[doc = "Reset %s for %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_RESET_SPECIFIC_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.reset.specific.single"; #[doc = "Reset %s for %s entities"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_RESET_SPECIFIC_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.reset.specific.multiple"; #[doc = "Enabled trigger %s for %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_ENABLE_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.enable.success.single"; #[doc = "Enabled trigger %s for %s entities"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_ENABLE_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.enable.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Set %s for %s to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_OPERATION_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.operation.success.single"; #[doc = "Updated %s for %s entities"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_OPERATION_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.operation.success.multiple"; #[doc = "%s has %s %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_GET_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.get.success"; #[doc = "Reloading!"] pub const COMMANDS_RELOAD_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.reload.success"; #[doc = "Reload failed; keeping old data"] pub const COMMANDS_RELOAD_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.reload.failure"; #[doc = "Modified entity data of %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_ENTITY_MODIFIED: &'static str = "commands.data.entity.modified"; #[doc = "%s has the following entity data: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_ENTITY_QUERY: &'static str = "commands.data.entity.query"; #[doc = "%s on %s after scale factor of %s is %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_ENTITY_GET: &'static str = "commands.data.entity.get"; #[doc = "Modified block data of %s, %s, %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_BLOCK_MODIFIED: &'static str = "commands.data.block.modified"; #[doc = "%s, %s, %s has the following block data: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_BLOCK_QUERY: &'static str = "commands.data.block.query"; #[doc = "%s on block %s, %s, %s after scale factor of %s is %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_BLOCK_GET: &'static str = "commands.data.block.get"; #[doc = "Modified storage %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_STORAGE_MODIFIED: &'static str = "commands.data.storage.modified"; #[doc = "Storage %s has the following contents: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_STORAGE_QUERY: &'static str = "commands.data.storage.query"; #[doc = "%s in storage %s after scale factor of %s is %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_STORAGE_GET: &'static str = "commands.data.storage.get"; #[doc = "There are %s data packs enabled: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATAPACK_LIST_ENABLED_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.datapack.list.enabled.success"; #[doc = "There are no data packs enabled"] pub const COMMANDS_DATAPACK_LIST_ENABLED_NONE: &'static str = "commands.datapack.list.enabled.none"; #[doc = "There are %s data packs available: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATAPACK_LIST_AVAILABLE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.datapack.list.available.success"; #[doc = "There are no more data packs available"] pub const COMMANDS_DATAPACK_LIST_AVAILABLE_NONE: &'static str = "commands.datapack.list.available.none"; #[doc = "Enabling data pack %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATAPACK_MODIFY_ENABLE: &'static str = "commands.datapack.modify.enable"; #[doc = "Disabling data pack %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATAPACK_MODIFY_DISABLE: &'static str = "commands.datapack.modify.disable"; #[doc = "No longer spectating an entity"] pub const COMMANDS_SPECTATE_SUCCESS_STOPPED: &'static str = "commands.spectate.success.stopped"; #[doc = "Now spectating %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SPECTATE_SUCCESS_STARTED: &'static str = "commands.spectate.success.started"; #[doc = "%s is not in spectator mode"] pub const COMMANDS_SPECTATE_NOT_SPECTATOR: &'static str = "commands.spectate.not_spectator"; #[doc = "Cannot spectate yourself"] pub const COMMANDS_SPECTATE_SELF: &'static str = "commands.spectate.self"; #[doc = "Target position %s, %s, %s is not a container"] pub const COMMANDS_ITEM_TARGET_NOT_A_CONTAINER: &'static str = "commands.item.target.not_a_container"; #[doc = "Source position %s, %s, %s is not a container"] pub const COMMANDS_ITEM_SOURCE_NOT_A_CONTAINER: &'static str = "commands.item.source.not_a_container"; #[doc = "The target does not have slot %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ITEM_TARGET_NO_SUCH_SLOT: &'static str = "commands.item.target.no_such_slot"; #[doc = "The source does not have slot %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ITEM_SOURCE_NO_SUCH_SLOT: &'static str = "commands.item.source.no_such_slot"; #[doc = "No targets accepted item into slot %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ITEM_TARGET_NO_CHANGES: &'static str = "commands.item.target.no_changes"; #[doc = "No targets accepted item %s into slot %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ITEM_TARGET_NO_CHANGED_KNOWN_ITEM: &'static str = "commands.item.target.no_changed.known_item"; #[doc = "Replaced a slot at %s, %s, %s with %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ITEM_BLOCK_SET_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.item.block.set.success"; #[doc = "Replaced a slot on %s with %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ITEM_ENTITY_SET_SUCCESS_SINGLE: &'static str = "commands.item.entity.set.success.single"; #[doc = "Replaced a slot on %s entities with %s"] pub const COMMANDS_ITEM_ENTITY_SET_SUCCESS_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.item.entity.set.success.multiple"; #[doc = "Expected value or range of values"] pub const ARGUMENT_RANGE_EMPTY: &'static str = "argument.range.empty"; #[doc = "Only whole numbers allowed, not decimals"] pub const ARGUMENT_RANGE_INTS: &'static str = "argument.range.ints"; #[doc = "Min cannot be bigger than max"] pub const ARGUMENT_RANGE_SWAPPED: &'static str = "argument.range.swapped"; #[doc = "A player is required to run this command here"] pub const PERMISSIONS_REQUIRES_PLAYER: &'static str = "permissions.requires.player"; #[doc = "An entity is required to run this command here"] pub const PERMISSIONS_REQUIRES_ENTITY: &'static str = "permissions.requires.entity"; #[doc = "Incomplete (expected 1 angle)"] pub const ARGUMENT_ANGLE_INCOMPLETE: &'static str = "argument.angle.incomplete"; #[doc = "Invalid angle"] pub const ARGUMENT_ANGLE_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.angle.invalid"; #[doc = "Only one entity is allowed, but the provided selector allows more than one"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_TOOMANY: &'static str = "argument.entity.toomany"; #[doc = "Only one player is allowed, but the provided selector allows more than one"] pub const ARGUMENT_PLAYER_TOOMANY: &'static str = "argument.player.toomany"; #[doc = "Only players may be affected by this command, but the provided selector includes entities"] pub const ARGUMENT_PLAYER_ENTITIES: &'static str = "argument.player.entities"; #[doc = "No entity was found"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_NOTFOUND_ENTITY: &'static str = "argument.entity.notfound.entity"; #[doc = "No player was found"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_NOTFOUND_PLAYER: &'static str = "argument.entity.notfound.player"; #[doc = "That player does not exist"] pub const ARGUMENT_PLAYER_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "argument.player.unknown"; #[doc = "Invalid NBT path element"] pub const ARGUMENTS_NBTPATH_NODE_INVALID: &'static str = "arguments.nbtpath.node.invalid"; #[doc = "Found no elements matching %s"] pub const ARGUMENTS_NBTPATH_NOTHING_FOUND: &'static str = "arguments.nbtpath.nothing_found"; #[doc = "Invalid operation"] pub const ARGUMENTS_OPERATION_INVALID: &'static str = "arguments.operation.invalid"; #[doc = "Cannot divide by zero"] pub const ARGUMENTS_OPERATION_DIV0: &'static str = "arguments.operation.div0"; #[doc = "No relevant score holders could be found"] pub const ARGUMENT_SCORE_HOLDER_EMPTY: &'static str = "argument.scoreHolder.empty"; #[doc = "Tags aren't allowed here, only actual blocks"] pub const ARGUMENT_BLOCK_TAG_DISALLOWED: &'static str = "argument.block.tag.disallowed"; #[doc = "Expected closing ] for block state properties"] pub const ARGUMENT_BLOCK_PROPERTY_UNCLOSED: &'static str = "argument.block.property.unclosed"; #[doc = "That position is not loaded"] pub const ARGUMENT_POS_UNLOADED: &'static str = "argument.pos.unloaded"; #[doc = "That position is out of this world!"] pub const ARGUMENT_POS_OUTOFWORLD: &'static str = "argument.pos.outofworld"; #[doc = "That position is outside the allowed boundaries."] pub const ARGUMENT_POS_OUTOFBOUNDS: &'static str = "argument.pos.outofbounds"; #[doc = "Incomplete (expected 2 coordinates)"] pub const ARGUMENT_ROTATION_INCOMPLETE: &'static str = "argument.rotation.incomplete"; #[doc = "Invalid swizzle, expected combination of 'x', 'y' and 'z'"] pub const ARGUMENTS_SWIZZLE_INVALID: &'static str = "arguments.swizzle.invalid"; #[doc = "Incomplete (expected 2 coordinates)"] pub const ARGUMENT_POS2D_INCOMPLETE: &'static str = "argument.pos2d.incomplete"; #[doc = "Incomplete (expected 3 coordinates)"] pub const ARGUMENT_POS3D_INCOMPLETE: &'static str = "argument.pos3d.incomplete"; #[doc = "Cannot mix world & local coordinates (everything must either use ^ or not)"] pub const ARGUMENT_POS_MIXED: &'static str = "argument.pos.mixed"; #[doc = "Expected a coordinate"] pub const ARGUMENT_POS_MISSING_DOUBLE: &'static str = "argument.pos.missing.double"; #[doc = "Expected a block position"] pub const ARGUMENT_POS_MISSING_INT: &'static str = "argument.pos.missing.int"; #[doc = "Tags aren't allowed here, only actual items"] pub const ARGUMENT_ITEM_TAG_DISALLOWED: &'static str = "argument.item.tag.disallowed"; #[doc = "Invalid name or UUID"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.entity.invalid"; #[doc = "Missing selector type"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_SELECTOR_MISSING: &'static str = "argument.entity.selector.missing"; #[doc = "Selector not allowed"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_SELECTOR_NOT_ALLOWED: &'static str = "argument.entity.selector.not_allowed"; #[doc = "Expected end of options"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_UNTERMINATED: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.unterminated"; #[doc = "Distance cannot be negative"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_DISTANCE_NEGATIVE: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.distance.negative"; #[doc = "Level shouldn't be negative"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_LEVEL_NEGATIVE: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.level.negative"; #[doc = "Limit must be at least 1"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_LIMIT_TOOSMALL: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.limit.toosmall"; #[doc = "Unexpected trailing data"] pub const ARGUMENT_NBT_TRAILING: &'static str = "argument.nbt.trailing"; #[doc = "Expected key"] pub const ARGUMENT_NBT_EXPECTED_KEY: &'static str = "argument.nbt.expected.key"; #[doc = "Expected value"] pub const ARGUMENT_NBT_EXPECTED_VALUE: &'static str = "argument.nbt.expected.value"; #[doc = "Invalid ID"] pub const ARGUMENT_ID_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.id.invalid"; #[doc = "Invalid unit"] pub const ARGUMENT_TIME_INVALID_UNIT: &'static str = "argument.time.invalid_unit"; #[doc = "Tick count must be non-negative"] pub const ARGUMENT_TIME_INVALID_TICK_COUNT: &'static str = "argument.time.invalid_tick_count"; #[doc = "Invalid value \"%s\""] pub const ARGUMENT_ENUM_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.enum.invalid"; #[doc = "Invalid IP address or unknown player"] pub const COMMANDS_BANIP_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.banip.invalid"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That IP is already banned"] pub const COMMANDS_BANIP_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.banip.failed"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The player is already banned"] pub const COMMANDS_BAN_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.ban.failed"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. Those players are already on the bossbar with nobody to add or remove"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_PLAYERS_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.players.unchanged"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That's already the name of this bossbar"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_NAME_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.name.unchanged"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That's already the color of this bossbar"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_COLOR_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.color.unchanged"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That's already the style of this bossbar"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_STYLE_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.style.unchanged"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That's already the value of this bossbar"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_VALUE_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.value.unchanged"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That's already the max of this bossbar"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_MAX_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.max.unchanged"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The bossbar is already hidden"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_VISIBILITY_UNCHANGED_HIDDEN: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.visibility.unchanged.hidden"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The bossbar is already visible"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_SET_VISIBILITY_UNCHANGED_VISIBLE: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.set.visibility.unchanged.visible"; #[doc = "The source and destination areas cannot overlap"] pub const COMMANDS_CLONE_OVERLAP: &'static str = "commands.clone.overlap"; #[doc = "No blocks were cloned"] pub const COMMANDS_CLONE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.clone.failed"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The player is not an operator"] pub const COMMANDS_DEOP_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.deop.failed"; #[doc = "Unable to apply this effect (target is either immune to effects, or has something stronger)"] pub const COMMANDS_EFFECT_GIVE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.effect.give.failed"; #[doc = "Target has no effects to remove"] pub const COMMANDS_EFFECT_CLEAR_EVERYTHING_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.effect.clear.everything.failed"; #[doc = "Target doesn't have the requested effect"] pub const COMMANDS_EFFECT_CLEAR_SPECIFIC_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.effect.clear.specific.failed"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. Targets either have no item in their hands or the enchantment could not be applied"] pub const COMMANDS_ENCHANT_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.enchant.failed"; #[doc = "Cannot set experience points above the maximum points for the player's current level"] pub const COMMANDS_EXPERIENCE_SET_POINTS_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.experience.set.points.invalid"; #[doc = "No blocks were filled"] pub const COMMANDS_FILL_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.fill.failed"; #[doc = "Unknown command or insufficient permissions"] pub const COMMANDS_HELP_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.help.failed"; #[doc = "The nearest %s is at %s (%s blocks away)"] pub const COMMANDS_LOCATE_STRUCTURE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.locate.structure.success"; #[doc = "Could not find a structure of type \"%s\" nearby"] pub const COMMANDS_LOCATE_STRUCTURE_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "commands.locate.structure.not_found"; #[doc = "There is no structure with type \"%s\""] pub const COMMANDS_LOCATE_STRUCTURE_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.locate.structure.invalid"; #[doc = "The nearest %s is at %s (%s blocks away)"] pub const COMMANDS_LOCATE_BIOME_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.locate.biome.success"; #[doc = "Could not find a biome of type \"%s\" within reasonable distance"] pub const COMMANDS_LOCATE_BIOME_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "commands.locate.biome.not_found"; #[doc = "There is no biome with type \"%s\""] pub const COMMANDS_LOCATE_BIOME_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.locate.biome.invalid"; #[doc = "The nearest %s is at %s (%s blocks away)"] pub const COMMANDS_LOCATE_POI_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.locate.poi.success"; #[doc = "Could not find a point of interest of type \"%s\" within reasonable distance"] pub const COMMANDS_LOCATE_POI_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "commands.locate.poi.not_found"; #[doc = "There is no point of interest with type \"%s\""] pub const COMMANDS_LOCATE_POI_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.locate.poi.invalid"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The player already is an operator"] pub const COMMANDS_OP_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.op.failed"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The player isn't banned"] pub const COMMANDS_PARDON_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.pardon.failed"; #[doc = "Invalid IP address"] pub const COMMANDS_PARDONIP_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.pardonip.invalid"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That IP isn't banned"] pub const COMMANDS_PARDONIP_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.pardonip.failed"; #[doc = "The particle was not visible for anybody"] pub const COMMANDS_PARTICLE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.particle.failed"; #[doc = "Failed to place feature"] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_FEATURE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.place.feature.failed"; #[doc = "There is no feature with type \"%s\""] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_FEATURE_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.place.feature.invalid"; #[doc = "Placed \"%s\" at %s, %s, %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_FEATURE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.place.feature.success"; #[doc = "Failed to generate jigsaw"] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_JIGSAW_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.place.jigsaw.failed"; #[doc = "There is no template pool with type \"%s\""] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_JIGSAW_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.place.jigsaw.invalid"; #[doc = "Generated jigsaw at %s, %s, %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_JIGSAW_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.place.jigsaw.success"; #[doc = "Failed to place structure"] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_STRUCTURE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.place.structure.failed"; #[doc = "There is no structure with type \"%s\""] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_STRUCTURE_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.place.structure.invalid"; #[doc = "Generated structure \"%s\" at %s, %s, %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_STRUCTURE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.place.structure.success"; #[doc = "Failed to place template"] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_TEMPLATE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.place.template.failed"; #[doc = "There is no template with id \"%s\""] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_TEMPLATE_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.place.template.invalid"; #[doc = "Loaded template \"%s\" at %s, %s, %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PLACE_TEMPLATE_SUCCESS: &'static str = "commands.place.template.success"; #[doc = "The sound is too far away to be heard"] pub const COMMANDS_PLAYSOUND_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.playsound.failed"; #[doc = "No new recipes were learned"] pub const COMMANDS_RECIPE_GIVE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.recipe.give.failed"; #[doc = "No recipes could be forgotten"] pub const COMMANDS_RECIPE_TAKE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.recipe.take.failed"; #[doc = "Unable to save the game (is there enough disk space?)"] pub const COMMANDS_SAVE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.save.failed"; #[doc = "Saving is already turned off"] pub const COMMANDS_SAVE_ALREADY_OFF: &'static str = "commands.save.alreadyOff"; #[doc = "Saving is already turned on"] pub const COMMANDS_SAVE_ALREADY_ON: &'static str = "commands.save.alreadyOn"; #[doc = "An objective already exists by that name"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_OBJECTIVES_ADD_DUPLICATE: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.objectives.add.duplicate"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That display slot is already empty"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_OBJECTIVES_DISPLAY_ALREADY_EMPTY: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.objectives.display.alreadyEmpty"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That display slot is already showing that objective"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_OBJECTIVES_DISPLAY_ALREADY_SET: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.objectives.display.alreadySet"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That trigger is already enabled"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_ENABLE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.enable.failed"; #[doc = "Enable only works on trigger-objectives"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_ENABLE_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.enable.invalid"; #[doc = "Could not set the block"] pub const COMMANDS_SETBLOCK_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.setblock.failed"; #[doc = "Unable to summon entity"] pub const COMMANDS_SUMMON_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.summon.failed"; #[doc = "Unable to summon entity due to duplicate UUIDs"] pub const COMMANDS_SUMMON_FAILED_UUID: &'static str = "commands.summon.failed.uuid"; #[doc = "Invalid position for summon"] pub const COMMANDS_SUMMON_INVALID_POSITION: &'static str = "commands.summon.invalidPosition"; #[doc = "Target either already has the tag or has too many tags"] pub const COMMANDS_TAG_ADD_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.tag.add.failed"; #[doc = "Target does not have this tag"] pub const COMMANDS_TAG_REMOVE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.tag.remove.failed"; #[doc = "A team already exists by that name"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_ADD_DUPLICATE: &'static str = "commands.team.add.duplicate"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That team is already empty"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_EMPTY_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.team.empty.unchanged"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That team already has that color"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_COLOR_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.color.unchanged"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That team already has that name"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_NAME_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.name.unchanged"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. Friendly fire is already enabled for that team"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_FRIENDLYFIRE_ALREADY_ENABLED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.friendlyfire.alreadyEnabled"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. Friendly fire is already disabled for that team"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_FRIENDLYFIRE_ALREADY_DISABLED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.friendlyfire.alreadyDisabled"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That team can already see invisible teammates"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_SEE_FRIENDLY_INVISIBLES_ALREADY_ENABLED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.seeFriendlyInvisibles.alreadyEnabled"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. That team already can't see invisible teammates"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_SEE_FRIENDLY_INVISIBLES_ALREADY_DISABLED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.seeFriendlyInvisibles.alreadyDisabled"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. Nametag visibility is already that value"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_NAMETAG_VISIBILITY_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.nametagVisibility.unchanged"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. Death message visibility is already that value"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_DEATH_MESSAGE_VISIBILITY_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.deathMessageVisibility.unchanged"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. Collision rule is already that value"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAM_OPTION_COLLISION_RULE_UNCHANGED: &'static str = "commands.team.option.collisionRule.unchanged"; #[doc = "You cannot trigger this objective yet"] pub const COMMANDS_TRIGGER_FAILED_UNPRIMED: &'static str = "commands.trigger.failed.unprimed"; #[doc = "You can only trigger objectives that are 'trigger' type"] pub const COMMANDS_TRIGGER_FAILED_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.trigger.failed.invalid"; #[doc = "Whitelist is already turned on"] pub const COMMANDS_WHITELIST_ALREADY_ON: &'static str = "commands.whitelist.alreadyOn"; #[doc = "Whitelist is already turned off"] pub const COMMANDS_WHITELIST_ALREADY_OFF: &'static str = "commands.whitelist.alreadyOff"; #[doc = "Player is already whitelisted"] pub const COMMANDS_WHITELIST_ADD_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.whitelist.add.failed"; #[doc = "Player is not whitelisted"] pub const COMMANDS_WHITELIST_REMOVE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.whitelist.remove.failed"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The world border is already centered there"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_CENTER_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.center.failed"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The world border is already that size"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_SET_FAILED_NOCHANGE: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.set.failed.nochange"; #[doc = "World border cannot be smaller than 1 block wide"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_SET_FAILED_SMALL: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.set.failed.small"; #[doc = "World border cannot be bigger than %s blocks wide"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_SET_FAILED_BIG: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.set.failed.big"; #[doc = "World border cannot be further out than %s blocks"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_SET_FAILED_FAR: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.set.failed.far"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The world border warning is already that amount of time"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_WARNING_TIME_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.warning.time.failed"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The world border warning is already that distance"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_WARNING_DISTANCE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.warning.distance.failed"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The world border damage buffer is already that distance"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_DAMAGE_BUFFER_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.damage.buffer.failed"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The world border damage is already that amount"] pub const COMMANDS_WORLDBORDER_DAMAGE_AMOUNT_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.worldborder.damage.amount.failed"; #[doc = "The target block is not a block entity"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_BLOCK_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.data.block.invalid"; #[doc = "Nothing changed. The specified properties already have these values"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_MERGE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.data.merge.failed"; #[doc = "Expected list, got: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_MODIFY_EXPECTED_LIST: &'static str = "commands.data.modify.expected_list"; #[doc = "Expected object, got: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_MODIFY_EXPECTED_OBJECT: &'static str = "commands.data.modify.expected_object"; #[doc = "Invalid list index: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_MODIFY_INVALID_INDEX: &'static str = "commands.data.modify.invalid_index"; #[doc = "This argument accepts a single NBT value"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_GET_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "commands.data.get.multiple"; #[doc = "Unable to modify player data"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_ENTITY_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.data.entity.invalid"; #[doc = "You must be on a team to message your team"] pub const COMMANDS_TEAMMSG_FAILED_NOTEAM: &'static str = "commands.teammsg.failed.noteam"; #[doc = "Unknown color '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_COLOR_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.color.invalid"; #[doc = "Unknown dimension '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_DIMENSION_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.dimension.invalid"; #[doc = "Invalid chat component: %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_COMPONENT_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.component.invalid"; #[doc = "Invalid entity anchor position %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_ANCHOR_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.anchor.invalid"; #[doc = "Unknown enchantment: %s"] pub const ENCHANTMENT_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "enchantment.unknown"; #[doc = "Take Book"] pub const LECTERN_TAKE_BOOK: &'static str = "lectern.take_book"; #[doc = "Unknown effect: %s"] pub const EFFECT_EFFECT_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "effect.effectNotFound"; #[doc = "Unknown scoreboard objective '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENTS_OBJECTIVE_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "arguments.objective.notFound"; #[doc = "Scoreboard objective '%s' is read-only"] pub const ARGUMENTS_OBJECTIVE_READONLY: &'static str = "arguments.objective.readonly"; #[doc = "Unknown criterion '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_CRITERIA_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.criteria.invalid"; #[doc = "Unknown particle: %s"] pub const PARTICLE_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "particle.notFound"; #[doc = "Unknown ID: %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_ID_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "argument.id.unknown"; #[doc = "Unknown advancement: %s"] pub const ADVANCEMENT_ADVANCEMENT_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "advancement.advancementNotFound"; #[doc = "Unknown recipe: %s"] pub const RECIPE_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "recipe.notFound"; #[doc = "Unknown entity: %s"] pub const ENTITY_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "entity.notFound"; #[doc = "Unknown predicate: %s"] pub const PREDICATE_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "predicate.unknown"; #[doc = "Unknown item modifier: %s"] pub const ITEM_MODIFIER_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "item_modifier.unknown"; #[doc = "Unknown display slot '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_SCOREBOARD_DISPLAY_SLOT_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.scoreboardDisplaySlot.invalid"; #[doc = "Unknown slot '%s'"] pub const SLOT_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "slot.unknown"; #[doc = "Unknown team '%s'"] pub const TEAM_NOT_FOUND: &'static str = "team.notFound"; #[doc = "Unknown block tag '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENTS_BLOCK_TAG_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "arguments.block.tag.unknown"; #[doc = "Unknown block type '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_BLOCK_ID_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.block.id.invalid"; #[doc = "Block %s does not have property '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_BLOCK_PROPERTY_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "argument.block.property.unknown"; #[doc = "Property '%s' can only be set once for block %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_BLOCK_PROPERTY_DUPLICATE: &'static str = "argument.block.property.duplicate"; #[doc = "Block %s does not accept '%s' for %s property"] pub const ARGUMENT_BLOCK_PROPERTY_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.block.property.invalid"; #[doc = "Expected value for property '%s' on block %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_BLOCK_PROPERTY_NOVALUE: &'static str = "argument.block.property.novalue"; #[doc = "Unknown function tag '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENTS_FUNCTION_TAG_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "arguments.function.tag.unknown"; #[doc = "Unknown function %s"] pub const ARGUMENTS_FUNCTION_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "arguments.function.unknown"; #[doc = "%s can only stack up to %s"] pub const ARGUMENTS_ITEM_OVERSTACKED: &'static str = "arguments.item.overstacked"; #[doc = "Unknown item '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_ITEM_ID_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.item.id.invalid"; #[doc = "Unknown item tag '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENTS_ITEM_TAG_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "arguments.item.tag.unknown"; #[doc = "Unknown selector type '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_SELECTOR_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "argument.entity.selector.unknown"; #[doc = "Expected value for option '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_VALUELESS: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.valueless"; #[doc = "Unknown option '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.unknown"; #[doc = "Option '%s' isn't applicable here"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_INAPPLICABLE: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.inapplicable"; #[doc = "Invalid or unknown sort type '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_SORT_IRREVERSIBLE: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.sort.irreversible"; #[doc = "Invalid or unknown game mode '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_MODE_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.mode.invalid"; #[doc = "Invalid or unknown entity type '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_ENTITY_OPTIONS_TYPE_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.entity.options.type.invalid"; #[doc = "Can't insert %s into list of %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_NBT_LIST_MIXED: &'static str = "argument.nbt.list.mixed"; #[doc = "Can't insert %s into %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_NBT_ARRAY_MIXED: &'static str = "argument.nbt.array.mixed"; #[doc = "Invalid array type '%s'"] pub const ARGUMENT_NBT_ARRAY_INVALID: &'static str = "argument.nbt.array.invalid"; #[doc = "A bossbar already exists with the ID '%s'"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_CREATE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.create.failed"; #[doc = "No bossbar exists with the ID '%s'"] pub const COMMANDS_BOSSBAR_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "commands.bossbar.unknown"; #[doc = "No items were found on player %s"] pub const CLEAR_FAILED_SINGLE: &'static str = "clear.failed.single"; #[doc = "No items were found on %s players"] pub const CLEAR_FAILED_MULTIPLE: &'static str = "clear.failed.multiple"; #[doc = "Too many blocks in the specified area (maximum %s, specified %s)"] pub const COMMANDS_CLONE_TOOBIG: &'static str = "commands.clone.toobig"; #[doc = "Unknown data pack '%s'"] pub const COMMANDS_DATAPACK_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "commands.datapack.unknown"; #[doc = "Pack '%s' is already enabled!"] pub const COMMANDS_DATAPACK_ENABLE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.datapack.enable.failed"; #[doc = "Pack '%s' is not enabled!"] pub const COMMANDS_DATAPACK_DISABLE_FAILED: &'static str = "commands.datapack.disable.failed"; #[doc = "The difficulty did not change; it is already set to %s"] pub const COMMANDS_DIFFICULTY_FAILURE: &'static str = "commands.difficulty.failure"; #[doc = "%s is not a valid entity for this command"] pub const COMMANDS_ENCHANT_FAILED_ENTITY: &'static str = "commands.enchant.failed.entity"; #[doc = "%s is not holding any item"] pub const COMMANDS_ENCHANT_FAILED_ITEMLESS: &'static str = "commands.enchant.failed.itemless"; #[doc = "%s cannot support that enchantment"] pub const COMMANDS_ENCHANT_FAILED_INCOMPATIBLE: &'static str = "commands.enchant.failed.incompatible"; #[doc = "%s is higher than the maximum level of %s supported by that enchantment"] pub const COMMANDS_ENCHANT_FAILED_LEVEL: &'static str = "commands.enchant.failed.level"; #[doc = "Too many blocks in the specified area (maximum %s, specified %s)"] pub const COMMANDS_EXECUTE_BLOCKS_TOOBIG: &'static str = "commands.execute.blocks.toobig"; #[doc = "Test passed"] pub const COMMANDS_EXECUTE_CONDITIONAL_PASS: &'static str = "commands.execute.conditional.pass"; #[doc = "Test passed, count: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_EXECUTE_CONDITIONAL_PASS_COUNT: &'static str = "commands.execute.conditional.pass_count"; #[doc = "Test failed"] pub const COMMANDS_EXECUTE_CONDITIONAL_FAIL: &'static str = "commands.execute.conditional.fail"; #[doc = "Test failed, count: %s"] pub const COMMANDS_EXECUTE_CONDITIONAL_FAIL_COUNT: &'static str = "commands.execute.conditional.fail_count"; #[doc = "Too many blocks in the specified area (maximum %s, specified %s)"] pub const COMMANDS_FILL_TOOBIG: &'static str = "commands.fill.toobig"; #[doc = "Multiplayer game is already hosted on port %s"] pub const COMMANDS_PUBLISH_ALREADY_PUBLISHED: &'static str = "commands.publish.alreadyPublished"; #[doc = "Can't get value of %s for %s; none is set"] pub const COMMANDS_SCOREBOARD_PLAYERS_GET_NULL: &'static str = "commands.scoreboard.players.get.null"; #[doc = "Could not spread %s teams around %s, %s (too many entities for space - try using spread of at most %s)"] pub const COMMANDS_SPREADPLAYERS_FAILED_TEAMS: &'static str = "commands.spreadplayers.failed.teams"; #[doc = "Could not spread %s entities around %s, %s (too many entities for space - try using spread of at most %s)"] pub const COMMANDS_SPREADPLAYERS_FAILED_ENTITIES: &'static str = "commands.spreadplayers.failed.entities"; #[doc = "Invalid maxHeight %s; expected higher than world minimum %s"] pub const COMMANDS_SPREADPLAYERS_FAILED_INVALID_HEIGHT: &'static str = "commands.spreadplayers.failed.invalid.height"; #[doc = "Can't get %s; only numeric tags are allowed"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_GET_INVALID: &'static str = "commands.data.get.invalid"; #[doc = "Can't get %s; tag doesn't exist"] pub const COMMANDS_DATA_GET_UNKNOWN: &'static str = "commands.data.get.unknown"; #[doc = "Double must not be less than %s, found %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_DOUBLE_LOW: &'static str = "argument.double.low"; #[doc = "Double must not be more than %s, found %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_DOUBLE_BIG: &'static str = "argument.double.big"; #[doc = "Float must not be less than %s, found %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_FLOAT_LOW: &'static str = "argument.float.low"; #[doc = "Float must not be more than %s, found %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_FLOAT_BIG: &'static str = "argument.float.big"; #[doc = "Integer must not be less than %s, found %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_INTEGER_LOW: &'static str = "argument.integer.low"; #[doc = "Integer must not be more than %s, found %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_INTEGER_BIG: &'static str = "argument.integer.big"; #[doc = "Long must not be less than %s, found %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_LONG_LOW: &'static str = "argument.long.low"; #[doc = "Long must not be more than %s, found %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_LONG_BIG: &'static str = "argument.long.big"; #[doc = "Expected literal %s"] pub const ARGUMENT_LITERAL_INCORRECT: &'static str = "argument.literal.incorrect"; #[doc = "Expected quote to start a string"] pub const PARSING_QUOTE_EXPECTED_START: &'static str = "parsing.quote.expected.start"; #[doc = "Unclosed quoted string"] pub const PARSING_QUOTE_EXPECTED_END: &'static str = "parsing.quote.expected.end"; #[doc = "Invalid escape sequence '\\%s' in quoted string"] pub const PARSING_QUOTE_ESCAPE: &'static str = "parsing.quote.escape"; #[doc = "Invalid boolean, expected 'true' or 'false' but found '%s'"] pub const PARSING_BOOL_INVALID: &'static str = "parsing.bool.invalid"; #[doc = "Invalid integer '%s'"] pub const PARSING_INT_INVALID: &'static str = "parsing.int.invalid"; #[doc = "Expected integer"] pub const PARSING_INT_EXPECTED: &'static str = "parsing.int.expected"; #[doc = "Invalid long '%s'"] pub const PARSING_LONG_INVALID: &'static str = "parsing.long.invalid"; #[doc = "Expected long"] pub const PARSING_LONG_EXPECTED: &'static str = "parsing.long.expected"; #[doc = "Could not parse command: %s"] pub const COMMAND_EXCEPTION: &'static str = "command.exception"; #[doc = "Invalid double '%s'"] pub const PARSING_DOUBLE_INVALID: &'static str = "parsing.double.invalid"; #[doc = "Expected double"] pub const PARSING_DOUBLE_EXPECTED: &'static str = "parsing.double.expected"; #[doc = "Invalid float '%s'"] pub const PARSING_FLOAT_INVALID: &'static str = "parsing.float.invalid"; #[doc = "Expected float"] pub const PARSING_FLOAT_EXPECTED: &'static str = "parsing.float.expected"; #[doc = "Expected boolean"] pub const PARSING_BOOL_EXPECTED: &'static str = "parsing.bool.expected"; #[doc = "Expected '%s'"] pub const PARSING_EXPECTED: &'static str = "parsing.expected"; #[doc = "Unknown or incomplete command, see below for error"] pub const COMMAND_UNKNOWN_COMMAND: &'static str = "command.unknown.command"; #[doc = "Incorrect argument for command"] pub const COMMAND_UNKNOWN_ARGUMENT: &'static str = "command.unknown.argument"; #[doc = "Expected whitespace to end one argument, but found trailing data"] pub const COMMAND_EXPECTED_SEPARATOR: &'static str = "command.expected.separator"; #[doc = "Badlands"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_BADLANDS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.badlands"; #[doc = "Bamboo Jungle"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_BAMBOO_JUNGLE: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.bamboo_jungle"; #[doc = "Basalt Deltas"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_BASALT_DELTAS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.basalt_deltas"; #[doc = "Beach"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_BEACH: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.beach"; #[doc = "Birch Forest"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_BIRCH_FOREST: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.birch_forest"; #[doc = "Cold Ocean"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_COLD_OCEAN: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.cold_ocean"; #[doc = "Crimson Forest"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_CRIMSON_FOREST: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.crimson_forest"; #[doc = "Dark Forest"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_DARK_FOREST: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.dark_forest"; #[doc = "Deep Cold Ocean"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_DEEP_COLD_OCEAN: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.deep_cold_ocean"; #[doc = "Deep Dark"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_DEEP_DARK: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.deep_dark"; #[doc = "Deep Frozen Ocean"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_DEEP_FROZEN_OCEAN: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.deep_frozen_ocean"; #[doc = "Deep Lukewarm Ocean"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_DEEP_LUKEWARM_OCEAN: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.deep_lukewarm_ocean"; #[doc = "Deep Ocean"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_DEEP_OCEAN: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.deep_ocean"; #[doc = "Desert"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_DESERT: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.desert"; #[doc = "Dripstone Caves"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_DRIPSTONE_CAVES: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.dripstone_caves"; #[doc = "Old Growth Birch Forest"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_OLD_GROWTH_BIRCH_FOREST: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.old_growth_birch_forest"; #[doc = "Old Growth Pine Taiga"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_OLD_GROWTH_PINE_TAIGA: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.old_growth_pine_taiga"; #[doc = "Old Growth Spruce Taiga"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_OLD_GROWTH_SPRUCE_TAIGA: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.old_growth_spruce_taiga"; #[doc = "End Barrens"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_END_BARRENS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.end_barrens"; #[doc = "End Highlands"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_END_HIGHLANDS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.end_highlands"; #[doc = "End Midlands"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_END_MIDLANDS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.end_midlands"; #[doc = "Eroded Badlands"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_ERODED_BADLANDS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.eroded_badlands"; #[doc = "Flower Forest"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_FLOWER_FOREST: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.flower_forest"; #[doc = "Forest"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_FOREST: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.forest"; #[doc = "Frozen Ocean"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_FROZEN_OCEAN: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.frozen_ocean"; #[doc = "Frozen Peaks"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_FROZEN_PEAKS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.frozen_peaks"; #[doc = "Frozen River"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_FROZEN_RIVER: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.frozen_river"; #[doc = "Grove"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_GROVE: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.grove"; #[doc = "Ice Spikes"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_ICE_SPIKES: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.ice_spikes"; #[doc = "Jagged Peaks"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_JAGGED_PEAKS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.jagged_peaks"; #[doc = "Jungle"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_JUNGLE: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.jungle"; #[doc = "Lukewarm Ocean"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_LUKEWARM_OCEAN: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.lukewarm_ocean"; #[doc = "Lush Caves"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_LUSH_CAVES: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.lush_caves"; #[doc = "Mangrove Swamp"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_MANGROVE_SWAMP: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.mangrove_swamp"; #[doc = "Meadow"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_MEADOW: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.meadow"; #[doc = "Mushroom Fields"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_MUSHROOM_FIELDS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.mushroom_fields"; #[doc = "Nether Wastes"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_NETHER_WASTES: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.nether_wastes"; #[doc = "Ocean"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_OCEAN: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.ocean"; #[doc = "Plains"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_PLAINS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.plains"; #[doc = "River"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_RIVER: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.river"; #[doc = "Savanna Plateau"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_SAVANNA_PLATEAU: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.savanna_plateau"; #[doc = "Savanna"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_SAVANNA: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.savanna"; #[doc = "Small End Islands"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_SMALL_END_ISLANDS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.small_end_islands"; #[doc = "Snowy Beach"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_SNOWY_BEACH: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.snowy_beach"; #[doc = "Snowy Plains"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_SNOWY_PLAINS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.snowy_plains"; #[doc = "Snowy Slopes"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_SNOWY_SLOPES: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.snowy_slopes"; #[doc = "Snowy Taiga"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_SNOWY_TAIGA: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.snowy_taiga"; #[doc = "Soul Sand Valley"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_SOUL_SAND_VALLEY: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.soul_sand_valley"; #[doc = "Sparse Jungle"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_SPARSE_JUNGLE: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.sparse_jungle"; #[doc = "Stony Peaks"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_STONY_PEAKS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.stony_peaks"; #[doc = "Stony Shore"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_STONY_SHORE: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.stony_shore"; #[doc = "Sunflower Plains"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_SUNFLOWER_PLAINS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.sunflower_plains"; #[doc = "Swamp"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_SWAMP: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.swamp"; #[doc = "Taiga"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_TAIGA: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.taiga"; #[doc = "The End"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_THE_END: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.the_end"; #[doc = "The Void"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_THE_VOID: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.the_void"; #[doc = "Warm Ocean"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_WARM_OCEAN: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.warm_ocean"; #[doc = "Warped Forest"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_WARPED_FOREST: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.warped_forest"; #[doc = "Windswept Forest"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_WINDSWEPT_FOREST: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.windswept_forest"; #[doc = "Windswept Gravelly Hills"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_WINDSWEPT_GRAVELLY_HILLS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.windswept_gravelly_hills"; #[doc = "Windswept Hills"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_WINDSWEPT_HILLS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.windswept_hills"; #[doc = "Windswept Savanna"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_WINDSWEPT_SAVANNA: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.windswept_savanna"; #[doc = "Wooded Badlands"] pub const BIOME_MINECRAFT_WOODED_BADLANDS: &'static str = "biome.minecraft.wooded_badlands"; #[doc = "Realms could not be opened right now, please try again later"] pub const REALMS_MISSING_MODULE_ERROR_TEXT: &'static str = "realms.missing.module.error.text"; #[doc = "Realms is currently not supported in snapshots"] pub const REALMS_MISSING_SNAPSHOT_ERROR_TEXT: &'static str = "realms.missing.snapshot.error.text"; #[doc = "White"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_WHITE: &'static str = "color.minecraft.white"; #[doc = "Orange"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_ORANGE: &'static str = "color.minecraft.orange"; #[doc = "Magenta"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_MAGENTA: &'static str = "color.minecraft.magenta"; #[doc = "Light Blue"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_BLUE: &'static str = "color.minecraft.light_blue"; #[doc = "Yellow"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_YELLOW: &'static str = "color.minecraft.yellow"; #[doc = "Lime"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_LIME: &'static str = "color.minecraft.lime"; #[doc = "Pink"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_PINK: &'static str = "color.minecraft.pink"; #[doc = "Gray"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_GRAY: &'static str = "color.minecraft.gray"; #[doc = "Light Gray"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_LIGHT_GRAY: &'static str = "color.minecraft.light_gray"; #[doc = "Cyan"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_CYAN: &'static str = "color.minecraft.cyan"; #[doc = "Purple"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_PURPLE: &'static str = "color.minecraft.purple"; #[doc = "Blue"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_BLUE: &'static str = "color.minecraft.blue"; #[doc = "Brown"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_BROWN: &'static str = "color.minecraft.brown"; #[doc = "Green"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_GREEN: &'static str = "color.minecraft.green"; #[doc = "Red"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_RED: &'static str = "color.minecraft.red"; #[doc = "Black"] pub const COLOR_MINECRAFT_BLACK: &'static str = "color.minecraft.black"; #[doc = "Singleplayer"] pub const TITLE_SINGLEPLAYER: &'static str = "title.singleplayer"; #[doc = "Multiplayer (Realms)"] pub const TITLE_MULTIPLAYER_REALMS: &'static str = "title.multiplayer.realms"; #[doc = "Multiplayer (LAN)"] pub const TITLE_MULTIPLAYER_LAN: &'static str = "title.multiplayer.lan"; #[doc = "Multiplayer (3rd-party Server)"] pub const TITLE_MULTIPLAYER_OTHER: &'static str = "title.multiplayer.other"; #[doc = "Announce advancements"] pub const GAMERULE_ANNOUNCE_ADVANCEMENTS: &'static str = "gamerule.announceAdvancements"; #[doc = "Broadcast command block output"] pub const GAMERULE_COMMAND_BLOCK_OUTPUT: &'static str = "gamerule.commandBlockOutput"; #[doc = "Disable elytra movement check"] pub const GAMERULE_DISABLE_ELYTRA_MOVEMENT_CHECK: &'static str = "gamerule.disableElytraMovementCheck"; #[doc = "Disable raids"] pub const GAMERULE_DISABLE_RAIDS: &'static str = "gamerule.disableRaids"; #[doc = "Advance time of day"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_DAYLIGHT_CYCLE: &'static str = "gamerule.doDaylightCycle"; #[doc = "Drop entity equipment"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_ENTITY_DROPS: &'static str = "gamerule.doEntityDrops"; #[doc = "Controls drops from minecarts (including inventories), item frames, boats, etc."] pub const GAMERULE_DO_ENTITY_DROPS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gamerule.doEntityDrops.description"; #[doc = "Update fire"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_FIRE_TICK: &'static str = "gamerule.doFireTick"; #[doc = "Respawn immediately"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_IMMEDIATE_RESPAWN: &'static str = "gamerule.doImmediateRespawn"; #[doc = "Spawn phantoms"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_INSOMNIA: &'static str = "gamerule.doInsomnia"; #[doc = "Require recipe for crafting"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_LIMITED_CRAFTING: &'static str = "gamerule.doLimitedCrafting"; #[doc = "If enabled, players will be able to craft only unlocked recipes"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_LIMITED_CRAFTING_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gamerule.doLimitedCrafting.description"; #[doc = "Drop mob loot"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_MOB_LOOT: &'static str = "gamerule.doMobLoot"; #[doc = "Controls resource drops from mobs, including experience orbs"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_MOB_LOOT_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gamerule.doMobLoot.description"; #[doc = "Spawn mobs"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_MOB_SPAWNING: &'static str = "gamerule.doMobSpawning"; #[doc = "Some entities might have separate rules"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_MOB_SPAWNING_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gamerule.doMobSpawning.description"; #[doc = "Spawn pillager patrols"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_PATROL_SPAWNING: &'static str = "gamerule.doPatrolSpawning"; #[doc = "Drop blocks"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_TILE_DROPS: &'static str = "gamerule.doTileDrops"; #[doc = "Controls resource drops from blocks, including experience orbs"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_TILE_DROPS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gamerule.doTileDrops.description"; #[doc = "Spawn Wandering Traders"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_TRADER_SPAWNING: &'static str = "gamerule.doTraderSpawning"; #[doc = "Spawn Wardens"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_WARDEN_SPAWNING: &'static str = "gamerule.doWardenSpawning"; #[doc = "Update weather"] pub const GAMERULE_DO_WEATHER_CYCLE: &'static str = "gamerule.doWeatherCycle"; #[doc = "Deal drowning damage"] pub const GAMERULE_DROWNING_DAMAGE: &'static str = "gamerule.drowningDamage"; #[doc = "Deal fall damage"] pub const GAMERULE_FALL_DAMAGE: &'static str = "gamerule.fallDamage"; #[doc = "Deal fire damage"] pub const GAMERULE_FIRE_DAMAGE: &'static str = "gamerule.fireDamage"; #[doc = "Deal freeze damage"] pub const GAMERULE_FREEZE_DAMAGE: &'static str = "gamerule.freezeDamage"; #[doc = "Forgive dead players"] pub const GAMERULE_FORGIVE_DEAD_PLAYERS: &'static str = "gamerule.forgiveDeadPlayers"; #[doc = "Angered neutral mobs stop being angry when the targeted player dies nearby."] pub const GAMERULE_FORGIVE_DEAD_PLAYERS_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gamerule.forgiveDeadPlayers.description"; #[doc = "Keep inventory after death"] pub const GAMERULE_KEEP_INVENTORY: &'static str = "gamerule.keepInventory"; #[doc = "Broadcast admin commands"] pub const GAMERULE_LOG_ADMIN_COMMANDS: &'static str = "gamerule.logAdminCommands"; #[doc = "Command chain size limit"] pub const GAMERULE_MAX_COMMAND_CHAIN_LENGTH: &'static str = "gamerule.maxCommandChainLength"; #[doc = "Applies to command block chains and functions"] pub const GAMERULE_MAX_COMMAND_CHAIN_LENGTH_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gamerule.maxCommandChainLength.description"; #[doc = "Entity cramming threshold"] pub const GAMERULE_MAX_ENTITY_CRAMMING: &'static str = "gamerule.maxEntityCramming"; #[doc = "Allow destructive mob actions"] pub const GAMERULE_MOB_GRIEFING: &'static str = "gamerule.mobGriefing"; #[doc = "Regenerate health"] pub const GAMERULE_NATURAL_REGENERATION: &'static str = "gamerule.naturalRegeneration"; #[doc = "Random tick speed rate"] pub const GAMERULE_RANDOM_TICK_SPEED: &'static str = "gamerule.randomTickSpeed"; #[doc = "Reduce debug info"] pub const GAMERULE_REDUCED_DEBUG_INFO: &'static str = "gamerule.reducedDebugInfo"; #[doc = "Limits contents of debug screen"] pub const GAMERULE_REDUCED_DEBUG_INFO_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gamerule.reducedDebugInfo.description"; #[doc = "Send command feedback"] pub const GAMERULE_SEND_COMMAND_FEEDBACK: &'static str = "gamerule.sendCommandFeedback"; #[doc = "Show death messages"] pub const GAMERULE_SHOW_DEATH_MESSAGES: &'static str = "gamerule.showDeathMessages"; #[doc = "Sleep percentage"] pub const GAMERULE_PLAYERS_SLEEPING_PERCENTAGE: &'static str = "gamerule.playersSleepingPercentage"; #[doc = "The percentage of players who must be sleeping to skip the night."] pub const GAMERULE_PLAYERS_SLEEPING_PERCENTAGE_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gamerule.playersSleepingPercentage.description"; #[doc = "Respawn location radius"] pub const GAMERULE_SPAWN_RADIUS: &'static str = "gamerule.spawnRadius"; #[doc = "Allow spectators to generate terrain"] pub const GAMERULE_SPECTATORS_GENERATE_CHUNKS: &'static str = "gamerule.spectatorsGenerateChunks"; #[doc = "Universal anger"] pub const GAMERULE_UNIVERSAL_ANGER: &'static str = "gamerule.universalAnger"; #[doc = "Angered neutral mobs attack any nearby player, not just the player that angered them. Works best if forgiveDeadPlayers is disabled."] pub const GAMERULE_UNIVERSAL_ANGER_DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "gamerule.universalAnger.description"; #[doc = "Chat"] pub const GAMERULE_CATEGORY_CHAT: &'static str = "gamerule.category.chat"; #[doc = "Spawning"] pub const GAMERULE_CATEGORY_SPAWNING: &'static str = "gamerule.category.spawning"; #[doc = "World Updates"] pub const GAMERULE_CATEGORY_UPDATES: &'static str = "gamerule.category.updates"; #[doc = "Drops"] pub const GAMERULE_CATEGORY_DROPS: &'static str = "gamerule.category.drops"; #[doc = "Mobs"] pub const GAMERULE_CATEGORY_MOBS: &'static str = "gamerule.category.mobs"; #[doc = "Player"] pub const GAMERULE_CATEGORY_PLAYER: &'static str = "gamerule.category.player"; #[doc = "Miscellaneous"] pub const GAMERULE_CATEGORY_MISC: &'static str = "gamerule.category.misc"; #[doc = "built-in"] pub const PACK_SOURCE_BUILTIN: &'static str = "pack.source.builtin"; #[doc = "world"] pub const PACK_SOURCE_WORLD: &'static str = "pack.source.world"; #[doc = "local"] pub const PACK_SOURCE_LOCAL: &'static str = "pack.source.local"; #[doc = "server"] pub const PACK_SOURCE_SERVER: &'static str = "pack.source.server"; #[doc = "|"] pub const MIRROR_NONE: &'static str = "mirror.none"; #[doc = "← →"] pub const MIRROR_LEFT_RIGHT: &'static str = "mirror.left_right"; #[doc = "↑ ↓"] pub const MIRROR_FRONT_BACK: &'static str = "mirror.front_back"; #[doc = "No amount of rest can pass this night"] pub const SLEEP_NOT_POSSIBLE: &'static str = "sleep.not_possible"; #[doc = "%s/%s players sleeping"] pub const SLEEP_PLAYERS_SLEEPING: &'static str = "sleep.players_sleeping"; #[doc = "Sleeping through this night"] pub const SLEEP_SKIPPING_NIGHT: &'static str = "sleep.skipping_night"; #[doc = "You've been playing for greater than 24 hours"] pub const COMPLIANCE_PLAYTIME_GREATER_THAN24_HOURS: &'static str = "compliance.playtime.greaterThan24Hours"; #[doc = "Excessive gaming may interfere with normal daily life"] pub const COMPLIANCE_PLAYTIME_MESSAGE: &'static str = "compliance.playtime.message"; #[doc = "You've been playing for %s hour(s)"] pub const COMPLIANCE_PLAYTIME_HOURS: &'static str = "compliance.playtime.hours"; #[doc = "Out of memory!"] pub const OUT_OF_MEMORY_TITLE: &'static str = "outOfMemory.title"; #[doc = "Minecraft has run out of memory.\n\nThis could be caused by a bug in the game or by the Java Virtual Machine not being allocated enough memory.\n\nTo prevent level corruption, the current game has quit. We've tried to free up enough memory to let you go back to the main menu and back to playing, but this may not have worked.\n\nPlease restart the game if you see this message again."] pub const OUT_OF_MEMORY_MESSAGE: &'static str = "outOfMemory.message"; pub enum TranslationKey { #[doc = "language.name (English)"] LanguageName, #[doc = "language.region (United States)"] LanguageRegion, #[doc = "language.code (en_us)"] LanguageCode, #[doc = "narrator.button.accessibility (Accessibility)"] NarratorButtonAccessibility, #[doc = "narrator.button.language (Language)"] NarratorButtonLanguage, #[doc = "narrator.button.difficulty_lock (Difficulty lock)"] NarratorButtonDifficultyLock, #[doc = "narrator.button.difficulty_lock.unlocked (Unlocked)"] NarratorButtonDifficultyLockUnlocked, #[doc = "narrator.button.difficulty_lock.locked (Locked)"] NarratorButtonDifficultyLockLocked, #[doc = "narrator.screen.title (Title Screen)"] NarratorScreenTitle, #[doc = "narrator.controls.reset (Reset %s button)"] NarratorControlsReset, #[doc = "narrator.controls.bound (%s is bound to %s)"] NarratorControlsBound, #[doc = "narrator.controls.unbound (%s is not bound)"] NarratorControlsUnbound, #[doc = "narrator.select (Selected: %s)"] NarratorSelect, #[doc = "narrator.select.world (Selected %s, last played: %s, %s, %s, version: %s)"] NarratorSelectWorld, #[doc = "narrator.loading (Loading: %s)"] NarratorLoading, #[doc = "narrator.loading.done (Done)"] NarratorLoadingDone, #[doc = "narrator.joining (Joining)"] NarratorJoining, #[doc = "narrator.position.screen (Screen element %s out of %s)"] NarratorPositionScreen, #[doc = "narrator.screen.usage (Use mouse cursor or Tab button to select element)"] NarratorScreenUsage, #[doc = "narrator.position.list (Selected list row %s out of %s)"] NarratorPositionList, #[doc = "narrator.position.object_list (Selected row element %s out of %s)"] NarratorPositionObjectList, #[doc = "narration.suggestion.tooltip (Selected suggestion %s out of %s: %s (%s))"] NarrationSuggestionTooltip, #[doc = "narration.suggestion (Selected suggestion %s out of %s: %s)"] NarrationSuggestion, #[doc = "narration.button (Button: %s)"] NarrationButton, #[doc = "narration.button.usage.focused (Press Enter to activate)"] NarrationButtonUsageFocused, #[doc = "narration.button.usage.hovered (Left click to activate)"] NarrationButtonUsageHovered, #[doc = "narration.cycle_button.usage.focused (Press Enter to switch to %s)"] NarrationCycleButtonUsageFocused, #[doc = "narration.cycle_button.usage.hovered (Left click to switch to %s)"] NarrationCycleButtonUsageHovered, #[doc = "narration.checkbox (Checkbox: %s)"] NarrationCheckbox, #[doc = "narration.checkbox.usage.focused (Press Enter to toggle)"] NarrationCheckboxUsageFocused, #[doc = "narration.checkbox.usage.hovered (Left click to toggle)"] NarrationCheckboxUsageHovered, #[doc = "narration.recipe (Recipe for %s)"] NarrationRecipe, #[doc = "narration.recipe.usage (Left click to select)"] NarrationRecipeUsage, #[doc = "narration.recipe.usage.more (Right click to show more recipes)"] NarrationRecipeUsageMore, #[doc = "narration.selection.usage (Press up and down buttons to move to another entry)"] NarrationSelectionUsage, #[doc = "narration.component_list.usage (Press Tab to navigate to next element)"] NarrationComponentListUsage, #[doc = "narration.slider.usage.focused (Press left or right keyboard buttons to change value)"] NarrationSliderUsageFocused, #[doc = "narration.slider.usage.hovered (Drag slider to change value)"] NarrationSliderUsageHovered, #[doc = "narration.edit_box (Edit box: %s)"] NarrationEditBox, #[doc = "chat_screen.title (Chat screen)"] ChatScreenTitle, #[doc = "chat_screen.usage (Input message and press Enter to send)"] ChatScreenUsage, #[doc = "chat_screen.message (Message to send: %s)"] ChatScreenMessage, #[doc = "gui.done (Done)"] GuiDone, #[doc = "gui.cancel (Cancel)"] GuiCancel, #[doc = "gui.back (Back)"] GuiBack, #[doc = "gui.toTitle (Back to Title Screen)"] GuiToTitle, #[doc = "gui.toMenu (Back to Server List)"] GuiToMenu, #[doc = "gui.up (Up)"] GuiUp, #[doc = "gui.down (Down)"] GuiDown, #[doc = "gui.yes (Yes)"] GuiYes, #[doc = "gui.no (No)"] GuiNo, #[doc = "gui.none (None)"] GuiNone, #[doc = "gui.all (All)"] GuiAll, #[doc = "gui.ok (Ok)"] GuiOk, #[doc = "gui.proceed (Proceed)"] GuiProceed, #[doc = "gui.acknowledge (Acknowledge)"] GuiAcknowledge, #[doc = "gui.recipebook.moreRecipes (Right Click for More)"] GuiRecipebookMoreRecipes, #[doc = "gui.recipebook.search_hint (Search...)"] GuiRecipebookSearchHint, #[doc = "gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.all (Showing All)"] GuiRecipebookToggleRecipesAll, #[doc = "gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.craftable (Showing Craftable)"] GuiRecipebookToggleRecipesCraftable, #[doc = "gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.smeltable (Showing Smeltable)"] GuiRecipebookToggleRecipesSmeltable, #[doc = "gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.blastable (Showing Blastable)"] GuiRecipebookToggleRecipesBlastable, #[doc = "gui.recipebook.toggleRecipes.smokable (Showing Smokable)"] GuiRecipebookToggleRecipesSmokable, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.title (Social Interactions)"] GuiSocialInteractionsTitle, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.tab_all (All)"] GuiSocialInteractionsTabAll, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.tab_hidden (Hidden)"] GuiSocialInteractionsTabHidden, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.tab_blocked (Blocked)"] GuiSocialInteractionsTabBlocked, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.blocking_hint (Manage with Microsoft account)"] GuiSocialInteractionsBlockingHint, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.status_hidden (Hidden)"] GuiSocialInteractionsStatusHidden, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.status_blocked (Blocked)"] GuiSocialInteractionsStatusBlocked, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.status_offline (Offline)"] GuiSocialInteractionsStatusOffline, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.status_hidden_offline (Hidden - Offline)"] GuiSocialInteractionsStatusHiddenOffline, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.status_blocked_offline (Blocked - Offline)"] GuiSocialInteractionsStatusBlockedOffline, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.server_label.single (%s - %s player)"] GuiSocialInteractionsServerLabelSingle, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.server_label.multiple (%s - %s players)"] GuiSocialInteractionsServerLabelMultiple, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.search_hint (Search...)"] GuiSocialInteractionsSearchHint, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.search_empty (Couldn't find any players with that name)"] GuiSocialInteractionsSearchEmpty, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.empty_hidden (No players hidden in chat)"] GuiSocialInteractionsEmptyHidden, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.empty_blocked (No blocked players in chat)"] GuiSocialInteractionsEmptyBlocked, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.hide (Hide in Chat)"] GuiSocialInteractionsHide, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.show (Show in Chat)"] GuiSocialInteractionsShow, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.report (Report)"] GuiSocialInteractionsReport, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.hidden_in_chat (Chat messages from %s will be hidden)"] GuiSocialInteractionsHiddenInChat, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.shown_in_chat (Chat messages from %s will be shown)"] GuiSocialInteractionsShownInChat, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.hide (Hide messages)"] GuiSocialInteractionsTooltipHide, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.show (Show messages)"] GuiSocialInteractionsTooltipShow, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.report (Report player)"] GuiSocialInteractionsTooltipReport, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.report.disabled (The reporting service is unavailable)"] GuiSocialInteractionsTooltipReportDisabled, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.report.no_messages (No reportable messages from player %s)"] GuiSocialInteractionsTooltipReportNoMessages, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.tooltip.report.not_reportable (This player can't be reported, because their chat messages can't be verified on this server)"] GuiSocialInteractionsTooltipReportNotReportable, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.narration.hide (Hide messages from %s)"] GuiSocialInteractionsNarrationHide, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.narration.show (Show messages from %s)"] GuiSocialInteractionsNarrationShow, #[doc = "gui.socialInteractions.narration.report (Report player %s)"] GuiSocialInteractionsNarrationReport, #[doc = "gui.narrate.button (%s button)"] GuiNarrateButton, #[doc = "gui.narrate.slider (%s slider)"] GuiNarrateSlider, #[doc = "gui.narrate.editBox (%s edit box: %s)"] GuiNarrateEditBox, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.title (Report Player)"] GuiChatReportTitle, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.send (Send Report)"] GuiChatReportSend, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.send.comments_too_long (Please shorten the comment)"] GuiChatReportSendCommentsTooLong, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.send.no_reason (Please select a report category)"] GuiChatReportSendNoReason, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.send.no_reported_messages (Please select at least one chat message to report)"] GuiChatReportSendNoReportedMessages, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.send.too_many_messages (Trying to include too many messages in the report)"] GuiChatReportSendTooManyMessages, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.observed_what (Why are you reporting this?)"] GuiChatReportObservedWhat, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.select_reason (Select Report Category)"] GuiChatReportSelectReason, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.more_comments (Please describe what happened:)"] GuiChatReportMoreComments, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.describe (Sharing details will help us make a well-informed decision.)"] GuiChatReportDescribe, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.comments (Comments edit box)"] GuiChatReportComments, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.read_info (Learn About Reporting)"] GuiChatReportReadInfo, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.select_chat (Select Chat Messages to Report)"] GuiChatReportSelectChat, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.selected_chat (%s Chat Message(s) Selected to Report)"] GuiChatReportSelectedChat, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.report_sent_msg (We’ve successfully received your report. Thank you!\n\nOur team will review it as soon as possible.)"] GuiChatReportReportSentMsg, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.discard.title (Discard report and comments?)"] GuiChatReportDiscardTitle, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.discard.content (If you leave, you'll lose this report and your comments.\nAre you sure you want to leave?)"] GuiChatReportDiscardContent, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.discard.discard (Leave and Discard Report)"] GuiChatReportDiscardDiscard, #[doc = "gui.chatReport.discard.return (Continue Editing)"] GuiChatReportDiscardReturn, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.title (Select Report Category)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonTitle, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.description (Description:)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonDescription, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.narration (%s: %s)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonNarration, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.false_reporting (False Reporting)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonFalseReporting, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.child_sexual_exploitation_or_abuse (Child sexual exploitation or abuse)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonChildSexualExploitationOrAbuse, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.child_sexual_exploitation_or_abuse.description (Someone is talking about or otherwise promoting indecent behavior involving children.)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonChildSexualExploitationOrAbuseDescription, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.terrorism_or_violent_extremism (Terrorism or violent extremism)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonTerrorismOrViolentExtremism, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.terrorism_or_violent_extremism.description (Someone is talking about, promoting, or threatening to commit acts of terrorism or violent extremism for political, religious, ideological, or other reasons.)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonTerrorismOrViolentExtremismDescription, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.hate_speech (Hate speech)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonHateSpeech, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.hate_speech.description (Someone is attacking you or another player based on characteristics of their identity, like religion, race, or sexuality.)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonHateSpeechDescription, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.harassment_or_bullying (Harassment or bullying)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonHarassmentOrBullying, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.harassment_or_bullying.description (Someone is shaming, attacking, or bullying you or someone else. This includes when someone is repeatedly trying to contact you or someone else without consent or posting private personal information about you or someone else without consent (\"doxing\").)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonHarassmentOrBullyingDescription, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.imminent_harm (Imminent harm - Threat to harm others)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonImminentHarm, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.imminent_harm.description (Someone is threatening to harm you or someone else in real life.)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonImminentHarmDescription, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.defamation_impersonation_false_information (Defamation, impersonation, or false information)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonDefamationImpersonationFalseInformation, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.defamation_impersonation_false_information.description (Someone is damaging someone else's reputation, pretending to be someone they're not, or sharing false information with the aim to exploit or mislead others.)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonDefamationImpersonationFalseInformationDescription, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.self_harm_or_suicide (Imminent harm - Self-harm or suicide)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonSelfHarmOrSuicide, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.self_harm_or_suicide.description (Someone is threatening to harm themselves in real life or talking about harming themselves in real life.)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonSelfHarmOrSuicideDescription, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.alcohol_tobacco_drugs (Drugs or alcohol)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonAlcoholTobaccoDrugs, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.alcohol_tobacco_drugs.description (Someone is encouraging others to partake in illegal drug related activities or encouraging underage drinking.)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonAlcoholTobaccoDrugsDescription, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.non_consensual_intimate_imagery (Non-consensual intimate imagery)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonNonConsensualIntimateImagery, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.reason.non_consensual_intimate_imagery.description (Someone is talking about, sharing, or otherwise promoting private and intimate images.)"] GuiAbuseReportReasonNonConsensualIntimateImageryDescription, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.sending.title (Sending your report...)"] GuiAbuseReportSendingTitle, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.sent.title (Report sent)"] GuiAbuseReportSentTitle, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.error.title (Problem sending your report)"] GuiAbuseReportErrorTitle, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.send.generic_error (Encountered an unexpected error while sending your report.)"] GuiAbuseReportSendGenericError, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.send.error_message (An error was returned while sending your report:\n'%s')"] GuiAbuseReportSendErrorMessage, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.send.service_unavailable (Unable to reach the Abuse Reporting service. Please make sure you are connected to the internet and try again.)"] GuiAbuseReportSendServiceUnavailable, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.send.http_error (An unexpected HTTP error occurred while sending your report.)"] GuiAbuseReportSendHttpError, #[doc = "gui.abuseReport.send.json_error (Encountered malformed payload while sending your report.)"] GuiAbuseReportSendJsonError, #[doc = "gui.chatSelection.title (Select Chat Messages to Report)"] GuiChatSelectionTitle, #[doc = "gui.chatSelection.context (Messages surrounding this selection will be included to provide additional context)"] GuiChatSelectionContext, #[doc = "gui.chatSelection.selected (%s/%s message(s) selected)"] GuiChatSelectionSelected, #[doc = "gui.chatSelection.heading (%s %s)"] GuiChatSelectionHeading, #[doc = "gui.chatSelection.message.narrate (%s said: %s at %s)"] GuiChatSelectionMessageNarrate, #[doc = "gui.chatSelection.fold (%s unrelated messages hidden)"] GuiChatSelectionFold, #[doc = "gui.multiLineEditBox.character_limit (%s/%s)"] GuiMultiLineEditBoxCharacterLimit, #[doc = "gui.banned.title.temporary (Account temporarily suspended)"] GuiBannedTitleTemporary, #[doc = "gui.banned.title.permanent (Account permanently banned)"] GuiBannedTitlePermanent, #[doc = "gui.banned.description (%s\n\n%s\n\nLearn more at the following link: %s)"] GuiBannedDescription, #[doc = "gui.banned.description.reason (We recently received a report for bad behavior by your account. Our moderators have now reviewed your case and identified it as %s, which goes against the Minecraft Community Standards.)"] GuiBannedDescriptionReason, #[doc = "gui.banned.description.reason_id (Code: %s)"] GuiBannedDescriptionReasonId, #[doc = "gui.banned.description.reason_id_message (Code: %s - %s)"] GuiBannedDescriptionReasonIdMessage, #[doc = "gui.banned.description.unknownreason (We recently received a report for bad behavior by your account. Our moderators have now reviewed your case and identified that it goes against the Minecraft Community Standards.)"] GuiBannedDescriptionUnknownreason, #[doc = "gui.banned.description.temporary.duration (Your account is temporarily suspended and will be reactivated in %s.)"] GuiBannedDescriptionTemporaryDuration, #[doc = "gui.banned.description.temporary (%s Until then, you can’t play online or join Realms.)"] GuiBannedDescriptionTemporary, #[doc = "gui.banned.description.permanent (Your account is permanently banned, which means you can’t play online or join Realms.)"] GuiBannedDescriptionPermanent, #[doc = "translation.test.none (Hello, world!)"] TranslationTestNone, #[doc = "translation.test.complex (Prefix, %s%2$s again %s and %1$s lastly %s and also %1$s again!)"] TranslationTestComplex, #[doc = "translation.test.escape (%%s %%%s %%%%s %%%%%s)"] TranslationTestEscape, #[doc = "translation.test.invalid (hi %)"] TranslationTestInvalid, #[doc = "translation.test.invalid2 (hi % s)"] TranslationTestInvalid2, #[doc = "translation.test.args (%s %s)"] TranslationTestArgs, #[doc = "translation.test.world (world)"] TranslationTestWorld, #[doc = "menu.game (Game Menu)"] MenuGame, #[doc = "menu.singleplayer (Singleplayer)"] MenuSingleplayer, #[doc = "menu.multiplayer (Multiplayer)"] MenuMultiplayer, #[doc = "menu.online (Minecraft Realms)"] MenuOnline, #[doc = "menu.options (Options...)"] MenuOptions, #[doc = "menu.quit (Quit Game)"] MenuQuit, #[doc = "menu.returnToMenu (Save and Quit to Title)"] MenuReturnToMenu, #[doc = "menu.disconnect (Disconnect)"] MenuDisconnect, #[doc = "menu.returnToGame (Back to Game)"] MenuReturnToGame, #[doc = "menu.generatingLevel (Generating world)"] MenuGeneratingLevel, #[doc = "menu.loadingLevel (Loading world)"] MenuLoadingLevel, #[doc = "menu.savingLevel (Saving world)"] MenuSavingLevel, #[doc = "menu.working (Working...)"] MenuWorking, #[doc = "menu.savingChunks (Saving chunks)"] MenuSavingChunks, #[doc = "menu.preparingSpawn (Preparing spawn area: %s%%)"] MenuPreparingSpawn, #[doc = "menu.loadingForcedChunks (Loading forced chunks for dimension %s)"] MenuLoadingForcedChunks, #[doc = "menu.generatingTerrain (Building terrain)"] MenuGeneratingTerrain, #[doc = "menu.convertingLevel (Converting world)"] MenuConvertingLevel, #[doc = "menu.respawning (Respawning)"] MenuRespawning, #[doc = "menu.shareToLan (Open to LAN)"] MenuShareToLan, #[doc = "menu.sendFeedback (Give Feedback)"] MenuSendFeedback, #[doc = "menu.reportBugs (Report Bugs)"] MenuReportBugs, #[doc = "menu.playerReporting (Player Reporting)"] MenuPlayerReporting, #[doc = "menu.paused (Game Paused)"] MenuPaused, #[doc = "menu.modded ( (Modded))"] MenuModded, #[doc = "optimizeWorld.confirm.title (Optimize World)"] OptimizeWorldConfirmTitle, #[doc = "optimizeWorld.confirm.description (This will attempt to optimize your world by making sure all data is stored in the most recent game format. This can take a very long time, depending on your world. Once done, your world may play faster but will no longer be compatible with older versions of the game. Are you sure you wish to proceed?)"] OptimizeWorldConfirmDescription, #[doc = "optimizeWorld.title (Optimizing World '%s')"] OptimizeWorldTitle, #[doc = "optimizeWorld.stage.counting (Counting chunks...)"] OptimizeWorldStageCounting, #[doc = "optimizeWorld.stage.upgrading (Upgrading all chunks...)"] OptimizeWorldStageUpgrading, #[doc = "optimizeWorld.stage.finished (Finishing up...)"] OptimizeWorldStageFinished, #[doc = "optimizeWorld.stage.failed (Failed! :()"] OptimizeWorldStageFailed, #[doc = "optimizeWorld.info.converted (Upgraded chunks: %s)"] OptimizeWorldInfoConverted, #[doc = "optimizeWorld.info.skipped (Skipped chunks: %s)"] OptimizeWorldInfoSkipped, #[doc = "optimizeWorld.info.total (Total chunks: %s)"] OptimizeWorldInfoTotal, #[doc = "selectWorld.title (Select World)"] SelectWorldTitle, #[doc = "selectWorld.search (search for worlds)"] SelectWorldSearch, #[doc = "selectWorld.world (World)"] SelectWorldWorld, #[doc = "selectWorld.select (Play Selected World)"] SelectWorldSelect, #[doc = "selectWorld.create (Create New World)"] SelectWorldCreate, #[doc = "selectWorld.recreate (Re-Create)"] SelectWorldRecreate, #[doc = "selectWorld.createDemo (Play New Demo World)"] SelectWorldCreateDemo, #[doc = "selectWorld.delete (Delete)"] SelectWorldDelete, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit (Edit)"] SelectWorldEdit, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.title (Edit World)"] SelectWorldEditTitle, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.resetIcon (Reset Icon)"] SelectWorldEditResetIcon, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.openFolder (Open World Folder)"] SelectWorldEditOpenFolder, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.save (Save)"] SelectWorldEditSave, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.backup (Make Backup)"] SelectWorldEditBackup, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.backupFolder (Open Backups Folder)"] SelectWorldEditBackupFolder, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.backupFailed (Backup failed)"] SelectWorldEditBackupFailed, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.backupCreated (Backed up: %s)"] SelectWorldEditBackupCreated, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.backupSize (size: %s MB)"] SelectWorldEditBackupSize, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.optimize (Optimize World)"] SelectWorldEditOptimize, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.export_worldgen_settings (Export World Generation Settings)"] SelectWorldEditExportWorldgenSettings, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.export_worldgen_settings.success (Exported)"] SelectWorldEditExportWorldgenSettingsSuccess, #[doc = "selectWorld.edit.export_worldgen_settings.failure (Export failed)"] SelectWorldEditExportWorldgenSettingsFailure, #[doc = "selectWorld.deleteQuestion (Are you sure you want to delete this world?)"] SelectWorldDeleteQuestion, #[doc = "selectWorld.deleteWarning ('%s' will be lost forever! (A long time!))"] SelectWorldDeleteWarning, #[doc = "selectWorld.deleteButton (Delete)"] SelectWorldDeleteButton, #[doc = "selectWorld.conversion (Must be converted!)"] SelectWorldConversion, #[doc = "selectWorld.conversion.tooltip (This world must be opened in an older version (like 1.6.4) to be safely converted)"] SelectWorldConversionTooltip, #[doc = "selectWorld.locked (Locked by another running instance of Minecraft)"] SelectWorldLocked, #[doc = "selectWorld.incompatible_series (Created by an incompatible version)"] SelectWorldIncompatibleSeries, #[doc = "selectWorld.newWorld (New World)"] SelectWorldNewWorld, #[doc = "selectWorld.enterName (World Name)"] SelectWorldEnterName, #[doc = "selectWorld.resultFolder (Will be saved in:)"] SelectWorldResultFolder, #[doc = "selectWorld.enterSeed (Seed for the world generator)"] SelectWorldEnterSeed, #[doc = "selectWorld.seedInfo (Leave blank for a random seed)"] SelectWorldSeedInfo, #[doc = "selectWorld.cheats (Cheats)"] SelectWorldCheats, #[doc = "selectWorld.customizeType (Customize)"] SelectWorldCustomizeType, #[doc = "selectWorld.version (Version:)"] SelectWorldVersion, #[doc = "selectWorld.versionUnknown (unknown)"] SelectWorldVersionUnknown, #[doc = "selectWorld.versionQuestion (Do you really want to load this world?)"] SelectWorldVersionQuestion, #[doc = "selectWorld.versionWarning (This world was last played in version %s and loading it in this version could cause corruption!)"] SelectWorldVersionWarning, #[doc = "selectWorld.versionJoinButton (Load Anyway)"] SelectWorldVersionJoinButton, #[doc = "selectWorld.backupQuestion.snapshot (Do you really want to load this world?)"] SelectWorldBackupQuestionSnapshot, #[doc = "selectWorld.backupWarning.snapshot (This world was last played in version %s; you are on version %s. Please make a backup in case you experience world corruptions!)"] SelectWorldBackupWarningSnapshot, #[doc = "selectWorld.backupQuestion.downgrade (Downgrading a world is not supported)"] SelectWorldBackupQuestionDowngrade, #[doc = "selectWorld.backupWarning.downgrade (This world was last played in version %s; you are on version %s. Downgrading a world could cause corruption - we cannot guarantee that it will load or work. If you still want to continue, please make a backup!)"] SelectWorldBackupWarningDowngrade, #[doc = "selectWorld.backupQuestion.customized (Customized worlds are no longer supported)"] SelectWorldBackupQuestionCustomized, #[doc = "selectWorld.backupWarning.customized (Unfortunately, we do not support customized worlds in this version of Minecraft. We can still load this world and keep everything the way it was, but any newly generated terrain will no longer be customized. We're sorry for the inconvenience!)"] SelectWorldBackupWarningCustomized, #[doc = "selectWorld.backupQuestion.experimental (Worlds using Experimental Settings are not supported)"] SelectWorldBackupQuestionExperimental, #[doc = "selectWorld.backupWarning.experimental (This world uses experimental settings that could stop working at any time. We cannot guarantee it will load or work. Here be dragons!)"] SelectWorldBackupWarningExperimental, #[doc = "selectWorld.backupEraseCache (Erase cached data)"] SelectWorldBackupEraseCache, #[doc = "selectWorld.backupJoinConfirmButton (Create Backup and Load)"] SelectWorldBackupJoinConfirmButton, #[doc = "selectWorld.backupJoinSkipButton (I know what I'm doing!)"] SelectWorldBackupJoinSkipButton, #[doc = "selectWorld.tooltip.fromNewerVersion1 (World was saved in a newer version,)"] SelectWorldTooltipFromNewerVersion1, #[doc = "selectWorld.tooltip.fromNewerVersion2 (loading this world could cause problems!)"] SelectWorldTooltipFromNewerVersion2, #[doc = "selectWorld.tooltip.snapshot1 (Don't forget to back up this world)"] SelectWorldTooltipSnapshot1, #[doc = "selectWorld.tooltip.snapshot2 (before you load it in this snapshot.)"] SelectWorldTooltipSnapshot2, #[doc = "selectWorld.unable_to_load (Unable to load worlds)"] SelectWorldUnableToLoad, #[doc = "selectWorld.futureworld.error.title (An error occurred!)"] SelectWorldFutureworldErrorTitle, #[doc = "selectWorld.futureworld.error.text (Something went wrong while trying to load a world from a future version. This was a risky operation to begin with; sorry it didn't work.)"] SelectWorldFutureworldErrorText, #[doc = "selectWorld.recreate.error.title (An error occurred!)"] SelectWorldRecreateErrorTitle, #[doc = "selectWorld.recreate.error.text (Something went wrong while trying to recreate a world.)"] SelectWorldRecreateErrorText, #[doc = "selectWorld.recreate.customized.title (Customized worlds are no longer supported)"] SelectWorldRecreateCustomizedTitle, #[doc = "selectWorld.recreate.customized.text (Customized worlds are no longer supported in this version of Minecraft. We can try to recreate it with the same seed and properties, but any terrain customizations will be lost. We're sorry for the inconvenience!)"] SelectWorldRecreateCustomizedText, #[doc = "selectWorld.load_folder_access (Unable to read or access folder where game worlds are saved!)"] SelectWorldLoadFolderAccess, #[doc = "selectWorld.access_failure (Failed to access world)"] SelectWorldAccessFailure, #[doc = "selectWorld.delete_failure (Failed to delete world)"] SelectWorldDeleteFailure, #[doc = "selectWorld.data_read (Reading world data...)"] SelectWorldDataRead, #[doc = "selectWorld.loading_list (Loading world list)"] SelectWorldLoadingList, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.presets (Presets)"] CreateWorldCustomizePresets, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.presets.title (Select a Preset)"] CreateWorldCustomizePresetsTitle, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.presets.select (Use Preset)"] CreateWorldCustomizePresetsSelect, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.presets.share (Want to share your preset with someone? Use the box below!)"] CreateWorldCustomizePresetsShare, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.presets.list (Alternatively, here's some we made earlier!)"] CreateWorldCustomizePresetsList, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.flat.title (Superflat Customization)"] CreateWorldCustomizeFlatTitle, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.flat.tile (Layer Material)"] CreateWorldCustomizeFlatTile, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.flat.height (Height)"] CreateWorldCustomizeFlatHeight, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.flat.removeLayer (Remove Layer)"] CreateWorldCustomizeFlatRemoveLayer, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.flat.layer.top (Top - %s)"] CreateWorldCustomizeFlatLayerTop, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.flat.layer (%s)"] CreateWorldCustomizeFlatLayer, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.flat.layer.bottom (Bottom - %s)"] CreateWorldCustomizeFlatLayerBottom, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.buffet.title (Buffet world customization)"] CreateWorldCustomizeBuffetTitle, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.buffet.biome (Please select a biome)"] CreateWorldCustomizeBuffetBiome, #[doc = "flat_world_preset.unknown (???)"] FlatWorldPresetUnknown, #[doc = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.classic_flat (Classic Flat)"] FlatWorldPresetMinecraftClassicFlat, #[doc = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.tunnelers_dream (Tunnelers' Dream)"] FlatWorldPresetMinecraftTunnelersDream, #[doc = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.water_world (Water World)"] FlatWorldPresetMinecraftWaterWorld, #[doc = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.overworld (Overworld)"] FlatWorldPresetMinecraftOverworld, #[doc = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.snowy_kingdom (Snowy Kingdom)"] FlatWorldPresetMinecraftSnowyKingdom, #[doc = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.bottomless_pit (Bottomless Pit)"] FlatWorldPresetMinecraftBottomlessPit, #[doc = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.desert (Desert)"] FlatWorldPresetMinecraftDesert, #[doc = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.redstone_ready (Redstone Ready)"] FlatWorldPresetMinecraftRedstoneReady, #[doc = "flat_world_preset.minecraft.the_void (The Void)"] FlatWorldPresetMinecraftTheVoid, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.page0 (Basic Settings)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPage0, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.page1 (Ore Settings)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPage1, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.page2 (Advanced Settings (Expert Users Only!))"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPage2, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.page3 (Extra Advanced Settings (Expert Users Only!))"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPage3, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.randomize (Randomize)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomRandomize, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.prev (Previous Page)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPrev, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.next (Next Page)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomNext, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.defaults (Defaults)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomDefaults, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.confirm1 (This will overwrite your current)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomConfirm1, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.confirm2 (settings and cannot be undone.)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomConfirm2, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.confirmTitle (Warning!)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomConfirmTitle, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.mainNoiseScaleX (Main Noise Scale X)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomMainNoiseScaleX, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.mainNoiseScaleY (Main Noise Scale Y)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomMainNoiseScaleY, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.mainNoiseScaleZ (Main Noise Scale Z)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomMainNoiseScaleZ, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.depthNoiseScaleX (Depth Noise Scale X)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomDepthNoiseScaleX, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.depthNoiseScaleZ (Depth Noise Scale Z)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomDepthNoiseScaleZ, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.depthNoiseScaleExponent (Depth Noise Exponent)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomDepthNoiseScaleExponent, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.baseSize (Depth Base Size)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomBaseSize, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.coordinateScale (Coordinate Scale)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomCoordinateScale, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.heightScale (Height Scale)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomHeightScale, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.stretchY (Height Stretch)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomStretchY, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.upperLimitScale (Upper Limit Scale)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUpperLimitScale, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.lowerLimitScale (Lower Limit Scale)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomLowerLimitScale, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.biomeDepthWeight (Biome Depth Weight)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomBiomeDepthWeight, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.biomeDepthOffset (Biome Depth Offset)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomBiomeDepthOffset, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.biomeScaleWeight (Biome Scale Weight)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomBiomeScaleWeight, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.biomeScaleOffset (Biome Scale Offset)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomBiomeScaleOffset, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.seaLevel (Sea Level)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomSeaLevel, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useCaves (Caves)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseCaves, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useStrongholds (Strongholds)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseStrongholds, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useVillages (Villages)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseVillages, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useMineShafts (Mineshafts)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseMineShafts, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useTemples (Temples)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseTemples, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useOceanRuins (Ocean Ruins)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseOceanRuins, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useMonuments (Ocean Monuments)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseMonuments, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useMansions (Woodland Mansions)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseMansions, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useRavines (Ravines)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseRavines, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useDungeons (Dungeons)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseDungeons, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.dungeonChance (Dungeon Count)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomDungeonChance, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useWaterLakes (Water Lakes)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseWaterLakes, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.waterLakeChance (Water Lake Rarity)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomWaterLakeChance, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useLavaLakes (Lava Lakes)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseLavaLakes, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.lavaLakeChance (Lava Lake Rarity)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomLavaLakeChance, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.useLavaOceans (Lava Oceans)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomUseLavaOceans, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.fixedBiome (Biome)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomFixedBiome, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.biomeSize (Biome Size)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomBiomeSize, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.riverSize (River Size)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomRiverSize, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.size (Spawn Size)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomSize, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.count (Spawn Tries)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomCount, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.minHeight (Min. Height)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomMinHeight, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.maxHeight (Max. Height)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomMaxHeight, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.center (Center Height)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomCenter, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.spread (Spread Height)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomSpread, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.presets.title (Customize World Presets)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPresetsTitle, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.presets (Presets)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPresets, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.waterWorld (Water World)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPresetWaterWorld, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.isleLand (Isle Land)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPresetIsleLand, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.caveDelight (Caver's Delight)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPresetCaveDelight, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.mountains (Mountain Madness)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPresetMountains, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.drought (Drought)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPresetDrought, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.caveChaos (Caves of Chaos)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPresetCaveChaos, #[doc = "createWorld.customize.custom.preset.goodLuck (Good Luck)"] CreateWorldCustomizeCustomPresetGoodLuck, #[doc = "createWorld.preparing (Preparing for world creation...)"] CreateWorldPreparing, #[doc = "datapackFailure.title (Errors in currently selected datapacks prevented the world from loading.\nYou can either try to load it with only the vanilla data pack (\"safe mode\"), or go back to the title screen and fix it manually.)"] DatapackFailureTitle, #[doc = "datapackFailure.safeMode (Safe Mode)"] DatapackFailureSafeMode, #[doc = "editGamerule.title (Edit Game Rules)"] EditGameruleTitle, #[doc = "editGamerule.default (Default: %s)"] EditGameruleDefault, #[doc = "gameMode.survival (Survival Mode)"] GameModeSurvival, #[doc = "gameMode.creative (Creative Mode)"] GameModeCreative, #[doc = "gameMode.adventure (Adventure Mode)"] GameModeAdventure, #[doc = "gameMode.spectator (Spectator Mode)"] GameModeSpectator, #[doc = "gameMode.hardcore (Hardcore Mode!)"] GameModeHardcore, #[doc = "gameMode.changed (Your game mode has been updated to %s)"] GameModeChanged, #[doc = "spectatorMenu.previous_page (Previous Page)"] SpectatorMenuPreviousPage, #[doc = "spectatorMenu.next_page (Next Page)"] SpectatorMenuNextPage, #[doc = "spectatorMenu.close (Close Menu)"] SpectatorMenuClose, #[doc = "spectatorMenu.teleport (Teleport to Player)"] SpectatorMenuTeleport, #[doc = "spectatorMenu.teleport.prompt (Select a player to teleport to)"] SpectatorMenuTeleportPrompt, #[doc = "spectatorMenu.team_teleport (Teleport to Team Member)"] SpectatorMenuTeamTeleport, #[doc = "spectatorMenu.team_teleport.prompt (Select a team to teleport to)"] SpectatorMenuTeamTeleportPrompt, #[doc = "spectatorMenu.root.prompt (Press a key to select a command, and again to use it.)"] SpectatorMenuRootPrompt, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode (Game Mode)"] SelectWorldGameMode, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.survival (Survival)"] SelectWorldGameModeSurvival, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.survival.line1 (Search for resources, craft, gain)"] SelectWorldGameModeSurvivalLine1, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.survival.line2 (levels, health and hunger)"] SelectWorldGameModeSurvivalLine2, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.creative (Creative)"] SelectWorldGameModeCreative, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.creative.line1 (Unlimited resources, free flying and)"] SelectWorldGameModeCreativeLine1, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.creative.line2 (destroy blocks instantly)"] SelectWorldGameModeCreativeLine2, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.spectator (Spectator)"] SelectWorldGameModeSpectator, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.spectator.line1 (You can look but don't touch)"] SelectWorldGameModeSpectatorLine1, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.spectator.line2 ()"] SelectWorldGameModeSpectatorLine2, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.hardcore (Hardcore)"] SelectWorldGameModeHardcore, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.hardcore.line1 (Same as Survival Mode, locked at hardest)"] SelectWorldGameModeHardcoreLine1, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.hardcore.line2 (difficulty, and one life only)"] SelectWorldGameModeHardcoreLine2, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.adventure (Adventure)"] SelectWorldGameModeAdventure, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.adventure.line1 (Same as Survival Mode, but blocks can't)"] SelectWorldGameModeAdventureLine1, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameMode.adventure.line2 (be added or removed)"] SelectWorldGameModeAdventureLine2, #[doc = "selectWorld.moreWorldOptions (More World Options...)"] SelectWorldMoreWorldOptions, #[doc = "selectWorld.gameRules (Game Rules)"] SelectWorldGameRules, #[doc = "selectWorld.mapFeatures (Generate Structures)"] SelectWorldMapFeatures, #[doc = "selectWorld.mapFeatures.info (Villages, dungeons etc.)"] SelectWorldMapFeaturesInfo, #[doc = "selectWorld.mapType (World Type)"] SelectWorldMapType, #[doc = "selectWorld.mapType.normal (Normal)"] SelectWorldMapTypeNormal, #[doc = "selectWorld.allowCommands (Allow Cheats)"] SelectWorldAllowCommands, #[doc = "selectWorld.allowCommands.info (Commands like /gamemode, /experience)"] SelectWorldAllowCommandsInfo, #[doc = "selectWorld.dataPacks (Data Packs)"] SelectWorldDataPacks, #[doc = "selectWorld.bonusItems (Bonus Chest)"] SelectWorldBonusItems, #[doc = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings (Import Settings)"] SelectWorldImportWorldgenSettings, #[doc = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.select_file (Select settings file (.json))"] SelectWorldImportWorldgenSettingsSelectFile, #[doc = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.failure (Error importing settings)"] SelectWorldImportWorldgenSettingsFailure, #[doc = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.experimental.title (Warning! These settings are using experimental features)"] SelectWorldImportWorldgenSettingsExperimentalTitle, #[doc = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.experimental.question (These settings are experimental and could one day stop working. Do you wish to proceed?)"] SelectWorldImportWorldgenSettingsExperimentalQuestion, #[doc = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.deprecated.title (Warning! These settings are using deprecated features)"] SelectWorldImportWorldgenSettingsDeprecatedTitle, #[doc = "selectWorld.import_worldgen_settings.deprecated.question (Some features used are deprecated and will stop working in the future. Do you wish to proceed?)"] SelectWorldImportWorldgenSettingsDeprecatedQuestion, #[doc = "generator.custom (Custom)"] GeneratorCustom, #[doc = "generator.minecraft.normal (Default)"] GeneratorMinecraftNormal, #[doc = "generator.minecraft.flat (Superflat)"] GeneratorMinecraftFlat, #[doc = "generator.minecraft.large_biomes (Large Biomes)"] GeneratorMinecraftLargeBiomes, #[doc = "generator.minecraft.amplified (AMPLIFIED)"] GeneratorMinecraftAmplified, #[doc = "generator.minecraft.amplified.info (Notice: Just for fun! Requires a beefy computer.)"] GeneratorMinecraftAmplifiedInfo, #[doc = "generator.minecraft.debug_all_block_states (Debug Mode)"] GeneratorMinecraftDebugAllBlockStates, #[doc = "generator.minecraft.single_biome_surface (Single Biome)"] GeneratorMinecraftSingleBiomeSurface, #[doc = "generator.customized (Old Customized)"] GeneratorCustomized, #[doc = "generator.single_biome_caves (Caves)"] GeneratorSingleBiomeCaves, #[doc = "generator.single_biome_floating_islands (Floating Islands)"] GeneratorSingleBiomeFloatingIslands, #[doc = "selectServer.title (Select Server)"] SelectServerTitle, #[doc = "selectServer.select (Join Server)"] SelectServerSelect, #[doc = "selectServer.direct (Direct Connection)"] SelectServerDirect, #[doc = "selectServer.edit (Edit)"] SelectServerEdit, #[doc = "selectServer.delete (Delete)"] SelectServerDelete, #[doc = "selectServer.add (Add Server)"] SelectServerAdd, #[doc = "selectServer.defaultName (Minecraft Server)"] SelectServerDefaultName, #[doc = "selectServer.deleteQuestion (Are you sure you want to remove this server?)"] SelectServerDeleteQuestion, #[doc = "selectServer.deleteWarning ('%s' will be lost forever! (A long time!))"] SelectServerDeleteWarning, #[doc = "selectServer.deleteButton (Delete)"] SelectServerDeleteButton, #[doc = "selectServer.refresh (Refresh)"] SelectServerRefresh, #[doc = "selectServer.hiddenAddress ((Hidden))"] SelectServerHiddenAddress, #[doc = "addServer.title (Edit Server Info)"] AddServerTitle, #[doc = "addServer.enterName (Server Name)"] AddServerEnterName, #[doc = "addServer.enterIp (Server Address)"] AddServerEnterIp, #[doc = "addServer.add (Done)"] AddServerAdd, #[doc = "addServer.hideAddress (Hide Address)"] AddServerHideAddress, #[doc = "addServer.resourcePack (Server Resource Packs)"] AddServerResourcePack, #[doc = "addServer.resourcePack.enabled (Enabled)"] AddServerResourcePackEnabled, #[doc = "addServer.resourcePack.disabled (Disabled)"] AddServerResourcePackDisabled, #[doc = "addServer.resourcePack.prompt (Prompt)"] AddServerResourcePackPrompt, #[doc = "lanServer.title (LAN World)"] LanServerTitle, #[doc = "lanServer.scanning (Scanning for games on your local network)"] LanServerScanning, #[doc = "lanServer.start (Start LAN World)"] LanServerStart, #[doc = "lanServer.otherPlayers (Settings for Other Players)"] LanServerOtherPlayers, #[doc = "multiplayerWarning.header (Caution: Third-Party Online Play)"] MultiplayerWarningHeader, #[doc = "multiplayerWarning.message (Caution: Online play is offered by third-party servers that are not owned, operated, or supervised by Mojang Studios or Microsoft. During online play, you may be exposed to unmoderated chat messages or other types of user-generated content that may not be suitable for everyone.)"] MultiplayerWarningMessage, #[doc = "multiplayerWarning.check (Do not show this screen again)"] MultiplayerWarningCheck, #[doc = "multiplayer.title (Play Multiplayer)"] MultiplayerTitle, #[doc = "multiplayer.texturePrompt.line1 (This server recommends the use of a custom resource pack.)"] MultiplayerTexturePromptLine1, #[doc = "multiplayer.texturePrompt.line2 (Would you like to download and install it automagically?)"] MultiplayerTexturePromptLine2, #[doc = "multiplayer.requiredTexturePrompt.line1 (This server requires the use of a custom resource pack.)"] MultiplayerRequiredTexturePromptLine1, #[doc = "multiplayer.requiredTexturePrompt.line2 (Rejecting this custom resource pack will disconnect you from this server.)"] MultiplayerRequiredTexturePromptLine2, #[doc = "multiplayer.requiredTexturePrompt.disconnect (Server requires a custom resource pack)"] MultiplayerRequiredTexturePromptDisconnect, #[doc = "multiplayer.texturePrompt.failure.line1 (Server resource pack couldn't be applied)"] MultiplayerTexturePromptFailureLine1, #[doc = "multiplayer.texturePrompt.failure.line2 (Any functionality that requires custom resources might not work as expected)"] MultiplayerTexturePromptFailureLine2, #[doc = "multiplayer.texturePrompt.serverPrompt (%s\n\nMessage from server:\n%s)"] MultiplayerTexturePromptServerPrompt, #[doc = "multiplayer.applyingPack (Applying resource pack)"] MultiplayerApplyingPack, #[doc = "multiplayer.downloadingTerrain (Loading terrain...)"] MultiplayerDownloadingTerrain, #[doc = "multiplayer.downloadingStats (Retrieving statistics...)"] MultiplayerDownloadingStats, #[doc = "multiplayer.stopSleeping (Leave Bed)"] MultiplayerStopSleeping, #[doc = "multiplayer.message_not_delivered (Can't deliver chat message, check server logs: %s)"] MultiplayerMessageNotDelivered, #[doc = "multiplayer.player.joined (%s joined the game)"] MultiplayerPlayerJoined, #[doc = "multiplayer.player.joined.renamed (%s (formerly known as %s) joined the game)"] MultiplayerPlayerJoinedRenamed, #[doc = "multiplayer.player.left (%s left the game)"] MultiplayerPlayerLeft, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.and_more (... and %s more ...)"] MultiplayerStatusAndMore, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.cancelled (Cancelled)"] MultiplayerStatusCancelled, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.cannot_connect (Can't connect to server)"] MultiplayerStatusCannotConnect, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.cannot_resolve (Can't resolve hostname)"] MultiplayerStatusCannotResolve, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.finished (Finished)"] MultiplayerStatusFinished, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.incompatible (Incompatible version!)"] MultiplayerStatusIncompatible, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.no_connection ((no connection))"] MultiplayerStatusNoConnection, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.ping (%s ms)"] MultiplayerStatusPing, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.old (Old)"] MultiplayerStatusOld, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.pinging (Pinging...)"] MultiplayerStatusPinging, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.quitting (Quitting)"] MultiplayerStatusQuitting, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.unknown (???)"] MultiplayerStatusUnknown, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.unrequested (Received unrequested status)"] MultiplayerStatusUnrequested, #[doc = "multiplayer.status.request_handled (Status request has been handled)"] MultiplayerStatusRequestHandled, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.authservers_down (Authentication servers are down. Please try again later, sorry!)"] MultiplayerDisconnectAuthserversDown, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.banned (You are banned from this server)"] MultiplayerDisconnectBanned, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.banned.reason (You are banned from this server.\nReason: %s)"] MultiplayerDisconnectBannedReason, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.banned.expiration (\nYour ban will be removed on %s)"] MultiplayerDisconnectBannedExpiration, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.banned_ip.reason (Your IP address is banned from this server.\nReason: %s)"] MultiplayerDisconnectBannedIpReason, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.banned_ip.expiration (\nYour ban will be removed on %s)"] MultiplayerDisconnectBannedIpExpiration, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.duplicate_login (You logged in from another location)"] MultiplayerDisconnectDuplicateLogin, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.flying (Flying is not enabled on this server)"] MultiplayerDisconnectFlying, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.generic (Disconnected)"] MultiplayerDisconnectGeneric, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.idling (You have been idle for too long!)"] MultiplayerDisconnectIdling, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.illegal_characters (Illegal characters in chat)"] MultiplayerDisconnectIllegalCharacters, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_entity_attacked (Attempting to attack an invalid entity)"] MultiplayerDisconnectInvalidEntityAttacked, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_packet (Server sent an invalid packet)"] MultiplayerDisconnectInvalidPacket, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_player_data (Invalid player data)"] MultiplayerDisconnectInvalidPlayerData, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_player_movement (Invalid move player packet received)"] MultiplayerDisconnectInvalidPlayerMovement, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_vehicle_movement (Invalid move vehicle packet received)"] MultiplayerDisconnectInvalidVehicleMovement, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.ip_banned (You have been IP banned from this server)"] MultiplayerDisconnectIpBanned, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.kicked (Kicked by an operator)"] MultiplayerDisconnectKicked, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.incompatible (Incompatible client! Please use %s)"] MultiplayerDisconnectIncompatible, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.outdated_client (Incompatible client! Please use %s)"] MultiplayerDisconnectOutdatedClient, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.outdated_server (Incompatible client! Please use %s)"] MultiplayerDisconnectOutdatedServer, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.server_shutdown (Server closed)"] MultiplayerDisconnectServerShutdown, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.slow_login (Took too long to log in)"] MultiplayerDisconnectSlowLogin, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.unverified_username (Failed to verify username!)"] MultiplayerDisconnectUnverifiedUsername, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.not_whitelisted (You are not white-listed on this server!)"] MultiplayerDisconnectNotWhitelisted, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.server_full (The server is full!)"] MultiplayerDisconnectServerFull, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.name_taken (That name is already taken)"] MultiplayerDisconnectNameTaken, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.unexpected_query_response (Unexpected custom data from client)"] MultiplayerDisconnectUnexpectedQueryResponse, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.missing_tags (Incomplete set of tags received from server.\nPlease contact server operator.)"] MultiplayerDisconnectMissingTags, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.missing_public_key (Missing profile public key.\nThis server requires secure profiles.)"] MultiplayerDisconnectMissingPublicKey, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.expired_public_key (Expired profile public key. Check that your system time is synchronized, and try restarting your game.)"] MultiplayerDisconnectExpiredPublicKey, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.invalid_public_key_signature (Invalid signature for profile public key.\nTry restarting your game.)"] MultiplayerDisconnectInvalidPublicKeySignature, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.out_of_order_chat (Out-of-order chat packet received. Did your system time change?)"] MultiplayerDisconnectOutOfOrderChat, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.unsigned_chat (Received chat packet with missing or invalid signature.)"] MultiplayerDisconnectUnsignedChat, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.too_many_pending_chats (Too many unacknowledged chat messages)"] MultiplayerDisconnectTooManyPendingChats, #[doc = "multiplayer.disconnect.chat_validation_failed (Chat message validation failure)"] MultiplayerDisconnectChatValidationFailed, #[doc = "multiplayer.socialInteractions.not_available (Social Interactions are only available in Multiplayer worlds)"] MultiplayerSocialInteractionsNotAvailable, #[doc = "multiplayer.unsecureserver.toast.title (Chat messages can't be verified)"] MultiplayerUnsecureserverToastTitle, #[doc = "multiplayer.unsecureserver.toast (Messages sent on this server may be modified and might not reflect the original message)"] MultiplayerUnsecureserverToast, #[doc = "chatPreview.warning.title (This server uses Chat Preview)"] ChatPreviewWarningTitle, #[doc = "chatPreview.warning.content (Chat Preview allows the server to see your messages before they are sent to other players. This allows a server to send you a preview of your chat messages with custom modifications and styling applied.\n\nThe Chat Preview behavior can be changed in your Chat Settings. Current setting is: [%s])"] ChatPreviewWarningContent, #[doc = "chatPreview.warning.check (Do not notify again for this server)"] ChatPreviewWarningCheck, #[doc = "chatPreview.warning.toast.title (Chat Preview is enabled)"] ChatPreviewWarningToastTitle, #[doc = "chatPreview.warning.toast (This server uses Chat Preview and can see your messages before they are sent to other players. You can turn this off in Chat Settings.)"] ChatPreviewWarningToast, #[doc = "chat.editBox (chat)"] ChatEditBox, #[doc = "chat.cannotSend (Cannot send chat message)"] ChatCannotSend, #[doc = "chat.disabled.options (Chat disabled in client options)"] ChatDisabledOptions, #[doc = "chat.disabled.launcher (Chat disabled by launcher option. Cannot send message)"] ChatDisabledLauncher, #[doc = "chat.disabled.profile (Chat not allowed by account settings. Press '%s' again for more information)"] ChatDisabledProfile, #[doc = "chat.disabled.profile.moreInfo (Chat not allowed by account settings. Cannot send or view messages.)"] ChatDisabledProfileMoreInfo, #[doc = "chat.disabled.expiredProfileKey (Chat disabled due to expired profile public key. Please try reconnecting.)"] ChatDisabledExpiredProfileKey, #[doc = "chat.previewInput (Press [%s] to preview)"] ChatPreviewInput, #[doc = "chat.type.text (<%s> %s)"] ChatTypeText, #[doc = "chat.type.text.narrate (%s says %s)"] ChatTypeTextNarrate, #[doc = "chat.type.emote (* %s %s)"] ChatTypeEmote, #[doc = "chat.type.announcement ([%s] %s)"] ChatTypeAnnouncement, #[doc = "chat.type.admin ([%s: %s])"] ChatTypeAdmin, #[doc = "chat.type.advancement.task (%s has made the advancement %s)"] ChatTypeAdvancementTask, #[doc = "chat.type.advancement.challenge (%s has completed the challenge %s)"] ChatTypeAdvancementChallenge, #[doc = "chat.type.advancement.goal (%s has reached the goal %s)"] ChatTypeAdvancementGoal, #[doc = "chat.type.team.text (%s <%s> %s)"] ChatTypeTeamText, #[doc = "chat.type.team.sent (-> %s <%s> %s)"] ChatTypeTeamSent, #[doc = "chat.type.team.hover (Message Team)"] ChatTypeTeamHover, #[doc = "chat.link.confirm (Are you sure you want to open the following website?)"] ChatLinkConfirm, #[doc = "chat.link.warning (Never open links from people that you don't trust!)"] ChatLinkWarning, #[doc = "chat.copy (Copy to Clipboard)"] ChatCopy, #[doc = "chat.copy.click (Click to Copy to Clipboard)"] ChatCopyClick, #[doc = "chat.link.confirmTrusted (Do you want to open this link or copy it to your clipboard?)"] ChatLinkConfirmTrusted, #[doc = "chat.link.open (Open in Browser)"] ChatLinkOpen, #[doc = "chat.coordinates (%s, %s, %s)"] ChatCoordinates, #[doc = "chat.coordinates.tooltip (Click to teleport)"] ChatCoordinatesTooltip, #[doc = "chat.queue ([+%s pending lines])"] ChatQueue, #[doc = "chat.square_brackets ([%s])"] ChatSquareBrackets, #[doc = "chat.tag.not_secure (This message is not secure, which means that it might have been modified by the server)"] ChatTagNotSecure, #[doc = "chat.tag.modified (This message has been modified by the server.)"] ChatTagModified, #[doc = "chat.tag.modified.original (Original text: %s)"] ChatTagModifiedOriginal, #[doc = "chat.tag.filtered (This message has been filtered by the server.)"] ChatTagFiltered, #[doc = "chat.filtered_full (The server has hidden your message for some players.)"] ChatFilteredFull, #[doc = "menu.playdemo (Play Demo World)"] MenuPlaydemo, #[doc = "menu.resetdemo (Reset Demo World)"] MenuResetdemo, #[doc = "demo.day.1 (This demo will last five game days. Do your best!)"] DemoDay1, #[doc = "demo.day.2 (Day Two)"] DemoDay2, #[doc = "demo.day.3 (Day Three)"] DemoDay3, #[doc = "demo.day.4 (Day Four)"] DemoDay4, #[doc = "demo.day.5 (This is your last day!)"] DemoDay5, #[doc = "demo.day.warning (Your time is almost up!)"] DemoDayWarning, #[doc = "demo.day.6 (You have passed your fifth day. Use %s to save a screenshot of your creation.)"] DemoDay6, #[doc = "demo.reminder (The demo time has expired. Buy the game to continue or start a new world!)"] DemoReminder, #[doc = "demo.remainingTime (Remaining time: %s)"] DemoRemainingTime, #[doc = "demo.demoExpired (Demo time's up!)"] DemoDemoExpired, #[doc = "demo.help.movement (Use the %1$s, %2$s, %3$s, %4$s keys and the mouse to move around)"] DemoHelpMovement, #[doc = "demo.help.movementShort (Move by pressing the %1$s, %2$s, %3$s, %4$s keys)"] DemoHelpMovementShort, #[doc = "demo.help.movementMouse (Look around using the mouse)"] DemoHelpMovementMouse, #[doc = "demo.help.jump (Jump by pressing the %1$s key)"] DemoHelpJump, #[doc = "demo.help.inventory (Use the %1$s key to open your inventory)"] DemoHelpInventory, #[doc = "demo.help.title (Minecraft Demo Mode)"] DemoHelpTitle, #[doc = "demo.help.fullWrapped (This demo will last 5 in-game days (about 1 hour and 40 minutes of real time). Check the advancements for hints! Have fun!)"] DemoHelpFullWrapped, #[doc = "demo.help.buy (Purchase Now!)"] DemoHelpBuy, #[doc = "demo.help.later (Continue Playing!)"] DemoHelpLater, #[doc = "connect.connecting (Connecting to the server...)"] ConnectConnecting, #[doc = "connect.aborted (Aborted)"] ConnectAborted, #[doc = "connect.authorizing (Logging in...)"] ConnectAuthorizing, #[doc = "connect.negotiating (Negotiating...)"] ConnectNegotiating, #[doc = "connect.encrypting (Encrypting...)"] ConnectEncrypting, #[doc = "connect.joining (Joining world...)"] ConnectJoining, #[doc = "connect.failed (Failed to connect to the server)"] ConnectFailed, #[doc = "disconnect.genericReason (%s)"] DisconnectGenericReason, #[doc = "disconnect.unknownHost (Unknown host)"] DisconnectUnknownHost, #[doc = "disconnect.disconnected (Disconnected by Server)"] DisconnectDisconnected, #[doc = "disconnect.lost (Connection Lost)"] DisconnectLost, #[doc = "disconnect.kicked (Was kicked from the game)"] DisconnectKicked, #[doc = "disconnect.timeout (Timed out)"] DisconnectTimeout, #[doc = "disconnect.closed (Connection closed)"] DisconnectClosed, #[doc = "disconnect.loginFailed (Failed to log in)"] DisconnectLoginFailed, #[doc = "disconnect.loginFailedInfo (Failed to log in: %s)"] DisconnectLoginFailedInfo, #[doc = "disconnect.loginFailedInfo.serversUnavailable (The authentication servers are currently not reachable. Please try again.)"] DisconnectLoginFailedInfoServersUnavailable, #[doc = "disconnect.loginFailedInfo.invalidSession (Invalid session (Try restarting your game and the launcher))"] DisconnectLoginFailedInfoInvalidSession, #[doc = "disconnect.loginFailedInfo.insufficientPrivileges (Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings.)"] DisconnectLoginFailedInfoInsufficientPrivileges, #[doc = "disconnect.loginFailedInfo.userBanned (You are banned from playing online)"] DisconnectLoginFailedInfoUserBanned, #[doc = "disconnect.quitting (Quitting)"] DisconnectQuitting, #[doc = "disconnect.endOfStream (End of stream)"] DisconnectEndOfStream, #[doc = "disconnect.overflow (Buffer overflow)"] DisconnectOverflow, #[doc = "disconnect.spam (Kicked for spamming)"] DisconnectSpam, #[doc = "disconnect.exceeded_packet_rate (Kicked for exceeding packet rate limit)"] DisconnectExceededPacketRate, #[doc = "soundCategory.master (Master Volume)"] SoundCategoryMaster, #[doc = "soundCategory.music (Music)"] SoundCategoryMusic, #[doc = "soundCategory.record (Jukebox/Note Blocks)"] SoundCategoryRecord, #[doc = "soundCategory.weather (Weather)"] SoundCategoryWeather, #[doc = "soundCategory.hostile (Hostile Creatures)"] SoundCategoryHostile, #[doc = "soundCategory.neutral (Friendly Creatures)"] SoundCategoryNeutral, #[doc = "soundCategory.player (Players)"] SoundCategoryPlayer, #[doc = "soundCategory.block (Blocks)"] SoundCategoryBlock, #[doc = "soundCategory.ambient (Ambient/Environment)"] SoundCategoryAmbient, #[doc = "soundCategory.voice (Voice/Speech)"] SoundCategoryVoice, #[doc = "record.nowPlaying (Now Playing: %s)"] RecordNowPlaying, #[doc = "options.off (OFF)"] OptionsOff, #[doc = "options.on (ON)"] OptionsOn, #[doc = "options.off.composed (%s: OFF)"] OptionsOffComposed, #[doc = "options.on.composed (%s: ON)"] OptionsOnComposed, #[doc = "options.generic_value (%s: %s)"] OptionsGenericValue, #[doc = "options.pixel_value (%s: %spx)"] OptionsPixelValue, #[doc = "options.percent_value (%s: %s%%)"] OptionsPercentValue, #[doc = "options.percent_add_value (%s: +%s%%)"] OptionsPercentAddValue, #[doc = "options.visible (Shown)"] OptionsVisible, #[doc = "options.hidden (Hidden)"] OptionsHidden, #[doc = "options.title (Options)"] OptionsTitle, #[doc = "options.controls (Controls...)"] OptionsControls, #[doc = "options.video (Video Settings...)"] OptionsVideo, #[doc = "options.language (Language...)"] OptionsLanguage, #[doc = "options.sounds (Music & Sounds...)"] OptionsSounds, #[doc = "options.sounds.title (Music & Sound Options)"] OptionsSoundsTitle, #[doc = "options.languageWarning (Language translations may not be 100%% accurate)"] OptionsLanguageWarning, #[doc = "options.videoTitle (Video Settings)"] OptionsVideoTitle, #[doc = "options.mouse_settings (Mouse Settings...)"] OptionsMouseSettings, #[doc = "options.mouse_settings.title (Mouse Settings)"] OptionsMouseSettingsTitle, #[doc = "options.customizeTitle (Customize World Settings)"] OptionsCustomizeTitle, #[doc = "options.invertMouse (Invert Mouse)"] OptionsInvertMouse, #[doc = "options.fov (FOV)"] OptionsFov, #[doc = "options.fov.min (Normal)"] OptionsFovMin, #[doc = "options.fov.max (Quake Pro)"] OptionsFovMax, #[doc = "options.screenEffectScale (Distortion Effects)"] OptionsScreenEffectScale, #[doc = "options.screenEffectScale.tooltip (Strength of nausea and Nether portal screen distortion effects.\nAt lower values, the nausea effect is replaced with a green overlay.)"] OptionsScreenEffectScaleTooltip, #[doc = "options.fovEffectScale (FOV Effects)"] OptionsFovEffectScale, #[doc = "options.fovEffectScale.tooltip (Controls how much the field of view can change with gameplay effects.)"] OptionsFovEffectScaleTooltip, #[doc = "options.darknessEffectScale (Darkness Pulsing)"] OptionsDarknessEffectScale, #[doc = "options.darknessEffectScale.tooltip (Controls how much the Darkness effect pulses when a Warden or Sculk Shrieker gives it to you.)"] OptionsDarknessEffectScaleTooltip, #[doc = "options.biomeBlendRadius (Biome Blend)"] OptionsBiomeBlendRadius, #[doc = "options.biomeBlendRadius.1 (OFF (Fastest))"] OptionsBiomeBlendRadius1, #[doc = "options.biomeBlendRadius.3 (3x3 (Fast))"] OptionsBiomeBlendRadius3, #[doc = "options.biomeBlendRadius.5 (5x5 (Normal))"] OptionsBiomeBlendRadius5, #[doc = "options.biomeBlendRadius.7 (7x7 (High))"] OptionsBiomeBlendRadius7, #[doc = "options.biomeBlendRadius.9 (9x9 (Very High))"] OptionsBiomeBlendRadius9, #[doc = "options.biomeBlendRadius.11 (11x11 (Extreme))"] OptionsBiomeBlendRadius11, #[doc = "options.biomeBlendRadius.13 (13x13 (Showoff))"] OptionsBiomeBlendRadius13, #[doc = "options.biomeBlendRadius.15 (15x15 (Maximum))"] OptionsBiomeBlendRadius15, #[doc = "options.gamma (Brightness)"] OptionsGamma, #[doc = "options.gamma.min (Moody)"] OptionsGammaMin, #[doc = "options.gamma.default (Default)"] OptionsGammaDefault, #[doc = "options.gamma.max (Bright)"] OptionsGammaMax, #[doc = "options.sensitivity (Sensitivity)"] OptionsSensitivity, #[doc = "options.sensitivity.min (*yawn*)"] OptionsSensitivityMin, #[doc = "options.sensitivity.max (HYPERSPEED!!!)"] OptionsSensitivityMax, #[doc = "options.renderDistance (Render Distance)"] OptionsRenderDistance, #[doc = "options.simulationDistance (Simulation Distance)"] OptionsSimulationDistance, #[doc = "options.entityDistanceScaling (Entity Distance)"] OptionsEntityDistanceScaling, #[doc = "options.viewBobbing (View Bobbing)"] OptionsViewBobbing, #[doc = "options.ao (Smooth Lighting)"] OptionsAo, #[doc = "options.ao.off (OFF)"] OptionsAoOff, #[doc = "options.ao.min (Minimum)"] OptionsAoMin, #[doc = "options.ao.max (Maximum)"] OptionsAoMax, #[doc = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates (Chunk Builder)"] OptionsPrioritizeChunkUpdates, #[doc = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.none (Threaded)"] OptionsPrioritizeChunkUpdatesNone, #[doc = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.byPlayer (Semi Blocking)"] OptionsPrioritizeChunkUpdatesByPlayer, #[doc = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.nearby (Fully Blocking)"] OptionsPrioritizeChunkUpdatesNearby, #[doc = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.none.tooltip (Nearby chunks are compiled in parallel threads. This may result in brief visual holes when blocks are destroyed.)"] OptionsPrioritizeChunkUpdatesNoneTooltip, #[doc = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.byPlayer.tooltip (Some actions within a chunk will recompile the chunk immediately. This includes block placing & destroying.)"] OptionsPrioritizeChunkUpdatesByPlayerTooltip, #[doc = "options.prioritizeChunkUpdates.nearby.tooltip (Nearby chunks are always compiled immediately. This may impact game performance when blocks are placed or destroyed.)"] OptionsPrioritizeChunkUpdatesNearbyTooltip, #[doc = "options.chunks (%s chunks)"] OptionsChunks, #[doc = "options.framerate (%s fps)"] OptionsFramerate, #[doc = "options.framerateLimit (Max Framerate)"] OptionsFramerateLimit, #[doc = "options.framerateLimit.max (Unlimited)"] OptionsFramerateLimitMax, #[doc = "options.difficulty (Difficulty)"] OptionsDifficulty, #[doc = "options.difficulty.online (Server Difficulty)"] OptionsDifficultyOnline, #[doc = "options.difficulty.peaceful (Peaceful)"] OptionsDifficultyPeaceful, #[doc = "options.difficulty.easy (Easy)"] OptionsDifficultyEasy, #[doc = "options.difficulty.normal (Normal)"] OptionsDifficultyNormal, #[doc = "options.difficulty.hard (Hard)"] OptionsDifficultyHard, #[doc = "options.difficulty.hardcore (Hardcore)"] OptionsDifficultyHardcore, #[doc = "options.graphics (Graphics)"] OptionsGraphics, #[doc = "options.graphics.fabulous.tooltip (%s graphics uses screen shaders for drawing weather, clouds, and particles behind translucent blocks and water.\nThis may severely impact performance for portable devices and 4K displays.)"] OptionsGraphicsFabulousTooltip, #[doc = "options.graphics.fabulous (Fabulous!)"] OptionsGraphicsFabulous, #[doc = "options.graphics.fancy.tooltip (Fancy graphics balances performance and quality for the majority of machines.\nWeather, clouds, and particles may not appear behind translucent blocks or water.)"] OptionsGraphicsFancyTooltip, #[doc = "options.graphics.fancy (Fancy)"] OptionsGraphicsFancy, #[doc = "options.graphics.fast.tooltip (Fast graphics reduces the amount of visible rain and snow.\nTransparency effects are disabled for various blocks such as leaves.)"] OptionsGraphicsFastTooltip, #[doc = "options.graphics.fast (Fast)"] OptionsGraphicsFast, #[doc = "options.graphics.warning.title (Graphics Device Unsupported)"] OptionsGraphicsWarningTitle, #[doc = "options.graphics.warning.message (Your graphics device is detected as unsupported for the %s graphics option.\n\nYou may ignore this and continue, however support will not be provided for your device if you choose to use %s graphics.)"] OptionsGraphicsWarningMessage, #[doc = "options.graphics.warning.renderer (Renderer detected: [%s])"] OptionsGraphicsWarningRenderer, #[doc = "options.graphics.warning.vendor (Vendor detected: [%s])"] OptionsGraphicsWarningVendor, #[doc = "options.graphics.warning.version (OpenGL Version detected: [%s])"] OptionsGraphicsWarningVersion, #[doc = "options.graphics.warning.accept (Continue without Support)"] OptionsGraphicsWarningAccept, #[doc = "options.graphics.warning.cancel (Take me Back)"] OptionsGraphicsWarningCancel, #[doc = "options.clouds.fancy (Fancy)"] OptionsCloudsFancy, #[doc = "options.clouds.fast (Fast)"] OptionsCloudsFast, #[doc = "options.guiScale (GUI Scale)"] OptionsGuiScale, #[doc = "options.guiScale.auto (Auto)"] OptionsGuiScaleAuto, #[doc = "options.renderClouds (Clouds)"] OptionsRenderClouds, #[doc = "options.particles (Particles)"] OptionsParticles, #[doc = "options.particles.all (All)"] OptionsParticlesAll, #[doc = "options.particles.decreased (Decreased)"] OptionsParticlesDecreased, #[doc = "options.particles.minimal (Minimal)"] OptionsParticlesMinimal, #[doc = "options.multiplayer.title (Multiplayer Settings...)"] OptionsMultiplayerTitle, #[doc = "options.chat.title (Chat Settings...)"] OptionsChatTitle, #[doc = "options.chat.visibility (Chat)"] OptionsChatVisibility, #[doc = "options.chat.visibility.full (Shown)"] OptionsChatVisibilityFull, #[doc = "options.chat.visibility.system (Commands Only)"] OptionsChatVisibilitySystem, #[doc = "options.chat.visibility.hidden (Hidden)"] OptionsChatVisibilityHidden, #[doc = "options.chat.color (Colors)"] OptionsChatColor, #[doc = "options.chat.opacity (Chat Text Opacity)"] OptionsChatOpacity, #[doc = "options.chat.line_spacing (Line Spacing)"] OptionsChatLineSpacing, #[doc = "options.chat.links (Web Links)"] OptionsChatLinks, #[doc = "options.chat.links.prompt (Prompt on Links)"] OptionsChatLinksPrompt, #[doc = "options.chat.delay_none (Chat Delay: None)"] OptionsChatDelayNone, #[doc = "options.chat.delay (Chat Delay: %s seconds)"] OptionsChatDelay, #[doc = "options.chat.scale (Chat Text Size)"] OptionsChatScale, #[doc = "options.chat.width (Width)"] OptionsChatWidth, #[doc = "options.chat.height.focused (Focused Height)"] OptionsChatHeightFocused, #[doc = "options.chat.height.unfocused (Unfocused Height)"] OptionsChatHeightUnfocused, #[doc = "options.chatPreview (Chat Preview)"] OptionsChatPreview, #[doc = "options.chatPreview.live (While Typing)"] OptionsChatPreviewLive, #[doc = "options.chatPreview.confirm (When Sending)"] OptionsChatPreviewConfirm, #[doc = "options.chatPreview.tooltip.off (Any modifications applied to your chat messages by a server will not be previewed and will be treated as insecure.)"] OptionsChatPreviewTooltipOff, #[doc = "options.chatPreview.tooltip.live (If a server uses Chat Previews: Any modifications applied to your chat messages by a server will be dynamically sent for previewing as the chat message is typed.)"] OptionsChatPreviewTooltipLive, #[doc = "options.chatPreview.tooltip.confirm (If a server uses Chat Previews: A chat preview is only generated when attempting to send a message that does not have a preview or is waiting for a preview.\nSending the message requires confirmation.)"] OptionsChatPreviewTooltipConfirm, #[doc = "options.onlyShowSecureChat (Only Show Secure Chat)"] OptionsOnlyShowSecureChat, #[doc = "options.onlyShowSecureChat.tooltip (Only display messages from other players that can be verified to have been sent by that player, and have not been modified.)"] OptionsOnlyShowSecureChatTooltip, #[doc = "options.accessibility.title (Accessibility Settings...)"] OptionsAccessibilityTitle, #[doc = "options.accessibility.text_background (Text Background)"] OptionsAccessibilityTextBackground, #[doc = "options.accessibility.text_background.chat (Chat)"] OptionsAccessibilityTextBackgroundChat, #[doc = "options.accessibility.text_background.everywhere (Everywhere)"] OptionsAccessibilityTextBackgroundEverywhere, #[doc = "options.accessibility.text_background_opacity (Text Background Opacity)"] OptionsAccessibilityTextBackgroundOpacity, #[doc = "options.accessibility.link (Accessibility Guide)"] OptionsAccessibilityLink, #[doc = "options.audioDevice (Device)"] OptionsAudioDevice, #[doc = "options.audioDevice.default (System Default)"] OptionsAudioDeviceDefault, #[doc = "options.key.toggle (Toggle)"] OptionsKeyToggle, #[doc = "options.key.hold (Hold)"] OptionsKeyHold, #[doc = "options.skinCustomisation (Skin Customization...)"] OptionsSkinCustomisation, #[doc = "options.skinCustomisation.title (Skin Customization)"] OptionsSkinCustomisationTitle, #[doc = "options.modelPart.cape (Cape)"] OptionsModelPartCape, #[doc = "options.modelPart.hat (Hat)"] OptionsModelPartHat, #[doc = "options.modelPart.jacket (Jacket)"] OptionsModelPartJacket, #[doc = "options.modelPart.left_sleeve (Left Sleeve)"] OptionsModelPartLeftSleeve, #[doc = "options.modelPart.right_sleeve (Right Sleeve)"] OptionsModelPartRightSleeve, #[doc = "options.modelPart.left_pants_leg (Left Pants Leg)"] OptionsModelPartLeftPantsLeg, #[doc = "options.modelPart.right_pants_leg (Right Pants Leg)"] OptionsModelPartRightPantsLeg, #[doc = "options.resourcepack (Resource Packs...)"] OptionsResourcepack, #[doc = "options.fullscreen (Fullscreen)"] OptionsFullscreen, #[doc = "options.vsync (VSync)"] OptionsVsync, #[doc = "options.touchscreen (Touchscreen Mode)"] OptionsTouchscreen, #[doc = "options.reducedDebugInfo (Reduced Debug Info)"] OptionsReducedDebugInfo, #[doc = "options.entityShadows (Entity Shadows)"] OptionsEntityShadows, #[doc = "options.mainHand (Main Hand)"] OptionsMainHand, #[doc = "options.mainHand.left (Left)"] OptionsMainHandLeft, #[doc = "options.mainHand.right (Right)"] OptionsMainHandRight, #[doc = "options.attackIndicator (Attack Indicator)"] OptionsAttackIndicator, #[doc = "options.attack.crosshair (Crosshair)"] OptionsAttackCrosshair, #[doc = "options.attack.hotbar (Hotbar)"] OptionsAttackHotbar, #[doc = "options.showSubtitles (Show Subtitles)"] OptionsShowSubtitles, #[doc = "options.directionalAudio (Directional Audio)"] OptionsDirectionalAudio, #[doc = "options.directionalAudio.on.tooltip (Uses HRTF-based directional audio to improve the simulation of 3D sound. Requires HRTF compatible audio hardware, and is best experienced with headphones.)"] OptionsDirectionalAudioOnTooltip, #[doc = "options.directionalAudio.off.tooltip (Classic Stereo sound)"] OptionsDirectionalAudioOffTooltip, #[doc = "options.online (Online...)"] OptionsOnline, #[doc = "options.online.title (Online Options)"] OptionsOnlineTitle, #[doc = "options.allowServerListing (Allow Server Listings)"] OptionsAllowServerListing, #[doc = "options.allowServerListing.tooltip (Servers may list online players as part of their public status.\nWith this option off your name will not show up in such lists.)"] OptionsAllowServerListingTooltip, #[doc = "options.realmsNotifications (Realms Notifications)"] OptionsRealmsNotifications, #[doc = "options.autoJump (Auto-Jump)"] OptionsAutoJump, #[doc = "options.autoSuggestCommands (Command Suggestions)"] OptionsAutoSuggestCommands, #[doc = "options.autosaveIndicator (Autosave Indicator)"] OptionsAutosaveIndicator, #[doc = "options.discrete_mouse_scroll (Discrete Scrolling)"] OptionsDiscreteMouseScroll, #[doc = "options.mouseWheelSensitivity (Scroll Sensitivity)"] OptionsMouseWheelSensitivity, #[doc = "options.rawMouseInput (Raw Input)"] OptionsRawMouseInput, #[doc = "options.narrator (Narrator)"] OptionsNarrator, #[doc = "options.narrator.off (OFF)"] OptionsNarratorOff, #[doc = "options.narrator.all (Narrates All)"] OptionsNarratorAll, #[doc = "options.narrator.chat (Narrates Chat)"] OptionsNarratorChat, #[doc = "options.narrator.system (Narrates System)"] OptionsNarratorSystem, #[doc = "options.narrator.notavailable (Not Available)"] OptionsNarratorNotavailable, #[doc = "options.fullscreen.resolution (Fullscreen Resolution)"] OptionsFullscreenResolution, #[doc = "options.fullscreen.unavailable (Setting unavailable)"] OptionsFullscreenUnavailable, #[doc = "options.fullscreen.current (Current)"] OptionsFullscreenCurrent, #[doc = "options.mipmapLevels (Mipmap Levels)"] OptionsMipmapLevels, #[doc = "options.forceUnicodeFont (Force Unicode Font)"] OptionsForceUnicodeFont, #[doc = "options.hideMatchedNames (Hide Matched Names)"] OptionsHideMatchedNames, #[doc = "options.hideMatchedNames.tooltip (3rd-party Servers may send chat messages in non-standard formats.\nWith this option on: hidden players will be matched based on chat sender names.)"] OptionsHideMatchedNamesTooltip, #[doc = "options.darkMojangStudiosBackgroundColor (Monochrome Logo)"] OptionsDarkMojangStudiosBackgroundColor, #[doc = "options.darkMojangStudiosBackgroundColor.tooltip (Changes the Mojang Studios loading screen background color to black.)"] OptionsDarkMojangStudiosBackgroundColorTooltip, #[doc = "options.hideLightningFlashes (Hide Lightning Flashes)"] OptionsHideLightningFlashes, #[doc = "options.hideLightningFlashes.tooltip (Prevents lightning bolts from making the sky flash. The bolts themselves will still be visible.)"] OptionsHideLightningFlashesTooltip, #[doc = "narrator.toast.disabled (Narrator Disabled)"] NarratorToastDisabled, #[doc = "narrator.toast.enabled (Narrator Enabled)"] NarratorToastEnabled, #[doc = "difficulty.lock.title (Lock World Difficulty)"] DifficultyLockTitle, #[doc = "difficulty.lock.question (Are you sure you want to lock the difficulty of this world? This will set this world to always be %1$s, and you will never be able to change that again.)"] DifficultyLockQuestion, #[doc = "title.32bit.deprecation (32-bit system detected: this may prevent you from playing in the future as a 64-bit system will be required!)"] Title32bitDeprecation, #[doc = "title.32bit.deprecation.realms.header (32-bit system detected)"] Title32bitDeprecationRealmsHeader, #[doc = "title.32bit.deprecation.realms (Minecraft will soon require a 64-bit system, which will prevent you from playing or using Realms on this device. You will need to manually cancel any Realms subscription.)"] Title32bitDeprecationRealms, #[doc = "title.32bit.deprecation.realms.check (Do not show this screen again)"] Title32bitDeprecationRealmsCheck, #[doc = "title.multiplayer.disabled (Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings.)"] TitleMultiplayerDisabled, #[doc = "title.multiplayer.disabled.banned.temporary (Your account is temporarily suspended from online play)"] TitleMultiplayerDisabledBannedTemporary, #[doc = "title.multiplayer.disabled.banned.permanent (Your account is permanently suspended from online play)"] TitleMultiplayerDisabledBannedPermanent, #[doc = "controls.title (Controls)"] ControlsTitle, #[doc = "controls.reset (Reset)"] ControlsReset, #[doc = "controls.resetAll (Reset Keys)"] ControlsResetAll, #[doc = "controls.keybinds (Key Binds...)"] ControlsKeybinds, #[doc = "controls.keybinds.title (Key Binds)"] ControlsKeybindsTitle, #[doc = "key.sprint (Sprint)"] KeySprint, #[doc = "key.forward (Walk Forwards)"] KeyForward, #[doc = "key.left (Strafe Left)"] KeyLeft, #[doc = "key.back (Walk Backwards)"] KeyBack, #[doc = "key.right (Strafe Right)"] KeyRight, #[doc = "key.jump (Jump)"] KeyJump, #[doc = "key.inventory (Open/Close Inventory)"] KeyInventory, #[doc = "key.drop (Drop Selected Item)"] KeyDrop, #[doc = "key.swapOffhand (Swap Item With Offhand)"] KeySwapOffhand, #[doc = "key.chat (Open Chat)"] KeyChat, #[doc = "key.sneak (Sneak)"] KeySneak, #[doc = "key.playerlist (List Players)"] KeyPlayerlist, #[doc = "key.attack (Attack/Destroy)"] KeyAttack, #[doc = "key.use (Use Item/Place Block)"] KeyUse, #[doc = "key.pickItem (Pick Block)"] KeyPickItem, #[doc = "key.command (Open Command)"] KeyCommand, #[doc = "key.socialInteractions (Social Interactions Screen)"] KeySocialInteractions, #[doc = "key.screenshot (Take Screenshot)"] KeyScreenshot, #[doc = "key.togglePerspective (Toggle Perspective)"] KeyTogglePerspective, #[doc = "key.smoothCamera (Toggle Cinematic Camera)"] KeySmoothCamera, #[doc = "key.fullscreen (Toggle Fullscreen)"] KeyFullscreen, #[doc = "key.spectatorOutlines (Highlight Players (Spectators))"] KeySpectatorOutlines, #[doc = "key.hotbar.1 (Hotbar Slot 1)"] KeyHotbar1, #[doc = "key.hotbar.2 (Hotbar Slot 2)"] KeyHotbar2, #[doc = "key.hotbar.3 (Hotbar Slot 3)"] KeyHotbar3, #[doc = "key.hotbar.4 (Hotbar Slot 4)"] KeyHotbar4, #[doc = "key.hotbar.5 (Hotbar Slot 5)"] KeyHotbar5, #[doc = "key.hotbar.6 (Hotbar Slot 6)"] KeyHotbar6, #[doc = "key.hotbar.7 (Hotbar Slot 7)"] KeyHotbar7, #[doc = "key.hotbar.8 (Hotbar Slot 8)"] KeyHotbar8, #[doc = "key.hotbar.9 (Hotbar Slot 9)"] KeyHotbar9, #[doc = "key.saveToolbarActivator (Save Hotbar Activator)"] KeySaveToolbarActivator, #[doc = "key.loadToolbarActivator (Load Hotbar Activator)"] KeyLoadToolbarActivator, #[doc = "key.advancements (Advancements)"] KeyAdvancements, #[doc = "key.categories.movement (Movement)"] KeyCategoriesMovement, #[doc = "key.categories.misc (Miscellaneous)"] KeyCategoriesMisc, #[doc = "key.categories.multiplayer (Multiplayer)"] KeyCategoriesMultiplayer, #[doc = "key.categories.gameplay (Gameplay)"] KeyCategoriesGameplay, #[doc = "key.categories.ui (Game Interface)"] KeyCategoriesUi, #[doc = "key.categories.inventory (Inventory)"] KeyCategoriesInventory, #[doc = "key.categories.creative (Creative Mode)"] KeyCategoriesCreative, #[doc = "key.mouse.left (Left Button)"] KeyMouseLeft, #[doc = "key.mouse.right (Right Button)"] KeyMouseRight, #[doc = "key.mouse.middle (Middle Button)"] KeyMouseMiddle, #[doc = "key.mouse (Button %1$s)"] KeyMouse, #[doc = "key.keyboard.unknown (Not bound)"] KeyKeyboardUnknown, #[doc = "key.keyboard.apostrophe (')"] KeyKeyboardApostrophe, #[doc = "key.keyboard.backslash (\\)"] KeyKeyboardBackslash, #[doc = "key.keyboard.backspace (Backspace)"] KeyKeyboardBackspace, #[doc = "key.keyboard.comma (,)"] KeyKeyboardComma, #[doc = "key.keyboard.delete (Delete)"] KeyKeyboardDelete, #[doc = "key.keyboard.end (End)"] KeyKeyboardEnd, #[doc = "key.keyboard.enter (Enter)"] KeyKeyboardEnter, #[doc = "key.keyboard.equal (=)"] KeyKeyboardEqual, #[doc = "key.keyboard.escape (Escape)"] KeyKeyboardEscape, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f1 (F1)"] KeyKeyboardF1, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f2 (F2)"] KeyKeyboardF2, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f3 (F3)"] KeyKeyboardF3, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f4 (F4)"] KeyKeyboardF4, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f5 (F5)"] KeyKeyboardF5, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f6 (F6)"] KeyKeyboardF6, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f7 (F7)"] KeyKeyboardF7, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f8 (F8)"] KeyKeyboardF8, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f9 (F9)"] KeyKeyboardF9, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f10 (F10)"] KeyKeyboardF10, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f11 (F11)"] KeyKeyboardF11, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f12 (F12)"] KeyKeyboardF12, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f13 (F13)"] KeyKeyboardF13, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f14 (F14)"] KeyKeyboardF14, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f15 (F15)"] KeyKeyboardF15, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f16 (F16)"] KeyKeyboardF16, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f17 (F17)"] KeyKeyboardF17, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f18 (F18)"] KeyKeyboardF18, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f19 (F19)"] KeyKeyboardF19, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f20 (F20)"] KeyKeyboardF20, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f21 (F21)"] KeyKeyboardF21, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f22 (F22)"] KeyKeyboardF22, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f23 (F23)"] KeyKeyboardF23, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f24 (F24)"] KeyKeyboardF24, #[doc = "key.keyboard.f25 (F25)"] KeyKeyboardF25, #[doc = "key.keyboard.grave.accent (`)"] KeyKeyboardGraveAccent, #[doc = "key.keyboard.home (Home)"] KeyKeyboardHome, #[doc = "key.keyboard.insert (Insert)"] KeyKeyboardInsert, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.0 (Keypad 0)"] KeyKeyboardKeypad0, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.1 (Keypad 1)"] KeyKeyboardKeypad1, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.2 (Keypad 2)"] KeyKeyboardKeypad2, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.3 (Keypad 3)"] KeyKeyboardKeypad3, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.4 (Keypad 4)"] KeyKeyboardKeypad4, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.5 (Keypad 5)"] KeyKeyboardKeypad5, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.6 (Keypad 6)"] KeyKeyboardKeypad6, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.7 (Keypad 7)"] KeyKeyboardKeypad7, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.8 (Keypad 8)"] KeyKeyboardKeypad8, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.9 (Keypad 9)"] KeyKeyboardKeypad9, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.add (Keypad +)"] KeyKeyboardKeypadAdd, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.decimal (Keypad Decimal)"] KeyKeyboardKeypadDecimal, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.enter (Keypad Enter)"] KeyKeyboardKeypadEnter, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.equal (Keypad =)"] KeyKeyboardKeypadEqual, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.multiply (Keypad *)"] KeyKeyboardKeypadMultiply, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.divide (Keypad /)"] KeyKeyboardKeypadDivide, #[doc = "key.keyboard.keypad.subtract (Keypad -)"] KeyKeyboardKeypadSubtract, #[doc = "key.keyboard.left.bracket ([)"] KeyKeyboardLeftBracket, #[doc = "key.keyboard.right.bracket (])"] KeyKeyboardRightBracket, #[doc = "key.keyboard.minus (-)"] KeyKeyboardMinus, #[doc = "key.keyboard.num.lock (Num Lock)"] KeyKeyboardNumLock, #[doc = "key.keyboard.caps.lock (Caps Lock)"] KeyKeyboardCapsLock, #[doc = "key.keyboard.scroll.lock (Scroll Lock)"] KeyKeyboardScrollLock, #[doc = "key.keyboard.page.down (Page Down)"] KeyKeyboardPageDown, #[doc = "key.keyboard.page.up (Page Up)"] KeyKeyboardPageUp, #[doc = "key.keyboard.pause (Pause)"] KeyKeyboardPause, #[doc = "key.keyboard.period (.)"] KeyKeyboardPeriod, #[doc = "key.keyboard.left.control (Left Control)"] KeyKeyboardLeftControl, #[doc = "key.keyboard.right.control (Right Control)"] KeyKeyboardRightControl, #[doc = "key.keyboard.left.alt (Left Alt)"] KeyKeyboardLeftAlt, #[doc = "key.keyboard.right.alt (Right Alt)"] KeyKeyboardRightAlt, #[doc = "key.keyboard.left.shift (Left Shift)"] KeyKeyboardLeftShift, #[doc = "key.keyboard.right.shift (Right Shift)"] KeyKeyboardRightShift, #[doc = "key.keyboard.left.win (Left Win)"] KeyKeyboardLeftWin, #[doc = "key.keyboard.right.win (Right Win)"] KeyKeyboardRightWin, #[doc = "key.keyboard.semicolon (;)"] KeyKeyboardSemicolon, #[doc = "key.keyboard.slash (/)"] KeyKeyboardSlash, #[doc = "key.keyboard.space (Space)"] KeyKeyboardSpace, #[doc = "key.keyboard.tab (Tab)"] KeyKeyboardTab, #[doc = "key.keyboard.up (Up Arrow)"] KeyKeyboardUp, #[doc = "key.keyboard.down (Down Arrow)"] KeyKeyboardDown, #[doc = "key.keyboard.left (Left Arrow)"] KeyKeyboardLeft, #[doc = "key.keyboard.right (Right Arrow)"] KeyKeyboardRight, #[doc = "key.keyboard.menu (Menu)"] KeyKeyboardMenu, #[doc = "key.keyboard.print.screen (Print Screen)"] KeyKeyboardPrintScreen, #[doc = "key.keyboard.world.1 (World 1)"] KeyKeyboardWorld1, #[doc = "key.keyboard.world.2 (World 2)"] KeyKeyboardWorld2, #[doc = "pack.available.title (Available)"] PackAvailableTitle, #[doc = "pack.selected.title (Selected)"] PackSelectedTitle, #[doc = "pack.incompatible (Incompatible)"] PackIncompatible, #[doc = "pack.incompatible.old ((Made for an older version of Minecraft))"] PackIncompatibleOld, #[doc = "pack.incompatible.new ((Made for a newer version of Minecraft))"] PackIncompatibleNew, #[doc = "pack.incompatible.confirm.title (Are you sure you want to load this pack?)"] PackIncompatibleConfirmTitle, #[doc = "pack.incompatible.confirm.old (This pack was made for an older version of Minecraft and may no longer work correctly.)"] PackIncompatibleConfirmOld, #[doc = "pack.incompatible.confirm.new (This pack was made for a newer version of Minecraft and may not work correctly.)"] PackIncompatibleConfirmNew, #[doc = "pack.dropInfo (Drag and drop files into this window to add packs)"] PackDropInfo, #[doc = "pack.dropConfirm (Do you want to add the following packs to Minecraft?)"] PackDropConfirm, #[doc = "pack.copyFailure (Failed to copy packs)"] PackCopyFailure, #[doc = "pack.nameAndSource (%s (%s))"] PackNameAndSource, #[doc = "pack.openFolder (Open Pack Folder)"] PackOpenFolder, #[doc = "pack.folderInfo ((Place pack files here))"] PackFolderInfo, #[doc = "resourcePack.title (Select Resource Packs)"] ResourcePackTitle, #[doc = "resourcePack.server.name (World Specific Resources)"] ResourcePackServerName, #[doc = "resourcePack.broken_assets (BROKEN ASSETS DETECTED)"] ResourcePackBrokenAssets, #[doc = "resourcePack.vanilla.description (The default resources for Minecraft)"] ResourcePackVanillaDescription, #[doc = "resourcePack.load_fail (Resource reload failed)"] ResourcePackLoadFail, #[doc = "dataPack.title (Select Data Packs)"] DataPackTitle, #[doc = "dataPack.validation.working (Validating selected data packs...)"] DataPackValidationWorking, #[doc = "dataPack.validation.failed (Data pack validation failed!)"] DataPackValidationFailed, #[doc = "dataPack.validation.back (Go Back)"] DataPackValidationBack, #[doc = "dataPack.validation.reset (Reset to Default)"] DataPackValidationReset, #[doc = "dataPack.vanilla.description (The default data for Minecraft)"] DataPackVanillaDescription, #[doc = "sign.edit (Edit Sign Message)"] SignEdit, #[doc = "book.pageIndicator (Page %1$s of %2$s)"] BookPageIndicator, #[doc = "book.byAuthor (by %1$s)"] BookByAuthor, #[doc = "book.signButton (Sign)"] BookSignButton, #[doc = "book.editTitle (Enter Book Title:)"] BookEditTitle, #[doc = "book.finalizeButton (Sign and Close)"] BookFinalizeButton, #[doc = "book.finalizeWarning (Note! When you sign the book, it will no longer be editable.)"] BookFinalizeWarning, #[doc = "book.generation.0 (Original)"] BookGeneration0, #[doc = "book.generation.1 (Copy of original)"] BookGeneration1, #[doc = "book.generation.2 (Copy of a copy)"] BookGeneration2, #[doc = "book.generation.3 (Tattered)"] BookGeneration3, #[doc = "book.invalid.tag (* Invalid book tag *)"] BookInvalidTag, #[doc = "merchant.deprecated (Villagers restock up to two times per day.)"] MerchantDeprecated, #[doc = "merchant.current_level (Trader's current level)"] MerchantCurrentLevel, #[doc = "merchant.next_level (Trader's next level)"] MerchantNextLevel, #[doc = "merchant.level.1 (Novice)"] MerchantLevel1, #[doc = "merchant.level.2 (Apprentice)"] MerchantLevel2, #[doc = "merchant.level.3 (Journeyman)"] MerchantLevel3, #[doc = "merchant.level.4 (Expert)"] MerchantLevel4, #[doc = "merchant.level.5 (Master)"] MerchantLevel5, #[doc = "merchant.trades (Trades)"] MerchantTrades, #[doc = "block.minecraft.air (Air)"] BlockMinecraftAir, #[doc = "block.minecraft.barrier (Barrier)"] BlockMinecraftBarrier, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light (Light)"] BlockMinecraftLight, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stone (Stone)"] BlockMinecraftStone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.granite (Granite)"] BlockMinecraftGranite, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_granite (Polished Granite)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedGranite, #[doc = "block.minecraft.diorite (Diorite)"] BlockMinecraftDiorite, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_diorite (Polished Diorite)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedDiorite, #[doc = "block.minecraft.andesite (Andesite)"] BlockMinecraftAndesite, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_andesite (Polished Andesite)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedAndesite, #[doc = "block.minecraft.hay_block (Hay Bale)"] BlockMinecraftHayBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.grass_block (Grass Block)"] BlockMinecraftGrassBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dirt (Dirt)"] BlockMinecraftDirt, #[doc = "block.minecraft.coarse_dirt (Coarse Dirt)"] BlockMinecraftCoarseDirt, #[doc = "block.minecraft.podzol (Podzol)"] BlockMinecraftPodzol, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cobblestone (Cobblestone)"] BlockMinecraftCobblestone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_planks (Oak Planks)"] BlockMinecraftOakPlanks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_planks (Spruce Planks)"] BlockMinecraftSprucePlanks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_planks (Birch Planks)"] BlockMinecraftBirchPlanks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_planks (Jungle Planks)"] BlockMinecraftJunglePlanks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_planks (Acacia Planks)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaPlanks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_planks (Dark Oak Planks)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakPlanks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_planks (Mangrove Planks)"] BlockMinecraftMangrovePlanks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_sapling (Oak Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftOakSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_sapling (Spruce Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_sapling (Birch Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftBirchSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_sapling (Jungle Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftJungleSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_sapling (Acacia Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_sapling (Dark Oak Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_propagule (Mangrove Propagule)"] BlockMinecraftMangrovePropagule, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_door (Oak Door)"] BlockMinecraftOakDoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_door (Spruce Door)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceDoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_door (Birch Door)"] BlockMinecraftBirchDoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_door (Jungle Door)"] BlockMinecraftJungleDoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_door (Acacia Door)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaDoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_door (Dark Oak Door)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakDoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_door (Mangrove Door)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveDoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bedrock (Bedrock)"] BlockMinecraftBedrock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.water (Water)"] BlockMinecraftWater, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lava (Lava)"] BlockMinecraftLava, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sand (Sand)"] BlockMinecraftSand, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_sand (Red Sand)"] BlockMinecraftRedSand, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sandstone (Sandstone)"] BlockMinecraftSandstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chiseled_sandstone (Chiseled Sandstone)"] BlockMinecraftChiseledSandstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cut_sandstone (Cut Sandstone)"] BlockMinecraftCutSandstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_sandstone (Red Sandstone)"] BlockMinecraftRedSandstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chiseled_red_sandstone (Chiseled Red Sandstone)"] BlockMinecraftChiseledRedSandstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cut_red_sandstone (Cut Red Sandstone)"] BlockMinecraftCutRedSandstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gravel (Gravel)"] BlockMinecraftGravel, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gold_ore (Gold Ore)"] BlockMinecraftGoldOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_gold_ore (Deepslate Gold Ore)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateGoldOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.nether_gold_ore (Nether Gold Ore)"] BlockMinecraftNetherGoldOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.iron_ore (Iron Ore)"] BlockMinecraftIronOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_iron_ore (Deepslate Iron Ore)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateIronOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.coal_ore (Coal Ore)"] BlockMinecraftCoalOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_coal_ore (Deepslate Coal Ore)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateCoalOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_wood (Oak Wood)"] BlockMinecraftOakWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_wood (Spruce Wood)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_wood (Birch Wood)"] BlockMinecraftBirchWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_wood (Jungle Wood)"] BlockMinecraftJungleWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_wood (Acacia Wood)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_wood (Dark Oak Wood)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_wood (Mangrove Wood)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_log (Oak Log)"] BlockMinecraftOakLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_log (Spruce Log)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_log (Birch Log)"] BlockMinecraftBirchLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_log (Jungle Log)"] BlockMinecraftJungleLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_log (Acacia Log)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_log (Dark Oak Log)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_log (Mangrove Log)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_roots (Mangrove Roots)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveRoots, #[doc = "block.minecraft.muddy_mangrove_roots (Muddy Mangrove Roots)"] BlockMinecraftMuddyMangroveRoots, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_oak_log (Stripped Oak Log)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedOakLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_spruce_log (Stripped Spruce Log)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedSpruceLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_birch_log (Stripped Birch Log)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedBirchLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_jungle_log (Stripped Jungle Log)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedJungleLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_acacia_log (Stripped Acacia Log)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedAcaciaLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_dark_oak_log (Stripped Dark Oak Log)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedDarkOakLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_mangrove_log (Stripped Mangrove Log)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedMangroveLog, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_oak_wood (Stripped Oak Wood)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedOakWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_spruce_wood (Stripped Spruce Wood)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedSpruceWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_birch_wood (Stripped Birch Wood)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedBirchWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_jungle_wood (Stripped Jungle Wood)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedJungleWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_acacia_wood (Stripped Acacia Wood)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedAcaciaWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_dark_oak_wood (Stripped Dark Oak Wood)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedDarkOakWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_mangrove_wood (Stripped Mangrove Wood)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedMangroveWood, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_leaves (Oak Leaves)"] BlockMinecraftOakLeaves, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_leaves (Spruce Leaves)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceLeaves, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_leaves (Birch Leaves)"] BlockMinecraftBirchLeaves, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_leaves (Jungle Leaves)"] BlockMinecraftJungleLeaves, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_leaves (Acacia Leaves)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaLeaves, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_leaves (Dark Oak Leaves)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakLeaves, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_leaves (Mangrove Leaves)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveLeaves, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_bush (Dead Bush)"] BlockMinecraftDeadBush, #[doc = "block.minecraft.grass (Grass)"] BlockMinecraftGrass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.fern (Fern)"] BlockMinecraftFern, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sponge (Sponge)"] BlockMinecraftSponge, #[doc = "block.minecraft.wet_sponge (Wet Sponge)"] BlockMinecraftWetSponge, #[doc = "block.minecraft.glass (Glass)"] BlockMinecraftGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.kelp_plant (Kelp Plant)"] BlockMinecraftKelpPlant, #[doc = "block.minecraft.kelp (Kelp)"] BlockMinecraftKelp, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dried_kelp_block (Dried Kelp Block)"] BlockMinecraftDriedKelpBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_stained_glass (White Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_stained_glass (Orange Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magenta_stained_glass (Magenta Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftMagentaStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_blue_stained_glass (Light Blue Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftLightBlueStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.yellow_stained_glass (Yellow Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftYellowStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lime_stained_glass (Lime Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftLimeStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_stained_glass (Pink Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftPinkStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gray_stained_glass (Gray Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftGrayStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_gray_stained_glass (Light Gray Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftLightGrayStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cyan_stained_glass (Cyan Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftCyanStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purple_stained_glass (Purple Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftPurpleStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_stained_glass (Blue Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftBlueStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_stained_glass (Brown Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftBrownStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.green_stained_glass (Green Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftGreenStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_stained_glass (Red Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftRedStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.black_stained_glass (Black Stained Glass)"] BlockMinecraftBlackStainedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_stained_glass_pane (White Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_stained_glass_pane (Orange Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magenta_stained_glass_pane (Magenta Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftMagentaStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_blue_stained_glass_pane (Light Blue Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftLightBlueStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.yellow_stained_glass_pane (Yellow Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftYellowStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lime_stained_glass_pane (Lime Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftLimeStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_stained_glass_pane (Pink Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftPinkStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gray_stained_glass_pane (Gray Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftGrayStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_gray_stained_glass_pane (Light Gray Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftLightGrayStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cyan_stained_glass_pane (Cyan Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftCyanStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purple_stained_glass_pane (Purple Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftPurpleStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_stained_glass_pane (Blue Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftBlueStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_stained_glass_pane (Brown Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftBrownStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.green_stained_glass_pane (Green Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftGreenStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_stained_glass_pane (Red Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftRedStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.black_stained_glass_pane (Black Stained Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftBlackStainedGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.glass_pane (Glass Pane)"] BlockMinecraftGlassPane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dandelion (Dandelion)"] BlockMinecraftDandelion, #[doc = "block.minecraft.poppy (Poppy)"] BlockMinecraftPoppy, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_orchid (Blue Orchid)"] BlockMinecraftBlueOrchid, #[doc = "block.minecraft.allium (Allium)"] BlockMinecraftAllium, #[doc = "block.minecraft.azure_bluet (Azure Bluet)"] BlockMinecraftAzureBluet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_tulip (Red Tulip)"] BlockMinecraftRedTulip, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_tulip (Orange Tulip)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeTulip, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_tulip (White Tulip)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteTulip, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_tulip (Pink Tulip)"] BlockMinecraftPinkTulip, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oxeye_daisy (Oxeye Daisy)"] BlockMinecraftOxeyeDaisy, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cornflower (Cornflower)"] BlockMinecraftCornflower, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lily_of_the_valley (Lily of the Valley)"] BlockMinecraftLilyOfTheValley, #[doc = "block.minecraft.wither_rose (Wither Rose)"] BlockMinecraftWitherRose, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sunflower (Sunflower)"] BlockMinecraftSunflower, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lilac (Lilac)"] BlockMinecraftLilac, #[doc = "block.minecraft.tall_grass (Tall Grass)"] BlockMinecraftTallGrass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.tall_seagrass (Tall Seagrass)"] BlockMinecraftTallSeagrass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.large_fern (Large Fern)"] BlockMinecraftLargeFern, #[doc = "block.minecraft.rose_bush (Rose Bush)"] BlockMinecraftRoseBush, #[doc = "block.minecraft.peony (Peony)"] BlockMinecraftPeony, #[doc = "block.minecraft.seagrass (Seagrass)"] BlockMinecraftSeagrass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sea_pickle (Sea Pickle)"] BlockMinecraftSeaPickle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_mushroom (Brown Mushroom)"] BlockMinecraftBrownMushroom, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_mushroom_block (Red Mushroom Block)"] BlockMinecraftRedMushroomBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_mushroom_block (Brown Mushroom Block)"] BlockMinecraftBrownMushroomBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mushroom_stem (Mushroom Stem)"] BlockMinecraftMushroomStem, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gold_block (Block of Gold)"] BlockMinecraftGoldBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.iron_block (Block of Iron)"] BlockMinecraftIronBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_stone (Smooth Stone)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothStone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_sandstone (Smooth Sandstone)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothSandstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_red_sandstone (Smooth Red Sandstone)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothRedSandstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_quartz (Smooth Quartz Block)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothQuartz, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stone_slab (Stone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftStoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_stone_slab (Smooth Stone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothStoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sandstone_slab (Sandstone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftSandstoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_sandstone_slab (Red Sandstone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftRedSandstoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cut_sandstone_slab (Cut Sandstone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftCutSandstoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cut_red_sandstone_slab (Cut Red Sandstone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftCutRedSandstoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.petrified_oak_slab (Petrified Oak Slab)"] BlockMinecraftPetrifiedOakSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cobblestone_slab (Cobblestone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftCobblestoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brick_slab (Brick Slab)"] BlockMinecraftBrickSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stone_brick_slab (Stone Brick Slab)"] BlockMinecraftStoneBrickSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mud_brick_slab (Mud Brick Slab)"] BlockMinecraftMudBrickSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.nether_brick_slab (Nether Brick Slab)"] BlockMinecraftNetherBrickSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.quartz_slab (Quartz Slab)"] BlockMinecraftQuartzSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_slab (Oak Slab)"] BlockMinecraftOakSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_slab (Spruce Slab)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_slab (Birch Slab)"] BlockMinecraftBirchSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_slab (Jungle Slab)"] BlockMinecraftJungleSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_slab (Acacia Slab)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_slab (Dark Oak Slab)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_slab (Mangrove Slab)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_prismarine_slab (Dark Prismarine Slab)"] BlockMinecraftDarkPrismarineSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.prismarine_slab (Prismarine Slab)"] BlockMinecraftPrismarineSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.prismarine_brick_slab (Prismarine Brick Slab)"] BlockMinecraftPrismarineBrickSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bricks (Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.tnt (TNT)"] BlockMinecraftTnt, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bookshelf (Bookshelf)"] BlockMinecraftBookshelf, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mossy_cobblestone (Mossy Cobblestone)"] BlockMinecraftMossyCobblestone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.obsidian (Obsidian)"] BlockMinecraftObsidian, #[doc = "block.minecraft.torch (Torch)"] BlockMinecraftTorch, #[doc = "block.minecraft.wall_torch (Wall Torch)"] BlockMinecraftWallTorch, #[doc = "block.minecraft.soul_torch (Soul Torch)"] BlockMinecraftSoulTorch, #[doc = "block.minecraft.soul_wall_torch (Soul Wall Torch)"] BlockMinecraftSoulWallTorch, #[doc = "block.minecraft.fire (Fire)"] BlockMinecraftFire, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spawner (Spawner)"] BlockMinecraftSpawner, #[doc = "block.minecraft.respawn_anchor (Respawn Anchor)"] BlockMinecraftRespawnAnchor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_stairs (Oak Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftOakStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_stairs (Spruce Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_stairs (Birch Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftBirchStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_stairs (Jungle Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftJungleStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_stairs (Acacia Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_stairs (Dark Oak Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_stairs (Mangrove Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_prismarine_stairs (Dark Prismarine Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftDarkPrismarineStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.prismarine_stairs (Prismarine Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftPrismarineStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.prismarine_brick_stairs (Prismarine Brick Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftPrismarineBrickStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chest (Chest)"] BlockMinecraftChest, #[doc = "block.minecraft.trapped_chest (Trapped Chest)"] BlockMinecraftTrappedChest, #[doc = "block.minecraft.redstone_wire (Redstone Wire)"] BlockMinecraftRedstoneWire, #[doc = "block.minecraft.diamond_ore (Diamond Ore)"] BlockMinecraftDiamondOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_diamond_ore (Deepslate Diamond Ore)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateDiamondOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.coal_block (Block of Coal)"] BlockMinecraftCoalBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.diamond_block (Block of Diamond)"] BlockMinecraftDiamondBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crafting_table (Crafting Table)"] BlockMinecraftCraftingTable, #[doc = "block.minecraft.wheat (Wheat Crops)"] BlockMinecraftWheat, #[doc = "block.minecraft.farmland (Farmland)"] BlockMinecraftFarmland, #[doc = "block.minecraft.furnace (Furnace)"] BlockMinecraftFurnace, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_sign (Oak Sign)"] BlockMinecraftOakSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_sign (Spruce Sign)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_sign (Birch Sign)"] BlockMinecraftBirchSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_sign (Acacia Sign)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_sign (Jungle Sign)"] BlockMinecraftJungleSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_sign (Dark Oak Sign)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_sign (Mangrove Sign)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_wall_sign (Oak Wall Sign)"] BlockMinecraftOakWallSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_wall_sign (Spruce Wall Sign)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceWallSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_wall_sign (Birch Wall Sign)"] BlockMinecraftBirchWallSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_wall_sign (Acacia Wall Sign)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaWallSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_wall_sign (Jungle Wall Sign)"] BlockMinecraftJungleWallSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_wall_sign (Dark Oak Wall Sign)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakWallSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_wall_sign (Mangrove Wall Sign)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveWallSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.ladder (Ladder)"] BlockMinecraftLadder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.scaffolding (Scaffolding)"] BlockMinecraftScaffolding, #[doc = "block.minecraft.rail (Rail)"] BlockMinecraftRail, #[doc = "block.minecraft.powered_rail (Powered Rail)"] BlockMinecraftPoweredRail, #[doc = "block.minecraft.activator_rail (Activator Rail)"] BlockMinecraftActivatorRail, #[doc = "block.minecraft.detector_rail (Detector Rail)"] BlockMinecraftDetectorRail, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cobblestone_stairs (Cobblestone Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftCobblestoneStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sandstone_stairs (Sandstone Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftSandstoneStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_sandstone_stairs (Red Sandstone Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftRedSandstoneStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lever (Lever)"] BlockMinecraftLever, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stone_pressure_plate (Stone Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftStonePressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_pressure_plate (Oak Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftOakPressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_pressure_plate (Spruce Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftSprucePressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_pressure_plate (Birch Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftBirchPressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_pressure_plate (Jungle Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftJunglePressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_pressure_plate (Acacia Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaPressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_pressure_plate (Dark Oak Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakPressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_pressure_plate (Mangrove Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftMangrovePressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_weighted_pressure_plate (Light Weighted Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftLightWeightedPressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.heavy_weighted_pressure_plate (Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftHeavyWeightedPressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.iron_door (Iron Door)"] BlockMinecraftIronDoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.redstone_ore (Redstone Ore)"] BlockMinecraftRedstoneOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_redstone_ore (Deepslate Redstone Ore)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateRedstoneOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.redstone_torch (Redstone Torch)"] BlockMinecraftRedstoneTorch, #[doc = "block.minecraft.redstone_wall_torch (Redstone Wall Torch)"] BlockMinecraftRedstoneWallTorch, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stone_button (Stone Button)"] BlockMinecraftStoneButton, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_button (Oak Button)"] BlockMinecraftOakButton, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_button (Spruce Button)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceButton, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_button (Birch Button)"] BlockMinecraftBirchButton, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_button (Jungle Button)"] BlockMinecraftJungleButton, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_button (Acacia Button)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaButton, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_button (Dark Oak Button)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakButton, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_button (Mangrove Button)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveButton, #[doc = "block.minecraft.snow (Snow)"] BlockMinecraftSnow, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_carpet (White Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_carpet (Orange Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magenta_carpet (Magenta Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftMagentaCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_blue_carpet (Light Blue Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftLightBlueCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.yellow_carpet (Yellow Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftYellowCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lime_carpet (Lime Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftLimeCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_carpet (Pink Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftPinkCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gray_carpet (Gray Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftGrayCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_gray_carpet (Light Gray Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftLightGrayCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cyan_carpet (Cyan Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftCyanCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purple_carpet (Purple Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftPurpleCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_carpet (Blue Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftBlueCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_carpet (Brown Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftBrownCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.green_carpet (Green Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftGreenCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_carpet (Red Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftRedCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.black_carpet (Black Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftBlackCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.ice (Ice)"] BlockMinecraftIce, #[doc = "block.minecraft.frosted_ice (Frosted Ice)"] BlockMinecraftFrostedIce, #[doc = "block.minecraft.packed_ice (Packed Ice)"] BlockMinecraftPackedIce, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_ice (Blue Ice)"] BlockMinecraftBlueIce, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cactus (Cactus)"] BlockMinecraftCactus, #[doc = "block.minecraft.clay (Clay)"] BlockMinecraftClay, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_terracotta (White Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_terracotta (Orange Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magenta_terracotta (Magenta Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftMagentaTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_blue_terracotta (Light Blue Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftLightBlueTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.yellow_terracotta (Yellow Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftYellowTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lime_terracotta (Lime Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftLimeTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_terracotta (Pink Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftPinkTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gray_terracotta (Gray Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftGrayTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_gray_terracotta (Light Gray Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftLightGrayTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cyan_terracotta (Cyan Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftCyanTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purple_terracotta (Purple Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftPurpleTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_terracotta (Blue Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftBlueTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_terracotta (Brown Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftBrownTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.green_terracotta (Green Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftGreenTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_terracotta (Red Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftRedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.black_terracotta (Black Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftBlackTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.terracotta (Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sugar_cane (Sugar Cane)"] BlockMinecraftSugarCane, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jukebox (Jukebox)"] BlockMinecraftJukebox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_fence (Oak Fence)"] BlockMinecraftOakFence, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_fence (Spruce Fence)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceFence, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_fence (Birch Fence)"] BlockMinecraftBirchFence, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_fence (Jungle Fence)"] BlockMinecraftJungleFence, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_fence (Acacia Fence)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaFence, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_fence (Dark Oak Fence)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakFence, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_fence (Mangrove Fence)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveFence, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_fence_gate (Oak Fence Gate)"] BlockMinecraftOakFenceGate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_fence_gate (Spruce Fence Gate)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceFenceGate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_fence_gate (Birch Fence Gate)"] BlockMinecraftBirchFenceGate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_fence_gate (Jungle Fence Gate)"] BlockMinecraftJungleFenceGate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_fence_gate (Acacia Fence Gate)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaFenceGate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_fence_gate (Dark Oak Fence Gate)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakFenceGate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_fence_gate (Mangrove Fence Gate)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveFenceGate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pumpkin_stem (Pumpkin Stem)"] BlockMinecraftPumpkinStem, #[doc = "block.minecraft.attached_pumpkin_stem (Attached Pumpkin Stem)"] BlockMinecraftAttachedPumpkinStem, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pumpkin (Pumpkin)"] BlockMinecraftPumpkin, #[doc = "block.minecraft.carved_pumpkin (Carved Pumpkin)"] BlockMinecraftCarvedPumpkin, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jack_o_lantern (Jack o'Lantern)"] BlockMinecraftJackOLantern, #[doc = "block.minecraft.netherrack (Netherrack)"] BlockMinecraftNetherrack, #[doc = "block.minecraft.soul_sand (Soul Sand)"] BlockMinecraftSoulSand, #[doc = "block.minecraft.glowstone (Glowstone)"] BlockMinecraftGlowstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.nether_portal (Nether Portal)"] BlockMinecraftNetherPortal, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_wool (White Wool)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_wool (Orange Wool)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magenta_wool (Magenta Wool)"] BlockMinecraftMagentaWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_blue_wool (Light Blue Wool)"] BlockMinecraftLightBlueWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.yellow_wool (Yellow Wool)"] BlockMinecraftYellowWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lime_wool (Lime Wool)"] BlockMinecraftLimeWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_wool (Pink Wool)"] BlockMinecraftPinkWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gray_wool (Gray Wool)"] BlockMinecraftGrayWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_gray_wool (Light Gray Wool)"] BlockMinecraftLightGrayWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cyan_wool (Cyan Wool)"] BlockMinecraftCyanWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purple_wool (Purple Wool)"] BlockMinecraftPurpleWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_wool (Blue Wool)"] BlockMinecraftBlueWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_wool (Brown Wool)"] BlockMinecraftBrownWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.green_wool (Green Wool)"] BlockMinecraftGreenWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_wool (Red Wool)"] BlockMinecraftRedWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.black_wool (Black Wool)"] BlockMinecraftBlackWool, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lapis_ore (Lapis Lazuli Ore)"] BlockMinecraftLapisOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_lapis_ore (Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateLapisOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lapis_block (Block of Lapis Lazuli)"] BlockMinecraftLapisBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dispenser (Dispenser)"] BlockMinecraftDispenser, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dropper (Dropper)"] BlockMinecraftDropper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.note_block (Note Block)"] BlockMinecraftNoteBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cake (Cake)"] BlockMinecraftCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bed.occupied (This bed is occupied)"] BlockMinecraftBedOccupied, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bed.obstructed (This bed is obstructed)"] BlockMinecraftBedObstructed, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bed.no_sleep (You can sleep only at night or during thunderstorms)"] BlockMinecraftBedNoSleep, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bed.too_far_away (You may not rest now; the bed is too far away)"] BlockMinecraftBedTooFarAway, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bed.not_safe (You may not rest now; there are monsters nearby)"] BlockMinecraftBedNotSafe, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spawn.not_valid (You have no home bed or charged respawn anchor, or it was obstructed)"] BlockMinecraftSpawnNotValid, #[doc = "block.minecraft.set_spawn (Respawn point set)"] BlockMinecraftSetSpawn, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oak_trapdoor (Oak Trapdoor)"] BlockMinecraftOakTrapdoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spruce_trapdoor (Spruce Trapdoor)"] BlockMinecraftSpruceTrapdoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.birch_trapdoor (Birch Trapdoor)"] BlockMinecraftBirchTrapdoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jungle_trapdoor (Jungle Trapdoor)"] BlockMinecraftJungleTrapdoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.acacia_trapdoor (Acacia Trapdoor)"] BlockMinecraftAcaciaTrapdoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_oak_trapdoor (Dark Oak Trapdoor)"] BlockMinecraftDarkOakTrapdoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mangrove_trapdoor (Mangrove Trapdoor)"] BlockMinecraftMangroveTrapdoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.iron_trapdoor (Iron Trapdoor)"] BlockMinecraftIronTrapdoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cobweb (Cobweb)"] BlockMinecraftCobweb, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stone_bricks (Stone Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftStoneBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mossy_stone_bricks (Mossy Stone Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftMossyStoneBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cracked_stone_bricks (Cracked Stone Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftCrackedStoneBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chiseled_stone_bricks (Chiseled Stone Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftChiseledStoneBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.packed_mud (Packed Mud)"] BlockMinecraftPackedMud, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mud_bricks (Mud Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftMudBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.infested_stone (Infested Stone)"] BlockMinecraftInfestedStone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.infested_cobblestone (Infested Cobblestone)"] BlockMinecraftInfestedCobblestone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.infested_stone_bricks (Infested Stone Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftInfestedStoneBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.infested_mossy_stone_bricks (Infested Mossy Stone Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftInfestedMossyStoneBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.infested_cracked_stone_bricks (Infested Cracked Stone Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftInfestedCrackedStoneBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.infested_chiseled_stone_bricks (Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftInfestedChiseledStoneBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.piston (Piston)"] BlockMinecraftPiston, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sticky_piston (Sticky Piston)"] BlockMinecraftStickyPiston, #[doc = "block.minecraft.iron_bars (Iron Bars)"] BlockMinecraftIronBars, #[doc = "block.minecraft.melon (Melon)"] BlockMinecraftMelon, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brick_stairs (Brick Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftBrickStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stone_brick_stairs (Stone Brick Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftStoneBrickStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mud_brick_stairs (Mud Brick Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftMudBrickStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.vine (Vines)"] BlockMinecraftVine, #[doc = "block.minecraft.nether_bricks (Nether Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftNetherBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.nether_brick_fence (Nether Brick Fence)"] BlockMinecraftNetherBrickFence, #[doc = "block.minecraft.nether_brick_stairs (Nether Brick Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftNetherBrickStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.nether_wart (Nether Wart)"] BlockMinecraftNetherWart, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_wart_block (Warped Wart Block)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedWartBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_stem (Warped Stem)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedStem, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_warped_stem (Stripped Warped Stem)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedWarpedStem, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_hyphae (Warped Hyphae)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedHyphae, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_warped_hyphae (Stripped Warped Hyphae)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedWarpedHyphae, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_stem (Crimson Stem)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonStem, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_crimson_stem (Stripped Crimson Stem)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedCrimsonStem, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_hyphae (Crimson Hyphae)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonHyphae, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stripped_crimson_hyphae (Stripped Crimson Hyphae)"] BlockMinecraftStrippedCrimsonHyphae, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_nylium (Warped Nylium)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedNylium, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_nylium (Crimson Nylium)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonNylium, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_fungus (Warped Fungus)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedFungus, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_fungus (Crimson Fungus)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonFungus, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_roots (Crimson Roots)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonRoots, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_roots (Warped Roots)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedRoots, #[doc = "block.minecraft.nether_sprouts (Nether Sprouts)"] BlockMinecraftNetherSprouts, #[doc = "block.minecraft.shroomlight (Shroomlight)"] BlockMinecraftShroomlight, #[doc = "block.minecraft.weeping_vines (Weeping Vines)"] BlockMinecraftWeepingVines, #[doc = "block.minecraft.weeping_vines_plant (Weeping Vines Plant)"] BlockMinecraftWeepingVinesPlant, #[doc = "block.minecraft.twisting_vines (Twisting Vines)"] BlockMinecraftTwistingVines, #[doc = "block.minecraft.twisting_vines_plant (Twisting Vines Plant)"] BlockMinecraftTwistingVinesPlant, #[doc = "block.minecraft.soul_soil (Soul Soil)"] BlockMinecraftSoulSoil, #[doc = "block.minecraft.basalt (Basalt)"] BlockMinecraftBasalt, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_basalt (Polished Basalt)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedBasalt, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_planks (Warped Planks)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedPlanks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_slab (Warped Slab)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_pressure_plate (Warped Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedPressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_fence (Warped Fence)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedFence, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_trapdoor (Warped Trapdoor)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedTrapdoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_fence_gate (Warped Fence Gate)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedFenceGate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_stairs (Warped Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_button (Warped Button)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedButton, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_door (Warped Door)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedDoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_sign (Warped Sign)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.warped_wall_sign (Warped Wall Sign)"] BlockMinecraftWarpedWallSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_planks (Crimson Planks)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonPlanks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_slab (Crimson Slab)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_pressure_plate (Crimson Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonPressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_fence (Crimson Fence)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonFence, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_trapdoor (Crimson Trapdoor)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonTrapdoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_fence_gate (Crimson Fence Gate)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonFenceGate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_stairs (Crimson Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_button (Crimson Button)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonButton, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_door (Crimson Door)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonDoor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_sign (Crimson Sign)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crimson_wall_sign (Crimson Wall Sign)"] BlockMinecraftCrimsonWallSign, #[doc = "block.minecraft.soul_fire (Soul Fire)"] BlockMinecraftSoulFire, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cauldron (Cauldron)"] BlockMinecraftCauldron, #[doc = "block.minecraft.water_cauldron (Water Cauldron)"] BlockMinecraftWaterCauldron, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lava_cauldron (Lava Cauldron)"] BlockMinecraftLavaCauldron, #[doc = "block.minecraft.powder_snow_cauldron (Powder Snow Cauldron)"] BlockMinecraftPowderSnowCauldron, #[doc = "block.minecraft.enchanting_table (Enchanting Table)"] BlockMinecraftEnchantingTable, #[doc = "block.minecraft.anvil (Anvil)"] BlockMinecraftAnvil, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chipped_anvil (Chipped Anvil)"] BlockMinecraftChippedAnvil, #[doc = "block.minecraft.damaged_anvil (Damaged Anvil)"] BlockMinecraftDamagedAnvil, #[doc = "block.minecraft.end_stone (End Stone)"] BlockMinecraftEndStone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.end_portal_frame (End Portal Frame)"] BlockMinecraftEndPortalFrame, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mycelium (Mycelium)"] BlockMinecraftMycelium, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lily_pad (Lily Pad)"] BlockMinecraftLilyPad, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dragon_egg (Dragon Egg)"] BlockMinecraftDragonEgg, #[doc = "block.minecraft.redstone_lamp (Redstone Lamp)"] BlockMinecraftRedstoneLamp, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cocoa (Cocoa)"] BlockMinecraftCocoa, #[doc = "block.minecraft.ender_chest (Ender Chest)"] BlockMinecraftEnderChest, #[doc = "block.minecraft.emerald_ore (Emerald Ore)"] BlockMinecraftEmeraldOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_emerald_ore (Deepslate Emerald Ore)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateEmeraldOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.emerald_block (Block of Emerald)"] BlockMinecraftEmeraldBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.redstone_block (Block of Redstone)"] BlockMinecraftRedstoneBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.tripwire (Tripwire)"] BlockMinecraftTripwire, #[doc = "block.minecraft.tripwire_hook (Tripwire Hook)"] BlockMinecraftTripwireHook, #[doc = "block.minecraft.command_block (Command Block)"] BlockMinecraftCommandBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.repeating_command_block (Repeating Command Block)"] BlockMinecraftRepeatingCommandBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chain_command_block (Chain Command Block)"] BlockMinecraftChainCommandBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.beacon (Beacon)"] BlockMinecraftBeacon, #[doc = "block.minecraft.beacon.primary (Primary Power)"] BlockMinecraftBeaconPrimary, #[doc = "block.minecraft.beacon.secondary (Secondary Power)"] BlockMinecraftBeaconSecondary, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cobblestone_wall (Cobblestone Wall)"] BlockMinecraftCobblestoneWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mossy_cobblestone_wall (Mossy Cobblestone Wall)"] BlockMinecraftMossyCobblestoneWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.carrots (Carrots)"] BlockMinecraftCarrots, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potatoes (Potatoes)"] BlockMinecraftPotatoes, #[doc = "block.minecraft.daylight_detector (Daylight Detector)"] BlockMinecraftDaylightDetector, #[doc = "block.minecraft.nether_quartz_ore (Nether Quartz Ore)"] BlockMinecraftNetherQuartzOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.hopper (Hopper)"] BlockMinecraftHopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.quartz_block (Block of Quartz)"] BlockMinecraftQuartzBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chiseled_quartz_block (Chiseled Quartz Block)"] BlockMinecraftChiseledQuartzBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.quartz_pillar (Quartz Pillar)"] BlockMinecraftQuartzPillar, #[doc = "block.minecraft.quartz_stairs (Quartz Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftQuartzStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.slime_block (Slime Block)"] BlockMinecraftSlimeBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.prismarine (Prismarine)"] BlockMinecraftPrismarine, #[doc = "block.minecraft.prismarine_bricks (Prismarine Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftPrismarineBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dark_prismarine (Dark Prismarine)"] BlockMinecraftDarkPrismarine, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sea_lantern (Sea Lantern)"] BlockMinecraftSeaLantern, #[doc = "block.minecraft.end_rod (End Rod)"] BlockMinecraftEndRod, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chorus_plant (Chorus Plant)"] BlockMinecraftChorusPlant, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chorus_flower (Chorus Flower)"] BlockMinecraftChorusFlower, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purpur_block (Purpur Block)"] BlockMinecraftPurpurBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purpur_pillar (Purpur Pillar)"] BlockMinecraftPurpurPillar, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purpur_stairs (Purpur Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftPurpurStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purpur_slab (Purpur Slab)"] BlockMinecraftPurpurSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.end_stone_bricks (End Stone Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftEndStoneBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.beetroots (Beetroots)"] BlockMinecraftBeetroots, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dirt_path (Dirt Path)"] BlockMinecraftDirtPath, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magma_block (Magma Block)"] BlockMinecraftMagmaBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.nether_wart_block (Nether Wart Block)"] BlockMinecraftNetherWartBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_nether_bricks (Red Nether Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftRedNetherBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bone_block (Bone Block)"] BlockMinecraftBoneBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.observer (Observer)"] BlockMinecraftObserver, #[doc = "block.minecraft.shulker_box (Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_shulker_box (White Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_shulker_box (Orange Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magenta_shulker_box (Magenta Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftMagentaShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_blue_shulker_box (Light Blue Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftLightBlueShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.yellow_shulker_box (Yellow Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftYellowShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lime_shulker_box (Lime Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftLimeShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_shulker_box (Pink Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftPinkShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gray_shulker_box (Gray Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftGrayShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_gray_shulker_box (Light Gray Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftLightGrayShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cyan_shulker_box (Cyan Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftCyanShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purple_shulker_box (Purple Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftPurpleShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_shulker_box (Blue Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftBlueShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_shulker_box (Brown Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftBrownShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.green_shulker_box (Green Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftGreenShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_shulker_box (Red Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftRedShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.black_shulker_box (Black Shulker Box)"] BlockMinecraftBlackShulkerBox, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_glazed_terracotta (White Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_glazed_terracotta (Orange Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magenta_glazed_terracotta (Magenta Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftMagentaGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_blue_glazed_terracotta (Light Blue Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftLightBlueGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.yellow_glazed_terracotta (Yellow Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftYellowGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lime_glazed_terracotta (Lime Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftLimeGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_glazed_terracotta (Pink Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftPinkGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gray_glazed_terracotta (Gray Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftGrayGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_gray_glazed_terracotta (Light Gray Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftLightGrayGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cyan_glazed_terracotta (Cyan Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftCyanGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purple_glazed_terracotta (Purple Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftPurpleGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_glazed_terracotta (Blue Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftBlueGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_glazed_terracotta (Brown Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftBrownGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.green_glazed_terracotta (Green Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftGreenGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_glazed_terracotta (Red Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftRedGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.black_glazed_terracotta (Black Glazed Terracotta)"] BlockMinecraftBlackGlazedTerracotta, #[doc = "block.minecraft.black_concrete (Black Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftBlackConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_concrete (Red Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftRedConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.green_concrete (Green Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftGreenConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_concrete (Brown Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftBrownConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_concrete (Blue Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftBlueConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purple_concrete (Purple Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftPurpleConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cyan_concrete (Cyan Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftCyanConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_gray_concrete (Light Gray Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftLightGrayConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gray_concrete (Gray Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftGrayConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_concrete (Pink Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftPinkConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lime_concrete (Lime Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftLimeConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.yellow_concrete (Yellow Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftYellowConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_blue_concrete (Light Blue Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftLightBlueConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magenta_concrete (Magenta Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftMagentaConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_concrete (Orange Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_concrete (White Concrete)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteConcrete, #[doc = "block.minecraft.black_concrete_powder (Black Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftBlackConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_concrete_powder (Red Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftRedConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.green_concrete_powder (Green Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftGreenConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_concrete_powder (Brown Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftBrownConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_concrete_powder (Blue Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftBlueConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purple_concrete_powder (Purple Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftPurpleConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cyan_concrete_powder (Cyan Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftCyanConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_gray_concrete_powder (Light Gray Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftLightGrayConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gray_concrete_powder (Gray Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftGrayConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_concrete_powder (Pink Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftPinkConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lime_concrete_powder (Lime Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftLimeConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.yellow_concrete_powder (Yellow Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftYellowConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_blue_concrete_powder (Light Blue Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftLightBlueConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magenta_concrete_powder (Magenta Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftMagentaConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_concrete_powder (Orange Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_concrete_powder (White Concrete Powder)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteConcretePowder, #[doc = "block.minecraft.turtle_egg (Turtle Egg)"] BlockMinecraftTurtleEgg, #[doc = "block.minecraft.piston_head (Piston Head)"] BlockMinecraftPistonHead, #[doc = "block.minecraft.moving_piston (Moving Piston)"] BlockMinecraftMovingPiston, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_mushroom (Red Mushroom)"] BlockMinecraftRedMushroom, #[doc = "block.minecraft.snow_block (Snow Block)"] BlockMinecraftSnowBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.attached_melon_stem (Attached Melon Stem)"] BlockMinecraftAttachedMelonStem, #[doc = "block.minecraft.melon_stem (Melon Stem)"] BlockMinecraftMelonStem, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brewing_stand (Brewing Stand)"] BlockMinecraftBrewingStand, #[doc = "block.minecraft.end_portal (End Portal)"] BlockMinecraftEndPortal, #[doc = "block.minecraft.flower_pot (Flower Pot)"] BlockMinecraftFlowerPot, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_oak_sapling (Potted Oak Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftPottedOakSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_spruce_sapling (Potted Spruce Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftPottedSpruceSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_birch_sapling (Potted Birch Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftPottedBirchSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_jungle_sapling (Potted Jungle Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftPottedJungleSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_acacia_sapling (Potted Acacia Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftPottedAcaciaSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_dark_oak_sapling (Potted Dark Oak Sapling)"] BlockMinecraftPottedDarkOakSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_mangrove_propagule (Potted Mangrove Propagule)"] BlockMinecraftPottedMangrovePropagule, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_fern (Potted Fern)"] BlockMinecraftPottedFern, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_dandelion (Potted Dandelion)"] BlockMinecraftPottedDandelion, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_poppy (Potted Poppy)"] BlockMinecraftPottedPoppy, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_blue_orchid (Potted Blue Orchid)"] BlockMinecraftPottedBlueOrchid, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_allium (Potted Allium)"] BlockMinecraftPottedAllium, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_azure_bluet (Potted Azure Bluet)"] BlockMinecraftPottedAzureBluet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_red_tulip (Potted Red Tulip)"] BlockMinecraftPottedRedTulip, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_orange_tulip (Potted Orange Tulip)"] BlockMinecraftPottedOrangeTulip, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_white_tulip (Potted White Tulip)"] BlockMinecraftPottedWhiteTulip, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_pink_tulip (Potted Pink Tulip)"] BlockMinecraftPottedPinkTulip, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_oxeye_daisy (Potted Oxeye Daisy)"] BlockMinecraftPottedOxeyeDaisy, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_cornflower (Potted Cornflower)"] BlockMinecraftPottedCornflower, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_lily_of_the_valley (Potted Lily of the Valley)"] BlockMinecraftPottedLilyOfTheValley, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_wither_rose (Potted Wither Rose)"] BlockMinecraftPottedWitherRose, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_red_mushroom (Potted Red Mushroom)"] BlockMinecraftPottedRedMushroom, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_brown_mushroom (Potted Brown Mushroom)"] BlockMinecraftPottedBrownMushroom, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_dead_bush (Potted Dead Bush)"] BlockMinecraftPottedDeadBush, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_cactus (Potted Cactus)"] BlockMinecraftPottedCactus, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_bamboo (Potted Bamboo)"] BlockMinecraftPottedBamboo, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_crimson_fungus (Potted Crimson Fungus)"] BlockMinecraftPottedCrimsonFungus, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_warped_fungus (Potted Warped Fungus)"] BlockMinecraftPottedWarpedFungus, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_crimson_roots (Potted Crimson Roots)"] BlockMinecraftPottedCrimsonRoots, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_warped_roots (Potted Warped Roots)"] BlockMinecraftPottedWarpedRoots, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_azalea_bush (Potted Azalea)"] BlockMinecraftPottedAzaleaBush, #[doc = "block.minecraft.potted_flowering_azalea_bush (Potted Flowering Azalea)"] BlockMinecraftPottedFloweringAzaleaBush, #[doc = "block.minecraft.skeleton_wall_skull (Skeleton Wall Skull)"] BlockMinecraftSkeletonWallSkull, #[doc = "block.minecraft.skeleton_skull (Skeleton Skull)"] BlockMinecraftSkeletonSkull, #[doc = "block.minecraft.wither_skeleton_wall_skull (Wither Skeleton Wall Skull)"] BlockMinecraftWitherSkeletonWallSkull, #[doc = "block.minecraft.wither_skeleton_skull (Wither Skeleton Skull)"] BlockMinecraftWitherSkeletonSkull, #[doc = "block.minecraft.zombie_wall_head (Zombie Wall Head)"] BlockMinecraftZombieWallHead, #[doc = "block.minecraft.zombie_head (Zombie Head)"] BlockMinecraftZombieHead, #[doc = "block.minecraft.player_wall_head (Player Wall Head)"] BlockMinecraftPlayerWallHead, #[doc = "block.minecraft.player_head (Player Head)"] BlockMinecraftPlayerHead, #[doc = "block.minecraft.player_head.named (%s's Head)"] BlockMinecraftPlayerHeadNamed, #[doc = "block.minecraft.creeper_wall_head (Creeper Wall Head)"] BlockMinecraftCreeperWallHead, #[doc = "block.minecraft.creeper_head (Creeper Head)"] BlockMinecraftCreeperHead, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dragon_wall_head (Dragon Wall Head)"] BlockMinecraftDragonWallHead, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dragon_head (Dragon Head)"] BlockMinecraftDragonHead, #[doc = "block.minecraft.end_gateway (End Gateway)"] BlockMinecraftEndGateway, #[doc = "block.minecraft.structure_void (Structure Void)"] BlockMinecraftStructureVoid, #[doc = "block.minecraft.structure_block (Structure Block)"] BlockMinecraftStructureBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.void_air (Void Air)"] BlockMinecraftVoidAir, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cave_air (Cave Air)"] BlockMinecraftCaveAir, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bubble_column (Bubble Column)"] BlockMinecraftBubbleColumn, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_tube_coral_block (Dead Tube Coral Block)"] BlockMinecraftDeadTubeCoralBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_brain_coral_block (Dead Brain Coral Block)"] BlockMinecraftDeadBrainCoralBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_bubble_coral_block (Dead Bubble Coral Block)"] BlockMinecraftDeadBubbleCoralBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_fire_coral_block (Dead Fire Coral Block)"] BlockMinecraftDeadFireCoralBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_horn_coral_block (Dead Horn Coral Block)"] BlockMinecraftDeadHornCoralBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.tube_coral_block (Tube Coral Block)"] BlockMinecraftTubeCoralBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brain_coral_block (Brain Coral Block)"] BlockMinecraftBrainCoralBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bubble_coral_block (Bubble Coral Block)"] BlockMinecraftBubbleCoralBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.fire_coral_block (Fire Coral Block)"] BlockMinecraftFireCoralBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.horn_coral_block (Horn Coral Block)"] BlockMinecraftHornCoralBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.tube_coral (Tube Coral)"] BlockMinecraftTubeCoral, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brain_coral (Brain Coral)"] BlockMinecraftBrainCoral, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bubble_coral (Bubble Coral)"] BlockMinecraftBubbleCoral, #[doc = "block.minecraft.fire_coral (Fire Coral)"] BlockMinecraftFireCoral, #[doc = "block.minecraft.horn_coral (Horn Coral)"] BlockMinecraftHornCoral, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_tube_coral (Dead Tube Coral)"] BlockMinecraftDeadTubeCoral, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_brain_coral (Dead Brain Coral)"] BlockMinecraftDeadBrainCoral, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_bubble_coral (Dead Bubble Coral)"] BlockMinecraftDeadBubbleCoral, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_fire_coral (Dead Fire Coral)"] BlockMinecraftDeadFireCoral, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_horn_coral (Dead Horn Coral)"] BlockMinecraftDeadHornCoral, #[doc = "block.minecraft.tube_coral_fan (Tube Coral Fan)"] BlockMinecraftTubeCoralFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brain_coral_fan (Brain Coral Fan)"] BlockMinecraftBrainCoralFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bubble_coral_fan (Bubble Coral Fan)"] BlockMinecraftBubbleCoralFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.fire_coral_fan (Fire Coral Fan)"] BlockMinecraftFireCoralFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.horn_coral_fan (Horn Coral Fan)"] BlockMinecraftHornCoralFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_tube_coral_fan (Dead Tube Coral Fan)"] BlockMinecraftDeadTubeCoralFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_brain_coral_fan (Dead Brain Coral Fan)"] BlockMinecraftDeadBrainCoralFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_bubble_coral_fan (Dead Bubble Coral Fan)"] BlockMinecraftDeadBubbleCoralFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_fire_coral_fan (Dead Fire Coral Fan)"] BlockMinecraftDeadFireCoralFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_horn_coral_fan (Dead Horn Coral Fan)"] BlockMinecraftDeadHornCoralFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.tube_coral_wall_fan (Tube Coral Wall Fan)"] BlockMinecraftTubeCoralWallFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brain_coral_wall_fan (Brain Coral Wall Fan)"] BlockMinecraftBrainCoralWallFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bubble_coral_wall_fan (Bubble Coral Wall Fan)"] BlockMinecraftBubbleCoralWallFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.fire_coral_wall_fan (Fire Coral Wall Fan)"] BlockMinecraftFireCoralWallFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.horn_coral_wall_fan (Horn Coral Wall Fan)"] BlockMinecraftHornCoralWallFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_tube_coral_wall_fan (Dead Tube Coral Wall Fan)"] BlockMinecraftDeadTubeCoralWallFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_brain_coral_wall_fan (Dead Brain Coral Wall Fan)"] BlockMinecraftDeadBrainCoralWallFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_bubble_coral_wall_fan (Dead Bubble Coral Wall Fan)"] BlockMinecraftDeadBubbleCoralWallFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_fire_coral_wall_fan (Dead Fire Coral Wall Fan)"] BlockMinecraftDeadFireCoralWallFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dead_horn_coral_wall_fan (Dead Horn Coral Wall Fan)"] BlockMinecraftDeadHornCoralWallFan, #[doc = "block.minecraft.loom (Loom)"] BlockMinecraftLoom, #[doc = "block.minecraft.conduit (Conduit)"] BlockMinecraftConduit, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bamboo (Bamboo)"] BlockMinecraftBamboo, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bamboo_sapling (Bamboo Shoot)"] BlockMinecraftBambooSapling, #[doc = "block.minecraft.jigsaw (Jigsaw Block)"] BlockMinecraftJigsaw, #[doc = "block.minecraft.composter (Composter)"] BlockMinecraftComposter, #[doc = "block.minecraft.target (Target)"] BlockMinecraftTarget, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_granite_stairs (Polished Granite Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedGraniteStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_red_sandstone_stairs (Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothRedSandstoneStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mossy_stone_brick_stairs (Mossy Stone Brick Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftMossyStoneBrickStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_diorite_stairs (Polished Diorite Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedDioriteStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mossy_cobblestone_stairs (Mossy Cobblestone Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftMossyCobblestoneStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.end_stone_brick_stairs (End Stone Brick Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftEndStoneBrickStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stone_stairs (Stone Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftStoneStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_sandstone_stairs (Smooth Sandstone Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothSandstoneStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_quartz_stairs (Smooth Quartz Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothQuartzStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.granite_stairs (Granite Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftGraniteStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.andesite_stairs (Andesite Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftAndesiteStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_nether_brick_stairs (Red Nether Brick Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftRedNetherBrickStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_andesite_stairs (Polished Andesite Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedAndesiteStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.diorite_stairs (Diorite Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftDioriteStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_granite_slab (Polished Granite Slab)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedGraniteSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_red_sandstone_slab (Smooth Red Sandstone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothRedSandstoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mossy_stone_brick_slab (Mossy Stone Brick Slab)"] BlockMinecraftMossyStoneBrickSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_diorite_slab (Polished Diorite Slab)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedDioriteSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mossy_cobblestone_slab (Mossy Cobblestone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftMossyCobblestoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.end_stone_brick_slab (End Stone Brick Slab)"] BlockMinecraftEndStoneBrickSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_sandstone_slab (Smooth Sandstone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothSandstoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_quartz_slab (Smooth Quartz Slab)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothQuartzSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.granite_slab (Granite Slab)"] BlockMinecraftGraniteSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.andesite_slab (Andesite Slab)"] BlockMinecraftAndesiteSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_nether_brick_slab (Red Nether Brick Slab)"] BlockMinecraftRedNetherBrickSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_andesite_slab (Polished Andesite Slab)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedAndesiteSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.diorite_slab (Diorite Slab)"] BlockMinecraftDioriteSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brick_wall (Brick Wall)"] BlockMinecraftBrickWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.prismarine_wall (Prismarine Wall)"] BlockMinecraftPrismarineWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_sandstone_wall (Red Sandstone Wall)"] BlockMinecraftRedSandstoneWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mossy_stone_brick_wall (Mossy Stone Brick Wall)"] BlockMinecraftMossyStoneBrickWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.granite_wall (Granite Wall)"] BlockMinecraftGraniteWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stone_brick_wall (Stone Brick Wall)"] BlockMinecraftStoneBrickWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mud_brick_wall (Mud Brick Wall)"] BlockMinecraftMudBrickWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.nether_brick_wall (Nether Brick Wall)"] BlockMinecraftNetherBrickWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.andesite_wall (Andesite Wall)"] BlockMinecraftAndesiteWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_nether_brick_wall (Red Nether Brick Wall)"] BlockMinecraftRedNetherBrickWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sandstone_wall (Sandstone Wall)"] BlockMinecraftSandstoneWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.end_stone_brick_wall (End Stone Brick Wall)"] BlockMinecraftEndStoneBrickWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.diorite_wall (Diorite Wall)"] BlockMinecraftDioriteWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.barrel (Barrel)"] BlockMinecraftBarrel, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smoker (Smoker)"] BlockMinecraftSmoker, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blast_furnace (Blast Furnace)"] BlockMinecraftBlastFurnace, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cartography_table (Cartography Table)"] BlockMinecraftCartographyTable, #[doc = "block.minecraft.fletching_table (Fletching Table)"] BlockMinecraftFletchingTable, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smithing_table (Smithing Table)"] BlockMinecraftSmithingTable, #[doc = "block.minecraft.grindstone (Grindstone)"] BlockMinecraftGrindstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lectern (Lectern)"] BlockMinecraftLectern, #[doc = "block.minecraft.stonecutter (Stonecutter)"] BlockMinecraftStonecutter, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bell (Bell)"] BlockMinecraftBell, #[doc = "block.minecraft.ominous_banner (Ominous Banner)"] BlockMinecraftOminousBanner, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lantern (Lantern)"] BlockMinecraftLantern, #[doc = "block.minecraft.soul_lantern (Soul Lantern)"] BlockMinecraftSoulLantern, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sweet_berry_bush (Sweet Berry Bush)"] BlockMinecraftSweetBerryBush, #[doc = "block.minecraft.campfire (Campfire)"] BlockMinecraftCampfire, #[doc = "block.minecraft.soul_campfire (Soul Campfire)"] BlockMinecraftSoulCampfire, #[doc = "block.minecraft.beehive (Beehive)"] BlockMinecraftBeehive, #[doc = "block.minecraft.bee_nest (Bee Nest)"] BlockMinecraftBeeNest, #[doc = "block.minecraft.honey_block (Honey Block)"] BlockMinecraftHoneyBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.honeycomb_block (Honeycomb Block)"] BlockMinecraftHoneycombBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lodestone (Lodestone)"] BlockMinecraftLodestone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.netherite_block (Block of Netherite)"] BlockMinecraftNetheriteBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.ancient_debris (Ancient Debris)"] BlockMinecraftAncientDebris, #[doc = "block.minecraft.crying_obsidian (Crying Obsidian)"] BlockMinecraftCryingObsidian, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blackstone (Blackstone)"] BlockMinecraftBlackstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blackstone_slab (Blackstone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftBlackstoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blackstone_stairs (Blackstone Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftBlackstoneStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blackstone_wall (Blackstone Wall)"] BlockMinecraftBlackstoneWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_bricks (Polished Blackstone Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedBlackstoneBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_brick_slab (Polished Blackstone Brick Slab)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedBlackstoneBrickSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_brick_stairs (Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedBlackstoneBrickStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_brick_wall (Polished Blackstone Brick Wall)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedBlackstoneBrickWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chiseled_polished_blackstone (Chiseled Polished Blackstone)"] BlockMinecraftChiseledPolishedBlackstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cracked_polished_blackstone_bricks (Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftCrackedPolishedBlackstoneBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gilded_blackstone (Gilded Blackstone)"] BlockMinecraftGildedBlackstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone (Polished Blackstone)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedBlackstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_wall (Polished Blackstone Wall)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedBlackstoneWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_slab (Polished Blackstone Slab)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedBlackstoneSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_stairs (Polished Blackstone Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedBlackstoneStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_pressure_plate (Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedBlackstonePressurePlate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_blackstone_button (Polished Blackstone Button)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedBlackstoneButton, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cracked_nether_bricks (Cracked Nether Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftCrackedNetherBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chiseled_nether_bricks (Chiseled Nether Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftChiseledNetherBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.quartz_bricks (Quartz Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftQuartzBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chain (Chain)"] BlockMinecraftChain, #[doc = "block.minecraft.candle (Candle)"] BlockMinecraftCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_candle (White Candle)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_candle (Orange Candle)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magenta_candle (Magenta Candle)"] BlockMinecraftMagentaCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_blue_candle (Light Blue Candle)"] BlockMinecraftLightBlueCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.yellow_candle (Yellow Candle)"] BlockMinecraftYellowCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lime_candle (Lime Candle)"] BlockMinecraftLimeCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_candle (Pink Candle)"] BlockMinecraftPinkCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gray_candle (Gray Candle)"] BlockMinecraftGrayCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_gray_candle (Light Gray Candle)"] BlockMinecraftLightGrayCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cyan_candle (Cyan Candle)"] BlockMinecraftCyanCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purple_candle (Purple Candle)"] BlockMinecraftPurpleCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_candle (Blue Candle)"] BlockMinecraftBlueCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_candle (Brown Candle)"] BlockMinecraftBrownCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.green_candle (Green Candle)"] BlockMinecraftGreenCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_candle (Red Candle)"] BlockMinecraftRedCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.black_candle (Black Candle)"] BlockMinecraftBlackCandle, #[doc = "block.minecraft.candle_cake (Cake with Candle)"] BlockMinecraftCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.white_candle_cake (Cake with White Candle)"] BlockMinecraftWhiteCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.orange_candle_cake (Cake with Orange Candle)"] BlockMinecraftOrangeCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.magenta_candle_cake (Cake with Magenta Candle)"] BlockMinecraftMagentaCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_blue_candle_cake (Cake with Light Blue Candle)"] BlockMinecraftLightBlueCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.yellow_candle_cake (Cake with Yellow Candle)"] BlockMinecraftYellowCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lime_candle_cake (Cake with Lime Candle)"] BlockMinecraftLimeCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pink_candle_cake (Cake with Pink Candle)"] BlockMinecraftPinkCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.gray_candle_cake (Cake with Gray Candle)"] BlockMinecraftGrayCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.light_gray_candle_cake (Cake with Light Gray Candle)"] BlockMinecraftLightGrayCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cyan_candle_cake (Cake with Cyan Candle)"] BlockMinecraftCyanCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.purple_candle_cake (Cake with Purple Candle)"] BlockMinecraftPurpleCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.blue_candle_cake (Cake with Blue Candle)"] BlockMinecraftBlueCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.brown_candle_cake (Cake with Brown Candle)"] BlockMinecraftBrownCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.green_candle_cake (Cake with Green Candle)"] BlockMinecraftGreenCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.red_candle_cake (Cake with Red Candle)"] BlockMinecraftRedCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.black_candle_cake (Cake with Black Candle)"] BlockMinecraftBlackCandleCake, #[doc = "block.minecraft.amethyst_block (Block of Amethyst)"] BlockMinecraftAmethystBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.small_amethyst_bud (Small Amethyst Bud)"] BlockMinecraftSmallAmethystBud, #[doc = "block.minecraft.medium_amethyst_bud (Medium Amethyst Bud)"] BlockMinecraftMediumAmethystBud, #[doc = "block.minecraft.large_amethyst_bud (Large Amethyst Bud)"] BlockMinecraftLargeAmethystBud, #[doc = "block.minecraft.amethyst_cluster (Amethyst Cluster)"] BlockMinecraftAmethystCluster, #[doc = "block.minecraft.budding_amethyst (Budding Amethyst)"] BlockMinecraftBuddingAmethyst, #[doc = "block.minecraft.calcite (Calcite)"] BlockMinecraftCalcite, #[doc = "block.minecraft.tuff (Tuff)"] BlockMinecraftTuff, #[doc = "block.minecraft.tinted_glass (Tinted Glass)"] BlockMinecraftTintedGlass, #[doc = "block.minecraft.dripstone_block (Dripstone Block)"] BlockMinecraftDripstoneBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pointed_dripstone (Pointed Dripstone)"] BlockMinecraftPointedDripstone, #[doc = "block.minecraft.copper_ore (Copper Ore)"] BlockMinecraftCopperOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_copper_ore (Deepslate Copper Ore)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateCopperOre, #[doc = "block.minecraft.copper_block (Block of Copper)"] BlockMinecraftCopperBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.exposed_copper (Exposed Copper)"] BlockMinecraftExposedCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.weathered_copper (Weathered Copper)"] BlockMinecraftWeatheredCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oxidized_copper (Oxidized Copper)"] BlockMinecraftOxidizedCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cut_copper (Cut Copper)"] BlockMinecraftCutCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.exposed_cut_copper (Exposed Cut Copper)"] BlockMinecraftExposedCutCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.weathered_cut_copper (Weathered Cut Copper)"] BlockMinecraftWeatheredCutCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oxidized_cut_copper (Oxidized Cut Copper)"] BlockMinecraftOxidizedCutCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cut_copper_stairs (Cut Copper Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftCutCopperStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.exposed_cut_copper_stairs (Exposed Cut Copper Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftExposedCutCopperStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.weathered_cut_copper_stairs (Weathered Cut Copper Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftWeatheredCutCopperStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oxidized_cut_copper_stairs (Oxidized Cut Copper Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftOxidizedCutCopperStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cut_copper_slab (Cut Copper Slab)"] BlockMinecraftCutCopperSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.exposed_cut_copper_slab (Exposed Cut Copper Slab)"] BlockMinecraftExposedCutCopperSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.weathered_cut_copper_slab (Weathered Cut Copper Slab)"] BlockMinecraftWeatheredCutCopperSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.oxidized_cut_copper_slab (Oxidized Cut Copper Slab)"] BlockMinecraftOxidizedCutCopperSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_copper_block (Waxed Block of Copper)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedCopperBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_exposed_copper (Waxed Exposed Copper)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedExposedCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_weathered_copper (Waxed Weathered Copper)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedWeatheredCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_oxidized_copper (Waxed Oxidized Copper)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedOxidizedCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_cut_copper (Waxed Cut Copper)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedCutCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_exposed_cut_copper (Waxed Exposed Cut Copper)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedExposedCutCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_weathered_cut_copper (Waxed Weathered Cut Copper)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedWeatheredCutCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_oxidized_cut_copper (Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedOxidizedCutCopper, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_cut_copper_stairs (Waxed Cut Copper Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedCutCopperStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_exposed_cut_copper_stairs (Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedExposedCutCopperStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_weathered_cut_copper_stairs (Waxed Weathered Cut Copper Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedWeatheredCutCopperStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_oxidized_cut_copper_stairs (Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedOxidizedCutCopperStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_cut_copper_slab (Waxed Cut Copper Slab)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedCutCopperSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_exposed_cut_copper_slab (Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Slab)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedExposedCutCopperSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_weathered_cut_copper_slab (Waxed Weathered Cut Copper Slab)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedWeatheredCutCopperSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.waxed_oxidized_cut_copper_slab (Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper Slab)"] BlockMinecraftWaxedOxidizedCutCopperSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.lightning_rod (Lightning Rod)"] BlockMinecraftLightningRod, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cave_vines (Cave Vines)"] BlockMinecraftCaveVines, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cave_vines_plant (Cave Vines Plant)"] BlockMinecraftCaveVinesPlant, #[doc = "block.minecraft.spore_blossom (Spore Blossom)"] BlockMinecraftSporeBlossom, #[doc = "block.minecraft.azalea (Azalea)"] BlockMinecraftAzalea, #[doc = "block.minecraft.flowering_azalea (Flowering Azalea)"] BlockMinecraftFloweringAzalea, #[doc = "block.minecraft.azalea_leaves (Azalea Leaves)"] BlockMinecraftAzaleaLeaves, #[doc = "block.minecraft.flowering_azalea_leaves (Flowering Azalea Leaves)"] BlockMinecraftFloweringAzaleaLeaves, #[doc = "block.minecraft.moss_carpet (Moss Carpet)"] BlockMinecraftMossCarpet, #[doc = "block.minecraft.moss_block (Moss Block)"] BlockMinecraftMossBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.big_dripleaf (Big Dripleaf)"] BlockMinecraftBigDripleaf, #[doc = "block.minecraft.big_dripleaf_stem (Big Dripleaf Stem)"] BlockMinecraftBigDripleafStem, #[doc = "block.minecraft.small_dripleaf (Small Dripleaf)"] BlockMinecraftSmallDripleaf, #[doc = "block.minecraft.rooted_dirt (Rooted Dirt)"] BlockMinecraftRootedDirt, #[doc = "block.minecraft.mud (Mud)"] BlockMinecraftMud, #[doc = "block.minecraft.hanging_roots (Hanging Roots)"] BlockMinecraftHangingRoots, #[doc = "block.minecraft.powder_snow (Powder Snow)"] BlockMinecraftPowderSnow, #[doc = "block.minecraft.glow_lichen (Glow Lichen)"] BlockMinecraftGlowLichen, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sculk_sensor (Sculk Sensor)"] BlockMinecraftSculkSensor, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate (Deepslate)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cobbled_deepslate (Cobbled Deepslate)"] BlockMinecraftCobbledDeepslate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cobbled_deepslate_slab (Cobbled Deepslate Slab)"] BlockMinecraftCobbledDeepslateSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cobbled_deepslate_stairs (Cobbled Deepslate Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftCobbledDeepslateStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cobbled_deepslate_wall (Cobbled Deepslate Wall)"] BlockMinecraftCobbledDeepslateWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.chiseled_deepslate (Chiseled Deepslate)"] BlockMinecraftChiseledDeepslate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_deepslate (Polished Deepslate)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedDeepslate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_deepslate_slab (Polished Deepslate Slab)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedDeepslateSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_deepslate_stairs (Polished Deepslate Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedDeepslateStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.polished_deepslate_wall (Polished Deepslate Wall)"] BlockMinecraftPolishedDeepslateWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_bricks (Deepslate Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_brick_slab (Deepslate Brick Slab)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateBrickSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_brick_stairs (Deepslate Brick Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateBrickStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_brick_wall (Deepslate Brick Wall)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateBrickWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_tiles (Deepslate Tiles)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateTiles, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_tile_slab (Deepslate Tile Slab)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateTileSlab, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_tile_stairs (Deepslate Tile Stairs)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateTileStairs, #[doc = "block.minecraft.deepslate_tile_wall (Deepslate Tile Wall)"] BlockMinecraftDeepslateTileWall, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cracked_deepslate_bricks (Cracked Deepslate Bricks)"] BlockMinecraftCrackedDeepslateBricks, #[doc = "block.minecraft.cracked_deepslate_tiles (Cracked Deepslate Tiles)"] BlockMinecraftCrackedDeepslateTiles, #[doc = "block.minecraft.infested_deepslate (Infested Deepslate)"] BlockMinecraftInfestedDeepslate, #[doc = "block.minecraft.smooth_basalt (Smooth Basalt)"] BlockMinecraftSmoothBasalt, #[doc = "block.minecraft.raw_iron_block (Block of Raw Iron)"] BlockMinecraftRawIronBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.raw_copper_block (Block of Raw Copper)"] BlockMinecraftRawCopperBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.raw_gold_block (Block of Raw Gold)"] BlockMinecraftRawGoldBlock, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sculk (Sculk)"] BlockMinecraftSculk, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sculk_catalyst (Sculk Catalyst)"] BlockMinecraftSculkCatalyst, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sculk_shrieker (Sculk Shrieker)"] BlockMinecraftSculkShrieker, #[doc = "block.minecraft.sculk_vein (Sculk Vein)"] BlockMinecraftSculkVein, #[doc = "block.minecraft.ochre_froglight (Ochre Froglight)"] BlockMinecraftOchreFroglight, #[doc = "block.minecraft.verdant_froglight (Verdant Froglight)"] BlockMinecraftVerdantFroglight, #[doc = "block.minecraft.pearlescent_froglight (Pearlescent Froglight)"] BlockMinecraftPearlescentFroglight, #[doc = "block.minecraft.frogspawn (Frogspawn)"] BlockMinecraftFrogspawn, #[doc = "block.minecraft.reinforced_deepslate (Reinforced Deepslate)"] BlockMinecraftReinforcedDeepslate, #[doc = "item.minecraft.name_tag (Name Tag)"] ItemMinecraftNameTag, #[doc = "item.minecraft.lead (Lead)"] ItemMinecraftLead, #[doc = "item.minecraft.iron_shovel (Iron Shovel)"] ItemMinecraftIronShovel, #[doc = "item.minecraft.iron_pickaxe (Iron Pickaxe)"] ItemMinecraftIronPickaxe, #[doc = "item.minecraft.iron_axe (Iron Axe)"] ItemMinecraftIronAxe, #[doc = "item.minecraft.flint_and_steel (Flint and Steel)"] ItemMinecraftFlintAndSteel, #[doc = "item.minecraft.apple (Apple)"] ItemMinecraftApple, #[doc = "item.minecraft.cookie (Cookie)"] ItemMinecraftCookie, #[doc = "item.minecraft.bow (Bow)"] ItemMinecraftBow, #[doc = "item.minecraft.bundle (Bundle)"] ItemMinecraftBundle, #[doc = "item.minecraft.bundle.fullness (%s/%s)"] ItemMinecraftBundleFullness, #[doc = "item.minecraft.arrow (Arrow)"] ItemMinecraftArrow, #[doc = "item.minecraft.spectral_arrow (Spectral Arrow)"] ItemMinecraftSpectralArrow, #[doc = "item.minecraft.tipped_arrow (Tipped Arrow)"] ItemMinecraftTippedArrow, #[doc = "item.minecraft.dried_kelp (Dried Kelp)"] ItemMinecraftDriedKelp, #[doc = "item.minecraft.coal (Coal)"] ItemMinecraftCoal, #[doc = "item.minecraft.charcoal (Charcoal)"] ItemMinecraftCharcoal, #[doc = "item.minecraft.raw_copper (Raw Copper)"] ItemMinecraftRawCopper, #[doc = "item.minecraft.raw_iron (Raw Iron)"] ItemMinecraftRawIron, #[doc = "item.minecraft.raw_gold (Raw Gold)"] ItemMinecraftRawGold, #[doc = "item.minecraft.diamond (Diamond)"] ItemMinecraftDiamond, #[doc = "item.minecraft.emerald (Emerald)"] ItemMinecraftEmerald, #[doc = "item.minecraft.iron_ingot (Iron Ingot)"] ItemMinecraftIronIngot, #[doc = "item.minecraft.copper_ingot (Copper Ingot)"] ItemMinecraftCopperIngo