Here is the download link: And here is a guide for how to set it up: Q: What username and password am I supposed to write in the config.yaml? A: The username and password is the same as you use to log in to the League of legends client and on Q: When do I get drops? A: You get drops from streams that have drops enabled, The drops usually happens on special occasions like when someone gets a penta kill or when elder dragon is slain for example Q: The client closes as soon as I open it,what is wrong? A: Usually this problem is caused by the configuration of config.yaml in your folder. In the config you should change username to your Riot account name and password to your Riot password. Make sure to leave the quotation marks infront and after your username and password Q: Farmer/website says I got a drop, but I can't see it ingame, why? A: Drops are not always shown ingame instantly, it might take up to 24 hours before you see them. But if you see them on the website you will get them eventually Q: Do I need tabs open in a browser for this to run? A: No, this program runs without a browser open. Q: Can I let my computer sleep or shut it down while it is running? A: No, the computer has to be on and running for the program to work. Q: Can I play while the farmer is running? A: Yes, you can play or do whatever you want as long as the farmer is running. Q: Can I still watch the games on while the farmer is running? A: Yes, you can watch games while the program is running, it won't affect it. Q: I have 2FA activated, where do I put the code? A: You can just write it anywhere in the program and hit enter and it should work just fine. Q: Does the farmer work with a VPN? A: It depends really, some VPNs might work and others won't. Q: What does the Heartbeat do? A: The heartbeat shows that the program is running and is active. Q: The heartbeat does not update, what is wrong? A: Most likely you clicked in the window, you should see a little white square if you did so. To fix it you can simply right-click in the window and the heartbeat should start updating again within a minute. Q: I got some weird code in the farmer, what is it? A: A thread in the program crashed and restarted. However as long as the heartbeat is still updating it should be running just fine. Q: My computer says it can't run the farmer, what do I do? A: Sometimes Windows might try to protect you from unknown programs, however that is a false positive in this case. Usually you can press “More info” and then “Run anyway”. Q: Is the program safe to run? A: It's open-source code on Github, so you can check the code yourself if you are concerned.