Personal Log May 30th, 106(?) Tooth Sauna's and Chaotic Evil Temple Dungeon Caves. Now that I've gotten all settled in at this formerly cursed castle it was time to adventure. The Lopunnies had wanted help clearing out a dungeon so a previous group went out there to do so. Trinket, who came along with us this time, told us they had faced a Gibbering Mouther and a Rust Monster. Along the way to the Dungeon they left half-finished we stopped by the Tooth Fairy's place to finish a building only to discover they'd put a GIANT tooth in there and somehow made it into a pool. Still, we finished the building and there is enough space for travelers to sleep safe if roughly. The Tooth Fairy asked us if we knew some way or had something to turn the pool into a sauna/*** tub. We didn't but told him we'd keep an eye out. After that we spent a pleasant safe night before resuming our journey to the Lopunny's cavern dungeon temple thingy. Arriving there we entered and I poured some anti-corrision oil I discovered I had on everyone's weapons to prevent rust. That turned out to be useless but hindsight is 20/20 as we say. In any case, I left my walking cauldron and a couple other things in the entryway. The first thing we came across was a sacrificial altar in front of a dark god. Flourite flipped the table into the statue of the god breaking both and probably getting their notice maybe. Well, Good Riddance. Next we found some jail cells repurposed into skeleton storage with a skeleton made of blood in there. It tried to get away but wasn't able to. Then we smashed up all the skeletons so they couldn't be used for necromancy except for the skulls. Then we found a body peeling machine and that definitely had to go. I need to remember to ask if Flourite and Trinket bought a few picks as they broke theirs opening the door. Oh there was also a possible bright hell portal that got scrubbed out. I still think it could have been used for training but we had no way to know if it was two-way. Better Safe than Sorry I suppose. After that there was just one room left to the north behind a locked door. When we approached they spoke in Brighton asking why we were making such a mess and other stuff while casting some spells. Meanwhile we got in position as I talked back that we were clearing out the skeletons and other monsters to make it liveable. Then the door unlocked. Trinket, quick on the upkeep, stormed in only to find nothing. Then the Naga struck spawning a wall of fire right on top of the entryway and me. Well, then I ran inside hurting and trying to blind the she-naga with salt water. It failed the first time but succeeded on the second. In the mean time most of the rest of the group braved the flames to join the melee. Flourite hung back and threw some mean ice shards and Radiant's Eidolon also hung back but that was understandable due to all the fire. In the general melee that followed Pickles went down poisoned but Radiant and I healed them right back up before the naga went down. We got some ok loot in the naga's treasure vault including a rare lens for a scope I've only heard whispers about. I'm keeping it back at camp in a really safe spot until I can figure out how to make the scope. Teraunce Foaloke, Slightly Toasty but happy with how things went.