Hola mate Mobile or PC version What transaction do you wanna make Could I get both please? Mobile Which version is more flexible? Or if you could send me both versions, I would appreciate Are you there? I can't send both version $170 is mobile version Ok Kindly proceed Ok Are you sending it via email? But PC version is the best anyways I will send here How much is that? Or how much will I need to add up for this? $380 PC is the best And easy to use Does the mobile version work good enough? I can start with that and make a change I will advise you to use PC I don't have the money for that right now That's why I'm asking this Then I could get from point A to point B Respond to this please Your website is not clear with the specifications of your products Prices are not as they should be and all that Versions are not specified Just send me what I have paid for I will get back to you I paid full for a software and you come about asking me about PC or Mobile version I asked which of the two is more flexible because there's no variation in price difference between PC or Mobile version Then you tell me this This And for the PC version, I should add this That's not fair at all Just send me what I paid for I will get back to you I'm waiting please You sound rude mate Sorry if that's how you see it But there's a difference between being rude and being bold I am a bold person How long will it take for you to send the order? Are you there I'm here When I give you mobile please don't come to me to tell me to change to pc I won't accept such a bullshit You are now being rude to me Did you specify that you have both versions on your website? I think if you take my concerns into consideration, you would have better services to offer through the way it is being communicated The activation code and tutorial please This is where you have to specify on your website which works better Are you there? I'm still waiting And I paid for Cardro Pro youe sent me fake bank alert why? your website has nothing about this app on it I told you take PC version https://cardro.pro/product/cardro-pro-economy-license/ Mobile is this You have nothing on your website as this does this perform flashing jobs? DO you want to scam me?