My experience with Itoddyouso I'm writing this here because I don't use social media like twitter anymore and the XIV reddit mods are dictators. A viewer turned streamer "IToddyouso" is a name you probably recognise if you frequent female XIV streamers. He's probably even moderator in a lot of these. He comes across as a nice guy but in reality is the same as most of the creeps you hear about online. I used to stream XIV to a mediocre number of people, maybe 5 to 10 average. Todd was very kind and helpful with setting up nightbot and being my only moderator. This lasted around 6 months. He never did anything untoward or creepy during that time, it's after which is just weird. I had been single for quite a while and met a guy on Tinder who was into FFXIV as well, and we hit it off. I never felt the need to inform my "community" if you could call it that, that I had a boyfriend. I hadn't streamed in a couple weeks because I was working and hanging out with my new boyfriend. I received a twitch DM from Todd asking where I've been, I told him about my boyfriend etc. Without a word response he unfollowed me on twitch and never answered any of my DMs again. I guess you could say I was confused until I happened to watch MissKyliee on twitch. Low and behold he was moderator there also. MissKyliee was single at the time and then started dating another streamer. Todd disappeared for a while and came back when she was single again. I found him in Amagicalpearl's stream doing the same thing he did with me and I assume Kylie. Recently I noticed he was in Paopukomi's stream, again doing the same things. I decided to write this because I saw a tweet from Paopu saying how Todd is this amazing person but he's just very very sly. I never gave him my discord as I knew twitch could moderate their chat better, and I know from past experience how weird lonely guys can get. tl;dr itoddyouso is a chaser of single female twitch streamers and has probably made advances on them at some point. edit: got banned from xiv reddit, guess they are friends