Substack is an amazing opportunity for writers looking to monetize their writing. However, creating a successful Substack newsletter is much more complex than writing traditional blog posts. If you post on Medium, there are several resources that you can read, which provide you with actionable writing tips. Creating a Medium publication is not necessarily easier than a Substack newsletter, but it doesn’t require the same level of planning, content curation, and high level vision, that goes into a Substack newsletter. That’s why I decided to write a guide, breaking down some of the tips and tricks I have learned growing my Substack newsletter, Blogging Guide. While there are certainly Substack newsletters earning more than Blogging Guide, few are written by bloggers who have experimented with as many unique digital publishing platforms as I have. UPDATE: 7/2022 — click the post below for updated and expanded Substack writing tips: Substack Writing Tips — Blogging Guide Learn the tips and tricks used by the top Substack writers! 1. N A M E Picking a good name is essential to creating a successful Substack newsletter. Ideally, your Substack publication will meets most of the following tips: Keep the name short — Generally, the shorter the name, the better. It is also ideal to keep your publication name between 1–3 words. Keep the name simple — I would suggest keeping Try to pick a name with an available domain name — This suggestion is optional. But if you want to have the potential to build a brand beyond your Substack newsletter. As you will notice from the Substack leaderboard, most of the top publications follow these basic rules: