Dax says: Yo Kouma. Kou says: Welp back to relaxing. Kouma asks: Hm? Taisei rolls up any loose scrolls and stuffs them in his backpouch. He rises from his seat and exits the room promptly. Keikon says: -- Oh, this isn't important to the council. Keikon says: But Kou fought a Toad. The dark haired swordsman asks: A toad? Keikon says: The size of his foot. Dax asks: Can I show you somethin'? The dark haired swordsman asks: .... He won, right? Kouma says: Yeah man. The dark haired swordsman whispers faintly. Dax enters into the store to browse around while confronting them. "What's your opinion?" Kouma crossed his arms, "On the war?" he asked. Dax says: Goon literally flipped a coin for a vote. Dax says: Taisei and Keikon can't agree on shit. Dax asks: It can't just be me right? Kouma says: I'd be lying if I wasn't worried that we'll get decimated. Kouma says: We lost our strongest asset. Aimari says: Last time I faced Sunagakure they let 'Kou and I escape, but before that they took Gale... Dax says: Goin' to Suna kind of desperate. Kouma says: And goin' into fight the ones who killed'em. Kouma says: It just seems... wild. Dax says: I mean they're just voting to make a decision. Kouma says: Goon flippin' a coin, was... man. Dax says: Yeah. Kouma says: He wasn't the decidin' vote, but still damn. Dax asks: What if we came up with a better idea? Dax says: Present it to the Raikage. Dax says: Do a vote. Dax says: We can stall if you hold up on reachin' out to Suna. Kouma says: I'm more than willin', I really want to ensure Kuma's safety. Dax says: Yeh. Dax says: We need info on Kasha too. Dax says: There can be a way to do it without putting our heads on a platter. Dax says: We would need Niko on board too since she is on the council. Kouma says: What's the plan. Dax rubs the back of his head while thinking on it. "Let's hire rogues. . .anonymously. . . It could be a mission- an ambush of sorts. Something that wouldn't get us involved in the war directly. . . Like uh, putting a bounty on someone that we could confirm having knowledge of Kasha's situation, have the rogues capture them and do an exchange undercover. Or even putting the effort to capture a Suna shinobi to have leverage for Kuma. Bottom line is rogues have more freedoms than a village would. " Dax says: Create a fake mission to lure rogues and either village shinobi. Kouma says: We could pay Rogues to do the infiltration Dax says: Mhm. Dax says: It's better than what has been decided upon. Dax asks: We have all the time in the world for war ya' feel? Dax says: That's an advantage we should play when necessary. Dax says: There would be more leverage helping a side that we can see is losing. Kouma asks: Yeah, but do we got the money to pay rogues? Dax says: I wouldn't worry about that yet, but I would believe we do. Dax says: In the village anyway. Dax says: Could even do a mission chain for funding. . . Dax says: It would be the perfect time. Dax says: Before the war breaks out. Dax says: Losses on missions can be controlled and minimized too. . . Dax says: Shit, war finna' be a dice roll. Dax says: If war still happens I'm fine with that, but I can't live with a coin toss and half thought out agreements. Kouma says: I'll push the meetin' back as far as I can. Dax says: Bet. Dax asks: How much time you thinkin'? Dax says: Well I guess it ain't matter. Dax says: I'm finna' get workin'. Kouma says: 3 Months or maybe 4 months, <9/16 or 9/17 Dax says: More than enough time. Kouma says: Kuma been captured a fat minute. Kouma says: We've had their Shinobi awhile too. Dax asks: Trading them not on the table? Kouma says: They're willin' to trade, but they wanna use this as a chance for the treaty. Dax says: That's free for Suna. . .but if it got Kuma back I can't say nothin'. Dax says: Well if ya' got somethin' else that's a good idea go for it. Dax says: Peace for now. Dax heads out the door in deep thought. The dark haired swordsman whispers faintly. Goon was being sarcastic. The dark haired swordsman whispers faintly. Taisei whispers faintly. Boroji, Bojojojo whispers faintly. Soi'sa asks: You guys going on a mission? The cerulean-haired boy yells: I'm telling you, let's do it! Niko says: Hey Dax. Dax says: Yo. Niko asks: Want to get coffee? Dax says: Yeh. Dax says: I'm down. Dax says: C'mon. Dax yawns as they make their way up to a cafe. "What kind of coffee you feelin' Niko?" Dax whispers: Also we finna' talk about the meeting. Niko says: I like it black, with a little oat milk. Niko says: Some cream. Niko whispers: Yes.. What do you think? Dax orders the coffee-esque delicacy Niko desires. He brings back a cup for himself and sat down at the table. "If Goon coin' tossin' for war says anything then we probably have the same thoughts. . ." Niko says: I do not like how quick they were to want to work with Suna. Niko says: It's random. Dax orders a hazelnut latte as coffee dessert is his secret delight. Dax says: Yeh. Niko says: Suna probably killed Gale. Niko says: They've tried to kill Aimari and mysel. Dax says: Keikon and Taisei not even on the same page. Dax says: It's a half-assed council vote. Niko says: The council needs to be changed. Niko says: I am a Division Leader, and a Tokujo ranking higher than the Chūnin, but I have no vote. Dax says: Hm. Dax says: Well if we're on the same page. Dax says: Then we need Goon on the same page. Dax whispers: Goon and Khai would turn Taisei. Niko whispers: Can they? Dax whispers: Yeah. I saw the way Taisei values their opinion. Niko whispers: I can speak to Khai, as my cousin. Dax whispers: Let's speak to Khai first. Dax whispers: Kouma is delaying the set up for Suna as long as he can. Dax whispers: We have only a couple weeks or so. (16-17th of sept) Niko whispers: Okay. Niko whispers: I will be busy most of today, mind you. Dax whispers: We juwt need one day to talk to Khai. Dax whispers: The goal would be to host another council. Dax whispers: And come up with a better solution like usin' rogues to infiltrate instead of going to war just to find out what happend with Kasha. Dax whispers: How does that sound? Niko whispers: It sounds better. Niko whispers: We can pay rogues to do this, yes. Dax whispers: It's a thought. Dax whispers: Perhaps somethin' that would give more time before we go straight to war. Dax finished his coffee shortly and throws it into a trash bin. *Kobe!* Niko sips her drink, then throws the paper cup away. Dax says: Ight, lets finna' head back. Dax says: I wanna' keep an eye out. Dax says: Actually. Dax says: Hm. Dax asks: Yo, Goon. You sleepin' or? Dax OOCs: (bro afking IRL Goon says: For th'most part I am. Goon asks: Why was'good? Dax says: If you busy I can just get around to it later, but all I was finna' do is talk to you about shit. Goon says: Well spreak ya' mind. Goon says: We can go somewhere else if need be. Dangoui says: Aye, ya wanna give it a go? Kairu says: Yea C'mon. Dangoui yells: .2 Hours?!? How long even is that?! Kairu asks: You or me? Dax says: Pull up to the food shops. Dax says: Lunch on me. Dax orders up at the local food stop. He offers Goon the opportunity to get whatever they wanted. His own mind is made up and he relays their order to the cashier. The adolescent chūnin sat back down with folded knuckles over one another. Dax says: Ey, so do you think we finna' go to war soon with Suna? Goon says: Mm, Yea' I'd say it's a good chance we're helpin' 'em out. Dax asks: Word. . .word. I know you ended up flippin' a coin but what's yo' thoughts about it? Goon says: Well, no one likes war ov' course. Goon asks: But if i had t' be honest? Goon raised a hand to stroke his chin hairs. "I"d say i'm indifferent." "Each ov' th'options had their pros an' cons though." Goon asks: How 'bout y'self? Dax says: Me? Well. . . The cerulean-haired boy asks: You guys still eating? Dax looks up as a host approaches their table with a trey of food and drink. The dish he ordered for himself would've been a conjure of sushi, wonton dumplings, and a cup of duck sauce. He rubs his hands together with a sense of urgency, but over at Goon with an answer. "No offense G but that was a fuckin' mess of a meeting." Dax *but looks over Goon chuckles, a reverse no sense Eiichiro's way as he strolls up to the cafe. "Yea'- talkin' mostly. I'll like Dax decide if he wants you t'stay though." Goon says: nod* Goon OOCs: [i'm playing sifu for the first time irl Goon OOCs: [shit is so fire bro Dax says: Sup. He can stay. . .It ain't some secret discussion. Goon says: True. Goon says: Come grab'a seat Eiichi. The cerulean-haired boy comes on over and takes a seat. Dax returns focus to the conversation at hand. "Right, so. . .I was finna' say that I didn't agree with what happened for a few reasons fam. Taisei and Keikon have a lot of closet energy they need to resolve between each other 'cause neither of 'em were on the same page when it came to the proposal and tells me that they both got more pride than they get hoes." Dax says: I don't think joinin' war should've been a decision made in one meeting. . . Dax says: Ya' got Kuma, which we all glad to have back. Dax says: Now I'm guessin' joinin' Suna's war would help get info on Kasha from Konoha. The cerulean-haired boy asks: What do we even gain? The cerulean-haired boy asks: Why don't we just ask Konoha? Dax says: You get me fam. We also goin' in with a handicap. Dax asks: Gale, Kasha. Both classed as our strongest fighters ya' feel? Dax says: We ain't have 'em. Dax says: Now ya' risk Hajimae because if he gets snatched up in war its a wrap. Dax says: For Kuma a lot more shinobi finna' be at risk. Dax asks: It's not a bad idea by any means but what about somethin' like hiring rogues to infiltrate since they got more freedom? Goon nods a few times. "Ahhh, those are some realy good points." As his comment a silence lingers over him before he breaks it to speak up. "Yet you ain' say anything." Goon says: Not at th'meetin' at least. Dax says: Yeh, you right. . .Although I didn't think I had a place to speak. Dax says: And I'm not shitting on the council just to shit on 'em. It is what it is now, but the point I wanna' make is Goon. . . Dax says: Help get me on the council fam. Goon says: Pbbfftt.. Goon looks at Eiichro with a 'like guy' like expression. Dax says: . . . The cerulean-haired boy stares off into space, and after a long pause he says. "I don't think we should go to war on either side. It seems stupid." Dax says: I don't think it was the best idea personally, but that's why I want to have a real voice in the council sayins'. Dax says: If we're thinkin' on the outcome of going to war regardless. Kumo had the advantage of watching the war and seeing the losing side. Dax says: If we finna' talk about proactive moves, then the leverage of reinforcements for the desperate side brings more to gain than offerin' help straight up before the war really takes place. The cerulean-haired boy says: They're probably too busy with the war, we could steal something. Dax OOCs: (sifu Dax OOCs: (fun game Goon says: Okay, I hear ya'. Goon asks: So how exactly could I help you though? Goon says: There's only one real way t'get a seat. Dax says: Hm. Dax asks: There is such a thing as honorary representative yeh? Goon shifts his head from side to side. "Eh, yea' for th'most part." Dax asks: Didn't Keikon also have a seat before retiring? Goon says: He was th'Raikage's aid. Goon says: So he didn't officially hold a seat, he just organized th'meetin'. Q yells: Yo! Dax says: Oh well. . . Dax says: You get what I'm sayin' though. Goon says: What's poppin' Q. Dax says: Sup Q. Goon says: Sounds like yoiu'd need t'issue a challenge. Goon says: You'd* Dax says: I think the only person I can challenge is you if you reppin' South Kumo. Dax says: Unless I can cop Arashi corps leader. The cerulean-haired boy says: Hey man,. Goon says: Heh. Goon says: I think i'm in one ov' th'vacant seats. Goon says: I'm not really sure though, when I was given a seat I ain' really question th'title in it. Dax says: I mean. . . Dax says: If the seat for South Kumo vacant let me get a shout out. The cerulean-haired boy says: I'm gonna go see if anyone wants to do a mission. The cerulean-haired boy says: I feel lazy not doing anything. Goon says: Mm. Goon says: I'll see which seat are which. Goon says: I'm pretty sure South Kumo was occupied by Kasha. Dax says: Word. . . Dax glanced away for the moment finding conflict with the complications on that subject. "I guess it's somethin' that could be sorted out after everything chills. . ." Dax says: But hey, I'm finna' go. I appreciate the chat G. Dax daps up Q and G on the way out. "Peace."