🌸 Animal Dens When you need a beast, sometimes it pays to go where the beasts live. 💦 Anything to Anywhere Everything is clean except for cum, so don't worry about the order. 🐾 Beasts Nature demands that we use every part of the animal. 🐾 Belly Riding Prolonged cock-warming but for much larger creatures capable of locking or balancing Kijira for hours while doing other things. 🐾 Biological Electricity The electric eel effect, usually delivered through the genitals or applied internally. 🐾 Body Modification Whether it's receiving an internal or external womb tattoo or making Kijira endure the forbidden sensations of metal-pierced nipples or urethral beads, she's been trained to avoid settlements for a reason. Likewise, if you have genital piercings and jewelry that provide a wild ride... 🌸 Caves and Grottoes The natural way of getting a permanent roof over your head. 📓 Channel IC Approaches I like to meet those with similar interests! 💦 Consecutive Offerings Think less "sloppy seconds" and more "not having to spend time on foreplay or lubrication". Perhaps you don't even let Kijira catch her breath before you show off your skills and gifts? 📖 Cringe As a druid, Kijira will expect you to be well-acquainted with the sensation of grass. 💦 Cum! Receiving the code of life is nature's holiest of sacraments and ritual offerings. Kijira will take as much as you can spare, in any form, anywhere you care to put it. The more you can provide, the stronger the offering. 📖 Daddy No thank you. 🎴 Damnatio ad Bestias You were thrown into the pit of beasts to die, but one of your executioners is not what she first seems. 📑 Demigenders Fine friends but too many bad experiences over the years to be sexually attracted. 💬 Discord For those who've earned it. 📓 Dom / Sub / Slave Dynamics Druids and wildshaped creatures don't make good slaves or subs; please don't try to force this. Let's make any power play predator/prey instead. 🎴 Druid School Have you ever wondered how to become a druid or what kind of wild teen Kijira was? 🌸 Druid Tribes Druids come in many flavors from deserts to forested jungles. Explore Kijira's culture, its rituals, its bacchanals, and her connection to the land. 🎴 Enemies Working Together Our motivations may be opposed but our goals can still align. 📖 Episodic A series of related stories with less commitment. 🐾 Exotic Cocks and Cock Shock The more unusual or intense, the better. Don't be afraid to surprise or shock Kijira. and let her learn about new things. 💦 Extended Rituals Whether it's a competition to see who's the alpha, servicing an entire pack, or a test of how long Kijira can endure before collapsing into a puddle... 📖 Extreme Terminology Terms like cocksnot, jizzdrain, fetid spooge, etc. 💬 F-Chat If I'm online, feel free to say hello! 💦 Female Pleasure A proper druid experience can't be without this. 💦 Flexible Experience If you'd like to be Kijira's first or prefer more or less knowledge and experience: happy to play it. Kijira's approximate age is flexible enough to accommodate this (nothing below 16; don't be creepy). 🐾 Flight Regardless of who has the wings, flying brings thrills and exhilaration that ground-based beings will never know. 🎴 Forced Exhibit Whether captured in beast form, taken as a trophy, or an example of a "backward" way of life, Kijira has been forced into life as a curiosity and exhibit. 🎴 Friends with Benefits Whether you're in it for the free muffins or a willing ritual participant, befriending a druid comes with many perks. 🎴 Hadaka no Tsukiai Platonic time spent together naked in an appropriate context such as a *** spring. A body-positive, nonsexual nudity (potentially including touch) that creates a sense of unity, intimacy, or belonging among participants. 🐾 Heat and Rut Many creatures have a time of the year dedicated to reproduction - do you have a rut or mating season? Perhaps too much time in bestial form or among beasts has induced heat in Kijira. Scratch her itches? 💦 Hedonism Sometimes the search for pleasure goes to interesting places. 🌸 *** Springs, Lakes, Pools Whether for a quick bath or somewhere to soak, float, swim, and relax! There's always a potential for underwater *** with a druid who can hold her breath or grow gills. 🌷 Human and Animal Forms Though her human form is often preferred, for those whose tastes preclude humans, Kijira can wildshape or polymorph into nearly anything! 📑 Humans Preferably in setting-appropriate form (not anime boys). Other druids, magic-users, summoners, and such will attract more interest. 🎴 Hunting Hunting is very much a part of the natural order and an art that focuses on the thrill of the chase. The goal is usually capture, food, ***, control, or death. 🎴 Journeys Druids make excellent wilderness guides for your trip. 🐾 Knotting Nature's BDSM restraints. You are welcome to tie anywhere with Kijira. 📖 Long-Term If we hit it off. 🐾 Marking Some species do this by brushing their cheeks against the target. Others deliver the scent through fluids. 🐾 Multi-Knotting Does your shaft have more than one? What about multiple knotted penetrations? Or are you going to completely surprise Kijira? 🐾 Nonsexual Devouring By request only and usually the result of a wildshape or polymorph. 99% of the time, this will be for comedy or laughs. 💬 Notes I enjoy these and don't forget about them. 📑 No Thanks The same things that are on most people's No lists: filth, hyper, children, gore, incest, racism, sexism, slurs, etc. 🐾 Not of Nature Defilers of the natural order must be opposed! 📖 One-Shots A new face for the night. 🌸 Outdoors Being inside for too long may even cause claustrophobia. The antidote is wide open spaces and natural environments such as forests, meadows, valleys, plains, mountains, and the like. Is it any wonder that outdoor *** feels wild and free when you're connected to the elements and surroundings? 📑 Plausible Chests This may be F-List, but Kijira prefers women with breasts smaller than cantaloupes and pomelos~ (< E-F) 💦 Post-Ritual (Any) If you're willing to attend to the aftermath of any partner, any species, anywhere, this could be the start of something beautiful. 💦 Post-Ritual (Yours) It's very rare for Kijira to find a partner willing to help clean the aftermath of a mating session from her body, especially with a tongue! 🐾 Primal, Atavistic A predator turning Kijira into prey makes a great offering to nature. 📓 Private IC Approaches Not my preferred method. Too often this comes with a creepy post that puppets Kijira. 📓 Private OOC Approaches I enjoy conversation like anyone else. What interests do we share? 📑 Profile Sexual Details Show up in a search and let Kijira know what to expect. 📑 Profile Shouting Customs about what others owe you, not ignoring/blocking you, name-calling or slurs, and who should die and how. Profile demands for what I "must" do, what I "will" love or become, how I "must" play, etc. These things are uncomfortable to read, full stop. 📓 Random Friend Requests No. 💦 Repeat Performers You can provide the code of life HOW many times?! 💦 Ritual Assistants Sharing the spiritual experience is part of a druid's calling. Having multiple ritual assistants is efficient <3 💦 Rituals and *** Magic Invoke greater forces and give yourself over in a display of all you've learned! The more you make use of what nature has given you, the more you are trusted with greater power. 🎴 Sacrificial Virgin Are you able to stop the sacrifice or rescue the victim in time? 🎴 *** Pollen / Fuck or Die The natural world is full of substances that can bring on arousal, induce heat and rut, and remove inhibitions. If you need a cure for Fuck or Die, who better to consult than one of nature's healers? 💦 *** Positive Most anything so long as it's enjoyable, positive, and not in another column. So many things are under Fave! 🐾 Sexual Aggression When the time is right, be rough, be bestial, be aggressive, and take what you want. Don't hold back: primal acts appease nature. 📖 Short-Term A new playmate for a short storyline. 🐾 Throat-Swabbing / Deep Oral Preferably the kind that means laying on her back to get a better and more comfortable angle. Kijira can always wildshape some gills or breathing flaps for situations like oral knotting which might otherwise present problems. 🎴 Tit for Tat Sometimes the code of life is the price for what you seek. 🌸 Trees and Plants Everything you need, rolled up in one package: from concealing foliage to a convenient flat surface! 🎴 Tribal Living Tribal roleplays often include the struggle of daily life in a world without the conveniences of civilization, monsters, killing, hunting, fishing, crafting, creating, exploring, food collection, bartering, social interactions, avoiding enemies, being in touch with the wild, wildcrafting, bush elements, domestication of animals, and similar. 📑 Unique-ish Art I prefer partners with art that shows them as individuals, rather than the same recirculated pieces of unrelated furry ****. Professional commissions are not necessary, just a hint of uniqueness and consistency. 🐾 Unusual Anatomy From bioluminescence to exotic cock shapes, the natural world is full of wonders. Kijira can also alter her form to provide additional stimulation! 💦 Virginity You'll know what to do. 🐾 Wild Shape / Polymorph How many forms do you know and how advanced is your training? Kijira can become nearly any beast imaginable and may enjoy wildshaping a little too much... 🐾 Wrong Hole / Neglect So long as Kijira gets something from this!