Mare gradually awakens but sees nothing. A heavy blindfold veils Mare's sight. As Mare's slowly adjusts, the weight on her arms becomes apparent, suspended overhead, restrained. Kylia walks around Mare in a slow, pacing circle, "Attacking someone without sanctuary is quite a bit more serious than when someone has it, you know." she murmurs, devoid of warmth, "Clearly you aren't in control. You might've killed me tonight if Jett hadn't been there." Mare remains quiet. Save for a gentle, sincere apology. Muttered out. Kylia's voice maintains a cold, detached tone, each word delivered with icy precision, "The problem now comes with how I resolve this." The coldness melts into an audible sigh, a telltale sign of frustration seeping into her previously composed delivery as she comes to a stop before Mare, "I could stop working out of town. Would mean that I'd have no more sanctuary problems, but I'd have to give up most of the luxuries in my life." She supposes, "Clearly asking nicely doesn't yield results. What would you do if you were me?" Mare continues to be quiet. Blood running down her body. Caking it. Eventually, a question spills out, "Why..?" Kylia reaches up, her fingertips brushing against Mare's cheek, "It wasn't working, Mare." She murmurs, "I couldn't have a serious conversation with you. Every question I asked just got brushed off. I spent an entire evening listening to you explain hellsing lore because you wouldn't open up to me." Her brows tick upward, "Do you know how frustrating that is? For someone to demand that you be the only thing that matters in their life, while they simultaneously refuse to allow you to be a part of it?" Mare seems to soften. Soon enough.. "..Would you give me another chance..? I understand.. if not.. I just.." That weak voice grows lower, "..I wish you communicated that... before this.. I'm sorry for losing control.." Tears dampen that blindfold. "I'm sorry..." "Communicate it?" Kylia tells Mare, "Like the numerous times I'd asked you to let me spend time with Lucien? Or my rants about you brushing off my questions?" A hand rubs between Mare's shoulder blades, "You would've just done as you'd done tonight and wolf'd out. I stayed up and let you ass-fuck me just so I could slip away and break it off quietly." Her head cants aside, "Would've been a nice, tidy resolution to all of this, but you wouldn't let that happen." Mare is still. Soon enough, "..I wanted to ask about you, Kylia." She says, not lying. Tone sincere and genuine. "I was just scared. You'd not want to tell me..." "Now's your chance." Kylia says to Mare, sort of moving to flop onto the bed, "You're staying tied up until I at least get my sanctuary back and sort out a new job within Haven." Mare wiggles a tiny bit, before huffing, "Am I just going to hang up here naked like some trophy..?" "Your own fault for shifting to attack me." Kylia says, voice maintaining a dispassionate cadence, her gaze fixated upon the screen of her phone, "If I'd had sanctuary when you'd attacked me this wouldn't be nearly as big of a deal as it is." A hand scrubs into the side of her face, "You understand, yes?" Mare seems to be getting actively aroused from that, huffing out, "...Is it bad to say I want you to break me until I'm like.. some subservient girlfriend.. or something..?" There's shame in her tone. Kylia's voice undergoes a subtle transformation, taking on a nuanced tone edged with amusement, "I don't think anyone could break you, Mare. You're too strong willed. Too stubborn." She glances toward the doorway, "To attack a Hand asset infront of a peacekeeper is.." She clucks her tounge, "..Well, it's really not becoming of a handmaiden in training." Mare offers a little mewl, desperate, "P-Please.. I know you can.. m-mistress.." She says, pleadingly. Length stiffening fully. Just from the degrading begging alone. "I'm not going to reward what you did tonight." Kylia murmurs toward Mare, staring up at the ceiling with this blank expression, "I don't know how I can properly communicate the frustration I'm feeling. I don't really do shouting or threats." One leg folds over the other, "Worse, because you did what you did infront a peacekeeper, now the entire society is aware. People love to be heroes that come to the defence of hapless maidens." Mare wiggles. Shakes. Swings a little bit. Whimpering out in fear. emote just exhales this long-suffering sigh, saying nothing. Mare continues to whimper, soon offering, "P-Please.. I'm sorry.." She's crying. "I'll be your good girl.. p-please hit me, mistress..! P-Please punish me..." A defeaning silence continues to hang over the room as Kylia thumbs at her phone's keypad. Mare goes back to that whimpering. That whining. Shaking. Swinging aroud. "This is exactly what drove me away from you to begin with." Murmurs Kylia to Mare, voice etched in frustration, "I just can't have a serious.. anything, with you." Mare offers a breath. Soon responding, "...Yet I do not know what you want me to say. Want from me. Please.. vent everything.." She requests, tone still submissive. But less vacant. "I've already told you." Murmurs Kylia to Mare, slouching forward and resting her elbows atop her knees, "Numerous times." Her brows creep upward, "All I want is for you to forget about me and move on with your life." Mare shakes her head, "I can't.. because.. you're the woman I love. I didn't want to lash out.. I couldn't control it.. I want to make you happy. But.. I don't understand. You were so different when we met.. and I don't understand.. what one was the real you. What one I should appeal to.." Her voice is low. Downtrodden. "...I do love you Kylia.. I apologize for that too.." "I don't want you out of my life." Kylia preemptively explains toward Mare, "I just don't want this sort of relationship." She gestures vaguely around, "You can't control it. It's a problem, but I'm choosing not to allow it to be my problem." Her brows creep upward, "I get the impression that cutting you loose today won't yield results. That perhaps my only recourse is to brainwash you. Is that what I have to resort to for this to be resolved in my favor?" Mare takes a while to respond. Soon though.. "Tell me what sort of relationship you'd want. Don't say.. none.. please.." She's trying. It's obvious. Trying to understand. And go from there. "..Please don't brainwash me.. unless it's to be your.. servant.. I don't.." She sighs. Not finishing. "Friends." Kylia preemptively explains toward Mare, "As in we chat every now and then instead of having ten hour marathon sessions of rawdogging." A roll of her eyes, "You can drop that tone. None of this would've ever escalated to this point if you'd just waited for me to get my sanctuary back so I'd felt comfortable approaching you." Mare lets her head droop, "...I want to try again. Please.. give me a few days. To prove I can be a better girlfriend.." She pleads, once more. Clearly earnest in intentions. Kylia exhales a defeated sigh and flops back onto her bed, "I never actually loved you, Mare." Comes her quiet admission, "I was grooming you to become something great but you were too proud and too impatient. You became more trouble than you were worth." Her brows tick upward, "I know that's not the answer you'd wanted, but I hope it explains the shift in attitude. Maybe you'll find some closure in knowing I was a cunt the entire time." Mare falls silent. Her attitude shatters entirely. "I.." She starts. Slowly. "...k-knew... it.." She finishes. Body falling limp. That.. pride. That stubbornness. Within a single stride everything was gone. Broken from such a simple admission. If one was good with cues.. they might find an opening to do some real damage. While that shield is down. "So you understand?" Kylia wonders to Mare, voice devoid of unnecessary emotion but not unkind, "That there's nothing between us to be savlaged because there was never anything there to begin with." She leans in a little closer, "This isn't the end. It's not over. It doesn't have to be." Her head cants aside, "The Order is filled with submissive women who aren't hollow shells of people. They have regular orgies. It's why I was trying to nudge you toward them." Mare takes a long while to speak. When she does.. she's devoid of any emotion. "P-Please groom me.. mistress.." It's a simple request. "I don't want to think for myself, anymore.." "You have a very strange idea of what friendship is." Kylia murmurs toward Mare, a weariness evident in her voice as she cocoons herself in a blanket, "I feel like we've hit a brick wall and I can't say anything more. Just hang there quietly until I stop glowing red, please." Mare wiggles from side to side. Desperate for something. The touch of another, maybe? She doesn't speak. Just whine. And it gets louder over time. Tap tap tap. It sounds like Kylia is on her phone. Mare continues to whine louder. Like a pathetic dog. Kylia countinues to tap away at her phone, "Going to put my earphones in if you don't knock that off." Mare is now howling in a needy manner. "I hope this isn't how I come across to people." Says Kylia, in a moment of sudden self-consciousness. Mare swings around faster. Sort of looking like an autistic child on adderall. Can the roof even handle this? "You're in chains yet I'm the one being tortured." Laments Kylia, as she flops back onto the bed. Mare offers a light giggle, before huffing, "I dunno.. I.. I think I'm done. Thinking for myself.. I.. I want to be a pet.. now.. it's all I'm good for.." She admits. "Not to me you don't. I'm a bottom." Kylia murmurs, "If I were your owner I'd be the negligent type that leaves you tied up in the dog house all day." Mare huffs, "I want you to do what you intended to, is my point.." Mare says, in a velvety smooth British accent, "...I'm done being my own person.. I just wish to be wrapped around your finger. "Unless it's spend a day doing literally anything else but fucking me?" Kylia wonders to Mare, just seeming exhausted, as she starts to wash some blood stains from her clothes. Mare huffs out, "Shut up.. I don't know what to do a lot of the time.." You say, in a mellifluous purr, "You'd have things to do if you stopped snubbing every opportunity thrown your way." Mare says, in a velvety smooth British accent, "I haven't snubbed any.." Mare sighs. Mare says, in a velvety smooth British accent, "You know I can break out at any point, right?" "How's joining the Order going?" Wonders Kylia of Mare in a conversational sort of tone. You say, in a mellifluous purr, "Sure you can." Mare says, in a velvety smooth British accent, "I'd just have to wolf out.." You say, in a mellifluous purr, "Yeah, go on then." Mare huffs out, "Maybe you should suck my dick first.." Kylia wearily rubs a clenched fist into an eye, "I'm convinced that I actually died out in that forest and this is my own personal hell. Fuck me." Mare offers a grin, "You love me." Mare sighs out, "I told you your other option if you don't want to deal with this.. grooming me into what you want me to be.. but.." "I could just fucking kill you." Kylia eventually deadpans to Mare, the patience in her tone starting to fade. Mare offers a whimper, quiet now. Kylia sighs. As the breath leaves her, she utters a calming phrase, the words delivered with a measured gentleness, "I didn't mean that. I don't want to do that." A hand kneads against her forehead, "This whole thing is stupid and blown out of proportion." Mare continues to be silent. Entirely silent. "How much money do you have on you?" Kylia wonders to Mare, as her eyes remain glued on her phone's screen. She gives the keypad a few taps. Mare offers an almost.. robotic answer, "None, mistress.." "That's unfortunate." Kylia murmurs toward Mare, "My paycheck comes in tomorrow. Which means I could potentially lose my sanctuary between then and now." A shoulder rolls in a shrug, "You're going to have to spend at least a day like that. Not what I'd have liked, but I really don't trust you not to come back for me in the interim." Mare offers a little whine, before quietly murmuring, "M-Mistress..?" You say, in a mellifluous purr, "No one here called Mistress." Mare continues on anyways, "Could you please.. t-touch me..? Anywhere.. I promise I'll be quiet.. I won't even move..!" She pleads, clearly touch starved. Desperate to feel something.. given her lack of sight. You say, in a mellifluous purr, "Next time you ask me I'm going to stab you. I'm not joking." Mare whines again, beginning to cry. Kylia seems to be pretty unphased by Mare's crying. More tapping on her phone. Mare offers a tiny little "Please" before continuing to sob. Some footsteps can be heard as Kylia moves to stand before Mare. Mare might feel a blade's cold metal tip brush against her skin. Then a sudden sharp pain that jolts through Mare's knee. The blade embeds itself into Mare's flesh and between bone with a cruel precision. Mare moans out, squealing. Body trembling. Various words of gratitude spill into the air.. as that already stiff length drools pre. She.. enjoyed that. Worshipping and praising Kylia like some sort of goddess for her cruelty. Gasps and breaths and moans spilling out into the air. You punch Mare solidly in the jaw, knocking her out cold. Mare stirs awake, slowly. Mare says, in a velvety smooth British accent, "N-Now.. will you.. touch me..?" Perhaps trying to pavlov's dog Mare into submission, Kylia nods once then throws a fist toward Mare's chin, "Yes, but only like this." You punch Mare solidly in the jaw, knocking her out cold. You wake Mare. are lets her knees touch. Barking out a "T-Thank you..!" Before her body slacks. Stress racking at her. Her body is giving up. Too much pain. "I-I love you Mistress..!" She the says, trying to be chipper. Failing. But her submission is obvious. "If you're going to sleep, then sleep." Kylia murmurs toward Mare, sounding a tad irritated, "I'm just going to knock you out each time you act like you're too kinky for torture." Mare tilts her head, sleep digging its claws in, but her consciousness remains, for now, "W-Will you reward me if I'm a good girl..?" You say, in a mellifluous purr, "If by good girl you mean respecting my decision to break this off, then yes." Mare says, in a velvety smooth British accent, "But.. how would you reward me..." You say, in a mellifluous purr, "By letting you go a day from now without murder or brainwashing." Mare says, in a velvety smooth British accent, "Would I still get to hug and.. k-kiss you?" You say, in a mellifluous purr, "No. " Mare says, in a velvety smooth British accent, "T-Then I can't.. I need an outlet.." You say, in a mellifluous purr, "Alright. If you're not going to sleep then I'm knocking you back out. Decide now, please." Mare offers a loud whine, but she does slack further. Seemingly.. beginning to rest. It's actually sort of off-putting, just how much her body sloughs down. It can't be healthy, that's for sure. Mare goes to sleep.