By delivering realistic assessments of industry value at both local and global levels, the Global Market Model empowers you to strategize and implement your plans with a heightened sense of assurance. With its comprehensive dataset, the GMM facilitates rapid estimation of industry valuation by considering market dynamics, production factors, imports, and exports across multiple projected periods, encompassing historical, current, and future perspectives. Our market analysis tool facilitates comparisons across diverse geographical regions within a specific industry or between multiple industries within a given geography, delving up to six layers deep within individual markets. Addressing the most intricate data challenges of today, the GMM platform streamlines the examination of growth rates, competitor market shares, and other pivotal areas of interest. This wealth of information is thoughtfully presented through both graphical and tabular formats, promoting effortless yet insightful analysis. Book Your Free 30 Mins Consulting Session With Our Industry Experts – The Global Market Model is the most comprehensive database of integrated market data available to corporations, consultancies, and other organizations in the globe. The online portal offers access to 7000+ global markets and metrics across 27 industries and 58 geographies, including historic and forecast data with continuous data updates, analytics tools, a comprehensive taxonomy, and more. Through the GMM platform, you gain access to market intelligence information and sourcing in one place. Stay on top with the latest insights on trends and strategies constantly updated in our database. You can request customized datasets across markets, geographies, and industries and receive them within 72 hours. During your subscription, our 24-hour customer and analyst support is easily available to make your experience on the platform seamless. Boundless information, all at the click of a button. Learn More About How The Global Market Model Can Benefit Your Business: Contact us: Global Market Model - Europe: +44 207 1930 708 Asia: +91 8897263534 Americas: +1 315 623 0293 Email: Follow us on: LinkedIn: Global Market Model: