Miorine: Ah, you're getting it on the floor. Here, use this handkerchief. Suletta: Sorry. I'll be more careful. Miorine-San your tomatoes are delicious. Miorine: Obviously. My Mom made them after all. But I feel like I've reached the limit of the quality of crops I can grow in this greenhouse. Suletta: But they taste so good. Wouldn't it be hard to make them taste better than this? Miorine: If there's something I can do to improve them then I want to try. For example, I haven't tried using compost yet. Suletta: Compost? Miorine: Compost is what you call plants or livestock manure that have been turned into fertilizer. Suletta: Livestock manure? Miorine: Like animal feces or urine. Suletta: I see! [Some bullshit about how animal based fertilizer has more nutrients than plant based fertilizer.] Miorine: Earth house has animals right? I was thinking I'd ask them. Suletta:That sounds like a good idea. Miorine: Go ask them. Suletta: Eh? -- Suletta: So that's why.... Chuchu: Huh!? And why didn't the Princess come here herself? Suletta: That's...I-I wonder why. Chuchu: This is why Spacians are..! Suletta: Eek! Nika: Chuchu, getting mad at Suletta won't help. Chuchu: I know that but she's looking down on us! Lillique: I wonder about that..Miorine-Senpai doesn't seem like the type of person who'd do that. Nika: I don't know Miorine-San that well but she seems like the type of person who has a hard time asking others for help. Suletta: I-I think so too! Aliya: Miorine's request is pretty interesting. Did you know? Normally, there's no livestock on the Front. Suletta: I-Is that so? Aliya: My family and I had no idea what kind of school Asticassia was. That's why when I entered school, my family gave me all the livestock we had, Giko and the others. Suletta: Ah..Th-that's important. Aliya: Hm? Suletta: Your family, and the things they give you are precious. Aliya: Ah, thanks. Martin: But Earth House doesn't have much money. And the animals are expensive to keep. Aliya: Is that so? I feel bad for all the trouble Giko and the others always cause everyone. Martin: O-Oh, no. I didn't mean it like that. Suletta: What do the animals have to do with that? [Some bullshit about how the Front is an equilibrium environment and the animals' waste costs money to process.] Suletta: Oh, I see. Chuchu: Well, whatever. I told you not to worry about the money. What's important to my friends is important to me. Martin: I do want her to worry about it though. Nika: Chuchu's right. Basides, we've found use for the animal waste. Suletta: Ah! Does that mean... Aliyah: You're a godsend. Getting rid of even a little bit of it would be a big help. [Some bullshit about how the Front has a lot of regulations but the school would clear them for Miorine's greenhouse.] Suletta: Then you'll help us out right? Aliya: Of course- Chuchu: Hold up! I just can't stand the fact that the Princess didn't come here herself. She's the one who wants the compost, she can't just leave all the work to Suletta! And she should help take care of the animals too, right!? Aliyah: I don't think all that is necessary... Martin: I think we should just let her have it.. Chuchu: You're naive! Even if the others are okay with it I'm not. Suletta! Tell this to the Princess. Suletta: O-Okay! -- Miorine: Huh? What's that? Why do I have to do all that? Suletta: It wasn't me, it was Chuchu Senpai.. Miorine: What a pain.. Suletta: Um.. Miorine: What!? Suletta: Giko and the others are really important to Aliyah-San. B-But they said they don't have enough money. And it would help them out a little. Miorine: Hm.. Suletta: Is it a no after all? Miorine: I never said that. Suletta: Th-then-! -- Aliya: Miorine-San is here. Nika: That means she's serious about this. Miorine: What? This would help you guys out too wouldn't it? Aliyah: Chuchu said you'd have to help take care of the animals if you wanted the compost. Miorine: I can't do it everyday. I have things to do. But Suletta and I will help out whenever we need the compost. Suletta: M-Me too!? Miorine: What? Got a problem with it? Suletta: N-n-no! Miorine: Looking after the animals is going to make us sweat and stink a lot so let us use your shower too. Suletta: We do have to commute by monorail… Aliyah: Got it, no problem. Lillique: Thank goodness. That settles it then. Chuchu: Wait just a minute! Miorine: We agreed to the conditions you set, didn't we? Chuchu: Why didn't you come here in person in the first place, Princess? Miorine: What's the point of talking about that now? It's something you guys were going to throw away anyways, right? Stop making a fuss already. Chuchu: Huh!? "Making a fuss"? What's with that attitude? Miorine: That's what I should be saying! You keep trying to start a fight, are you some kind of insurance fraudster!? Chuchu: What did you say!? There's no way I'm letting that slide. Spacians really can't help taking advantage of Earthians. Miorine: This agreement benefits you too doesn't it!? Chuchu: It's a duel! Miorine: What? Chuchu: You solve problems at this school by dueling, that's the rule right? So I'll duel the Princess! Miorine: Why do I have to do something like that! Chuchu: You need to do it to get my permission. If you run away, you're not getting the compost, Princess! Miorine: Huh!? Martin: Let's just give it to them.. Nika: Come on you two, calm down. Lillique: Duel, you're going to fight using MS? Chuchu: Nope. Fighting the Princess using MS would be childish. So let's settle this with our fists! Aliyah: A goat milking competition, how about it? Chucuh/Miorine: What? Lillique: That's a great idea! Nika: Yup, I think we should do that too. I'd rather not have anyone fight. Chuchu: Nika-Nee! Martin: Eh? Aren't you guys enjoying this too much? Oh well let's do it. Miorine: I'm fine with it. But I'm going to research goat milking so give me 5 minutes. Aliyah: Chuchu, this isn't your first time milking goats right? Chuchu: Of course not! There's no way I'd lose. Miorine: We'll take the compost if I win. And I won't hear any more complains. Chuchu: If I win, forget about the compost. Lillique: This is turning out pretty fun. [Bit about how Ojelo and the others are busy with day long classes and can't be there.] Aliyah: Alright, get ready. Okay, disinfection completed. Miorine: By the way, what are the conditions for victory? Whoever squeezes the most milk wins? Aliyah: Whoever gets the most milk in one minute wins. But please handle Giko with care. Miorine: Got it. Martin: Well then. With mutual consent by both parties, we will now begin the duel. The observer will be Martin Upmont from Earth House. The duel will be 1 VS 1. Victory will go to the participant with the greatest amount of milk. However, should the amount of milk be equal, the victor will be decided by Aliya Mahvash. Lillique: Martin Senpai's really doing his best isn't he. Nika: I think he's just having fun with it. Martin: Both parties, face off. Miorine: Victory is never decided by the condition of the goat alone. Chuchu: Nor by the act of milking, alone. Miorine/Chuchu: The result itself is the only truth! Martin: Fix release! Miorine: Hold the base of the nipple, make sure the milk doesn't flow backwards...wow, it's working. Chuchu: Use the middle finger to hold it down, use the remaining fingers and pull downwards. Lillique: This is a pretty laid back duel. Suletta: But look! Their knuckles are turning white! Miorine: This is pretty hard. Chuchu: You’re good at this, huh… Nika: Good luck Chuchu, Miorine san! Chuchu: Nika Nee! Suletta: Oh, Miorine san's in trouble. Aliyah: Giko looks happy. Nika: What should we do with the milk? Should we make butter or maybe cheese? Aliyah: Let's make cheese, everyone can eat it together. Martin: The experienced Chuchu takes the lead! Lillique: Martin-Senpai's pretty into it. Martin: But there's still a chance for things to turn around. For the sake of Earth House's finances too, Miorine-San is working hard! Chuchu: Ah~ I guess this sort of thing is impossible for a Spacian after all. Miorine: Be quiet will you. I can't concentrate with all that noise. Chuchu: What!? What do you mean noise!? Hey! Burai! Martin: Woah! What is Earth House's cow "Burai" trying to do!? Aliyah:She's pushing Chuchu back. Nika: Yeah, she looks happy. Chuchu: Don't look happy! Are you trying to betray Earth House, Burai? Miorine: Alright, I've got the hang of it. Suletta: Amazing, Miorine-San keeps getting better and better. Martin: This is important! Careful how you hold your fingers! Lillique: Burai's in a good mood too. Martin: The time limit's almost over! As expected, the victor is...! Aliyah: Time's up. Martin: Suletta, who's got more milk? Suletta: Hm? It's exactly the same! Everyone: What!? Nika: Then Aliyah gets to decide the winner of this duel. Chuchu: Aliyah! Who won? Miorine: Well!? Aliyah: Let's see. Chuchu was careful to not use too much strength and injure the udder. You did a good job holding back your usual boorishness. Chuchu: "Usual boorishness"..was saying that really necessary? Lillique: Come on now, she's complimenting you. Aliyah: And Miorine tried her best even though she's never done something like this before. What do you think? Miorine: What do you mean..? Aliyah: Animals are wonderful right? Miorine: That's...well.. Aliyah: This match..is a draw. Everyone: What!? Aliyah: Therefore, as a show of mutual respect, please end it with a hug. Chuchu: Huh? Who'd hug this spacian turd!? Miorine: I won't do it either. Suletta: Miorine san..you've got to listen to the judge. Miorine: Suletta! Whose side are you on!? Suletta: Eek! Nika: You two, you can't go against Aliyah's decision. Martine: A hug..but what about the compost? Lillique: Come on now, let's make peace with a hug. Chuchu: No way! Nika: Chuchu.. Suletta: Do it for the sake of delicious tomatoes, Miorine-San! Nika: Alright. A hug has to last three seconds. Chuchu: Don't push me Nika-Nee. Martin: Hey, what about the compost!? Suletta: Come on, Miorine-San! Miorine: Suletta! >1....2...3 Chuchu: Get off! To think I'd have to hug that selfish woman. Miorine: Selfish woman? Well, it's much better than "Princess". Nika: So, what do we do now that it's a draw? Martin: It's a draw, but you can have the compost. Chuchu: Huh!? It's a draw so we don't need to give it to them right? Martin: Enough already, let's just give it to them. Lillique: Should be have another duel? Aliyah: I'd feel sorry for Giko. Lillique: Then how about assembling a mobile craft? Martin: We're never going get results with that no matter how long we take. Suletta: Miorine-San what should we do!? Miorine-San! Miorine: Sigh..I guess there's no other way. Miorine: May I please have your compost? Chuchu: What's with you all of a sudden. Bowing your head like that.. Nika: Chuchu. It's fine right? Chuchu: I get it already, guess we've got not choice. Aliyah: Miorine. Thank you. Miorine: It's for my tomatoes. -- Miorine: Alright, this will do. Suletta: It doesn't stink at all. >[Some Bullshit about using nanobots to replace microbes in their carefully managed space environment, Suletta asking if the containers in the greenhouse aren't too small for the plants and Miorine saying she doesn't want to bother getting permission from the school. Telling Suletta to be careful not to get caught. Suletta says she wants to hurry up and be able to eat the tomatoes.] Miorine: Suletta, about today... Suletta: Yes? Miorine: You did a good job today. I learned something new. Suletta: J-j-just now..! Miorine: Eh? Suletta: What you said just now. Can you say it again please? That I did a good job. Miorine: What are you talking about. Sure you're not hearing things? Suletta: Eh!? But you definitely said that just now. Miorine: I didn't. You're hallucinating. Suletta: Eh..what's wrong with saying it. Just one more time please? Miorine: You're so persistent. I didn't say it. Suletta: But..! You're so stingy, Miorine-San. Miorine: What do you mean stingy? Suletta: I didn't call you stingy. Miorine: You definitely did! Suletta: I didn't! Miorine: You did! Suletta: I didn't!