Enjoy the Blank and Empty aspect of the Bambi sleep conditioning with this playlist in a file, still in a easily listenable session. Mindless Bambi Remix. These are the files contained: Blank Mindless Doll Bimbo Mindwipe Bimbo Slumber Bimbo Giggletime Bimbo Tranquility Bambi IQ Lock Cock Dumb Hole Vain Horny Happy Makeover Awakener The file also contains a tight Binaural strongly focused in deep trance. A metronome to direct, distract and drop OverAnalytic minds, recommend to follow along with a body part moving to the beat. And Bimbo Relaxation as a secondary track to help the listener to remain in an open and relaxed state of Mind. This playlist should help reinforcing Bambi's triggers related to mental effects, (BS, GG, VHH, DCH, IL).- The file ends with an awakener, so it let's the listener come up as a Blank sexy doll ready to obey and be triggered. For longer listenings or for deep training, I also offer a small variation "Mindless Bambi Opening", lacking the awakener, the file can be a (admitedly very long, but) very strong deepener, Bambi is sure to accept any conditioing that's listened immediately after the file. Perfect for deep conditioning and training. Mindless Bambi Remix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bzjxUER2ny-pae6FRZ8AXau-xsMvRpV-/view?usp=share_link Mindless Bambi Opening: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zc-N8BMr6-_NdFe6Yzabl-LzXYgt37EN/view?usp=share_link