"Escape Pod This Way" (pointing to a closet) "Caution: Invisible Wall Ahead" "Free Hugs" (with a clown drawing) "Lost and Found: Nothing" "DANGER: Non-Slippery Banana Peel Ahead" "Secret Meeting Room: Follow the Arrows" (leading to a broom closet) "Toilets of the Future Downstairs" (pointing to a maintenance tunnel) "Shortcut to Space!" (pointing to an airlock) "This Way to the Non-Existent Buffet" "Confidential: Crew Quarters Access - Do Not Enter" (leading to the bar) "Coffee Machine Upgrade: Now Dispenses Confetti" (near a regular coffee machine) "Super Speed Boost Ahead" (pointing to a regular hallway) "Laser Tag Arena - Wear Safety Gear" (near a maintenance area) "Secret Disco Party - RSVP Required" (leading to an empty room) "Zombie Outbreak Zone" (pointing to the medbay) "Beware of the Invisible Pigeons" (outside a window) "Please Pet the Invisible Cat" (near a vending machine) "Mind the Shark Tank" (pointing to a normal room) "Teleporter to Clown Planet" (near the teleporter) "Gravity Inverter Room - Walk Upside Down for Fun!" (pointing to a random hallway) -------------- "Caution: Highly Important %RANK at Work – Or So They Say!" "Enter If You Dare: %PERSON's Top-Secret %RANK Operations" "Office of %PERSON: Where Space Station Magic Happens... We Think" "Beware: Genius at Work (We Think) – %RANK: %PERSON" "This Way to %RANK %PERSON's Mysterious Space Adventures!" "Knock Twice for %RANK Expertise, Thrice for Cluelessness" "Welcome to %PERSON's Office: The Space Oddity Zone" "You're Entering %PERSON's Realm of %RANK Wizardry... Maybe" "Office of %PERSON: Where Cosmic Mysteries and Coffee Coexist" "Attention: Enter Only if You're Ready for %RANK Shenanigans!" ------------- Captain: "Captain %PERSON: Where the Space Magic Happens... or Not" "Office of Captain %PERSON: Keeping the Space Chaos in Check" "Welcome Aboard Captain %PERSON's Command Center" Chief Engineer: "Chief Engineer %PERSON: Master of Mechanical Mayhem" "Enter at Your Own Risk: Chief Engineer %PERSON's Workshop" "Office of Chief Engineer %PERSON: Where Wrenches Rule" Chief Medical Officer: "Chief Medical Officer %PERSON: Healing, One Space Bruise at a Time" "The Health Hub: Office of CMO %PERSON" "Enter for a Checkup, Leave with a Smile – CMO %PERSON" Research Director: "Research Director %PERSON: In Pursuit of Cosmic Curiosities" "Office of Research Director %PERSON: Where Science Gets Weird" "The Lab of Wonders: RD %PERSON's Research Realm" Quartermaster: "Quartermaster %PERSON: Supplying Space, One Crate at a Time" "Office of Quartermaster %PERSON: Where Space Station Stuff Lives" "Welcome to QM %PERSON's Treasure Trove" Head of Security: "Head of Security %PERSON: Protecting Space from Clowns and More" "Office of HoS %PERSON: Keeping Space Station Shiny and Safe" "Enter with Caution: HoS %PERSON's Territory" Head of Personnel: "Head of Personnel %PERSON: Making Sure We're All Here... We Think" "Office of Hop %PERSON: Where Space Station Bureaucracy Thrives" "Your ID Card Central: HOP %PERSON's Office"