nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:32:44Jump to message welp boys nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:32:47Jump to message wait till u hear this nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:33:00Jump to message remember our favorite man @1016612936774586378 nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:33:07Jump to message that guy is fooky nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:33:18Jump to message our favorite dungeoner nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:33:32Jump to message kid is dreadlord leadership nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:33:46Jump to message dreadlords ally to who nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:33:47Jump to message hmm nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:33:49Jump to message i wonder nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:34:39Jump to message kid also has cdxx our other favorite cheater nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:34:43Jump to message playing on an alt account nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:35:15Jump to message tried to let the alliance know and i was silenced nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:35:25Jump to message so now the world knows our boy fooky playing in levia alliance nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:36:40Jump to message kid named ramboo nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:37:09Jump to message yall wonder how the houses are place too right nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:37:12Jump to message its pretty simple nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:37:17Jump to message kid tps very far nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:37:24Jump to message the house and SH despawn nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:37:28Jump to message so u can place them wherever nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:37:33Jump to message its like there isnt a house palced there nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:37:36Jump to message OUPS nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:37:46Jump to message @1016612936774586378 snitch again faggot nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:37:48Jump to message see what happens nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:38:02Jump to message kid cant play a single game without cheating nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:38:19Jump to message sneeze didnt know nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:38:26Jump to message not sneeze fault fooky is retarded nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:38:37Jump to message fooky just a retard nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:38:41Jump to message lying to everyone nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:38:47Jump to message sneeze did notin wrong nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:38:54Jump to message kid said it was an exploit nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:39:04Jump to message when he went under the map and placed houses nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:39:15Jump to message he can drag houses away from areas too nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:39:29Jump to message @_pumbaa_ sneeze didnt know kid nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:39:35Jump to message not his fault fooky a retard nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:40:00Jump to message fooky moving shit all the time too nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:40:11Jump to message he basically a bus driver nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:40:19Jump to message moving expensive shit in a split second nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:40:28Jump to message by the click of a button nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:41:03Jump to message u can also mine nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:41:10Jump to message granum/tephra from any area nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:41:26Jump to message kids in jungle can farm tephra nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:41:44Jump to message whats funny is kid pays 350$ a month nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:41:47Jump to message just for the cheats nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:41:54Jump to message ^ nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:41:56Jump to message for real nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:42:04Jump to message MO2 is just a failed game nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:42:07Jump to message sucks to suck nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:42:21Jump to message kid also farms trolls all day and night nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:42:24Jump to message stacks up houses nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:42:41Jump to message full houses of troll carcasses nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:43:04Jump to message he never joined levia comms nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:43:16Jump to message check dread discord nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:43:19Jump to message kid named ramboo nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:43:20Jump to message KEK nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:43:54Jump to message also nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:44:02Jump to message a lot of people know that mr fooky is cheating nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:44:06Jump to message i wont call them out here nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:44:24Jump to message its a whole operation nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:44:27Jump to message i knew for a while nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:44:55Jump to message cheat=win nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:45:22Jump to message they prob kicked em or removed em after my sperg nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:45:35Jump to message ever wonder why mr fooky wanted to 5v5 levia nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:45:46Jump to message kid was about to bring 3-4 cheaters in the guild Jump to reply _pumbaa_ idk ur boy nabu just dropped some hard accusations here nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:47:40Jump to message not accusations nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:47:45Jump to message literally the truth nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:47:56Jump to message i was ina guild with fooky since pyre nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:47:58Jump to message 6-7 months nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:48:09Jump to message even more nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:48:11Jump to message maybe 8-9 nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:48:17Jump to message not a month of him not cheating nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:48:22Jump to message people around him benefiting nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:48:43Jump to message kid just makes a new discord nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:48:54Jump to message HAHA nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:48:59Jump to message tarmo not in the curve nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:50:43Jump to message fooky also nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:50:48Jump to message brings tames from the jungle nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:50:53Jump to message and tps with them to GK nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:51:12Jump to message hands them out like charity nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:51:16Jump to message everyone benefits nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:51:27Jump to message everyone knows fooky is a cheater nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:51:33Jump to message yet they have him in their guilds nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:51:38Jump to message and act as if they dont know nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:51:49Jump to message bitch niggaz nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:52:16Jump to message imagine your in the dungeon nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:52:22Jump to message and 50 people role up nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:52:32Jump to message you got scouted by esp man fooky nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:53:01Jump to message he can see names and guild tag nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:53:18Jump to message he can also tell when other retards are cheating nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:53:35Jump to message im just dumping wtv i know that retard is doing nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:54:33Jump to message half of levia had no clue or where too clueless to know nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:54:49Jump to message cant blame em too if a kid seems to put in the work nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:54:54Jump to message u wont question how he does it nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:55:03Jump to message fooky is in the same guild as killox nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:56:05Jump to message OF COURSE KILLOX DOES nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:56:45Jump to message its stacked asf nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:56:53Jump to message home depot is stacked nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:56:57Jump to message house near bali SH nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:57:11Jump to message nigga i dont have picks nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:57:16Jump to message i know he does it nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:57:22Jump to message believe me or not nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:57:23Jump to message idc nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:57:37Jump to message ive known this kid for a year nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:58:52Jump to message (image attachment not found) nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:59:03Jump to message everytime kid gets banned nabu.__2023-07-20, 08:59:06Jump to message he gets a new account Jump to reply _pumbaa_ I wonder how much he got paid to place that stronghold and trade it off to sneeze nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:00:14Jump to message he didnt get payed nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:00:20Jump to message that time they didnt know Jump to reply aearon Nabu why the snap and call out nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:00:30Jump to message cause fooky is a rat faggot nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:00:34Jump to message takes the game to srly nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:00:43Jump to message spergs for no reason on random retard Jump to reply aearon What are some of his IGNs nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:01:11Jump to message idk bruh kid makes a new character every day nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:01:15Jump to message gets banned every tuesday nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:01:26Jump to message mitsubishi nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:01:34Jump to message anki nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:01:47Jump to message he had a little shit mage nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:01:51Jump to message that was fooky nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:02:02Jump to message magic johnson is fooky nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:02:09Jump to message that wasnt fooky nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:02:43Jump to message karni cant act innocent tho nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:02:55Jump to message some of u niggaz got some weird shit going on nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:02:59Jump to message fooky level weird nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:03:15Jump to message when we did ultemeki nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:03:22Jump to message kid took the carcass from underground nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:03:27Jump to message tarmo is innocent nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:03:31Jump to message he did notin nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:03:55Jump to message just ask FOOKY nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:04:23Jump to message PUSH in karni nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:04:28Jump to message he def sus nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:05:27Jump to message every retard guild in gk got cheaters nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:05:45Jump to message and they know of theme nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:06:31Jump to message ask away nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:07:07Jump to message DEADATARI nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:07:08Jump to message in karni :pepeLaugh:1 nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:07:21Jump to message thats a cheater nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:08:08Jump to message we also nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:08:11Jump to message once say PUSH nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:08:15Jump to message tp out of risar dungeon nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:08:23Jump to message when he say 5 of us walking to him, nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:08:26Jump to message he tped out nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:08:32Jump to message and fooky say him zip to his stronghold nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:08:58Jump to message @carti_ nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:09:00Jump to message is this the kid nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:09:12Jump to message kid tped out of risar nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:09:17Jump to message from commander to his SH above nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:09:21Jump to message u can tp to priests nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:09:44Jump to message woah there folks nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:09:58Jump to message nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:10:02Jump to message this is whats happeneing nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:10:05Jump to message let mr nabu talk nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:10:52Jump to message fooky had esp nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:10:56Jump to message we saw everything Jump to reply daggergay no retard nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:12:26Jump to message kid fooky is the biggest faggot cheater nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:13:47Jump to message so if u ever wonder whats going on in dread nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:13:48Jump to message welp nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:13:52Jump to message fooky is leadership nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:13:58Jump to message leading the troops with his cheats nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:14:09Jump to message insta tp buying them shit nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:14:13Jump to message giving them shit nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:14:16Jump to message full autism nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:15:02Jump to message fooky will also nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:15:06Jump to message us a voice changer 💀1 nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:15:10Jump to message in calls nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:15:16Jump to message ^ nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:15:39Jump to message :LMAO:2 nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:17:50Jump to message lmao yea Jump to reply aearon Did the leaders of Levia know Nabu nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:18:52Jump to message to be precise nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:18:57Jump to message not all nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:19:01Jump to message a single person knew nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:19:05Jump to message and he didnt really know nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:19:17Jump to message i wont do that nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:20:05Jump to message levia leadership just got outplayed by fooky 🫡1 nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:20:07Jump to message sucks to suck nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:20:13Jump to message lost the duel Jump to reply aearon Who is infiniti nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:20:35Jump to message Fooky nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:20:39Jump to message aimbot skinny mage nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:20:58Jump to message kid has an australien vpn nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:21:01Jump to message 300 ping nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:21:04Jump to message forced to play mage nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:21:05Jump to message and aimbot nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:21:22Jump to message @tampuri is a clean man nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:21:30Jump to message dont hate on my boy like that nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:21:40Jump to message ^ nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:24:44Jump to message (image attachment not found) nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:25:03Jump to message Rambo in question is cdxx nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:28:23Jump to message (image attachment not found) nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:28:47Jump to message i was fine with cheating if u havent noticed nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:28:52Jump to message afk nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:29:03Jump to message cdxx and fooky our favorite duo nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:29:08Jump to message in guilds nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:34:58Jump to message btw if yall dont get rid of fooky nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:35:02Jump to message imma snitch even more nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:35:09Jump to message you know who you are Jump to reply emppubuni nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:35:24Jump to message nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:36:35Jump to message mortal trash game Jump to reply emppubuni nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:36:54Jump to message nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:38:31Jump to message (image attachment not found) nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:41:33Jump to message nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:41:36Jump to message This was fooky nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:41:45Jump to message the ghost in the video nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:43:09Jump to message WELP ANYWAYS nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:43:23Jump to message get rid of that nigga levia nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:43:38Jump to message dreadlords wont cuz they built that way nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:43:45Jump to message afk nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:45:08Jump to message you did without knowing nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:45:16Jump to message it be like that nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:45:20Jump to message yea nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:45:32Jump to message he def scouted for you or gave u shit before nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:46:36Jump to message Mortal is just a dogshit game man nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:46:43Jump to message idk how many times people will say this Jump to reply emppubuni @tampuri nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:48:37Jump to message (image attachment not found) nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:53:50Jump to message his characters get banned nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:53:52Jump to message every day nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:54:01Jump to message he always on new alt nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:54:24Jump to message ^ nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:54:26Jump to message for real tho nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:54:41Jump to message kid works to fund his mortal addiction nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:54:45Jump to message its not healthy nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:55:57Jump to message (image attachment not found) Jump to reply demivfx @nabu.__ wait so when robmo says ~150 accounts were banned, 30 of them were this guys? nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:57:48Jump to message probably nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:57:56Jump to message or other cheaters getting spam banned nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:58:01Jump to message its funny asf nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:58:22Jump to message if u get weakspotted more than 3 times 💀1 nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:58:26Jump to message kid is cheating nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:58:28Jump to message in a row i mean nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:58:34Jump to message there is a weakspot cheat nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:58:45Jump to message LOL nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:58:55Jump to message ok hold on nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:59:47Jump to message (image attachment not found) nabu.__2023-07-20, 09:59:55Jump to message more than 3 i said nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:00:41Jump to message (image attachment not found) nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:00:53Jump to message it used to say nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:01:03Jump to message weakspot[WEAKSPOT} nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:01:12Jump to message nah nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:01:21Jump to message i just didnt want my other accounts banned nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:01:47Jump to message even if i did cheat nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:01:52Jump to message im not playing the game anymore nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:01:56Jump to message who cares kek nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:02:27Jump to message fooky rage hacked because of the bag bans nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:02:30Jump to message he cheated before too nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:02:32Jump to message in fab nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:02:38Jump to message his character named fooky nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:02:51Jump to message the game is still downloaded nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:03:01Jump to message i could rage hack nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:03:04Jump to message see me in fab boys nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:03:56Jump to message cdxx has been mining tephra in fab nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:04:00Jump to message for like2 months nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:04:07Jump to message ^ nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:04:23Jump to message no need to transport anymore nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:04:27Jump to message kid will tp anywhere nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:05:13Jump to message yea nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:05:18Jump to message u can set waypoints nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:05:21Jump to message and teleport to them nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:05:36Jump to message thats how cheaters farm trolls on repeat nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:05:42Jump to message u cant farm bosses nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:05:59Jump to message no proof just believe me nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:06:01Jump to message ive seen it nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:06:10Jump to message fooky uses it nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:06:23Jump to message u can believe me or not nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:07:33Jump to message the instant bow shot is a thing too nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:07:41Jump to message weakspot trolls easily nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:08:22Jump to message nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:08:31Jump to message parry cheats are real too nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:08:49Jump to message there also a new cheat nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:08:56Jump to message a softer parry cheat nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:09:03Jump to message it will tell you what side the swing is coming from nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:09:16Jump to message wheelchair cheat nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:10:03Jump to message ^ nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:10:08Jump to message another reason to play mage nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:10:46Jump to message imagine walking in gk and knowing where everyone is nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:10:49Jump to message so FREEEEEE nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:11:12Jump to message should i dm robmo and expose my findings nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:11:32Jump to message cheaters usaully dodge other people nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:11:48Jump to message robmo called me a shitter once nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:12:58Jump to message yea hahah nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:13:08Jump to message called me and hoda shitters nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:13:11Jump to message idk why nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:13:12Jump to message but ay nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:13:52Jump to message he is payed to do it right nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:13:55Jump to message easy money nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:15:04Jump to message game is going no where nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:15:11Jump to message until they invest in anti cheat nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:15:19Jump to message the gms have to spot the retard nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:15:25Jump to message or a ping has to be made nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:16:17Jump to message SV just isnt ready for todays gaming space nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:16:21Jump to message cheaters will cheat nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:16:27Jump to message u gotta stop em before they ruin your game nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:16:37Jump to message no one will nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:17:43Jump to message imagine people with 7-8 characters nabu.__2023-07-20, 10:17:45Jump to message its gg