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To learn more about the days and hours required of our contractors, take a look at our ivehub FAQs

Catalogue Delivery Jobs Near Me

At IVE, we offer a diversified, scaled, agile and integrated range of services, including ivehub. This program allows contractors to deliver catalogues, flyers, leaflets, and other advertising materials in almost every metropolitan, regional and country area across Australia.

A flexible and reliable way to make an extra bit of income in your local area, ivehub with IVE is a fantastic answer to anyone asking, “are there any delivery jobs near me?”.

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Why Choose Flexible Work that Works for You?

As Australia’s largest distribution network, IVE provides a range of flexible jobs for teens, adults and retirees.

Flexible working

Our IVE delivery window spans a Tuesday-Wednesday period each week. This consistency allows our Distributors to choose when they complete delivery jobs near them, structuring their routes around their other commitments.

Earn while you walk

Nothing is more important than your health, so why not achieve a little work-life balance with catalogue, flyer, and pamphlet delivery jobs near you? Complete all your steps – earning while you do!

Earn some extra cash

Times are tough, and for most families in Australia, every dollar counts. So, why not pick up some extra cash with our jobs available with IVE? From local pamphlet delivery jobs to wider-reaching delivery jobs near you, there is much to choose from to fit your lifestyle.

How it all works

image of a mobile phone for the item 1 See a list of contracts assigned to you


See a list of contracts assigned to you

Once you accept a contract, the catalogues, pamphlets, and flyers are sent to your location, where you can then fold, collate, and distribute them within your allocated area.

image of a mobile phone for the item 2 View contract details and start walking


View contract details and start walking

Sign up today and explore the ivehub App to find “Contracts” and “extra sections” tabs to find the delivery jobs near you.

image of a mobile phone for the item 3 Direct messages to your contacts


Direct messages to your contacts

Our team are available with direct messaging Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. You can use the contacts in the app to communicate any delivery information or issues you may experience and receive support.

image of a mobile phone for the item 4 Get paid for your contracts


Get paid for your contracts

After completing a delivery job near you, validate your contract and receive payment the following week.

Your frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for the job?

Every potential contractor looking to join our IVE team must be enthusiastic and reliable to maximise their potential and the benefits of completing pamphlet and flyer deliveries. In doing so, you can enjoy advantages like choosing your walking hours within a specified weekly window, boosting your physical and mental health with regular exercise, and building your connection to local communities by accepting local delivery jobs near you.

You will require a Smartphone compatible with our ivehub app to receive, review and accept any contacts, along with planning your routes to validate your pamphlet and flyer delivery walks.

What are the hours?

Our ivehub program works within delivery rounds every Tuesday and Wednesday. If you accept a contract near you, you can choose how and when to complete these pamphlet and flyer deliveries within this period.

For example, if you prefer to walk in the morning before the school run or in the evening after finishing work or school, this is entirely up to you.

What is the pay?

Our payment at ivehub is results-based, meaning you will be paid for material distribution rather than a fixed hourly rate. Each contract presented to you will specify the terms and conditions, including the dollar value you will be paid for completing these pamphlet and flyer delivery jobs.

Once your walk has been completed and verified, prompt payment will be made directly into your nominated bank account.

How do I find a pamphlet, flyer or catalogue delivery job near me?

Once you download and sign in to the ivehub app, you will have access to the central point of communication for all our IVE contractors. The application is free and easy to use, allowing you to review, accept and validate contracts wherever you are.

For more information, you can browse our specific location pages to find catalogue delivery jobs near you, including:

How to Apply

To apply, visit our website and complete the required fields under the "Apply Now" section.


You will need to provide information about your chosen delivery areas and agree to work within contracted timeframes to deliver catalogues, pamphlets, and flyers.

Register interest

Visit our ivehub page and enter your information into the required fields beneath the “Apply Now” heading.

Start distributing

You have clicked Sign Up, next step is to complete your profile and find out if there is an available section near you. Once your profile is complete you will be directed to the portal where you can assign yourself to one of our available sections. Download and install the ivehub app and wait for your first contract to arrive. That’s all it takes!

Hear what our distributors think

Woman with a bag pack and a trolly in the park

I am using this as my first job to gain experience in following tasks through and preparing me for my working life. I am saving all my money for something special.

- Aiden 14, Wilton NSW

Print and Distribution Services

For Clients
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Tell us about the idea for your next campaign and one of our team members will be in touch asap.

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For Distributors
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Are you interested in becoming a distributor? IVE offers a number of contractor opportunities.

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For Residents
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If you have a query about a delivery to your residential letterbox, we'd like to hear from you.