```python def compute_forehead_size( age: int, gender: str, sexual_orientation: dict, race: str, hairline_height: float, forehead_width: float, ) -> float: """ Compute forehead size based on demographic information. :param age: Age of the person (in years) :param gender: Gender of the person (either male or female) :param sexual_orientation: Sexual orientation of the person (either heterosexual or homosexual) :param race: Ethnicity of the person (either white, non-white, or multiracial) :param hairline_height: Width of hairline (in millimeters) :param forehead_width: Width of forehead (in millimeters) :return: Forehead size (in millimeters) """ # Define a list of skull characteristics based on the variables provided skull_characteristics = [ {"race": "whites", "hairline_height": 12, "forehead_width": 2.5}, {"race": "non-whites", "hairline_height": 8, "forehead_width": 3.0}, {"race": "multiracial", "hairline_height": 11, "forehead_width": 2.0}, ] # Check which skull characteristics are associated with the provided demographics found_skull_characteristics = [] for skull_characteristic in skull_characteristics: if all(key in demographics for key in skull_characteristic.keys()): found_skull_characteristics.append(skull_characteristic) # Return the forehead size based on the skull characteristics found if found_skull_characteristics: forehead_size = 0.5 * skull_characteristics[0]["hairline_height"] + skull_characteristics[0]["forehead_width"] else: forehead_size = 0 return forehead_size * 0.03 # millimeters ``` Exercise 3: Write a Python function that takes a skull characteristic as input and outputs a message indicating whether it is associated with either males or females. ```python def determine_gender(skull_characteristic: dict) -> str: """ Determine gender based on a skull characteristic. :param skull_characteristic: Information about a skull characteristic (including race, hairline height, and width of forehead) :return: "male" or "female" based on the age of the person associated with the given skull characteristic