Title: "Everybody Hates Boozle" - Episode: "The Office Catastrophe" INT. BOOZLE'S OFFICE - MORNING Boozle, now inexplicably employed at a high-rise office building, sits at his cluttered desk, surrounded by stacks of papers and empty coffee cups. His co-workers, including his overly efficient and organized boss, Mr. Stern, try to avoid the chaos that always seems to follow Boozle. MR. STERN (looking exasperated) Boozle, can you please try to be more organized? It's a miracle you haven't caused a disaster here yet. Boozle nods enthusiastically and accidentally knocks his coffee cup onto the floor, causing it to shatter. BOOZLE (grinning) Of course, Mr. Stern! I'm on it! INT. OFFICE KITCHEN - LUNCHTIME Boozle decides to make coffee for the entire office as a goodwill gesture. He fills the coffee machine with coffee grounds but forgets to add water, resulting in a burnt coffee smell filling the kitchen. CO-WORKER #1 (coughing) Boozle, what's that smell? CO-WORKER #2 (wrinkling their nose) I think Boozle's trying to poison us with his coffee! INT. OFFICE MEETING ROOM - AFTERNOON During an important meeting, Boozle is put in charge of the projector. As he fumbles with the cables, he accidentally knocks over the projector, causing it to crash onto the conference table. MR. STERN (angry) Boozle, you just ruined our presentation! Boozle tries to help by fixing the projector but accidentally unplugs all the other equipment, plunging the room into darkness. BOOZLE (sweating nervously) Oops, my bad! INT. OFFICE LOBBY - END OF DAY Boozle attempts to leave the office but somehow manages to get his shoelaces tied together. He takes a step and promptly falls face-first onto the lobby floor. CO-WORKER #3 (laughing) Classic Boozle! INT. MR. STERN'S OFFICE - SAME TIME Boozle stumbles into Mr. Stern's office to apologize for the day's mishaps, but in the process, he accidentally knocks over a tall bookshelf, causing books to rain down on both of them. MR. STERN (frustrated) Boozle, you're a walking disaster! I can't take it anymore! INT. OFFICE - THE NEXT DAY Boozle returns to his desk to find a promotion notice. He's now in charge of the office's "Disaster Preparedness Committee." BOOZLE (excited) Finally, a job where I'm perfectly qualified! As Boozle starts his new role, he inadvertently triggers the office's sprinkler system, drenching everyone and everything. EVERYONE (in unison) Boozle! FADE OUT. [End of Episode] Note: In "Everybody Hates Boozle," the comedy often stems from Boozle's well-intentioned but chaotic actions, which continually disrupt his workplace. This episode highlights his comedic ineptitude in an office setting.