[15:25] Mystara Bonlark says, "Hello." [15:25] Djanemba says, "Hi." [15:25] Mystara Bonlark asks, "You alright?" [15:26] Djanemba says, "Yes." [15:26] Djanemba says, "I am perfect." [15:26] Mystara Bonlark exclaims, "Mkay!" [15:26] Mystara Bonlark exclaims, "Amelough, hello!" [15:26] Djanemba melts into the fountain, turning it green. (Djanemba) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [15:26] Mystara Bonlark exclaims, "Hey!" [15:26] Scytha Hemwick asks, "Can i help you?" [15:26] Mystara Bonlark asks, "Yes, who are you exactly?" [15:26] Scytha Hemwick says, "Scytha hemwick" [15:26] Mystara Bonlark says, "Oh." [15:26] Mystara Bonlark says, "Well in that case, yes - you can help me." [15:27] Amelouth slowly drifts in and out of the familiar voices and watching the green fountain - that wasn't green a moment ago, was it? (Amelouth) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [15:28] Scytha Hemwick says, "Oh hey" [15:28] Jegnal says, "HEY." [15:28] Jegnal says, "Person." [15:28] Scytha Hemwick asks, "You dont remeber me?" [15:29] Scytha Hemwick says, "Remeber selection....?..." [15:29] Jegnal says, "Not really." [15:29] Scytha Hemwick says, "Huh" [15:29] Phygminn says, "Bnnuy." [15:29] Djanemba says, "..." [15:29] Djanemba looks disgusted. (Djanemba) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [15:29] Djanemba says, "Creature.." [15:30] Scytha Hemwick ponders, "ahem?" [15:30] Ru-roh. It seemed that upon hearing that name /Scytha Hemwick/. Mystara's amber hair fell to her sides, she observing the woman up and down. Not what she had excepted. Mystara's lip tucked into a frown, she stepping forward. "Scytha, you are being arrested on degree of Denath for conspiring against his Coven and feigning absence when clearly you are right here." "You may resist - you may run." "But my orders are absolute." It was as simple as that - she thought. In Mystara's mind there was really no space for thought. For she was the perfect puppet. (Mystara Bonlark) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [15:30] Astraeus Hiraeth says, "Oh, that's her" [15:30] Astraeus Hiraeth exclaims, "Lemme do it!" [15:30] Phygminn says, "--" [15:30] Mystara Bonlark exclaims, "We can all have a go!" [15:30] Mystara Bonlark says, "But me first. I caught her." [15:30] Phygminn asks, "What's going on?" [15:31] Pemphero says, "She asked first DUDE." [15:31] Djanemba says, "Don't wait your turn." [15:31] Djanemba says, "Do as you please." [15:31] Djanemba says, "Just be faster." [15:32] Taking a seat on the steps he nods. He then looks at Pemphero. "I heard her, dingus, she doesn't need a parrot." He says resting his chin in the palm of his hand. The boy simply wanted to partake but, he couldn't beat Mystara, so it was probably best to just watch! (Astraeus Hiraeth) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [15:33] "hows about this before you arrest me and cause complications I was just right down the road and no one thought to come get me? why only now when I return?" she shook her head "I will deal with this another day leave me be I will warn only once" (Scytha Hemwick) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [15:33] Djanemba says, "Oh." [15:33] Djanemba says, "The mortal will only warn you once." [15:33] Djanemba asks, "How do you feel about that?" [15:42] "It is exactly why, because you decided to 'return'. You stepped away from your duties, gone silent without a word." "And unfortunately, Denath doesn't have patients for those that decided not to communicate such things." There was a pause, the woman looking Scytha up and down. "Our orders are absolute. You are not one who can be trusted." Mystara's hand grabbed at nothing specific before her, with a clench of her fist a staff materlised itself in her hand in a practiced display of cosmic energies. "I am afraid you have nobody to blame but yourself for this." Mystara took a step forward, the click of her heel announcing the presence of a putrid energy that began to intoxicate the world around her. "You see, when you commit to a Family there are expectations made of you. There are things you have to honour." "You failed. But rejoice...! I will not be the one who punishes you, no..." The putrid aura turned the air still, frozen in motion. "Denath will be, when I send you to his swamps to be tortured for the lack of respect you clearly hold." "Your threats mean nothing to me, you should be the one that is trembling..." (Mystara Bonlark) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [15:44] Amelouth asks, "Gotta cauldron?" [15:48] "oh please I never was trusted ever I could always see it in the eyes of others I owe nothing to you" she sighed "and what did I dishonor? I stepped away for personal reasons I went to fel gardens many have seen me there many knew I was there where was my supposed family then? hm? I was trouble homeless and left to my own where was this fucking family? busy playing with gold?." her breath heavy her arms trembled not of fear but of anger "i gave my life to that family i returned the book that belonged to it in the first place i made amends if i had been asked i would of done so without a thought and you speak as if i have betrayed you?..." (Scytha Hemwick) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [15:50] The demon glanced between the two. "If I don't see fighting in the next thirty seconds, I'm going to get involved... Get on with it." If it could roll its eyes, it would have. However, its eyes were just two glowing red orbs. Such a thing was impossible. Unfortunate. Leaning against the stall, Djanemba waited, probably counting down the seconds in its mind. (Djanemba) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [15:54] She was never trusted to begin with. "Lies." The word slithered off her tongue, etched with a sinister bile. "If you were never trusted you would have never signed the book to begin with." It was as simple as that in her eyes, the world she lived in so black and white in many cases. Truth be told, Mystara didn't know Scytha. Yet the Family? They were ones she held near and dear to her heart, contrary to her tale they had given Mystara everything she may have ever wanted. Not that it mattered what she wanted anymore. "If you ended up homeless, pathless.. Then you have also nobody to blame but yourself. Denath is about greed, not simply material or financial." "If you faltered, there is nobody to blame, For you were simply too weak to walk in Denath's light." Mystara's staff came swooping down to her side, its movement trailed by glistering semblance. "It is time to pay for falling out of favour, for failing to walk in the light you signed yourself up to." "But hey, if your are virtuous as you say then death will mean nothing to you Scytha Hemwick." "For Denath will reward those that lived true to his nature, so are you ready to see what it is you're worth in his eyes?." Within moments of the question being asked, Mystara's entire body shot forward - a bullet upon a falling star of radiance. In that moment, she called for it once more. P. The entity high in the void of nothingness. Yet she didn't draw on its power... No - it was time to show it that she can do this herself. (Mystara Bonlark) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [16:01] the woman had been betrayed they all turned their backs on her their family was nothing more than a falsity she unsheathed her staff "no turning back I guess" a mutter she made to herself she felt empty she owed deanith nothing even after all they took from her everything she had corrupted by their touch she felt nothing but hatred for them "fucking bring it" (Scytha Hemwick) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [16:01] {LOAD GAME} [16:03] Evelyn stood off to the side within the grand square of the Gilded Spire, her presence casting an aura of foreboding elegance. Much like many of the area, she was adorned with intricate golden accents. Her raven-black hair was swept back, revealing her alabaster complexion, sharp features, and piercing crimson eyes. In the center of the hall, the scene unfolded. Mystara, a figure of both grace and power, confronted Scytha Hemwick, the once-revered mother figure who had strayed from the path of their ways. Scytha, now an outlaw within these territories, stood defiant and unrepentant. Tensions in the area were palpable as members of the Golden Keep gathered. Evelyn watched with a mixture of curiosity and anticipation, her expression inscrutable as she observed the unfolding drama. The spire's grand pillars and opulent decor provided a stark contrast to the impending confrontation. The room's ambiance was one of somber anticipation, with a sense that the weight of coven law and retribution loomed large. As the confrontation neared its climax, Evelyn's gaze remained fixed on the unfolding scene, her thoughts hidden behind an enigmatic facade, waiting to see how this chapter of coven history would conclude. "And.. So it begins." She muttered beneath her breath as things were about to begin. (Evelyn Nightshade) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [16:07] {Won Dangerous RPB against Scytha Hemwick} [16:07] ** Mystara Bonlark has inflicted an injury upon Scytha Hemwick. ("Temporary Injury", "Temporary Injury", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (2 days)") ** [16:18] The hiss of cosmic would soon fill the square of the Gilded Spire. There was no turning back now, for either of them. Mystara's objective view of what it is she had to do now. The air began to glisten as brightly as her determination, a star filled passion to reclaim the dignity of Denath. For Scytha had truly made an embarrassment of herself. Mystara's skills were no amateur when it came to combat, the elderly Hemwick swept across the street with powerful gusts of practiced and disciplined magic. Patients. She was learning it. For each time Scytha came at her, Mystara had a response - once that would send ripples of devastating cosmic energy through her entire being. With each moment her cosmic influence grazed the Hemwich she'd feel the seering pain of frostbite beginning to set inside of her. Being hit again and again by Mystara's magic was turning her into a statue from the inside out. "You will cease this minute." A demand more than anything... Soon, Mystara would find herself closing in on the woman. Beads of sweat flowing down her face as she'd stand face to face to her. "You are nothing. You have said so yourself. Family is stronger than blood.. You have disgraced yourself, disgraced Denath..." Her right hand shot out forward - palm looking upwards. It was clear that she didn't need to borrow 'P's power to overpower the woman.. However, she'd draw on his power to punish her. "Oh P, my elusive guiding star - reap from her body semblances of my magic and show to her what it means to be directionless." Her fist shut into a swift movement. Then - Oh, then the woman would feel it. The semblance of Mystara's cosmic zero that infest her body would begin to bubble. To boil. A rising wrath of punishment, that infested and cast darkness into her very veins. An unknown gaze could be felt by her, somewhere nowhere in particular. Judging her... Draining her. Yet - the rapidly melting ice within her caused a fog screen to rise around the weakened woman. A perfect time to escape! (Mystara Bonlark) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [16:19] the woman would dash for it keeping mostly to herself she gave to them she aided them she followed blindly and this is what she got in the end the thoughts rattling though her mind she would make her way to the woods out of sight (Scytha Hemwick)