Beans Night can be hosted at the Zurich University Center, which is located right in the city center. The University Center is accessible via public transportation, has an indoor parking garage, and provides secure entry access. The event will begin at 4:30 pm, so all attendees will need to arrive by 5:00 pm. The kitchen at the University Center can accommodate large group cooking, so the organizers can prepare Mexican dishes like bean dip, quesadillas, and guacamole in bulk and simply serve them. The center also provides a large kitchen area where attendees can set up tables and chairs to enjoy the food. For attendees who travel to the event from abroad, the Zurich airport is about a 20-minute cab ride from the University Center. The organizers can provide free shuttle service for attendees arriving by car, and a paid parking lot for attendees arriving by plane. The Zurich downtown is about a 10-minute walk from the airport, so attendees who arrive by plane can easily walk to the event location. The security at the University Center will be provided by Zurich police officers. The organizers can coordinate with Zurich police to ensure that there will not be any security issues at the event. The only resource that the organizers might have an issue allocating is time, since Beans Night will last for several hours and the kitchen at the University Center can only accommodate so much cooking at once. The organizers should assign a small team to start preparing food early so that the event can begin at 4:30 pm. Overall, this event is feasible with the logistics and security concerns addressed. The organizers can cater to 40 attendees from abroad and local Zurich residents with this plan. Transportation for Attendees Free Shuttle from Airport (Zurich Airport) Paid parking lot near airport Zurich downtown parking lot Total Number of Attendees: 40 Total Number of Locals to Zurich: 5 Total Number of Abroad Attendees: 35 Catering: Bean dip Quesadillas Guacamole Security: Police officer to provide security for kitchen area No special security concerns for food preparation Transportation: 20 min from airport to University Center 10 min from airport to downtown area Total cost: $$$ (TBD)