MASON4US is a construction project management software. It provides solutions to solve your specific needs and avoid common problems in the day-to-day activities of the business. It specializes in helping businesses to run efficiently. It is one platform to connect everyone on your project. It is easy to access for all users. With this software, you can store unlimited files. Projects can be created with unlimited files and photos. You can create daily job logs and can export payroll data. Set targets, track and manage workforce training. Mason4us mission is to help clients to make sound decisions about their finances, and manage their assets for the best possible returns. It offers a solution that is easy to use and affordable for business needs. Mason4us was used in the business which specializes in Roofing / Siding Windows / Doors Solar Painting Flooring Decks / Railings Masonry / Hardscapes Kitchen / Bath Home Remodeling Basements / Waterproofing Plumbing / HVAC Landscaping General Contracting Additions / Roof Raises Commercial Contracting Handyman Electrical This is the admin access page, where you can access all the available features of the Mason4us dashboard on the website. On the Dashboard, we have data on Clients, Vendors, Contractors, Workers, Projects, Inventory, Payments, and Purchases. Here we can see Monthly Reports through graphical representation. Any new work requests, total work requests completed, Company’s total revenue cost incurred, Profit gained, and Goals. You can download reports by searching or can filter the data accordingly for any project. Client’s data can be added by adding Client ID, Name, Email ID, Contact, Website, and Address. The status of the client can be set to active, inactive, suspended, etc. Vendor details can be added with Vendor Name, Email ID, Phone No, Website, Address, Locations, Bank Details, Specifications, and Referred by. You can download monthly reports in the dashboard. Under Contractors, you can add the contractor's Name, Email Id, Phone no, Emergency Contact, FEIN (Federal Employment Identification Number), Address, Photo, ID Proof, Bank Details, and Referred User ID. The worker dashboard will have Worker's Name, Email Id, Phone No, SSN (Social Security Number), Visa Type, Address, Role, Job Type, Contractor, Rate, Bank Details, Photo, ID Proof, and Referred User ID. Projects can be recorded by adding Project Name, Client, Contractor, Workers, Work Address, Project Category, Project Information, Project Photos, Contact No, Amount, Payment mode, Schedules, Start and End Dates & Manager. Projects reports and any meetings reports can be filtered which was easy to use for the managers in the time of projects. Inventory details are recorded by adding Inventory ID, Part Name, Short note of a product, its quantity, Vendor, purchased date, Amount, Payment mode, Status (draft, purchased, on hold, suspended) Received & Paid payments are entered in the Payment dashboard. Underpayments received, you can add the Client Name, Payment Received date, the amount received, payment mode, status (draft, received, suspended), Receipt, and Invoice. If any payments are made, you should select whether you have paid the worker or contractor, Worker's Name, Project, Pay date, Payment mode (Cheque, Cash, Account Transfer, UPI), Total work hours, any additional information, Amount, and Paid receipt. Purchases made are entered by entering Vendor Name, Purchase Date, Payment mode, Purchased Items, Store Address, Amount, Purchased Status (draft, purchased, pending, suspended) & Invoice. Please watch the demo of our product through the below link. CONTACT US 4475 Route #27 Princeton, NJ 08540 United States Phone: +1 848-702-2063 Email: