I got in a bit late and have never been so confused, like when a got in there’s like a girl and a guy and they basically called each other abominations with biblical and weirdly specific insult, like her insulting his hair and he just saying that she’s like the daughter of some bad biblical tribe and an abomination and being super sexist in general, girl then gets super thirsty midway and says his lips are so red like feet that just crushed grapes. Then one guy killed himself for some reason then the girl get unconscious(woman is Salome). Cut to different room Guy in wife beater shirt and his wife come in and wife is super jealous at this girl because her husband keeps staring at her. Turns out the girl is her daughter and guy is her stepdad(real dad?), and like salome was so unconscious I legit thought she was dead despite only being 30 minutes into a 2 hour play titled Salome. Anyways Salome wakes up and stepdad is super horny at Salome, the guy the girl was arguing with is apparently a prophet and his dad believes dad, dad is Herod king of Judea apparently(which is weird because the clothing are modern late 19th century), oh and stepdad is super thirsty at Salome wanting her to dance. Then a bunch of servants came in and they’re dressed like psychiatrist(might be obvious if I hadn’t been late, but I think the whole thing took place in an asylum which would make the insane plot make way more sense). And they start this bizarre theological argument about the prophet guy(who is now a disembodied voice represented but a mouth from a projector screen) with each other Psychiatrist: Prophet guy can’t be prophet last prophet was Elijah more than 300 years ago Other psych: well then what if he is elijah(despite his name being Jochanan) Anyways as this goes on wife beater and wife gets into a pointless argument like Beater: moons looks strange tonight Wife:nah Beater: wind is weird tonight there’s a giant black bird hovering over our sins Wife: just the wind man Anyways the servants calms him down by injecting him with a syringe. And after drinking some more guy reached peak thirstiness and tells Salome yeah if you dance for me I swear on literally anything you can have anything you want even half my kingdom. And she did(nude though hidden behind a curtain chased by the psychs, is this the striptease you were talking about), despite the protest of her mom(who I don’t actually think really cares for Salome she just hates wife beater’s guts) Then she’s like i want the prophet’s head. Then wife beater spents 10 minutes singing begging her not to. Wife at first begs Salome not to do it, but after seeing wife beater in so much pain I think she starts encouraging it. Wife beater bloody offered her coke at one point instead of the prophet’s head, then offered her more drugs(which are clearly just like pharmaceuticals in medicine bottles, carried by the pharmacist) Then he gave up and like ok kill the prophet and sends a guy with an axe to go to the other room and behead him. But Salome is like I hear not scream, why isn’t he screaming and thought axeguy failed. Then axeguy carries the beheaded head out and she starts singing about how nice the head is while rubbing the dripping blood all over herself complimenting how it’s not insulting her. THEN SHE FUCKING MAKES OUT WITH THE HEAD Salome: your kiss is bitter, is it the taste of blood, no, it must be the taste of lovE Like she has completely lost it, although she was never really sane to begin with Then wife beater is like something terrible will happen cuz we killed a prophet. Then he got really mad(as if it's not partially his fault) and strangled Salome until she’s dead and it cut to black