I am a traveler. I spend most of my days outdoors. I enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun, and the breeze of the night upon my skin. It enlivens me, filling me up with the spirit of one who enjoys exploring this vast, beautiful world, and encountering beautiful people that inhabit it. This is the story of one such person. When I first met her, I was taken in by her charm. She seemed silly, speaking in a high-pitched voice that some may perceive as endearing. She was by the ocean, dangling her feet in the water, yelping cheerfully as gentle waves washed over her skin. I was jogging in the sand, the sun beating down on my back, beads of sweat running down my torso. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and I took in her beauty, admiring it for a few seconds. I expected nothing more of it, until I saw her waving at me as I got closer. "Hey!" her hand moved gracefully through the air as she signaled towards me I came to a stop, turning to face her, "Hey." I answered back, waiting on a response. "Do you know if the Cove opens today? I'm itching for a drink." The Cove was the local café by the beach. They're known for their fruity drinks, and home grown coffee. "Not for a few hours I'm afraid, but the Deck is." The Deck was a similar place, known for their sandwiches, a little further east from the Cove, a bit of a walk in the direction I was headed. "Oh, where is that?" she asked cheerfully. She is clearly not a local. "3 miles that way." I pointed straight ahead. I shuffled around, preparing to resume my jog. "Wait..can you take me there?" I turned around to look at her. Surely she did not expect me to walk her there, but the look in her eye was convincing, not naïve but a hint of curiosity, perhaps even mischief. Looking back, I must admit, she had me smitten right there. "I suppose." I mustered. "Can you keep up?" "Of course!" she said, in a tone of excitement. And started to jog ahead of me. We ran in the sand, talking as we jogged. We told each other our names, where we were from, what we did, we went from strangers to friends as the landscape shifted around us, sweating in the sun. I stole a glance at her out of the corner of my eye. She had a white top on, and matching white bottom. A thin bead of sweat ran down the side of her face, running down her neck, disappearing into her left breast. Her posture was straight and tall. She was athletic for sure, her arms perfectly in sync with her toned legs, she was quite a sight. "Do you normally run away with guys you've just met?" I asked teasingly. "Just the cute ones." It was corny, but there was something about the way she said it, like she was challenging me. Fuck, she's in my head. We talked a little more, flirting lightly as we approached the Deck. I slowed down. "Tired already?" she asked coyly, slowing her steps and coming to a stop beside me, knowing full well I had been running for quite a while before this. We were by a giant cliffside, the ocean humming in the distance. "Just taking a moment to appreciate what I see." I said, staring into her eyes. I couldn't help twitch my chest unconsciously. Fuck, what's happening to me. At that moment, I had a lot on my mind. I was supposed to get back to my hotel, and write up a new draft for the novel I've been working on, and stock up on food, and...I saw her take a step towards me. "And what is it that you see?" She dragged her left arm out in front of her, running it up my torso. The second she touched me, I felt a spark of energy course through my entire body, blood rushing to my head. "*Only you.." I thought. She took another step towards me, her left hand resting against my chest, her right hand cupped my face, and I cupped hers back, staring into her eyes. They were black, and inviting. I felt her fingers spread across my cheek, she dragged her hand around me, grabbing my hair, pulling it back. I relented, exposing my neck to her. She pounced like a wild animal, I let go of her in surprise. She pins me to the wall of the cliff, sucking on the skin of my neck. I could feel my cock harden as she moaned into my skin. "I'm hungry, and you taste good." I felt her warm breath whisper into my ear. I grab her waist, running my hands up her back, pressing firmly. I want to feel her, I'm losing control. She was licking me now, running her warm tongue down the side of my body. Moaning as she did so, planting kisses on the side of my arms, across my torso, she ran her hands down at the same time, getting on her knees, digging them into the sand. My arms ran up her back, into her brown, bushy, curly hair. I grasped at the roots, holding them firmly as she ran her sharp, groomed, nails across my lower abdomen. She yanked my pants off with her teeth, looking at me with a devilish grin, raising her eyebrows as my cock sprung up to greet her. I could feel it throbbing and pumping, exposed in the warm summer air. She started to stroke me, licking the side of my shaft, while expertly tugging back and forth. I could feel the precum oozing out of my foreskin, a couple of drops falling into the sand below, but no more. She promptly took my whole dick into her mouth, cupping my balls and moaning along with me. I looked at her. She looked so pretty gulping on my cock. Her cheeks puckered perfectly, I could feel the walls of her mouth rubbing against me. Her saliva coating my entire member, dripping off the edges of her mouth onto the ground below. She was looking at me with a naughty glint in her eye. "You're a good girl." I told her. She deserved to know what a good job she was doing. She moaned and started to slurp harder, spurned by the encouragement. She spat on it, before taking it in whole again. I wanted her to feel the way she was making me feel. "Touch your pussy for me." It was not a command, but I knew she would listen to me. I saw her slender hand disappear into her bottom. I could glimpse at a pool of wetness appearing between her legs, against the fabric. I gripped her face. "I want you to play with your nipples." I said. "I want you to play with your nipples and finger your pussy while I use your pretty mouth." She obeyed, slipping off the side of her top, exposing her pink, perky nipples to me, she grabbed them with one hand, twisting the tip between her forefinger and her thumb. Still gripping her face, I thrust my hips back and forth into her, feeling the bottom of her tongue slide along my shaft. I could feel her moaning harder as her movements down below became more vigorous. "I'm c-cumming," she managed to mutter between her moans. I pushed her head away, I wanted to feel more of her. I pushed my body into hers, as we fell onto the sand below, me on top, I pulled her bottom off, exposing her glistening pussy. Two of her fingers were coiled up deep inside, tugging away as she screamed in pleasure. I put my hand on hers, she pulled her fingers out, exposing a throbbing, soaked pussy. I rubbed her clit with the palm of my hand, and she quivered in anticipation. I slid my own fingers into her pussy now, massaging her walls just as she was doing before, I plugged her mouth with my other hand. I loved watching my fingers disappear down her pretty pink lips down her throat. She grabbed my forearm as I continued to finger her, juices gushing out of her cunt. I could feel her orgasm rise once more, my cock throbbing now, and unable to contain myself any longer, I slid my fingers out of her as she moaned in pleasure. I grabbed her tits and slid myself into her, moaning with her as I entered her. Her pussy pulling back on my foreskin, the wetness enveloping my dick. I could feel my cock fill her up as my hips pressed against her toned ass, cupping one breast as she cupped another, pulling and tugging on it, I started to fuck her like I meant business. "Pound into me please!" she yelled, giving no care if anyone could hear us. "My pleasure, you naughty little minx. You're a good girl who deserves to get railed and fucked and used and pounded just like this" I gripped her skin tight and started to fuck her harder, skin smacking, sweat mixing, we fucked and fucked, sand covering us up as we rolled around in it, her wrapping her legs around me, pulling me into her, begging for me to go deeper. I could feel the heat rising up my body, fluids running up my balls, and her convulsing. "*I'm...going*...to...*cum*" "*Me too*" We moaned together, fucking in perfect harmony as I let loose, shooting ropes of *** load deep up her pipes, it leaked out of the sides as I filled her up, I pulled out, continuing to shoot my cum across her belly and tits, soaking her in sticky juice as she rubbed her clit, convulsing and trashing in the sand. I collapsed on her, kissing her neck and she regained her breath. "So...about that run," she said smiling. I smiled back.