Looks are KING within the walls of Daten City — a purgatorium where your journey to the Pearly Gates can be helped or hindered by appealing to the right people at the right time. For some, keeping up a heathy and innocent appearence is easy, regardless the contents of their character. For others... not so much. scene pans to stocking chewing on sweets near the end. panty jogs through The most outwardly visible sin of all can be seen in the stomach — those who persue excessive vanity and starve themselves to dust, OR who glut themselves until collapsing under their own weight, will never reach paradise. STO 10 (light chewing, playful "mmm!"ing, 10 seconds) PAN only spends a second "in frame", i'll edit it in post to fade in and out appropriately 4 exercise-huffing as she runs by. 4 seconds total? PAN backs up "in frame" Uhhh... you DID hear that last part, right? STO Mm? PAN "click click" = tongue click. sounds similar to "tch tch" or "tsk tsk" Might wanna... (click clllick). Maybe nix the cakes 'n stuff a lil', y'know? STO Oh, don't be stupid. I'm not getting fat. PAN Hey, mayYYyybe you can land yourself a 5-outta-10 chubby chaser! Settle down, have 2-and-a-half kids in a crappy little trailer home... STO Gee, sorry for not fucking a different guy every other week. STO walks over to the bathroom and slams the door shut Hmph(!) bath SFX. water sinking "Stocking shut the bathroom door with a huff. She stripped off all her clothes and turned the bfaucet on, being sure to pour a fancy spiral of shampoo in to make the bath EXTRA foamy. She daintily stepped in, submerging herself and pooling a little bit of water pooling atop her well-endowed breasts. Both hands moved down the contours of her body, gently outlining her hourglass-shaped figure. She was soft. Cute. Purple. Panty had no idea what she was talking about, CLEARLY. ...until she would accidentally grip the front of her tummy. She squeezed SOMETHING between her fingers. It COULDN'T be... was it... a BELLY ROLL?" STO That bimbo is right. STO sinks a little into the water. quiet and pouty tone I'm getting fat... cartoony "scrolling" sound leads to outside the bathroom PAN huffy, snide If she wants to lose weight, the least she could do is be honest about it. Panty remarked, holding one ear to the door. PAN ...if she's gonna try to hide it from me, then maybe I'll find a way to squeeze it outta her! 'Til she can't "squeeze" into her own clothes anymore, that is! hhHHah! STO hearing from inside the bathroom Huh? PAN in this faux-endearing voice Oh! Mmm... nothin' sweetcaaakes! STO snide Yeah, thought so! water splash PAN more annoyed, but quiet. the "bitch" should be particularly sharp Sssstupid bitch... panty stomps off, fade scene INSPIRATIONAL music! "From that point forward, Stocking made it her personal mission to change her ways. Laying off the sweets, getting exercise, and putting plenty of vegetables in her mouth! Like carrots, cucumbers, and eggplants! ...and Panty would be sure of the opposite." quick transitional whoosh and scene + music change Stocking's first step toward getting in-shape would be LITERALLY that: getting some steps in at the gym. She walked up to the elliptical, setting a {session} up for thirty minutes and stepping away to grab a towel... comical slide whistle up. "beep beep BEEP" button pressing ...before a hand swooped around the corner and "adjusted" that thirty down to sparse fifteen. PAN No doubt that chunk-butt's gonna be too exhausted to notice! fade transition to the end of the exercise session STO 10 exhales with a constant rhythm, 10 seconds. you're running on an elliptical at a moderate pace- think jogging-ish speed. running ends, she steps off STO 10 winded, exhausted inhale/exhales. another 10 seconds And she was right. Stocking, coated in sweat, black tank-top clung to her lovehandles, hunched over... was none the wiser. Though, she was satisfied with what-she-BELIEVED-was a half-hour of exercise. And as such, she'd make her way to {the food court}. footsteps, ambiance shift maybe some sounds to indicate panty quickly sucking a guy off in the BG? IDK may or may not include this STO A small {idk lunch}, please. -she asked, at the register. After some rustling around in the kitchen, a big white plate slid out. particularly goofy WHOOSHes. definitely layer several. PAN Ayyy a large-a {idk} fer' order-a six six nine, that's a spicy hammaboigah! "Said the blonde chef, reeling back into the bustling kitchen just as quickly as she had popped out. Stocking squinted, almost certain she had misheard something. Yet, it was hard to make out much of anything over the chef's delicate Italian accent..." walking back, fork clacking 5 brief, quick lip-smacking eating. 5 seconds another scene shift. pavement steps! {it's a church you idiot} "Stocking made her way back to {the apartment}, her thighs scraping against each other with each step. She hoped, given another few weeks, her legs wouldn't require as much effort to lift... Trodding along, Stocking couldn't help but notice how many promotions were currently going on. Free ones. Free cake pops. Free cream pudding. Free chocolate fountains... and, of course, all of them for a limited time only. If she waited too long, she might miss out!" STO Hmm... She contemplated. STO I... have been good today. What could a little snack hurt, right? And she walked in. yyyes! Panty exclaimed, pumping her first from a nearby bush. {Her posters, all bogus, had worked.} Hook. Line. Sinker. scene shiffft to stockings room. door flies open STO Uuunhhh... Stocking, her food baby sitting at a {solid} five months, waddled to bed. She like a living- but undeniably BLOATED, corpse. STO Those weren't even free... buncha liars... flops into bed and falls asleep immediately She fell facefirst into her pillow, fainting on impact. Nighty night... 10-15 seconds of subtle stomach sounds, before they begin to audibly ramp up. STO 30 snoring, 30 seconds EQ her to sound muffled, then turn this effect off when she rolls over Her stomach rippled with a particularly loud growl, flipping her over face-up.