1. Hello. First of all, I salute you for being respectful. You will get nothing less from me (as long as you remain so). I would like to point something out. Hagar was not as you have said. Hagar was the wife of Abraham. Please read Genesis 16:3 "And Sarai Abram's wife took Hagar her maid the Egyptian, after Abram had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan, and gave her to her husband Abram to be his wife." Please feel free to verify any verses I mention in here. 2. One thing that Christians believe is that polygamy is wrong. David whose heart was perfect with the Lord (as your Bible says which is the truth) had many wives. There you go. Also, to add, the Bible actually commands it. Please read Deuteronomy 25:5 and keep reading. Note that the Bible does not say, "unless he is already married" It does not place that restriction. 3. Now, regarding Abraham sacrifice story, that is one of the odd things in the Bible. "Take your son, your only son." What happened to Ishmael? Did he die? Abraham did not have Isaac at the time of the sacrifice. You know why this test from God was very hard? Because Abraham had Ishamel his only son and it took him a long time to have him. God asking him sacrifice his only son is the ultimate test. That is the beauty of the story. If he had two sons, then sacrificing one would have been lesser. You will find that one of the Bibles translates the verse into "your only son (of promise)" to try and get away with this oddity. 4. Ishmael (his real name is Isma'eel) is the father of Arabs indeed. Now, many Christians use the word Messiah as a substitue for savior and Christ for Lord. I am not sure if you know this but the word Christ is of the Greek work Christos which means Messiah, and Messiah actually means annoinuted one. You will find verses in Quran that literally say "Maseeh (Messiah) Eisa (Jesus) ibn (son of) Maryam (Virgin Mary)." I can point out the verses to you if you wish. Maseeh in Arabic is of the verb "Massaha" which means to move one's hand over something like rubbing. According to your scholars, Messiah means annointed one because in old times they used to annoint kings by rubbing their foreheads with oil. In Islam, we do not know for sure if that is the case. It could be that or it could be because Jesus would move his hand over sick people and heal them with God's will. 5. Jesus is my Prophet, Imam (leader who guides me to the right path), and king. I follow him and do exactly what he says. I look forward to when he comes back to earth to lead us (if I am still alive). The problem that I see with Christians is that they do not listen to what Jesus says, they listen to what people say that Jesus says. Jesus says "The Lord our God is one" in a verse. Another verse says Jesus said "going to my God and your God" In another verse, Jesus fell (on his face) in prayer to God (the Bible actually says father but whom you refer to as father is actually God, it is part of what Jews before you said about God) asking him for something. 6. You believe that Jesus is God. But you also believe that Jesus died. How can a true immortal die? You believe that Jesus was God, yet Jesus consumed food and water. He relied on his mother milk when he was a baby. You believe in a sacrifice. A sacrifice of the innocent? Why would an innocent person be sacrificed for crimes of others? What kind of message would that send? Is this just? You believe in the original sin. Imagine the following scenario. Someone stole an apple from your garden, then you tell him I will not forgive you for stealing the apple until you kill my son, who is also me. Does this make sense? 8. You believe in the trinity. Can you explain to me how 3 persons can be equal to one with each of the 3 persons each being equal to the whole? How can a person/part be equal to the whole containing that part. You believe that each of Jesus and whom you refer to as father (who is actually God) is your truine god but each of them is not equal to one another. 9. Please read just the few first paragraphs of my most recent meme post and you will see proof that the trinity you believe in, is not part of your Bible. You can also see the older meme post which shows clear conflicts in the Bible. 10. Let me ask you something. In the Bible, it says Jesus said that many will come to him and say have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in your name? (Matthew 7:22). On the next verse it says that Jesus tells them begone evildoers. Why are they are condemned? The answer is in Matthew 7:21. They have not done the will of God (the Bible says father who is actually God). Now, tell me this. How is doing the will of Jesus be any different from doing the will of father (God) if each of them is God? How is doing the will of one of them is bigger than doing the other? This right there should show you the truth. Please know that what I tell you here is for your own sake. My only intention is to show you the truth. I have no desire to bring you down nor win arguments. Those things do not matter to me. Feel free to ask me anything. Lastly, let me remind you of Matthew 12:50. May God guide you to the right path.