[Scene: Kitten is coming home to her male roommate, after attending an event. We hear her come in the door and set down her keys. She starts talking to her roommate, who sits not far away on the couch. They are friends, and her tone is casual and familiar. We only hear her side of the conversation. When she comes in, she sounds tired and is breathing a little more heavily than normal.] - Hey, Roomie. [breathes] Whew. [Roommate notices her giant belly and apparently freaks out a bit.] - Hey, don't freak out. I know, I'm huge. I don't want you freaking out if I come home like this. Whew! I need to sit down. [Sits down on the couch next to roomie.] [We don't hear it, but roommate says something like, "So... did you... have a good time?"] - Yeah, it was good. Like I said, it was my first time going to an event like this. It's kind of like a *** party. At the beginning they talked about the importance of communication and getting in touch with yourself, knowing what you want and what you don't want. Like, saying "no" if you don't want something, and asking for the things that you do really want. And at some point I asked if anyone wanted to... cum inside me... and then I just wanted more and more! [laughs self-consciously] Also I was the only lady there. - Anyway, I want to go to the next one of these, I think it's in a few weeks, so don't be alarmed if I come home like this again. I know you worry about me. I'm fine, I'm just very full of cum right now. I think almost every guy there came inside me. ["Does it... hurt?"] - No, it doesn't hurt. It feels nice actually. I didn't realize how much I wanted this. Like, not every day, but definitely once in a while. Being this full. And when, like, all that matters is more cum, more cum, bigger, fuller... You know, I don't think I could even say "no" to you if you wanted to put more cum inside me right now. Is that weird? I'm not trying to make anything weird, I'm just saying that when I'm like this, what feels important is having more cum inside me, and I'm not worried about whose cum it is, I mean I just got fucked by a whole bunch of random guys I don't even know, and I was okay with that, and I actually know you. You're a great guy. It seems only fair that you should have a turn if you want. It could be fun for you, and it's more cum for me. [Roommate is at a loss for words.] - I even had this fantasy as I was driving home, that I'd walk in and you'd grab me, like you'd somehow know it was ok, you wouldn't even ask, and you'd pump more cum inside me. Can we have some kind of agreement that that's ok? I'm not saying you ever have to do it if you don't want to, I just want to agree that it's a thing you're allowed to do. Not when I'm normal-shaped, only when I have this big, bloated belly. You can just take me, and put more cum inside me, like right when I walk in, or any time, like if I fall asleep on the couch and I'm still full. [Roommate laughs, isn't sure how seriously to take this. "Can I have that in writing?"] - [laughs] Can you have that in writing? You're so funny. Ok, Mr. Lawyer. [now she is acting a little annoyed but in an obviously playful way, enjoying this. She grabs a pen and paper.] I'll write it out for you. "Dear Roomie. I hereby..." It's got a "hereby" in it, is that official enough for you? "I hereby give you permission to grab me, have *** with me, and put as much cum as you want inside me, whenever I have a big belly full of cum." Signed and dated. [Takes the paper. "I'll take that into consideration."] - Good. You should consider it. - [she sighs] Thanks for not being weird about this. I don't have much of a filter right now... I guess I don't generally have much of a filter anyway... but I like that I can just tell you whatever's on my mind. - They said they've never seen someone get this big before, but I shouldn't worry. Some of it might get... absorbed? I guess this kind of thing used to be more common, like, thousands of years ago, and the female body evolved to be able to hold.... like, retain... a lot of cum. I mean, I might be a special case, I don't know, holding this much. It all just stays in here, too, like you could fuck me and I doubt I'd lose a single drop. The human body is amazing, isn't it? - Yes, I can take off my pants. They're pretty tight, anyway. Yeah, you take yours off, too. [she stands and takes off her pants.] Do you want to touch my belly? Would that get you in the mood? Do you like big bellies? [her tone is still casual, not seductive; it's just a question out of curiosity.] ["yes, I think do."] - That's good, because... OH! [she is interrupted by her roommate pulling her onto his lap] - Mm, I like this, being in your lap. I can feel you getting harder. So this is ok? I do have so much cum in me already, it's not like I *need* more, but I wanted to give you the option, and I'm pretty sure I can hold—I mean, it doesn't feel like there's a limit to how much I can... OH! [roommate slides inside her] [*** sounds] - Oh! Oh! Yes. I want it. I want more. I can fit more. - It's ok. Whenever you're ready, give it to me. Take your time. It just feels so good. - You said you had a stressful day. Maybe this will help. [after a short while, he starts cumming] - I feel it! Ohhh. Ohhh. More more more more. - You have a lot of cum! Wow! I'm so full. [ad lib; they wrap things up. Heavy breathing.] - Thank you. That's a really great way to come down from that party. I actually know you, so it's kind of sweet when you fill me up. I feel relaxed and satisfied. I'm going to enjoy this feeling a little longer, and then do you think you could help me, like, deflate before I go to bed? I don't know what would happen if I just went to bed. Maybe some of it would come out and get all over the place. I could sit in the bath or something and you could... push on my... Yeah? Thanks so much, Roomie. I'm glad I'm not just coming home to an empty apartment.