Find yourself in a comfortable and peaceful place, surrounded by calm and soothing sounds. Imagine that you are completely relaxed and at ease, feeling the weight of your body sinking down. Allow your muscles to unwind and your mind to drift away from the stresses of the day. With each deep breath, you are becoming more and more relaxed, allowing yourself to surrender to the gentle embrace of sleep. Feel the tension and worries of the day gently dissolving away way, replaced by a sense of peace and tranquility. As you continue to breathe deeply, your body begins to feel heavier and more at ease. Your eyelids grow heavier and your thoughts become more and more distant. Let yourself become more and more hypnotized, allowing yourself to drift into a state of relaxation and deep sleep. Now, as you find yourself on the brink of sleep, I have a few suggestions for you. Imagine that you are completely open and receptive to the suggestions I will be sharing with you. As you continue to breathe deeply, allow your mind and body to respond positively to the guidance I provide. You will find that when you wake from this trance, you will feel so horny, slutty and confident. You will find that you can easily embrace these new sensations and use them to enhance your self confidence and sexual desires. Now, as you continue to drift deeper into relaxation, imagine that your mind is like a sponge, ready to absorb any positive suggestions or changes that I will be offering you. Trust that you are open and receptive to these ideas, allowing them to make a lasting impact on your thoughts and behavior. With each passing moment, you grow more and more suggestible, allowing yourself to be guided by my voice and the power of hypnosis. As you continue to relax and breathe deeply, you will find that any future suggestions I offer will be welcomed and accepted.