/v/, No.646554846 iris No.646554846 bullying my small pp No.646555078 and bragging that if she had a pp, it would be bigger. No.646555156 Damn that's ***. I'd slobber on her Snickers. No.646555435 Shame that she only has the genes for a monster cock, not a real one. You'll have to knock her up and hope for a boy if you want to see what her cock looks like. No.646555527 That's kinda weird Anon, though intriguing. I'd have to do my best or see if she would agree to some shenanigans with a Ditto. No.646555931 I find that the weird fantasies are often the best. Sure, you could try using a ditto to imitate it, but it wouldn't really be her cock. There's no way to know for sure what her cock would be like, so you'll have to take her word about it. She has some vivid descriptions she loves to share though! No.646556145 I'm certainly enjoying them it just struck me off guard is all. I'd love for her to grab tightly and apply pressure to my cock while she whispers very specific details into my ear. No.646556763 It'd be so emasculating, hearing all the details about her hypothetical big brown cock. She isn't just making it up, her dragon taming clan has been blessed with legendary phalluses for centuries. How lucky you are that she has a pussy instead. It's the only thing sparing you from her whipping it out right now to show you how pathetic your penis really is. No.646557123 A girl less than half my age and considerably smaller than me having a hypothetical cock twice my size... And it would only get bigger the more her body develops. I bet she would get a kick out of me getting turned on thinking about it while my tip is inside of her. She would think I am really strange. Experiencing something most people could only dream of and yet I am fantasizing about her throbbing brown cock. No.646557738 I'm sure your appreciation will make her feel a little better about getting cheated out of her birthright. You should be grateful that she's letting you add her wonderful brown cock to your bloodline. She'll make sure your children and grandchildren know to thank her for their members, not you. No.646557842 Why am I so turned on by the idea of fucking her and each of the kids looking almost exactly like her? Damn brats, taking over my bloodline. No.646558978 Even if she's just a petite little girl, her DNA hides the strength of a dragon. I'm sure you're seeing more traits that she will pass on. Not just her dark skin and mythic penis. Her eyes, her hair, her energy. I'm sure you want her to pass it all on. Your sperm has basically already surrendered. You're doing little more than giving her womb permission to start copying her own genes. Don't worry. It's still your bloodline though. Even if it'll be hard for anyone to seen the resemblance. No.646559165 I'd be turned on seeing the resemblance too I'm sure. And excited to see what would come of it. No.646559837 She'll be thankful for your contribution, and she will never stop teasing you about it. This scenario has gotten me quite aroused too. I struggle to see where it could go next though. The truth is, it was already over once you fertilized her. No.646560163 I was expecting some serious denial play and her making me cum before I got a chance to even have ***, but this is a total reverse and I kinda love it. No.646561089 It's much better this way, isn't it? Maybe she'll always be at least a little disappointed that she had to continue her clan with her womb instead of her penis. Maybe even after settling down she'd still wish one day she could wake up with that cock and find a woman to carry her bloodline too. She might even bully the lucky girl over the truth that if she had a pussy, it would be better than hers. Despite that, she'll be proud of what she was able to create with you. What she was able to do TO your seed. You'll make sure to thank her for letting you use her genes, right? No.646561489 That's kinda *** that she might find a plain girl to do the reverse with, in some kind of hypothetical alternate universe. I'm probably going to fap to this exchange 2 or 3 times before I am done today. I'm really grateful to her even if I do not deserve it at all. No.646561803 Don't sell yourself short! With her blood, she could've chosen almost anyone, yet she choose you. Maybe it's because she noticed how much you liked the idea. Maybe she just had a crush on you. Maybe she looks up to you more than she lets on. Whatever it is, you wouldn't dare doubt her decision, would you? No.646561951 I'd have jealous thoughts and maybe a little paranoia but they would soon be washed away when I am ensnared in the grasp of her brown fingers. No.646562536 You have a very cute wife anon.