Standout Vol 7 Okay listen this started out as a volume 7 highlight list but now into turning into a chapter-by-chapter reaction log. It’ll probably become a pastebin or forgotten about by the time anyone sees it lol. Enjoy seeing my reactions in “real” time. This might not hit every chapter individually but it’ll probably be close to perspective-by-perspective. - - - Erin’s camping adventure was cool. Seeing her be a more typical person in this world was a cool bump for her character. She really seems down in the dumps, but in a completely different way. The line about not enjoying Pallass Hunting was really good. Listen I get Palt and Pelt confused way more than I should. But man is he goated. Wyverns attack! Bird! Is this war? People fiiiinally asking— who the hell is that human?? It’s great! [Like Fire, Memory]. someone earlier said that her inn isn’t a “food” or “sleep” inn, referring to skills that the [Innkeeper] would have to tailor the experience in a certain way. To me, it’s clear that Erin is the center of her inn, and people should come to The Wandering Inn for that, Erin and the inn. Man the garden is so cool. Mini-teleporting and a safe spot! Finally— finally upgrading that stupid door. Every single time someone would bellyache about mana. But hopefully people shut up about it. But the hill, dude I cried. Never forget, no one forgotten. What a skill Those first batches of interludes were great. Tons of updates on storylines in bite sized chunks. Chocolate. Chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!!!! Party time!!! Glory shots all round! Bird independence! Mating Rituals pt.2. Oh boy. I’ve seen so gross discourse about this one ( I say that but it’s all Reddit comments and stuff from march 2020 wow that’s a long time ago). From people calling it egregious fanservice to demeaning Lyonette’s whole character. Firstly, it was funny. I was laughing and blushing at and with the characters the whole time. The only truly super lewd part was Geneva’s, ahem, night off and some goblin sucky-sucky. But to me it only galvanized the world building into something staunchly different than Earth. People here are much more open and upfront, and less concerned about the embarrassment Erin thinks they should feel. To her, and a commonly attributed earth-thing is that *** is private, and only really talked about between consenting parties. But this world’s *** is more boastful, definitely a holdover from our own medieval period. Harems and concubines, 2nd and 3rd wives for royalty, and brothels being just down the road. It’s something to talk about in a bar (or inn) loudly with your Watchmates. On earth you could be skilled at ***, but here? You can be Skilled at ***. Big difference. Secondly, the line “I want to. But what’s wrong with me?” When Erin finally gets a moment to herself really stands out. It’s also in line with something Mons said, that no one is winning the who-will-Erin-date competition. It’s a line that’s parallel to Ryoka’s modern lecture about gender identity and sexuality. That was great too, and it was especially funny since Fierre wanted to jump her bones, and Ryoka juuuust managed to steel herself— *nod* good stuff. What? I’m giggling and blushing reading this shit fight me. Anyway it makes me think that Erin could be asexual. Saliss’ nudity doesn’t bother her (or intrigue) nor anyone who’s conventionally attractive (e.g. Ylawes— man wards his door to prevent night visits ohmygodthatssfunny) , and she doesn’t judge anyone by appearance, only character. She feels like something’s wrong with her, hearing about her friends’ *** stories makes her feel left out, but she doesn’t feel attracted the same way they do. It’s a great little piece that can really be dug deep into. Like, not since Mating Rituals pt.1 has *** been brought up in any meaningful way. That could be story design, but thinking pragmatically, no one, since allllll they way back in volume 2 has there been someone who Erin had the hots for. For an in-world character observing Erin, definitely asexual. It’s not mega important to the story as a whole, but an asexual main character, even if it’s only a background thing is important. Third, even if you disagree with everything I said, and think pirate really jumped the shark with this one, shut up. Nerd. In my never ending references to Final Fantasy XIV, there are no toilets in game. None. No location you can visit has a toilet. If you completely ignore a super obvious and common trait of worldbuilding like that, the world can feel fake and artificial. pirate writes these characters so well, and you feel for them, and they feel real! But ignoring ***, relationships, and stuff like this makes it seem fake and curated, or otherwise cropped-out. And anyways we have super vivid gore, war, death, and despair but drawing the line at boners is laughable. Anyways tangent over back to regular stuff Eldritch horror in Chandrar was out of left field. Genuinely felt sick to my stomach when they got into the finer details of, eating but I’m glad Gazi’s back and ready to fuck shit up. Quarass is consistently funny and a great balance to Flos and Trey. Ryelt’s leveling power-hour was goated as fuck. Chad man chad king. hoooo boy chandrar gearing up to be b-l-o-o-d-y The necromancer geeking out on toren lmaooo. It’s also great that the key to leveling creations is— nothing. A blank slate. A soul should be blank, and whoever owns it gets to fill it with who and what they are. Never forget, “Magic IS”. Also free cognita it’ll be funny. Also I like seeing Aaron again, he’s a sleeper pick of a character but I think he’s got spunk. Revi’s back! Halrac! Typhenous! and the mom! Weeeeee! I’ve always thought the stitch-people were really cool. Pirate does a great job of adding lingo, swears, curses, or otherwise exclusive terminology for groups of people, but the stitch people stand out. They seem chill as hell when they’re not doing super racism overseas. I’m glad to see the players absolutely balling out. Denying nobles an audience by sheer fame. Didn’t expect a quick attack on titan episode there, but damn belavierr is evil! Love the mortal terror from Revi realizing who Belavierr is. Shot call time— Elia Arcsinger will be a coward of a character. She seemed to kill the goblin king by chance, and played a very passive role in Tremborag’s mountain, and now in Invrisil she doesn’t roll out with everyone else. Either she’s a coward, has some serious issues, or is really weak. Back to the inn! Lyonette pretty much is the de-facto big sister of the inn whenever Erin is, being Erin. Seeing Krshia’s forgiveness and bond was really heartwarming, and I’m eager to see Lyonette get her rings back from the Watch. They must be cool, right? Wow what the fuck? Klb take some meds bro chill out! That beat down was awesome!! Does that skill make him his old, true self again for a bit? Xrn being clutch and smacking the shit outta Klb was deserved. Man was an A-Tier asshole for a good while. ███ aww no god name Easteregg. I copy pasted that fyi I live for these slice of life parts. So relaxing! Apista getting faded is so damn funny. Feels bad for her friends in yonder cave. Haha old people fall down. Oh. Oh no. Let my man rest. Huh? HUH? Are they the same person? What the fuck? But Saliss was in the Inn while Oneiva was with Chaldron. Either way, someone give that man a hug. Families in decline. Usually I’m all for taking nobles down a leg in fantasy stuff, but this just feels sad. Lotta parallels with the ants tho. Hawk! PERSUA. Ahh the classic “aw shit a magic door” bit is gonna hit Ivrisil like a hammer! Woah 3 couriers playing Mario kart across izril? That’s cool. Gah damn they’re fast as hell. Banishment? The power of ladies! Begone witch! Also she totally has [Like Fire, Memory] and she’s going south? Erin meetup totally on the docket! But next up is those goofy strategists at sea - Just realized unless you’re a Wandering Inn Historian you’re gonna be a little lost in what the hell im talking about chronologically, so I’ll try to add chapter titles to each - Strategists at sea Part 1: Boring. They’re just on a boat. But treasure is cool! Zelkyr and other mages seem, sinister for the lack of a better word. Always pushing against the limits of their world, and a bit too much power for mortal men and drakes. — okay that got a lot cooler. Magic fog and pirates! Throw on some Sea of Thieves soundtrack and I’m invested! Woah WOAH WOAH!! That’s so COOL! As a One Piece fan, I’m smiling. Some diamond swords for the crew, and Fetohep is being all benevolent and stuff Strategists at sea part 2: So cool so cool! Pirate war! It’s like Marineford! At the start of the previous part I was loathe to read, but now it’s thrilling! Leave it to pirate to write the ballad of a pirate tale. Also having a police chase across the ocean is fun. I love WWW! Man relics are UNFAIR!! That’s so strong! Clone sword Necro Sword and Speed Sword— instant gold rank combat power, even in the hands of amateurs. Yerra nooooooooooooo!!!! Im not dumb- first the El lady goes south then the strategists pull up to the south? Exciting times to be a certain Erin. 7.19 Ahhh back to sweet slice of life bliss. Erin being Erin, changing more than she should have the world, Mrsha, Numbtongue, and Apista are such a great trio. And Bee Prose is definitely my favorite of pirate’s style. KNAVE! For what is a bee if a bee is not free. Makes me laugh every time. Ooooh dungeon?! Blast from the past right there. I wonder what those creatures the bees are fighting are… Xrn being a big sister is great, finally changing some Antinium standards in Liscor, and seeing Mavolia El encroach on Erin’s group of buddies makes me feel all giddy 7.20 God I love the horns. Such a great team dynamic, and these people feel real, they’re dumb, stupid, goofy, and comfortable in each other’s company. What a band of misfits. Maviola is deeeefinetly gonna be an important lady coming up. I like seeing Erin’s Innsense (patent pending) improving. It seems to work a bit like En from Hunter x Hunter. Yknow, [aura] skills really do work a lot like nen. You can focus it, grow it, wreath yourself in it, and even suppress it. So that’s Ten, Ren, Zetsu, En and maybe a bit of Ken in there. I wonder if you could use Hatsu with this flavor of aura. Bee fact. Love it. And all the pieces fall into place. This reunion is gonna be so nice. HOLY FUCK SHIT WHAT THE BALLS FUCK YOU MAGNOLIA AHHHHHHH it all blew up what the hell how can you do that maaaaan. Great chapter. I smell a good Erin training arc incoming. A night at the Inn She finally snapped. But goddamn if Erin isn’t strong. She melted the metal on the gate! Real angry stuff. The god-coin has to be important eventually right? I’m thinking a key to something. Please meet Mavolia and get some lessons it would be so cool! More importantly, I, by word count, am OFFICIALLY 50% through The Wandering Inn. It has taken me 165 days (I’ve kept track) and I’m so eager to see where the story goes. It’s also been about 20 days since I’ve started reading vol 7. It’s taking a lot longer since I’m back in college, but who cares 7.21 KQ Cliffhanger!! Lemmie back in the inn!! I feel sick. These are children! Teres and Trey should never have taken the field. But Fetohep is such a good man. My stomach churns thinking of those poor people tricked and trapped into eating the flesh. Trey has grown from this, but in ways that aren’t healthy. GAHAHAHHAHA SHES IRISH! That’s fucking hilarious. And good to see an Earther feeling at least a bit guilty of completely stealing stuff. Terandria is cool. Very different vibe from all other continents, and I’m eager to see when Lyonette has to face her fate. 7.22 D Baleros Boys! Baleros Boys! Daly is a real cool guy, and the bushrangers are a healthy dose of earth power in an otherwise bullshit world. Sad about the Dev [Explorer] guy. Woulda been cool to have someone like that on the roster. Man Geneva needs to lighten up. She does carry her healthy (or unhealthy) share of burden and stress though. And she was from Earth before COVID so mass pandemic stuff is out of her lay grade. Yuckie. I feel yuckie. Okasha is right? Geneva abuses her body, but does that allow Okasha to take over? Definely a no. You could see a change in the slephid, okasha grew more coy and abusive, but they had some trust, more history together than trust. Can Geneva trust this new selphid? Yuckie. 7.23 LM (Ignore this if you are not an avid Hunter x Hunter fan) Ok before real chapter stuff holy shit [aura] is nen and I can prove it. Confirmed nen principles in TWI are Ten, Zetsu, Ren, Hatsu, En, Gyo, and Shu. e.g knights shrouding swords in aura, Erin’s presence filling the Inn, being able to toggle auras, and general nen shrouding. What does this all mean though? Powerscaling. Yaaaay! When Lyon and Erin clashed, Erin pushed her aura into the whole Inn, utilizing En. We know it is En since Apista “said” that when Erin uses her aura her presence fills the whole inn. Her Hatsu here was the command, “get out of my inn”. However Lyon was fine, since her command over her aura with Ten made her safe. Erin is most likely a Manipulator, since we’ve seen her use her aura to not only control the emotion of her inn, but “guide” two people to meet. Next, restriction and pledge. It DOES exist with our flavor of [aura] since Sir Raim pledged his life for all that aura to solely kill Belavierr. His life, for aura. Exactly what Gon did. Erin has an incredible restriction, it being only able to use aura in her inn, and multiple high level figures state that this makes her powerful. Erin needs more training as her nen defences are weak. She has no visible shroud yet and her Hatsu technique is unrefined. There’s probably more similarities that I missed, and more will crop up as more [aura] info is revealed, but Ceria is a Transmuter, with a frost aura like Killua’s lightning hatsu. Ooh! I’m right! Ceria and Erin use Ren for nen battles while Pryde has a bit of Hatsu along with [skills]. Lyon has crazy ten as well has really good Hatsu. Erin’s different now. I mean, who wouldn’t after 5+ near death experiences and enough trauma to kill an elephant. But it makes me so sad. Erin before was like Maviola, living life likes it’s an adventure to be enjoyed. Erin now? She hates. She’s prickly. She’s annoyed. When was the last time Erin had a day off? Or even went to the public bath in liscor? Or be in liscor off-business? Maviola sees the spark in people, and Erin burned like she did at the start. But that trauma and death piled and piled. It’s no mystery she’s changed, after ending every volume in an emotionless depression. But Toren’s death broke her. Her flame extinguished. The cruel system of the world only then granting her awareness of her flame through her skill. She could only conjure guilt. Then happiness. Then glory. Then hate. She wears her mask too well, like Saliss (I have no clue what his deal is) and I hate it. It’s not healthy, and I sincerely hope Maviola is a decent [Therapist]. 7.24 Tyrion is trying, and that’s all that matters here. He’s a super bastard for liscor but right now? Dad mode. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRSHA!!! gahahahhaa the pirates wanna steal her presents! And holy hell what a stacked inn. Birthday riots and bad parenting! Ryoka Ryoka Ryoka. At least she’s “fine” even if her smile is fake her friends are real. Dragon time! Nooo raiders!! Lady Pryde Ulta is still my #1 [Lady] we stan our strong queen 7.25 God mother fucking damn those bloodfeast raiders are brutal. Ryoka does what Ryoka does and blames herself, but can you really blame her? And it seems stupid of her to covet the power she so vehemently rejected. Teriarch is… something. Seeing all his memories of people convincing him to act was powerful. This world is OLD. And one mortal spurring action is impressive. And the reunion! Wohoo! 7.26 Ryoka is back! Which means… ryoka is back.. huh.. but what a comeback! The Solstice Effect coming out in full force concerning this super crazy mage guy, and soccer! Gahahhahahah what a turnaround! Two level ups for serving a dragon seems broken. Powerleveling strats are crazy 7.27 GAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA ERIN worlds #1 troll. There’s power in this chapter. Pirate is in their bag recently, and everything feels satisfactory. Maybe I was wrong about Erin changing a lot, she seems mostly the same. But I now see she craves safety. For her family. Not exactly a wild thought, but Teriarch gave her a reality check. Also a dragon!!! It’s still cool!! Go ryoka go! Summer solstice shaping up to be an amazing experience. Gecko of Illusions Woah how sneaky. Mages mage like mages mage. LYONETTE IN THE BLUNT ROTATION OH MY FUCKING GOD SMOKE THAT SHIT SISTER. awww. awwwwwww man. Relc.. buddy. Feels bad man. relc? RELC? Fuck ‘em up!! Gentlemen aren’t cowboys to my disappointment but still seem like guys worth their salt. Damn they messed my boy up! Glad he’s still alive and kickin tho. The world would be lesser without a [relc kick] or [punch]. Nohka. Goddamit. Also title hits different now. 7.28 Heheh ***. Anyways I really don’t mind this fanservice if you can even call it fanservice. In these slice of life chapters, you gotta recognize that *** is a slice of life. Ryoka seems like a bigger person now, and her new mission is quite the undertaking. [Wondourus Fare] is back! Very underutilized part of Erin’s kit. Beaver beaver. Erin’s birthday is the solstice?! That reeks of plot. 7.29 B Wistram is really interesting. I mean the average person in wistram, not the archmages. They’re dicks. Aaron is growing on me, and you could write a whole book about earthers at wistram. It’s like the Inn on a hyper focused scale. It’s a race to see how much earth knowledge they can squeeze outta them, and once the earthers have nothing left to give, they’re gonna get tossed out. Golden triangle exploded finally, wonder who’s at the top? Also is this the start of the riot? I got spoiled a bit. All this mage talk makes me want to reread Mother of Learning. Zorian>wistram any day! Xvim>feor 1000% 7.30 Relc :(. Maviola:). Cats have always been a funny creature in the story. Just trolling ellir and not bowing to dragons. Hahaha. Sadness and sorrow. Erin’s double skill whammy to Maviola hits so hard. It hurt so much when Erin couldn’t go on. I am fire. What a hard ass line. Also aura is nen grows. Transmuter fire aura. This is what I needed. This is what Erin needed. A teacher. Training arc letsgoooo. Maviola’s a riot. Also, a riot! 7.31 Mrsha… you’re doing your best! Maviola is so sick! Bethal! Pelt you legend. Esthelm ftw. Riot time! Bannerlady cool… or not. Now— is this story arc problematic. Yes and no. To us earth people, brutally crushing a riot without listening to demands gives us a gross feeling. I don’t like it, and no one should like it. Lore-wise, it’s fine? Lords and ladies and kings and queens shouldn’t kneel to their subjects. But these people were upset and lost, but as soon as it turned to violence and looting it crosses the line. You shouldn’t kill people to prove a point, but nor should you beat them up. I dunno man it was a good chapter and it didn’t make me too upset. A meeting of druids I LOVE this new drake! She’s so funny! And druids have such interesting power! Accidental kidnapping lmaooo. Wow. Just wow. Nature power! Dragon chess! Spiders! 7.32 D Selphids. I’m nervous. It seems fine for now? But some reaaaaaly sketchy stuff is going on in the background. Doing things! Erin connections! Penicillin! Erin faking her identity! Drassi popping off! I like selphids. I get really creeped out by the whole Geneva thing, but I like em. They remind me of Enthusiastic Seeker of Novelty from Mother of Learning. God I love that book. TWI second only to that. 7.33 I Ilvriss! Gnolls! I thought he was a necromancer spy at first, but he’s just a white fur bro. Can’t people just leave others alone? Send a [Message] don’t kidnap! I’m realizing bearclaw has less raskghar-like intentions with Mrsha, but leave people the hell alone 7.34 C Boring so far. I don’t like rhir, it does too much too fast. It’s the generic Isekai beat the demon lord story. At least Tom is interesting. The walls and betrayals are AOT like and that’s interesting. And holy shit stop making choices for other people. Oh yeah just find earthers and take them away from whatever life they found fuck off oh my god wistram and rhir. Racist drakes! Necromancer! Who’s the person who inspired Pisces? Ok it got a bit more interesting. Snake attack on titan 7.35 C Much better now. I like the synergy stuff. Real neat. I think Tom is putting up an act. Flos said that kings can add and remove classes and skills, so Tom being tormented by his [insanity] could be easily cured by blighted king. Ooh a gun! OOh a giant! Wailant said that the demons were people too, and this proves it. Rhir is so suspicious man 7.36 C First up, I cried. Second up, high levels are unfair as fuck. Third, this was like a Helm’s Deep gone wrong. And it was glorious. I can’t put into words how sick this was. Also, seeing a unique earther is cool. Erin for her highest level, Cara for her songs, and Flora, with the strap. This.. was exhausting. 3 chapters of war and blood is a bit much. If it levels, it’s alive. Good words Tom. And the demons don’t seem too bad. I mean they’re at war so the violence is expected, but give me a reason to dislike them other than someone told me to, or I won’t. 7.37 Holy shit Mrsha what a savage. Dunked on. Oooh so close Raelt. Drassi best news woman! Letters. The horns are sick! Quite strong. Yvlons parents are funny too, but Dad isn’t off the hook just yet. Mom is nice though. Fierre got more vampire-y. Love it. 7.38 Comfy. Cozy. Silly. Skateboarding and biking! I think I’ve finally puzzled out Saliss’s deal. Selys feeling a bit mopey makes me feel bad. She when from the b-cast to the c-cast to the d-cast. She blends into the background a bit too much nowadays. I hope she gets more development. No too much to say here, just that more slice of life is what I needed. 7.39 A Very interesting. An Antinium world tour is pretty exciting! Finally seeing the other hives is a treat. But I’m.. torn. The queens are traumatized, and deeply so. They don’t even realize how much trauma they have. The free queen stress eats, the armored queen makes statues, it’s really sad. But it’s hard to stay too sad when ever other sentence is a plan to kill everyone on izril. Klb is growing on me again. Mind you he was a huge dickhead earlier, but seeing him feel sorrow, guilt and regret is nice. Him finally acknowledging Anand is a beautiful moment, and his stories of old make me feel like I’m at a campfire telling stories. Conversations and carriages Short but cool. Goblin to terandria! Friends and something Maviola funny moment fishing funny moment. Princess boon unique to certain classes? Dope. Toren sad. Leveling undead scarrry Sand and notes Fun. Not much more than that. I love interludes. 7.40 ER Wooo river farm! Laken, for a long while, the weakest part of the story in my opinion, but it’s grown on me. Anyways griffon hunt have always been a favorite, being dyed in the wool adventurers. Eager to see where this plot ends up! But these chapters man, I sneeze and I’m done with em. It’s kinda refreshing after some of the super long ones. Good fun. Garden guy Fun fun fun. A third dragon? Cool man. I’m really getting lazy with these huh 7.41 Woah she’s like Omega from final fantasy. Statistical inprobabilities, within bounds, data sets, all dialogue in the style of omega. I mean stormblood came out sometime in 2017 and so did this chapter I think so it lines up. Anyway this saw trap archmage is really cool. Oooh prison escape. Reminds me of the starting bit of Arcane Ascension. Nope’d outta there real quick huh.. blow it up! Wow that worked Also, people calling Ryoka drathian, and references to their “weird medicine” or tonics make me think it’s the 2nd most important Isekai trope- Japan. Given enough time, every piece of fantasy work will eventually have a japan or Asia area. One piece did it black clover did it and every crummy Isekai had one. Still hype tho 7.42 M Oh they jumped her. Scara noooo I liked her. All the maids were dope as hell. Ressa puttin in WORK! Someone’s gonna have to get reynolds a wheelchair. Teriarch with the clutch tp to seal the deal and the Vetras cover? Sick as hell. Also nice Dressrosa birdcage there pirate. I’m a fan. 7.43 G Did you know that you can only lose 100% of your money gambling, but you can win over 3000%? Because numbtongue does. Nice to see updates on all the gob friends. Rags gearing up and making a nice base, riverfarm’s gaggle are doin well, and a goblin witch is a mixup I didn’t expect. Those were some evil goblins huh. Erin can be wrong sometimes don’t forget it. SHORTHILT!!!!! The return of the king!! Kinda weird to be playing soul-Pokémon though. Oh well 7.44 Famous ryoka and football! Damn she got her ass kicked though. Salamani is a pretty stand up guy though. Archmage too, seems genuinely guilty about her fuck ups. Fierre no! What’s the deal with vampires? Observations of high level capstone skills seem to be job safety. 0-20 gives you skills gearing towards efficiency, or doing your job better. 20-40 gives specialized classes and skills, making you n artisan or specialist. 40+ makes your job safer, eg runners’ last road, garden of sanctuary. This is for non-combat classes, since combat jobs operate on the “it can’t kill you if it’s dead” form of progression 7.45 Vampires and Byres is getting sketchy.. Teriarch being all isolationist doesn’t fit him too well, but the hard confirm of Erin meeting him at the veeery start was cool. How did Rhir preform or even find a ritual that trumps a dragon’s magic? Really suspicious. Man Yvlon’s parents are so funny. The goof and the straight man is my favorite duo. Yvlon got that inferiority trauma and so does the horns pretty much. Man ryoka has some bad luck. Is it luck? Something — while it’s probably not HER fault, this kinda shit happens a little too often. That’s evil House Byres. I don’t approve. In the water? 7.46 K Sand days upon us! Teres is the lesser of the two siblings, but by no fault of her own. Trey just is goated. Fetohep is a standup guy, and I have no reason to hate him. That Naq-Alrama blade must be really good, for all the hype it’s generating. Trey spy! Oooooh that’s gonna be sick! Fee aemrys! Poor raelt man, just tying to do right by his nation. Oh fuck right off median. Kidnapping? Minotaurs?! We got 4 armies right here! Shits boutta get active! 7.47 K Hey check this out— my old epub stopped here, and my new one goes up to 9.31. I’m currently at 56% completion. So 100% on the old one equates to 56% on the new one. What the fuck. How out is volume 8 and 9? [Army of the King] was sick! All the hype paid off! And he did it to protect Teres. Following a 4 army battle + pirates got… messy.. but it was a great chapter! 7.48 K Flos in his feelings.. feels bad man I want him to win. NIISA! Mage crafter guy! They’re so funny together, teasing and being all flirty. Hahaha good fun. The ball finally dropped. Earth Erin revealed to all whom are worthy! Strategists to liscor? Still waiting on the Niers meetup. Antinium boats? That’s.. obvious lmao 7.49 One of the best chapters all time. The raw tension of the storm, and the sheer strength of it all, from the despair of Geneva as sailors drop like flies, to the beauty and serenity of Maughn and Jelaqua in the eye of the storm together, a half giant, learning courage for his size. The triumph of couriers, and the good of the world. This was amazing. So well done. Experiments in Golems The ryoka salamani Fierre trio is great! And no way Erin keeps the vampire a secret ryoka be fr. Trey and his mini gazi makes me smile. I imagine she looks like a chibi mixed with sackboy. Niisa is having suck a good arc. I love her. Cat golems scary golems slave golems! This kinda soft confirms a theory I have, that the waning world is over. I mean Erin’s level what, 43? That’s insane! The Necromancer is leveling, more people are leveling faster, and long dead secrets are being discovered. Both Saliss and magus crafter guy are doing insane work. 7.50 This was another phenomenal chapter. It really hammered home a huge gripe I have with the story as a whole. From Temile to Jasi to Erin, the all acknowledge the change that’s occurred. Everyone’s lives are vastly different pre-Erin. And… I miss those days. Where the genre was survival-fantasy. Where the Flanderizarion of the main cast had yet to happen. Where each day felt unpredictable. I dunno man, this serial is amazing in so many ways, but the world is too big now! Juggling 5ish main storylines and 100 odd characters, it’s a bit much. Those preformances! Cara killed it! She definitely has an interesting past, aliendamus was mean to her? Met a Necromancer? Is that what Gravesong is? Mons getting a good arc is nice, same with Jazi remembering her roots. Yum. Gimme more. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— It’s time! For the /u/yayimjer 7th volume 7th inning stretch! Im gonna write a few things here, mostly fun stuff and speculation. First on the list, why are there 9 chapters titled “Solstice” as the finale? That makes me extremely nervous. Earther tier list 1- Erin (duh) 2-Trey/Teres 3-Baleros boys 4- Ryoka 5-rose’s group 6-wistram folk tied with rhir folk I didn’t mention this earlier, but what was up with the baby? What did Saliss’ potion do? Split maviola into 3? Numbtongue’s reveal of Shorthilt to Erin will break me. If rhir sacrificed 10k babies for 100? Earthers, does that mean earthers level 100x faster? It takes a lifetime to get to lvl 50 normally, but Erin’s almost at it in less than a year! Give me drath content. Anything! I’m so curious Is it normal to fantasize about how I’d react if I got summoned? Idk I’m reading the ORV manhwa and it’d be dope to fit in with these guys. Gotta say, as systems go in fiction this one is a little boring. Only level and classes? At least it gets pretty custom with skill names and classes. This one broke my heart but I did not know that pirate uses COLOR TEXT? Call me cringe but I read on a epub until I’m caught up and it doesn’t support that. I feel like I missed out on so much. Unique skills are green? Flos’s radiant army of the king was actually gold? Some characters have unique text colors?! I’m beyond mad. I want more immortal moments. I want the niers meetup. I also kinda wanna move past the whole earther business and get into a more “original” story. A cool AU to think about is lvl 43 [magical innkeeper] Erin being timetraveled back to the start of the story. How much changes? ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 7.51 What would this book be without traumatized random people? But really, Hexel and Elirr are such a good couple. I love the line pirate walks between acceptance, indifference, and intolerance. Very well done. WHAT?!?!? KRSHIA AND LISM DATING?! squealing!! Their hearts are in the right spot. Good on the council. Uugh raskghar. Shoulda killed em imo. Aaaaand nohka slinks away. 7.52 Erin is small. So much is demanded of her by so many people and she can’t do it all. The innkeeper’s dilemma of who to save bites hard at her own past, and maybe that’s why mercy cuts like a knife. Anyways Mavolia’s true youth is phenomenal. She’s such a character to contrast Erin. I do feel bad for all gnolls though. To be denied this must suck. I say kill them all. You already poisoned them for months, isn’t death a sort of mercy that they seek? 7.53 Everyone sucks. Pallass people suck, hectval people are racist bigots, and Grimalkin took one step too far. Fuck off troy and other guy. Such a bitch. We Stan ryoka tho. Lism redemption arc is coming along nicely! Lyonette’s lament of changed times reflect mine as well. I miss the old days where surviving was the goal. 7.54 Another slice of life for the books. Love it! Farm time was a good break from the inn and bicycles are preeety sleek. Batman returns! It’s great that we’re leaning on wistram now. Fierre’s freak out is clear to us readers— royal blood. Gotta be tasty. Erin’s earth room makes me so mad as a physics major. Gravity is 9.8? That’s a huuuuuge astrerisk right there. Gravity is just a property of mass, and since we are being pulled down into earth, that’s why it’s negative. 9.8 is just a constant that makes math right for some reason. Acceleration due to gravity is -9.8m/s^2 oh my god give me the [Pysicist] class and call me Newton. Reading this after my physics final was a great unwind. Thanks pirate! 7.55 E Am I dumb or has laken not been speaking in first person? Either way this was a heart racing chapter. Rie is so close to being outed, and the [Witches] are a continual delight. Saliss the Adventurer Jeez man give Saliss a break. Drake strike force and earthquake spells? Ooh they’re jumping the Antinium! Now the drakes are being jumped! Saliss is strong asf wtff! So onivea is Saliss? And he has a history with wymvr? He needs a hug. Ohhh the couriers lost. Shit. [Strategists] to Pallass! Then the inn! Will they see the chess board? And Saliss’s “oh FUCK a unique skill” had me rolling hahahahhahaa. 7.56 I really feel for Erin here. She’s done so much for so many people and when even a little bit of it comes back her way she freezes up. That gut wrenching feeling of too much going on is one I know all too well. It made me smile seeing her confront a very notorious gang, and treating them like the men they are. BADARROW letsgoooooo 7.57 Hehe solstice booth. I like the attention and money the inn gets and a golem sounds like a bad idea but lyonette’s plans are still a bit too grand for any immediate upgrades to salivate over. Ryoka being classically arrogant, maviola’s mental plight, ahh all good stuff! Assassins are getting.. close to the inn. Spooky. Chess! Erin rolls everyone and that’s that! Niers.. this is getting creepy just go out there and meet her. Hiring babysitters and photographers for your crush is weird bro. Saliss you legend. Just leave it out of the inn, okay? No one expects Saliss of Lights! 7.58 Ryoka is officially a catagory 4 dumbass. Lyonette has every reason to DESPISE ryoka and that she can be the bigger person is insane. But this fight in invrisil was really good. Olsem putting in work, Xrn and Bird popping off, but Erin callin in her debts as saddening. She must be crushed by all the death and despair she’s brought to these uninvolved people. But the race is on! So Saliss did have a plan! Yeah man. Shoulda told someone. Maviola is the HEAD of El for real for real. Gahahah they turned into horses. Aaron shut up oh my god leave ryoka alone. [Boon of the guest]! Boon of the guest? That’s a little vague, there’s been a lot of guests! And [Local Landmark] upgraded to [Famous Name]! I smell money. Uuuuuh Fierre? Ah. Shit. 7.59 Level 50?! Holy shit what did she get?! Also Erin is so broken, or earthers for that matter. She’s [Level 45] now in less than a year?! When 50 took a lifetime or many decades? Insanity. Saliss pulling out all the stops right now. I really hope he doesn’t die. Alchemical nuclear bomb time. How noble, Gresaria the [Harbormistress]. Dude these assassins are DEAD all of izril is turning on them and boy are they fucked. I wonder who on our side’ll drop dead. I hope Saliss is alright. So much death and dying. But it’s done. One fire elemental, a band of knights, a nuke, a few witches, blessings from overseas, couriers, and a damn amount of luck, it’s done. Ryoka, you insane girl. 7.60 I was really worried that more people would die in the aftermath. The assassins do have a list. Luckily that list is now very well protected by 5 families. Wait, THE Five Familes. Big ol difference. And now they are all very pissed off at anyone who owns a dagger and a hood. What a party! Celebration all round, all the earthers doing good, chess chess chess! For a nail biting last few chapters this reprive is greatly appreciated. Although it’s too good to be true. People are being too nice to the Inn, and sooner or later something’s gonna blow up. But that’s not here nor there. What is here is the Meeting of the Tribes. Oooh they’ve been teasing this for a long ass time. Boon of the guest is busted asf. So Erin can’t “double boon” someone. Cool. Erin was technically a guest if the very first inn, so can she boon herself? Oh god that would be awesome. Lyonetted [Boon’d] to be like Erin. The world might explode. The Tribes of Izril Cool so far. An isolated earther is an interesting take. [Worldly Traveller] is a nice class to have. Gnolls have always talked in a Russian accent to me, it’s just kinda funny. Oh shit a plane?! How? The spell only grabbed people and their immediate belongings! A whole chunk of plane got grabbed? This is bigger than a “simple” ritual. Many gnolls and they’re all different! Very interesting. White gnolls man! What’s up with that! A no hesitation kill order? Bastards. That ended differently than I thought. Seems like this is gonna be a much larger event than a single interlude can hold The [Inkeeper]’s Knight Phabhahahahaha!-!! GAHHAHAHAHAHA You WHAT? court Erin?! oh my fucking god you legend of an earl. And she says YES?! HHUH?! too much too fast. Also one of two things will happen if Erin finds love. She’ll either be super shy about it, or the world will know that Erin Solstice has fallen in love. Already an A-tier interlude. Rabbiteater bros… sad day for us. Cheer up bud. God I’m stupid. The Innkeeper’s night. It’s a pun. Also more evidence for the Erin ace theory. She likes people and enjoys relationships, but when it gets to *** -bzzt- nope shut down. WHAT THE FUCKKKKKK ZEL SHIVERTAIL?! What a skill! Holy shit! That’s so busted! A free buff, pep talk, and more?! And it’s unique to each guest? Filthy. And for lvl [45] that’s really good. Also Erin matching Flos’ skill feat for distance is nuts. I liked the jazz AU with the inn being a dive bar the best. 7.61 Deep breath in — *breeeeeath* Deep breath out —*haaaaaa*. Now scream. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKK SHIT fuck no way? . . . 7.62 I’m genuinely crushed. What the hell? Erm now what? Who’s the main character? I mean it’s kinda a snubbed twist since there’s a whole volume 8 and vol 9 releasing so Erin HAS to come back eventually. But how and when? I said that solstice 1-9 made me nervous but I shoulda been terrified This is crushing. Pawn man, fuck. Numbtongue.. shit. Saliss and maviola. Olsem has the right idea kill all those fuckass bastards. Oh we’re back. We’re so back. [Detect Death] ftw. I smell on helluva quest for a relic class item. That could be cool, maybe terandria will actually be a place and not a tease. Like the inn closes for a while and the family goes on a quest for a regen potion. Also I want a timeskip. Balls. Double balls. Army AND maviola died? Shit. Welp it’s time for that 9 part finale. Ooooh shit here we go Solstice, Part 1 Ryoka’s one of the realist characters. Not everyone sobs when someone dies. Well, as far as eclipses go, this one was VERY tame. Looking at you, Griffith. Oh the dead gods are back. Jeepers. Hope the party works though. Solstice, Part 2 So I’m scared out of my mind. What the balls is happening? Such power! Such splendor! Good and evil existing in one place, and 6? People seem to be in the eye of the storm. Okay— Aaron, Erin, Ryoka, Laken, and Luan all have spooky solstice visitors. Intensity. That’s all I can really feel here. From the treant guy to the wyrm, all the fae have immense presence. But ryoka did it. Her boon granted, all she needs to deny the king of worlds unseen. Easy, right? I’m gonna call these solstice thingies trials, because they test the firmament of each soul they seek, sound good? Good. Luan’s trial was simple. Do you crave power? A decent question in a total bullshit Isekai world where things eat you for fun. Many allusions in his words. He must’ve been one of the three to visit Erin. Goblins man, I’m crying too much on this airplane right now it’s embarrassing Duels. True warriors. Ryoka made it. Solstice, Part 3 Cool. Love this shit. Smoke some weed and chill in the drug trip land that’s the fae-world. Excuse me the WILD HUNT? It may not be entirely authentic but I’ve played Witcher 3 and those bastards are persistent! There’s a trick here, like some kinda seal on the magic of this realm, gotta be Solstice, Part 4 Yep. Cool. MMOs always have a fuckshit quest like this and it’s always my favorite. I feel like I’m missing out on some very key lore of the world. Brownies? I don’t get it. But it seems like not everyone here wants to kill her. Solstice, Part 5 I don’t really know what to take from all this. Ever rule of the world and storytelling is spun on its head. I’m real confused but the journey is very exciting. Ryoka wanders inn.. or not what? A dragon? Solstice, Part 6 What the fuck Solstice, Part 7 King Arthur. What? It’s a cool concept, having the three kings meet at a crossroads like this. I forgot about Erin grabbing the sword. Classic. Kings, not [Kings]. Solstice, Part 8 Oh so she’s carving her name into legends. Phoenix, wyrms and giants. Hmm Lol who are these randoms? Star Trek lookin ass weirdos. Ryoka’s perspective slider is cool too. Much more versatile in the faelands. IVOLETHE! How glorious of a return. To do so much for someone brings a tear to my eye. Also, they do have something for Erin!! But the faerie king seems.. really mad. I wonder what’s gonna happen~ Solstice, Part 9 (woooo!) WHAT THE FUUUUUUUCK?!?!?!!?!?!!!?! THE DECENT OF OBERON? THE GODS ARE BACK AND ALIVE?! FUCKING FUCKASS RHIR SUCH BITCHES OH MY GOD YOU MEGA LOSERS!!!! Wait is ryoka a child of prophecy? I’m so fucking confused. Where was that scroll? Ryoka recognised it, so it’s gonna be Reinheart, Veltras, or Calanfer. I feel kinda sick. That was a lot in not that long of a time. My epub says I’m 62% done (up to 9.31) which is STAGGERING that one and (a half?) volumes can take up 38% of the story by word count. Well, to 8.00 I go. But tomorrow. I’m tired. Reading all 9 of these in a row was a bad idea. Finished 4/1/2023 at 9:23 AM PST