MONTI RANSOMWARE ================ Targets Linux Systems Demands ransom - $150K in BTC mblogci3rudehaagbryjznltdp33ojwzkq6hn2pckvjq33rycmzczpid.onion IOCs ==== MD5: 486bd1fe562ce0c339a6c0ec8df68284 SHA-1: 79a2a29407c7332240a797fcdea327ea88e32cd2 SHA-256: edfe81babf50c2506853fd8375f1be0b7bebbefb2e5e9a33eff95ec23e867de1 : Notable since May 2022 (ELF Malwares, Miners, Mirai Botnet, Shikitega Malware that targets Linux) : Same as above Associated with Symbiote Malware which targets Linux. Malicious since September 2021 targets. Follow me for more details in Twitter: @rakeshkrish12