I was having a dream. I was naked, falling through an infinite expanse of sky. My hands and legs were held up by fluffy whisps of cloud, keeping me from falling faster -- I saw gorgeous formations of cumulus fluff going infinitley in every direction, as I gradually filled with a feeling of warmth. I felt warmth rush to my head -- my nipples becoming slowly erect. I tried to move my hands and legs in response to the building feeling of exctasy but found that I couldnt. I gasped -- I opened my eyes. My diaper was unfastned, and Mommy was sucking aggressivley on my girldick, staring deeply into my being. I looked away, breathing heavily. Unthinkingly, I tried to move my arms and legs and found that I couldn't -- they were bound in thick, comfortable, cotton-filled casts, attached by leather harnasses to the bedposts. I held my breath and looked back at Mommy. Unthinking, her deep green eyes, dark skin, short black hair, and penetrating gaze became my entire consciousness as I felt myself building closer and closer to orgasm. "Oh mommy mommy im so close ... im so close!" I whimpered as I looked up at the ceiling. The lines of the dark wooden beams of the attic bedroom ceiling seemed to gently pulse with the waves of pleasure building up inside me. It became difficult to breathe. I began seeing flashes of blue and yellow sparks on the periphery of my vision... And suddenly, before I reached orgasm, mommy stopped. I was gasping heavily, my eyes wide, fixated on the ceiling. Panting, a tear going down my face, I wanted nothing more than the release of orgasm that Mommy had been building me towards. "Youre such a sweetie, babygirl" she brushed her hand along my thigh before standing up off of her knees and walking towards me, her tits hanging out above her dress. I was subconsciously thrusting up and down, trying to prolong the rapidly receding feeling of approaching orgasm.