__**Disclaimer: This set of rules does in no way limit the Administration in their discretion. The fact that something may not be listed in these rules does not mean it is not a bannable offense.**__ **1.** Be an acceptable human. This means no racism, don't use hate speech or flame people for no reason. Be excellent to each other. **2.** Doxxing or leaking of personal information of any member is a permanent and unappealable ban. **3.** Respect all <@&1048757646024527932> members. If they are disrespected they have the right to time you out. **4.** Roles are only distributed by <@756978874507591730> and <@224869980158689301>. Do not ask anyone apart from them for roles. **5.** YOU HAVE TO BE 18+ TO JOIN THIS SERVER. NO IFS OR BUTS. ⠀ **6.** Admins and Moderators have the final say in matters pertaining to the discord. **7.** The separate channels are there for a reason, keep related content within it. **8.** No personal talk of suicidal tendencies, self harm or any illegal activities and no posting of material that breaks Discord's ToS (for example pictures of guns). **9.** Keep the chat mature. **10.** No Spamming or self promo. **11.** Any petulant arguing is not allowed in any channel apart from <#1058316520888999986>. ⠀ **12.** Nicknames should be Latin characters and numbers only (A-Z / 0-9). They should not contain: Blank names, unusual unicode, political views, attention seeking names, overly lengthy names, slurs, or any other offensive material. (Unicode is fine as long as the name is still ping-able) **13.** Use the complaints section or Ping / DM <@&1048757646024527932> for any issues within the chats such as another user's behaviour. DM <@224869980158689301> for any technical issues (DONT DM ME FOR DRAMA I DONT CARE JUST GROW UP). **14.** If you want to complain about a user or <@&1048757646024527932> member, open a ticket in <#1049450759248416818>. Only <@756978874507591730> and <@224869980158689301> will see them. **15.** By joining this server, you are accepting all rules. If you need more clarity on a rule contact <@&1048757646024527932>. **A violation of these rules will first be answered with a warning, then appropriate action will be taken. Any further offenses will be answered with harsher consequences.**