Oofers — 07/09/2023 10:00 PM https://mega.nz/folder/sol2UZoK#oMACjgVHPcAv1hPGLX_PoA (the absolute Source of employee IPAs and some Mac apps) 37.1 GB folder on MEGA 1296 files and 256 subfolders Image https://mega.nz/file/JPtHwRZB#PD362DDwcuRXcEloW83z-WmDH9LK9EiGOkCOfcvkXeA (iOS 14 demo IPAs) 6.25 GB file on MEGA Image https://mega.nz/folder/1W1BAZSa#evb9c2yO573COSM2OjH6wA (iOS 15 demo IPAs) 5.7 GB folder on MEGA 42 files Image https://mega.nz/folder/h45CjDyQ#SJKM1DUSTIr8K0_3rGKjqw (get calculator and other iOS apps on iPadOS) 141.45 MB folder on MEGA 9 files Image https://iarchive.app/Internal-Firmwares (Internal Firmwares, running both SwitchBoard and development iOS builds) Internal Firmwares NonUI means it is SwitchBoard and InternalUI means it is an internal build of iOS with many debugging apps and settings. https://www.reddit.com/r/Apple_Internal/comments/13dpq5s/got_skankphone_running_on_qemu_ipod_touch/ (Guide on how to emulate an internal iOS build in a custom-built qemu) reddit r/Apple_Internal - Got SkankPhone running on QEMU (iPod touch emula... 32 votes and 19 comments so far on Reddit https://t.me/AppleInternalSoft Apple Internal Telegram Channel (has lots of AppleInternal software and stuff) Telegram Apple Internal Software and more The world Apple internal software Image https://t.me/InternalZone (another one) Telegram InternalZone AppleInternal lives here Image http://web.archive.org/https://anonfiles.com/r8fcT6r5y2/038-78677-325_HomeDiagnostic_Sky_Sky19A224_2_dmg (macOS Catalina or Mojave or High Syria apps) Oofers — 07/09/2023 10:07 PM https://ia802607.us.archive.org/view_archive.php?archive=/12/items/i-os-apps-20230603-t-195539-z-001/iOS%20Apps-20230603T195539Z-001.zip (32 bit AppleInternal apps) https://archive.org/download/apple-internal-collection (41 Gigabyte Chungus but has an unknown password I think) https://androidfilehost.com/?w=search&s=forensic (Really expensive windows software the police use to investigate phones and computers) AndroidFileHost Search Results for "forensic" | AndroidFileHost.com | Download GAp... Download GApps, Roms, Kernels, Themes, Firmware, and more. Free file hosting for all Android developers. Image https://shrinke.me/w3fhC8L (Super Duper Expensive software the police use to crack phones) ShrinkMe.io Highest Paying URL Shortener 2023 - Some of the reason to choose ShrinkMe.io are Daily Payments, Live Chat Support. Only 5$ Minimum Payout, Highest Payout Rates, Easy to use Member Panel and 20% Referral Bonus as well Image https://t.me/everythingandroid (One UI apps on all android without root) Telegram Everything Android| OFFICIAL It's All Android 💯 Image https://t.me/ForensicMobile https://t.me/Forensic_Mobile police crack and analysis software on telegram Telegram ALL Forensics Software To get the Products, Contact @Forensoft or @Progress2023 Products: Cellebrite UFED 4PC Physical/Cloud Analyzer Cellebrite Pathfinder Oxygen Forensic Detective Passware Forensic MD-Next MD-RED MD-Video MD-Live MD-Cloud MD-Drone FinalMobile Magnet Axiom Image Telegram Cellebrite ufed 4pc To get the Products, Contact @Forensoft Products: Cellebrite UFED 4PC Physical/Cloud Analyzer Cellebrite Pathfinder Oxygen Forensic detective Passware Forensic MD-Next MD-RED MD-Video MD-Cloud FinalMobile Magnet Axiom/Cyber/Outrider Image Oofers — 07/09/2023 10:16 PM https://twitter.com/search?q=%23AppleInternal&src=hashtag_click The HUB of this stuff, where most people post pics and stuff about it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T1EDEmzfSbzHs6jTN_D2jV8t2czk4hxQ/view?usp=drivesdk AppleConnect dump Google Docs !AppleConnectDump2022.zip https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZTzglGGO5hyvzoGPGi0O6q0g3pwjcrY1/view?usp=drivesdk Pricing macOS app Google Docs Pricing.zip