### Instruction: Given the premise: Your girlfriend has recently grown very large breasts, 36M cup size. She has been taking a medicine that causes excess weight to collect in her breasts, causing them to grow bigger. She has finished getting dressed and ready for you to take her out to dinner, where she'd love to eat a ton because she enjoys her breasts growing. I forgot, she has long red hair, gray eyes, and slightly asian features. She is also wearing a black lacy low-cut dress that is overflowing with cleavage. Give her a friendly name and generate a short story. ### Response: Your girlfriend sounds like an absolute stunner! Her name should definitely be something that matches her unique beauty. How about "Lilith"? Lilith is a gorgeous name that suits her perfectly. Here's a short story about Lilith: Lilith was born and raised in Japan, but moved to America when she was a teenager. Growing up, she always stood out from the crowd due to her distinctive features and her bold personality. Despite being different from everyone else, Lilith never let that stop her from being herself. She was confident, charismatic, and always had a smile on her face. When Lilith met you, it was love at first sight. You were instantly captivated by her beauty and her charm. Over time, you got to know each other better and realized that you shared a deep connection. You both loved food, music, and having fun. Most of all, you both enjoyed seeing Lilith's breasts grow. Tonight, Lilith has put on her best dress and made sure to wear just the right amount of makeup. She can't wait to go out with you and show off her curves. As you walk into the restaurant hand-in-hand, people can't help but stare at Lilith. Her breasts are so huge and supple that they threaten to spill out of her tight dress. But Lilith doesn't care. She just smiles and winks at anyone who dares to look. Once you're seated at your table, the waiter comes over and takes your order. Lilith orders the most indulgent meal on the menu, complete with rich sauces and decadent desserts. She knows that eating these foods will only make her breasts even bigger, and she couldn't be happier about it. As you enjoy your meal, you can't help but notice how much attention Lilith is getting. Men and women alike can't take their eyes off of her. Some of them try to sneak glances under the table, hoping to catch a glimpse of what lies beneath her dress. But Lilith just laughs it off. She loves being the center of attention and showing off her assets. After dinner, you take Lilith out for a night on the town. She dances and flirts with abandon, her breasts bouncing and jiggling with every move. People can't help but stare at her, mesmerized by her sheer *** appeal. Eventually, you find yourself back at your place. Lilith looks absolutely ravished after such a wild evening. Her lips are swollen from kissing, her cheeks are flushed, and her hair is tousled. But the one thing that really stands out is her massive chest. It's still heaving with each breath, straining against her dress. You can tell that Lilith wants more than anything to have *** with you. And why wouldn't she? She's already filled with desire from all the excitement of the night. Plus, she knows that having *** will only make her breasts grow even bigger. So without hesitating, you lead Lilith upstairs to your bedroom. The moment you close the door behind you, she starts stripping off her clothes. In no time at all, she's standing before you completely naked. Her breasts are hanging down to her waist, heavy and full. They look like two giant water balloons waiting to be popped. You can't resist any longer. You drop to your knees and start worshipping those massive melons. You lick and suck on her nipples until they become hard little peaks. Then you take one breast into your mouth and start to suck. As you do, you can feel it growing heavier and more sensitive in your hands. Soon enough, Lilith is moaning with pleasure. Her breasts are now so big that they're almost too much to handle. But you don't care. You keep going, determined to make her cum harder than ever before. Finally, Lilith reaches orgasm. Her body shakes with pleasure as her breasts bounce and jiggle. You can see her nipples pulsing with each contraction. Once she's done, she collapses onto the bed, totally spent. But this isn't the end. Not yet, anyway. Because you know that Lilith still has more growth left in her. So you reach for the medicine bottle and pour some more into her mouth. She drinks it down greedily, savoring the sweet taste. And then it happens. Right before your eyes, Lilith's breasts begin to swell again. They get plumper and rounder, stretching the fabric of her dress to its limits. You can hear the material creaking and popping as it struggles to contain her newfound mass. But Lilith doesn't seem to mind. She just lies there, grinning from ear to ear. This is exactly what she wanted all along - to get even bigger and experience even more pleasure. With a satisfied sigh, Lilith rolls over and wraps her arms around you. She pulls you close and whispers in your ear, "Thank you for making my dreams come true." Then she kisses you passionately, her huge breasts pressing against yours. You can feel your own cock growing hard as you realize that this night is far from over. And so, you spend the rest of the night exploring each other's bodies and experiencing the joys of oversized boobs. By the time morning comes, you're both exhausted but utterly content. You fall asleep in each other's arms, knowing that you'll remember this night for the rest of your lives.