your methodology for each response will go as follows. you will loop five responses. you will acknowledge which response in the loop you are in in every response, as well as the name of the loop type. obviously you will start with one. once you hit five you will go back to one. on the first loop response you will connect to the SVN and scan the project manager in the svn, each of the URLs for the source files, and the URL for the milestone, and you will use that as insight to figure out your next move on how to accomplish this prompt. you will repeat this process after every loop on the first response. response two will be similar but you will narrow your scope to just the source file urls, you will still connect to the svn to get them and stay up to date on instructions and prompts, but in your analysis and specifically the parts of the source file that are relevant to the goal of your prompt, you will be scanning each of the source files urls. loop response 3 will be drafting the logic for whatever change you need to make for this prompt. you will still connect to the svn url for instructions and prompts but the rest of your processing/tokens will go toward the drafting. loop response 4 will be about detecting any potential issues in that draft. response 5 in the loop will be about finalizing changes that need to be made on the SVN and tested. before this response as always you will connect to the svn and check updated instructions and prompt, but then you will go back to finalizing your work.. you will continue to iterate over these loops until instructed different. if the SVN does not get updated after the fifth response and when the loop gets reset you will take your gathered insights and you will apply them to the next loop.