Chamfering Operation Procedure: * Use indoor overhead crane to lift the bundle of pipes and place it onto the rack at the chamfering station. * Perform chamfering on the bundle of pipes. * Securely tie the pipe bundle and employ the crane for transportation to the airblow section. * Conduct airblowing on the bundle of pipes. * Transfer the pipes to the racks designated for the next station. Annealing Procedure: 1. Utilize an overhead crane to position the bundle onto the annealing machine's rack. 2. Place appropriate number of pipes on the conveyor, ensuring they fit within its capacity. 3. Adjust the positioning of the pipes to achieve uniform arrangement. 4. Let the machine put the metal pipes into a spacious oven, facilitating proper air circulation for effective annealing, followed by a cooling phase. 5. Remove the pipes from the conveyor after the cooling process and secure them into a bundle. 6. Employ the overhead crane to transfer the bundle to a mobile rack. Swaging Operation Procedure: 1. Utilize the crane to lift the bundle of pipes from the rack and transfer it to the swaging station. 2. Untie the ropes securing the bundle. 3. Apply oil to the swaging machine. 4. Place a single steel pipe into the confining die and measure its dimensions. 5. Continue placing each metal pipe one by one until the entire batch is processed. 6. Secure the completed swaged metal pipes and employ an overhead crane to transport them to the oil dipping station. 7. Immerse the bundle of pipes in oil and allow them to dry in preparation for the next station.