Forging a screenshots of me is hilarious. I know it's satire but it's still funny. ( My opinions and thoughts here are not the result of people telling me what to think. I came to these conclusions on my own. Painting it as if I didn't is such a lack of awareness on a scale I didn't think possible. You don't know me like that, nor are you aware of what interactions I have and have had. Before this wall of text, though, I'd like to say that I do NOT excuse everything ice has done. I do NOT think he is guilt-free/completely innocent. There are things that should've never happened. But if you genuinely believe that the document is so incriminating that ice deserves to be collectively banned from the discord, the game, and wherever else, I think you're flat out wrong. People will change, ice will change, and I guarantee you'll forget about this in a month at most. I never made the point of "it was private" just to say it as if it were a good point on its own. Because it isn't. I know that. I said that because I already had my thoughts in place. I should've elaborated and said that, but I didn't. That's my fault. Naming an entire section after me is something I can feel the hatred behind, sorry you feel that way. I can see that you're more reasonable (unlike a LOT of people), as I probably should've realised, but I was too fed up and too mentally drained over this entire situation to really take a second look. That's my bad. We can talk privately and sort something out, I'm not against the idea of unbanning you nor am I against the idea of talking about this situation more if that's what you'd rather have. First of all, you never asked me to have a comprehensible conversation in a voice channel. If you wanted that, you could've asked. I felt it was obvious I was fed up with dealing with over text and in general, but maybe it wasn't that obvious. So, apologies if it wasn't. My bad. Second of all, I was in the committed members VC because I was already in there prior to this even occurring. I was having a conversation with friends, I was having fun with friends. Sorry if it lets you down knowing that. The shortsightedness and general cluelessness from not only you but multiple people is quite frankly incredible. The fact you can look at a document like this and take it in like this is amusing. Two screenshots on the opening page that're so obviously edited (poorly at that) to a point where it's egregious (on top of blurring out dates of other messages meaning that we can't actually confirm whether they were said at the same time, meaning that the general credibility in them and the entire document is shaky), several screenshots where it's so jokey to a point where I'm almost 100% certain they were added in as satire (i.e ice saying "me when i get you" followed by an image of a screencap of virtual insanity), etc etc. It's so obvious you didn't think twice before concluding your thoughts, much less before making this video. None of this is grooming, people only believe this because the internet has apparently skewed the meaning that far from its actual one when it was coined (yes I am aware you said it wasn't grooming and I agree but I would like to mention that some people think otherwise). Icey had so many opportunities to say they didn't want to see any of the content ice was sending them, yet they didn't, even before the relationship even started. Ice did these things in the first place because they said they were fine with it, ice got open with them because they were a partner, and just in case you've never had a partner before (wouldn't be surprised), people tend to trust their partners, especially regarding fantasies like that. The problem is that icey was either struggling to be transparent for whatever reason, or they were genuinely fine with it, but now that they have that ammunition they're trying to paint ice in a bad light for the sake of it. And it's funny, because I was told (and, take it with a grain of salt, I can't confirm it myself nor did I ask for proof but I wasn't going to doubt it considering this document) icey has a history of doing things like this. Which gives me even less reason to take it seriously, and for me personally it gives icey less credibility. And I'll reiterate: I do not excuse everything ice has done. There are things there that should've never happened, especially considering ice is a minor, I will admit that. It is not okay for minors to be partaking in activity like this, and there is an amount of wrong on the side of ice. That being said, I do not believe ice is evil, I do not believe they are the only one in the wrong, and I stand by my decision on unbanning them. As an extra thing, I'd like to point out where credibility and any sense of seriousness was lost on me. Broken up by greater than/quote signs to minimize confusion between different points. My thoughts are in parentheses as this is my wall of text. (also to give more context as to why i struggle to take them seriously) > Beginning of the document (calls ice a weirdass hoe. wouldnt you take accusations like this more seriously?) > First two screenshots of the doc, "before the relationship" (obviously edited, times and dates are blurred meaning you cant really connect the messages together, deleted user is never brought up again nor is it said who they are) > Making sure to specify he's French after screenshots of him saying the hard r, and before screenshots that prove literally nothing (for the sake of it??? like, why? who cares if hes french? if you wanted to bring that up, there are better points where it couldve been said that wouldve pushed iceys narrative. amateur work) > "because he has a twisted set of morals" (when this was said, it didnt make sense to me until i recalled literally only 2 pages back icey made sure to specify ice is french. really subtle, buddy) > "He never after this conversation asked if it was okay. He continued to persist with his onslaught of drawing me in nsfw activities." (wonder why. maybe its because you never ever stated you didnt want to? especially since you were apparently so concerned about age, wouldnt it have been natural for you to call that out? seems weird to me.) > "“Now you’re my cuddle friend” clearly forced onto me" (lol? forced onto you? they sent you an image. you couldve said if it made you uncomfortable, you couldve said it made you feel like it was forced onto you. transparency, above all else, is key #1 in a relationship. try it sometime) > "He would also ask me out throughout this timespan until 4/27/2023 (MM/DD/YYYY) That day was where I caved in and said yes." (then say no? and, assuming you did, giving the benefit of the doubt because i know there are people who do genuinely do that, why didnt you continue saying no? why didnt you mute/block him? you were not forced to "cave in", you had every opportunity to get out of dodge) > "This was forced upon me with no consent involved" (said right after screenshots of very clearly playful comments between partners. really? the fact anybody can take this seriously is mindboggling) > "CW; arm being eaten???, Suggestive.(?)" (LOL) > "Sudden change of topic forced me to draw my persona in a bikini." (no proof given, ever, in the entire document. youd think with everything theyve shown so far, they couldve shown proof for that, but nothing is there. nothing was forced, you couldve said no, and you said "mkay" with a shrug emoji like you didnt care. come on) > "Why would you call a 15 year old sexy?" (16 year old and 15 year old relationship where one if not both sides are going through massive hormone development........ hmmmm) > "I never consented to having this conversation and was uncomfortable this entire time yet trying to be supportive to not kink shame." (the brain rot in this sentence kills me. it is not kink shaming if you say you are uncomfortable, it is not kink shaming if you say you dont like it. you can be supportive in a way where its like "oh thats good for you, thats your stuff, but id rather not see it as i personally dont like it" and im 100% sure ice would be understanding, like most partners would. transparency is good, try it sometime. also why the hell should you have to "consent" to a conversation? if you were that uncomfortable to the point where you thought you need consent, thats something you needed to bring up to ice, in that moment. not now.) > "This is hinting at something that he wants something done horrible to me" (u cant be serious. this is the screenshot btw > "This drawing was a tiny version of me giving head and then getting vored, with no warning given that it was NSFW." (you said in the SAME FUCKING SCREENSHOT to spoil it, implying you had an idea of what it could be, and its obvious to me that you unspoilered the image for the sake of the document, meaning that you had plenty warning it was nsfw. actually braindead) > "He’s guilt tripping about how he wished that his fetish fore vore/inflation wasn’t real and how he wished to have never known about vore/inflation. While stating that he wished I was into it." (claiming thats guilt tripping is crazy bro have u never actually lived before? has your ENTIRE life been spent on the internet? do you even have interests? come on.) > "Weird threat towards me." (says this after a screenshot of ice saying he could "eat your whole ass cuz how delicious it is". u fr?) > "This was an attempt to doing ERP with me, I was so uncomfortable that I never respond" (then why bring it up lol) tl;dr teenagers on the internet will be teenagers on the internet. and apparently some people have never had friendships before so some things are plain alien to them and if its nothing else we can agree on, if anything: the vore is hilarious i went back and revised this a lot, so hopefully nothing feels out of place or incomplete. if you feel otherwise, please let me know personally. cheers