earlier i was discussing bimbofication and femininity with friends. we were specifically talking about the cis men who center themselves in the bimbofication community as leaders. we were also talking about the damage they can do scripting femininity and the things that define a bimbo from the lens of an outsider. the reason I support bimbo communities run by bimbos is because without that, it's just another movement that exists where everyone must constantly conform to the often unrealistic and impossible standards set by an outsider to feel like they can participate or belong. it's conformity to the ideals set by the same people who are promoting or scripting both the cause of femme anxiety/disempowement and the supposed cure...often all within the same 30 minute audio file. a bimbo who becomes empowered by their own beauty and the support of other bimbos/femmes won't need to be sold anything to be validated or to feel ***...but that's not profitable. empowerment doesn't benefit any pre-established systems of oppression and it doesn't keep bimbos/femmes unquestionably obedient to those systems or the people that enforce them even within a kink context. this type of disempowerment isn't sexy, it's exhausting. the particular brand of bimbofication that profits off of disempowement is often tainted with transphobic and racist ideals. it reinforces an exclusionary mindset to both community participants and to those who observe it. the accompanying files will remind you how to look, act, think, speak, and behave. they reinforce that you need to accept and obey those ideals to be considered a good girl. there is rarely any space left for disobedience or for bimbos who dare to defy the standards of beauty set within them by simply existing. the accompanying files often reinforce how bimbos *can* be good if they just make a few changes. the comment threads under selfies remind bimbos in detail what those changes should be, regardless of whether or not anyone asked. if i fill my mind with other things maybe i don't have to think about all of this and I can just fucking relax? "don't think" is a comforting mantra to repeat when I can't stop thinking about it all. "my thoughts and feelings don't matter" reminds me to keep quiet when I want to fucking scream. the struggles femmes endure to feel beautiful isn't a sexy topic and it has never been of much interest to men...so likeeee why bother talking about it? after all bimbos exist for men's pleasure, right? this is a *** fantasy, but for many the lines between fantasy and reality can blur in an uncomfortable manner. the exhaustion from navigating it all can feel suffocating especially for anyone that isn't cis, able-bodied, thin, blonde, wealthy, and white. ironically, a lobotomy may feel like a tempting solution. in lieu of getting a lobotomy at Claire's, creating a community for ourselves where conversations about this stuff can happen is probably the next best solution. this solution requires work and thinking and a braincell and tbh "I need to turn my mind off" is a valid response to the pressure. so ummmm like...what is perfection anyways? who is defining perfection and why is achieving that arbitrary ideal necessary to be considered a good bimbo? who stands to profit off the insecurities that bimbos/femmes carry? who benefits from outsiders' projected ideals of femininity, sexuality, and perfection? can you really turn off a file and disengage with the programming if you are constantly bombarded by million dollar ad campaigns trying to sell you a different version of the same promise: a cure to every insecurity and imperfection and a list of products to purchase and steps you can take to be desired and accepted, to be seen as sexy and fuckable, to be respected and considered a "good girl." hypno kinky files and mantras have offered me a temporary escape from this existential hell, but they don't solve the problems that cause me to turn on a file in the first place. maybe a short vacation is what I actually need? "forgetting feels wonderful." for me bimbofication and bimbo hypno files are a coping skill. if i have a space where I can escape all of these things, it makes enjoying femininity and exploring my own sexuality/kink as a whole easier. sometimes i try to forget all of this but I'm sure eventually an incel will comment something weird under this post and remind me why I typed it out in the first place. I just want to look ***, have fun, and enjoy kink without all the noise but I'm starting to think it's impossible to escape the intersections and the parts of my life/experience that keep me here exploring it. if none of these things are a big deal to you, that's okay! with that said, it's important to keep in mind that these things still matter to other people. ----hope y'all enjoyed this random assortment of disjointed thoughts. it's why i try not to have them. def not processing the stuff floating around in my subconscious from last few years at all 🫠 i loveee bimbofication but I also think it's important to be critical of aspects of the kink that can make it hard for everyone to enjoy/explore