1:21 PM hi 1:21 PM how are you 1:22 PM Worse now that I have some homo with a bestiality fetish messaging me. 1:22 PM I've definitely had much better days than this. 1:23 PM oh 1:23 PM what is your age? 1:24 PM ← Horse- left #india (Horse-@d579-5b4-a778-2993-c347.73.116.ip) 1:24 PM Are you a complete idiot 1:24 PM I only ask because you're acting like a complete idiot. 1:25 PM what 1:25 PM I said you make my day worse by messaging me, so you messaged me more. 1:25 PM yes 1:25 PM what 1:25 PM What is your goal here? To have gay cybersex with a guy like me? 1:25 PM I'm going to have to say no already 1:25 PM I'm not interested in a dumb piece of shit with horrible parents who can't raise their child properly such as yourself. 1:25 PM what is cybersex? 1:26 PM are yo poser here? 1:26 PM you look for cyber here? 1:26 PM Are you getting dumber by the minute on me? 1:26 PM are you really a cyber maniac ? 1:26 PM Did your father beat you as a child? Are you the product of repeated head injuries? 1:27 PM Was your mother a drug addled prostitute when she became pregnant with you? 1:27 PM I'm attempting to figure out how you became such a failure in life. 1:27 PM you are son of a torn condom of black rapist who fkced your mother 1:27 PM You have no friends, you can't get a girlfriend, your job is horrible, you're poor, and you're uneducated. 1:27 PM Who would want a conversation with you, let alone anything more? 1:27 PM you are fucking pirahna