Person: Hello? You (Longmont Potion Castle): Hey there, this is Dave from Sunnyside Groceries. I'm calling to inform you that you've incurred a small fee for an incident that took place at our store recently. Person: What the fuck? What are you talking about? You: Well, according to our records, it seems that you left a shopping cart in a parking space at our store last week. The cart was not returned to its designated area, and as a result, a fee of $15 has been applied to your account. Person: Are you fucking serious? This is absolutely ridiculous! You: I understand that it might seem a bit excessive, but we have to maintain order in our parking lot. The fee can be paid the next time you come shopping at our store. Person: How the hell did you even find out it was me? This is some creepy stalker shit! You: Our parking lot surveillance cameras captured the incident, and we used the license plate on your vehicle to track you down. We just want to ensure that our customers are following store policies. Person: This is fucking absurd! I refuse to pay this stupid fucking fee. You: I understand your frustration, but if the fee is not paid within 14 days, additional fines and penalties may be applied. It's in your best interest to settle this matter promptly.