ok i lied to you that I don't have any problem that is the underlying cause of me being so lazy and reluctant I can't talk to you about this in person so I'm giving you this link. yes i have been suffering from this for the past few years now and it has been tough for me and this has broken me down to my last cell and everyday i end up using it to cure the pressure of my exams and studies. I know you wouldn't have thought that a person like me would suffer from this and yet here i am. And i never told this to anyone because it's just too embarrasssing to open up about this and i never trusted anyone enough that i would let them know about this but i do have that trust in you so i hope i won't be judged and receive some help .... you can visit this link to know more as I didn't want to put it on WhatsApp: https://t.ly/B5SSV