1) Which design principle you picked (one sentence) Continuation  2) What the sites or applications shown in the screenshot are (including URL where possible) https://www.medicare.gov/basics/costs/help https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-14-pro 3) Which image adheres to the principle and how it does so; and which images violates the principle and how it does so (one short paragraph each) I think that the contrast between these two sites really show the impact of good and bad designs. We can start with the iphone site, it is extremely streamlined. You are able to buy a IPhone in less than 20 clicks which makes it very succinct and purposeful. All of the relevant information about the iphone are shown on the right side of the icon, allowing you to edit it and see your changes. Then you are able to see the different types of plans and carriers. This rate of "progress" nudges you down the page closer to the payment button. This makes it fairly frictionless and streamlined.  In contrast, applying to medicare and finding a plan is really bad. It is split across multiple pages, It has so much clutter, that you can easily get lost in the pages. I found it hard to go through the page, and when I got to the page I didn't even see which plans are the best for me. The reason I am comparing the two is because it violates Gestalt's principles. The relevant information is not grouped together, there are no clear understanding of where the form ends and the rest of the pages ends. There is such a wall of text, it is hard to see where the link is. We should also keep in mind that the website is designed for elderly people, which makes the design decisions so much more important as elderly people have a hard time navigating it.