Aight so to cut a longass story short Planet millions of years ago, has consciousness inside it, unclear whether it's an actual creature or something more etheral but she exists. Realises she can nudge evolution over a long ass time, uses this to make super early dwavaulli and goes on to perfect them Meanwhile other species finds this planet through a probe, now they're like, super advanced and are like "ok hey can we take some of these guys and make copies to help us with our universe wide terraforming project" and she's "like eehhhhh I dunnnooooo..." But they're like "pleaaaaase" and she's like "aight" So they also take a copy of the inner workings behind her and copy it across the universe, a lot of these planets have similar consciousnesses, modified dwavaulli help with these projects and then advanced species realise "oh fuck these planet assholes are kinda slow", so they create a new type of dwavaulli, one which acts as a sort of "catalyst" for the planet, a sort of manifestation able to act on their behalf with the same abilities while being their own independent entity. Out of all of these, only 2 remain. Their prisms are simpler but are more concise full shapes, unlike the other dwavaulli who's prisms are much prettier and elaborate. These prisms typically take the forms of circles, triangles, etc... So anyway time goes on and this advanced species disappear, taking a lot of their creations with them. The handful remaining consciousnesses in the universe die off, except for two, the original, and one other, who ends up in a planet known as Asera and ends up dormant. Being essentially abandoned and imprisoned really pissed him off, like "I have abilities to fuck over creation", and fortunately he was left dormant on a planet known for being a reality distorting hellscape full of biomechanical monsters among other things lmao, said reality disrupting capabilities allow his dormant self to unwittingly transmit his influence to other people and civilisations, luring more people to the planet (and usually their death. It also resulted in a couple of villains throughout the storyline who's obsession with Asera was the result of his influence). It's important to note he's not doing it at least entirely willingly, as he's not fully conscious The dwavaulli he was linked to is Yara, who has no idea the fucker survived, and is kinda living blissfully unaware of the fact lol